Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1937 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1937
Page 6
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EDITORIAL PAGE dtattnig iin.iv>.. »u' "/• the Postofflce under the Act of March 2, Algona, TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Kosoutlj (Countu " the SEPTEMBER s M T w T F S 1234 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22232425 26 27 28 29 30 -or-tlie-county points named under N o. above are considered continuing subscription to be discontinued onl; on notice from sub scrlbers or at publish er a discretion. S u b - scrlptlons eoliifr to non- county points not named under No I above w 11 b o discontinued without notice one month after expiratlor of time paid for, if not The Question of Another Wilson Candidacy Clifford Nilcs, of the Anamosa Eureka, who "-<" some figure in republican state politics a most Iowa republicans favor George Wilson De.Mo.ne. lawyer, former state sent tor, as year. G- 0. p. nominee for governor next Mr. Nilos apparently attended 'State dnv" at could charge for letterheads, envelopes, statements, etc., and forcing them, or trying to force them, to pay heavy fees to support parasites on the printing industry In luxury. The general also did his dorn'dest to put every other trade in the country into a similar straightjacket. But let bygones be bygones. The general is on the right track at last. For that the New Deal aims at ultimate dictatorship is as true as gospel, and this whether consciously or unconsciously. It Is true because the New Deal cannot accomplish its objectives without establishing a dictatorship and forcing all Industry, including agriculture, into a straightjacket as uncompromising as Italy's or Ger- TUESDAY SI,;,-,,,,, T/ie COLYl/M I^et's Not Ho Too D—d Serious. many's. Timely Topics Air. Roosevelt played another of his trick court" W ii en Ih t n)am ? d Black for the suprem court. He picked Black because senatoria courtesy would seat him and revenge thus be taker[against Senate court-packlng^esBu his trick seems to have been a boonieranc &"" 0 t /, icky court-packing™ * noihins Voicc ' in tho broadcast l . m tlmes when f n o can >for Hoover jn 1928 it lacked the fire uul resonance of nine years ago. But there *™ h his P,, punch Philadelphia audience showed bv ts applause that it was with him. tt . > mo clay every year when ~r™i t^csr ™ M -° '"•"•""'"* ,„„„,, Mr announced in it would run no preparations to ran 100 000 ahead of his ticket [in the gubernatorial campaign last year] and campaign: that he was beaten bv only cellent a hair, and that Krnschol rode in on President Roosovcli's coattails," therefore Wilson ought to be conceded another chance. Editor Mies ! c f d(is that tho only opposition .1 camo from south of who are le heard on "Stale day Des Moincs and from men there friends of other possibilities. As a rule a candidate once beaten is not sidered good timber for another this on the theory that voters are apt to feel that he is a dead duck politically and so turn oppo-sinK candidate. It i s ft question, successfully a „. • established. The Min- Star was also their baby, and it*eems J V 7'n\\*n 11 t~l n 1 tmn .J » 1 . . — — claims pride in 'pHE OTHER WEEK a personable member of tho gentler eex— for her assurance, not recalled—forgot a little book she was carrying and left it on an Advance counter. It is entitled High Lights of Love and Life, and the author was Marvea Johnson, of Forest City (Never heard of her before). The girls across the corridor peeked into the book, and, finding nothing startling In It left it for this writer to find, and he, too, 'after sundry peeks, has passed it as fit for reading by young women, also young men, who If they find no great merit in it will at least find no contamination. Indeed, the Colyum heartily commends the following 6am pi e paragraph addressed to wives— Hodgepodge Webster—A stew of radons Ingredients; n mixture. and'cTofn n swcetcst - In be neat as co » ce ™ed about your nor,nn i personal appearance now you were his sweetheart. Praise as you were when aise your Zs- thnkhoit - him *eneve that think he is the most wonderful man in the world. Feed him his choice food and Says tho Spencer Daily Reporter Thursday—"COLD CUTS FAIR CROWD TO 23,400." Must have counted the legs, tho Algona prescription to arrive at crowd figures, but forgot to divide by two. We might have believed any other figure, but that '734" in succession looks suspicious. Anyway, where was the "1"? Should have been "1234" and then add a couple of ciphers and they'd have something. Counting tho logs and dividing by two might have been done to roach such figures. That way each horse counts as two persons; et cetera with the cows, hogs, dogs, sheep. Doesn't work out to any advantage counting the chickens, but you can't lose cither. nil * * * * .Lite conversation brought up the subject of "grass widows." "Oh yes," shr THE MO V/ES By T. H. C. imoAmvAY Miaowv OF Broadway Melody of 1938 was one of tho major disappointments of the entire season. Nothing as dreary has appeared on the local screen, musically speaking, for months. After some of tho illustrious Mrpadway Melodies of tho past this new version seems doubly drab. From beginning to end it was a "killing frost," as wo are wont to say in the parlance of the farmer. To begin with its only catchy tune, Your's and Mine, was given only a minor place in the production and the closing "extravaganza" number was so colorless and grotesque that one wonders who had the affrontry to foist the nightmare on an unsuspecting public. Of all tho scenes that have como from Hollywood I believe SCORES GOME FOR CLINIC FORJJRIPPLES By Itochel B, Becker. One hundred forty-eight cripples „ went through tho trl-county clinic' Bon Donald 'siotivn rl|||} > held all day Friday at tho Kosauth M «- Dietrich and f( 2f; *• arf ' ll las Finnnst Mr. and Mr ^ { &.^i>^ Mr. nn,! M .., t ' lou sland.ia «ia. timer i hospital. It waa the ever held in this section stale. Ninety-one persons who had previously received treatment at Iowa » *.**%> AWOOUUiJ. it ,-, --".i UliU largest clinic Gmv^Mu, nr ! Sliftn Jtlon of the Finno'stiifl.' U M', M r:. him so comfortable in that he will never wish Marvea's book doesn't say, but that sounds as if she is, or has been, married, doesn't it? And let us hope that she has fed her brute in accordance with her own — ~ in tho market." She- was astounded when it was explained that it was a woman who had both been in and out of the market. The radio speeches last weekend on the Constitution sounded like the fury of a political campaign, with both sides claiming to "* "} sole protectors of the rights « £ " this Broadway number, with its City from Doctor Stelndler and 57 else has made . . t — —™*->vj «*iiu LliUVU [ —-•—*"-'« T^*II, (,(1. she has him yet, and that he has never strayed' ing the 1932 and never will stray. And now will the personable person who orgot the book, and mayhap has been afraid o return for it, come and get it? f o Jf Rf f ANALLY KNOW the Harrisons, o , C ° rn ' WWch is ouv bad o orned g °° d paper ' - Colyum nomination, to the Jhe president "thinks he has a clear major- Thnf n w V °, tCrS(WiUl him oa c °» rt issue." ,, K\T Wasmn 6*on private news-letter It's probably true. For he has with him practically everyone who never has read the const u- ±; on r r ,l a ,l stnl ! dicd F° WlTy back of it, other than novels, skips all 10 tho thit in^fc is tho kind ° r majority that makes Mussolmis and Hitlers. That there has been some recession in bus- g ' ShlCe BprInB ls n "^ true of world indus- race against heavy odds and came within , votes of election—might have fact, if he had chosen to contest. Furthermore it is certainlv his ticket; see how this here as elsewhere, yet it is hard to l r I n 1 Q i rtTJvi n*-] I n * « i • _ ... cton wto it-nil in — »-«iin,^ ou^LlUJl, \ "' in ;™?.^ e .., crops ' can ™ to continue forward march of the last two the ady years. the election did not turn on the merits of the candidates for governor and Wilson was not rejected because of any popular feeling that K: ter man for tbe job. uar , n e. s eem s now definitely out of "style" "* '' *"**•-***" on the wa ** way to ob- fall is a He and ,„„ , , Indood ^inking voters i fft ». m/" tbo '^^rA^uKbtt^K^towai^tor seem to have rejected Kroschel, and it looks i th °"' fatos havo »"ch in common. ' as if Kraschcl owes his election to the unthinking vote. Of course it is possible to minimize the fa-H that Wilson ran 100,000 votes ahead of his ticket by claiming that be did so not because Which evoked in the Acorn's Main Street column the following reply, including a nickname the victim never wrote home about- All that was by way of getting around to quoting the hay fever poem whiclf Main sfreet snitched from the New Yorker . . . Inc dental ly there's no excuse on either side fo, thaUack U1 clCQUlVlIl LfLDCO. fOl* t'llO \Vt'i tm* rt-n rt *i« 1* T-1J' in'tff^'S "T 5 T^terirto'tl - ^ ver, fv gn , ° Id COl ,' Cge days at the state uni- i the rS b^ys ft a d ^J^>£^ *o ' bis dad in publication of the Advance 1'es, Sir. Some Addicts WH Even Put Off Dying! [The Harlan Advertiser.] ^hat the old-time movie install.. ] s a lifis-been? It is true tint ^ l °£*™«™. the old ••Pe"ls t o U f e paul- , baokB ™ Und> was , tho atrocious. No color, no beauty, no eye-appeal—and this latter quality is an important one in musical comedy. were registered. Thore were approximately 600 people at tho hospital at one time and another during the day. Tho clinic kept busy all public Finnestad7MV;';;, dftn ^ "iiincslcKi, Mj- .,,, i "• HIM I'innestad, Mr.'ond Mnft.'N ncstad, Mr. .md M r , "-fr" 1 nestad and Mrs. ' of Boone; Mr a an, Des Momo's;"Mr" f '"'" and K nml With a fair assortment of talent,; jffjf' 1 " u , rs ^ ,'" K°«"»th, Hum- there wasn't a single scone that! b , dt> , and Wrl S"t counties, the school nurse at Emraetsburg, and Algona private-duty nurses. A pretty local girl, Bessy Humpli- could be called even a mild triumph, unless it be the short sneezing sequence, part of which appeared in the news reels some time ago. Whoever cast Robert Taylor into a musical comedy role ccrtain- ries, lame in one foot, served as usher. 1936 campaigns, into a musical comedy role'ce'rlaiii- Doors °f other patients' rooms ""TO_kept shut. A steady stream crippled children camp r-nrriori n\-nn>lnn f J.t U-- -v..v. vuu .*."... uoi^n it oull JilUIU UlUUlly , , , ~wiu\,, V*U.1JII,U n« Ln,° f ^L° E ° vei : n , mcnt by 26 miscast. This ought to be the ^« e j'l ln ._ th ', arms °* Parents. nnnf n -. o e e oliiHn? • ? r ° SWflld says the di »e-dong-bcll for Robert. Eleanor IS 110int ° d out in '"story: Powell can dance, but her mouth ' SO Solomon ' L ct. is unattractive and she hid her to , hal1 ? spacious porch, were filled cripples, parents, and other ' - s. K. 'r Mr. «n,i ( -«rlowi «„ City; ju. Tonena Christian and Mrs. Ki\ f; (ll iv Adeline Olesoii, Ji'j "Sleeping Sickness" week, according to Dr " . and down, also ' * ho fita(tos /hat l horsos ,' . figUr ° Dro » Me otbcr "doomlns feature under long , rclnatlves - lt/1 9 nt ' rel > p . {l » d Pants most of the time, which adds! 1 , C *i rs wcro P ark od on both sides blocks ar- As high ns .six sick lioraw , farm have boon ropor W any loss. Dr. Wnito OPdtl r»m 1 *•» «« 1! i. ri- "••-••ji, u». m\f I.IILHJ, lY'lllUll till US ' „ ,. ~ wi?n ™l 10 y< ali fts dike Roosevelt up to exactly nothing. Buddy Eb- of the street for four counh-v^ , a P u\ y fair slice of tnla ison - whilc «• skilled dancer, was ou " d the ho *P'tal by 1:30 p. m. and inL A ; < W ° Uld howl long gven Practically no part at all '• Dr : Arthur Steindler, Iowa City ... . lr , - , , and loud And the yowls from the, which is somewhat of a necessity': ? Mlalisl - Dl - A. 0. Donahue, or- thinks If farmer,, watch suireahst camp, to which even in musical comedv |thopedic physician from Stoux es cloficl 7 «"<! Rive ' ni< " Doctor , hor f, GS treated In the ° £ thc dl ™ can be piti- r ° r * , , * mot nient - "" " icldent hfls come to our we our n i t f\ti H t • t «j«ui, ^L/1.UCJ LU attention which we accept as true until learn something to the contrary. Two of uul prosperous farm families are said to have been pW2 Jt'a^Ln^Sne^ ^ ££ «..%.£?, f ° r , aweck untif they e^m some of his "shorts" will mourn this lost op. ,. ,. ,. Portunity as one of the biggest dis- r do men put up such a fight ! ft PP°!ntmcnts of the picture. Even the supreme court anyway? I Wllho Howard, grand comedy star "y because tho court is the of so mft »y Passing Shows, got u defense of the citizen: nnv raw dcal when it comes to pails; who was the miser who handed out the humor in this 193S Broadway Melody anyway? is T - »»•.; '" technician mirtv citizen, be he rich or poor, 'when a. person's riiriif« m-n „ _* rights where does ho go? about it. If TO If any one Ho goes to no he controlled the v M ° mes ' USS ' Sted wlth the -r , ,. roglstered from • somo of them t takon ) patients, report of the examination will be sent to the family in each who in turn wrt , ' would be supremo in his i ho only recourse power. the minority y ,, .. - .......... "• will then be up to par- can be purpose was to find out how sample of a controlled court was to™, there is in the main, :ia;;r:r:;; the vote,, who do . ur ted the democratic had a ne ' £hb ° ri ^ of a s one of the free "apoc- Opinions of Editors nre. on governor voted not so much for Wilson as i llm itnolud «»' Property tax. Tax legish tion of against k'r,,,^, .recent years has dealt principally in shifting taklni ' m011e Kraschel. The real question for Wilson and his friends j to debate us whether the nomination in 1138 is ! worth " ' ' it in town! THE DELIGHTED SON who found „„ ryphal" misspelled on this page last week or the week before will be even more delighted to learn that the error occurred between the dictionary and the typewriter. because hfs kind 'of J odered C ° Urt ademocrflt hat ar sument. Substitute republican for ucan for the Jew and you would have a bm f v r V fta contro11 ^ court m' ^ IB Bimple and o understand in this country. to phie Thore w. s dircc-jto try to cure them in possible reason i Lillians Km.- ~r t :s flop. And as versity in-the-face, (last of tl -bo styles Herself) ?.nurse. Mrs. clinic. ore w. s somoM, , 11 ^ - by An- health Shirley had all bo .saved. believer in vaccination, whichui effective should bo doncawa or more before tho liorscsates posed to the sickness. Dr flh has vaccinated COG horses, oi itt] only four per cent came downiS the disease, and these cases tti mild. In 1935 Dr. AVaitc bad ft experience of treating horsa (j sleeping sickness. Ho lost £n head of horses, und vaccinated I head, and of tho 87 Lead w«H> ed in 1935 only one horse tnjba sick, and this was alsoamildsil See lioonc Grunddnughtcr- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elgin id] daughter Mary Jane, of and Mrs. John Kohlwos, Uj >eek, drove to Boone Tliuradjjli iee their little granddangta Sharon Leah, born to Mr. and to Paul Eigler, of Boone, This is the first child'loili -- in bright lights outside of Broadway theatres. Voice THERE'S AN IMPIOUS, ditto impish, about Roosevelt in circulation state, story in his own a Colyum sleuth writes, and tho Colyum Kives it only for what it is worth, to-wit a hearty republican belly-chuckle— ° Ut ono and for governor. In that event K be able to ride again on Roosevelt's but he will instead have the help of the strong popular prejudice in favor of second terms granted that in the meantime he does not forfeit it by impolitic conduct. In this view of Wilson's p (lrt to let someone else'' suffe? de" feat next year, and himself wait for 1'MO though that, again, calls for consideration of what the situation is likely to be dential year. rcKulat ! n « the relations i wisdom of le statuio book.s . w^o. •'slation recently put upon tho -— real merit of oontrovprsi'ii legislation can be established COIUI(nLls ' <u reasonable periods of trials. '"mission at St. n eman- delu sio£? er< ,"° hl We treat P00ple o hive deluMons such as patients who think they »-ue To 60 "'"- , The flalnt BWUn S open the rlsht in '" lle **U- "We n Justice a are Klan girl with a short foot; Mrs. Frank Eigler grandpaieS for the first time. Tho Eiglerifr homo Friday evening, Iw Mrs. Kohhves for a i namof talent- Ohm eoiobmied I, . 8 a Straus submarine in '""Uorlal? Even of by cntcrlaiiiK friends utmrl* the Afediter,,neans,,oo ng In knows any brat U «™°« 'or Chrk |»"nber. sung'toTe u,n o Me Love You ° ld You come, fr ou etc FVP, M' W v° dlrocte jt ' otc.. |P°Pular at least a decade ago And a "Who,. r" S ° lini C ° mes "P w 'th J. wond( "- how George felt when he ' l » f vm, T 6 yWe open the "We need having tt lot of trouble wkh Cn< i, with God. He thinks he's Roosevelt! only through tr,,^ K 11 --•••••" «.'"UITI i i cxte.?dln >0ndenl ~" In e.\ tending over more than . m that presi-jt he editor of this paper has 50 v«ir« never seen^y- As General Johnson Now Sees the New Deal One of tho strangest things about tho New Deal w the number of men once heart and soul with President Roosevelt who have brok- s approaching the present deluge of E ov- There has never been Ithin lernment propaganda. __ _ o UDMJI . i u administration in the past that used one"," th ,,, a ? U ' UCh ' )r "l' a «<™da for the administra- iowei as has been used since 1932—or that came into newspaper offices. is a an organization of fysts en wilb him and turned critic. has said worse things about the No republican president than •some of these erstwhile followers. Here is General Johnson, for example flaying the New Deal Thursday in an address at The Taxpayer is the JU-al tioiit. . Ii ;Vh l6 H et T Madl801llan - In a circular just is' . Ii hH V nempl ° yment fltateraont made-in bold a Chicago observance of Constitution day Only three years ago Johnson was Roosevelt's NRA administrator, and it was a rare day when he didn't make the front page banner line in ey _ ery daily newspaper in the country. Many an industrialist, big and little, who fervently cursed Johnson and all hi s works then cannot but think now to charge Roosevelt eaorir f letters in the first paragraph— that "all costs of administration connected with tie Iowa unemployment compensation law, are borae bv the federal government." We bee to differ for the Federal Government does no t £e a cen that is not first taken from the pockets of the American people, by way of taxes. heels of all who are trying to his Rolfe Arrow." 3 '' B '' UC °' ^ °' d tUrDCOat ' In "Fyst"—not in the upper three-fourths of the dictionary page; in the other one-fourth below, and defined as "Var. of fist dog " inasmuch as fists don't bark, Barney probably meant dogs, but, being tender of heart didn't want to make his G. O. P. neighbors feel bad. THE LAST BOY has gone off to college and probably never will be at home again to stay. "Who,. r . e wen he -in n i-r ax P«8Blon. If Euro-|' l » fllly stoi) l )et l into that mud pud- an politics wo "" '" 1-: ------ " mother and <i woman with one ;hly backward; younc men with iwicm i """ " " """" •••-"-• suitable I feet, one of whom h ui ,, hi er and ra . ilrsl > m " ll( » v roast * ried by his mo hpr A , ""--school at her home. Ouesto . uy mother. And so on. | f . Iu(]o(1 shirlev P)ivllis an(I ** ! Frank, Lavonno Newel, RosenW I Finnestad, Betty Jean Sckwt '' ' ' Betty M the danfto o-in n i-r . - pean politics wore like the U S brand tho answer would be easy- just blame it on Hoover. Kaids on Rambling" joints. talk of e crime corr" .Reiley is Speaker at Rotary Meeting • ---- »•!•-" "ILL, LIIUL II1UQ PUU- die, up to his neck, after the unin- sired-" spired-rain Miss Powell? dancing skit with Kinda "all wet" I the crime corridor" through Des, Monies, wide-eyed hints of delect- KX1G » able white slave dens opine? Well, that's the wuv I fel about the whole shebang. ' , Iowa's capital city leaves etc _ Against the grim bloody back- occasions iously hurt inBuch clean-u We liked the Him version of ° ° f , - — — w» o »«ii i,v^ t»Ltv y , You other parents who have sent boys and girls away with no hope of permanent return will know how to pardon the lump in the throat, the mist before the eyes, and the senti- this mention. comfort that •Toppe," The sto'ry Abased on an idea that spirits who have no leMn^ t0 Uleir c ««"t canno? get m the upper spirit society but to'earKs! 0 SC earound °'° so rn °^ S.Reiley. secretary of the Al-l° f Mr> a " (l Mrs ; AV ^ llcr Oha lbor of Commerce spoke Friends Aid at Vimicstnd's-, noon before the Rotary, Friends and neighbors ol reviewed the activities, man Finnestad gathered at Hi c'lil of the h,mhon vtes.man Finnestad gathere l InK thi. VP' Commerce dm- i home Friday and Saturday to pW He -i-o tn! i S f' nC ,° h ° ca '"° horc - R'-ound and sow winter rye. TW red n n ol ° f( , plans not ^ «>r- who helped were John and I* 1110 ^- Next Monday iFinnestad, Melvin Mansagor, L'.ivn,.,, - Davenport, dist-!ion Kepfer, Bcrtel Berkelasd, I ^,o^wnor. will be speaker. ,Mr. Moffit, and W. V. W i Women who served dinner lor* i men were Mrs. Uirs FinuestH S^S** A . _, _T Mrs. John Finnestad, Mrs. Of fir A I V 7i7i ( ' 0 ' 1 >'. « n 'l Gladys Dcrgeson, , assisted by .such a perfect cast Players "" ta the the u The 15oy and the Peanuts. Humboldt Independent—Walla' Farmer |n a front-page editorial likens the work oTh boy wh S o 10 w l a" f . thU natl ° Iial leKisUUure f « -"U.-.UH uiui an ms works Hour -.ml hrrf,,,'^ 1 . '" tow " to KCt a K;lck of •nk that it HI becomes him ,'« Se ^ K? Sr? ftgafp^Ced^ sovelt with aiming «t a die- )«« congress from pa« B ln K any benefir- a, ]li! Mr. Roosevelt is tho same now tbat ! s , lwtlu "? Wasn't it the insistence of the ' he was when Johnson was lauding him to the skies and adjusting the screws for a fascistic dictatorship of industry model. pre- on the Mussolini , - "..-i.wl* v/i Lilt; 1J1UB- on -inwhh w " u ! d . not 1)ermi t that body to work conl-rtl " C ° Un bU1? Then why kick Be that as it may, it is certainly interesting! "iinpton Chronicle' 1 '— ^r^dent'^n to find the general declaring now that "the principal objective of the New Deal 'is to give us a aew form of government, not within the constitution but in spite of the constitution.' " "The executive," Johnson said, meaning Roosevelt, "seeks power to influence the decision of all the federal courts — of the supreme court by the appointment to it of puppets of his own choosing, hill-billy, Ku Klux wool hats from the forks of the creek like Senator Black." Then the doughty general adds: "Under the seduction of ballyhoo, bribery, and charm we are Moving away from the democracy i mag- ve oedsiv pMsed at the Roosevelt ses- f of congress, and this makes 259 laws by 8 v,. C > h ° Ur reBl "^tta» dictator has vetoed since he took office four years H ago , h diffei ' ent UlinB Sor the supreme the most conservative and most hiehlv educated body in the world, to veto ^a personai rishts So This Isn't the Only Newspaper That 1'ulls Boners. [The Northwood Anchor.] The other day it was stated in the Des Monies Register that "Gov. Hoffman was not m a shrdluetaoinsssss position to shrdlushrdlu state the outcome ..." Well, the Register always has been in the forefront of newspapering, and this is probably just an example of jumping the gun with some surrealism talk. WE HAVEN'T FIGURED OUT the exact ramifications of the tobacco taxes, but we understand that on cigarets about half the retail price consists of taxes.—R. s. Sperbeck in Swea City Herald. Well, Ray, down here the wise birds don't pay 'em. They have the coffin nails (old W. C. T. U. language of the 90's, Ray, in case you *" * *-«**-V J Wli „ ww^iH^.j tll'ti don t know) mailed from Minneapolis at $1.11! heiav y. the line averages over dent who had never ,,au a good time, met the Kirbys first in the spirit and then in the flesh^ when he bought their car. The kirby£ good deed was to take Topper out hn a c t him t0 drink and carouse, but not overstep the bounds of propriety, and return him to bis wife who was chastened by her loss when the mouse rebelled. Skatinu on delightfully thin suggestlvenest that never offends, and thumbfns a nose at prudery in general, the story suggests, but does not point to a moral-it's soul-cleansing to have fun, and you can have fun maybe not spotless fun, and stil.^e give an eerie atmosphere to many scenes which are handled wUh ° J ears made his home with his Jonn Finnestad Is Hwnfi- , Joan Finnestad, who i 17!the Emmetsburg hospital BineeM p a . ' aulo accident u week ago Sunw tnri i s pa- lernai grandfather, Anton Streit I was brought home Friday and ' and was graduated from - recoverin. Her aunt, Mrs, W ° ur this Marlene Dietrich is decent. IVoe, so great they're even bras- Sing about it, comes from Tubb! new Iowa U football coach Noth ing's rlght-the tackles The Coming War of the Kaces. Humboldt Itepublican-ln the distance be- world " °' ined by the constitution and straight towards as rigid a dictatorship as there is on earth." General Johnson ought to know, for he was in the dictatorship business himself when he was telling country printers how much they there will Turk, . . he Malays, the inhabitants of the Indias, the the rest will form a great ma„,»,•»'' Cttn and wil1 be thrown against the white races, it will be a fight of weight against intelligence, brute force against knowledge. The white races, if they do not weaken themselves by overindulgence or senseless national wars, should win. quotes a a carton, thereby saving 49c. NOW THAT YOU have told that one about Roosevelt, will you be fair and tell one about Hoover?—Imaginary Vox Pop. Sure! and here it is fresh from the Adel News— Someone ought to do something about that man Hoover. The Bagley Gazette wrathful farmer who exclaimed: "That damned Hoover has got oats down to 21c again!" ADD POEMS OF THE TIMES. Count that day lost When sun in western sky Does not glimpse a national»debt That hits another high! W. F. KIDDER is chief of police at Webster City, but an offender who met him recently mournfully reports that he doesn't live up to his name. are too 200 . e- . , " iiids academy last spring left 1 Henry, of Whittemore, ws •• f P , 7 l ° attend the Loyola un - able to leave the hospital and J ve sty, Chicago. His brother Har- en to her home near Written* " n the Second yoar ^ the but her back will have to «*• ", e , Be of medicine this in a cast for three montta. A* M? d Spent the summer at G"nn, of Whittemore, is Streit. Ch " WUh llls unc] c. P. J. ' her - ' _ -Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Keith dale, Calif., are parents of «u - ' lb. boy born September 10 i?; Armstrong mourn the K ' HnskanipH Loso BiiJtJ- Mr - and Mr ' s ' Em " HUI * mer Keith iormerly Evelyn Van Anen'l first cnl '''. * «"• born to ttam» is a daughter of Mrs Nellie wcc * '''" c sday, who died a fcw»» Allen, and Mr. Keith Is a « ' Mr. and Mrs. Harry KeUh baby made Mrs Sadie great- jutes after birth. Mr ^ 'the son of Mr. and Mrs. 1W» , and Mrs. HusHawP * former Ilulda Woldfl«. *" Pounds, the lads are Tnexpe fenced woe and more It's the most cheerful news Iowa's fans ™™* heard since the days when Howard Jones used to wail the blues while his teams won two or three Big I en championships. "Lack O f PX perience" really does sound en couragmg-the experience recen cams encountered could hardly be in demand. A man who has been b °VL^ IOWa f an a " d a ''Publican County Agentlias Moved His Office County Agent Brown a new office in the is proud of years certainly .Jble—a cheers him up no end. * Then there's the New Yorker who got a big bang out of the county fair, and who confessed hi doesn't go to a city night club unless the country folks come in to f ee the^si g hts._ And he's 7^°. . a un lover, one of the best, and smart finmi<»h *^ „„« j ' " u "Uldri Moines, ._ spend "ay to enter ThnVo"*"" 1 ^ uy *' n ' w 'th t neir Parents, Mr. - , y then went on to the Rn h UD verslty > W. J. Weisbrod, and Mr. and £ Ptal, where she , s . h , 6 l ter b ° fi - c - * <"'• ^e 6 ' res " cct " chemist in the M«™ ,, aboratory women rode aa far as — rf «ra%r,~'l a ~'« i »- e vssr'* ri?« ? x-ss »s»- „„.«»»»« ^H°!H fi -'°»: wife. secretary, and his A I»au K Ute7 After 18 Years! SSth tal to he F N Tavo SS l! h ° Spl - urday and i* h'< Iaylor h °me Sat- nCared ' 0r there yo Br H about the same Bhl chonditloa is ' e many flowers friends Presented ° f roaes gregatlonal h has re ceived tO day from Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Ruske atie»* the Clay fair Wednesday. *"• $ Mrs. G. R. Krause and sou mond, Mr. and Mrs. Sally Beuckema, Ervin and Herbfert and Mervm were there Friday. Mary Ann Bonn, Lorena illy Beuckema, id Herbfert and ere there Frlda Mr. and Mrs. Ernest sons Vincent and Delond, ' Mra. Edw. Prlebe, Mr. on 1 Oari Kern, Mr. and Mrs. Weisbrod, Mr. and Mrs. Meyers, and Mr. and Mrs. Mansager vere among tne TJ people to attend the '' tav ~ fair Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Silas Saturday evening for in Chicago, after bcins by tbe death and funeral Norman Finnestad and eon Silae was a brother-ln-to* Norman Finnestad. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred 0*8 |faJae0/ cawe Friday^ till Sunday vith the torV eats, ]||r. eud Mra. Henry

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