Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1937 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1937
Page 7
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ft SEPTEMBER 28, 1937. CALS KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA „„ Mrs. Henry Ifurst finess trip to Buffalo K .. | eg E. Ronpc sponl; the Hth her daughter, Mason City. am Fullers spent Mrs. Fuller's s Mrs. the ster, ILogan's, Spencer. \y and George I-lkrris Pontinental Oil meeting Thursday evening. Reorder J. J. Diiolcy District K. C. ineetit g at Thursday evening. Klurence Shilts was an | a Woodman, and Vlce- } the Presbyterian Men's § fKrcseiisky, Des Moines, ieek-end with his nioth- P. Krcsensky, and broth- H. C. Anderson,! Ray Everett Anderson, j ai\d hn spent Friday atj Ma- IJfrs. Geo. Noel, Saune- Bsited Mrs. J. E. Mclulds |unday. The three Were youth. Jonlii.v, junior at ] tho Ames, spent j the frith his parents, Mrj and IMonlux. Robinson, daughter of jfs. T. L. Robinson, had a ny Friday at the Kosal. Martini, Emmetsburg, | last week Monday, after lit with her daughter, Jlloenk. |na Loonier, Armstrong, hesday for a month with Mrs. George Mahoney .. J. Stehle. Mrs. C. W. Morck return|day from a ten-day fish- on at Deer River, Minn. |g was good. f sborough and his daugli- jturned Sunday from a Mr. Bilsborough's ' son |t Ti tonka. isscll, of the Kirsch laun- |ne\v member of the; Ro- Mrs. Passell is a Sister Sodden. nnd Mrs. Geo. L. Free-, |ore guests of Mr.xFrce's Mrs. Geoge H. Free, evening. ill. Murtagli, Mrs. Eugene land Mrs. Al Falkenhain- trlp to Minneapolis; Fri- hiing Saturday. |clu'o, reporter for the : Moines, spent the week- |hor parents, Mr. and Mrs. See, Mason City. Iverson,' Clinton, and fren spent the week-end Iverson's parents, Mr. ^August Huenhold. laiiins, R. N., was a din, at Leonard Drager's Friling. Miss Haines is a [the Kossuth hospital. J[rs. Thomas H. Keiie- [le Grove, and their daugh- pi were Sunday guests of JMrs. John'N. Kenefick. : .M('('nlloii|;h attended a ilircclors' conVentiori at blis Tliursday and Friday, pullough went with him. aura Penny and her sister jMortinson, both of Mason Monday, after a week Minnie Blinkman here. Ui I-'raiikl drove for ; Mr. John Goedors, who went tul Sunday for a visit at •lighter Mrs. Charles Ken- is Kriggs is now empjoyed plin Schultz farm, south of Ho was formerly employ- •iko Loss, southwcsf of Kvtins, Rochester i stu- |rse, spent the weekend parents, Dr. and Mrs. R. Is. She began training a }go. ! nd Mrs. Leo Mergen here, land Mrs. Daughan, Cor- |rc Sunday dinner guesjts of Jien'K parente, Mr. and: Mrs. (Baylor. nd .Mrs. Larry Carter, of I were week-end guestjj of •ntative and Mrs. P. J. Mrs. Carter is a niece Kohlhaas. I Ind llrs. H. W. Post spent rwith Mrs, Post's sfstor, p McMurray, Belmond. Mr. f <le a business trip to! Des •Thursday. f> V. Jause went- to Fort » Friday for a visit of a few Her mother, Mrs. J. B.l Ma- Jl come here with he 11 and For the winter. l"i liichmond went to [Wat- •onday for a week with his Iffliew and to attend] the Congress. Mr. Rich. a retired farmer. I widerinn, Advance linptyp- |. I'Uderian, and the Law- P'llesnies spent a shor; va- fst week Wednesday and F at Des Moines. JHf a "collegiate" car, Edgar I el Jr., Muskogee, Okla, ar- vednesday for short visits lsie «unt, Mrs. B. A. Thorpe, If'. J< Nugent, Spencer, and T8Mers Jo and Elizabeth W week-end here with Mrs. iL ler ' Pred Anderson, 1 Mrs. Wallace Reynolds, • were last week Tuesday -- IJr. and Mrs. cl ~ Mr. Reynolds, who is Winer and Henry Kwoldt, of DOS i.Molncs, visited thoir parents, Miland Mrs. Henry Kwoldt Sr. over ; the week-end. Mr. Ewoldt Sr is j manager of the K. &. u. oil station I here. I Mrs. G W. Itiildwlii visited her mother, Mrs. Lucille Serhein it Marslialltowii Thursday. Mury Louise Baldwin loft the sumo day f,,r her second year at the state university. Mr. and Mrs. W. ir. Lewis, Spencer, spent the week-end at thoir (laughter Mrs. Eugene Neville's. Mr. Lewis, who is n skilled printer was for a term or two mayor of Spencer. Mr. and Mrs. c. C. Cnmmack, of Baxter, were week-end guesls of Mr and Mrs. W. G. McCullough house at 620 south Jones. Mr. Norlhrup.an electrician, has en- ored employ of tho Pratt Electric f->. West Union is Mr. Pratt's "Id homo town, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ingelbrctson will move from a Charles Walker apartment to a Vora apartment on south Harlan October 1. Mr In- gplbretHon is employed at the'oau f->'ii titfc. Mr.s. Ingclbretson spent the week-end with Mrs. Bertha In- jgclbrclson, Blue Earth. I'aul and Josephine Dahlhauser and Calvin Kollasch spent last week Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. P. . Dahlhauser, West Bond, parents >t i aul and Josephine. Paul is imployed at the Norton machine shop; Josephine at the Algonquin; and Calvin at Kresonsky's. •Mrs. John (j, mn) I()wa Fa]]S| came Friday for a week with her niece, Mm. John 0. McDowell, wife of the high school principal. Dr. and Mrs. K. K. Brown, Springfield, Minn., were Sunday guests of the McDowells. Doctor Brown and Mrs. McDowell are cousins. PAGE FIVE six years ago Mr. and Mrs. N. V Lowe and Mr and Mrs. Raymond MccZwnwii uUnBfo,°C]«ronro JI ° '« Bubst '' enlargement of the Ol i th ° Advlulcc building. n onlttr soment is completed Mm.., and their children, spent ! Pnday and Saturday with Mrs. wh ° is a sistor ° f Mr - nf Tnalin m,.«l, ti . "..v. ltj jii fa iiL, XVLtfl LWU mail ^ H,H ' fi ° nil duy " Ut Ironry Bock er's, are Mer- II. li,,^ . ,i o- ril1 aml Fran cos Otto, Juanita it liiiio ago the Sioux City Mlckalson, Al/imi, George and I to M-ink W ? trlln "; CUlrolK:0 Moyor, all of Holstein. i.-i.,/, 'r °' ' UUI K 01 ' W- '*'• Merrill and Frances are respective. VV MO Din PITful Til vm>ifiin of- IT. ««.^1.^ _ _i . _ D. Mrs. son Bos- —"juuiuo, wnu la Brother, is a farmer «. tretitmeyor and hii 'eft Friday noon for pe Charles is majority ^ [t Harvard. Doctor Gretz- return ip a few dajs. """ "son, (Minneapolis, for a week with . „ 3. W. Meyer, and )r n ",\ ew ' Shfrnian w|yne. KeTth U f nvshm-ln iS 'n H " l)honior1 °: ! Yo »"B ^'>^ who left for home sons of Lo±"'"!^,!l ny '"?, thc 'aat^woek Monday night, after two rural SOUR Seed fcrred Reidy, who preferred to remain at ly nephew Algona, is now traveling for the Becker. C °C y r,'. n l hi Y CITU , ur >'- ' Mm. >V. W. Sullivan and Mrs. holm! it.nurs have been made at John N. Kcnofick took Mrs. Essie to Methodist parsonage, and the Sullivan, Mrs. Isabel Meigs, and liouso las been repainted. Tho hot Ruth Ann Butler to Fort Dodge vratei hea ,,,g plant , s out ot re- Friday, and the three last named pai , and it is expected that a now thence took a bus to Des Moines to bo or will have to bo installed. | visit Ruth Ann's mother, Mrs. Zada li one aicDonell, operator at Butler, who is in state employ Ironos Beauty Slioppe, Frances there. Duffy, nnd Helen Ford attended a 1 .Mclyin nnd John Shilts, sons of \\lnttomore Catholic celebration'Barber Frank Shilts, returned to Ihursday evening. Whittemore is Omaha and Mason City respective- Miss Donell'H homo town. ily Wednesday, after attending the Jester I'li'tidcr, Rapid City, S. D., funeral of their uncle Clarence visited his sister, Mrs. Wm. F. Shilts, a week ago. Melvin does bteele, Thursday. He was on his army office work, and John works way home from Lansing. Mich. Mr. in the offices of an Armour pack- Plender is office manager for an ing plant. OldsmoWlo company at Rapid City. The Gordon Kuhns and their Meryl, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. guests, Mrs. D. J. Houser and W. Yeoman, came Thursday for a few,A. Houser, botli of Lima, 0., and days at home. He is a salesman for Mrs. H. J. Meyer and Mrs. Mollie Flapper-Maid dresses and will Stewart, both of Cleveland, 0., travel in Iowa for a time, then re-jspont Sunday at Emmetsburg and turn to Denver, his headquarters.!had a picnic supper at West Bend. Mrs. Anna Knpp, Tappen, N. D.,|Tho guests are relatives of Mrs. and her brother, Herman Marron, Kuhn, and they will be here all Mltcholl, S. D., left Sunday night week. for their respective homes, after j Dnnvood Baker and Dick Hurst, two weeks hero with thoir niece, the latter of Fort Dodge, returned Mrs. Robert Bell, and other rela- to Ames and re-entered the State tives. | college. This is Durwood's second Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Steenburg, of year, and he is majoring in chom- Davenport, brought home thoir ical engineering. He is the son of grandson, Jolm, son of Mr. and the Dr. and Mrs. L. G. Baker, Al- Mrs. B. F. Arnold, Thursday. Mr. Kona. Young Hurst was Durwood's Arnold is biology and general sci- guest here last week. He is a sen- ence teacher in tho local high ior at Ames. school. ! The K«v. (.'. Paul Carlson re- Mrs. Frances McCull, Sycamore, turned Sunday night fr#m Lake 111., who had boon a guest of her Park, where he had .spent a few aunt, Mrs. Charles Foughy, a few days, helping a Presbyterian days, left for home Friday. She was church to arrange its financial bud- formerly Louise Johnson and lived get. He filled the Lake Park pul- here 18 years ago when she was a pit Sunday morning, and the Lake little girl. | Park minister, the Rev. R. S. Brue, Italpli I'cH'rson, son of Mr. and former missionary in South Amor- Mrs. A. L. Peterson left Saturday : ica, preached here, for his homo at LOS Angeles, where: The Thomas Links came home he is the v manager of a branch of Sunday from two weeks at Ames, the Bank of California. Ralph, who where they visited Mr. Link's par- is still single had been visiting cuts, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Link, and here a week. '«t Lynnville, where they visited i (Jretdiun Kustnnin, Des Maine's, Mrs. Link's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I will come Friday for the week-end 0. A. Ronaud. Mr. Link is employ- wilh Ardella Hovey. She has just ed here by the telephone company, been graduated as nurse by the They had their son Kent's tonsils Iowa Lutheran hospital, Des ' removed at Ames. Moines, and will start work there 1 Guests of Mrs. H. E. Chellburg, i next Monday. |Fort Dodge, last week Tuesday I Tho Key. Lonnie Voorhies, new were Mesdames J. I. Troutman, Nazarene pastor, announces that Walter H. Klamp and C. C. Wright, the Rev. George Gardner, will be also Mayme Duryea. The Chell- speaker at a series of Evangelistic burgs moved to Fort Dodge from meetings which will begin at the Algona a month ago. Mr. Chell- church tomorrow, Wednesday even- burg, who is a skilled mason, was ing, at 7:30. ! tno foreman on construction of the I Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Fairbanks *got now poitoffice here, home last week Tuesday from a I Mrs. Frank C'app, of Ketchikan, 'ten-day tour in northern Minne-'Alaska, and her two children ar' sola. They visited Woman's Eiake,' VJ>' e d last week Tuesday for a visit Hibbing, and Duluth, also friends,,oWndefinite length with her par- at Red Wing, Minn.; and came ents, Mr. and Mrs. B, E. Norton, home via McGregor. ' Mrs. Capp was formerly a teacher I Attorney und Mrs. D. C. Ilutohi- at Ketchikan. Her husband oper- son with thoir daughters, Nancy,"tes large fishing traps used to and Joan, spent the week-end with catch salmon. Ketchikan is a town Mrs. Hutchison's parents, Mr. and of about Algona's size. Mrs Frank Schulze, Cedar Rapids. J. A. Brownell went to Vmton iMr.'schulze recently had an opera- last week Tuesday on receipt of I tion and has been critically sick. | word that J. W. Hayward had died. Ole Allison took Mrs. Dwight For many years Mr. Hayward was Babcock and her two sons to their a silent partner of Mr. Brownell in home at Cowrie Sunday. Mrs. Bab- the;shoe business here. He often cock niece of Mrs. Allison, had came to Algona, and was known to been here three weeks, taking care the older citizens It is now 44 of Mrs. Allison, who fell and suf- years since Mr Brownell came redo a broken leg five weeks ago. j here from Petoskey, Mich. The Key. Geo. C. Vance attended' Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Clement a committee meeting of Mitchell spent the week-end at Jefferson, Congregational association Satur- which was formerly their home, day at Mason City. The Mitchell Virginia Arn, Sorensen store clerk s^M-asrs^'Ss^^^yK WSKM-BffS £2K^B?4A£ rs^rTST s. sir,'.,.:?, sst,"" 1 " Passmore, all of lecumBe "' ^: Mrs. /eon Bass, Strahan, went ^ tSdYheZX d^aT-'home Saturday, after a week with n™ «tt Thev sDent the time her daughter, Mrs. Walter Roberts, ence Suits. They•spent tne ""J . B , comiug nere Mrs . Bass had here at the Barber Frank !""» s(taken anotliej . daugflterj j^^ Roso Gladys Prescott and Evelyn Gra- Bass, to Des Moines to begin a sec- .^^IrfToiV a go Sunday.with ond year at Drake university, m AUGUST HUENHOLD INTER VIEWED BY GERMAN REPORTER While August Huenhold, of the Algona Greenhouses, was in Germany he was interviewed on Monday, August 16, by the Osterode Kreis-An- zeiger, published at Osterode, his old home town. This is a four-page- sheet a little larger than the "tabloid" sections often issued by American newspapers. There are three columns to the page, and the columns are nearly twice as wide as the columns of the Des Moines Register. The interview appeared on Die first page and was he-ad- ed, Aus Einern Nachmittags- Gcsprach mit eineni Deutsch- Americaner (an afternoon talk with a German American). It told of Mr. Huenhold's previous and present travels in Europe and emphasized his statement that "Es Gibt nur ein Dcutschland der Ordnung, Arbeit, und Gast- freundshaft (there is now a German of order, work, and friendliness to guests). This might bo taken to indicate that August had fallen for tho Hitler type of government, but it is possible that he entertained some mental reservations on that point, he being a guest and it being unhealthy to pass any criticisms on the present state of things governmental in Germany. they had no tire trouble and weather was ideal. City Siipt. Jos. Kelly and C. R. La Burre took the former's son, Jos. Jr., to Iowa City last week Tuesday, and Jos. Jr., who was la I poor health all summer, entered "" SCHOOL REPAIRS ARE NEARINO COMPLETION Repairs on the school buildings j •e now almost finished. At the ering. Mr. Kelly and'MrT La'Barro' Bryant new coils and fal1 in the came back Tuesday evening, but ventilation system will be installed; Mr. and Mrs. Kelly returned to by this week-end, and tho heating j Iowa City to be with their son dur- plant will be in first-class shape ing and after the operation. Mr. La fnr the winter. Heat has been Barre was a supper guest of his turned in part on the cooler days son Bob at the Sigma Nu fratern- ol adv. and keep.—Ted Trunnelle, St. Benedict. 16p2 FOR SALE—REGISTERErTshort- horn bulls, one three years, two 3G months.—A. R. Gardner & Sons, Algona, I6p2 FOR SALE—REGISTERED Shropshire rams, yearling and twos.— Bush Bros., 7 miles southeast of Emmetsburg. 14pl-2 ity house. The Kelly son has "had three years of college. .1. II. Wliceloek, clerk at the post- the last week. Repeairing the eaves, or gutters, at tho Bryant is also almost done. A large scaffolding has been nes- essary, for tho gutters are close , , ,, office, is expecting arrival today of i ossary ' for lho gutters are close his sister Gertrude, who is Mrs G i to ° edgo ° E tllc ro ° r - New con W. Zink, Roswell, N. M., her h'us-l pcl : was used band, and a married daughter from i A new hcatl "S Plant at the Third Colorado. They are on their way ^ ard buildin S will be installed by to Rlrode Island, this being a vaca-I 0ctobc T Jl Tho building has been tirm ti-in M.. ,»,,i TV/I..,, r7i~i. \ reconditioned throughout, nntl in- tion trip. Mr. and Mrs". Zink 'have ' rocolldi t ! oiied throughout and three other children — another sulatcd daughter and two sons. One of the sons runs an electrical business at Roswell formerly operated by Mr. Zink; the other is a college professor at Greencastle, Ind.; and the -------- ..... _, ----- , other daughter is married and lives a booming 'oil at Hobbs, N. M., town. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Coffin, of Ardmore, S. D., and afriend, Edward Plumb, of the same town, came Friday for a week with George's moth" " - - - his U Ardella Jlovoy and her brother 1!) 37 A. H. S. S. Coffin, Burt, . and the sis- McDonald and Mrs. Algona. The Cof- plan to move to San Diego, ., after their visit here. Their two children, both married, there. Mr. Coffin ranch the last 34 years. His wife, the former Anna Hunt, was a Kossuth girl. Mr. Coffin has not decided what he will do in California. Announcement is made in another column that Virginia Morck, has been Three Injured in Whittemore Crash Three wore injured Sunday otter- noon when cars driven by Raymond Muller, Algona and Frank Camp- boll, Clarion, collided at the junction of highways No. 18 and 44 a mile north of Whittemoro at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. A Mr. Anderson, in the Campbell car, suf- TRADE FOR FARM OR CASH— One of southern Minnesota's best grocery and meat markets.—L-J, care of Advance. I9p2 FOR SALE—30 HEAD PUREBRED Spotted Poland China boars, cholera immune. — Mike Hlggins, located 3 miles northwest of Whit- tnmorc on pavement. 22p2 WE WISH TO THANK NEIGH- bors and friends for their sympathy and kindness during our recent bereavement.—Members of the Frank Weber family. fered a broken knee cap, and a deep gash in one leg. Mrs. Campbell and her baby, also In the Campbell car, were bruised and cut. The Campbell car was going east and the Muller car west and ai 'o the latter car attempted to turn to has go into Whittemore when the crash Ardmore for occurred, it is reported here. ^ C. E. Olsson, Former Pastor Here, Passes The Rev. C. E. Olsson, Gladstone, Mich., pastor of the First Lutheran GOING TO COLLEGE—YOU WILL need a Remington or an L. C. Smith-Corona portable typewriter to help you get good grades. All models at the Advance. gtf WANT TO SELL — ALL HOUSE- hold furniture, including South Bend cooking range, used less than a year, heater, tables, bed, chairs, dressers, cupboards. Located three miles west of Titonka on H. A. Nelson farm.—Grant Trunor. 33p2 rlinrch IOQI ^i« i " Pr - ' i P n ?°S l ° dt , of . P °° r nf thJ S , %~ Clarence were sponsors at the bap-'..°l ec ted queen of freshmen at the tismal of their niece, Diana Hovey,' Minnesota state university. Fri- i health T at the Immanuel Lutheran church, Jay's Minneapolis Star carried a G-! ported is Swea City, Sunday. After the ser- column first-page picture of sixij eK b " vices a family dinner was served fiirls in the final contest. Of Miss Tw ' Q at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arden Morck the Star said: "She's froin' to KO to _ n h :»,.„„ hno • Hovey, the parents, and Mr. and Algona, Iowa, and graduated from onP ,. n t inT1 „(" , t\e* +1 Mrs. Edw. Hovey, parents of Ar- high school there. She's 17. She'll °Sd a flater in hw M^rf. den, Ardella, and Clarence, were in study, home economics, especially ' thp nniv no i,.=,;•• attendance. | textiles, because she hopes to be- f" ft whpn Mr n[ In another column the death of come a buyer in some store. She ne ftlso —pipi,;;, "J l£n the Rev. C. E. Olsson, once First Prefers marriage to a career, but Lutheran rhnrnh Lutheran pastor here, is reported, thinks it wise to prepare for a ca-. two chu ,. rhp . '„ «=„,!!„„ „ ™ Q „ Later news is that he had of late roer. She can cook fairly well, she ' W ,°. C l ul . cl: ? s aie s . en . dln g a memor- had three operations to remove Guesses." spotty tumors on the neck and un-l Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Miller, who der the knee. Two or three weeks recently returned from upwards of i ago he was a patient at an Augus- a y ear in California, left Monday tana hospital at Chicago. Thence he for Grinnell, where they will make FOR SALE CHEAP—ONE Standard Approved oil-burner complete with tank and equipment. Also one. 1932 dual wheel Chevrolet truck with brand new box. Reasonable terms.—Phone 55, or see Western Credit Company. 33utf FOR SALE—IMPROVED 163-acre farm near St. Benedict; ' lays nice, buildings repaired and painted, $77 acre; $200 by March 1 will handle, balance by small yearly payments.—H. D. Hutchins, Secretary-Treasurer, Algona, (2)2 & 4 STATE PRINTING The State Printing Board will receive sealed bids until 11 a. m., Friday, October 1, 1937, to furnish the state with certain work and materials. For specifications address Tom J. White, Superintendent of Printing, State House, Des Moines, Iowa. ' 52-1-2 home. Mr. Miller, who is a of Geo. L. Miller, contrac- went home, and he seemed to be tlleil recovering till a change resulted in Dr °t: .. __ _. , „„„ death. ( tor and builder here, will do con- Mr, and Mrs. Ben Kuchenreuther, trading there in partnership with Owatonna Minn., and their sons Charles Lindhorst, also of Algona, ; , Edward and Bernard were week- wno nas been in the employ of the mo /j p ™ end guests of Attorney and Mrs. H.' Cowans. For some years till he aeln . ial gift to be used for missions New Schoolhouse in Burt Township One of the Cowan & Son contracts tn + * ' n " h ! P> thr - f &1 °M g t- °' FOR SALE—IMPROVED 240-acre farm, N. E. from Lu Verne; extra good soil, high fertility, buildings repaired and painted, gravel road, near elevator; $121 acre; $4800 by March. 1 will handle, balance by small yearly payments.— H. D. Hutchins, Secretary-Treasurer. Over Barry's Algona. 42 (2) 2&4 *J»*V* fe,UCOLD UL -iiLLUIllUy tlllU 1V11 S. JTl. M.UO. J.'U1 OU111C ^ CUl S till JltJ W. Miller, as was also the Kuch- sold n 's Place of business and enbecker daughter Evelyn, princi- equipment to the Botsford Lumber pal of the Plover schools, and her Co. last fall, Mr. Miller operated a brother Harvey, county agent at St. woodworks factory west of the K. Cloud, Minn. Harvey remained for & H. oil station. His wife is the . the week here. Mr. and Mrs. Kuch- former Alberta Grosenbach, and enbecker are also parents of Mrs. ller Parents, former Sexton farm- Miller. ' | ers, are now farming near Grin- Editor B. S. Sperbeck, of the nel1 - Mr - Miller is the son of Mr. Swea City Herald, made one of his and Mrs - Prank Miller, who live ' rare visits to Algona Saturday. He next east of the Quarton farm I came down with John Alberts, a southeast of Algona. I farmer whose daughter is linotyp- ist r has d will be basement, and water. will provide the water and will be operated by an engine. There will also be a pressure tank and a septic tank. Team Runs Away as Truck, Wagon Crash gravel truck ran into the ^. , 'P. ltswortl1 wag ° n at ' he Harr y Sa ~ ^ ln co ™ er south of Algona, Satur- day ' r he team broke loose and l^n, T ? ur *d a y to visit Mrs. piinenhaino. w jjo recently Holt Algpia. son , and her , for P«oria T ra ' Holt ' 8 i ckson ' wb ° ^s been i n a hospital t tore. reserve officers - - Prescott and Graham are local tea i?A. S 'Thorpe, of the Thorpe Wood & Iron Works, and Mrs. Thorpe the former M&rtha Dewei» have taken into their home a little girl, ten years old, who is known 81 &C daughter of Edward Mawdsley, Irvington township, left Wednesday to enter the State col- ,, Ames. She was accompanied :• _—* Mrs . j. c. Mawdstey. ed to Ajgoi«i ; ThWad*y.f«H> t Vnton; and «e to* «> •-« which convenes tonight at Sioux City," A number of other Algonians are' expected to attend some of the conference sessions. Local Methodists are particularly interested in this year's conference because a to be assigned to John McNown, Lawrence, Kans., spent Thursday with his grandmother, Mrs. Clara Klabr, and Mrs. Geo. St. John, his aunt.. He is a brother of Margaret McNown, who was married last spring and now lives at New York City. Sue taught music in the local schools two .years. 'Mr. McNown has been ta£- 4»£S9St'f raduate work at the -'- - '•Wjtersity. editors in Iowa. He possesses one unique distinction—he does not v own an automobile. , Mr. and Mrs.' R. E. Moulds, Sioux I City, with their daughters Audrey and Helen, spent last week Sunday with the former's mother, Mrs. J. E. Moulds. Mr. Moulds and his brother Arthur, who lives here, attended the Field day at Bancroft. R. E., former Kossuth sheriff, is president of the Northwest Iowa Conservation League. Mrs. Moulds' daughter, Mrs. Wm. E. Greene, of I Humiboldt, and her husband were also here. Mrs. Bernard Dahlhnuser got home Friday from two weeks with her parents, Mr.: and Mrs. Bert Muckey Rock Inland, 111. ; The Muckeys moved; to Illinois', last spring, and Mr. 'Muckey is employed at the Rock Island hotel, where he is manager of decorating. The hotel is so large that it is a yoar- around proposition to keep it redecorated. There is one other man on the job. The Muckeys lived here many years. Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Taylor, Sioux City, oldtime Algonians, came Saturday for a visit till today or tomorrow with the C. T. Chubbs. Mr. Taylor is a Rotarian at Sioux City, I and he made up attendance here Monday noon. As Guy Taylor he is well Known to all the older Algon- ians. He still operates a printing shop at Sioux City. His wife's mother, Mrs. Daniel Rice, a pioneer Algouian, lives with the Taylors. She is 92 years old, but is still spry and in good health. Alvln A. Hnnnn, who spent part i of the 'spring at his sister-in-law Mrs. Geo. C. Hanna's, near Lone Rock, is now at Plentywood, Mont., where he is operating a hotel which he bought. For many years he was auditor 'for a Montana chain lumberyard company. Last winter he spent a few weeks at San Antonio, Tex., and came home with 0. P. McDonald, Burt, and W. C. , Dowel. Oldtimers in the Union and Burt .neighborhoods know him well. Mrs. Sadie Schenck, now of Minneapolis, is his sister. I Mrs. George Walters, of Milford, ! sister-in-law of Mrs. Clarence : Shilts. whose husband died a week ago Sunday, went home Sunday, after the week here with . Mrs. Shilts. Mr. Walters, brother of Mrs. Shilts, operates a shoe repair shop at Milford. Others here for the funeral were Messrs, and Mesdames Kenneth Walters, Kloa Walters, and Arthur Simpson, all of Milford; Mr. and Ttfrs. Fleming, William and Nelly Penney, all of Humboldt; Mrs. Clara Chipman, Lakota teacher, and her daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Geigel got home Wednesday from a ten-day sightseeing trip in northern Minnesota and-Canada. They visited Mrs. Geigel's relatives at Elk River, Minn., then went on to Mille Lacs, the Iron Mines at Hibbing, International Falls, and across the border into Canada. They came home via Virginia, Dulutb, Two Harbors, and St. Paul, down to • Nashua, •where they left J^rs. Myrg, Nafus V.Sfrrs, .Putney, whoi suade the > with them, Mr. Oeige'l said According to a dispatch to the Mason City Globe-Gazette, Weston Hilyard, Algona, has begun suit in the district court at Osage against Murton Smalley, of that town, as the result of an automobile accident which occurred May ] on No. 18 near Wesley. Hilyard's petition says that Smalley was driving east in such a careless way that there was a collision with the Hilyard car. Mr. Hilyard asks $100 to cover personal injuries, $173.50 as damages to his car and $10 for loss of use of the car over a period of ten days. Hutchison & Hutchison, Algona are Hilyard's attorneys. occurred. tne acc1 ' \1Y MODERN HOME, 605 E. McGregor St., for sale.—A- H. Stock. 10u45tf WELL DRILLING A SPECIALTY. Lakota, phone 9p51-52-7 —Guy Beemer, 102. FOR SALE— TEAM BIG MULES, good flesh and workers. — Wm. Durant. I0p2 __.. JFOR SALE—A FEW SPOTTED Wins ! boars, must sell at once.—Elmer Collegiate Honor I ^^- on - ottosen - ™ FOR SALE—A FEW GOOD Hereford, bull calves.—Elmer Ellingson, Ottosen. Ilp2 St. Peter, Minn Sept. 27— Gertrude, daughter of Mrs. Alma Nelson, Algona, is a senior in Gustavus Adolphus college here, and she, FOR SALE — TWO-ROW CORN has been elected member of the picker, in good condition.—El- college's inter-sorority senate by Dert Garage. • Ilu2 the local Iota Beta chapter. She'„,-.,, 0^7, „„ „ ' is also a member of the Pi Kappa i^*.™"^ 1 . ov^* wwii*. Delta forensic franternity, and she ! *™ B tt "? ° sf , t S? "^'"fana i attended a national debate tourna- llrai(lllel ' pnone 2F2 ' 12p2 ' 3 ment at Houston, Tex., last year. WANTED~GIRL TO A<?«!T=!T TN Gustavus Adolphus college of which' general housework-J?rs James C. E. Sjostrand, father of the Rev. F Bteck phoneS' 12n2 M. A. Sjostrand, Algona, is treas- ' P ' 12p2 urer, was founded in 1862 and now has more than 300 students, "with a faculty of 25. Obeys a Stop Sign; Bumped from Behind On 369, south of Algona, late Sunday afternoon, Harold Mattice, Primghar, ran into the rear end of the Adam Elbert car, driven by Lillian Wolfe, Lu Verne. The Elbert car had stopped for a stop sign. Viola Schumacher and Leroy and Everett Elbert were in the Elbert car. No one was with Mattice. Personal injuries were of a minor nature. FOR SALE— 'MODEL O CASE, 2- row corn picker, priced right. — L. A. Boleneus, Wesley. 14u2 FOR SALE—GOOD McCORMICK- Deering No. 3 corn picker.—Clarence Riebhoff, Burt. 10p2 FOR -SALE—JOHN DEERE ELE| viitor. 40 ft., complete. — Ben .Gould, 2 mi. north Algona. 12p2 FEW CHOICE POLAND CHINA boars for sale. — Jess Dugan, half mile west and half mlie south of Burt. 18pl-3 Folks, Here's Your Supper. Irvington, Sept. 27—The Irvington women will serve a fried '•chicken supper in the church dining room this week Wednesday '.evening, beginning at 5 o'clock. /The menu: chicken, potatoes, gravy, cabbage salad, baked beans, fresh apple pie, coffee, rolls, jelly, and pickles at 35c a plate. A fourth table has been installed in the dining room, making it possible to serve between 50 and 60 at a time. FOR SALE—ONE W. C. ALLIS- Chalmers tractor, cultivator type. Just like new.—Elbert's Garage. 14p2 WANTED — GENERAL OFFICE work or bookkeeping job by young man of 25.—Call Advance. 14p2 FARMS FOR SALE — CAN you use a productive 160 acres, unimproved, along pare* incut near Sexton? See the erop on (his black soil, nice toying, tiled and tillable fnrm. Tot can own tbis on terms like rent} only $2/500 cash pnyment. Loaning value high und Trill nlways be worth the money. — • I/. ('. Sluart, 720 Forester BIdg., Mnson Cily. 67u2-4 FOR SALE Iowa Hybrid931 SEED CORN FIELD CERTIFIED FROM FIELD $3.50 PER BU. RUN 90 LBS. $G.OO PER BU. GRADED AND TESTED Oscar En g strom Phone 1F22 Renwick, Iowa %mile north of Boone Twp. Center School. 2-3 b FEATURES 21 C Get the Iowa habit. It's thrifty! WEDNES. THRU SATUR. KEN MAYNARD Western "BOOTS OF DESTINY" Second Feature. MARY BRIAN < —in— "NAVY CLUES" Dick Travy Serial, SUNDAY AND MONDAY PETER LORRE —In— i "THINK FAST MR. MOTO 5 ? Second feature ERIC LINDEN CECELIA PARKEB "SWEETHEART OF NAVY" Live Stock AUCTIO Fair Grounds, Algona FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1 We are opening up the sales pavilion and will hold livestock salos there every Friday. We are installing a scales and stock will be sold by weight, or by the head, as the owner wishes it sold. We expect a nice run of livestock. Will have packer buyers, as woll as Chicago shippers, along with the farm buyers and dealers. You are assured of a gaod market. Come In with your stock. This sale has the reputation of getting the job done right. H. M. Colwell, Mgr. COLWELL BROS., Auctioneers. THE NEW WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29-30 Daily niatinee 2 p. m. A Paramount Picture FARMS—IMPROVED 320 at $77.50. Have many others. Write us.— Yost Land Co., Welcome, Minn. 15p2-3 FOUND—THREE STRAY calves. Owner may have by paying for RADIO REPAIRING AIL Guaranteed Work Latest Equipment Reasonable. THOMAS EAPIO SERVICE Irvington Zenith Kadio Headq,uarters, > • .• ' "' EXTRA SPECIAL ' Important March of Time No. 1 China-Jap War—Pests of Nation FRIDAY-SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1 AND ? HE'S A DANCING SONEffllMGroJ0f.f

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