Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1937 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1937
Page 10
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PAGB TEN EMMETSBURG PASSES WIN GAME FRIDAY KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA Hodgepodge Webster—A stew of various Ingredients; a mixture. Where will the Jolly Owls meet this coining holiday season? Burning of the old Call destroyed the , f.« meeting /'below the gutter-line Last Minute Rally De^'S m - Sh! ° nly 8S feats Algona's ^Xt^^Z oTE 1 Team 197 limitation irritated several local of- *ca.mi^-/. :ficials and citizens ono day last * Tires Blown Out By Dynamite Residents of Algona today wit-1 (without the driver knowing when nessod ono of the most startling j the blowouts were coining) ripped demonstrations of highway safety aslngs wido °P° n ' caused blow- It has ever been their privilege to I? UtS that , WOUld ln ftl1 Probability son wJn + l )llvlle se t° have resulted in serious accident , -,T, f? 10S were P UI 'Posoly | with ordinary tubes. days till ,bown out on cars traveling at high, The LifcGuard tube Is an Ingen, R ,,P.o,i T ,,„,<,„„ ot ft b{ld ftccldcnt> lollg nn . nngemont> ft tlre wlth f n n i week. Tho rtnn, DD i M tub0 ' whlch Prevents all of the air r l"o demonstrations, arranged by!escaping when a blowout occurs. A- Loroiii!, of Dutch's- Super-; According to hundreds of unsollcl- 1 nil f " vl °r for the Good- , tod testimonial letters received n . . — ' ™» ™ REWRITES llrlof.s summarizing principal news In Inst Thursday's Upper Dos Moincs. THE J)K. J. A. MUELLKK home at Penton was badly damaged by flro and smoke last week Wednesday morning, when ft barrel of leer-' HUENHOLD (Continued from Page 1.) , tho mountain, some of them weight Ing 200 tons each. "I wantedI , fo bring one home," said Mr. hold, "but I couldn't get It into ray tyige pipes to Bremen. Mountains Jfad to be Moved to build this dam Mid It took six years. J Mr. Huonhold also Inspected ft large Zeppelin at Frankfort, Gor- fimny. It Is still under construction No 1'owdcr for Girls J Girls—no cosmetics for German lassies! And Mr. Huenhold trunk!' Another point of Interest to Mr. checks," says ... most of them Huonhold was the botanical garden j _„.] of Goettingon, where experiments, OU] , .™—„„. ~«.. u j.»i, jiuuiiiiutu savM there are lots of pretty girls over - ._., ^, L VJUULLIll£iUUj >Y 1HJ 1 15 VrtJ/lilil*l^"i.w, njifi A tyi f sene caught fire. Smoke handicap- ftro nlnde wtth plnntSi He also vlflJ f °F £™ ( pod firemen, but they got the blaze | )tot] a blg sccd company house -at'l M,' H! tl ti MOT* f fin t1'jil \\r\ I ^^ F\ t«n /In t>tn trn »-» «_. . ..>•»< . . i _ __ j i *._ t *i -'_'•. •**' * • * 11 Presenting a card j-rrrss^s'™ c= - "Sf. .«is w*w*«tEf '1=™^--™- &» ^., s „,.„, jsrssrtsrSS r ' =L »™°-s=»" sr;;i-~^™ s"=Kc;si s «*"—"• §™ te *•»- I '«M"<= isr.a e\ irt»(m... 1 n n .. °. "loner ver there! "They have naturally rosy checks," says Mr. Huonhold "ami V »' elr "air lon R J l , t) 0 th ° Contrary ,,, Biles' PuHB and — --- cj— ' « 1.UV jyiuniu LO UUl M ers a victory 12-7 nvnr Aiu-nnn «? i *• i *«»-«V A / O n lo me- to u sii ter the locals had protected a K «iw '"T T d> bu f, tlle bcst bet swei 've. one-point lead. a l )rotccted a ;)^!^ 18 .J°, t . u ™. a » "ollcUors! To cause tho blowouts, tho with a iy proved U,at WowouT'^ 4* nt sot 5h™^™ Zou.rtSbo 1. & ^ flr0men> ,"' ??' f 1 , "• — - ""' " -1 < Mr Huenhold fwh.l 1 10 in- high speed need not. rnmiU in nnni. u"i \,m, ,„..:"' . d - ll . b .°., is , CIcd ; under control, with fire damage | Br r urL .. Tharo ftro boautlfll i flo\v-fU *,'' "H Cnh '' o l d Cwhllo lio was i,, :ainvay, iol . Rnrdons , n Gormany ,» sa)d M n ^Tom Fro^Shtn.o * M ° f C ^ enhold. (To bo sure, some >rar0,•$L;,,"'" I *1?" B «' llm °r, Algona, on ivnr Komi linn found ll« wav to. Fl ° d .? S St01 ' » M«BB.Holt, who i ronro n« !n-,,r,,.«,iTiT ^lu'ijyuu wun uoouycar .biteGuaru hiirh snc decencies PeSs hsTel ^T^fe 'Y^ "ft brln « the «"'»»' ™" «»«' occupants. s were mod. but t.l,n hn'f .,Pf i™±.! afe 6top > wltllout evcn a The tube has been hailed by heads of police and fire depart- n unless they havT'a c7rd f o n ' wasnTover'a &&,£? ^ ^ ^ Saf ° ty ^'^ » S be '" g local Chamber of Commerce or huge raihvav II stud n WI . th one of tllD greatest contributions to Emmetsburg threw massed play against these positions which at * * * X like Charlie I the field. ,, team backed upYo ,„ suivl defense stiffened and held. Tisitors Score Early. McCar- . convention and the Nebraska-Min- iiGsotti footbfill gtiiiiG. The convon- lifting the world, is positively the , ,' salary. rflgn o Maybe we'd better ask for! CH ESTER FALKENHAINER HEADS NEW YORK OFFICE There appears to bo an Increase' n ln c,fp,. n '-^"11, ^ , double parkiue. BsnB ni n .llv rm ^.? ho l te :' °-. Falkenhainer, son of of Algona fans on the sidelines who contended the pass was illegal as it traveled forward in air where-' as a lateral must go backward. I was not quei The kick for 1 E «« u »...^...v,..^. ^,.. u .n, uuu ,» b ^ u i-"^- iiuennoia. (io no sure, some irarp,• T»_-,JI_ -i.in. »Vi »» , & ' u " i-in entire house. Doctor Mueller was nowor seed has found its way to ^'^f^ ^'.' a . M1 ^ n "'t, who was m, in Chicago, but Mrs. Mueller and AIgolla _ cvcp slx German potlti - ^J; 1 ™ 1 ^ in tho Hllr ? mountains, ci,, the daughter Virginia were at home. Part of the upstairs was used as a hospital. A month-old daughter of Henry Moore, whose wife died recently, was carried from the house by a nurse. Algona — cvcp six German potft 1 Iocs and o, few haudsful of polo beans!) World's Fair at Paris. On August ,2, Mr. Huenhold And a nephew visited tho world's oipo-! sition at Paris, It covers two ,or. Illsenberg. DPail Man's Cave. I-A "Dead Man's Cave" under a church In Bremen was one of the * -'•'- °f Mr. Huenhold's trip - fell off of this church HIT-KIIT.»T aiii.ir.^T-,c< . ,-. , iSition at Paris, It covers two or,: iUNLllAL SE10ICES for Frank lhroo thousand acres, on whiclv'42.'_ ,. , ,, . ,, - »~ ~~» Weber Lu Verne, were held laat, natlons ftre reproBontcod . Mr . ;f nB nolo tq find him. Finally, m week Monday afternoon at the Huonhold snys thflt tho German " 5 °' hls body was discovered In home and at the Presbyterian pa vllloll cogtin g 80,000,000 francs. ^f nacho und fiho church, and tho church Lu Verne, by the Rev. B. C. | WM b! g gcst and bcst ot any p^.' "tittngo part of It was that his Hancock and tho Rev. A. Enirltah. n— *i._ .1- flesh, teeth, and hnlr -mnt-o < n «„ Of "" "llniil, () |,| | Will f 01 || (1 ^'''•'""•^in >-:^^, •Slill-K ;,1H , . . WM g gcs an cs Hancock and the Rev. A. English. Uon on the grounds . Burial was made at Irvington. Mr. ,, For 25i000 v|sltors ftt onc othor Weber who had lived 22 years oast pavilion, there are 100,000 at tho - ' - doubt bis I There havV'been'a'numberSf'tiX' "!f urancc bu ^nes s in New is that of intelligence, ets passed out. There aro several y ' as been namod a sency man feel better now, thank you. side streets with a heavy traffic Tl\ ^ SeCO " d branch load only one-lane wide because of by particularly to someone in the writing is a bad habit, M ' S a " d trucka P arked on eflch the lettor fnnV u lruclts ParKed on each York p, t " ± ±° nr „??" side. This condition is an accident- Y °^ & was fought on"e"ven"terms" which tTon n°, "^ ^ ^ 6am ° C ° nn ° Ul Algona threatening on» and'^n-, £«"„ T^ ' POken - metsburg being in scoring territory as the half ended. The visitors had the ball on Algona's 11- yard line when a bad pass f rom , u,,, „ center went ovor the Emmetsburg j when receiver's honrl. and i-nDnHn,i «•- « :.t._ .the * * * * ™, . , - >ew !lsh tr "J' introduced by a What is an: New Yorker via the Twin Cities, jest when, Take a screw-top empty beer can. nmer the top to cave in or in- l-jyert the screw top. When the can full it can bo thrown away. of of The eyes, curve of j Those straight-lip car radio an- ' the lte »"fs would make a nice staff LOe Jlfllf ' ' — * "** v * li tot u.ii uuu "* "*»*^ij»,wj.i i j' ti BUlilll r«i.nl« rnf ti T , l01 ' subtract - Hence written words ! Iik e a yachting club, etc. l-ocals Get the Load. j are too often bearers of undesired Taking the ball on the kick-off ' ni °a»ings. in the second half Algona unleash- ' " ed a power'attack through the j ° I)OI1Cd S °° n ta NeW •. Falkenhainer has been active in New York insurance circles for more than 13 years. He is a grad•-*- -° the Algona high school and ' Grinnell college, later be- I from Columbia uni- York City. Ho served during the Mrs. H. W. Pletch is a sister, and brother of Harold, who is maHne corps * * V * There's one of the lowest forms He and she were talking chilly mornig last week. He one ob- , . ce sa aro, who is one or loose-flung, all add from which to fly a small pennant, of the auditors for state Instituti- Mm,™ W H»» ....... ,-,i,i,- 0 n ™M,*..,., »,..u ... tions, makes his headquarters here — - *— - Ex-Algonian Hurt in Taxi Accident Mrs. Roscoe Call/Des Moines, is . served he was cold, and she cried " _., lv , U6il Miei nf ,. f . ., lunt-jsL lorms •""• vcu .._ , „„„ Olm i;i,cu. center of the line that carried the : £ Jn A1 S°na—a dog poisoner, j 'Sissy." He pointed to his short ball past midfleld. A pass was • ° ur mi , nd therc is nothing that sock s in comparison to her long „.,„ ..,„ good for 16 yards to place the ball t S ° sne , ak >'' s ° crawly. A dog in , ones. She observed that he had recover^ fm m on EmmetBburg's 26-yd. line An-•! th ° Hsoutb - part of town died re- Uool pants "and she didn't have vh°ch took "''•- i * ^ other^poss a few plays later was l "™"/^_ t , h , 0 _ j iand of one Jt trust-,any!" Ho laughed and laughed - • place Iast put the ball point to give Algona the"Tead"T-6* Twice- in the remaining * , , ~ " — -»** .U4%,u,u VkJ t, ZXiiltl OI - — • trickery was used to kill in the j llflve wool ones. * n ,l. 8h . e ,5°l" d *'': -d redder, be- * "-—P p* T) ' scoring territory. With onlylec- onds to play a long pass took the ball to the seven-yard line A second pass was juggled out of the air nearly out of the worst possible manner—dooming a ! -. &S n ^ y ?toS fl ;&Sfn a P-^oneM in the for A gatekeeper with a key is need- the football games. When night's crowd started out locked except for a County Number 295; Get $14.50 tion She had just left her train and taken a taxi, when the driver had to put on his brakes hard to avoid collision with another car. The sudden stop threw Mrs. Call f\ i I iT a L ' ltu n 'S flesh, teeth, and hair, were in excellent condition. .. u ... C i, ouii ui "V*",' ••""""•" "» uu "• j««"° «••«•"•: pavilion, tnero are 100,000 at tho ..'" eop ' e Pondered over this mys- foriuer Algo of Irvington, was 77, and he is sur-! Gorman one » snld Mr> ' Huenhold. &? y - i , Arter somo tlm <> It was found vear« in HI vived by seven children, five of T , Alvll , d f tlmt the earth under this church whom live in Kossuth: Dr . waiter others, are not yet completed, so co " ta , " s l , he world's most costly Weber, Bancroft; Alvin, Lu Verne; | Mr . n ucnhold dldn . t get to seo Qny metallic element — radium. Tho Henry, Corwith; Mrs. Dora Weber of the mucn ag hobwlBhod to d ^ Carpenter, with an English general,' I I'VI TlP'rnn* IW 1*C T.rtnfn l}nm« Al_ _. . fill |*]tl P"l 1 a n mn ^<-^»^ n*+ A ff ' i 'V' J-ingnsn majors and four others ' Irvington; gona, Mrs. Ann Antum and Mrs. Nellie Eymann live at Pontiac, 111. DIVOllCHS were granted last week Wednesday by Judge Heald to Mary Ellen Culbertson from Glen Culbortson, Burt; Dora Wagner from Frank Wegner; Hazel Hudson from Bert L. Hudson, Wesley; and Ruth Alice Hunter from Dollin V. A. Hunter, Washington, D. C. Mrs. Hunter is tho only daughter of former senator L. J. Dickinson. ALGONA'S new postoffice build- ng was dedicated last week Tuesday afternoon, speakers being Senator Guy M. Gillette, Cherokee; George Grubbs, Washington, D. C., of thenP. 0. department; Edw. 3reen, state senator; and C. B. Murtagh. J. D. Lo we was chairman. The Algona high school band played. MATT LAMUTH recently won econd prize for a wall-eyed pike ntered in a fishing contest con- The fair will be held again next year so people will be given j"™ 5 ^"J^ in °P en caskets in. this an opportunity to see the finish- C ' , y- Many rich People have an opportunity to see the finish ed exposition. Samples Television. big "thriller" for Mr. Huenhold, at the German pavilion, was television. Someone told him .that he was wanted on» the telephone. Se he nonchalantly walked up to requested that they be burled 1 in the cave, but admittance has been refused. Mr. Huenhold saw the Bodies —<U1 for 15 cents. Government Satisfies People. . "The people In Germany " says Mr. Huenhold, "are 99 per cent be- Hitler.,.. They seem to be well the telephone, took down the: re- J t lna "'''or.,. They seem to be well ceivor, and—lo and behold— thoro aa . u j* n od, and I believe the church stood his nephew, talking ' and 1 V'? rbloraT wil1 work out al l right." smiling at him! He appeared to bo ,' ^ H , uenhola ' left Bremen Sep- thrce feet away, but was, in real- tembor H went to Southampton, ucted by the Fitzger Brewing to.'s Master Fisherman club at The number of old age pension... „. „ ers in Kossuth August 1 was 295, i-mau passage. Excited according to an official report The play. Triuli limilK- i\,,n,, 1.1 I " ""-"'u^ia ui mt! com- ""- «.>cicie«s jjuiiHion was S14 52 A io r « , Outfought. jmumty into a seething mass of hu- There are 28 townships in Kossuth and spfcta C t r o°rL attend ^ the &™,\™ n ^ trying to get out. Someone Palo Alto, with 16 townships, fewer,by Patrolman ana spectators were pleased with lto ' KOt - Let the gate be opened towns, and no town ™'*'«-~" airoiman with the showing made by the Al-' Wide - gonians who were outweighed by 1 the more experienced visitors. The Algona team outfought the visitors throughout the game. ~ i-*«n, OJJU OU11UI tHl 0 fractured nose and severe bruises. South Dakotan Fined. Charles Gray. Platt. S. D., "" iju.ooiv 6c . juAuubu —-->">»"»fa LU an uiiiuim report, me riinrloo p^ students jammed and packed the- total amount paid was $4283, and $' and co£, i* T *•' ,— <~~ more sedate members of the com- the average pension was ?14 52 court Sitnr^vf flf Welter ' s miimty into a seething mass of hu- There are 28 townshins i, TCn^m^' °™fl^ rda l, for . failure to obey was made * * * * , , . „ ln thc same issue the Odds- and of Algona's population has 238 pensioners drawing $3528, or an. of $14.82. Humboldt coun- Friday night the locals will play y , ouse guys both - coming in on - —a —- fc~^ 4uv,ciii9 n ill picly Liear Lake, and experience gained last week is expected to prove valuable, especially to Algona's ends and tackles. .. — came through with a ty, 12" townships" h^irT'oBiSlM" •wonderment"-(what's the idea, ers drawing '$2477, or $14 49 142, feminine apiece; Emmet, 12 .., --a—— $260, $14.55; request, let it be un- ships, 162, $24.16, $1491- and now that snow- cock, 16 townships 174' Wn,i " ALGONA Markets HOGS , ps $256 8 " Best ligbt butch - "0-160 $900-8980 f ° F ?14 ' 76 ' Th6 state totals are 40.042 Best light butch. 160-180 SsO-10.80 ° ensio ed. - on pensioners, $614,196 paid, $1534 „.,, "~ llke ' ei a— average. There were 10277 finnli- when worn ns tho-o ain-,,,1^ i,« „„*! ,. " c . 10 *v,tii appn- where worn. They're sensible,' conveii- | icnt, and not at all bad-looking. | But whyinell these women will put SALES OF CARS UP TO 47 __ _ -.. ..^.^ euaii-siwim siacKs m the Thirty-three more new cars have summer tim e beats us. There's just seen .sold in the last week in n ° sen - se - no beauty, no rhythm, no <ofisuth to brins the total for ll'. 1 ,'" 1 dlvine . in the contraptions. . -. hvy. 180-200 Ibs _______ $n. 0 o 200-250 Ibs. .$11.00-11.16 as t'hpv 5,n, H h average. There were 10,277 appll- *Jed. hvy. 200-250 Ibs. -$11.00-11.15 ast week Monda y on a char as they should be worn cations pending August 1 The Med - hv ?- 250-290 ... $10 50-Jll 00 amm y of merchandise from and when they should state paid $11,348 on 115 funeral Med> hv ?- 290-350 _. $10 OO-Slo'so ' Chrischill es Annex Friday of ney re sensible, conven- claims. • Med. hvy. 350-400 Ihs. sin nn.«in'on (week. The sentence wns im, 'Swan Lake, near Gray Eagle, Minn. He received a membership card and a case of beer. The fish winning first prize weighed 13 Ibs., 14 ozs. GEORGE ALLEN, transient, was given ten years by Judge Heald last week on the charge of holding up the Deep Rock Oil station here September 2. He was arrested at Fort Dodge with another man who is fighting the charge. II. E. REDEEUS, manager of Thompson Yards in Fenton 38 years, recently resigned because of poor health, but will continue to work at the office when able. Vernon Meyers, Ringsted, takes his place as manager. WILLIAM GLEASON, transient vas sentenced to 12 days in jail ast week Monday on a charge of '" — --• • - the ity, 100 feet from Mr. Huenhold. "It will take trains and trains to move the German pavilion from the Seine to Duesseldorf on : the Rhine, after the fair is over," said Mr. Huenhold. ' | People of all races attend the exposition. A German woman who spoke English, German, Russian, French, and Spanish acted as the ^ Cotti B ^uty Sj,o your '•128,1198.3 pu 'on those gosh-awful slacks in the been Kossuth to brins September so fur ers were; the total for to 47. Purchas- ' County Soil Set-Up is Measuring Farms .... •-• - - »"'«i.'c»jji.juuB. The county soil conservation sot- Whoa, now, easy! . . . where were up is now engaged in measuring We? . . . Oh VOC \\'n tin i;i,~ 4(~1 .. fnitmr. P - . »**^«*OU*i«fa __ - - ~- V J - u * ( -'U-OiU.UU Med. hvy. 350-400 Ibs. ?10.00-$10 20 Packing sows, 300-350 _. $9 85 Packing sows, 350-400 Ibs . .ss'so Packing sows, 400-500 Ibs. _~_$925 CATTLE Canners and cutters $2.50 to $3 50 Fat cows $4>00 to $5 ' 00 Bulls ,—.$.1.50 to $5.50 We do like "abee" 'arms for cooperators for benefit. Veal' calves" "~-— ™, ," * j'^ be y mlde S 'til The Pay - ments wil1 not Stock steers ----"-"-"-*6.00 to X On a. visih in Tiles SOIIIR fiK nor nnnt- nf f« i ji_ * tn~.i i._. 9-lU-vU tO $11.00 Chevroleus— Orville N. Elkins David S. Beck L. J. Malueg, Kay L.' ii.Hen, ai, is, j\.noll, PIoiuer A. ' i . • o — - ***.» ••*• i iai\, LU ma '—-"-^ uu ±i\ji uujiu ui lurniers in tn& luttle, all of Algona; Walter W. j B , r ' and lambasts the devil «ounty are cooperating, leaving an- 'OUt Of SPnntrirO lirlii-t i.rr,i i 1 ,1 _ li i Tll*rti.»i »vi n4 r,1., .1. , . Roosevelt {,'oes on a visit to his --«• v nu.t.1, JttH, (>5 per cent of farmers in the ^., „.. „! -n^uiiti, vvuuer \v — — *Miiiu«oLo LUC utjvu ^-««**«..y ttiu i-uuperuling ieavinir ftp- Jentz, Fenton; J. H. Furst, Lako-i° Ut , of sen ators who wouldn't be Proximately one-third'not cooper- ta . so m ,,,,, „•„ Ledyard; M . i puall -° vel ' s - He snubbed Gillette, atlng. C. R. Janvrin is still head , nil o inn ii tis\«i «• K .. T . .1 n n^i » . —«i.«** jjvuu. ta; Samuel Weaver, C. Kramer, Bancroft. :, ^ -=""«ucu v-riiieiLe, ">••"». ^. i\. juiivrin is still head Nn "> one man sent by Iowa to the sen- of the local office, under direction No' 3 Site tO rpnrf>«onr tV>^ £-*«*„ -ITT- i_i__ r\P tVi rt «^.._i.. ... »^v,LiuA*. j>u. J «r*w.w tO $11.00 Fat yearlings $9.00 to $10 00 GRAIN No. 4 yellow corn (Dec. 15) _. 47c No. 2 rye - —• —.w.ui L . . ".' AW.,vfc LU LIIU aeii- *.ii\* *i7^<ii uiiiuc, unuer direction Plyniouu^eorge Heyes, Leo^ ^"""^.Ute^WeUto ^^the^ty^conunlttee. .»d three No. 2 white'oats- Jeauette Hellan, Baker, Algona. Fords—W. J. Bourne, Algona- E B. ruriier, Lone Rock. Oldsmobiles — Sweu City Hatchery v. W. Ulomster. Swea City; D. N. Gerbur, IrviUKton; W. L. Pat- terou, Titonka. Mrs. c. H. L'retzmeyer, Algona bought a Cadillac; the Internation al Harvester Co., Algona, a truck C. I'. iCckholm, Swea City, a Buick auU V. J. Khrhurdt. J.u" Verne ; Dodge. ^^^Vuni'rc",, 11 ,'; 11 , U ' IO Y a wailts 'w ?' rls assi ^ Wm-Helen Dingley, , I uu.sh Gillette tor what he did or, Algona, and Edith Mae Bud- uia not do it's up to Iowa and none lon S and Eilene Nelson both of Ti- O Rnnaovoltv, !,,,„;„ T _ +r,T,l,« ' '•""•" ul - 1 ' of Roosevelt's business. Iowa" tonka, through its senators or other representatives, is entitled to respect, even it u is only one of 4G states which went fanatical in the last election. We're glad Iowa has one at the Internation" ! mln who w °uldn't Geisha-girl her master's bidding. Oh! The Jolly (htls might Gerkin, Ex-Pastor at Corwith, Dies -68c -48c EGGS Henneries No. l No. 2 Cash Cream— gweet 36c - -»*w. | 7 t/i. AlHil S6n tence was imposed guide. "Paris is pronounced Paree- over there," said Mr. Huenhold, " and you can get 26 francs in exchange for one American dollar" Mr Huenhold stated: "The American,' English, and German money is the best in the world today!" Lunch on Eiffel Tower. Lunch 200 feet in the air was a spectacular event at the Effel tower Paris, which is approximately 1000 feet n height. "When I was up there, I tried to look over to Algona, but I couldn't see that far," laughed Mr. Huenhold. Another point of Interest to Mr. Huenhold, was a dam at Osterode, Germany. Thousands of gallons of water a minute go through LARGE MAP OF COUNTY, suit able for framing, accompanies each Kossuth county plat book now ready for delivery. Book and map only $3 -plus tax. Not sold separately. Cash with mail orders . we pay the postage. o tf -15c Kohlhaas Named on All (.'ommiue-emen pay. lodge of the Masons and in the O. E. S. These organizations and the church were represented at the funeral by Corwith, Sept. 27—The Rev. Eli Thomas Gerkin, former pastor of the First Methodist church at Cor,,, , •• ""••' mifcjiL use i with, died at his home at Sioux the banquet room of the new hotel City a week ago Friday and fun —"- " "' """'"" ^iWlJErtKKU^-S . T.an'Co^^e:^^^^ n^g'H^t *^ i fi « r e T r Krascliel llas »™ed 'alonal politicians would jSst i°—« '-- k h ? 5 as .. actlve itt Paradise board coimnir.P," ^ plannin Si'" and ™t try to run the opart! committees. Representative ; thing. Such cor ^. J. Konihaas has been assigned • past have been to^a Recreational Resources com-!boards for _ [ nn Pni f ~~, "*" ">"*"";"»«> Brotherhoods In Get-Together. commute,, voice L°.d ^e? « t^^S w.U^ba^U-'Sl^BJSSt 1 ?? ,erve without (on «t the fireside just once.) manual Lutheran Brolherhood t^ * Osonr OswalVis* off.m Tinnnin n ' ght> L ° CaI members without the irrlngtonlan's .Mother Sick. l-N'eb.. Thursday to attend a KiwanU —- °. f ,. ^P-P^tatlon are to be Irvington, Sept. 27—Henry Lonning lately received word that his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Lonning of rrhor, had been taken to Rochester. The elder Mrs. Lonning has auuer? ed from diabetes for some years Mr Lonning has not learned Whether that was the cause of her trip to Rochester. Windmill Fan Hashes Head. Sexton, Sept. 27—Harvey Steven suffered a severe gash on the head Wednesday, when he climbed his windmill to inspect the surrounding country and wind suddenly turned the fans, one of which struck him. 2ffrs. Henry Hahle Low. Irvington, Sept. 27—Little hope is held for the recovery of Mrs. Henry Hahle, who has suffered a stroke and is unable to speak. Mrs Mary Dole is caring for her. The children have been called. Damp and Chilly Today. A light but cold rain fell last night, and today opened with a clouded sky and the chill, cheerless weather which often characterizes such rains at this season. by Justice Delia Welter. HEKBY OLTHOFF, farmer southwest of Fenton, suffered three broken ribs last week. Monday when a tractor he was driving struck a post and was upset. A lug ! Pinned him to the ground. THE GOOD Hope Aid gives an amateur show this week Friday evening. p rizes will bo awurd d and the audiencejvill be the judge. Grandson for Ilancrofters. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Sheridan Jr Des Moines are parents of a 6%-lb. son, born September 15 i we has been named James Earl ! | and he is a grandson of Mr. and i Mrs. J. H. Sheridan, Bancroft. FOR SALE-REGISTERED Shrop- " hl ,™n™ m !;.S no to . thr ee years type.—J. H. / f^v &*^ Night Football Friday Evening, OCTOBER 1 ALGONA SALESBOOKS, ORDER BOOKS 4 similar Items can be ordered at the Advance office, often at a sav- over salesmen's prices. tt -VS. SCHOOL SCHOOL Game begins at 8 p. m. Admission: Adults 35c, students 25c. OUR GIRLS ARE ALL AGOG! all tlte. \lf "-• r r^^ MSlBUY ... and you will be, too! It's making fashion history , . . the new Phoenix Vita-Bloom hosiery] You ; ll a dd your word of praise the moment you see its vibrant loveliness. Vita-Bloom has a petal-like softness, a flattering smoothness to give your legs a new allure. $1.00—others from 89c to $1.95. * Th« patented proccu exclusive with Phoenix. and &> Ro& You'll discover that thi* new hosiery has more enduraac* u well as new beauty. LOOK AT IT.. FEEL IT.. WEAR IT . Of Chrischilles Store •—-^ A Great Sale of Chrischilles Store] OneDayOnl] Saturday, Oct. 2 All Day "EW HOUSE FROCK cs 5. W.ENTY OF OVERLAP 6. COMFORTABLE V-NECK $1.98 'hrischilles Store Mr. Howe, representing Newton Aimis, fwyoj, troit furrier, will conduct a gigantic fur sale».' store Saturday, October 2nd. He will bring t«n 2fi *• coats ' OTer 200 garments, and you fflftT1 selections directly from his stock* will be your greatest opportunity to rrom the largest showing that will «»-• part of the country. AH prices will he fe * l >he most inexpensive Seals at $68.00 to g* t at|l§00,00, Hr. Howe will be here all day. Buy you? ' f B r business, are your

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