Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1937 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1937
Page 2
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KOggUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA, IOWA Funeral Services at iBurt for Portland Farmer DEATH FOLLOWS DIABETES AND COMPLICATIONS Burt, Sept. 27 — The body of Charlc8 Larson, 58, who died at his, *,...*, imllu ;a on ,,° me " week a £° Tluu-sday, after a ings. Mr. Kennedy managed to long Mimas with diabetes and oth-'keep the fire from spreading tin ^urday, help came. After the" st± g shed Straw Cattle Shed Fire Threatens Swea Buildings September Alabama Folks Go Home- Mrs. Alfred Johnson and her s par- COUPLE LIVING AT LIVERMORE WEDM YEARS Livermore, Sept. 27—The wedding anniversary o£ Mi Mrs. Nicholas at their home Sunday, with Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Oleason, and Mrs. Tuttlc and Mrs. Parrot drove to Britt Wednes- er. HoiisehodI Program At the meeting of the .T. J. club Friday afternoon the program centered around the home. Household hints were given for roll call. Mrs. Carl Goetsch rend a paper, "A Job for Mrs. Flxlt", and various exper- iionces about housekeeping wore Inday, and thence to Oclwcln and formally discussed. Mrs. Albert A family dinner was served last week Tuesday noon nt A, L. Greenfield's In honor of Mr. and Mrs Ralph N. Lodge and Mrs. Lodge's mother, Mrs. Rose McCray, all of Helena, Mont., and others attending wore: Mr. and Mrs. Floyd •Cedar Unplds. Another guest of j Schneider was hostess and 12 mem- j Richards, Blue Earth; Mr. and Mrs the Tattles was Patricia Ann Clay,! 1'ers and one guest, Mrs. Fred M. 0. Richards, ^Lonp Rock, son Fort Dodge, nleeo of Mrs. Leonard Schneider, were present. Mrs. ,|, Rllldy, finer TuHlo. J. II. Zlgrnng was a visitor at his brother's here last week, and was Colored Singers In Concerts-^The Piney Woods Singers entertained a large group of people hist liv- Mr. Larson was born November 36, 187!), at Cedar Falls, and was married to Carrie Dittmer. Two (Anna Larson's in Swea City.' Swea-Englc News. Mr. and Mrs'. Floyd Treat spent , --. -'uu.uit, cm- ... - • —» "-~-i.il uiui-iiui ' the week-end in Spencer visiting S d J^.1 Us ° n .. a - He is also •»»- ^.?^ W J^Y P' ayed , third base :?,V! IrS -7 ll ; eat ' S brothcr John Spit- Visit Kentucky Jtrother— Frank nnd Kregor Delm returned daughters were born, Lauretta, a !Inst wock < lf ter a week at Shelby- teacher at Britt, and Beulah, em- /V 111 ?' K >'- w] iere they met a brother accompanied by his father, Dennis week Tuesday evening at a concert tfigrang, hero from Los Angeles, at tho Lutheran church. The group on a business trip to Minnesota. J. consisted of five young men and ill. was also accompanied to his tho manager, nnd presented a sa- ''.°". 1 ?.. nt .P cs ., Moinos . ?. ul ] day _ b . j ;. hls cred concert in the church, fol- con- Ralph; Mva. A. D. Richards, Al- gonn. -Mr. and Mrs. Lodge were on their way to a Masonic convention at Indianapolis, and Mrs. Mc- vived by his wife. "' league team tal>s <vnd the Rev. and Mrs. George Mr. Larson had fanned near Burt in will 'anistown, N. C., this sum- Siemens and family, who was for"'"' "" TT ~ "- ' ' town a £!:!:;, ™»£ visited their _ brother ;|»cr pastor at the Baptist church many years. He lived in few years, but returned farm. . - , to the, M« r ".n at Shelbyville, and took in i iu Swea City. "i .uiimuisutuu, n,.n-,,,,» , m , 7 . iiuiuu UL ojL-0 luuiuus ouiiuay oy uis cren concert in HIP pniirnh Thursday after a ' Hen.y Rodman Jo,?, 8 n»r' *°%' falher ' who tllOncc ] ° Ct for CtU ' for - , °°wod a^war s 1 y a eculaV erggren's and My- JJf™ y '^ ( ™; ^ "- Clareinont, jn ia. after six weeks with his sonsJcort In the church parlors. nes in Eagle, and M."\,,,,%;;,/ V, ' Bmd S at0 ' Guests at J. C. Miller's over the 1 n",;,n," n n y c ,' el ^ L l vc ''T re< Mrs -keek-end a week ago were Mr. and Uollcffo Stndont Honored— n^ v ,f 01 ', Dodge - thelr Mrs. C. C. Siddles, Sterling, 111.' The Christian Endeavor of the T) n T n " e DeS Mrs§ Siddlcs ttnd Ml- s. Miller are Presbyterian church had a wiener! lit TI Bayous and the sisters. The Siddlcs left for home roast at the town pork Wednesday HIP wnmnnTV 01 ' ^ S °i attend ~ I last weoh Tu csday, and Mr. Miller evening honoring William Chap- Woifo. TI g g ters of i accompanied thorn for a return man, a member who is going to the drer, and 11 gr^lg^acT"' V ' ? -' ' S " lt ° C ° 11Cg ° ftt AmCS " ' Thor ° W0r ° dren, all of whom were present. The funeral services were- held it the Burt Presbyterian church - -- v • ---w| VV*MU t,Wl_M\. Ill the Kentucky state fair at Louisville. Fivo Aids in JK'i't Jlere— The Presbyterian Mite society enteriained the Presbyterian Aids at Algona nnd Lone Rock and tho local Methodist and Lutheran Aids ihursday afternoon. More than 30 women attended. Music by Ruth -Hodgson opened the program, which consisted of a welcome talk •by Mrs. J. M. Doms, the pastor's wife; devotions led by Mrs. J. W. ••-i • **' i * i d n o solo o \ r Ivi rs i.arl Miller; a playlet by Mrs. John Long Mrs. Helen Petors, and Mrs h'v -i'l "° y: " V ° C:l1 S0 '° b >' Gob -i by Ihaves; a reading by Mrs Henry Smith: and singing by a ' ' Jensen 11 _ Victoria Jensen, daughter nf Mr •mil Mvcs TT>, „,! T UUU MH<-1 01 Ml.,,....,, ^ ^uiui-auo, M ^"n/^^ ^* ^ «* Lnc Erickson and his daughters, (Florence and Mrs. Dittmer Thomp|son, and the latter's sons John and (Gone, left Wednesday for a motor l! tri1 ?, l ° .Colorado, where they will '"'" Mr. The date of the wedding September 30, but Sunday ' - fat.Lilt*11 Mary Sweeney, Iowa City, who 25 present and following the sup-j had visited relatives and friends Per tho evening was spent playing was here a, week, went home Wednos- games, was day. She is employed in a hos-' The Iteccnt, Jlrlde is Honored— B, B, SERIES TO BE PLAYED BIT 6JCHOOLS Swea City, Sept. 2V — Superin- freshments were served, after which tho club adjourned to meet next at August X. Peterson's, with Ollia Hllff JUlrl M!,,,. nr.._,. , . - Huff and hostesses. Mr sMn S3 ' there. Marguerite Wyman, of tho school Mr - and Mvs - EmII- Anderson, , , • ..i.vculty, returned last week Monday Ml 's. Elmer Kubly, Keith, Mrs. ot town many years .before to resume teaching, after the week- G <>orgc Wo 'f. and Mrs. Orville- An">- is now 86; Mrs. lend at her home at Vlnton. ! d . crson went to Cowrie last week are cn ^.ving good Miss Other Swea City. iv7 h °t^r ev> Raymond B. Swanson was at Mason City last wonlr 'p,, OD . - - 1 — ""•J»-',J»*»£, f^UUVl health. They live alone and raise thoir own garden stuff. Library in j\ e , v Quarters- Books and equipment of the town Maakelstad ] 'brary Avere moved last week Tuesday to the recently finished town hall. A new shutter shade has been provided for a large west win- dow - and shelving and other fix- tures are new. A committee—Mes- , •• beautifully decorated with autumn flow and fall colors wore, also used table decorations. Birthday Circle The Bir taiuod at chicken dinner «l N. M. Godfredson's, near Swea *-.it-y, in honor of Mrs. Godfredson's , , games, -..- at home and five away from home. The schedule follows: board l " efn ?. in e a meeting of the daraes Sidney Hoganson, Louis fn, P,L , ™ Lutheran Bible Con-, Eohounek, Marie Hanson, W. F, foiP.nnP nt Clear Lakc> After go _I Johnson, J. F. Hamm, and L E 1 "" reports for 1937, j Cockl ' iu s l'ont Wednesday afteri: at the library, chocking books placing the same. i - P , S , n r the 1838 C£lm P- bwanson is secretary and reg- p,,ii v t " <"*--S»IUUUL r °^ " ie organization , vcrs ! willi ^' U1 , confere »ce. Each school , SoV( pl members of the Thurs-|' CroWH nurn Bnllrood Weeds' ' conference games, d i l >' clu ° attended the l,, n nh»nn I . Weed burners were run .T Circle to Swcn City— i ,,., A |, Thompson — Burt November 'rl|»la.v Circle w «« enter-! I 0 ', ^.f !' y December 10, Ring- Thursdav Bted JunUnry "' lllUKMltlJ i-!,.,. -i ,t r ~,i _i ' Armstrong Janu- 4. , . . esons on J -edyard— Ringsted November birthday. Attending from hero ?,",' Arms trong December 10, •were Mesdamos H. w. Manns Her- ' T hompscm December 21, Swea City thaWaIU.cc, Tressle Ring'sdorf I Jtt "? n ; y 1S ' Burt - February 15. .Tames Ollom, j. o. Tsenberger' L- ""«— Ledyard December TJ^ll^ T>, ..... . , ^ . --"-llUl.1 t,Cl , TJinfctnrT T«^,,,^ ____ n ri ^.. her brother Clifford's. L, V, SOCIETY HOLDS A NEW KIND OF PARTY Charlotte Beers goes soon to Tuesday to attend a shower in lion- Ellsworth Minn., for two weeks at or of AIrs - Anderson, a recent bride. Tho hostess was Mrs. Arthur Carlson. Otlier LiiVerno. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Morion and Mr. and Mrs. John Morton, Sibley, 111., visited at Mrs. Kate Huff's several days last week. Mr. and Mrs. William Jensen and Ruth, Webster! City, wore also guests at the Huff| and John Bockos homes. I The Rev. and Mrs. E. E. Han-' cock, Airs. Ray Stone, Mr. and Mrs ! ^olm Phillips, and Bob Bigingsl _Lu Verne, Sept. 28 — A one wero a1 ' D CS Moines visitors Thurs- o'clock luncheon was held a week da > r - Ml 's. Stone attended the fall' ago Monday at the city hall, given council of Iowa Federated clubs i " last year's members of tho Ml> s. Goo. Ticde supplied as fifth ' 53 f l0(:kat Fifty three years ago I nn ,i,> scale. I closed out a bankn, , "' ,, "' y Watertown, S. D. Since tlu-n many sales, but never in all th-,f .- '"^ any sale did I sell as many\ V( ,'l" n , c in in one week as we did right Kin n hoe ' last week. I never saw anythi nc i , a sold slippers all clay long and invv . Ve week. y <la y all This week we are after i he mpn T1 . is Nunn-Bush week at Neviiu-'s w ' S unpacked the new fall shi.,,,,,;,',,' „ v jllst Bush Sxfords for men. ' Nunn These splendid shoes arc made by e v pert shoemakers. They do fit. 'rfiov E?« you a special ankle fit that yon w m ,2 P in any other line. Please call at tlu We have a very useful present for ,,lf N Bush customers this week. Another big special for this sale. The Davidson $3.50 im-if's Peters Wonder line, Carter's $3 oo bTthrw^ e clu^A>- Ho^lS STst S w^nonTof 01KUT S ° CiCt> ' ^ Son"^ f™^ ^ r *"*«* -t the Algona hotel Su?^ ™* *l™* '«» Holmes, Gold^X who wo 7° .if'^ "^."tt™ M I? sS"!!? 11 " 1 ,. b . 0 «™ 0 il! ' ^^ Monday The '•? * ou pnzo which the pastor, the Rov. R. P. Bronlewee ' Island offcrcd fo1 ' the best the first of a series of lee- statlon grounds and yards. . , Giddings took autoloads up and were also _^.j j_*\,«jni u j.'uuiuiiiy LJ. C1C 111BU . ;Vt ,Kingsted—Armstrong Decem Mrs. Godfredson was pre- "' Swea i;ity January 4, Led soured with a gift from the Circle y January 14, Burt January 18 ----'**i L m_: v^l 1C Ic rm «». A short program wa.s given in the llom l' son February 11. afternoon, and pictures of the : At Swwi cit >"—Ledyar. «roup were taken. 'ard Decem Surprise for Mrs. Selwieh-rt— ber 14, Burt December 23, Thomp son January 7, Armstrong Febru wry 4, Ringsted February 18. Mrs. R. (.'. Schwietert was taken Swea City games with othe r>y surprise last week Sunday when -schools will include Titonka Mai more than 30 relatives arrived for > '«rd, Rolfe, Algona, Terrill Plo picnic dinner in honor of hr.r birth- ver, and Buffalo Center. day. The visitors included the til , ... , William, Marvin, and Clarence A "''" d "• «• <'• (.'oiivuiition— Uaunifi, the Paul, Maynard and Alrs ' W ' °- N elson, Mrs. Augus and Xl Pete rson, and iMrs. Elmer Smith ,,,., Swea City, Mrs. Trusty, Armand Mrs. Francis Meyers, of Raymond Hert/.ko Ella Christ, all of families. La k ota; the Samuel Steinbergs and Kdw. Stein- .. berg. Blue Karth; the Merle 'y"K s| ed, drove to Webster City Sfhwieterts, Mrs. V. Hardgrove, lrlritlajr " t() attend a conventSbn ot and the lattor'.s daughter, Algona-' lno W ' 1{ - ( '- 'J'liey report a fine Mrs. Bertha Sclnviotort, Mr. and attendance and an interesting con- Mrs. Wililam Schwietert, and the VOIltil>u - T !ic national president last-named couple's son John, all WilK I'rc-seni and gave the princi- «f Burt. ' , Pal address. Appreciated was the presence of two civil war veterans, Auxiliary Scwini; Club .Meets— one a California!!, who had been"in A monthly Legion Auxiliary sew- 'attendance at the national coning meeting will be hold at' Mrs.' vention at Milwaukee and gave a .James Christiansen's this week short talk praising the work of the Wednesday. Hereafter sewing w - H. C. The other was a man of meetings will be held on the fourth !'". who is the only surviving Civil Wednesday of each month. Mrs. F. war veteran in Webster City A. Ringsdorf has been appointed v .„ . chairman of the Junior organiza- v ls '''"tt'rtained— lion. On October 5 a joint mee'ting' Beu lah Gladstone and Agnes of the Legion and the Auxiliary Olcso " entertained the newly or- will be held at Mrs. L. H. sanized fancywork club, at Walter Schenck's, Mrs. William Ckirman Smitn ' s Thursday evening. Guests and Mrs. G. I ' " There will 1 All ex-service attend. , . P. Hawcott assisting. N y cre lne faculty members and Mrs. >c a program of music. acllllle ; 1 '- The evening was spent Co ninn M >~r\ ',,^-,-: fn .j ... \\'it.ll tailCVWOt'K' i\r\(\ tr.iin^c. r> ^ men are invited to tancywork and spent games. Re- brother Howard lives, and was <ic- S. S. Officers Are Elected— companied by Ronald Elvidge and The Methodist Sunday school Kmil Christiansen. Ronald was go' hud a potluck' supper '"•- un to Seattle, where he hoped Wednesday evening, and both old '" find employment. nnd new officers attended. Com- Ml '. and Mrs. Charles Iterleman munity singing was led by the Rev. and Ceorge Behrends, Davenport, Mr. Speichor, and short talks were ( 'ame Wednesday for a week at given by the retiring .superintend- Jesse Dtigan's. Mrs. Behleman is ent, Harold Hobson, and the new • VIr - s - Uusan's sister, and George is .superintendent, Mrs. Ci. K. Brace t!iciil ' brother. after which the Rev. Mr. McNary,' Mr . and Mrs. W. E. Brace and West Bend, delivered an address on tne G - E - Braces were Saturday Sunday school work. Twenty-five evening supper guests at S E. persons attended. Straley's, Fenton, in honor of tho ,, ., ... ~T. - fourth birthday of Juanita Mae Ocorge Collins Visit Here— iSiruley. --"iinui .viae Mr. and Mrs. George Coffin, Arcl-! The Rev. and Mrs. L. Richmann more, S. n., came a few days ago Marie. C'arter, and Martha Ruhnke to visit the C. S. Coffin home and attended the funeral of Herman Mr. Coif in '.s sisters at Algona. The Jlabegar at West Bend last Oeorge Collins are moving to Call- Tuesday. fornia, and they came here panic- j The Presbyterian ularly to .see Mr. Coffin's mother, meets this week Wednesday „,. who is 9o years old. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Al Staehle's, Mrs Fred Rings Maurice Coffin. Milwaukee, have dorf, and Mrs. P. N ' Sarchot as also been visiting at the Coffin slsting. home - j Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Spradling, of WJS " left ° ne day last ""- prad- ed at small tables. Calendars with vcl 'sily of the year's programs furnished the Hol c" Posey,~~GTe.en City Mo Rock, place cards. and Mr. and Mrs. llonald Klnir of kept The theme of the year's study is Clarion, were guests of Ms Ro a Countrywide Missionary Journeys Stoussy recently so a toy automobile was placed on — each tables, and were loaded by the ' placing dues in them, craren~ce : r lUU1C T ar re l :)rosenti "S 100 miles ^'t-nce traveled on the first lap of the 12, an alph Tnrc™ rr, -, en eens thn i , . e serving on grind lurv f^nn, ?° Se Cllfford Radils ' the Frank Mon- - ! ?i n . th J ° Urncy towar d the Land of ' * '° AchlGvcmo «t. This them, wn . „„,. are Walter mUh md Hem-y Me T*' '° f W ° den; Mr - ™* Gregor. . m> Mc " 'James Sutherland, Dubuque- Lucille Peterson and Ila Cush- of g Mr e , Ce N y attended the fune] '^ s of Mrs. Norman Finnestad and her nttJe son Duane, and Peter Mergen^who were killed in an auto ac- M rs. , the r R j staus ' Lu VG rne; andKer- Knutson ' "Gym" here, with Os- gsiMcS |f siillil •eady gone to be foreman age. m a gar- county. '' easue gave cenon t , Tl mrsdav fn a re- J « their uers. Dr. Ciife Ituildiiif,'— League hall Everett Carrel, who lost a newly confirmed b "'lding here recently by 'VALL MAP OF KOSSUTII county «howmg land ownershi - book at ownership, acre- VOrS ' ° tc " wltb the Advance confirmation Luther «_T •• -.* uu UC»CU XI Carson president of the for a st ate liquor store. Achievement. This theme was carried throughout the entire program • which concluded with a group of' vocal solos by Mrs. V. V. Schuldt I The members were urged to take their mite bases as kodaks on their journey and use them to accumulate coins as "snapshots" during the year. Armintha Johnson is Bride A wedding of interest to Lu Verne people was solemnized a week ago Sunday at Tama. when Armintha Johnson became the bride of Lindsay Rocker, Durango, Colo. Mrs. Becker is the dau'-lUer cafe of Mr. and Mrs. J. if. Johnson Sl . fire, and lived with her parents during — brick, but it th e years when Mr. Johnson h-id decided whether the new the meat market. The we d'ng wns used for cafe or held at the home of her Not sold separately. P ,. ice .^ales tax. Send cash wi h S3 _ They all go at one special price, an y size any pair, at $2.48. We do not have to stutter when we call these bargains They are the real thing. ' y Men's $2.25, $2.35, and $2,15 oxfords and shoes go into the $1.98 bin during this sale. fa ' Our men's work shoes at $1.59 are also a pretty good buy. When you talk husking gloves your pocketbook will load you to Neville's. We have 1,000 dozen in the basement. Jinimie Neville THK SI I OK MAX owa district of the Norwegian Lu- «• horan church, preached at The ( ' Bethlehem Lutheran church a veek agp Sunday morning Mer no i* r 1 *!,,«: « ^ . s of Years Ago lUeet— . - ..^. wi jim iJiirems ,and was witnessed by the immedl- |ate members of the family. The tan silk dross, street "' R. P. Bronlewee. Herman Bowman had what have proven a serious fall . a flight of stairs and has a pramed ankle as a result olT ?n°, f ? e 'H-' SOn ' Grand 'ma Eck- olm, and Lydia Eckholm visited Saturday af Emma and "" lllhson ' s - at Bancroft. Other Livermore News. A Kuest at J. c. Tuttle's Arthur consin, Chicago, and Ohio aftei which they were to return to Col- has s^aarttr'js^ v $™ ^ ^^~^^fr?^ S& - a^em^f- M ^ Tuulos^Mr. £?v£ tniVe ^ S ° rCh6Stra aftC '' Slle Esther a *°™ r * Tuttle, and Mrs. Parrot iJOLllCl ,l rn ..,. tn Ot«..~ T _, , miui drove to Storm Lake last -elc |In Du^^a^^^K uated from high school in 1935 and it was while they were playing parents TOL ROCK week society at 'JVa for Farm Uureuu Women- I The Farm Bureau women of ' Burt, Ramsey and Portland town- , y, s I F , , ' ships had a tea at Mrs. A. R. God- 'n^ MI' \" i n . ' '"' R " A> fredson's Friday. A demonstration c W fj etch a e^ '.'"H""' Tand Mrs ' on Child Care was given by the L ., ,' " pi'.u "°" ded a ^ uth "an county H. D. A., and there were ; M -' ' '! ,J,J n > ^ } doy ' some musical numbers. To, itn ,\V f 2 ' Mrs ' Bert ______ jUotiden, and Mrs. Jos. Beitz attend- Biebhoffs Have Left Burt— l cd lhe funeral of Amos Jenkins a Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Riebhoff went i La , '-'rvstal Thursday. to Alton Wednesday to rent a I Mrs - Geor se Fries, Milwaukee house and lay plans for moving ! al ' ri n, ed Thui 'sday for a visit at R there. Mr. Riebhoff, who hud been |A ' JJlolcn ' s and with other Burt Increases Comfort | Saves Money in Old and New Ho mes = == SAVES FUEL AM) WORK a By preventing heat leakage from =jj your home, Capitol Rock Wool Insu- = lation saves 77 per cent to 81 per cent of the present heat loss effect- im P or tant savings in your fuel ~" hose y HOSE are the our valued to purchase You'll be "Groecrest" ,i Graham's SILK I FULL FASHIONED - ALL SILK CHIFFON SERVICE WEIGHT Every pair perfect quality rXIFORM HEAT IN EVEltY BOOM § Capitol Rock Wool Insulation means S a uniformly heated home — with S temperature u P s tairs and S BEI)IU)OMS COOLER ON HOT transferred to Alton, and he began his new work th&re Thursday. The family moved Monday. relatives. Jacqueline Ann Woltz is at A. R. Godfredson's home while her mother is confined to bed with heart trouble. Mrs. L. L. Bowie, bearing, is at Farewell for Departing Girl— Joan Cbipman entertained the Methodist Home Guards Saturday ner » on Supt. Condit Bowie's while afternoon at a farewell party for j Mrs. Bowie is at an Algona hos- Lorena Riebhoff, who is inoving tojP' ta l Alton with her parents. High School Loses, Wins— The high school ball team was defeated Tuesday in a game there, defeated a town 4-3. Banker J. T. Heaney, who was confined to his homo for a week by illness, was at the bank again Friday. for Billings, Mont., where bis by Titonka, 3-1, | Jos. Beitz and Clinton Hender- The H. S. team j son, Lake Crystal, Minn., were re- team Thursday, I cent guests of Burt relatives. Supt. and Mrs. Bowie are parents of a son, born Tuesday at an Algona hospital. Lyla Olson spent last week at Other Burt News. W. Patterson left Wednesday Berton Isenberger's Des Moines. H NO MOKE DRAFTY FLOORS = Most drafts in uninsolated homes S come from the ehb and flow of hot = and cold air currents between un- S evenly heated rooms. § PROTECTION FROM FIRE s Capitol Rock Wool Insulations are S absolutely fireproof because they are = made entirely from rock. Even the H intense hot flame from a blow torch ss does not burn Capitol Rock Wool. _ By keeping the intense heat of the §= summer sun from overheating the == upper rooms, Capitol Rock Wool In- S sulation keeps those rooms from 8 S to 15 degrees cooler. " FREE ESTIMATES AT ALL TIMES We offer expert inspection and free S estimation at all times. Remember S Rock Wool is made of rock. One inch S of Capitol Rock Wool Insulation has S the same insulation value as one ! foot of solid rock. '• = ^ (Cowan Building Supply Co.J 5** 1 TTTniTtW f\ TT-fc 1 * rm -»-»^-i -«v -« . ._ - _ _ . ' ^"^W S ALGOJSA, IOWA AUTHORIZED DEALER AND CONTRACTOR PHONE 639 gf Two pairs $1.25 HNJS CREPE TWISTED •i^n/"UiSilXlSi 110 ? V Us wtowrtta. 8-thread aud itfiea? 8 Sl^f Stockln e« i« t «t threads used in i, u!« a P»t«»ted -y increases tlieir elastlo nf ^f**"*'*" stronger-yet sheer to kSk at** ^^^ shades are f u ,, y ^presented. S iJ eS 9 to Store

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