Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1937 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1937
Page 9
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SEPTEMBER 28, 1937. le Reason Sa HENTERS The "Empire" A Triumph in Value! -Out Hole Monnllnit, Itavv Dependable fl volt Motor that rh» Chro „ Tiff I' • /«» iW, /inl I/no Heater, uiih omyi/n co- pacilj, /or Ho large,! car,. A REAL VALUE j COMPLETE WITH LIGHTED SWITCH AND COMPLETE FITTINGS CO AST-TO-COAST 1938 KOT WATER HEATiR $10.95 ftN DEFROSTER IND FOOT WARMER OK... FOUR. WAY [FOR ALL CARS. I Flo Heater U unscrpassed for ap. eficy and healing. A tremendous tmWAYHEAT I die cant defroster and foot warmer TABLE Two-way i VALYES and > deflector doors. Direct Heavy .'rlvcs the combined 3'lnch aluminum ml Gi'i'lnch blade propeller nt only 3.2/10 nmps. Iji 'c l«rse»l icdaa; Dig all 1037 can, Including the Ford V-B t radio. . Without Defrosting niowcr $13.45 With DefroiUne Db*rr —-..p. • M mnuMjiomag DEFROSTING UNITS FOR TRIPLE-FLO HEATERS le a ?eTC.± fiSlS"'?.'""5 t". d . «'"!*•'» Trip.e-K.0 r .j Tubes •lum cup, for Kcou) opcnlnes. Ill.. ?1.19 IIRON- ERS np.on tfpc) v priced roan- SlnelcTypc $< (Chevrolet, Etc.) *J poublt type (Chrysler Plymouth, etc.) .„ jii.89 CUEVnOLET CAST IRON HEATERS ThrowB nji abundance of clean heat. Chev 192Si to 1035 .. Sale now going on. JOE BLOOM [have plenty of time yet this fall to do that builcl- We are doing lots of building on farms now. We a large crew of competent workmen. Jus figure on your work or just the material. Our ks are complete. i 1 posts and. steel posts, woven wire, and barb for your fencing needs. Come in and see us. JIM POOL you witt**tlu&i to AYTA |Maytag not only giv« you lamer, easier washings, but ! years. In every commun- c are Maytags ten to fifteen ^"'11 giving faithful service. j»«tra value and long life in pece, cast-aluminum tub— Convenience in the Roller Hcmover that damp-dries ' -i evenly—four adjustable « the washer just your I "id many other advantages, Healer for a demonstration. fettAGCOMPAMV.i IT- SEIf, DONT KEEP IT • r8iiaJ«dtl93»N«wtoB,low», *' 0" UIUH.C cu«lH , Ht OA50 UNf MIMTI-MOIOB fi~* / ,. .. „ .uuUc-in Ma/lay eiiyme with .-«?"•" / -'• **•""* , , v luu, .vu.k.ug pan. built lol o KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE NINB Corwith School Has Student Council STUDENTS NAME SIX OUT OF 12 STAFF MEMBERS During the shingling the scaffold [ Ruhnko was hurt and taken to ft with four men gave way. Otto I doctor.' , ! ( ;<>™llh, Sept. 27-Tho student activity council nf tlic Corwith high HP 11 fin 1 i '1 o ^tr.,-,.1 , _ . - . C. H. KLAMP, Field ttepreseiitatlvc Mr. and Mrs. William Sehutter, school (12 inemhorK) mot for the ! northoilst ot Tilonka, have- a new first time ihls year one ftfternoon ' tIaUB ' ltGr ' horn tlune 27 > " a 'ned Lc- hist. week elected officers- presi- a1lna ]3evor 'y- There are four oth- (lont, Onylo Thompson; vice, Ar-' Or glrls and two bnys ln tnls fflm ' dolio llauplnuuin; secretary and " y> nnd a " of tne children are pic- reporter, Ma.xino Perkins; treasur- turos o£ health. The children who L — . -..„,„„„ 1TilB . JV uu Sl; - „ or, Netty Scuco. Previous to this go to soh ° o1 wore at home last volt appeared on the rear platform I <l Clty Savings bank, showed us a picture was kopt busy at serving morning j and afternoon lunches. Sister Hurt in Cur Crash- Mrs. Jacob Tolcamp received word one day last week of an auto accident in which her sister, Mrs. Tom .Mclllrath, Grinnell, and members of the latter's family were in- ! jured. The Mclllralhs were coming to visit the Telcamps. 1'nst .Matrons Are Knlerfiiined- No more to m x . Its time for GiUEKS —" • ---ri" "«"••.( »jn\j i. ^ui UO O> l/UJLUl U I -t* ,, f. ,.. . Friday in the Des Moines Register Mls ' c> °- Peterson entertained of a crowd at Boone when Presi- ! ' pflst Ti - astem Star matrons from dent Roosevelt nassod through that ' Swca f ' ity and Ml ' s> Jolln Smith, city. Mr. Boyken was there and : £ akola - P ast matron of the Buffalo he said the crowd was a big one Conter lod se, last week Tuesday. Both the president and Mrs Roose- <i lle 1>olerson s formerly lived at meeting the student body had chos- wcelt Mon(la y. fo r their teacher en six representatives- Ardelle wns not feelin S wel1 - Mr. Sehutter of the train and greeted the people. Hiiuptniann, al laiw Mnxinn POP had sold 19 spring pigs and they •- » » * ,. , T _.,., kins' forensic*; Maynart" WooiN ! wol .B hod bettcr than 200 pounds . Everett Post, northeast of Ti- Mrs ' - Henry Olthoff to Rochester Mrs. OUIioff to Rochester— Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ennen took , Maynard Wood- hury, hoys' athletics; Betty Scace, KivlK' athletics; Osiylc Thompson, Hloe club, and Richard Johnson, members include bund. Bood aveo or called last week Monday tonka, 1 was digging a ditch Friday ' ono day last week to S° through from his well to the barn, then to the Mayo clnic and takc medical the barn yard., The water will run a cooling tank in the barn, »^^^SS£ ^Z I ^h±S^or^ %$"*& V tffi, aS ,77. r^TSHTror To, Byron Sever,,, sophomorcs'; H °eU ^ ^^1^ J™ ,3?^MUT ™™ *» £A^^™^Bunting, freshmen. Tho other house built two sun .porches, one facing] inemhers of the- council are Sunt two sun >P° rohes ' one i Gehrt and Mr. Keo, coach and fac- east ' tho other ' south - Mrs. ully member. . keeps flowers in these porches, and jslic has lovely flowers. The Rev. Adolph Killan, pastor Kcccplion for Convilli Teachers— | The Methodists recently gave «.'„.,,,,, u v. -, reception for the Corwith consoli- ° E the Luthcran church northeast dated school leachers The pro- of Titon ka, and his wife have two ignun was opened with songs by a cnlldron . a S' 1 ' 1 and «• hoy. Mr. Kil- yoiiiig women's trio—Belty Scace ian has beon there 15 years ' He Muxino Perkins and Bonnie Bar- forraorl y llvcd in Minnesota. The racks, accompanied by Esther Klllans were Preparing for winter, Smith. Harry (Chambers for the when wc called Iast week Mondav church board, spoke Frank Clap- fo1 ' tlloy were having 'hard coal put .saddle spoke for the Sunday , into thelr coal bin school, and the Rev. Karl spoke, in behalf of the tion. Superintendent . sponded and presented hers of the faculty. The to the Hillor LAKOTA WOMAN IN TALK AT A FENTON PARTY Lakota, Sept. 27—Mesdames Della Smith and J. H. Warburton drove to F. G. Torino's, near Swea Other Lnkotn News. Alvin and Leonard Boettcher, with Walter and Alfred Christ, recently visited Arnold Christ, cousin, at Massena, where Arnold is teaching this year. Arnold is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Christ. Dr. H. H. Murray took Mrs. William Wirtjos' father, Mr. Pannkuk, to the hospital at Buffalo Center last week Tuesday, and all of Mr. Pannkuk's teeth were removed there. Mrs. F. G. Torine and Mrs. Frank Chas. E. Brown, west of Titonka,'city, for dinner last week "Tuesday^ ! Th ompson, Swea City, came Thurs- is always busy. Last week Tuesday and in the afternoon drove on to y to visit '•heir fornier Swea City we found him plowing, and his Fenton to attend a 10th annivers-, ne i. ghbor ' Mvs ' Samu el Warburton. " hired boy was mowing alfalfa. "We ary celebration of the Fenton Worn-' aud Mrs - Wade Ball have - had a little visit with Mrs. Brown, an's club at Mrs. E C Weisbrod's returned from a vacation trip to church wborr -, rpnrpJfoTn .n who was busy Cttnnln 8 £ruit - She The Program consisted of original Missf) uri, where they visited rela- w-is concli^Prt iv itatni TT° S T and ller dau ehte.r had taken a few songs, a review of Red Letter tlv ° B was conducted by Hazel Hersch- dnys - vacat i on to seo friends at nnvs rpm.nrta i™ -,HOU«^ i«««,. Mrs. borgon. Refreshments were served by a Sunday school committee. ,, . '. ,„ . . ~ „ . 1-ricil (JiickRn Supper Served- at Days, remarks by visitors, letters u *irs. Samuel Warburton, who has from former members unable to oe b . een . Slck three weeks ' is still con- present, and a short talk by Mrs. Smith, who, as county club Roy Ringsdorf, south of Burt, rregniarmccun^th^ion ^^SS^d "°L ^ ^T' '"» ""«» ^ne Auxiliary was heid last week R^^ ^Kf'^to ^wn^^e e^Sf T^ fined to her bed. Tuesday at the Legion hall, Mrs. ,. h( , F . E . Kent farm next gpring . L field •*re Oxloy and Mrs. Harvey En- Roy V as lived on hi7 present farm C ,° U J 8 , e . ?' 1C Was Served ' and a ield hostesses. Plans were laid ?° ynh " I i 1 ^ rdn(rnv ± 11PieSent fann club birthday cake with ten candles Lotts Creek for a number of years. Mrs. i „. „ .. ,, for the annual bazaar, and . . ,. „. .. , Oxley and Mrs. W. Woodbury were ' Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Sehutter, \ bonle 25 women^attended. appointed chairmen. The Auxiliary west of Titonka, have a new daugh- •jrethodist S S tfn.iiip« ftffu.,.r«_ Jletll0(list »• »• i>ftllle s (Wicers— Viola Bell and Bertha Potratz, of ,vo=. » i -h-t. i ^ , i Lotts Creek - attended the funeral was exhibited, then cut and served. O f Herman Habegar at West Bend last week Tuesday. He was killed in an auto accident. had a fried chicken supper at the ter, born August 28, named Ardith /'^MrTllarVjloeTntpTi^PfTthP The Rev ' and Mrs - Fiene . and hall Saturday. Tho Junior Girls' Annette, their first baby Mr. Scut-'Methodist Sunday school hoard Mar saret and Ada, left for Ames Auxiliary met at the Welter home tor's first wife died a few years ast week Mondav nfeh nnrl offi Wedn esday, where Ada will attend l»flt wa«k T,,n«,inv ov n ni, ln . ago . There are two children by his cers ^ elected- """"" 1 last week Tuesday evening. S. school. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lieb and ConriOi Loses to .Kanaka- I Ss^gn^ooTTStaK a^fd ^^^^^^^S^e' ^ ^ *** ^^T^lr we^ The Corwith high school base- Florence, who attends a country Pauerso^^assistant HowZ'd Kon to Garner Thursday evening to ^ 1 L t ^. m l os l b5 ;_ a . 5 - 2s ° oro ^ th , e school. Mrs. Sehutter showed us ^^^^r^°^& visit the Martin Meyers, who are . . Kanawha team last week. Wood- Ardith Annette and said she , vas bury, the Corwith pitcher, walked five and struck out 3. babv ever babyeer teasurer Harrv MOP Eleano^Moe Tibr-i^r, - hbranan ' Fdna Edna Kanawha's "— ' *"'*"*' * jiieane. itany day exercises will .be pitcher walked three and struck' Herman Dreesman, northeast ot ' held October 10 The October out five. The Evans brothers, Har- Titonka, was greasing hTs corn b j )ard ™<*™S wUl be held at Louis old and Ed, officiated. Batteries picker Wednesday. He is not crib- | mnson s - east .of town, for Corwith were Woodbury and bing any corn yet, but picks for parents of a 18 ls ' born September tcmue Allen, and for Kanawha, Faber, feed, and he has a fine crop. Davids and Thompson. Davids was the winning pitcher. Birthday of Twins Celebrated- Mrs. Alvin Rippentrop and Mrs. Cort Rippentrop, better known as Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meyer, Mrs. Heyer, and Mrs. William went to North Dakota last week Tuesday to visit relatives. They returned Thursday evening. ° menhlped Artur M. unnstensen, nortn or TitonKa, ••--•" •"•!.'i«.""«i-, "o^i ivuuwu a.* j} u __ n , vitl oWno-iino- TVIH^*™,, was plowing Wednesday. He plows he Telcamp twins, had a birthday nuacl1 Wlth ahmglmg Thursday. Government Printer Visits Here— w jth horses, and he has three as I? 81 week Wednesday. Mrs. Cort Burr Johnson, Washington, D. C., fine sorrels as one will find any- R 'PPentrop, who is in the Buffalo I ARE YOU PLANNING a farm is spending part of a three weeks wherB . Two 'of them are mares, < ?' Uer hos j i ' al - was e'ven a card: ..,_,, . 4 vacation at his father A. A. John,- ;in d one of the mares dropped a shoW6r . and Mrs ' A 'vm Rippentrop I >»ile? Take advantage of our son's. He is employed in the gov- dandy colt this season. Mr. Chris- entertained the 0 j. and Everett!, v npi^hnr ernment printing office as a proof- tensen takes great nrlde in his nippentrops, the George Ennens, !n '" e dictation in your neighbor- <lnd the Rev ' and Mrs - °- H - Frer in the tensen takes great pride in his reader. There are 2,100 employes hoi'ses in the printing department there. ' - - king at Jacob Telcamp's Burr's father, Corwith's oldest citi- D. M. Stewart, east of Burt, was evening. zen, was employed in the same of- in the field Thursday, picking his v , .. .,,. . ~~ ' fice at the close of the Civil war, seed corn. He believes in having ^\ lfIIII "". B °^ J ' ui »weryar ( i— and at that time there were 800 good seed. D. M. was mourning a „,/ mmorng uiat has Housed employes. .horse he lost Wednesday. It had Thompson Yards lumber for many i been sick only a day He thinks >' ea rs is being torn down, and a Now Post f'oinimiiHler Named— 'the hot weather may have 'had new one 58x136 . will be built, the The Elmer Wilson Legion post some thing to do with bringing on w ° rk to commence fs soon as the held a regular meeting Thursday t ] le epizootic among horses. old bu ' ld!n S is razed. H. S. Trout- evening, and the main event was * * * « man . Algona contractor, has the election of officers: commander/ Fred Bruns, northeast of Ti- J° b - This was one of the oldest Eric Erickson; vice, Perry De, tonka, was building a partition in buildings in Lakota. The office Groote; adjutant, Rufus Welter; his corn crib Thursday. It is in| and P art of the lumber building chaplain, W. R. Suteliff; sergeant- the driveway, and he figures thati w6re built in 1892^45 years ago. at-arms, Robert Beers; historical, he will fill it, for he has a good i>,.,.,,,,,»,,_ u •" ^~^ t ,. T.nf D nvl«v 'nnrn m-mv 'PhonnrHHnr, i= nv. i ''reiliatUTO «UbO Fulls to LlVC— hood and advertise in the Advance. A daughter was born premature- Lafe Oxley. corn crop'. The partition is ar-1 Oil Station Oporntor Builds— Walter Kirschgatter, Corwith take the boards out as he shells i" D-X oil dealer, has purchased a The corn falls into the sheller |we - ek ago Fl ' ida y. and the baby vacant lot between the Hustler of- drag . Fred workB hls head as'well^"' 6 ^ . hours lat f r ' The Rev ' °' H> fice and his oil station, and is mak- as his hands to make everything •' P , rerkms t c J >nducte ? f " ne . ral ser " ing preparations -to build an addi- convenient I vlces n6xt day ' ana burlal was tion, 35x40 there. Bob Suteliff has ' *'"* * * jinade in Maple Hill cemetery. Mrs. beon employed to build the addi-' Frank Cink, southeast of Ban-' Rippentrop had had an operation tion, and hollow tile will be used, croft, showed us some dandy fall for acute a Ppendicitis a few days ., „ — ,„ ., ,. i pigs Thursday. He has 65 f rom ( before the birth. Tabh family Jlas Got-Togollier— i seven sows and the plgs a doing v^TTt^ib. A Tabb reunion was held last well -Manso Gets New ^>alks— ALGONA RENDERING COMPANY Phone No. 7 Removes Dead Stock FREE We make and sell Green Top brand of Tankage, You really enjoy the true spirit of New Orleans stopat Hotel Chalmette, just o-few blocks tone Canal Street and u/rlhin. easy reach of tf interest... Lartfe comfortable rooms DAILY Farmers, be sure to order a few bushels of National Hybrid Seed Corn n Don't "go to seed" on just one hybrid company. Try National hybrids. They won the state yield test last year in northern Iowa. Maybe they will lead all other hybrids again this year. I have been personally acquainted with the head man of this company for 18 years, and have faith in their honesty and integrity. No hybrid is any better than the company behind it. Time does not permit me to call on all of you. Telephone or drop me a card, if interested. Priced same as other companies, except a discount for cash this fall, which may be discontinued soon. A. B. Schenck ALGONA PHONE 26P11 Mrs. Gaskill Loses Aunt— ment Mrs. E. G. Gaskill has received ' * * * * word of the death of her aunt, Mrs. i George Tjaden, northeast of Tl- Ella Gaskill, following a six weeks tonka, showed us a large spider sickness at the home of a daughter, Friday that his daughter had cap- Mrs. Orren Goodhart, Shippens- tured and put into a glass jar. He burg, Pa. Burial was at the old called it a "peddler" spider, for it home in East Andover, New Hainp-,has-a large hump on its back. • shire '* • * * * * Hiram Boeckholt, who lives a IJaptist Itible I'lub Meets— 'few miles northwest of Titonka, The Baptist women met for Bible is a busy man, for he not only study Friday at Mrs. I. J. Sharp- farms but runs an implement store nack's, Mrs. Rob'ert Lee assisting, at Titonka. Hiram says business A lesson on Trusting was led by is good. As a sideline he also rals- Mrs. J. L. Oxley, and Mrs. J. W. es chickens. Zwiefel was in charge of a devotional service. ' t SQI.II ANP SERVICED BY UUSTROM, Algona 'The men of the Presbyterian We saw Floyd'Reibsamen, south-' churcl ? s P ent f °ur days last week week Sunday at the Peter Jacobs I home, and out-of-town guests were .. -._.,. ™, „,.„ Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Chambers," of east of Titonka, Thursday, and he at tttkln s "P the °'d walk in front Goodell; Mr. and Mrs. Aldrich, of was sawing wood with a power o£ tne manse . laying a new one, Waseca, Minn.; the Roy Jacobs saw. Floyd uses an old Fordson and building walks an the east side family, Goodell; and Mrs. Jos. Ole- tractor for power, and he equipped' 0 ' the manse to the back door and son, Northwood. it with rubber tires. One finds few old Fordsons with such equip- Hike for tlm Boy Scouts— The Boy Scouts met Thursday, * * * * William Boyken, of the Titonka last week Monday because of a teachers' institute. A grade teach- and scout principles were studied, ers institute was held at Forest Plans were laid for a hike and • City, and the high school teachers wiener roast this evening, week Monday Other Convith-Fairview, institute was at Algona. Wallace Woodbury left one day last week for Des Moines, where „, . ...... he enrolled in the American Ineti- Mrs Robert Masterson, Mrs. F. tute of Business to continue stud- L Masterson, Mrs. Harold Evans,' ies. He attended the same institu- and Sylva Nail attended a Farm tion last year. Bureau extension lesson at Mrs. Alvin Weber's, Lu Verne, Wednesday. There were about 20 present, and Miss Pepoon, Kossuth H. D. A., gave a lesson on nursing in the Mr . and Mrs. R. L. Hauswirth entertained Mrs. Fred .Hausyirth, Havelock, Mrs. Oesterle, Chicago, and Mrs. O. U. Neptvom, Sioux City, with the latter's family, last week home A* tea'wos served after the . Monday. ose of the meeting. | Dr. an Mrs Jennie Ellsworth was sur- j northern Minnesota on a fishing nrised' last week by a visit from vacation. They were to return her sister and the latter' husband, early this w.aek Mr and Mrs. Seth Cheney, Nora Roberta Masterson accompanied Snrings Neb They were en route Mr. and Mrs. De Rae Godfrey, Lu to Minnesota and Dakota on> a va- j Verne, to Fort Dodge last week trip Tuesday- .. , , ,«, and Mrs. Jos. Kouba .drove! Mr. arid Mrs. S. L. Thompson to Lvle Minn, one day last week have returned from a month with and brought Mrs. Kouba's mother, rejatives at Morrison, Ohio, and i» Mrs Catherine Shipman, homo. Indiana. Mrs' Shinmau had been visiting her Mrs. Dick Wernjersen bad as op- sister Mrs. Shamwn Dunfee. watipp £9? a $9& er J§sJ The Corwith school was closed Madison, _Wi8v, hospital. garage. They worked in shifts of ten, and Mrs. Frei'king TRACTOR SUPPLIES iVe carry a supply of tractor lire chains, ball and -roller clutch plates, and Prize Winners SEAL OF MINNESOTA radiator cores. *<ee us when you are hi of above supplies. GREENBERG Auto Supply Phone 118 ATTENTION, TENANTS! Why not buy a farm this fall? We npw offer reasonable down payments, balance op years to payments amounting to no more than customary rent. See jtf you can qualify for the Aetn^ Feature. See-me af contract 26 or 29 pay, annual once. E, T. HAUPTMAUN Authorized Representative Aetna Life Insurance Co. Corwlth, Jowa Congratulations to those women who, by using Seal of Minnesota flour, won out against all comers at the local fair. Once again, this guaranteed flour has proved its All-Purpose baking qualities in open competition. The special Seal of Minnesota prizes have been awarded to the women whose names are shown below. We wish to express our appreciation to all who used Seal of Minnesota in their Bread and Angel Food Cakes as well as many of the other baked items on which fair awards were received, but which did not come into our . special prize classifications. Kossuth County Fair Prize Winners White Yeast Bread FIRST PRIZE MRS. JULIUS'BASS' $10.00 2ND PRIZE $5.00 Algona MRS. HENRY KUBLY Lu Verne White Unfrosted Angel Food Cake FIRST PRIZE MRS. FRANK HOFIUS $10.00 Algona PR1ZE-WS1% ,ai<J BAKING Every Time WITH SEAL OF MINNESOTA FLOUR Whether you are competing for a fair prize or for the reward of satisfying fmngry appetites, you vyill.always be a winner with Seal of Minnesota. Better baking results are guaranteed—because Seal of Minnesota is especially milled for All- Purpose baking. • SEAL OF MINNESOTA FLOUR

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