Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1937 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1937
Page 8
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KOSSUttt COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA, IOWA IS THIS GOING ON AROUND HERE? e of our farm customers sold 125 chickens by telephone above the regular market price, giving her extra profit and added income. Farmers' records show that 44 per cent of their calls are for buying, selling, harvesting and other business that increases farm profits and come. Wesleyan_Employcd at Swift Plant Is Injured in- A telephone more than pays for itself on the farm for business alone • • . and in an emergency such as fire, thieves, accident or sickness, one call may be worth more than jerr- Ice costs for a lifetime. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY GLASS WOUNDS LEFT HAND OF EDVU.OEBIG Wesley, Sept. 27— "Bud" Francis, for some years a painter here, has of late been employed at the Swift Plant, Algona. For some time there have been three other Wesleyans 2O Years Ago THE DRAFT BOARD had certified 213 young men for the first draft. Of this number 64 men were to be called within a. few weeks. The board was still conducting physical examinations. The 64 men for the first call were to be drawn by a district board. ORRIE MILLER and Elnora Fry liad^been married by the Rev. F. C. i were to attend r, ' > "«™ LU »»«!«» ,? 0 ,::°l h L" auptmEllin -; tlle Stato fftir ? n " honeymoon trip. Edmond Loebig was having an enforced vacation last week, his left * * * * WILL-KITE BROS., of Nebraska, . ~. wu in t>i, >r t;cn, ( 111 a iUIC *-• * i. v/*j t ( ui, mtjUlUHlvU t hand having been gashed by the WQI ' e new comers here to establish round pointed end of a medicine I 1 " ago " cy for tho Dulck automo- QrOTHinr. \\r\i li nrliinK i, _ , , . 1)1 IP. TMlo\r fi 1i< nn ,1.. i i nn • o a mecine e uc auomo- dropper, with which he was testing , Cl They Already had 20 sub- cream at the plant. The glass dea ' ors '" Emmet, Palo Alto, Kos- lodged in the palm of the hand be tween bones leading to the littlo ! tween bones leading to the littlo ! T,rrr T T . * * * * finger and the ring finger and die- ,. WILUA M CALHOUN, draft sol- Sing by a surgeon hadfailed to !-i' e ;' ftnd Eva Tibbots ' Lone Rock, . *> ~ . ...^ . IM-.^, iiiifjui ( emu Ulg~ Sing by a surgeon had failed to remove it up to Friday. Helps IVHh "Hushing" at U— Julius Kunz Jr. left last week to enter the '. •, —•" *»"«j«to, j_iuue IVUCK, ! nad been married here by the Rev. F. C. Taylor, Methodist pastor. Mrs. the first Kossuth Calhoun was "war bride." * * * * • -or the second year tr? there but his third year of college. > ,,, He is taking a liberal arts course, i vith law as his objective. Ho at- i ended a banquet Sunday night I the initial activity of the Sigma Nu ' chapter. * • - - - son of Sher- and the disease having baffled lo- doctors. * * * » CHARIVARI IS GIVEN FOR 25TH WEDDING DATE St. Joe, Sept. 27—Mr. ,ancl Mrs. K. L. Kohlhaas were pleasantly surprised Friday evening with an old-fashioned charivari in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary. About 75 attended and spent the evening playing cards and socially. Mr. and Mrs. Kohlhaas were presented with many nice gifts of silver. Prizes in the card games were awarded to Mrs. John Lo Brun and Mrs. Lawrence Kirsch for high! scores. Consolation prizes went to' Dena Kohlhaas and Harold Bormann. Refreshments were served. Among those attending were! Margreth Humburg, of Mozin, Germany; Veronica Stessman, of Earl- Ing; Mrs. John Le Brun, of Dell Rapids, S. D., the Matthew Bormann family, of St. Benedict; and Mr. and Mrs. Nick Bormann Sr., of Algona. Others attending were from St. Joe and included the Mike Bor- manns, John Geisheckers, John Bormanns, Ernest Bormanns L N Bormanns, Ed Bormanns H 'w Widening River of Taxation HETAri. fcXsoLnJE biukfS. TAds v ~ 1 «tt i*i6f. tif ftAsot'ws Ex&uijiira twins chapter. Junior "is helping Vernoti ' ,T - Wi A ' C °RDINGLEYS, Des Bormanns, Ed Borinan Kohlhaas, Algona, in charce of i ,J° in ^ s> werc Dar ents of a new son. Kohlhaases, the Peter "rushing." b Mr - Ordingley was then, as now, " Frank Bormanns, nrvnr) «P . f t*« „..i «__ , t _ . T»"l»n n*u A~ A _ _. MONEY To Loan AUTOMOlilLE LOANS EXTREMELY LOW RATES LOANS MADE Off TOUB PRESENT CAR We will make you a liberal loan on your car—pay off your present balance, advance you additional cash and reduce your payments by extending them over twelve to eighteen months. CASH LOANS MADE AT ONCE NO ENDORSERS OR SIGNERS REQUIRED A courteous, prompt, and confidential cash loan service. Call in person or write WESTERN CREDIT CO. 20« East State St., Algona, Iowa BECTAL DISEASES YAKICOSE VEINS AND RUPTURE I use the ambulant method in treating these conditions. This means that you suffer very little if any pain, do not have to go to bed or lose any blood. You can go right on with your regular work and lose no time except tor a few minutes in my office once a week. ou are welcome to come in for an examination without charge. At that time I can explain my method of treatment. DB, S. W. MEYER, D. 0. GENERAL HOSPITAL Algona, Iowa. Auto glass replaced while yoa wait. We carry a complete stock of window glass. GREENBERG Auto Supply Phone 118 o-~j ?in.o tiiCli, ilM ilU\V t , r „ , noad of tn e subscription depart- iHc.Uahons to Undertakers' Meet— cnt of thc D ' M. Register Mr and Mrs. Thos. McMahon „„„ * * * * PREPARATIONS for the 1917 r — ...... Kirsches, Agnes Kirsches, Lawrence and Caroline Kirsch, Henry and Dena Kohlhaas, the C. K. Kohlhaases, Mike Red- Frank Redings, and Herman - —i tiiu it; i r " ' ».mii. ivcuiii^a, till 1 were under way. Many of the-! Plathes « N 'ck and Mike Altman had been repaired. The; Irene Geishecker, Marie Cox Mr' and Mrs. Mike Kisch, Frank and . , an Louis Kester, Ed Schram, Julius Becker, Harvey Smith, and U. B. spent Wednesday and Thursday at Minneapolis, attending a national convention of funeral directors, the first national convention in the middle west since 1003, when St Paul was host. Mrs. R. K. Richardson accompanied the McMahons as far as Blooming Prairie, Minn for a visit with her mother there. Former Teacher Visits Here— - ---- — „ Mrs. Louise, Wolfe, Olympia, | stlm t?. Omaha, was „„ uc 11L v; lml - eCi , „ -„ .. Wash., has been visiting in the l!md the Rovs - Messrs. Chipperfield "°nor of her son " r —'- . nnri Tni-Vicf <•„,.„ »i * . . .. -- - V^^M,I i \ju. , was to nave a booth to 'show its work. * * * * THE ANNUAL Methodist conference for northwest Iowa was planned for September 25 et seq. here, and the event was to bring 300 to 400 pastors and GETTING HIGHER EVERY YEAR!—That black river, Miss Grace Lake learns from a statistical chart, shows that federal and state sales taxes now Increase the cost of gasoline to the consumer by more than one-third, with the cost going higher every year. Chart shows how gasoline prices have been cut to half those of a few years ago, enabling families with modest Incomes to use motor vehicles, and how growing taxes offset price economies. Estimated total cost of federal and state gasoline sales taxes for 1937 Is close to $1,000,000,000. LONE ROCK COUPLE WED FORjiO YEARS Fenton Sept. 27—Mr. and Mrs. Union [Held from Last Week.] * Farmers are filling silo this year under handicap because of Birthday Party Friday— to bring 300 to 1rM F Sl Wm - B - Eevine entertained laymen. Bishop J ° Jlt "e folks at her home Friday s to be in charge, I aftei ' no °n from 4 to 7 o'clock in the sickness in horses. They evening at their son ..„ Mrs. Priebe has been sick'abed"for some weeks with asthma and complications. The Rev. H. D. Stahmer, Fairville Lutheran pastor, spoke on the - i it LIUI^ v/inj' LllU JJU1 BUQ LMl LIIUI1 U W II here. | f a ,. mS| n | r jng extra mcn to ass | st ""with the work. It takes considerable more time ,but they believe the caution warrants it. 'Mrs. Anna Leason, Algona, was of the sickness of her John Altwegg, G7, who died at Ruthven September 2. She 'is a sister of Mrs. Ruth Sparks and once taught in Wesley-Sexton territory. New Employe at Creamery- Mr, and Mrs. Clifton McEnelly, Detroit, have come to make Wesley their home. Mr. McEnelly is second man at the creamery, replacing Ralph Flehler, who has gone to Ringsted. Mr. McEnelly held a creamery job at Detroit'. The parental homes of both the McEnelly's are at Fertile. ..—.., „„„ L, CUU visaing in the ""• "«»»• «iessrs. unipperrield ••""<-" ui uer son Billie's" fifth Wesley neighborhood. She came to and Torbet, former Algona minis- birthday anniversary. The vounz- lowa late In August, called by word l ? rs - were to conduct services at sters Played games, and "Billip" nf " 1Q "'"'' -" ' .brother,' l lle local church on conference Sun- received a number of nice remprn .:i-j -, dav. hrnnno n-ipfc, T>-C , . ' c " <cl " GEO. J. WINKEL,* Union town— ~-*t w 11 i\Jii I.*-* t> H ship, had been married to Bessie Lane, of Whittemore, by Father Aclmtz, Whittemore, and they were to farm in Lotts Creek township. Ihey are there yet. JACK * * * LONDON and William Case of Blood-Poisoning— Edw. Loebig, who had for two weeks had a vacation from second man for the Farmers Co-operative society, was unable to resume work when the vacation was up, because of blood-poisoning in his left arm which started from a pimple above the wrist. Neivljweds Spring a Party— 'Mr. and Mrs. Forest Eckles were host and hostess to 100 friends at a lawn party at their home one night last week, a courtesy for all who charivaried them when they •eturned from their wedding trip. College Hoy If as Job- Leonard Alne, attending St. nicy had been caught with 176 - of whiskey here, Constable ce brance gifts. Refreshments were served by the hostess and her sister, iMargaret Gales. Other St. Joe News. About 50 young people attended a farewell and birthday party honoring Eleanor Klein at M. T. McGuire s northwest of St. Joe Thursday evening. Refreshments were served by the hostess, Mrs. Mc- pints of whiskey here, Constable 5, er . ved by the hostess, Mrs. Mc- C. C. Wright having made the ar-|o lr , 6 - Mlss Klein Planned to leave rest. The two men lived in an old Sund . a . v evening or Monday morn- *i. 44W| ctLLCHUUlli >DL. _, , . o—— Olaf's college, Northfield Minn mass meetlll s f°r the day tl and working part-time, is now as- men wcre to leave for cam P iStallt tn tllO ennfrtf <l ,.,. «P T -rtr I * * * * rest. The two men lived in an old building back of the Advance shop, where they sold liquor which cost them 50c a pint for $1.50 to $1.75 a pint. They were held under bond pending trial. * * * * THE QUINBY & KRAUSE store building, now occupied by Christensen Bros., had been finished, and goods were being moved into it. A formal opening was to be held September 15. The building was erected by Cowan & Herman All upstairs office space had been rented. * * » * A DAUGHTER, first child, had been born to Mr. and Mrs T H Chrischilles. She was Ruth Ann, who later died. * * * • SAVEA CITY was organizing a mass meeting for the day the draft or Monday morning for Chicago to stay with school C0llege returned Saturday afternoon from various points in the Dakota™ where they had spent the past few weeks in the harvest fields Veronica Stessman returned to her home at Earling, after weeks at John Hermann's. .Stessman and Mrs. Bormann sisters. two Miss are Mrs. John LeBrun, formerly Isabel Bormann, of Dell Rapids, SD is spending a week visiting her in , istant to the secretary of L. W. Coe, president of the institution. Goes Visiting in Trailer— Mrs. William Hartley, of Sexton, left with friends Wednesday to visit relatives at Minnesota and in South Dakota. The party is traveling in u trailer. Catholic Daughters 1'liin Tarty— THE CITY COUNCIL was considering purchase of a motor truck for the firemen. * * * * A RUMOR said the local telephone girls had struck for higher wages, but the result was unknown. WITHIN A FEW days of the . Mr and Mrs. John Thul enter- M Mrs. John Kayser, uncle, of Port r~ivvh,' ^' u " uttl!U . Jonn Geisheck- r, John Altman, and John B. Reding have all purchased new Pickers. a German hymn sung at the wedding at Des Moines in 1887 was repeated. Mr. Stahmer performed a golden wedding at Mrs. Priebe's bedside. Mr. and Mrs. Priebe, iboth 70 now, lived at Des Mojnes 16 years following marriage, then moved to a farm near Lone Rock. In 1921 they retired and moved to Lone Rock After the talk and hymn a two- course lunch was served. Among guests were Mr. and Mrs. George Pettit, Mr. and Mrs. William Fischer, Lone Rock; Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Sharp and Mr. and Mrs Clarence Priebe, Algona; Mr and Mrs. Ralph Priebe and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eichenberger Bancroft; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Fischer Swea City; Rev. and Mrs. Stahmer; Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Fischer, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Priebe, and Harlan Kramer. All of the children were here except Mrs. Otto Voigt, Taopi, Minn Seventeen out of 21 grandchildren attended, also two out of four great-grandchildren, is a sister of Mrs Sharp, and William Fischer. Ledyard Child is Poisoned by Sprayed Grapes Ledyard, Sept. 20 - Margaret, four-year-old daughter of Mr and w^nJJi 0 ™ 8 ^ alsh ' was very ill Mrs. Priobe Pettit, Mrs. last week when her children, Robert Leason and family, of Union, Mr. and Mrs. Ceph Gross and family, Lone Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Drummel, south of Algona, Edw. Mawdsley and daughter Dorothy, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Leason, Burt, and Presley Sarchett, Union, came in and helped her celebrate her birthday anniversary. Mrs. Leason was 71 years old. She received some beautiful presents, as well as several birthday cakes and bouquets of flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bode's daughter Joan, and Mr and Mrs John Lamutli, Algona, spent last Thursday at Spencer at thc Clay fair. The Claude Deurchs family attended Saturday. Alfred Schonck filled silo last week. Don Boevers spent a couple of days last week near Ottumwa looking after the interests of tho Hoovers farms in that vicinity. A largo number of sorrowing friends attended last rites hold for Loretttt Wlnkol at Algona Fridny morning at St. Cecelia's Catliolic church. She- will bo greatly missed among tho young folks of the com- nunity. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kramer vere made happy last week by tlio arrival of an 8-lb. boy. They have .wo other children, both boys. Mrs Sill Is caring for mother and babe. Rogina Lenert?, Is faring for tho housework. 'cos an . Of THE AUTOBUILT MECHANISM WANT AND FOR SALE OR Trad, ads in either the Advance of the Upper Des Moines get approximately four times the circulation provided by any other medium The newspapers are circulated throughout the county, not just out of the Algona postoffice alone, and the papers go into homes not on rural mail rutes as well as to homes on routes. Why not get what your money will pay for? y " corn more. , * " " uu.>n ui me Liiu&i Jiear Jjradtrafp M when u now Sponcoi . electric light noon visitors-it Plant was to begin service the oldlmer's. Wednesday night. will be played. RrirtiTn -,,,ri Knn! "" l '" tu "'" »"« oiner busi- Undge and 500 nesses using power were at standstill. Daughter for (he Kdens— Mr. and Mrs. Fred Eden are parents ol a girl, born last week Tuesday. Mrs. Anthony Johnson has been there. Other Wesley News. Mr. and Mrs. Ole Flom and the West Bend The Mike Kisches are having a water system installed at their newly purchased farm near Liver- Herbert Benge of were Sunday after- William Ham- Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Illg are riar ents of a boy, born Friday at their h ""- Anna Kayser is assisting home ss Nick Bormann purchased picke - new as- Rev. Mr. Johnson from five days at have returned convention at [Held from Last Week.] Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eisler, with their daughter, Mrs. John Bamvart, Wednesday from the course 0hcose and Leonard Alno, all of St. Olaf's college there. -— lowans went through the factories, also tXe Ford ™,;»» ? ,,,„,«,,!S'S^v»;r^ s ,, , t "•• *vj»tict,i,i \JIIL J./ULI OIL LO I aiVlntfl t (inner V» to call 8 o°n PP Mr,*"Yohn^ndc™^7i ?** ^ "^ ^sfdes, thly G&B Special A satisfying smoke lor the particular smoker. Let the flavor and aroma be your guide •-and the G. & B. Special will be your' favorite cigar. The cigar made by men who know how. en route to Wisconsin living in a trailer. and were 'Mrs. Carl Stamimier, St. Lucas recent guest of friends near Sexton, left last week Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Balk to visit relatives in South Dakota and Minne- Radio Service Satisfactory Service in Algona Since 1923. JBD. GENBICH At Bjustrom'g Mrs. Thos. McMahon entertained nor bridge club last week Tuesday, arid Mrs. R. K. Richardson was a guest. .Mrs. Arlo Dawson won high, and Mrs. Louis Goctz was second. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Alne and Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Lease spent from Thursday till Sunday at Cass Luke, Northern Minnesota, on a lishing vacation. Lucille Balk has returned from Blue Earth, where she was bridesmaid at the wedding of her cousin, Iheodore Armon, to Genevieve Engesser. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wiljers recently returned from a two weeks tour of the Black Hills and Yellowstone national park. Raymond Weilaud, trucker the for ll) e Farmers elevator, was having a vacation last week. Government Loans Can Again Be Had Herman Fennema, of the Farm Security administration branch at Spencer, advises that funds are again available for rehabilitation loans in Kossuth to farm families needing operating capital for equipment, livestock, feed, and seed. Only farm families which cannot get credit elsewhere are eligible. The loans run five years and bear 5 per cent interest. of Michigan, where ripe fruit was being picked. They also visited a Mrs. Goldberg, Chicago sister of Mrs. Eisler. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Gralham, Conrad, visited their sons Vane and Roy here Thursday. The Grahams are former residents here. William Johnson left for Grand Junction and Paton Thursday to attend to business matters. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Boos attended the Clay county fair Thursday. Mrs. Frank Mikes, Mrs. Adolph Mikes, and Mrs. Alma Kongsbach attended the same day. Bob Roberts fell critically sick Thursday, and was taken to a hospital Saturday. His uncle, Albert Pertl, is the doctor at the hospital. Leah and Mary Traub drove to Fort Dodge Thursday and brought their mother, Mrs. August TrauT), home from a hospital there. Mrs. Traub was operated on three weeks ago for gallstones and tumor. She is slowly improving. Eva Lowruan has resigned at the Pertl Cafe and is now employed at the O'Brien sandwich shop at Emmetsburg. Mrs. Ada Sloan left Friday for Cedar Falls, whence she was to go to Liscomb to join Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Fiscus for a tour to Washington, D. C., where- Mrs. Sloan's daughter and Lloyd, married son of Mr. and Mrs. Fiseus, live. The trio planned to be gone three weeks. [Held from Last Week.] Mr. and Mrs. Enos Wrede, Burt who sold their grocery store last T.re^vnr^rMr! h Wre f d U ;s ni r ents, Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Krause for two weeks before taking an extensive ••»•—••"— fa BA ing relatives at was napping Mrs. Walsh heard heavy breathing and went in to see what tho trouble was. Margaret was apparently unconscious foi hey were unable to arouse her Doctors were called and >,-, •, D °ctors think it might have been convulsions .brought "n ,h y tP £ iS ? U K ng frora eating Sap™ that had been sprayed. The child ha «l recovered the following day. Seneca Girl Wed in Des Moines Frp of Fred Jensen, stole a march on her friends over the week end and went to Des Moines, where she married Arthur Claussen of Swea the ananas since been Irvington Youth to Iowa Citj^ Hospital Irvingtou, Sept. 27—An FP,U gse, came to Fenton Wednesday evening for a few days visit with Mr. and Mrs Clarence Thesfield. Sophomores entertained the freshmen at on initiation party at the school house Friday evening. The usual stunts and games were Played with a lunch ending the entertainment. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reimers Mrs. Dorothea Gerhardt and children accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Reimers, of Tl, The Fenton high Des on school Moines, team oo eam Played the Ringsted high team at Ringsted Tuesday and won 10-3 Friday the boys played Seneca at Seneca and won 8-3 Mrs. W. A. Whitlow, Mrs. Maud Bramer and Mrs. Hayworth, of LARGE IOWA FEED COMPANY has opening for District Man. ager and 2 salesmen in this county. Opportunity to establish business up to $4,000 annually. Write for portion, lurs—cure this paper. THE ORG E WASHEfi \ DOWN PAYMENT AS LOW AS $10 • You can turn a Norge Autokiij Washer upside down ... and ill I sealed-in-oil mechanism will ill work perfectly. The lubricant can't I run out. In every way—and partifrl ularly in the parts you don't 8«,bull depend on for uninterrupted «nice — the Norge Washer is bettal engineered for quicker, cleanul washings and years of carefreeopu-J ation. See the Norge today and hi«| ita many features demonstrated, RICHARDSON'S FURNITURE! Where Furniture Sells For Less ON SMOOTH Tl RES TH IS FAU V ES > y° u can afford the superior , Safet ^ of new Goodyear tires, the world's first-choice - fa, the ••""*•"•«", iowa city for 5i,W^'«'-*™>; tow.™,,« ,„ 3.;r,;, t »sr,, a ; Margery Johnson entertained Howard Raney and Robert Std> . attende d the Fenton Fenton Mrs. Henry Mienke and sons left Wednesday morning for Three Forks, Mont., to visit Mrs. Mienke's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mathies. WHICH FOUR TOWNSHIPS IN Kossuth county are longer than others? Which four townships are shorter? Get your new 1937 plat book at the Advance office. It Cash shows. Only ?3 plus tax. with mail orders. otf John Light was seriously ill at his home Thursday and Friday suffering from gall trouble, but is now recovering. The Fenton pupils enjoyed a vacation Monday because of the held in Algona year. this spent operators prove the cheapest thing on yourcar is 'beb e stt,r e syo tlC anbuy!So why be wuhout quick-stopping Goo / center tract.on . . . the Goodyear f uatrgmofSaf ^-the greater blowout. protectlon of supertwist Cord m every ply... when Goodyears cost only 0 NE . FIFTH ,, y « FOR OFF-THE-ROW SERVICE as your gasoline! In every price class Goodyear offers you this first- class safety at lowest cost per talk Get Goodyears now — and be safe all winter! HERE'S BAD-WEATHER SAFETY- priced to fit every purse teachers that day Marian Finnestad spent several night last week with her cousin. Paul Blacks. " Brents, the i TIVi :*i. __• .. . _ !r par- Loss, Mrs. John Weber attended the 5stns-»5Ba, M 4iS who will leave soon for' Look for this sign GOOD/VEAR. COODVUR G-3 »U.WEATHER 'COOPYEAR 1 L SPEEDWAYJ WHERE TO BUY TIRES GOODYEAR R-l. Faith Finnestad ORDER YOUR RUBBER STAMPS from the Advance. Stamp lads inks, and other supplies. Quick i service, dependable work, fair prices. FILMS DEVELOPED AND PRINTED ANY SIZE, 30o Free enlargement with any rolL LUSBY'SDBUGSTOBE ^^^^k • • ^IIH^ ^^^^ M _ '- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HP!IIIBplBBB^BBB^(||(JBPBBHBP'l^(i''^^^ DUTCH'S SUPER-SERVICE Algpwa, FENTOIT, TOW,. Motorola long &3SteffS& t £S%* «Mte%$ksb.** Ml n *!•«*(«• Q Aw.rl^ A O4A4-t*\no -^

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