Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1937 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1937
Page 7
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SEPTEMBER 21, 1937. LL , TUESDAY 1 o'clock MORRIS in FROM GLORY" Ung"—News food Stant" hurs., Sept. 22-23 iiatinees 2 p. m. SHOW AND ICTURES STAGE OUR SCREEN BAZD PITTS S T AUQHTY GIRLS" —Also— CHINA-JAP WAR SCOOP [Jliand information nat., 31c; night, 41c. TEACHERS IN FOUR COUNTIES COME TO ALGONAJOR A DAY More than 250 high school teach- ors from Kosauth, Humboldt Win- tended the teachers 7 " institute" "iU the, high school building here Mon- Tho principal address of the day was on Practical Considerations in the Development of the Unit Method of Teaching in High School, by W. C. Reavis, Chicago, who also criticised the program of the KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA PAGfi -year studies at the State- college. Thomas Frankl, with his graniT- this spring from the local high 'of the state bar association. He Is was formerly at the local Gamble'which will hasten his chosen best representative .... girl in her class. Attorney and Mrs. E. C. McMahon are parents of an 8-lb. boy, born Friday, the first child. Mrs. McMahon is a daughter of Mr. and th «. el «**.?°?; store before transfer to Red Oak. gressional district. He remained TT . . . .„._., for Senator Burton K. Wheeler's His home ls at Fort Dodge. address Saturday evening. and Mesdamos Harold Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Bishop drove to Ames Friday to take their son Brandt and Holman Anderson, with J 9 nn that far on the way to Iowa Mrs. Charles Duhigg, Emmetsburg, | Dr. and Mrs. H. L. McCorkle, spent Cit y f° r Ms second year in the and she formerly taught In the local high school. Itornlpo «l<ni-t,, i », , j.iiuinuB J.TUHHI, wiin me grana- homo with ™7i C ? n ,? d to her mother, Mrs. Mary Frankl, and „ „ .,- , -.- —-, as boon «i u Jaundice. She jaunt, Mary Frankl, left yesterday. Mrs - Georgo Hiett, Corona, Calif., " '•"•».«_HICK a WCOK. \ r,-,,. „ ,..„„!, „» o«_ mi.. _„.! i_i_ wp.rn crtip.atR frnin Rnnrlnv till Inat last week Wednesday at the Spencer fdir. Mr. Brandt is Decker state university. They also took graduation tinrrefBltjr John and Joyce ar« the only children of Mr. and Mrs* Christensen. Six yonng men, Negro singers from the Piney Woods /school In Mississippi, stopped here briefly; yesterday. The party consisted of the manager, driver, and fonr Bing- down their daughter, Mrs. B. L. ers , T hey live in their motor b«&, Mrs. David Logan, Spencer, and meat representative in this terri- Milliard, West Bend, Ind., and Ruth JLast night they gave a concert — •• - ' ' Mrs AHno for a «ok o lives at Kansas City Mrs. Win. F. Bteolc returned Monday from a few days with relatives at Orange City. . and Mrs. .1, p. Overmycr and for a wcck at Sac City and points -••« iJlvyhnnu \Jl LUC Utly I *r , wvutljljul U.HU. and gave the teachers pointers on Q r< , and Mrs - w - A - Foster were in North Dakota with A Mr. Dohty, El Paso, Tex., arrived Monday for afew days with the John Jordans. The Jordans lived at El Paso prior to two years ago and know Mr. Dohty there. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hawcott left methods in teaching. Sunday callers at Sheldon. There were five demonstrations TV/, *" ltl(!0 and her daughter in the morning, and another five rp, ary Jttnlcc went to Rochester in the afternoon. The morning i ln " rsda y to visit relatives, demonstrations wore on English I , l " Maxwell had an ap- world history, general mathematics' 1)Cl . n1dc , ctom y Wednesday at the Kos' ' — '--•-- - - '• suln hospital, and is recovering. Maurice Michel returned Sunday evening to Ames, where he is again a student at Iowa State college Af«... t i -t * • »*o-» • manual training, and general science. Esther Quinby, Algona teacher, had charge of tho mathematics demonstration. The afternoon demonstrations Jlrs. ,|. ,|. attended a bri- -_.. v i.»*.bv«i«iwuii u vinuiinLl (.LLlUIlia 11 l -»'-'«««"v»«j«i*i^ii- were on literature, biology, current' shower in honor of Amelia Er- ,t,.ntv>in™ n 4... iii— _ . Holding Sunday at the St. .loo hall. F. C'. /cndcr took his daughter problems, typewriting, and geometry. Five to ten Algona students were used in demonstrations. There was a round-table discussion from 11 to 12, and another from 2:30 to 3:30. Five panel speakers in English, history, and mathematics gave five-minute talks. A. J. Stoffy, DCS Moines, of the 1 „ . daughter uertrudo to Dubuque Thursday to begin her junior year at Clark college. IVnlU'r Comly, who had lived at were guests from Sunday till last week Tuesday at W. J. Fuller's. Both are sisters of Mrs. Fuller. Mr. Fuller is a traveling salesman for the Sieg Fort Dodge Co. A letter from Mary Kain, nurse in the Rochester clinic, to her sis- tory, and Mr. Anderson is a mem- Bishop, who teaches at Iowa City. |d er Lutheran auspices a* her of the Riteway grocery firm. Mrs - Bishop's sister, Maude Mc-' m ore, and tonight they will appear; I)r. nnd Mrs. G. D. Walrath and Broom principal of the- university's | at L U Verne, after which they will their daughter Jean wore Sunday elementary school, wont with them. | head for home . Tney haTe spent guests of Attorney and Mrs. Lester 1<rom Ame8 ,, , but the clder Bish " (nearly all summer in Iowa, They. Prewitt, Forest City. The doctor ops made their own way to their *. i -^ i, i 1.1.) +. \*i \j,-)\, v_/ll,J. J. 11\J UUViUJl ' j j i , . and Mr. Prewitt were fraternity destinatlons brothers when they attended the Mont, and Mrs. Mel Peterson, .ill *• 4111U JI1.1 n« VV . J^. ilU/W (JULl, lUtL «•,_„,„_ (11 t n . * last week Tuesday for two weeks ^^J,^,^ °.?!°_ be L 1 _ at the Okobojis. Mr. Hawcott is a member of the Hawcott & Ogg firm, operating the Wonder store. Joseph StllflicU, Mr. and Mrs. B. Martin, and Mr. and Mrs. Max Cal- ter, Mrs. Fern Drone, says that the^tate university. Mrs. Prewitt is wit - h their son Mel Jr., left Friday new duties at a government research hospital at Denver. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Johnson -». ...m ,«,. »uu »„. amA V-LI- M wv tw • lalmn, ail of Fort Dodge, spent the I *° , ^L „,' WttBhln S ton . Titonka. A. .1. Schnepf took his daughter Virginia to Iowa City Friday to attend the state university. She at- left Sunday for a two weeks tour tended the- Teachers college at Ce- the elder daughter of Lee 0. Wolfe, morning for their home at Ann- said that Mrs. Link Singleton U still housekeeper Jones. One of the for Principal girls of tb* Bolridge family near Irrlngton,, Bernice, is the wife of a teacher In. week-end at August Harig's. Mr. Stuflick is a. brother of Mrs. Har- IB. Eddie, Adelaide, and Rosella ITarlg, and Bernard Anderson, Alden, Minn., were week-end guests . - . dar Falls last year, and this is her and other points of interest. Mr. first year at Iowa City, whore she Johnson manages the D-X oil sta- is majoring in English and taking tion, and Mrs. Johnson is a sales- a new course called "the campus woman at the Cummings store. course." Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Montag, Mrs. Roy IVnlkcr, Salix, is spend- West Bend, and their two sons ing this week with her sons Nor- japolls, Md., after three days here .the school, and another Boldridge with Mrs. Peterson's parenW, | girl, who has been a stn3en.t Jn the school, is still there. Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Kanonff, who hnd just returned from a week at Mitchell, S. D., their old barne, left Tuesday for a week or so with, their daughters Ravenna, married, viuiJ, AM 1IIII.. W V>1 Is VVCUIV-UIIU. £•, UUOL" rt i i. ;• - --_„., —....,.., u . at August Harig's. Eddie is a noph- j™,° J 3 ""^,,,?"T r^J? ,"?* « n * ? a . r ° ld ' *°™ ?'" hotel 19 left .sisters. Hetty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ow and the girls nieces of Mrs. Harig. Lorraine Coonnn, of Emmotsburg, was a guest of her sister, Mrs. M. J. Stroit, Wednesday. She. was en route home from Des Moinos. Miss Coonan is Palo Alto county deputy treasurer. Attending the funeral last week ,, i Duf ^ a ncl ' « s far «« Sioux City Sat- The men attended the Field day at;urday, and thence she will return Bancroft in the afternoon. Mrs. Montag is a sister of Mr. Duffy. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skilling, Algona, son Donald, Mrs. Fred Dole, Irvington, and her daughters Evelyn, Marvel, Lucile, and Mildred to her home. Roy is with the Kennedy-Parsons Co., and Norman ropresenes the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Aria Itockwold and Lcighton and Lawrence Misbaoh spent last week Comptroller and Mrs. Murtagh, tagh, the lieutenant's parents, Mr. and the lieutenant's parents, Mr. erson is taking a post-graduate course in the U. S. naval academy. Mrs. Peterson was Ann Murtagh before marriage six years ago. She and her mother drove to Fort Dodge Thursday to bring up Mr. Murtagh, who, as usual, was here for the week-end. Mrs. I'. J. Clirlstensen took her daughter Joyce to Grinnell Monday to enroll as a freshman in Grinnell college. She was graduated from the Algona higb school a year ago and spent pant of the ensuing year with an aunt who is a librarian at Madero, Calif. The Christensen visited Mr. and Mrs. Chester Har-| Tuesday with the men's sister, Ison John, who attended the Unl- ---------- ... ~. .^^^.j, ^,, 0 UIUHIITB, UL uiu f< i, M..,.tr,,^i, i *. o , —, jviusnuiuir ine lunerai last WOOK ,„ , _ : _--_-..- |~ u ^ uu ., ,,.m ,.»,„ mou a DIBLUI, «uu juuu, >yuu ubteuuBu mo uui- state department of public inslruc- „,..,'PI t ,, , S unda y for Monday of Robert Neitzel, 15, who mon ' Woden, Sunday. Mrs. Har-, Mrs. Carl Spies, Emmetsburg. Mrs. verslty of Arizona lost year, has tion, cooperated with tho county vo ,,'•, V y attend the state uni- dled a£tcr a tonsillectomy at Iowal lnon JS MrSl Dolc ' s oldest daugh- Spies and Miss Rockwold once again enrolled there. He went to Superintendents in nmlrlni' mil- tlm ... '• _ . _. Pitir wora i.io fniv,,,,. ,\,.il,,,,. M O U_ tor. taUEllt tocether at Alvorrl. Mrnnrl ! Arizona fnr his TipnlHi'n anlro ntirt . superintendents in making out the program and made selection of , . „„,, tin ''"l' * nnd "' * l ™'> TT . Heine, Aus- City, were his Arthur Neit- some of tho demonstrators. Ho is ' n " ? amo Wednesday for a supervisor in northwest Iowa. !? WT , (tay f w ! h tllcir sistor - Mrs - A " FEATURES—21c IES. THRU SATUR. FEATURES—21c SHOOTING. SADDLE ACTION! OUT OF ADVENTURE INTO ROMANCE! STERS STRANGE .Second Hit >HARED TIME SAME GIRL! 'BUT NOT TH? <|SAME FATE BAXtER N .ANDREA LEEDS londay, Sept. 2«-27c GEO. O'BRIEN "WINDJAMMER" [Second Feature 'ILL IIOGERS In ["HANDY ANDY" ALL Coming Nnesday , Thursday 1 29 and 80 iold Everything! J" Teacbera agreed that this was a more interesting typo of institute than the old "one-man kind. H. Borchardt. Mrs. K. D. James zel, and the Edw. Noitzels, all of Fort Dodge. Mrs. Freda Steussy and Mr. and SEPTEMBER RIVALS JUNE FOR WEDDINGS 'September will nearly equal Juno in popularity for weddings this year, according to records in the clerk's office. Already in the first 20 days, 25 licenses have been issued. The number is expected to approach or equal June, when 37 licenses wore issued. Mrs. McEvoy, clerk, issued a license Sunday afternoon. Almost every week the office has to bo opened after hours. Two weeks ago Saturday evening Mrs. McEvoy issued two, opening the office each time. Licenses ill the last week wove issued to Oscar L. Whitney, Plover, Kalherino Hanson, Shelllke, Wis.; Ernest J. Goettlicker, Evelyn Whalen, both of Mankato; J, S. Stott, Titonka, Rosemary Land, Wesley; Walter F. Drum- Mrs.'Frank Hoffman,' Livermore, ° f . fislling «jt Deep River Minn, left Friday for a week's tour to the rhe f ^Ported that they had to ; work for every fish they caught, though they caught enough to bring taught together at Alvord. Mr. and Attorneys H. B. White, and D. C. Mrs. Spies were Wednesday even- Hutchison, with Walter Lorenz, re- ing guests of Lieut, and Mrs. Mel turned Wednesday from a few days j Peterson, Annapolis, at C. B. Murtagh's. The Sylvester Beckers, of Fort Dodge, were Sunday guostes of Mr. at Dalziel, with Jean daughtcr Mrs. C. B. Nasby's, Omaha. q ,, n-ii-ni-, I> I n* ill I OOlllll JJtlKOLcl. I. J. Hiildrun, who owns and op- The Kev. nnd Mrs. M A Sio- cratos tlio local White Rose oil sta- s t ra nd drove, from Bancroft Sun- tion, made a business trip to Ma- da ' evening after services there j wed ding of tho former's roommate, tend a U. S. tlremen's meeting son City Friday. | f na \? ^ ^ sorvices Jl^e ^ Ward> _ j . _ ..ii.i ifio n T-, ITT i ^ to st ' -i etor, Minn., to visit Mr. U ^- G - ?:Z araU L a _ r ° SJostrand'8 parents, Mr. and Mrs. driving to Dubuque today to attend a birthday party for Mrs. Walrath's father, John Heim. Druggist and Mrs. A. H. Bor- E. Sjostrand. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Reid, Mrs. Jeanette Backer, Los Angeles, and and Mrs. Merle Pottor, Hum- . . Buffalo Center attended the go to Des Moines Friday'to tend a U. S. tiremen's meetin : the Fort Des Moines hotel. and Mrs. Walter Meyer. Mrs. Decker and Mrs. Meyer are sisters. The local Mr. and Mrs. Meyer will at- at Mr. Arizona for his health's sake and has been much benefitted. He spent the summer at Flagstaff, Ariz., where he attended a teachers' college and earned credits tine. All three girls attended Grin-'Moycr operates the Deep Rock oil nell college together. Marguerite station here. Mrs. Anna Knpp, Tappen, N. D., of Mrs. E. W. an ' 1 Mrs - who suffered a broken arm as re-- — — ivu- miu ivirs iviene ±-oi[or i-iuin-' . _.. .. —„ Marty, Minne- ported last week, is a visitor at cluirdt left Thursday for Kansas bol ' dt were ' Sunday dinne ;. guosts apolls, and their daughter Dorothy the Robert H. Bell home. Her City to attend the funeral of an o£ Mr ancl Mrs c H p ot t er and came Mond ay to bo Dr. and Mrs. F. brother, Herman Maron, Mitchell, aunt, of Mr. Ttarn.iinrrit .. . '- . . '-, ' . ,E. Sawyer's guests till Wednesday. S. D., is also guest of the Bells. aunt of Mr. Borchardt. their daugn ter Hazel. I). J. Scanlnii, who had boon 3j r an ,i ^ rs M ^ Cullon Mason Thc Martvs are former residents of The visitors are aunt and uncle re- guest of his son, Dr. F. C. Scan- cl £ y antl j.n eir two' children were A1 E°na. who left five years ago. Mr. spectlvcly of Mrs. Bell. The arm Ian, two weeks, left yesterday for sundav cuests of Mrs Cullen's , Martv was railway postal clerk out was broken in a fall downstairs at ),!„ i, * T>-,,I, TT_,I— j •• O f Algona. the Bell home. , Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Pratt and their daughter Esther, and Ida his home at Rock Valley. Mrs. Win. F. Steele will- father, Anton Streit, here, and Mr. return Cullen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Wednesday from a few days with Cul)en whittemore. an uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. ....... , 11 rs. K. S. Taylor spent from Larry Dal S ettv ' Mason City. Mr. Halpin drove to Des Moines" Thurs- Gcorgo Olerich, Orange City. Wednesday till Sunday at Mason Dohertv ls Heinz representative in day, and Esther called there on Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Plobbs, Min- Citv car ing for the children of heri thls territory; Mrs. Doherty, re- Janice Souder. The girls were neapolis, spent tho week-end with daughter Mrs W B Rae while P° rter on tne Advance staff. Mr. roommates when both attended Mrs. Hobbs' sisters, Mrs. W. J. MI- nnrl 'Mrs 'DHP fittpnilRfi .1 fn- J1 - r - Dalgetty is also a Heinz rep- Tnwn stnin ^«n 00 -n uTi nn Tr n i«i« resentative. Mrs. Gordon Kulm expects Iowa State college. Miss Halpin rode witb the Prafcts as far as as Ames, where she will tomorrow en- _ , . - J- Mr. and Mrs. Rae m.^n<*^^ ^ o.^ Payne and Mrs. John Bieser. ^eral at Chester, 111. ilir. and MIS. Ray Work spent ;ji rs . i» nn i Hamil, the former --- • — •••" Saturday at the Spencer fair. Mr. p ranc i s Zender Mrs T L Robin- suests today her mother, Mrs. D. J. ter tho State college. Work is employed by the Equitable son . an d the latter's daughter Jane H° user . an d her brother, W. A. 1 Mr. and Mrs. D. L. New York Assurance Co. here. Mr. and Mrs. James Elbert, with Leffert got va- an aunt, Mrs. Mollie Stewart, both at the Brownell cottage at Lake son, and the latter's daughter Jane """«». "•"" "«' uioiuor w. A.' JU r. ana jitrs. D. u Leffert spent Friday at Mason City, where « ouser ; both of Lima, Ohio; and home last week Sunday from a Mr. Hamil is now employed as a her Sls } er . Mrs - H. J. Meyer, and cation which included a few d< their little daughter Shirley spent jewQler m a drug store. , , n . . , _. m ^ = Sunday at Lamberton, Minn, guests Sheriff and Mrs Casey Loss and Cleveland, Ohio. The visitors Hattie, Minn. They traveled as far of Mr. Elbert's brother Edward. Betty Sheridan spent Saturday at i wi JL be h , ei , er two weeks. as International Falls and the Mrs. Van Alstyno and her son Spencer guests of Mr and Mrs Al' Mr- alld * lrs ' Fred Jacobs .- °£ tne Lake of the Woods. The daughter Eugene visited Mrs. O. T. Ander- sterzing, and attended the Spencer i? ot£ ® e Shop - E - °- Wittkopf, and Ila Mae has returned to the State son, Elmore, Sunday. Mrs. Ander- f a j r . Mr Sterzing is a former' a el attended the Clay college after six weeks at nome. cnn io TVTf VOTI A.lofimQ^o -ryirtfVi^*. hi Tl t 1 Tl COUnty ffl.1l* WprinAK/tov T^hArA STno 1o in or»Qi.a tiivirt i« nTv . n lm. «# mer, Viola V. Weis, both of Wesley; William Schultz, Letha Stoddard, both of Livermore. Leo. N. Wilhelml, Eva Marie (Carter) Dudding, both of Bancroft; Marvin D. Witzel, Watorvil- le, Minn., Viola C. Hanson. Garden City, Minn.; Lloyd T. Maland * well, Ardyce Nelson, Story Albert. C. Miller, Kennebec Lois F. Casey, Chamberlain o. ^., . lH r. nnu Jirs. L,ee uaton, Sioux city. Mr. Reynolds ,o c _ , ...„,,. Marion 0. Sampson, Estherville, i Falls, were Sunday guests of Mr. tne t i u h clothing firm came Sund ay to get his wife, who. her roommate, Kitty McCarty, who Esther B. Carrison, Spirit Lake; ! and Mrs. James Allen. Mr. Allen ^fr. imd Mrs. Paul Bell with was visit ing her parents, Mr. and j visited her own parents, Mr. and L ni_i j ^,1 i Mrs. S. E. McMahon. Another i Mrs. Dnnip,! Mn.Partv ni'tiaftinrro.!- Leo J. Friders, Bode-, Emilia Er peldiiiK, St. Joe. letter nf interest to farmers who are without insurance on horses at this trying sleeping sickness time is posted at C'. R. LaBarre's office. The La Barre agency sought horse insurance for a local client, or clients, but was advised by the Hartford Livestock Insurance Co., Chicago, that in There She is in spare time in employ of is employed at the Algona bakery, their'little son Keep Horses Out of Pasture'Till Frost Richard Charles, E. McMahon. Another | Mrs. Daniel McCarty, Graettinger. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Rumsey. Wis- i R [ t Sunday for a week with Mrs' daughter, Ruth, came Friday even-i Rita is private secretary for a di- consin Rapids, Wis., spent from Bell's aunt, Mrs. Irvin Shellmeyer, j "S £rom Garner, where she teach- --'-- -».----Tuesday till Saturday of county West Bend. Mr. Bell is employed , es ' an " at tended the teachers' con- vision of the state old age assistance commission, and Kitty is employed by the Motor Vehicle Co. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Vigars have fair week with tho M. P. Weavers, at Jos Greenberg's store "" ! ferenc e hero yesterday. llurold Itlinkmnn, employed at Howard ("Fish") Mcdin returned' Mr. and Mrs. Merle Griggs re- „......_ tr» Farmers tno local A - & p - store, substituted i as t we ek Sunday to Ames where turned Friday from a week at Min- : moved from a tenant house on 10 i «.imwio foi tho nlftnagor of an A & p _ he is enterjng the gtate col]e . ge for neapolis with relatives. They at- south Minnesota to their own for- store at Emmetsiburg week before his second year. He is out for foot- tended the wedding there of a mer home on east McGregor. They j last. ball. Last year he was a quarter- brother of Mr. Griggs. Dr. A. L. are alone now, their daughter, who. Mrs. J5.1'. Benson and her grand- back on the regular squad. Rist camo home with Mr. and Mrs. was graduated in June from the son Jerry Good left Saturday for a i) r . an «i jj rs . M. G. Bourne and Gri Sgs, after a visit with his son State Teachers college with a B. A. I week witb Mrs. Benson's daughter, Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer left for Chi-, Lewis at Eau Claire, Wis., degree, having entered Chicago 'Mrs. Wayne Bra'dfield, Austin, C ago by auto Sunday evening. The i Tlle Key> au(1 3Irs « Geo ' Vance, university for a post-graduate 'Minn. doctors were to attend a C. & N. i w 'th guests, Mr. and Mrs. George course in which she majors in so- Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Aalfs, with \y. railroad surgeons' convention!' Dolececk, Smith Center Kan., spent cial service, their son Gary, made a trip to Ft. They will return Wednesday i Saturday at Spirit Lake, where Arlene Sonerholm, Crystal Lake, - ' - • (ieorge Sicilian Jr., Iowa Falls,'they visited friends. The Dole- and 'Heinle" Steiner, Red Oak, spe«t the week-end here with ce cks, who arrived Thursday, had spent the week-end at Holman An„,. . H ,. wpnt on to .jay:territory. . friends. Formerly he lived here b <*n at South Bend, Ind., where derson's, Mr. Steiner leaving Sun- mess. Hie lettei went on 10 bjty ^iyrod l>ole, Irvington, looked w j t h his parents, Mr. and Mrs. i the y Purchased a new car. day evening, Arlene Monday morn- that in tho writer s opinion tne dis- iifter ^ nousehold dutlc s at the George Nieman Sr. George Jr. is I Attorney ,T. D. Lowe went to Des ing. Arlene, a sister of Mrs. Anease was caused by some lorin 01 S)]fir|ff f , aaev Loss home Satur(lay omn1nvnH hv tho stpnriarrtmi rn Moines Friday evening to attend a derson, is employed by the state meeting of the executive committee inspection service. Mr. Steiner Insurance uo I.IIICIIB". •-''- •" D()d SatU rday. Mr. Aalfs is the view of the sleeping w<*nebb epi- L • t representative in this domic it cnuld not accept the bus- pasture forage, and he advised that horses be kept out of pasture till after the first killing frost. He added belief that if horses bad been kept out earlier in the season and had been fed grain and hay the Sheriff Casey Loss homo Saturday employed by the Standard Oil Co. while Mrs. Loss attended the Spen- M rs . A. A. Sterling visited rela- cer fair. lives at Webster City from, last Mrs. John Loohor, Monticello, wee k Tuesday till Thursday. Mrs. was a week-end guest of her John Porter took her down, and „„ n™ .,„• daughter, Mrs. E. H. Wray, whose then visited her own daughter, had been fed grain ana nay iiu. huaband operates a local Conoco Mrs. Russell Smith, Eagle Grove, spread and mortality of tne a is- ol , station Mrs. Jfnn Burroughs, of Tucson, eases would have been less. Aiier ,. , ,, Thomas Kenefick, Ariz., who had been a cuest of Jr., were Sunday guests of Dr. and left Thursday for a few days at Mrs. John N. Kenefick. The men Nevada, after which she will come are brothers. here again before leaving for home. Marian llising, Des Moines, spent 3fr. and Mrs. Thomas Kemis got the week-end with her parents, home last week Tuesday from two Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Rising. She is weeks at points in Colorado and a in the employ of the Western Mu- day at the Spencer fair. Mr. Kemis tual Life Co. Attorney and Mrs. Chester is manager of the local branch of W. the Arnold Motor Supply Co., Spen- > > , rz., wo a een a gues a date in raid-October presunwoiy Grove, with their son Tom Mrs. Eugene Murtagh two weeks, after a killing frost, the company will again accept horse insurance. Auto Crash Victim Taken to Her Home Whittemore, Sept. 20—Mrs. Opal Henry, who was badly hurt in the Finnestad auto acident last week Sunday, was tuken from the Mc- Crcery hospital, Whittemore, to her home east of that town Thursday. She will bo confined to bod three months. Mrs. Grace Miller, practical nurse, is caring for her. Peter Mergen, hired man at the Henry farm who was killed in the accident, had been employed by Mrs. Henry since her husband died two yoars ago. HOSPITALS Sept. KOSSUTH 13—Nell Rogers, Gilmore City, appendectomy; Mrs. Woodrow Johnson, Irvington, girl name Ro° Sept. 14— Mrs. C. C. Sbierk, Algona, girl, name Ruth Junior. Sept. 15— Glen Long, Algona, medical. . „ , Sept. 16— Mrs. G. McMahon, Algona, boy, name James Frances; Bernice Jensen, Algona, medical. Sept. 18— Mrs. D. Ray Keefe, Algona, girl; Aimer Harr, minor sur- eery Sept. 19— Duane Riley, Irvington, fractured leg; Shirley Ann Baker, Lone Rock, major surgery. Sept. 20- Mrs. Jos. Hang's, Al- Sept. 14— Mrs. Fred Haack, of Lone Rock, tonaiHectomy. Sept. 15-Mrs. Russell Maxwell, Algona, major surgery. Sept. 16— Donald Heerdt, Burt, Burt, tt i tonsiUectomy. Kingsley, New York City, arrived cer. recently for a few weeks with Mrs. E. H. Morrison, Des Moines, for- Klngsley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. mer county agent here, was an Al- C. Sherman. " ~~ Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cook gona caller Friday. He took time left off to inspect County Agent A. L. Friday for ten days of fishing in Brown's new office in the base- northern Minnesota. Mr. Cook, ment of the new postoffice build- owns and operates the Cook ser- ing. vice station. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hough Mr, and Mrs. Jos. Bloom return- take ed Friday from St. Paul, where their daughter Frances to Iowa they had spent the Jewish holi- City today to begin her third year days, Rosh Hasbana (New Year) in the university. She is majoring and Yom Kipper (day of atone- in journalism. ment) at Mrs. Bloom's parental Lillian Meyers, Corwith, spent home. the week-end at R. W. CaldwelPs, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Chrlschilles and attended the teachers' confer- will take the latter's mother, Mrs. once yesterday. Mr. Caldwell and Sallie Kranz, to Correctionville Lillian are cousins. Sunday for two weeks with rela- Mesdames Walter Roberts, E. A. tives there and at Holstein, the lat- Genrich, and George Smith, witb. ter the old home of the Kranz John Baird, Humboldt, epent family. Wednesday at Fort Dodge, where Mr. and Mrs, Charles Sampson, they visited friends. Hooper, Neb., arrived Friday for a Mrs. F. W. Green visited her week with local relatives. They daughters Alberta and Mrs. Sadie plan to return to Alg9na soon to Higbee, Omaha, from Wednesday re-occupy their home a block till Friday. Alberta is employed in cast of Mr. Sampson's brother an insurance office. Claude's. Vera McWnorter, Omaha, was a Mrs. Henry Lavrenz and her Sunday dinner guest of her par- daughter Esther spent the week- ents Mr and Mrs. Ellis McWhor- end at Easton, Minn., with Mrs. ter ' She came up with a Mr. and Lavrenz's mother, Mrs. Emily Mrs Reed, friends. Heise. Esther is in the employ of John Hargreares, Iowa Falls, the National Reemployment Ser- spent the week-end with his par- vice here. ents Mr and Mrs. P. H. Har- Katherlne Funk, daughter of Mr. erea'ves and Maurine McCullough. and Mrs. Wm. Funk, is recovering He is in Swift employ. from a nervous breakdown suffered Mrs Margaret McFariand-Tins- last spring following an operation, lev West Bend, began duties as Before she fell sick ebe was em- Merk at the Chrischilles store Mon- ployed at the Kennedy-Parsons of- day, taking the place left by the «ees here death of Loretta Winkel. Dorothy, daughter of Mr. and Betty daughter of Mrs. Sylvia Mrs. Harry Ward, left last week, rimn Congregational organist and. Monday to attend the state wni- S Sicteacher, lill leave veraity. She graduated vitb honor FALL MATERIALS ARE VERY ATTRACTIVE For those who wish to make their new things to wear we have for your choosing a beautiful assortment of Woolens, Silks, Velvets, and Cottons in the newest weaves and patterns. All of guaranteed quality and colorf ast to wash. See our stocks before you buy. Christensen Bros* Co* "Algona's Style Center*' and Carlotta at Chicago. Carlotta is assistant manager of the Chicago Chamber of Commerce. There are two other Kanouff children, sons, one. of them George, credit manager for the Universal Credit Co., Detroit, a Ford financing concern, the other .Howard, partner. of an established law firm at Wahoo, Neb. Howard was married In. June to his partner's daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Kanauff sacrificed for many years to give each of their, children a college education. After 32 years in the railway postal service, 26 of them here, Mr. Kanouff will be retired November 1.- He has rented the home here and he and Mrs. Kanouff will go south for the winter, perhaps to-San Antonio, Tex. WE ARE READY.. To Serve You Well Smart styles in Gloves Corsages Jewelry Scarfs Hankies With all that's new For now and later We feature immense stocks of such nationally known makes as "Marinette" and "Lam- pF knitted -outfits "Prinzess" and "Sterling" dress coats "Hirsch" and "Glea- moor" sport coata "Nelly Don" and "Georgiana" wash frocks "University" and "Debutante" silk dresses and many more makes equally as famous. Every garment in our immense stock is of a guaranteed quality, yet they are very moderately priced. Christensen Bros. Co. Algona's Style Center $55 QQO'E, WORTH OF PRIZES; ^JUUyUUU^ 1 ; IN 12 WEEKLY CONTESTS Contest Jfo. 2 Now Going on You'll Want One of These Valuable Prizes ff\ SALEM CHINA 9Kfl Smart, Modern, Wooden *t\t Dinnenvare Sets £iO\J SALAD SERVICES Ask Your A. & P. Store Manager for Details. HEINZ KETCHUP It-ox. hot. lona Peas or TOMATOES, 4 No. 2 cans IONA CORN, t No. 2 cans Larsen's VEG-ALL, 2 cans Full Standard Quality-Cut fiREEN MEANS, 4 No. 2 cans lona SPINACH, 3 No, 2 cans < 6 No. 2 cans 49c Sultana KED MEANS, 9^T/» 4 16-oz. cans ^«JC/ 3 22-oz. cans 25c Ann Tuge Salad O Q x» DRESSING, qt. jar & & C/ RINSO, v 17f» 2 8-oz, pkgs. •*• • ^ 22^-oi!. pkg 21c Miss Wisconsin O (* ~ PEAS 2 ffo. 2 cans & t* €/ loua Prepared SPAGHETTI, fgt 10%-oz. can *l t/ FRESH FEOITS AND VEGETABLES Jonathan APPLES, 6 Ibs 26c Cobbler ' POTATOES 100 Ib. bg. 1.10 Sweet POTATOES, 4 Ibs. —IOC A Fine Bathroom Paper NORTHERN TISSUE, 4 rolis- Liueu-ized Bathroom Paper GAUZE TISSUE, 6 rolls— • A&P Bread varieties add zest, flavor to school lunches .. . end help build strong bodiee. cc-.icd teeth. A New A. & F. Variety Bread! TWn One, 16-oz. loaf 9c (Half white-half wheat) It's Twisted and Slice*! Big Twist, 20 ox. loaf H 23c 25e A&P FOOD STORES THE G Hit AT PAL 11 1C ILA COMPANY

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