Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1937 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1937
Page 5
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2 8, 1937. ' —^^^SSig!;^ mm ^^™ai3Vj : rt_\JiJ UIN 1 I AJU Woman's Club 10 YearsTOld KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA. IOWA IVERSARY ATURED BY IHE PROGRAM leaves turn to autumn, ~ ;-•'• «••»- awea uity riflo Ho Fenton social wheel be- j £ n " ' . aml '>» draft hoys, with the Burn. Last week .Tuesday !"' au ""ard, the exemption hoard, Weisbrod was hostess at., olncr official bodies wore to bo -••--«.-• i in a parade that day ~~ — Twenty Years Ago toSbrf2Toi J ? AKKSa r tUnltty ' Sop - LLinnu it, ]|)17, OI)C 0) . u hlKEPst days in Algcma's history, ln honor h H le ''eP'f tu ''c of 78 Kossulh boys ill the draft army, W0 re under way. Every band in the county, all lied Cross units, the Swca City riflo llr.ni>-. ,..,.1 i 1. . . -. . "*-J iil-llv meeting of, the Fonton ! son, Michael T Comoro—Frank Wagoner, fjcfub, which marked ihiversary of the club feram was given: roll can,•--••—•••' " iu ""*» m noon. N; I,by members who told in ° r . tl0 bovfi j » the draft were: v many years they had ' r , T l?""i l ~ ,i lU .? r . 1 J- 1J!UT - Charles remarks, Mrs. Bonnslcttor; Whit- Schallor, Wm. J. --. c Mcine, Herman JliRKert, John C. Mcuror; Buffalo (.entor—Oscar T. Frandlo, Gerhard •I. Larson; Elmore—Wm. A. Hage- •lorn; and a few others not from Kossuth. r .,'- n AI ' GONA wa « to be the site of from the the annual Northwest Iowa Metho- OFFCERS ARE SELECTED BY L, RLASSES was ,. "-•«"• «it«,j u uiii me MIU tho . courthouse to the Northwe.sleni do-i Hist conference, and the church ^-..^ A!SS. =,. !U5!K " oi "" "-;;;;•' tta rr FUNERAL SERVICES for Mrs. J. icmbers; remarks, Mrs. % n ™ 10 ™' * 1 : U ' N()rU) ". Forest S. M - Y, in s»n had been held. She was Lakota; paper, Red- Lone Rock, Sept. 27—The local high school classes have elected of-'held in icers for the school year. Seniors: 'Friday afternoon. Attending wore i ,, IUI -, U . .resident, Marjorie Pettit; vice., Mrs. Alex Kruoger, Mrs. Fred Gen-1 Mrs.H! ays, Mrs. H. C [past presidents; remarks ors; letters from former SL Mrs. Arthur Dittmer, TT "'V""" |kc, and Mrs. Hattie Weis- |g° u j?™' ( rs, M. U. Norton, Forest S. 1VI - vin son had been Archie 0. I-Ialncs, Horace faUll '.v burned when she threw huncil Bluffs, read by Mrs. iper, iteu-, n --—• -•••"••" ^. names, iiuraco :. Lindsey; it' M° 1- »">> Sever Chrialenscn, Paul ,; remarks •'• la ™CT, Christian Sloth, Reinhard 0. RiclHer, George Higbio. Bancroft-Frank McCowein, John soph Mich, James H. Otto Mcnke, James; T. Den- UnCll JJiUllO) iUUU UJ ITllOt ' . __, ' *"l "in.ilU.-j J . shwartz; reminiscences by if"; „"' „ • s P«ink, John mbers; song on club-work, Stelpflug Peter Schook; Hi H. Schook; Burt— Lyal J. Black, George A. White, Herman F. Heordt, Paul j. Dolt- man, Sid C. Spdjr, Arthur Lcaaon, James Murray, Martin J. Olson E. Woisbrod, Fton — , song on club work, IP. Weisbrod. p-course luncheon was serv- nall tables decorated with Jeas, the club flower, and |rc floor lamps of lavender Ik candies, the club colors. |g hostesses were Mrs. : and Mrs. E. A. Weisbrod. TT "club members attending | larr > r „„. 0. H. Graham, Burt;j;f^ mb ; fD. Weisbrod, Emmetsihurg; ' ITle ' — "• uii.iuuruugn, D. Belken, Cylinder; and ,, " r . y naln : Lu Verne—Zachariah t, _ I . H (O n n I-in t*il Ttr., 11 - i •visitors A . osro, Archie Whitlow; Gormania — Matt Oerdes Jens P. Jensen; Irvington ous l?. s .. Ray Ui 'cy; Ledyard — Livermore— Lemuel Newton Ell Bilsborough, , , . e— Zachariah vsors were Mrs. Jay ^: "'anchard, Walter A. Gramenz, Jefferson, and Mrs. Smith ^l, Fe chner, Wm. Stoddard; Harriet Warburton, La- — Lonc Rock Wlllls S. St. Bene- Ottosen—Edw. Sauder diet—Roy E. Power. Swca City—Francis L. Dimagan, Bert M. Giles, Albert J. Striegel! . fire in the Methodist * * * . gasollne on kitchen. r HAROLD L. GILMORE and Kalherine Shearer were married Tuesday September 18, 1017, by Rev. J. j. Jones, assisted by the Rev. F. C. Taylor. They went from here to Minneapolis, thence to Denver, on their honeymoon. Mr. Gihnoro had bought the J, W. Neville house. He was then assistant cashier in tho County Savings bank. THE KRAFT-MISBACH clothing store had moved into the present Misbach quarters, which had been remodeled. The Latimer store had moved into the former quarters, now occupfed by Graham's. The Foster furniture store had been moved into the new Bohannon. Frye. Juniors: president. Vernon Hollster; vice, John Sprank; ecretary-treosurer, Betty Marlow; ponsor, Miss Roenne. Sophomores: president, Lora Belle Householder; vice, Viola Sprank; secretary- reasurer, James Rath; sponsor Miss Schultz. Freshmen: president. Wilma Marlow: sponsor, D. W, Furnau. Shower for New IJride— A miscellaneous shower was held ast Thursday evening at Mrs. 3velyn Earing's in honor of Mrs. Woodrow Pettit, nee Margaret Householder. Out-of-town guests were Mrs. Edw. Priebe, Mrs. Hlld- •eth Pettit, and Mrs. Ralph Reidel, Fenton; Mrs. Edwin Howe. Rockwell City; and Mrs. Michael Elbert, Algona. building. * * * A BAKER J. P. WALTON and H. M. Van Auken, Chamber of Com- SCCS Mow llttby — Tr ~" '' ">"wn. j. oinegOJ, *"• *"" jvuivoii, oiiamoer or (jom- jind Mrs. Derwood Eigler, ;" arrv Wm - Edwards, Theodore merce secretary, were giving spec- Mrs. Everett Dreyer, and ° lnson . Paul R. Sayers, Jerome A. ial military drill to draftees at the frank Eigler went to Boone !-! 01 '" son ' Franl < Kennedy, Joseph; Bryant building. • to visit the Paul Eiglers, £• Kennedy, Lemuel Trickel, Frank I „.„,. ™ TT * * * * JohnKohlwes, who had ^! ck , v; Tilonka—Peter Ubben, I, EAI i L WILLSON had written reek there with her daugh- Wilhelm Schmidt, Wm. C. Sprick,' ffrom Camp Dod S e - He was ia tne „ Eigler, came home with Herbert T. Winter, Chas. E. Wnnrt. ! flrst arm y S rou P °f 12 from Kos- 6up Friday, except Mrs. Der- ' ing ' Jacob ligler, who remained.for a bcott - Elmei r visit. Birth of a daughter | and Mrs. Paul Eigler has jiruggist and Mrs. Frank „, [here grandparents for the B ™ E] . ]1( £ t Baas, Julius F. 3. Critz, Walter Peterson. R. Wesley—Claude V. Robinson, Ed- MRS. EDITH * * WHIFFEN had written again from Japan, and said j Auxiliary Hns Meetiug— IW. E. Laage was hostess to |gion Auxiliary at her new 'r home Friday. Mrs. W. E. • was named publicity chair, A county auxiliary meeting j held at Lone Rock October ; John Newel and Mrs. Henry [field joined the Auxiliary, [rs. J. A. Schwartz and Addie i were guests. ptoeber Quilting Hostess—' W. E. Stoeber was hostess ng groups last week Tues- bd Wednesday. Guests were nes John Newel, V. J. Tatum, ~, Smith, Oliver Stoeber, Curry, Wilfred Stoeber Tw - Ash, Julius | shc planned" to L Clapsaddle, join Mr. WhiflenT ' S ° me to She had been in months awaiting bve Weisbrod, J. laymond Stoeber. T. Snyder, to S. S. Convention— j. W. J. Weisbrod,, Mrs. J. A. fertz, Mrs. Charles Newel, and F. B, TEA IS HELD FRIDAY IN PORTLAND Portland, Sept. 27—The Farm Bureau tea held at Alfred Godfredson's Friday afternoon was attended by 30 women. Miss Pepoon, H. D. A., gave an interesting talk on Improvised Sick Room Equipment. A short program included harp music by Mrs. E, L. Dickmeyer, a reading by Mrs. Henry Smith, and music on piano-accordion by Leola to the lakes next summer. Favors for Meeting — A group of women met at Gordon Hansen's Wednesday and made favors for a federation meeting to be held in Burt October 5. Those assisting included Mrs. Hansen, Mar jorie Cruikshank, and Mesdame; Bryan Asa, Tom Young, Andrew Hansen, Garney Hood, Ivan Long. Tony Jandl, Claud Sigsbee, and Martin Becker. Other Portland. Letha Mann called on a number of her former school pupils Sunday afternoon. The Oran Hudson family visited at Charles Egel's,- near Irvington, Sunday. PAGE THRtf* Will Thompson, Mrs. Frank Flaig, Mrs. William Krause, Mrs. N. L. Cotton, and Mrs. T. D. Arends attended Guest day at the Presbyterian church at Burt last Thursday. Attend Creameries Mooting— Hazel James, Elmore, spent from Flaig, Mrs. Eugene Pearson, Mrs. J. M. Blanchard, and Mrs. W. G. Flaig. Enters Nurses' Training- Mr, and Mrs. A. A. Krueser entertained at dinner last week Tuesday evening the Rev. and Mrs. S. nitxei james, iuimore, spent from ' U»HUHIB uie nev. anu Mrs. s. i last Thursday till Sunday with Mr. M> Gladstone, daughters Margaret! and Mrs. Ray Snvder. Mr. ami an< ^ Beulah, Swea City. Margaret' Colo., and Mrs. Flora Williams, of Chariton, spent Wednesday and Saturday at J, M. Blanchard's. They are cousins of Mr. Blanchard. Mrs. Fred Willrett and daughter Elsie, Algona, spent last week Tuesday afternoon at Frank and Mrs. Mrs. John Nyman to Mason City nurse ' s training Thursday to attend the quarterly — mooting of tho Iowa State Brand creameries. Birthday Surprise Given A Other Lone Eock. Mrs. Fred Miehe and Mrs. Aletha Ecklund, Swea /City, were Thursday afternoon visitors tended visit with friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton spent last Thursday at Mason City, Mrs. Cotton visiting Mrs. Frederick 01- Mrs. H. J. Rice. last son. with, Harriet Heiter underwent an ap- afternoon 1. Micka. Mrs ' Mary Moats ! pendectomy at ™ "*'• A ' the Kossuth hos- callers with De Mrs. Virgil Schroeder, of Burt, spent Wednesday at Eugene Pear- Beciue, son's. Small Loans Up to $300 ON AUTOMOniLES LITE STOCK ifOUSISHOLl) FURNITUBE, ETC. Prompt, courteous, confidential service. NORTH IOWA FINANCE CO «H*t to Dpper Des Moines office. J hnnc 125 Al^ona. Iowa THE ADVANCE SELLS TYPE•writer ribbons. tf ;il!lllllli!ll!ll!!lllll!llll!lll!il!ll!l!lll|||||!ll|||||||||||||||||||||ill|||||||||||||^^ i-'l wr ' '• &• Kresensky's | End of Month Sale I Women arc Burt Guests— Mrs. • J. M. Blanchard, Mrs. Ar- __ thur Priebe, Mrs. W. G. Flaig, Mrs. = William Christenson, Mrs. Alex =* Krueger, Mrs. Fred Genrlch, Mrs. .i, ivira. unaries newej, ana music on r _ J. Frank attended a county 1 Bunkofske. Tea was serve'd, with school convention at the Mrs. Ray McWhorter and George Fri- Lanning pouring. A color scheme! yterian church, Algona, :Mrs. E. A. Weisbrod, Whitte f formerly Fenton, gave a talk. FENTON NEWS and Mrs. Fred Myers, Mrs. William atter's daughter, Meyer took Furstenau, and Mrs. son 4-H Club Earns $10.15— Mrs. bake sale Saturday afternoon and friends in honor of Mr. Gengler's Lena evening at Smith's store in Burt., birthday Wednesday evening, Sep- v—- ••»»»*••. *.». u* j_.— ..».. ^»i_,jjui£, «,ij fjiiiimo otuic in j-)uiL<|Ui 1 LllUity V to her home at Barney, N. Home-made candy, cake, cookies, tember 15. Be day last week, after she had Jred a telegram that her grand- IHarold Brosoashe, 16, was Tally sick following an opera- pr ruptured appendix. B. Ernest Veax, Ida Grove, several days last week with arents, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. rod, and other local relatives, the former Nettie Weisbrod. . and Mrs, Ed Langermari, of [tte, and a son have gone home, fa week at the William Brass t here and with the Otto Nemat Estnerville. • and Mrs. 0. -H. Graham, Mr. Mrs. Leroy Boettcher, and Mr. Mrs. William Boettcher, all of i visited the E. C. Weisbrods week Tuesday evening. « and Mrs. Fred P. Newel re- itt Thursday from Minneapolis, * Mr. Newel attended a na- 1 convention of funeral direc- J - A. Mueller got home lesday from Chicago, where he a week's -post-graduate course e ^°°k county hospital, n Lawson, who spent the sum">.a meat market at Arnolds ' Vls ''ed friends here from last Monday till Thursday. « n &t. John's Lutheran Aid held "" and served lunch in the . basement, last week lesduy. Wes Newel, John Fuhr, and ^iwson inspected a new pack* P'ant at Estherville Friday. ank Bailey visited, the Henry nans at Algona last week nay and Wednesday, "•and Mrs. E, W. Ruske attend- "entol society meeting at Ma- ->ty Tuesday, "jy Goeders, Mason City, was •„ mu 1 hi8 Sister MrS - F - H. lb Thursday. [?• Samuel Warner and her •fh ola were Algona shop- j nurBday. J a Bohn and Arnold Krause rsd V ' lle t>U8jness visitors aMi )Worth Le «eue had a so- H ,, e , chl " - ch Friday evening. Keller, Stanbury, is a new ip Qt 'he Newel garage. Sweigard, Garner, is Dead .Sept. 27—Word-has been here of the death of Clif- ""igard, 50, insurance, and Mr",;;ri a M ntl the 8qn of the ee r ' ».? J * r . 8 - Isaac Sweigaard : lett a was cashier bank' at ' Lotto Creek 0 ,,„„..„„. ^ ,, ulwl O^.IULU^; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eigler" are of orange and white was used. The' parents of a girl born Tuesday, "•*• <-"»"-«QW »UL& M iilLt* »» tl*3 IU3GU. -LUG ,(.•"»•*•' »»nw _ first lesson in this year's project in j Sept. 14. Mrs. Eigler will be re~ " 'membered as Elsie Kohlwes, of this place. Mrs. "Nick Gengler entertained Portland will be October 12. The Portland Peppy Pals held a the band boys and wives or girl pies, and doughnuts were sold in Mr. and Mrs. Eigler, of Fenton, the afternoon, and in the evening accompanied by Mrs. John Kohl- the girls served hot coffee withjwes, went to Story City Sept. 16 rolls, doughnuts and cake. They re-ito get acquainted with their new alized a profit of $10.45, which they granddaughter. This is the first plan to use for expenses on a trip grandchild for bhe Eiglers. ELK CLEANERS Our motto is Good Cleaning . . . And behind it dependable service. Certainly there is a difference in cleaning. We do quality work and the results show it. Get your fall clothes cleaned and renewed. ELK CLEANERS Phone 330 Corned' Dodge and Call •^••^••^••BHGWaMHMMI Gamb With Death By Having Poor Brakes! — You Only Lose Once — You must have good brakes, kept in tip top condition to drive today's cars. You have only one accident with poor brakes — there's no chance for second thought. Not only is your own life actual danger, but the lives of those in your car — and the .r you may hit. You don't wan't to be branded as a "kill in car you may — Our brake service is performed by a man of years of experience. He knows brakes and how they act. He knows when the brake lining is too smooth to be of service in an emergency. We urge you to come in and have your brake service done now YOU MAY BE THE NEXT VICTIM OF POOR BRAKES! ACT NOW! DON'T FORGET—Your brakes stop the wheel, but your tires must stop the car. You need tires with good clear treads. If your tires are smooth, ear rea. , come in and ex* change for new safe Goodyears, It's a safe investment in health. •(•••••^••"^•^^ """•• ^j'l' ^fjfffir ^^i^^^ .,..-' -._,-• --a*?!- i«i«i,uu ;»wr -*ff ^r THOF '•BSffT «W«P^ Motorola Car Radios Goodyear Batteries ' Phone 33 Greasing and Washing Standard Oil an4 Gas Pmke Servic Spe<eiali«ed Luhrkaticm Crankcase Fluthing SUPER ^^^^ ^^^^F™w^P ^f flBr ^d^r fl|Bj8^ A Four Day Value Giving Event Dresses Wool Silk Knit Dress values that are bound to thrill you— over 100 garments. 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