Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1937 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1937
Page 8
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BUSINESS DIRECTORY KOSSUTH COUNTY APVANC1 .Weekly Newspaper Founded li 1901. Entered as Second - Class- Matter December 31, 1908, at thf Postoffice at Algona, Iowa, Under the Act of March 2, 1879. Class Officers Are Elected by Ledyard H. S. Pupils LAWYERS iff. B. Quarton H. W. Mllle: QUARTON & MILLER Law Offices. Phones: Office 427, residence 814 Algona, Iowa. J. L. HONAR Attorney-at-Law Office Iowa State Bank Bldg. Office phono 460-W. Algona, JOWH SULLIVAN, McMAIION & LINNAJ X W. Sullivan S. E. McMahoi, L. E. Linnan Attorneys-at-Law Office in new County Mutual Bldg Phone: Office, 201. Algona, Iowa HAKUINGTON & LOWE Attorneys-at-Law R. J. Harrington J. D. Lowf Phone 287 R. j. H . 44, Office Over Postoffice E. J. YAN NESS, 0. W. STELLMA* Lawyers Office in new Heise Block, Phone 213 Algona, low* G. D. Shumway E D Kellj SI1UM1VAY & KELLY Attorneys-at-Law Office in Quinby Block 58 Algona, Iow» L. A. WINKEL Attorney-at-Law Office in Quinby Buildic- Phone ISO 16 SWEA CITY STUDENTS OFF FOR COLLEGE UUVUIILU KIYKIU—jvruen Anderson, vuiunumg me spencer rail- last Swea City, Sept. 20—The exodus President; Donald Daniels, vice; we ek wore Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Wel' college students began last ? ulh Pric ' b e. sec.-treas., Miss fai 'e and Doris; Mrs. Ella Gelhaus eok vw™ „, , j Donros . sponsor. iand Luetta; Mr, and Mrs Harrv eeic. Eleven upper classmen and uin-i.tv. T ™-i,. .... .- o~i ...... «' . „ . il<ul - v . KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA, IOWA TUESD Lodyard, Sept. 20—High school Immediately, classes elected officers 'and sponsors as follows last week: Seventh grade—Arden Anderson, Other Lcdynnl News, Attending the Spencer fair last week wore Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Wei . , ^u./.uo, nijuusur. iand upper classmen and Eighth-Jean Estle, pres.; Con-' Schroeder; Pearl, Rnth, and r.,,n llosn '" on llilve departed for nie Garry, vice; Glenn Mabis,, Claude Haag; Mr. and Mrs. George coiiegc. Iho upper classmen are trcns.; Blanche Haag, Sec.; spon-j''"oft; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hil- Koy jji-avonder, 4th year commer- aor, Miss Doorcs. forty; Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Yahnko cml student at Iowa U; Merlin i Ninth—Peter Smidt, pres.; Ed- 1 ™'' daughters; Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Uuson, 4th year forestry at Iowa ward Lloyd, vice; Jean Gable, sec.; jMaync; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bau- bt.uo college; Doncil Stockman, Mr. Morris, sponsor. I man; the John Johnson family iVvnl°i'f r n" B n Cl ° 10R> !'. Min » os °taU; Tenth—Laurcnco Flynn, pres.; I Harold Herzog; Phyllis Torgorson; I'm b ' eX ° ' 11 i; cllminilr y work Naline Hans, vice; Edna Dontje, Mr -« n ''Mrs. Joe Mayno and" Alice ' ol ""nistry; Gustavus Adolph- scc.-treas.; Mr. Holt, sponsor. Mr - «nd Mrs. Alfred Ziclskc; Alice us, bt. leter, Minn.; Helen Fan- Eleventh—Ervin Beonken, pros- 'Moulton; Mrs. Theresa Cropp. us Sf ? y^ 1 '"t Gustavus Adolph- Porn Stengel, vice; Lurene Lloyd,! Mrs. Fred Bauman entertained'breathing a sich of us, St. Fetor; Robert Leland, 2nd sec.; Miss Stoflot, sponsor. I the Lakota Lutheran Missionary 1 m , Estherville; Twelfth —Bernard Anderson, society Wednesday afternoon. Her•{!",, Bf , hannons . nw 111B u Arlowe Blome, vice; Geneva daughters, Mrs. Persig and Mrs. "u . tn ?.. Cf ! r to n safe s top. TIRE WILL BE BLOWN OUT BY RAIL SPIKES Demonstration to Be Given Tuesday by "Dutch's." Watching a speeding automobile lywods are graduates of the Livermore high school. Tho Swensons moved last spring to Pine River. Club Opens New Ycnr— Mrs. R. J. Oilman was hostess last week Tuesday at the Twentieth Century club's opening fall meeting. Following lunch, roll call was answered with vacation experiences and greetings by tho new president, Mrs. William King. Mrs. R. II. Clark had charge of tho Headers' Digest. Other Livcrmorc News. Mrs.- Albert Smith and her daughter Lois returned a week ago from Milo, where they had been cnmo rnii-iti«- ,i~, n i. i j called because of Mrs. Smith's tonic roaiing down the highway- | molhor , B B | ckno88i M rs. Noll Wei- nearing a tire blow oiit—waiting .bi c , Milo, cnme here with the I fo tho car to crash in the ditch relief VPII- I.IW~I'T~" "T'T~;V"' "'" ' ith Gclhaus - sec.-treas.;'' Supt! Gran- Anderson, Blue Earth, were here to ycai, ui\v, at Iowa U; Donald Bar- ner, sponsor. n«,«,i=f i,— gor, 2nd year animal husbandry, Iowa State college; Lucille Evans, Methodist Aid Elects— !?I1 M Vno 1« n * O J ., 1 _ fll i assist her. L. A. Nitz and C. Smith, who were in South Dakota buying cattle, returned Wednesday, and "CKO- iiPino in ^i s C °'~ A weelt «S° Monday evening the', L ' Ul ™wncu Wednesday, and ena Vistn Bl d yoar ' B "" MeU >"dist Aid held a special bus- £ or ? nz Nilz drove to Wessingtou Prwihraon are- TnninrTT T ^ mectln S at the church. Tho Sp , r J n B B ^ bring back the cattle. rss™ « M sr T-:= sssH^s^fck&is Minn.; and — « . •"[-} un.\ji\. i, in; iJin,HGt and Mrs. Elvin Carpenter ifu calm-day with friends, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. AVard, of Oelwcin, for Dnluth to visit over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Swartzoll left Thursday for their homo in 01 in - -— »» uuii, ui,u jy, I hat will be the experience of Algona residents next week Tuesday, according to W. A. Lorcnz, local dealer for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber So., who operates Dutch's ., Super Service. The demonstration, which ho conducted east of the will fair- vm.,i V i -•,••'-'"• """- «ui*iiu; .;nu vice, Mrs. N. A. Pin- „„ u JV1IK - J - u ' swartzell el I ,c inU MankR t°' Rio; secretary, Mrs. Elvin Carpen- Thursday for their homo in OH Hanson. |t er; treasurer, Mrs Aoilt Troff It n tcr {l weok wlth thoir daughtci s .... v ,. if j Wi >s also voted that hereafter any- j M ™' K ' vin Carpenter. .-« in '""i-— one using the Aid dishes silver or ' J- H ' Welfare and Don's an uanney Ames, <md Mau- trays, other than Aid ' members Mrs ' chnrlos Hilferty, visited a -m, 01 iowa City, visited would bn nh.-ii-fnri n ™,,.,,i *, ' Ralph Johnson's in Hivini \uwi,, n<! , vii^,,. ,,, L11U III I I" grounds, according to Mr. Lorenz will conclusively prove that blow- l*. Students Rii4sr.ll ]}'inn,v A, i „, "'" ; uol "« Ulu ^viu ensues, silver or VOar S \vnr-l.- of fl.« ..-....!._ « . ^ ^VIH Will sell t _ IIILII ^ degree and Miss Bannon with a B.' teaching at the univer.sity', sailed recently for Nanking, China, to fur- Con volition Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson Mrs ; J. H. Welfare and Don's, and Johnson's in Grant Wcdnes- afternoon. Mrs. Alfred Krammersmeier, Bernice Suiith, Dorothy Stoflet, and were in Blue Earth Helen O'Dell and Alice Hagge visited at Elwin O'Dell's in Banj c , roft Wednesday evening and Rural Letter Confers! 'T^J mombors of the raculty county meeting at the • "01 *- iniitl, LU LUi ~ fill a live year contract to teach in ^h'^^-'^r^^ , "i l " c ^'^lontert . »„„„>. a , ,„,,,,,« = g^j MyrT-25: SSS " has been received from him since ho arrived in China. T invrt muiuuurs or me faculty ¥,,., °? terlalned thc now teachers at a jLUCb*"Tlir>nin n* T.-J i • A cable-Tim S °" gavc reports of the state con- son t to thc U. S . Grant on i VOlUl ° n ln Atlan "° ^ August. HIRAM li. WHITE Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 206 Algona, P. A. DANSON Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa State Bank Phones: Office, 460-J; Res. 315 Ju HUTCHISON DONALD C. HUTCHISON THEODORE C. HUTCHISON Attorueys-at-Law Security State Bank Bldg. Phone 251 Algona, lows MAURICE C. McMAIION Attorney-at-Law Office in Heise Bldg. Phone 325 Algona, Iowa DOCTORS N. KEtfEFICK Physician and Surgeon Office over Rexall Drug Store Office phone 300 Res. phone 326 anxiously watching | the war zone there. evening. Interlaken Thursday Ilonoyniooiiors Return Home-Mr, and Mrs. Harold llcsvik returned u week ago Monday from their honeymoon trip. On the following Tuesday evening 30 friends and relatives gathered at the homo ot the bride's parents, Mr. and M''s. Charles Ditsworth, to honor the newlyweds, bringing many useful and beautiful gifts. A delicious two-course supper was served, the color scheme being pink and white The centerpiece at the bride's table was a miniature bride and groom which was flanked on each side by a largo wedding cake which had been baked by the mother of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson and Duane were guests Saturday night at B. Cassler's in Algona. Rose Moulton was called to attended a^Standwd OT s^.^^^^^ss^ Kair 4 S'S k %.S yE «'S'-,S,SSS™- 1? «' BURT GARAGE BUILDING TO BE RESTORED Burt, Sept. 20—Rebuilding the Radake garage building was begun home at Fort Benton, Mont The G. II. McMullin family formerly of May City, moved here the first of last week and are occupying the house vacated by the Enos Wredes. Mr. McMullin is the new proprietor of the former Wrede grocery and meat market Mr. and Mrs. Julian Ames of (U ' rived ' last week. The garage was destroyed by fire several weeks ago short- ly afler jt hild been Purchased by Clifford and Virgil Schrader Cow- w to Mrs. Ames' sister, Mrs P N Sarchett, and her brother, C w' Schryver, who has been very eer- Grant is Defeated 7-1— Swea City high school's baseball team defeated Grant last week an & luesday afternoon, 7-4 at Swea. .tract. The building is'being con- ihe Swea City school board has structed so the west part may be leased an acre and a half north of used for a hardware and plumbing tne athletic field from Lars Erick- - business conducted by Clifford . ill for several weeks. Henry Strommen and Mr and Dick Roberts, of St. James, visited at the N. I. Morness craer ow- . . orness Son, Algona, have the con- ,? me a week a S° Monday evening ' C. H. CRETZarETER, M. D. Surgeon and Physician Office John Galbraith Block Phones 444-310 iUgona Iowa MELYIN G. BOURNE Physician and Surgeon Office in Postoffice Block Phones: Office, 197; residence, 194 DENTISTS v, -.~.« .num .uaijb i^riuic-! ^"* 3 '" uoa uujuuuuiea oy Uliffora Ihe fence has been removed, Schrader, while the east part will , LMVP* ,lnnhl« »V,« „ be use( J by yj^j, f()r & ga ^ repair shop. League Retreat is Held— An Epworth League retreat was held at the Burt Methodist church Sunday afternoon and evening. The 01 Mrs. Aiirea i *--.--•-- - """*»juij tiiau \_nciuy™ T„i— . _ Birmingham, Ala. DR. H. M. OLSON Dentist located over Christensen Store. Phones: Business, 16C; Res., 788 Algona, Iowa 6EO. D. WALRATH, D. D. S. General Dentistry Office in Postoffice Block. Phone 20 Algona, Iowa son. „,,„ "v».j ut;viA i CU-1U VUUi which gives double the room Necessary work on the diamond and outfield will be done this fall. Alabamans Are Honored Anna Linde entertained a week ago Monday at an afternoon "Kaffee Klash" in honor of Mrs. Alfred i Program included a worship ser- Jonnson and Gladys Johnson, of v 'ce conducted by Zelpha Rae--"- • A1 a. Other guests • Pratt, a discussion period, Chris- were Mrs. Anna Larson, Mrs. Con- I tian Youth Building a New World rad Linde, Mrs. V. L. Nelson, and'led by tho Rev. Thoburn Speicher' Miss Bucrkins. departmental discussions, and ., Plans for next year's work. A re- larm Momon Have Meeting— creation period was in charge of l<arm women from Swea, Eagle, j Kenneth Graham. This was follow- urant, and Harrison attended a tea ed by a pot luck supper. The Lasit. Lmil Larson's Friday. Mrs. i kota League joined with the Burt Alma Jones, state extension spec-1 League in this retreat and. the must, gave a demonstration of I evening devotions were led by a nome made nursery equipment. ! Lakota Leaguer, and an address Other Sivea City. Mrs. G. McDowell and daughter ^ ; was given by the Rev. Harvey Nel—n, Lakota, which was followed by " " ' ' ' •- . service. KARL R. HOFFMAN Dentist Office in New Heise Bldg. Phones: Office 44, res. 116. Dij. r. D. sniAAp Dentist Algona, Iowa Phones: Bus. 133, res. 174. LOANS AM) INSURANCE mjRTAGH & SON F«rm Loans lu-al Estate Insurance and Bonds Quinby Bldf.-. Phone 105 YOUR MONEY'S WORTH I~ HOMES. HOMESITES, FARMS, AND INSURANCE JOEL M. HKUIIST Office over In. St. Hk. Phone 93 See I). J). PAXSON ;\\'alu;r Smith. She attended teach- For Town Dwelling, Household | t ' r ^ ""^tmK at Algona Monday Goods, and Automobile Insurance.; Do not neglect your policy for of-' ten loss occurs when insurance ... \ t j,,.: •" .'•; •- " cvu spent'to succeed Mrs. E. A Iliff who rp- She "i'nn"', 1 , W!l ""'«*»"»<*•• »'Knod because of her removal to Star w,no ,1 i '""' ' h ,° Astern liancroft. Mrs. Velma McBride was Tho nev nrt M" r/*' , oloctcd vico S''» nd to «» the va- Aliom, «„.,;'" P,-H v ^^ liU 'y )f ' Caney CilUHcd b >' Mrs - Schmidts 'and Mr's H P B ,,n o ^ V ' pro ' uotlon - Mrs - Ella Steward was Schwvi,',.,. Bl "nlewee. The made warden and Mrs. J. H Gra- hchw ) h.ut.s are soon to move to' ham chaplain their now home in California, I \\nero Mr. Schwyhart has accepted <'<»"i"iuiiity Activities Planned— a l»>siturn of chaplain in the navy. A meeting of the Community -Mrs. i.i,,yd Stewart returned a club w«s held at the Marvin hotel weok ago Saturday to her borne in ; Wednesday evening. A 7 o'clock -Monne, ill., after an extended visit dinner was served, followed by the wun her paronu, Mr. and Mrs. ! regular business meeting. Plans iiarry 1 ish. Her brother, Lawrence j wcre made for a trade extension HMI, accompanied her home. campaign, und committees were 1 he .Methodist church people ub- " lsrj appointed to arrange for bas- .serveii Rally day Sunday by appro- ' ketball and volley ball facilities Dilate exercises by the Sunday I ill 'd an ice-skating rink this winter. school classes, followed by the an-!,, ,. „ nual picnic dinner in the church ty ' " s stt ' ttlc l'' r y basement. Members of the fannl brother ° mmen °^ '^' "Morness T s Gflrdner Patterson left Thursday for Ann Arbor, Mich., to resume his college work. John Schroeder went back to Ames Saturday where he is a student at Iowa State college. Margaret and Florence Rash returned Saturday to Chicago, where they are employed. They had spent nearly three weeks here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. W . Rash . Hattie Warda spent last week with relatives at West Bend and Emmetsburg. Martha Ruhnke and barah Schroeder substituted for her at the telephone office. The Sankey family, formerly of Bancroft, moved last week into part of the former W. A. Ladendorff house. The Fred Beitxes occupy the rest of the house Mrs. Tressie Ringsdorf spent outs need cause no damage whatever. They will show, he says, that a speeding car may be brought to a safe stop after a blowout, with the driver in complete control at "11 times, instead of crashing into the ditch or oncoming traffic! Secret of the demonstration is the fact that the cars will bo mounted on Goodyear LifcGuurd tubes, Mr. Loreny. said. The Life- Guard tube is in reality a tiro within a tube. An outer conventional tube contains an "inner tire" both being joined at the base. A single tmy vent allows air to pass from the outer tube to the inner tire and when a blowout occurs, air escapes instantly from the outer tube, but can escape from the inner tire only through the tiny vent. ! This means that the outside casing drops about an inch to ride on the nncr tire, while the driver brings thc car to a safe stop without a swerve. | Huge railway spikes mounted on ' i flat plate which is laid in the path of the onrushing car provides one means of blowing out tires dynamite caps that rip casings wide open provides another "Motorists of this city, as well as every other section of the country, are becoming more and more safety-conscious" Mr. Lorenz said LifeGuard tubes have proven themselves to be one of the great- ! est contributions to highway safety m a decade, have prevented many an accident that might possibly have resulted in injury or death.'', ARLENlsWENSON, LIVERMORE, DICK SCHULTZ^ WEDDED Livermore, Sept. 20 — Arlene daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L V Roy Swenson, Pino Ri ver , Minn., and ^ ha o r ^., S ° n ° f Mr - ^d Mrs. Wil- Smiths for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Ollio Smith cnter- rclatlves and friends over the September 11-.13 week-end eluding the L. L. Klscntrauts ' D FQ Bus Depot Algona Hotel I'lionc 2(52 IT** EXTUA ED1T10S Members of the faculty enjoyed a -i»-i niniui came from Cor- fiteilk {f V at the river east of town Friday to spend the week-end ! u w ? ek agu .Monday evening. The ho?- n-i t«i-in t .. Tic.. ..i , . t tiff ill r \V:i S In (VlO -r»n tura r\P si rtni parents, Mr. and lapses. . AIt; '«bc.rs of thu Immanuel - { llll ' l ' ; " 1 church attended the I a " nivursill ' } ' l>i llle Bancroft "tJliU I nf . "a* •*• •*** Mrs ! affulr wus in the nature of a get- lach-! l ; )get . ller for the new members of Mrs. pres Lu- the faculty Mrs. Bowie and Glenn Anderson, were also ient. Sunday afternoon VETERINARIANS thcran church and evening. (Jcorge K. Nelson was at 50th i Lu - Starts Nurse's Training- Mrs. Carl Bahling took daughter, Betty Walker, to Forest L. IV. FOX J. B. WINKEL Veterinarians West State Street, Algona Phones: Office, 475-W; Res., 476-R INSURANCE KOSSUTH COUNTY 5HITUAL DTSUEAJfCE ASSOCIATION $19,000,000 worth of insurance In toece. A home company. Safe, secure. D. D. Paxson, Secretary SHOE BEPAIRING Algona RUNGE SHOE SHOP Shoes Shined and Repaired. Iowa COItA D. MTT.LEB BEAUTY PARLOR Beauty culture In all its branches. Phones: Office 604, Apt. 896. Phone for appointment. Located above Behlmers. ALGONA, IOWA last week finishing the plumbing in the fine new English colonial home of his brother, Leo Nelson. Mr. und Mrs. E. W. Gregg, Denver, Colo., were guests last week at Frank Thompson's. Mrs. Gregg and Mrs. Thompson are sisters. Emory Bergesou went to Minneapolis recently to work in a skii factory. His brother Orvls also works there. Mr. and Mrs. August X. Peterson went to Spencer last week Tuesday to spend a few days with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Anderson left Friday morning for twp weeks vacation visiting at Morris, 111. June Thompson underwent a minor operation last week Tuesday at the Kossuth hospital, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. John Knutson visited last week at their son Hermie Knutson's, at Clarion. G. D. Curtis and Geo. K. Nelson were business visitors in Fort Dodge Wednesday. Mrs. E. S. Bergeson visited relatives at Ottawa, 111., last week. her Des Moines Thursday, and the latter entered the Methodist hospital for nurses' training. They were accompanied by Ruth Schroeder and Charles Hanna. Rural farriers Have Meeting— Kossuth rural carriers met last week Tuesday evening at L. H. Schenck's. Mrs. Maude Hanna and Luella Schenck were invited guests. Other Burt News. A number of Burt people attended the Spencer fair last week. Among them were Mrs. Maude Hanna and Charles, on Wednesday; Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Boettcher, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pringle, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dorrance, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dremmel, on Thursday; and Ed Weiske and Richard and Harold, Friday. The H. A. Salisburys took Mr. Salisbury's mother, Mrs. Claude Salisbury, to Elkton, Minn., Wednesday, where she spent a few days with a daughter, Mra. William Spear, before going to herj . "«"r3.Jmji A niJCllu last week Sunday with her son F A. Ringsdorf. The Tom Garrys' Bancroft, also spent the evening at the Ringsdorf home. Dr J. G. Clapsaddle went to Cedar Rapids Friday night to get his car, which Dean and Rachel and Mrs. Clapsaddle had driven to Iowa C-ity Wednesday. The Hi-Low bridge club met Thursday afternoon with Mrs M M. Lhipmau. Friday Mrs. E E Schwietert entertained the Fort- niRhtly club. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Lee, Mr. and Mrs Fred Fall, and Mrs. William Hathaway, Eagle Grove, spent Inursday and Friday at J. N. Hold- ng s. Mr and Mrs. James McConnell, daughter Florence, and niece Evolyn McConnell, Dwight, 111., vis- ted 1 hursday at J. H. Schroeder's. win , p '" b y tartan Mite society will hold its annual Guest day Wednesday afternoon. A number of other societies will be guests Mrs. Bertha Duclunanton returned to her home at Ellsworth Friday after a week or two with her daughter, Mrs. F. L. Pratt. Mr. and Mrs. Mennett Trunkhill are parents of a daughter, born a week ago Monday. The Trunkhills have two other girls at church They Shultz, t -- - «•"« A.ii,3, »VII- Livermore, were mar- the Mason City Lutheran Saturday, September 4 were attended by Vera sister of the bridegroom, of S wu, tems .;—, = ™ dirfl 0l J.r ing the cerel «ony a wedding dinner was served at the Ogi± y £ om ?' Mason City, Mr. and couple are now •U her at Des Moines, h <* "iT"J~ has eln Ployment. bride had lived nearly all 5 here, and both of the new-1 STANDARD OIL IMRODQCES 1938 RED CROWH KniMHettrarafoiiwitt" smmM»on.«isra»i " .. . , ^,.1- _j... nna f| mjftor fuel now f FRONT! 1. HIGl .LOHGERjlM*- .. FASTER ST««4 AT NO «TRA C* AMAZING SAFETY DEMONSTRATION , and da "gl«er. Al,, and Fred Marks, Cedar , , friends. FILMS DEVELOPED AND PRINTED ANY SIZE, 30e Free enlargement with any rolL LUSBY'S DEUG STOBE Auto glass replaced while fou wait. We carry a complete stock of window glass. GREENBERG Auto Supply Phone 118 SEE HOW NEW INVENTION TAKES TERRORS OUT OF BLOWOUTS $•• tirts en spading cars ripptd to p!.c« by railroad tpikti-blowil wid. op«n by dynamite caps. St« thtst ears kwp on going without sw.rving a singlo inch! So* thorn hold tho road slowing down to a salt, suro, straight lino stop with tho tiro still lnflatod~on tho amaiing now Goodyoar LifoGuard Tub* that makos tho worst blowout as harmless as a slow loak! Don't miss you won't beliov* your tyos! ^» - .: > * DUTCH'S ~4».as-}ia'as's~»r " 8wa ^ Cr »»kcase

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