The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 28, 1897
Page 7
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JME IJPPKK 131E8 ALGONA IOWA, WEDNESDAY JULY 28 A 1997. *• —•'- -K—^ ; E^-^^ .^-;^*...--.-.-^^,-<.. -^^^.^.;a-^ MIRACULOUS MUD. ID AT THE INDIANA MINERAL SPRINGS, IND. Well Qualified, Cores RhentnAtlsm, Kidney, Bladder, Blood, Skin nnd Nervous Discuses— Hotel Hag Been Erected and People Are Journeying ff There from All Over the Country to Rathe in the Kind. -;* 'A deposit of most remarkable mud discovered in Indiana, has of recent years been attracting wide-spread attention. It is located at the Indiana Mineral Springs, Warren county, and has been formed by the action of the •water from the famous Magno-Lithia springs. Through countless ages the foliage of magnificent oaks on the hillside has annually fallen into a basin, and has been reduced by nature into a pure black earth unmixed with roots, stones or sand. The water from the big spring for thousands of years has been soaking this deposit and saturating it with mineral salts, until now there is a layer of medicated mud abcut two acres in extent and from ten to twenty feet in thickness. The strange medicinal value of this pfculiar, black, porous substance was accidentally discovered by an old soldier, Sam Story, who had brought rheumatism home from the war and suffered with it for years. He was attempting to dig a drainage ditch through the mud deposit, and after indulging in this useless experiment for a week or more, gave up the idea, but meanwhile had been cured of his rheu- ni;itiKin. The fame of the mud began to spread and afflicted congregated at the Springs from everywhere. The method of using the mud was at first very primitive, the patient merely sitting down in the deposit where nature had laid it. But since then improvements have been made, a beautiful hotel erected, and the mud bath developed into a luxurious experience. The accompanying cut shows how it's done. KOTES OF THE WHEEL MATTERS OP INTEREST TO DEVOTEES OF THE BICYCLE. How to Remedy CloRRcd Itcnr'.nfrH — A Bicycle Ambulance the latest Novelty In AnHtrrlan Army—Dnnger In Back- pedalling—Other Matters. I T / *~\ "Mrs.—How are you on fancj dishes? Bridget—Just ez easy ez possible, mum. But th' nashty things will bust sometime. . Mlu.OO Oiveii Awiiy. Andy V. AVhitmer of Enst Cliicngo. Ind.. writes: "I would not lake ?!0.0l> for voui book, 'Dr. Kay's Home Treatment,'"if 1 could not get imothcr." It IIBR (M pages nnd 50 vnhmble recipes. For ten davs w« will send one free. Address Dr. "B. J, Kay Medicnl Co., Unmlm, Neb. HE bearings sometimes get clogged up with oil and chist, and if the machine is only occasionally used they may get absolutely stuck. This state of things can be remedied, accord ing to an English rider, by injecting He (at the door)—1 think it's going to rain. Hlie—Yn«; it looks risif we would have o bad nlpht. He—Yes: it rlooH. Uood liiglit. She—Good nifrlit. S1O.5O TO 1IUITAI.O AND KKTUKV Via Michi<r:ui Central, "The Fulls Koutc," from Chicago, (rood going August :.'l-"li. A rare opportunity to po east at very low rates ovei "A First-class Line for First-clnss Travel." He-serve your sleeping cat nccommo(lntions early by \vritinfr tc L. D. Hensner, (Icn'l Western I'ass'i Apt., Il'.i Adams street, Chicago. 310.50 to Buffalo und return. a little paraffin, which liquefies the thickened oil and causes it to run ou if the wheels are vigorously rotated for a short time. When, after repeat ed doses, the bearings nppenr to b clean they should be carefully reoile< with some suitable oil and will, o course, be found much better for th operation. The wheels of a bicycle if the bearings are properly adjusted should spin freely and stop gradually with a rocking movement, yet have no side play. To test a wheel after adjusting, spin smartly* letting it run itself out, when the weight of the valve should stop the last almost complete revolution and cause the wheel to swing backward and forward until it stops with the valve at the bottom. Should it stop in any other position then there is a tight place in the bearing which should be loosened slightly to allow the balls to pass, otherwise one may 1am and break. asily avoidable by the use of one The strain of back-pedaling is so severe that any imperfection which survives the "factory inspection" of the ;atalognes is liable to result in a sere-re accident. With the driving mechanism unavailable and with nc means of checking the speed there ie but one result possible unless the rldei is particularly favored by good luck. A powerful brake for quick action is the surest, insurance against accidents on a down grade or even on a level. For the Army. Military surgeons who have examined it pronounce the bicycle ambulance. Invented in Vienna, a valuable contrivance for the army. It is easily changed from a bicycle into a pushcart on two wheels and used as (i stretcher for wounded soldiers. Tests have been made for the new vehicle in the military hospitals as well as on the field, and it is acknowledged to be a great help to the ambulance service in the field. The secret of the invention is in the frame, which can be folded to form a wheelbarrow or pushcart. The equipment of the vehicle comprises a stretcher, a case of Instruments fastened to the handlebar, and the usual repair kit. Punclurcless ires are used, so that no drawback are counted upon in this direction. One man ran handle the machine, whereas the ordinary stretcher requires two. There nre other uses tc which this new vehicle can be put. not the least to be considered in times of need being that, of a pushcart. II Is predicted that it will stand the practical tests soon to be made at the annual drills of the army, after whlcH Its popularity and usefulness will ue established. . "Oh, doctor, I have sent fer you, certainly; still I must confess I have not the slightest faith in modern medical science. ••Oh. that doesn't matter in the least. You sec, a mule has no faith in the veterinary surgeon, and yet he cures him all the same." __ _____ Kend the Advertisements. You will enjoy this publication much better if you will get into the habit of reading the advertisements. They will afford a most interesting study and will put you in the way of getting some excellent bargains. Our advertisers are reliable, they send what they advertise. A Ulntlnct Knox— I wonder why it is that they call tlmt fellow a drummer ( Fox— Its very likely that he's expert at beating hotels. After all, Nature is the greatest of all chemists, and seems here to have prepared in a gigantic receptacle an enormous mass of medicine for poultic- ing sore humanity. When all else had failed, Nature's treatment, the Magno- Mud cure, as it is now called, has in hundreds of cases brought back health and happiness. NEWS ITEMS. Tortoises and turtles have no teeth. Only one person in 1,000 reaches 100 years of age. The best champagne corks cost about six cents apiece. The people of Borneo make beer from the pepper plant. The Egyptians attribute the invention of beer to Osiris. In the fifth century before Christ refined copper was deemed as precious as gold. The Code of Trices. Doctor—You have Bright's disease. Th diagnosis will cost you $10. Patient —That is too much money. Doctor Very well, then, you also have severe cold. Colomau on the Cut. Mr. R. Lindsay Coleman, ox-presideut of the National Cycle Uoard of Trade, and president of the Western Wheel \\ orkc, in speaking on the cut iu bicycles, says: "This cut in the price of 810U wheels uas occasioned no surprise. We expressed the opinion five years ago that other makers would fully realize their error iu endeavoring to maintain a fictitious value on their product, and that the prices we had flxed on Crescents would become tbe standard price for other high grade wheels. "One of the secrets of the success of tno Western Wheel Works is, that we not only guarantee our wheels, but we guarantee our pr.ces as well, and the purchaser of a Crescent in Febrvary has the fatissac- tion of knowing that his neighbor who purchased a Crescent in July paid tuo name price as he did. "I do not anticipate that a still further reduction in the pi ice of bicycles will be made this year." A man's mind is known Ly the company it keeps.—Lowell. Misi Sarah A. Dixoii WHS ordniued in Lowell, Muss., the other evening «is unstor of 1be Congregational church of Tyugn- boro, Mass. AMERICA'S LEADING MUSICAL INSTITUTION is the >'EW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC of Boston. Mass., which bus nearly one million dollars invested in its magnificent buildings and home with unsurpassed advantages in the line of equipment and educational ability. Two new geysers have recently appeared at Mora Bay, on the coast of Culitoruia, in a region where none had been known bo- fore. KiiBS Mude From Your Old CurprtH. •'M liniirovemvnt, now invtliuilH of muklnii reversible nms iioiii yuur ulii Hnittcls or Inuriilii curl,els. with tjurcliT nil nruuml. Send for circular and prices tu s. Kniss, US 11 Wentwortu Ave., Chicago. 111. Horace L. Chapiimu, the democratic nominee for governor of Ohio, studied law when he \vns a young nmu, but never practiced. He is very wealthy. -j I'ormanc'nUyCurofl.XolUsornervonF.ncpHRftcM .irn itny's use of Dr. Kline's limit Ncrvo IteBturer. Send for PKEE S~.OO triiil liottlo nnd trcutbo. Dii. R. 11. KI.INE, Ltd J ..o;51_ArcliJ5t..2^hiludL'lnl]iu, Pa. The first horseless delivery wagon will bo introduced in St. Louis about the last of the month and several others will follow soon after. The Canadian Crack. A racing man who is attaining considerable prominenc3 upon the American path this season is F. J. Longhead, the Canadian racer. He is now riding as a professional, but while in the amateur ranks he figured as one of the crack-a-jacks. During his last season ae an amateur Longhead won eighty- seven first prizes. In racing for cash A Pretty Century Ulder. •Miss Jacobus, a well-known wheel- woman of Montclalr, N. J., has ridden more centuries than any woman In the state. In 1895 she rode four centuries, and in 1S96 she won eight century medals. On the 12th of June Miss Jacobus performed an unusual feat for a woman cyclist. She rode from Montclair to Newark and joined in the century run to Philadelphia. After keeping well up in the van of the 400 riders Hall's Catarrh Cure Is a constitutional cure. Price, T5c. Richard A. Proctor was authority for the statement that the earth receives only the one two-billionth of the sun's heat. Dr. Kay's Renovator is a positive cure for nervous disorders and of the stomach, bowels and liver. Keo udvt. Greater Glasgow, with a population of S53.0UO has only 4SI4 medical men, or ouo doctor to 1,720 of population. I shall recommend Piso's Cure for Consumption fur and wide.—Mrs. Mulligan, rlumstead, Kent, England, Nov. 8, IS'Jo. Thirty-nine of the fifty-six' men who signed the declaration of independence were college graduates. ^ Hcgenmn's Camphor Ice with Glycerine OunvsrhiiiipMlHuiiciBiuicI Fare. Tender or Sore Feet, Chilblains' Piles, He. C. O. ClorkCo^Nuw Haven, Cl. A chain briage over the Merrimac River at Amesburv is said to be the oldest suspension bridge in the United States. It was built in 1872. Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup For rhllilren t Of thine softens the Biiiim.mlm'eKliiflam- uiatiun.alluys i>aiu. cures wind colic. -5 cents u bottle. "What large features she hus!" "Yes, I dou't believe it would be easy to stare her out of countenance:." ^ To Cure Const tpfttion Forovcr Tnke CiiEcurets Ciindy Cathartic lOcor'iio. 11 C. C C. lull to cure. ilruitKlttii rctimil money. Wages of "scliooTteachers iu Connecticut hare lieen doubled in thirty years. IOWA FARMS For Sale on crop payment, SI per acre cash, balunce H crop year y until paid for. J. MULHALL. Waukegun. 111. Parson—fliope you little boys i-enpeet vour father and obey your mother? my— Rather '. She cau lick lather, she can. Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for thi feot. It cures painful, swollen, smarting feet and Instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions. It is the greatest comfort discovery of the age, Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight-fitting or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By mall for 25c In stamps. Trial package FREE. Address Allen S. Olinsted, Le Roy. N. Y. AVanda No—What was the "Ll^ht that Failed?" Punster- -Probably au Israelit, e. . Ir.Itor* to Lincoln I'urk In ClilcnRO Will be delighted with the souvenir booh of thiB beautiful spot now being distributed by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul iCailwny Company. It is a magnificent publication of !«> pages full to overflowing with delicious half tone pictures of one of Creation's most charming places of resort for citizens of the Groat Republic. No stranger visiting Chicago should be without a copy of the ''Souvenir of Lincoln Park." It can onlv be procured by euclos- iug twenty-five iUf>) cents, hi coin or postage stamps, to Goo. H. HonlTord. general passenger agent, 410 Old Colony Building, Chicago. I1K ____Your per onal affairs are of very little concern to the world, unless you have boon doing something you oughtn't to. There Is u ClnKH of 1'copla Who are injured by the use of coffee. Recently there bus been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation called ttllAIN-O made of pure grains, that takes the places of coffee. lhe most delicate stomach receives it without distress, and but few cun tell it from coffee. It does not cost over \i ns much. Children may drink it with prcat benefit. 15 cts. nnd ar. cts. per package. Try it. Ask for GKA1N-O. Portland, Ore., claims to have 10(1 millionaires. Ciiroful parents wlio arc planning to send their daughters to the city for study, wish tlicrn lo be placed In snrrotimllnnH as nearly liltc home, as possible. In lulsrespouUhe New Unplund Conservatory of Music lloston. Muss , with its admirably equipped Homo Depart" ment meets a widely tult nt'cil nnd offers an uVisolutelv s:ifu and delightful home life for youtm women sttidi'iitH of music. Add to this the curriculum of coura"H leaving nolulne union 0 to secure brouil nnd muslelnnly Irululnis, mid it Is easy to sre why pimrits prefer this school lo any other, nnd particularly to those which make no provision for pleasant and sheltered dormitory life. The drought in Australia will make necessary the importation of a large amount of wheat from California this year. To Colorado Sprlngn mill Pueblo Kurliniiton Route via Denver. A through Sleeping car to Colorado Springs and Pueblo via. Denver is attached to Burlington Route daily train leaving Chicago 10:»l p. in. Ollicn. ^11 Clark St. Colouel Ingernol and Dr. Talmnge are said to receive higher salaries than any lecturers in the world. llou't Totmrco Spit und MiuKo tour Life Awny. Toquit tobacco easily and forever, be magnetic, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No- To-iJivc, the wonder-worker that makes weak moustioug. All druggists. .We or $1. Curn guaranteed. Booklet and sample free; ndd.- Sterling Remedy Co.. Chicago or New York, . "Pretty Poll," said the lady. "Can Polly talk'!" '''Polly." replied the Boston parrot, "can converKC." No-To-llHC for Mfty OntH. OinuiinU'Ort Kil'iiceo hnblt cure, makes woivk men ttibnvi blood pure. MJc, tl. All dnniclsts. It is said Russian speculators are buying American wheat. WOMEN! DOFT? WATt. if ¥ou Hav3 Any of These Sytaji* toma Act at Ono§. Do you k&ow the reason why yoii will go to the hospital, ray poor friend? Because yon have allowed yourself to go from bad to worse. You did not know that that heat, swelling and ten* derness in your left side were all signs of congestion of the ovary. Any intelligent woman could hove told you that congestion is fatal to the uterine system, and that an ovary | congested leadal to tumor] formation, and that you were in awful _ danger. Now( w ) you will have to undergo the operation of ovariotomy, the cutting out of the ovary. Yes, you will recover, at least I hope you will; but you will never be quite the same woman again. Congestion of the ovaries is fatal to health. If you have any such symptoms be advised in time j tolce a medicine of DI-. oiuc powers! You can find none bettet than Lydin E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, prepared especially to meet the needs of woman's sexual system. You can get it at nny good druggist's. Following we publish a letter from a woman in Milwaukee, which relates how she was cured of ovarian trouble: " Dear Mrs. Pinkham:—I suffered with congestion of the ovaries and inflammation of the womb. I had been troubled with suppressed and painful menstruation from a girl. The doctors told me the ovaries would have to be removed. I took treatment two years to escape an operation, but still remained in miserable health in both body and mind, expecting to part with my reason each coming month. Af tea- using one bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and a package of Sanative Wash I was very much relieved. I. continued to use your remedies until cured. The last nine months have been passed in perfect pood health. This, I know, I owe entirely to the Vegetable Compound. My gratitude is great, indeed, to the one to whom so many women owe their health and happiness."—Mns. F. M. KNAIT. 603 Wentworth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. ' Vegetable Sicilian HAIR RENEWER Beautifies and restores Gray Hair to its original color and vitality; prevents baldness; cures itching and dandruff. A fine hair dressing. B. P. Hall & Co., Props., Nashua, N. I Sold by nil Druggists. rnrr cr A s? nil Q whcro cro; '" real|r ° LULL r M IT IVl O n-ood prk-iw. Kvi-ry n BlLL farmer's mm Hlioulil wok a liimin In i.ho •••»••• (|mat Canadian Northwest at onee. Tho opimrtunltiCH are Ripurlor to any other part ot lu» t world. Apjih' for Cull purtU'lllaru to tho . CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY, | ,1. ITKANUIS I..H1C, (InuTnl Ajfi't, 1-auMugtr !>«.' imrluiMi!, Sll\! Clark HI., IIIIUAUO. 1 u»c D»V Wt "AY M ' i ' ay on contra °. t « ,„„,.,, ,,„ t.nniinln.ion. lo tell Ijoiikn. Ambition* Klrl». IHJJ-H, wumim, iiii'ii, wrltu tiir particular* to CharloH I!. Dllieli. llavunport. lowa^ MISS ALICE JACOBUS. LETTER , I DR SAMUEL PITCHER, of Bijannis, Massachusetts, 7 -^- j. f "DiTrt-tfFR"? CASTORIA," the same was the originator cf PI lorlc.n o^ o/Huiwni"/ ^ that has borne and does now /^^yZ^T^ " ° n eV6T1J bear the fac-simile signature of <^^^ffc^f ™ ra PP* r ' This is the ordinal "PITCHER'S CASTORIA/' whu>h has been vsecl inthe tomes cf the Bother* of America for over thirty years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is 7 ^T^-t- .^*& * e ***^'* nfm *F** OTV vfa& the kind you, have always_owgn^ j^t ^s&Tftt&tS aiid has the signature oft^&£7Y, ' wrap P er. r m one has authority fron me to we my The Centaur Company of which Chas. H. last season he was quite successful, and his performances on the truck this year indicate that he will prove a record man, Longhead finds racing in America more remunerative than riding across the border. He was born in 1876 and took up racing in 1894. His first season was confined exclusively to local event's. In 1895 he won all the Canadian amateur championships. not Do Not Be Deceived. . the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute 1st mav offer you (because he makes a few more pennies sriorsr issSU of *b4 «w ** *** ** ^ ^ „ "The Kind You Have Always Bought BEARS THE FAC-SIMILE- SIGNATURE OF PATENTS . B.WIULSONifcCp.,Wush- nKlon, D. C. No foci till patent ucuroil. <1H-|HIK« Itooli TITO. W. N. U. DesMo'nss. No. 31—1897. When uiwwerintf advertisements ibis puper. mention mi Instet'im Having The Kind That Never FailedI You, P. J. LONGHEAD. Racing experts predict that Longhead will head the list of riders at the end of this season's racing. One SI ore Lesson. The inefficiency of back-pedaling a a substitute for a brake was again illustrated in an accident which befell John Grieb, a Baltimore rider, on Sunday afternoon. He was riding down Rush Hill, which is one of the steepest hills iu the vicinity of Baltimore, and in his effprts to keep his wheel under control l>y back-pedaling the left pedal of his bicycle broke. He was consequently thrown violently to the road and was seriously injured. The accident which happened to the Balti- rnorean is only one of many that are possible Without ft good brak* * she went to the front at Bristol and set the pace for the crowd of wheelmen on the last miles of the century nto Philadelphia. As she sprang from her machine at the end of the run she declared she was able to caver another :ialf century. She had ridden during .he day a total of 109 miles. Miss Jacobus is very modest with regard to her many century runs and declares that she rides for pleasure and not as the rival of any person. Notes of Sports. The picked team of thu Englewood Golf Club visited the linkt of the Dyker Meadow Club, at Port Hamilton, N, y., lately, and 'H'gaged in a game with the latter club, who defeated them by a score of 39 to 0. Tommy Conneff the famous Irish- American runner, arrived in this city from Ireland rec-ntly, ,-md proposes to now settle down here permanently. He expects that Fred Bacon will fulfill his promise to give him three return races, at different, distances, in this country, and says h.e is ready to put up whatever stake th-.3 Englishman desires, A match game of golf was contested by teams representing respectively the Nutley and Montclair clubs at Mutiny, N. J., the other afternoon, an excellently played game resulting in victory for the local team by 10 holes to 8. Larkin lowered the record of the links to ninety- two. B. J. Hjertberg, captain of the track team of the New Jersey Athletic Club, who for years has been a prominent amateur distance runner, has joined the professional ranks, and he made his first appearance in a race for cagh at Ambrose Park, Brooklyn, N. Y., on June 19. He will follow Uie V " ian cirtuH of games this seasqn,, expects to pick up co^g^erablg ey before Buy Your Bicycle^ of a concern that will be in business as long as you live, and whose guarantee is the best security that can be given. 1897 COLUMBIAS, .... $75 STANDARD OF THE WORLD. 1896 COLUMBIAS 60 1897 HARTFORDS, .... 5O HARTFORDS Pat. 2, ... 45 HARTFORDS Pat. I, ... 4O HARTFORDS Pat. 5 and 6, . 3O POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Conn. Come and visit our factories, covering 17 acres of Moorage, and see how a first-elans bicycle is made. Catalogue free from Columbia dealers; by mail from us for one two-cent stamp. If Columbian ure not properly represented in your vicinity, let UK know. filJNS AMMUN|1TION ' LOADED TO ORDER, fBnnSL.inpArtlin&rerklusutKlW. B. Mllucr. Mr. Miluerlijscliiirgeorottrguinlfpartiiieut. FSH NO MATERIAL, TENTS, CAMPERS' AND HUNTERS OUTFITS TENNIS, BASE BALL, 'OYMNASIUM GOODS, QOLP FOOT BALL, CAfllRAS, FILMS, PLATES, Photographers' Supplies W ir* /~ITT A O"!H JOBBER AND RETAILER, , P. CHAoJb, fjRo LOCUST ST., DES MOINES, IOWA, nw; (WPlWSliYe&aeJsMftlisa! gip^"' * s-rwu » ^jm '"'•'5 "/Jfr-J 'r * ' :-3&i8te' . ..tNa.^ai's8i<T3'S v *:^. * **,

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