Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1937 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Reason, Mr». Tribon Will Sell the Sclwyhnrt Fur- JiHure a; his home one door west of Baptist Church, on THURSDAY Sale Wont 9 a. in. to noon only. family leaving town 1UOCTAL DISEASES LRICOSE VEIJfS T. th HUPTUKE I use the ambulant method In treating these conditions. This means that you suffer very little if any pa u, do not have to go to bed or k so any blood. You can go right , on with your regular work and lose no time except for a fevf minutes in my office onee a week. ou are {welcome to come in for an examination without charge. At that liime I can explain my method of treatment. »K. Si W. BIEYEK, I). 0. GENERAL HOSPITAL, Algona, Iowa. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA SURPRISE FOR MRS, WOITO IS GIVEN AT L, V, Lu Verne, Sept. 20— The Cemetery association mot at the Community hall Thursday afternoon with an attendance of 30 women. The hostesses, Airs. Laura Woito, Mrs. William Miller, and Mrs. Albert Genrich had planned a program consisting of a reading by Mrs. George Tiede, and a group of I „,, , , f , „ ---------- ..... • vocal solos by Florence Ilof, after i , ' ,. l , e , Reaner l>°use. They V ° ved ftr Irvington Resident for 20 Years in Move to Algona Irvington, Sept. 20—Mrs. Lucy Reaper, who has lived here nearly 20 years, moved the fore part of the week to Algona, where she has purchased a home. Mr. Reaper died several years ago, and since then Mrs. Reaper has lived alone with the exception of a few months when her brother, James Mclllmt- tin, Lanark, 111., stayed with her. The late James DHsworth also made his home there occasionally. The Morrises Parsonses have inov- , ,. , , which the membors of the soc ety ^ V ° n ! ved ft ; r ° ovoral yeftrs ln ">o tnniori thr, +„),!„„ „.. __ _ , . . Ly kd, DHsworth house here. tnrned the tables on one of the three, Mrs. Woito, and gave a surprise program for hor. It consisted of talks by Mrs. Peter Thompson and Mrs. P. c. Lichty, and the presentation by Mrs. Lichty of a gift from the society to Mrs. Woito who is lea,Ing soon to house here. Honeys Jlnvc .Itcunlon— Henry Lofing, Mason City, and K. P. Roney took M. L. Roney to Conrad last Wednesday to attend a reunion. S. R. Roney, Qrandvlew, Wash.; Mrs. T. E. Syvorson Pasa- ing soon to make her home in Algona. A covcred-dis'h luncheon was served. Mrs. Fred out for""the'affailTMrs. a T -"~—'"--'lit, recent auto accident' hostess. The society presented Mrs. Lucy Reaper with a picture. She had been a member for many years. Kopsllnrs Go to Florida- Mr, and Mrs. Theodore Koestler left last week for Jacksonville, Fla., where Mr. Koestler will teach. The couple has been with Mr. Koestlor's mother, Mrs. Fred Miller, during the summer. Stripling liuys Farm— Mike Stripling recently purchased what is known as the John WESLEYANS IN FOOD SHOWER GIVENJASTOR Wosley, Sept. 20—Nearly all the members of tho Congregational church Priscilla-Phoebo Aid, together with o, number of friends, attended the annual union aid Saturday afternoon, where they honored Mrs. Howard Sparks nt a miscellaneous bridal shower. Mrs. Sparks was June Dlmond until- several weeks ago, when she was married at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy C, Dl- inond. gathering and food shower honoring the Rev. and Mrs. Olaf M. Johnson Wednesday at tho Free church in Britt, A program was given and enjoyed by the Shower (Jlvon nt HrlH— Several from this territory were invited to attend a pro-nuptial shower at Brllt Saturday afternoon honoring Lucille Hoick, who this week Is a bride. Miss Hoick Is a daughter of the former Miss Rose Dallman, former Wosley resident. °thc Gamble sto.ro, Algono, spent lasl Mr ' week with her parents, tho A n Derga.- ' ' Harold, son of Mr. and Mrs Henry Schutor, loft last week for Le Mars to enter Western'Union '^" >K «W ",? r « college Harold was graduated i !•' ' 1X \,!' lym "ut!. S, from Swca City high school last •-' • '"• Hiim^.V 0 '! spring. County Agent A. L. Drown Al gona, took Lucille Hath and iiottv Anderson and their 4-H lender ino. Other Wesley News. The Karl Westergaards, of Fort three Dodge, were a week ago Saturday . - uosts * Mr - Klutz farm near T n Vnrno "TI~ i aida aild tho Rev - Mr - Johnson 1 evening visitors at Emil AVestor's. farm'contains 120 acres. The Strip- ! .? M ™ a flne nnd intc ,'' csti "E talk on Sunday guests there were the Emil Other Irvington. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Colwcll entertained last week Sorenson and David Johnson fam- in the Bible. Each attendant ilies > of Corwith, Leila AVestcr, of brought well-filled baskets and'Ames. Eleanor Johnson, student lunch was served to all present, i nurse at Mason City, spent the The Johnson family received a nice j week-end with her parents and collection of canned fruits, vcge- M© NEY Wolf and Mrs. AVilliam Klawitter will be hostesses at the October "iiceting. 1'rogram Given nt Club— The Progressive AVoman's club < „ , --------- victim, ! . . , thn f , a , tCnd °, U crut °l«M. It; Edna Ilarr, and a Miss Walsh. all been " 110 the R °° yB had camo along for the day also. ._, pickles, and other edibles to The James Brennan family, of Herman replenish their larder for the fall|J°"ot, 111., spent last week here •inrl Mrq ninim, i T /. Ph ] lp ' months, a little courtesy shown the! wlth lliK sister, Mrs. U II. Kent, ami MIS. uichaid Leigh, Mrs. minister and his family each yeari""'' with another sister, Mrs. J. H. they near took gUOSts nt Jaco ' b ° n ° thne sinco (lttm>s wore tho J<lCOta ° n ' w Jacobsons, ' and greatly looked forward to and enjoyed by the donors. pinny Come for Funeral Influences of AUTOMOBILE LOAJfS EXTUKMKLT LOW RATES LOAXS MADK OX TOUR 1'tlKSKXT CAR W e will make you a liberal loan on your car—pay off your present balance, advance you additional cash and reduce your payments by extending them over twelve to eighteen months. CASH LOANS MADE AT ONCE NO Ea-DOjlSERS OU SIGNERS UK QUIRED A courteous, prompt, and confidential cash loan service. Call in person or write WESTERN CREDIT CO. 200 East State St., Algonn, Iowa thn nnu- the neu group is studying] nany^yoais ago, , C arl Ca .r\s ons of Humboldt. JGarfelia Johnson, 67, at t American Public »e«Iell Plans Farm Changes— Un, r-f Henry Lofing, Ma- 0( j is t church a week ap;a ar, and Mrs. F. I. Mr. and Mrs. Joss Bedell, who*™lbt&'A*™^, w 1 "? WCekB """noon were Mr. and M, 1'aper on the sub- wore recent business visitors here/pi c " ,l n f FHrt^nt I *° co "-.Kicbhoff, Cliff and Floyd n Inheritance, and , mvo made arrangements to have ?„£ HaroTd PnlwMi s P, cncor ,Mr. and Mrs. Vern Riebh to told of The Pur- "'"her improvements made on v s u,r u Tho f ,h F ', ' US ° a lassie Riobhoff, Mrs. Lan re. Mrs. Ticde is Heir farm here. Anew machine j T " M ,! ,° nnl ! , n , 5% •„ J h ° rr -« u of Burt; Mrs. Flc nt. shed and a cattio s v,n f i i 0 +„ i,_ „ .. llc Missionary society will meet i, n ff iuv „„,! •*,„* T.T Cooney, at Whittemoro. Jimmie . Opinion this year, and Mrs. F 1 Chapman had a paper on the subject, Our Puritan Inhcriifinr-o n,,ri Mrs. George Tiede told itan's J Ionic Life. made his home in and about AVes- ley for some years before tho World war days, having enlisted in the army while living here. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Sherman and Johnson, 67, at the Moth- six boys, who have occupied the ago Monday house on the vacated Gus Brandt _, ....... \.'ii ( iii^i. n <3On f llv n rn crirt.i r!',.-, ~ t i I ""'••"• ^',"11,11 ti \vtciv tlfi-U iVlUIUUlV """-^ *-"» i-iiu VU^ULUU \-iuc, illullUL Mr. and Mrs. Joss Bedell, who 1 with tloAMp1p.n<< Ti,f° ™ nflorn °°n were Mr. and Mrs. Frank farm north of town for a number k'Ol'O mnonf hiicinnnn ,.:~ii i. ' L11 L11U -* v< m <'-lje*lUb. Ilie IWO COU- T>i«Kli«rr nitre _- j ™t •, T, ,r,P ,.„„..„ „.» . .- tTTi.ii, • 'PI t- "••••-•« i «uu»i n^it; an • til ill l»J.l rt. i 1 lilUlY *« • i" JIVJILH \JL i.ii v> ii i\.ii ti Jiuiiiuui v "t fi,n a" °° U J 1{iobhoff . Cliff and Floyd Uiebhoff, of years, moved to AVhitlemore Riebhoff, Mrs. Monday so that Mr. Sherman might lance Rich-, bc more centrally located in the for his work as agent for WE HAVE 1—210 aero farm, .well l 2-t(|0 aero farms, ^ll, "" 1-1M w-ro farm, ,, cnr Al R onn, & ' " ( ' r > -«,° acre farm, 1V eII lonaled, $s i, „ 7 """• -SO awe farm, well loca«(Ml, $M5 m , ""''• 1—05 acre farm, well located *iin n ' ll( ' r( '- Theaefarm^u.oll''- "Her, 1IO.M.KS 1— House, (i rooms, near Catliollc ( .|IHP,.I, 1-Hoiise, 5 rooms, li|«, I10 , v , , nnd , iri "" ' ' J-lIoiisc, C rooms, well locale,!, •»„ Also some good bargains In lots. Kohlhaas * lllMj H 22. Flora Rich- Talk Given at, Tuesday Club-, The Tuesday club held its first I shod and a cattle shed is 10^0 ! FrK^^f^or^r^^'c!,,^' "° ff ' Mr " aml M«/H^"Ke'ftri, j the AVatkins company; built. A new cistern has just been Mrs Witli n r^nlH^L'^.-n 0 ^^ Mr : .<«"> M«- *• A. McArthur, Clara I The infant daughter finished. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Becker are the renters. meeting of tho club year with Mrs.' 1 ,, , . u. b. Grant last week. There were y """ f ' lrl nre Horn— 1C members present, and the after- Mr ' ftnd Ml ' s - Woodrow Johnson I noon program consisted of a talk'' 11 ' 0 l' aront s of a daughter, born by Mrs. Carrie Coleman on Feder- ! Wednesday morning at the Kos- ation work, and including a few i suth ' ^V* 0 "'. our "tate officers/ ""' Mrs. William Boldridirp""wnT"iinvn and The Younger studied. It is reported that the Ramus family and Mrs. mus plan to move Facts will be George Ra- , Algonn. A " KUat Carnival Dated October 8-9— The annual high school carnival born to Mr. Donovan at tho hospital in Forest City a week ago Sunday morning ' has been named Carol Elizabeth. Mrs. Donovan was formerly Marie En- Plans for the year were discussed Ts . on at tlho General hospital. Mrs. b ™ s ' hes - Jlf 1 MO ll!1C71T1i-.r, r, .-.__!•. llv 1*<1 11 fn n Tl il lv,, 1. -- I . _ lYl I'd U . Mrs. ctarenc'e" !' rt dcsi ™ ble lo «^ion can 'bTf^nd ,™ %™£ gave birth to a i^^J 1 ''' Ramus is selling Fuller and this year 'j J s . boln s Planned with dates chosen Ren, .laughter of Butlcrmaker and a " d fl ' Evory yoar at the business meeting. Former IVacher is Mother— Announcements have been ,,.- ceived here of tho birth of a daugh- Mrs. Keith Strayer, accompanied nouncing an entirely new round of Mrs. H. P. Engen. S\ve:i City. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sherman and Ed Neuroth were entertained last week Tuesday night at Mrs. Tillie Krause and baby returned Mrs. Ray Fitch has been m in "e^" "njiiua.) LU iVir. anQ l,^ * vl * vuat -«.^ * n^u nna utJUU lil ]n Mrs. Evert Wllkouski, Morristown i «upper at tho church dining ; b ed for over a week suffering with Minn. Mrs. Wilkm, 0 i.-i i,, u-^. .'. < room a week from Wp.dnpKri.iv , kidney trouble nmi no™,,!!,,.,*: — nor for their Mrs. AVIlkouski is better known here as Norma Partridtre -i ; • v ?" lng ' Mashed potato, fried I D ° r is Co primary teacher in the Lu Ver'no O ' n 9 hen ' sravy, cabbage salad, bak- Elmer school for two years. The bahv ? dboans - alld fresh apple pie, with! infection li o o H«-i^»» », i r~, . vflPlfV 11 in fa loo »*r\llr. f, ,^ ,1 PII .,, ' TT 1 ! v»-»«.. i from Wednesday .kidney trouble and complications. Aid Officers n™ y n i,,o,l ed nnlnln r,.i n ,i I Doris Cnlwoll io nr,-,^i^,,«j ^i J"u uiiK.trs are i>aillO(l— of town. The AVeslcy public school was closed this week Monday so high school teachers could attend the , bo charged. VULCANIZE Your Cut Tires Get many more miles in safety at small cost. SUPER SERVICE Phone v — — The has been named Sue Ann. .Hrs. Wildin Kccovering— Mrs. Lewis AVildin is reported recovering nicely from a maj - or oper . ation performed a week ago Saturday at the General hospital in Des present Moines. Little Barbara AVildin is PrCSenL being cared for by her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. AVilliam Ramus. Other LnVerne. r C ;, H ,-,fl!?. hl> ;: Gra ? e Lichty, Mrs. jelly, pickles, rolls, and coffee, will ! Elmer be served, and 35c per plate will for T-, Dawson, president; Mrs. The Frank Zimots spent a week . , . H. H. Liohty, Harold and Evan left luursday morning for St. Agatha Can., to attend the wedding Saturday of Mildred Harrison, the third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Harrison, and granddaughter of C H. Lichty. She was united in marriage to Henry Blake also of St. Agatha. Sweeney, Mrs. Ben Terhune was truck Whittemore Among those from here who attended the funeral of Mrs. Norman Finnestad and her son Duane last week Tuesday at Depew were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schattschneider, Mrs. William Rusch Jr., Mrs. Ar-l Her husband is the cashier at the Burt Savings bank. A joint meeting of t'he Portland s, Mrs. George Aldrich and Mrs. A. M. Lease served refreshments. South Dnlcotuns in Visit- Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sudmeier, of Timber Lake, S. D., spent part of son's and Ramsey women's clubs will be Pritifl y in AVesloy visiting Mrs. Hal- held Friday at Mrs. Alfred Godfred- |VOr Flom Jl '- They came at this """'". Miss Pepoon, H. D. A., will tlme to attend the funeral of Miss an outline of next year's les- tjoretta Winkel, 33, who died a,t Fort Dodge and was buried at Al- Mrs. Garnie Hood entertained at gona Frid ay morning. Miss Winkol son. a card party Wednesday evening ^ as a relative of Mrs. Sudmeier, thnr Heide-nwith, Mrs. Earl 'shep-| in h . onor of her husband's birthday j: he 'atter being a sister of the late Carl and Arthur Lindenschmidt, 'JL Chicago, spout last week here visiting the several Hildman families. They also took occasion to drive to Ayrshire one day to visit at the Kirschbaum homo there. The AVeslcy high school baseball team defeated the St. Cecelia baseball team 5-4 in a game after school Tuesday afternoon. Swea-Eagle News ,ard, Mrs. Clara Miller, Mrs. Grace , anniversary. Those attending were MaU ie Winkel, of Bancroft. Airs. Albert Genrich, Mrs. Edw.- AIill °r, and Mrs. Nick Reding. I tho Messrs. and Mesdames W. J. •r,,.,,,, ,,, , ~ — : 'Hot and Mrs. Arthur Benschoter ! «''• and Mrs. Leonard Meyer of 'Stewart, Waif Waltman, Earl Ship- il , £ ' Slled ls '"' arc hostesses at the general Aidi G arner, visited with relatives here" 01 '' and R°scoe Stewart, and 500 0 * T • t ' ! '; rnlei ' s Cof the Methodist church at 'ast week Tuesday. Wi »s the diversion of the evening • ad a crew - .. „„,.,„„ , ° i !? roof of the old 'umber ( . ]i '- v - Merlin, a student at Ibe AVilson Spittle family, Fort JJptlge, were last week guests of Floyd Treat's. Mr. Spittle is a brother of Mrs. Treat 'Mrs. E. S. Bergeson left last week for Ottawa, 111., where she will visit relatives. meetin '" tne s °uth side of forten d "y«- The one big ^vt,n n m U ie Aiotnodist church at '"••" week Tuesday. w »» tne aiversion of the evening ~" the city hall this week AVednesday. Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Maher Bar- Portlanders attending a county !i,oi° i tie annual election of officers will num, spent Wednesday and Thurs- woman's club luncheon at the Al- » f oo held and a decision will be I day at the Curtis Sheldlar's. K ° nil hoto1 Friday were the Mes- T , - o made, about continuing with the- Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith K^mes Garnie Hood, AV. J Stewart B . cu l' olil - 6ff ect top has been < ircle groups. j and Mrs. Dorothy Seibers and son '< R ' S ' McAVhorter, and Martin f^P^tely torn down with a V- Mrs Heorgo Hanselman and I Ralph, visited at Arlo Stottenberg's : Beoker ' i ,^P , 'T in Its place - A tin Earle, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Chapman at Algona AVednesday evening I Ton y Jandl, Mr. and Mrs E R "°°t has been added and a general „* , , --Operative soci-! Merlin Larson was siiniior CUPS) L ty . *™to& a cre_w of men work- at his_uncle Emil Lur.in's Thurs- E \VESI The four-gore blai af'il the secret of its cfinj'J smooth fit. Hoi "V" tailored double tcrial front and \M Tubs beautifully bec«| it's fashioned from | dye satin. Krese Shoes Hosiery Dresses n 1 11' • i i • ~" — --•"•• i'n*n*i--- --J ••-.-•--.A^.jui.kj v^rvxiiiifci, j • ' • -*-••«. ^ii i bi, j^. j.^, r»irm»lin tt 1' and \Villiam we-nt to Amos Thurs-1 The Emmetsburg high school' Colll uson, Botna, and Mrs. R. C ° v . einaulln K given day to make arrangements for the ; baseball team mot the local acad- Colli »son, Elmore, spent a week ^ nerever needed. ooys to enter Iowa State college' omy team here Thursday after- inis week. Earle will take a dairy : noon. The local team won from course and William an engineering Emmetsburg ].3-2. Minneapoli C °M?% P „,.„ I Th ° Lut heran Aid met in the ftjis. to. t. I inllips returned from]school basement Friday afternoon i. aliforma Thursday. She planned : f °r a monthly Tiieeting. Those on to spend the winter with a sister the serving committee for the building ... , , — Ames, just returned from a trip through the west, with a K roup of other students from the forestry department and instructors made stops at Arizona and Texas, where they stud- led forestry and lumbering meth- ago Sunday with R. C. Collinson, Sever Christensen Ininro,! who ,s m the Veteran's hosnltal at, Numeroufwelleyans will next . ...i..* it ijJOLCl .-«... i ,(^ ^-»«i**it*iin;v. HH IIUVL and family, but found her brother- month are Mesdames Herman and! " muior of Mrs. Jandl. He was a falling in'suciTiTiv'Th",'.' i • in-law ciuiio ill, so came back to i Caroline Voigt, Gerhart AVohr-1 former Portland farmer, but now — • " y that hls J-jU V CrriC. KIM* tl n T-Tn>i vir m-, /I W,1 ...: „ T»r: _t.i Mr. and jAIrs. Robert Hnrdcopf left last week Tuesday for three weeks with relatives in California. Mrs. Emily Guy is taking care of aking care of the children during their absence spann, Henry and "Kdwin AVichten- dahl, and Herbert Zumach. Mr. and Mrs. HIIRO Meyer, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zumach, returned home last week operates a store at Botna. Chas. Clark, Britt, father of Howard Clark, here, is visiting the Albert Bunkofskes. Marjorie Johnson, daughter of Tuesday after a week in the Black I Mr< and . Mrs - Geo - Johnson, Irving•' • "">-<^**v.v-i »' --»w^. i* nv^wn. iii LI 113 J->1 tUJJV. Mbert Hefti and John Stampha Hills, AVyoming, Colorado, South ton, visited AVednesday at Howard Clark's. MILD [Exceptionally So] QBIGDTAL TIIE QBIGDTAL A NICHLESS f Only 5c The cigar that I recommended f o excessire smokers |jecause the nico |Hne, as far as pos pible, has been re Miored, making i pot only mild, bu a satisfying smoke ](Iod/?rato smokers Tfho enjoy a mild cigar are also enthusiastically in fa. t|or of the Nickless, Try a box and notice the difference, ijonr dealer can gel if; for yon. 1 P fir 1 •»«*»** •>-> iM<ll jjj lit v --•••••, iijujiiiiif-,, V-'lJJUliLUU left AVednesday for Richmond, Ind., (Dakota, and Nebraska. In OLUI-KIB to bring home a truck with a i S. D., whore they stopped, it was ' Mrs " Gai ' n 'e Hood and children school bus body for use at the j raining and the. people told them! and Mrs ' Waif Waltman and chil Vernon Consolidated school. | it was the first rain of any value 1 6I1 callcd at AVill Grover's Sun- rsoal Barton is the new carrier in the vicinity for seven years day salesman for the Sunday Register, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Thull Clar- Mr ' ftnd Mrs - Mennet Trunkhil tnbin,r ,),„ „,,.„„ ... ,„.... _. . . . . • are p arems of a RJrl _ Noreta May born a week ago Monday morning Mrs. Anna Ambrose, Des Moines , . . ar- taKing the place of William Chap- Ion, spent last week Tuesday at man who has had the route the Mike Thul's and Peter Schumach- past five and one-Jhalf years J. J. Wadleigh and J. L. Lichty er's. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lackore, of came a week ago Monday to . ~.~. 0 .-. niiu j. ij, j^icnty -ui. uuu ;virs. rloya -L,acKore of ,»^^«. n^u inuuuuy LO care left by train from Fort Dodge Fri-i Forest City, visited old friends here for Mrs< Men net Trunkhill and uay morning to spend the week-end i lf '«t week Tuesday. onby. She is an aunt of Mennet with relatives in Chicago and cinity. Mr. and Mrs. Kd Flaherty and Mrs Mary Stampha, Jamestown S. D., are guest.s at AVilliam Kol- IjlKfh'H Sexton Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sanders visited the former's brother near Mallard Sunday. The AV. C. Taylors spent Sunday at Robert Hart's, near Forest City. Edith Greenfield spent Tuesday at Harvey Steven's helping Mrs Steven with canning. Rex and Mitch Taylor won a number of priv.es on calves at the county fair. Mitch won first on :i Jersey steer and Rex won an his Jersey heifer, and lis Jersey cow. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Phillips Al- ;ona, spent Friday with the later's mother, Mrs. Sarah Wise. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Lowman spent AVednesday at the Spencer vi- i The annual field day sponsored ' by St. Michael's parish will be held Thursday. The trap shoot will start at 1 o'clock and will continue all afternoon. A dinner will be served in the academy hall at 5:30 p. m. AVit Thoma and his famous orchestra will furnish music for a dance in the evening. The Rev. AV. H. Discher and family returned home Thursday after spending ten days at the home of Mrs. Diseher's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schmitt, at Wall Lake. Mr. and Mrs. George Kohl and son William, of Algona, spent AVednosday evening at Herman A'oiKt's. Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Bruhn, of Fairville, visited tit George Meyer's and a sister of John Trunkhill. on on ers. to get ° hldrcn Ruth Ann and Wil ' SPent , U C ° Uple ° f days grandparents, the Mey- Mr. and Mrs. Donald Briest, of Minn., visited at Charli and ,VANT ADS JN THE ADVANCE and tho Upper Des Moines go to all parts of the county and are re- Portland V. A. leople on rural rs not on ro 'Ostoffice for their mail, ium other than the H OI " y ° th ° Mrs. AVill Grover, Mrs. ton and Des Moines Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stevens, Portland newlyweds, entertained me-125 neighbors Thursday evening. Ice newspapers cream was served. Burt, IP npwamnm. • Tho charge m ; week ago Monday afternoon at the ie nevvbpapeis is no more. tf John and Mennet Trunkhill homes. MADAM KARLOTTA \otcd Crystal Gazer from Bay side Park give private readings at THE ALGONA HOTEL Wednes.-Thursday September 22 and 23 Hours 9 a. m. till 9 p. m. Room Number 18 ilg FIELD DAY WHITTEMORE, IOWA Thursday, September 23 Sponsored by St. Michael's Parish Trap. Shoot at 1 p. in. Dinner at 5:30 p. m. Dance in the Evening 1 TV'it Thorna's Band Everybody Welcome. was broken and several vertebra smashed. He has been put in a cast and will perhaps be an invalid for some time. Bridal Shower is Given— A group of about 40 women gathered at the Guy C. 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