Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1937 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1937
Page 10
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PAGE TEN SURPRISE SHOWER GIVEN FOR RECENT BAN CROFT BRIDE .^,^:?-' e ,^A lS .-P- Friday night honor- Mrs. Elmer Keller, who was t.. i i."/ e ? ontly ' Bridge and 500 30~»~~ e .- th ? ent&r tainmeut for the K033UTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA, IOWA Woman's Club Glrcs Luncheon— The Algona Women's club gave 1 o'clock luncheon at the Algo- with the Gamma Phi Beta soro- ii y. She majored in home econo- ,bridegroom sides Edward, had been playing Injternoon bridge luncheons tomor- sley, New York City. Coters were a. local dance band. Edward, who! row. The entertaining committee laid for 16. had been employed at the local consists of Meadames L. C. Nugent, •—:—— , Botsford lumber yard for the last chairwoman, W. D. Andrews, W., Wntonynns to Picnic Indoors— several years, has been promoted W. Sullivan, A. H. Borohardt, Jos. I The Wa-tan-ye club will meet to manager of a Botsford yard at Grenoberg, K. R. Hoffman, and J. tonight (Tuesday) for an Indoor T.vi« iwin,, —j ..j,, , ,__ r, „ picnic at tho library. Hostesses FOR SALE — COBS.—0. E. I'rlohe, Lyle, Minn., and will leave for his new post Thursday. Sorority Finns IJrldge lleiieflt— The Beta Sigma Phi sorority will entertain at a benefit bridge party at the Legion hall at 8 o'clock Wednesday evening. Members are msnea uie entertainment for the UUK mncneon at the Algo- " llcs - in 1923 the bridegroom at- vve a«esday evening. Members are guests who attended. Mrs. Joe' na hoto1 Friday, and covers laid J ended ll »e state university, where nuoncl R«™oy, Leona Lichter, Ruth Menke won high in bridge, and, for 121 guests, 44 of whom were ', ™, ns affil Hated with the Phi Del- Roland - Bernlce Harrington, Valer- cnn h Lattlme r won high in from elsewhere In the county. Tho,' , ,V ieta Fraternity. He is a son ! li l P'ckett, Elsie Halbrook, Alice t»uo, and Mrs. Mae Lattimor won ' " " " tne cut prize. Lunch was served by the hostesses, Mrs. Alfred Ditsworth, Mrs. Kenneth Dltsworth and , . Eileen Kohnke. IVodcIIng Date Is Honored— 1 0 —-»t.u| i^t V/A YTjjuiii. wtSIu i rm i .. " """ -I.MW j. jji j^tJl- • , i elsewhere In the county. The j ta -V a , Frfttet-n ity. He Is a son ! li l I lc - -—- -..^ tables were decorated with dalhias j, , rs- Mary Quinn, and the bride Pnvne ' nnd Mesdamcs E. H. Hut- and garden sage. A two course A? r !', e dau shtor of Mr. and Mrs. C. cllins ' Donald Gardner, and Ken- luncheon was served. • ^hubb. netli Kmidson. Helen Coroy is a After tho luncheon, Mrs. C. H. Crotzmeyer, president of the local club, gave a welcoming address. „„,„„ . She presided throughout the meet-' P tment . . The new Mrs. Qulnn has been dlre °tor; Mrs. Geo. C. Vance, spoil- connected with the General Baking sor; and Mrs - D - P- Smith, (in lion- LO. |n the Consumer's Service de i orai ' y member. Mr. wedding the r! r 1 , 10m ° ° n ihci * ^ nrd Keen^Klchar^'No'rton^ R and Suts s w e ro H 1VC [? a ; y Sunday ' MeHe Pratt ^ve a trumpet trio, VTUtTtSLa WfiFI* t MfX A I IFn n r»MAn £ HT..» T-i i*. . i...^j Quinn, not announced his plans. Former Algona Girl Weds— has M t ,o h ,' dal 'g hter ° Mrs. Charles Cox, was Alice Kain entertained at two F. Overmyer. Picnic for Hoy's Birthday— M. H. E. Woodward, Whlttemoro, entertained at a picnic luncheon at the Ambrse A. Call state park Saturday afternoon for hor son Novln, who celebrated his llth birthday. There were 14 guests. The afternoon was spent at games, running races, and other boyish sports. County Medics Give Dinner— The county medical society entertained at a Country club 1 o'clock dinner Friday evening in lonor of visiting and local physicians and nurses who participated n the activities of an all-day sos- j/iuii iv> cii. M iu iiMitnj* A AVJ*J i.v*ju^/«j will be Mrs. Lurn Sanders, Bertha E. Johnson, Stella Mao Breon, and Anna Buss. Other Society. The Mesdamcs E. A Gcnrlch, A. family Tx>Hv«rH t'h""^ Vi ,"•"" Mrs> H- E- Wo °dwnrd, Whitte- —«"•-"•"<=! n lo wa rold Jeaeer fam y and T"Am ^°, S Kohnke mor f' Dresid6nt ot the county fed- 55> n ° f Mrs. Alfred Kelly, of South MoVr Dyer UCiUe> Velma ' ftnd Cration and cfialrman of tho pro- D , ak °^, at the German Lutheran •"""J .L/jer. trrntn r*nrn,nttt*r. !„* j j ,«_- nhnrnh A,inn- »,,.... .. -"-^ "•"«>«" tables of bridge Thursday evening Bluu ui ( m honor of hor cousin, Catherine that day Mr anrt , ' WaBal ngton, D. C. Winning I marr.™ 2?™™™ I 8 . 1 - Catherine Kain; Faravoll for Burt Woman- 2nd, Lorraine Tlerny; cut, Mrs. M'. a cripples' health clinic Covers were laid for 30. Four Enter St. Theresa's— Mrs. W. A. Murray Sheridan took Eileen Mary Elaine Dovine to Mary _ —„ ^JIU- ' —- v..v gram committee, introduced the clluil ch, Austin, Minn., the Rev" W ! guest speaker, Mrs. H. C. Hough-, F - Mllbrath performing the c'ereli ton, Red Oak. mony. b Lut - cero . Mrs. Houghton's topic Members of Mrs. Hollls Train- will leave er's bridge club are honoring hor duties in the at a farewell dinner party at after sev-jBlue Room of ler took Helen Droessler and Margaret Devlne to " attend the same Other Bancroft News. Mr and Mrs. Ray O'Dell and son Si *5j?£-? env , e J' .9. ol °- ar e visit- thA pnnotif.itir>r, n anu wer ideals." Her &""" "i wnue satin, with a lace summarized elsewhere. J ackc t and a floor-length veil Her ""•" " was Con- arm bouquet was of pink 'roan ' 'T / """"' ,%/s ZftsfStfysKstSi F^Vr* * . IJ .. mnti-nr. „« i "nuu UHQ (Jnn Klllin TTVn,l Hostess— Bruns entertained afternoon at a bridge guests were Mesdames Roeder, Gor- the the Patty — _~-,„...„, u.j.iu. V11C UUllgULUi JrtlLLj *VOkJli3LI»»t will move to Gibbon, Minn., soon., bo held. They are now living at Burt. " * Dinner for Departing Pastor— A fellowship dinner will be hold A. Bishop, F. E. Sawyer, and W. A. Foster will represent the local Methodist foreign missionary society at a district mooting which is to bo hold at Cherokee October G. Mrs. Jack Hanson was honoreo at a party Thursday at tho homo of Mrs. Evorott Rwbison, .12 women attended. Mrs. Russell Cook nnd Mrs. William Winters were assisting hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. Dau entertained at 6 o'clock dinner Fi evening, and guests wore Mr Mrs. Henry Sioms, Davenport, son Walter, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Engel. The L. 0. A. Congregational Sunday school class will meet Thursday evening at Mrs. Pearl Potter's, with Mrs. V. V. Naudain assisting. Election of officers will' ____ WANTED—HOME FOR YOUNC Spaniel. Call at Advance, g-ul MY MODERN HOME, G06 E Mc~ Gregor St., for sale.—A. H. Stock. 10u45tf WELL DRILLING A SPECIAI TY -Guy Beemor, Lalcota, p) lon o loz> Op51-62-7 P ftnd e nutn.. <l City. to iioip FOR SALE—A FEW YOUNQ~c^w7 just fresh.—Jake Smith, Burt' Io ™; 12pl i'OR SALE—GUERNSEY COWS 7 one 2-year-old heifer. — w j Barr, Algona. 'i. Rliiltlr FOUND—3 STRAY CALVES. Own er may havo by Mrs. D. P. Smith, and Mrs. A. G. Carr will be hostesses at a Con- gregatlonal circle covered dish ono .._ o'clock luncheon at the Ambrose A in Call state park Thursday. Mrs. Esther HolberR cntertalne Tnnmhn.. ™.,,, v. —. pnr ntvirr. ,.i_t ... ""o. vyo- jueta Itaoflplrt TJ -or -n«~j~ r, „ . • •""•»• umuui rviu ue jiuiu »<-'uun. luiiuiiuuu iii me ^morose f member may have a copy of car utzke, sister of the bride and ti^J. t-, £? ' W- R °eder, Gor- Sunday at the Bantist nhnrrh in Call state nnrlr Tim^ofinv y ,be made into a public com- was served to 40 imm P riiV,tn ,.„,„ I tlavel prize - A two course lunch- in th« N«w e cnapiam "oiana DC ing low » „. ^ ^j. b i.M^ V^UAA TVU . —"•**^'^»***/uuuutjr |>r VR1« "Do * tion which drew the constitution. low , rosebuds, swainsona, and fern ?£ She also suggested that the local Following the ceremony dinnor 7 i ~ library ,be made into a public com- T as served to 40 immediate rela I ? P e ' A munlty center, especially for the ' tives and friends. The couple will lcon was served - with them. T^^^^S" sSf^-S^S^in Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mulligan are parents of a girl born Friday at h ° SDital - is the "wut/.ut**. j. ma is c eigntn child and the fourth girl fro^n 3 RochesTeT whe,rle Fr 'h a aI ^ WfflmeB Hettr ** Houston- Xnm-. A.1 _. , . »3"C 11U, & iTVT.,^ "\IT /-I TT .. t . _ _ _ ^.-« „».. ut. OLUU^ ui lue junenca ,— ,. ,' a j Mrs. Walter Fraser were of Today and Yesterday, besides a' The bi'ide is a granddaughter of ££„,..£ hostess at tlieir home vn rlnrl T-»t«r»rr*.OTvi «_ «_* j _•« Mr. nnrl TLT».n T~-U— n . -I- •UurSUu.V ftt. n nno n'nln^i. i -L varied program on art/drama and Mr - and Mrs. John Cox here and raursaav at a °ne o'clo, medical talks by local physicians. . s . h . e lived near Algona all her life I^MI hon ° rln S Doctors The club members will hold their tin six years ago, when her nar ' h ', Wa City ' Acn next meeting in two weeks. ents m °ved to Austin. Her moth- ritv 6 ' °£ M- Glbbons - b < or is the former Edith RutlPd Doctor Stindler fMllIl IVnitlATl ITnnv "\Tr*a 1T«««!.!. A'limnn A + fn«^t^_ ±, GUgO, Chief dOCtOT fnr fho nffnnl, Arthur __ — "'-tii.^i , »» llCfl C been the past two weeks. She un- re. uuu ^jito. ijtivvj-yuce iJeri Mrs. Frank McGuire, Phlllipa Gulre, and Lucille ~ the Spencer fair c - the Murtagh entertained Thursday in honor of the Carmean drug employed at store. Mrs. William Quinn visited in Mason City last week Tuesday. Liquor Store Does a Big Business in the Last 2 Months The Algona state liquor store's sales in July amounted to $7 105 74 and tho August sales to $7,703 83 according to a report of the state commission. The state total in July was ?642,009.75, and in August ?665,966.37. Algona sales outranked all but the sales of 20 other stores, nearly all in towns of much larger population. Iowa City for example, has more than 15,000 population, yet August sales there totaled only $9,434.45. In Charles City, with more than 8000 popula- *'" n ' August sales wore only *„"±'- 2 j, COI "Pared with Algona's *i./03.83. Bancroft is now to have a store, and Algona sales may in future be lower. There are many stores whose sales are less than $2,000 a month. Mullins Field Day Draws Good Crowd Wesley, Sept. 20 — Many from here attended Field day at Corwith last week Tuesday sponsored by John Mullin, farmer living north of Wesley. Mr. Mullin displayed his hybrid seed corn, a project iu which he has been interested for a number of years. As a special attraction Mr. Mullin featured Elmer Carlson, of Audubon, national demonstration picked 64 ears of corn-picking champion, who as a corn in one minute. The runner- Hotel Algona. Mrs. Houghton is a national figure, and her addresses carry her Attending s were Mr. u . - — —_ ^.i^jfc v IT u n cuiVSi i5il6 Ufl — I "" ™" """"•" **o" |>w "j A^CU VSUA.J friv nnrl +Vi •n **"v* a, derwent an operation there director of the Iowa Federated a tse Earl Millers. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bergman clubs and ex-president of the Fed- !FailliIv •„,„„ ~ ' rs. Frank McGuire, Phlllipa Me- eratlon - s P°ke before members of **,, lj J?" 1 ,? 6 " for Guests— "'-~ ~- J T - the Algona Woman's club and oth- iw»^ n ^u ~* — "__ women Friday, fol- i_.« - — — — „. »*».*iijt*j^ c . .-.. ' pHy. s - D., arrived Friday t visit his mother, Mrs. Imeld i»oyle, who is very ill. Leona Wessleman underwent a appendicitis operation at th Wohnke hospital a week ago Mon Mrs. Charles J. Scholtes, son Dennis, and daughter Marilyn Jean visited relatives in Algona Thurs ™"5"1" -, C ™, an ' of Leon . i» now ing as assistants. Gibbons Jfeiv Yorkers Supper Gnests— Mr. and Mrs. T. K AnnapoTis Md"* The * Mrs. Peterson, son Me Jr Jr - were Wednesday Attorney and Kingsley, New were Dr. 1,. itIlBraon . son Mel Jr Jose Vnrir pi7 n J "- lu e si ey, JVew fcof eur ShiS ^tL^:!^ ter's son Teddy, tho women we all f MrS ' G * W * Stlllmon. Af- mughters of the hostess. f supper the group were guests OomrrfrnTlrtw ««^ •** * __ OI JuUCla, WallrtPR fnt« n« J n p n _. i . - — —---JWAJ, **.uu tlAO er's son Teddy, tho women are laughters of the hostess Comptroller and Mrs. Murtaei a^rr^L™ 6 * TuesdaTS, It was i anower for n i i She urged her audience to appreciate their own state, to realize the great resources and benefits at their disposal, the parks, the schools, the libraries, the fertile soil, and to remember these ,11™ HO '• ' °" i:> "»u-( -•ather. She would hpon + Vif mce a11 mem bers had ; at a attemp to "sell" Iowa as Florida I l?J°f. 6ther and Californin. RPH +h n (^ niir^ n f« i..-"-"ending were Lieutenant in tho Navy. Luncheon for Coast Gnest- Mrs. C. H. Williams attended a luncheon at the Okobojls Friday honoring Mrs. J. Smith, Los Angeles, who formerly belonged to a Manly bridge club of which Mrs. Williams was also a member. Mrs' Smith is visiting friends at Mason "ity and Manly. Pnir Came Here to Wed— Lloyd T. Maland, Jewell, and Ardyce Nelson, Story City, were married at the local Trinity Lutheron parsonage Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock, the Rev. P. J. Braner officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Espeland t Algona, were in at- endance. inrner Teachers Entertained— Ruth McMahon. entertained at a uncheon ' ' honoring Roland being low. The Naomi Circle will meet Fri day at Myrtle Turnbaugh's, and Esther Barton and Rose Ludwig will be eassisting hostesses. The Royal Neighbors club wil. meet today, and there will be a Helen Coroy was hostess to „. meeting of the Beta Sigma Phi sorority Thursday evening. at her home yesterday, Edith Quackenbush, oup were guests TT fi? %, Jidith Quackenbush, for an informal S th P?. Robinson, Lotta Engle, and Charlotte Stfmhnrn- fall™,r +„„„!, — — ~v» o v,,. L14^; »YC<VLllCi. OUtJ WOU1Q llOQn + 4.1. »-AJA u C1 O ttemp to -sell" Iowa as Florida I l?J°f. 6ther - nd California sell their climate. I M £M if 7 ere Lieu tenant Next to a love of the home state ! n n7, f eters °n, Annapolis, ff cs TTi-iii rrV» •*• n •n ..____ j A. 1 ! * ^ HUH iMGl Jr." A*Tp nr»/l HT«~ n Mrs. Geo. C. Vance entertained " £™"T U ^ ial * h . ower Friday who T _ „.--• *""*, »iu. Jr ' a: Mr> and Mrs. T. C. Sue and Teddy Bettv his father Mrs. Houghton urged the real need of more tolerance. The terms MllrfnD S,""' t ~r"."•"" icl Wnk, Wop, Dago,, other slang '• ^ Urtagh ' ? tud ent at the terms for foreigners should be i n B=e, wit i, removed from our vocabularies. A plea for peace forums was another feature of the talk. Better understanding of world problems, tar- ffs, embargos, etc., is essential to :he growth of peace. One way to Become familiar with these things s througth round-table discussions, ind weekly meetings to that end vere advocated. Mrs. Houghton's visit coincided with celebration of Constitution - . in here; un- bus- and T -, — -m-moi Hurt*: ana school ' tagtb> ln the local u e n Mrs. Peterson is the former Ann Murtagh and Mrs. Hutchison was Helen Murtagh. Mrs. Murtaghte parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. i Cnftty were also present, and photos were taken of four generations. rl "l u C *. cck Clu *> Meets— t Literary and at Mrs. Sadie day. She recommended study of ISflUnir?, w ^ , at Mrs ' Sadle he constitution and highly prais- „ ' ™ 0 Wednesda y. and roll call d the splendid proclamation of ^ "!? re ™? wIth_ B choolday ex- d the splendid proclamation resident Roosevelt relative .., he sesquicentennial. The speaker urged a 200 mem was answered with schoolday experiences after which a paper on the school systems in Germany and Russia was read by Laura Keen, on American schools m a ™ m £u ned in Oct °ber to Raymond Webb. The afternoon was spent at hemming tea towels for the bride-to-.be, and a two-course IrP ™? was ser ved, after which Miss Bilsborough was presented tended g TW * mty guests at ' Fish Dinner is Given— Mesesrs. and Mesdames H B White.^D. C. Hutchison and Wai- Room ,, Algona hotel at a 7 o'clock fish dinner last evening Guests were Messrs and Mesdames H. M. Smith, Theo Hutchison, J. h ' C ' Aalfs - - frn™ - returned Wednesday from a fishing vacation in Minne- so to,. Colored Orchestra for Dance- Anna Mae Winburn and her col- . furnish music ership for Algona club. She said *™ r»LF?, Ve ? ° n America n schools' ?^ df>1O /^ he f tl ? ™ m furnish music town of Algona's reputation for : ! f d by Laura Benschoter, and , , r . i "f last of the Algona Country teracy should support a club • S^hv ?? U l T" Rlven by Mrs. I p,^ 0da " ces next Monday evening. a *i. mi ^-__ ,-., . . ; , JJOlOthV TTrnh nliMiit T*«.. , . . 1 lans fnr Tnnb-!««. j.,u_ __ . ° teracy should support a clu > LST^ T* Rlven ^ ^^r** "^ M ° nday even '^- f that size. She asked the wo-t, n w v ^ r ab ° ut her recent trip ?,l ans f , or mal£i ng the occasion a T«r, »„ -,,i,,., t „ i ,„, , ..... to vvasniutrtnn n r< M«... -.r-., Qinner-dannB fnii f-^,.,,-,.,,1 — .._.,. nen to adopt a less selfish attitude owards club work, to help rath- than to hinder through thought- ess criticism. oriner Algonlnns Are Wed— ° n ' , D ' XC - New York «m- ' Niagara Falls assisted at ] «nch festival are , .- will be on sale, -.-.-. ^.w..,, us wus assisted at lunch "^""""B Thursday. Wit Thoma by Mrs. Hugh Raney. Twenty-one *, nd hi f orchestra played for club members attended, and Mrs dftnce last ni eht at the cluhhnns, Urch was a guest. Mrs. Lela Gard- . . - ner was elected president The . up was Jack Merriam, of Corwith who picked 53 ears a minute that day. Mr. Mullins has his seed test- building mg outfit at Corwith, a there gmng him facility. S'-r S5si^ 1 ,±-'s r, ?r»r *ssr». as S.^mttrfKiT.^! sen. Jhe program will be on the conservation projects. Famvell for Kdward Ostrum- uinn were married Saturday at p. m. at Washington, D. C., at the Rectory of the Immaculate Conception church, Father Cartwright officiating in a single-ring ceremony. Mrs. Robert Teachout, Washington D. C. was bridesmaid, and Paul ,,. ,„ McCrea, cousin of the bride, was day „,„„,„£. best man. A wedding dinner was 1 Kelly, Lloyd served at the home of Mr. and Mrs " McCrea preceding the ceremony. After tho ceremony the bridal couple left for Richmond, Va., whore they were to make their home. StrUm h °noree at a farewell party" at his home Thurs- MrS ' Lai ' SOn ' lcft at the clubhouse. Ti'eas for St."panTVisitor— A series of teas was given last week m honor of Mrs. H. L. Rick, St. Paul, guest two weeks at R C Larson's. Mrs. H. E. Woodward,' of Whittemore, entertained Tuesday afternoon; Mrs. D. D. Paxson, last Wednesday; Mrs. Margaret Kenefick, Thursday. Mrs. Rick, sister of - **, jj^i.^ iyngiu ( UI1U Charlotte Stenburg, fellgw teachers at Garner who attended an inter- county teachers meeting here yesterday. Missionary Society to Meet— The Methodist Home Missionary Society will meet Thursday at 2-30 at the church, there will be installation of officers. Hostesses will be Mesdames H. B. Mason, C. R. Holt, C. W. Morck, John Thompson, J. I. Troutman, and L. M Merrltt. Former Missionary Speaks— At a missionary meeting at the Baptist church Thursday evening the Rev. A. C. Lewis, Mason City was speaker. He was a missionary at Burma, India, prior to six years ago, when he accepted the Baptist pastorate at Mason City. Open House at Parsonage— The Rev. and Mrs. R. M. Schwyhart held open house at their home last week Tuesday between 7-30 P. m and 9 p. m. for a Baptist . Both bride and bridegroom were graduated from the local high school, and the bride was graduat- and ed in 1926 from the State college Ames, where she was affiliate* NORTHERN TISSUE, 1 roll, lc; with purchase of 4 rolls, 29c, all 5 for __80c RED BEANS, Ig. cans, 3 for ____ o 5c ""2 pkgs. 23c LIGHT HOUSE KLEANSER 3 cans lgc NAVY BEANS 3 lbs ^ MOTHER'S BEST FLOUR 49 lb. sack $1.90 FIRE-PLACE FLOUR, 49 lb. sk, 1.69, 5 bag lot $1.«4 Lover Brothers Coupons Redeemed Fresh Home-Made Mince Meat 4-H BABY BEEF Leare your order for special cuts. LAMB ROAST Per lb 23c YOUNG BEEF ROAST Per i b . 20c DRESSED CHICKENS Per lb. 28c and 30c Pure Home Made Pork LINK SAUSAGE 27c WE WANT BUTCHERING STOCK Sorensen Grocery Co. , Ray Cook, an George Carmody, all of whom, be- ,.„ Parties— 1 he Country club wlu hold the last of season's series of af- Two in One Sale 5 DELIVERIES DAILY PHONES 138-139 very near being triplets, as we are now unpacking part of the Peters shoe store that we purchased at Elmore! MfaET 1 his also was all exclusive Peters shoes Friday I bought the Bliley shoe stock -•-.•bo pairs of men's, women's, and children s shoes and oxfords. All Peters vr »! e , re I s tlle deal in a nut sll ell. I gave ?n^s o7 $1 ?° 0 - 00 CaSh for the shoes ' «nd- i 1^6 a ,\«i f ' gu " eTthe shoes c ost me about chelLr h ' ai l am g ° ing to sel1 thein cheaper than you ever dreamed of buying »- - . -.u 4 vt JLltl IJ LI Kit. membership drive. Refreshments were served throughout the evening. Seventy guests attended. Dinner Honors jVew Yorkers- Mr, and Mrs. T. C. Sherman entertained at the Algona hotel Wednesday evening at 7:30 dinner honoring their son-in-Haw and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Chester W. King- Smart Costaanae Suits CHRISCHILLES STORE F, B. WOMEN STUDY CARE OF CHILDREN Alma H. Jones, of tho Ames Extension Service, conducted Farm Bureau women's meetings in tho county last week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, on this year's project, Child Care and Training. The Tuesday mooting was held at Mrs. J. H. Holcomb's, Lcdyard Wednesday's at Mrs . C C Inman's, Bancroft. Mrs. Jones'gave a demonstration on improvised sick room equipment at each meeting. Miss Pepoon, new county H.DA. gave the same demonstration Thurs' day at Mrs. Claude Seoley's, Plum Lreek, and Mrs. Jones gave a talk on the importance of child train- ng. There was an average attendance of 20 women at each meeting. Additional meetings are being held this week. Bone Patient Goes to Hospital Again Irvington Sept. 20—Duane Riley was taken back to the Kossnth hospital Sunday, because of a broken right leg which he suffered as 10 tumod nvnr in hnrl *« uuu. 16p52 FOR "SALE—TWO 65-OAL^~VlNE. gar barfrels, 1 low-hung 2-whooi trailer, good box and tires.—Handv Qroccr y- I8pl FEW CHOICE POLAND CHINA iboars for sale. — Jess Dugan illo west and half mile south' of Burt - _18pl-3 FOR SALE-REGISTERED ShT^pT shire rams, yearling and twos — Bush Bros., 1 miles southeast 'of Emmetsburg. 14,pl-2 PIANO—SEE IN ALGONA. ONLY $48 left. Cash only.—Write Minneapolis Piano Company, 2-110 West Broadway, Minneapolis, Minn 20pl were to take x-rays Monday to determine the nature of the break and ^, CaU £ Gd thc bone to break so readily. Duane had already spent -he greater part of the summer at -«.X 8P f^m Wh K r ° h6 SUffered in " y rrom a bone infection, the: 'eg and arm being affected. -The Clrarni of These Simple Silk Dresses Chrischilles Store Wednesday Morning, Sept. 22 "'/!? WiU be plenty of shoes in this awn U6W an ^ a11 standar d solid shoes that will give sat.sfaction. Over 900 pairs So m i? n WO J ne , n>S ' and chil dren's shoes Ph o, 7 f ° Ck ' about 60 ° P airs from ^e Elmore stock, and we are putting 1500 Over S ° U - ° Wn 8t0ck into this sale cost aU ' S t0 be S0ld at 8 We own them away below market price and will sell them to you cheaper Thov h° U T 11 , ever buy good shoes a ^in. J hoy have to be sold. We need the room. ,. m JJ Wlllf s ° on be overshoe time, and we uill Have to bring goods from the basement upstairs. There are 140 dozen overshoes in the winter s °° ds ttat Jimmie Neville THE SHOE MAN There's something so prac tlc al-as well as ornamental —about this charming costume suits, with their chic £SX and their flatteriD ^ You'll simply adore the styles we are showing i n tfia extensive early Fall selection ail P.nlni^a innl...]! , , _ -ses —sizes 12 to 20, priced at $29.75 new7,rr d rerer--,S yadaS ™= x ° Pall dresses are look at but once un , tomer they reveal the ing ne w lines which make Jem really outstanding All Jolors are featured here $8,95 to $19,75 FOR SALE—MOTORCYCLE Har- -loy, 1934-73, now motor, de luxe Radio Service Satisfactory Service in Algona Since 1922. ED. GEJTRICH At Bjnstrom's 'wttorial.s. d rnsH Trim We have Priced low, and Payment, that we a,] possession of this Ian] 2—80-acrc imp. f^ 200-acre farm. All close to good townsji es, on graveled roads, We Have the Goi ^ F • n The successful store must carry tremendous stocfcl That is one of the principal reasons why The I fm?!^ St ° re h , as been a leader in tlie retail fiefc -i lor b/ years. We have always carried greatstocbd wanted merchandise. ' ' This Fall, our racks are simply crowded with „ stylish and authentic merchandise, gathered fromL the markets of the United States at lowest cashpril nf'fi,-° ™ atter wllat your needs'are, you will (Ul at this store. * Coats, Suits, Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Hats, » Dresses—every item represented here by compi hensive selections. Purses, Hosiery, HandkercW bilk Underwear, accessories of all kinds, aretofel round here in abundance. Thats what makes ft| onrischilles Store a successful institution. Let us supply your Fall needs. Let us show you til new things. Our sales ladies are courteous, ouritl ers efficient, and you'll like the friendly atmosp of this grand old store High, Wide and Handsome These dashing new hats at The Chrischilles Stoi High crowns and sweeping brims, wide brims deeper backs, handsome fabrics, felts, and s»« 1111(1 every detail is flattering. That's the story these chic new Fall that are creating su furore among the njinded women, more to tell about new hats than mere can express — or P 1 show. But this much is obvious— you 11 have more hats this season. There's a style treatment for every mood, ana to complement every fashion trend. You can be alternately daring, and gay, distinguished and cas- Ucll, See ti, es e new hats at the CfcrfecWIIes Sto*- 1 *^ IS always nnnovmnat

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