Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1937 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1937
Page 9
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RENDERING IOMPANY tne No. 7 l)pn«l Stock PHKK |make and sell Top brand of r . POST nnd Trnn«f«'r (GEOFALL KINDS Mstance Hauling bad Insured agrainni | damage of all kind* (j to do all ttlnda of « land draying \ •898 Alpona. l«w» J IRGE IOWA [D COMPANY Iniiig for District Man- 2 Hivlcsincn in this Opportunity to cs- [.business up to $4,000 Write for purlieu- nro this paper. FRED BOEHM, wn S ° r>L ^-" lono wZn° '""" 1 community KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA PAGE NINE Boys are Girls, Girls Are for L. R. Class Day T/one Rook, Snpt, 20 — Sopho- 1 aucr, Mrs. Morwin Marlow, Mrs. ninrcs cnlortiiinotl I. ho freshmen at| Frnnlt Householder, and Mrs. Fred <ni initiation party Friday evening. | Plalgl _ ami;™" « sl 'l | ' 1 o HlKh school and faculty UnftNl Buy Is I'lnnncd- «'»<!- 1 w '";nnl«oBii CH u ) . Ul ' B(flll » onh "' «''«: Donald Tho Mite society mot Thursday wi '" M™. Jay Gotldcn. Plans were The Register & Tribune Co. held ling sickness up to date. He kept omnn Pnv --">••"-•« kjjitLi jj uiuvu u; \_riuiiciua, '"<"-"'• AH un; i;vc-iiu ,„.,..' «,,, i Minn - Saturday to attend the fun- the new rocket train. tors and Mrs. John Dempsey were ters, the managing editor, was the as the former Luita 'bolder M ' Tjarks, of this plar.o, leaving oral surviving children, and (laughtor, living in Illinois. Fun- Willanl Quimi sev- HiiniiiH'rstroin, Viola ono 'luanita Wogoncr, James oral services were held Thursday ™<1 Wallace n'obson' at Uoonu, whore other relatives <ue " buried. Rath, Raymond Laabs, Other Lone Bock. 0. L. Thorsen, «% miles northwest of Swea City, is building a 'Senator HorrhiK gave a short' new house 28x32 with a full ba.se- talk. He said that while ho was mont. This house is TJolonial style in Washington, and if he wanted with French windows. 0. L. owns FiirwHl Shower is (Jivnn— •Members of tlu; Work or Play' the assembly club mot Friday evening at the ., home of Mrs. W. J. Dwuon, honor- ' S » r I>Hsc- 1'nriy is (Jivon— ing Mrs. K. I. Fisher at a .shower , A surprise party was hold t , s nor, spent from was a smarter man than Henry i farm work, and are handy with the his family here. Fred Flaig is ThUMday With i»S Mr*. K. |. Fisher at a .shower'" surprise ^ lr ^ was "old last home Scl uvlo • Rntr and farewell parly. Mrs. Fisher Wodnosdny evening for Mrs. Otis oi u'the. wnrlr and two dimi™ leave Sunday for ^I 11 " 10 ™ «<• her homo. Attending: , Frank pYZ anil Minneapolis, when.- (hoy will mako M "' E""" Kraft, Mr.s. James Act made «, bu^nesT r their future |,, mit .. Mr. Fisher lias { "' Mllln ' Mrs. Raymond Bierstodt, Frid iv " C!>B U Knnnrml ot/v.utt ,,i , ,. iVn'K. A.'II-MM M«,*i i »«-.. -. . inatLj. remodeling ,, , PriKcilla Wayne gave a short Cttrpcnlor Thorosen also rents 280 acres in connection with his talk. This is the woman who writes ! his 300 acres. They have 35 acres helpers for the Tribune. She- spoke very' in potatoes and figured they would highly of the editorials in both tho start digging potatoes Wednesday Alex Krueger Register and Tribune and said she ! * * * * J1U1H1UU1 . ln . lcl , lv ip to S » oncer could even swallow Jay Franklin.! Ed Saathoff, 2% miles north of ocurcil steady employment thorn Mrs - A:ira 'i Neolaml, Mrs. Merle A ei'rl w-i, hnvn TJVM , + TVT ' , ° r Oach group ° f neo -, Swea Cit V. was busy plowing Fri- riving a laundry WilKOII . Thoj50 <'ulhort.sun, Mrs. Dolbert Oeitzcn- and Mrs Ail-nii ialcm * P» W f", i s ° Kparalc !' ooms ' where day. He farms 2D7 acres. This is •- • ana Mrs. Ail'lnn Eakei. thov talkorl nhnnt Hm different the farm that was put up at auc- \CTOR PPLIES ry a supply of tractor nins, ball and _ro!5<>r \s, clutch plates, am! cores. Jivlien yon are in need above supplies. 1ENBERG ito Supply Phone 118 and Truck Owners have installed a new |-to-tlate tire equipment it will retread, reline pair or vulcanize al fes. Our retreads give the same traction, ser- ce, ami safety that new os will give at less than (tlf the cost, aranteed. All wort •LSENA KLAMP TIRE SHOP All WEEK I IDA IRY CATTLE CONGRESS HAL BRGMN SHOW' MIDWEST INDUSTRIAL EXPOSITION AUJEO SHONS A never-to-U-f orgotbm "position of qualify tock .wembl.d every corner of ica, score* of ed- ttcational displays, do.- 'nsofcontests and dear rations, hundreds usual ^ ACTION EHI, *d«luge of inspiration. Wucation and ente*» buildings and 80 ttendiug were Mrsdamos Fred damson, Fred Hagcn, Clarence' oopor, Lcm Slonkwoll, (luy Hruns ' aymond Uartlett, Jerry" Uruenii oorgo IliKgins, Arond " Ihmkcn'i ick Meyers, Wm. Ricklefs, John' 1 adamakor, Win. Demon, and Mrs. i isher. Material for two print nesses, with thread and all acccs- iries were presented to Mrs. isher. omit; Couple on Mr. and Mrs. John Stott, newly- Lakota, Sept. 20—Farm Bureau they talker! about the branches of work. Then came tho mark, N. D., a week ago Saturday. I bll « 0bll " t ' uo1t - '™ S J S bettor e , ach n/r nc ,,i „ ™..-., «.,.._ ^. .. timo - J lie largo ball room was dec- tion this summer, but was not sold. At the house Mrs. Saathoff Mosdames Fred SchropfW T?ort b '"T , ','•'," "" K " ""• 1 "'"" 1 " wllci uuu - | s h°wod us the now baby girl, who .;.. „ . 1 ocmocdei, Bert orated like a farm yard, just as! is nine weeks old now. They have Jensen, Hugh Lewis, Vance Lester, j though they had been threshing. and Rufus Olthoff served the regular 25-cent supper at the Presbyterian church Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Johnson attended the funeral of Mrs. Johnson's sister, Mrs. Dick Welp, at Titonka, a week ago Saturday. Straw was kneo deep on the floor. They had built a straw shed on the* stage, and the orchestra played here. The men wore dressed in blue overalls, and each wore a large straw hat and a red bandana handkerchief around tho neck. The room was lighted with kerosene eds, tire spending their honey- Project women held a successful „....- y ullu . iyll - s toon at hden Valley, Minn., at tho meeting at Mrs. J. H. Holcomb's mother, Mrs. Opal Wheeler omo of the bride's sister. Upon last week Tuesday afternoon with to Des Moines Thursday ' icir return they will be at home women from Lodyard, Lincoln, and ' Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Ley and | lanterns. They served Mie supper daughter Betty and Mrs. Ley's, like they do at threshing— ,.„,,. -- -jodyard, Lincoln, and i the (.allies property vacated by Hebron townships present Mrs. 10 Maurice Hanson family. Mr. .lorry Heelland opened the meeting tott is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. and introduced Lucile Pepoon, H. j r. Stott, and is employed by Wil- D. A., and Mrs. Alma Jones, ' exam Ricklefs. The bride is a tension specialist. Miss Pepoon Seneca Loren Byers was seriously 111 in . „ „.,_ „„„ ov , lluuc)1 aughtcr of Mrs. Margaret Lang, gave a short resume of the new bed with asthma last week' vmg south of town, and thoy were Project, Child Development. Mrs. i Howard platters of fried tatoes, and gravy. Only ten chickens were on a platter. Tuesday noon after dinner John Cowles gave a short talk, saying how they were striving to put out a better newspaper every day. After John Cowles had finished Gardner Cowles Sr. told how he started out as a salesman when he He sold religious charts Ho walked, and at times some figuring how to named her Marjorie Elaine. There are five girls and three .boys in this family. Two of the boys are twins, named Edward and Edwin, now 13 years old. They attend school in Swea City. Their mother said they never toll on each other except on rare occasions when one becomes provoked with the other and will tell. * * * * Andrew Farland, a half mile across tho state line in Minnesota north of Grant school, has some very interesting little boys. They showed a tractor they had built on an old buggy chasis. They call it John Deere, and they had used part of an old washing machine wheel for. a fly wheel. ttendants. Fason ('itytins in Visit,- uiGcin dogs. "toJ el . t - - , - . nome materials that help in the mer Seneca school superintendent, how and when he came to Algona. care, and comfort of the sick. The sophomore class entertained He still calls this his old home ALMOST EVERY DAY SOMEONE comes to buy a package of the Advance's thin yellow second sheets for letter copies. . Pamphlets on improvised sick room Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Larseu and equipment, with several patterns, on Roger, of Mason City, wore were given to each woman. Mrs. allers here Thursday afternoon, 0. H. Frerking sang a solo with Irs. Larson attending afternoon Mrs. Heetland as accompanist. The ridge at Mrs. Leo 0. Wolfe's, Ledyard women served refresh- •hilo Mr. Larson attended to bus- moms at a prettily decorated table, ness connected with the owner- Mosdames Grant, Baldwin, Hebron, hip of his building on Main street and J. H. Warburton, of Lincoln, ccupicd by the Mann hatchery,' poured the cholocate and coffee, nd Roger mooting as many of his The date for tho first lesson will Id classmates as possible in the iiort time given him. uxilinry Purchases nothing— The oxocutlve board of the Lo- be announced later. Lillio Nelson is Married— Lillie Nelson, daughter of Mrs. Gust Nelson, was married to Alvin ion Auxiliary unit upon call by Hunter, of Stevens, a week ago lie president, Rose Bonaclter, mot Saturday at Elmore. They were Vednesday evening to purchase attended by Albin Nelson, brother lothing for their adopted son, of the brido, and Helen Christ. The "Yoderiek W., which was sent to, young people will make their home lie department the following morn- at Stevens, where the groom has a ng. It was necessary to outfit this position in the store. oungstcr with both school and Sunday clothing. Mrs. Eva Peter- Schoolmate is Missionary— ,en is welfare chairman for this] The Rov. and Mrs. 0. H. Frerking attended a Mission Festival at Woden last week Tuesday. The speaker was Dr. Robert chool at the freshmen initiation at the school house last week Tuesday evening. Mrs. Jay Godden entertained the ione Rock Mite society Thursday afternoon. Ralph Drinnan was sick in bed everal days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gardner entertained at a watermelon feast Tuesday evening the Frank Looft amily, Mrs. E. M. Gardner family, Bancroft, and Mrs. Chris Nielsen, ind Mrs. George Anderson, of Chicago. Darrell and Eldon Lee spent last veek Tuesday with the'ir grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Fester, of near Dopew, while their parents attended the Clay county fair. ear. mam •Ylhnvship Sunday I'liinncd— Good Fellowship Sunday at tho Ahrens, missionary in India 27 Methodist church will bring to-. years. He is a former schoolmate ether members and friends of the;»f the Rev. and Mrs. Frerking church for a covered-dish dinner, \ when they attended tho University followed by a program of music in ° r Dubuque. _ charge of Mesdames Hoon and Ifm . A , )em]i( , j(is O perution Stowart, and an address by the | Mrs> c Rippentrop, nee Idah lastor. 'J his is an annual affair Tol was taken to the hospilal ind each family brings d.shes and , u Buffalo Cenlor a week gat . sufficient food for their own, and iUr(] for an operation following coffoc is made at the church. j an acute attack of app6ndlcitis . I Friends who visited her last week reported her seriously ill, but expected to recover. Shoivcr Given by Lutherans— A large crowd attended the postnuptial shower given by niemoers and friends of the Lutheran church _ honoring Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cal-j M,. S . otto Koppeu was hostess to lios Tuesday evening, and many t i, e Methodist Aid at the church fine and useful gifts were received. Wednesday afternoon. 'This was the last business meeting before Methodist Aid Kntertiiined— Other Titonka News. conference, and the year's business Mr and Mrs. ('. V. Pendorgast was closed. Members are now plan- returned Wednesday from Minne- »'"K f°r lhe annual bazaar Oct °- apolis, where they had taken their her -0. granddaughter, Betty Kokesh, who Ijllliotnn , s 5rot , 1<>r is D cad _ entered high school there making, Gusl Kopl)en rec6 i ve d word „ her home with her mother. The wfiek ago Monday of the death of Pendorgasts have raised their ]]is w , fe , s mother in Wisconsin, and granddaughter since the death 01 he an(J h , s SQn Harold left at once her father, but as they plan to t(j attend the funeral> , Mrs _ Kop . spend the winter in California or h , )een (here three weeks _ Florida, and later locate elsewhere,; 1 it was necessary to enter Betty in jjjssion Festival Sunday— another school. The annual Presbyterian Mission •Mrs. Frank Fisher has returned' Festival will be held at the church from Monona, where she and her: next Sunday. Doctor Young, a re- brother from Britt were called by .turned missionary from Persia the serious illness of their sister, I w m be the speaker at the morning and when they left there was a 1 very slight change for the better. Mrs. Fisher's daughter, Amie, was quite sick upon the return home of her mother, but is now recovering. The German Band, whose players were young men direct from service. Other Lakota News. The Rev. and Mrs. Harvey Nelson drove to Armstrong Wednesday afternoon to meet Mrs, Nelson's mother, Mrs. Bergman, ol Germany, failed to attract a crowd iDanbury, who came from her home at the Titonka coliseum for a dance ! v ia bus. She will visit the Nelsons and-show Thursday evening, and till conference time and will ac- the date was cancelled. Professor Hunt, of Bancroft, spent a couple of evenings last week surveying for the installation of water works in the three new residences being erected on Main «x>n and evening. of**f »*!*§*«« j John Boehm and children, Spirit Lake, called here Wednesday en route to New Hampton, where he had been called by the death of his father. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Harms, farmers north of town, are parents of a daughter born Tuesday night, making a family of two girls and one b °Mr and Mrs. Edward Saathoff and Mr. and Mrs. Leeter Callies attended the Spencer fair Thursday afternoon and evening. Mrs Heyo Boekelman returned Friday after a week visiting her sister, Mrs. Minnie Heitland, of La- k °Fred Baaman, of the Baaman Auto Repair Shop, drovp to Chicago on business over tne wee* ' en pale Craven, of Sioux City, is 1 spending a few days at the parental home. he faculty members and the high; town. Elmer K. Johnson, of the Good Hope neighborhood, was plowing with three horses and two mules Wednesday. Elmer said he had had no horse sickness so far. He had been feeding his horses plenty of wheat bran. He did not know if this kept the sickness away. But it is worth trying. * * * * Otlo Wichtendahl, Lotts Creek, was busy Wednesday working on the Lotts Creole creamery books, for he is the secretary. He is also a good farmer and keeps his place i in tip-top shape. * * .H * The Clarence Gardners, south of Swea City, have two boys, Don, 5, and .Tamos, IS months. These boys Mrs. Chris Nielsen and Mrs. 3eorge Anderson, of Chicago, re- are huskies. James weighs 32 urned home Wednesday after a pounds and says he will whip Joe week with their mother, Mrs. E. M. Louis some day. Clarence has nine Gardner, and other relatives. fine horses and has had no sleep- . ¥ W 1_ • 1 f* 1 Hybrid seed 931-942 Number 931 is the Corn recommended for planting north of Highway No. 10. Number 942 is about one week later than 931. Certified seed planted. Isolation and detasseling all under state inspection. $3.50 per bushel of 85 pounds, according to moisture content, as picked from the field. We have started picking seed so you can get corn any time. Alvin Engstrom 2 miles north and 2 miles east of Remvick, MORE HEAT /»» LESS FUEL by Regulating Fuel to AIR instead of AIR to Fuel! Too little air or too much air makes a poor fire regardless of fuel. Heretofore automatic heating devices provided the proper ratio of fuel to air some of the time. Now, for the first time, the amazing, new BALAN- STAT invention keeps on supplying the correct ratio of air to the firebed after fuel-feeding stops. BALA<VSTAT The AUTOMATIC HEAT Wou've Always Wanted Actually Is Thriftiest You Can Get ... The BALANSTAT thriftily cuts off fuel feeding at just the right firebed level. But it's a spendthrift with FREE AIR. The result is a constant stream of healthful warmth always maintained at the comfortable temperature you select on the thermostat. Completely overcome are the chilly periods and the too hot periods of on and off firing. Fuel costs hit new; all-time lows when the Automatic Butler relieves yon of the drudgery of fire-tending. It fits any furnace or boiler. Comes in attractive hopper models or Self - Coaling, Bin - To - Burner models. Low monthly investments make it EASY TO OWN. A heating survey NOW. costs you nothing. "BIN-TO-BURNER' SELF-COALING MODEL STREAMLINED HOPPER MODEL ATTENTION, TENANTS! Why not buy a farm this fall? We now offer reasonable down payments, balance on :ontract 26 or 29 years to pay, annual payments amounting to no more than customary rent. See if you can qualify for the Aetna Bonded Feature. See me at BANISH WASTE, SOOT AND SMOKE... TURN YOUR HEAT MAKING OVER TO THE BUTLER COAL STOKER EQUIPPED WITH THE BALA/VSTAT DEALER ance. E. T. HAUPTMANJf Authorized Representative Aetna Life Insurance Co. Corwith, Iowa MANUFACTURED BY BUTLER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Kansas City, Mo. F. S. Norton & Son Ask us about the Butler Stokers already giving service in Algona. Two and Three Year Records company them to Sioux City. Reiner Harringa sold his 37-acre farm adjoining Lakota on the north to Fred Swar'tz, who will take possession March 1. The Har- rlngas have not decided where they will move, but expect to buy a larger farm. Mrs. Bert Dun, who has spent several weeks visiting her sister- in-law, Mrs. Ida Smith, and other relatives, left for her home at Bis- Small Loans Up to $300 ON AUTOMOBILES LIYE STOCK 10USEHOLD FDBNITURE, ETC, Prompt, courteous, confidential service. NORTH IOWA FINANCE CO Upper Pel Moio*» "lone You're shaved. No nicks Its tint lor GLIIEKS WE GIVE YOU $10 For Any Old Stove, Regardlessllof Condition, As A Trade-In Value On Any NEW FAMOUS Torridaire Regular Price $49.50 to $79.50 •Entire inner unit of cast iron, extra heavy, rugged—to withstand severe usage. •Each of the five sizes is identical in design and construction—fire bowl weights on the new TOKRIDAIRE increased 60% over the ordinary type— HOT BLAST DOWN DRAFT TUBE—doors fitted to precision air tightness—easily ac- ceslble cooking top—the very thing for heating water, warming milk, preparing a cereal, a light breakfast or supper. •Porcelain enameled back. Louvres reflecting heat downward, preventing cold and drafty floors. •All joints interlocked and double cemented, which prevents the escape of gases, leaks and drafts. • Water pan gives comfortable moist healthful heat. Enameled to prevent rust, insure long use. •All ash doors have sliding dampers, machine ground. •Mica fire door, giving open- fire cheerfulness. • Cast iron round reversible collar. •All these features—such as Enameled back, Hot Blast Tube—and others enumerated are included at our lowest price—in short, there are no "extras". Your Satisfrction IS GUARANTEED IN WRITING When you buy a Tor- ridaire Circulator Heater you are given a written guarantee by its maker, The Tennessee Stove Works, that it will give you years of trouble free service. Ask your dealer. Act Now! Bring in Your Old Stove! Or Call and We'll Get It for You EASY TERMS AS ALWAYS' justrom's Home Appliances, Algona FOB THE VALUES

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