The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 23, 1954
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JULY 23, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FACE FIVE Too-Silent Gl Almost Got Murder Rap (Last In a Sereis) By DOUGLAS LAESEN NEA Staff Correspondent CAMP GORDON, Ga. — (NEA) — Most crooks believe that when you get in a jam with the police, the best way to beat the noose is to keep your mouth shut. A unique case in the Army Military Police criminal investigation files here concerns Sgt. Martin Jackson, from a western city, who ended up with grood grounds to disbelieve this theory. This is the first published account of his full story. His troubles began about five p.m., Feb. 23, 1951, while taking tea with his Japanese girl friend. His shoes were off, in accepted Japanese custom, and he felt secure in the belief that he was Ichi Ban—No. 1 boy in the household. This security was rudely shattered, however, when a Puerto Rican soldier rushed in, made a terrible scene, and caused Jackson to exit hastily from the neighborhood, sans shoes: A » * Back at his barracks, a half-mile away, he told his sad story to five buddies. But instead of laughing at him, as he expected, they jumped up and prepared to go back to the gals' house to challenge the disputed Ichi Ban status with force. Jackson put on shoes. One grabbed a club. And the six departed with fire in their eyes and liquor on their breaths. • It was dusk. As the fearless sextet approached their destination they met a J*uerto Rican soldier named Fernando Ocasio. He was not the one ciey sought, but Pvt. Jack Dall who had the club didn't care and began laying it on Ocasio while the rest stood and gaped. A soldier named Cpl. Wally Mitchell approached to investigate but was warned: "Get the hell away unless you want to get shot." * * * He obeyed. But another Puerto Rican soldier, Rodriguez Francisco, still not the man they sought, was determined to help a countryman in distress. As he moved tow- trd the struggle he received a .45 THE SHOES HE LEFT BEHIND: Despite a different name, it wasn't hard for the CI men to find the soldier who wore them. dead. With that the six men raced back to the barracks, suddenly aware their little escapade had turned into -a cold-blooded murder. Army CI men- -Military Police criminal investigators—who moved in thought they had the case licked by the next day. It looked like a cinch that Jackson was their man. The Japanese gal had turned over the deserted shoes £o the CI men. Although the footwear had the name "William Branch" inside they were easily traced to Jackson. That led to the arrest of his five pugnacious buddies, too. • * » The five buddies actually talked too much, lacing their statements with tall tales. Only Jackson refused to even open his mouth. But a reasonably clear picture of the events emerged. There was one exception: nobody would say who fired the gun. Next afternoon Jackson seemed really trapped. Mitchell, the GI who had been frightened off by the warning that he'd be shot, picked out Jackson's voice as the one which had delivered the ultimatum. Prosecutors assured the MPs that they had an airtight case against Jackson. But Major Cleon H. Newton, chief of the detachment, wasn't satisfied. He wanted .0 find Jackson's murder weapon and clinch the case. He and the other MPs decided to piece to the puzzle on this go- round. He said he did believe that one of the group had hurriedly buried pieces of the gun in the yard. This spurred the search which finally produced solid results. All of the parts except the barrel of a -.45 were finally picked up. A quick check with the Crime lab ing pin matched those on the empty shell which had been found near the body. This, then, led to a check of gun serial numbers. Jackson still kept mum. But so certain was everyone that he was guilty, and that the gun would be traced to him, formal murder charges were being prepared. But then the surprise came. The gun's serial number led to Cpl. Tom Queen, another member of the group, who finally broke down and confessed that he had fired the fatal bullet. Jackson never did explain his silence. He wasn't covering for Queen because he apparently did not know who the real murderer was. For his deed, Queen got a 40- year sentence, Jackson is now out of jail for s his part. The beaten man recovered, so Dall got a minor sentence. The rest escaped with just a bad scare. (Last of a series.) fiug through his stomach and fell trace the route the men had used fleeing back to the barracks. Do- 'ing so they decided that the most likely spot for getting rid of the gun was in an Army engineer storage yard the men had crossed. Investigators knew they were looking for a .45 Army pistol. On a hunch the MPs began ex ploring the yard with mine de tectors, a job which seemed al most hopeless because of the ton of machinery and scrap meta tere, interfering with the electron ic devices. After many hours, however, thej came up with a spring from a .45 Tons of metals were moved from the yard so the search could be continued more efficiently. Officials thought Newton and his MPs w-ere crazy, but the investiga tors kept up the search with the mine detectors for more than two days. Meanwhile, Jackson maintained his stony silence. The other five were requestioned and their previ ous statements re-examined. Only club-wielding Dall added a new MAJ. CLEOX NEWTON: wasn't satisfied with silence. He OPENS 6:45 EACH NhiHT SHOW STARTS AT DUSK 2 SHOWS EVERY NIT£! RAIN or LAST TIMES TONIGHT in Mill COLOR byCoior Corp. of America Released thru UNITED ARTISTS PLUS TWO COLOR CARTOONS By ALTON L. BLAKESLEE SAO PAULO, Brazil (ft— Scientists from 54 nations on both sides of the Iron Curtain launched a new r joint assault today against cancer, which kills someone in the world every 10 seconds. The nations include Russia, the United States, Britain ,Korea, Poland, Brazil, Chile, Greece, Hungary—in fact almost any country you can name. Nearly 1,000 physicians, chemists, physicists, biologists and other scientists are conferring here and exchanging their latest knowledge to mobilize better answers to the death and suffering from cancer. Their meeting ground is the Sixth International Cancer Congress, which opened today in this booming Brazilian metropolis. The congress last met in Paris in 1950 In the next week the delegates will listen to some 500 reports deal ing with treatment, detection, new scientific research and public ed ucation concerning cancer. They also will meet informally seeking- from or telling to other men and women scientists the find ings w r hich might supply keys to the answers they and the people of their nations want. The cancer congress was formally opened this morning by Dr. Antonio Prudente, the congress pres ident and head of the Brazilian Cancer Institute. About three million persons ovei the world fall victim to cancer annually, he said in his opening Show Starts Admission 15c & 35c At All Times FRI. & SAT. Double Feature "EXCUSE MY DUST' With "Red Skelton SATURDAY ONLY Double Feature Program —AND— Plus Cartoon "Sloopy Jalopy" % SUNDAY and MONDAY presents LANA m 1URNER ,-. KIRK DOUGLAS ^ rlDGEON T^DICK POWELL Cartoons "Pout Cat" and "Htro For u Day' —AND— MG Ms AMAZING ftNIMAl,STAR CONQUERS DANGERS OF M WST IN EXCITING COLOR! Serial "Gunfighters" No. 2 & Cartoon "Soapy Opera" SUN., & MON. Double Feature unmount presents • DUN JtRAX mm H £•0 MMOW MONET FROM HOME TCCHWCOLOft ADMISSION SOc CHILDRIN UNDER 12 FREE WITH PARENTS —AND— address. Dr. Prudente said new promises from-research, in various fields offer great hope, and each new fact learned is potentially useful in solving the riddle. "I feel sure," he said, "this congress, which brings together men of all races, religions and political creeds, shall fight for the same ideal"—the ultimate triumph over cancer. Prior to the opening session. Dr. George T. Pack, of New York's Memorial Hospital, told yesterday of a bold new operation to cure cancer of the liver. In some cases he said, the whole right lobe of the liver—75 to 80 per cent of the organ—had been removed by new surgical techniques. After such operations, Dr. Pack said, the left lobe regenerates and expands until the liver becomes nearly its original size. Six \of these operations have been performed in the past two years, he said. The first patient to undergo the new surgery is living and well today. New Living Cost Report Is Due b«rs oi the General A«embl7; the returns o! eacij election therefor shall be sealed up separately and trans- WASHINGTON (£>)—A new government report on the level of the nation's living costs was due today with little change anticipated, day The cos: of living index a month! whi ^^ the members '»o showed reran rr'cps at 115 oer AssemWl> are eleclecj .^u s..u\veci .futu p.-ces at no per i- sess i 0ri for a «*.-: penset of th« juag»« and Chancery Courte of th* Circuit or ihl* State; mitted to the seat of government by the returning officers aot later than the last day of November ol the year m which the election is nela, and shall be directed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives The Genera) Assembly shall convene ! law determine the amount and method in special session on the first Mon- } of payment of salaries to th« Comm December or the year in j missloners of the Workmen*' Com- of the General pensation Commission; provided, that provided, that such salaries and compensation ol the Justice* of th« Supreme Court and the salaries and eipenses of the judges or the Circuit and Chancery Courts snail not b« less than now provided by law, (b) me ueneraj Assembly shall oy in session for a period shall not to be e.v- , cent 01 the 1947-49 average. This j ceed three days, unless called into meant it- cost 51.15 in May to buy I special session by the Governor At sucl1 session or the General Assem- what roi'lri bavp hp^n rvitvhaw? *nat coua na\e been ^ pui chased { iO. s»l in the base perioa. blv> and upon bolh House$ organized, the Speaker of the of H5.4iof Representatives shall open and Istrued as abrogating any right ol the i - DU biish the votes cast and given for i people as the State of Arkansas under officers hereinbeiore the presence of both HERE'S TO YOU-Donald Kinonen, 13. of Denver, Col., drinks a toast while sitting in the great chair of the Lord Mayor of London, England. Don is one of the 48 American boys now visiting England's capital on an expense-paid tour. The peak index firgure was reached last Octo^ber Vn'moin-r I-K^V „,„„"„" * „, ! each o: the •So major l<tboi -management con- i mentioned, in tracts calling for wage revisions j Houses or the General Assemoiy. The on the basis of changes in the I P ers °- having the highest number or i-iri^v -ji-o C "K'o^» f^. Xv.o-.^.r, v,-. ro:e s for each of the respective of- wae.\ die s«bjcc. to change be-| flces shall be deciare(i ^ electe a cause Of toaav s maex. thereto; and shall immediately be- — - . gin his term of office; but i! rwo • or more shall be equal, the highest I in votes for the same office, one ol the salary of any Commissioner shall not be less than now provided by law, (O rne General Assembly shall 07 law determine the amount and method being 'or payment oi salaries ol county o£House i flclals, Nothing nereln shaD be con- PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT XO. 45 B£ u tit'SULVED oy the House or Representatives o: :he State of Arkansas, and by the Senate: a Majority or al! the Members Elected to Eac£t House Agreeing Thereto: THAT THE FOLLOWING is nereoy proposed as an amendment to the Con* stitutiou of the State or Arkansas, and upon oeing submitted to the electors of :he State for approval or the Initiative and Referendum provisions of the Constitution of the statutes of Arkansas. ^^ (d) That Section 23 of Article 3CIX of the Constitution and Section 2 of Amendment IX to the Contitution of the State of Arkansas b« and the «am« are hereby repealed SECTION 7 That Section 36 ot Article 7 o: the Constitution of th* them shall by chosen by a Joint vote j State 01 Arkansas Is amended to read of boih Houses of the General As- as follow: sernbly. and a. majority or al! tne members elected shall be necessary to a choice. SECTION 4 rne cenera) Assembly shall meet in regular session oi sixty (60) days, which need not oe continuous, at the seat or government even' two years on the first Mon- "ItfOT every riv« Hundred eiecron there shall b« elected one justice of the peace, but every township however small, shall have ryo justices of the peace." SECTIv^ t. ir.^0 amendment sn»il oe in force upon its adoption and shall not require legislative action to day in February or each odd numbered [put It Into force and effect. Actress to Wed rejecuon a: the next gen era j election for Representatives and Senator, if a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopis such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the State or Arkansas, to- ?, wit. SSuTlQN 1 The E.xecutlre Department oi tnis State consist ol a Governor. Lieutenant Governor. Secretary of State. Treasurer of State. Audi! tor of State. Attorney Genera! anc i Commissioner of State Lands, al] m j whom shaU seep cheir ofilces at the \ seat oi Government, and ao!d their ! offices for the term of two years I and until cheir successors are elected i unti o.uairfled j SECTION 2 The annual salaries 01 such State officers, which shall be paid I in monthly Installments shall be" as | follows: SANTA MONICA. Calif. i&)— Act- j The Governor, tne sum oi Fifteen ! (§20,00) per day ress Kathleen Hughes. 25, and film '""' """' ~" " " producer Stanley Rubin, 36. obtained a marriage license yesterday and said they will wed Sunday. There are more government- owned motor vehicles in California (a total of 7660) than in • any other state or the District of Columbia. The latter, with 1935, ranks lotn on the list. W A R N I N..G ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS E. C. Robinson Lumber Company. E. D. Ferguson Trustee, Pltf. vs. No. 12,719 Jesse E Banks and Marian L. Banks, his wife, Dft. The defendants. Jesse E. Banks and Marian L. Banks, his wife, are hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, E .C. Robinson Lumber Company, E. D. Ferguson Trustee. Dated this 1st day of July, 1954. SEAL GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk Harrison & Harrison, Attys. for Pltf. Marcus Evrard, Atty. Ad Litem. 7/2-9-16-23 j Thousand Dollars -($15.000.00); the j Lieutenant Governor the sum of Three i Thousand and Six Hundred Dollars i 153,600.00); the Secretary of State, I the sum ol Seven Thousand and Two Hundred Dollar? <S7.200.00); the Treasurer of State the sum of Seven Thousand and Two Hundred Dollars i ST.200,00); the Auditor of State, the sum of Seven Thouand and Two Hundred Dollars ($7.200.00): the Attorney General, the sum of Eight Thousand Dollars (38.000,00): and the 'Commissioner of State Lands, the sum of Six Thousand Dollars (S6.000.00) j SECTION i! The atsove mentioned 1 State Officers shall be elected oy the qualified electors of the State at large at the time of the regular general election K»r voting foi mem- year until said time be changed by law The members of the General Assembly shall receive as their salary the sum of Twenty-four Hundred Dollars (S2.400.00). except the Speaker of the House 0: Representatives, who shall receive as his salary TVenty- ive Hundred and Fifty Dollars t$2,- 550.00) for each period of two i2.) years payaole at such time and in such manner as the Genera) Assembly may determine; and in addition to such salary the memoers of the General Assembly shall receive Ten Cents i lOc) per mile for each mile traveled in going to and returning from the seat or government over the most direct and practicsble route; and provided, further that when said memoers are required to attend an extraordinary or special session of ihe General Assembly, they shall receive in addition to salary herein provided, the st;rn of Twenty Dollars for each day they attend, and mile- same rate nerein pro- Approved: March 28. 1953. are required age. at the SECTION 5 There Is hereby created i a joint ad Interim committee or" the General Assembly to be selected irom its membership, as may be provided by law. for the purpose 01 conducting research into governmental problems and making audits of State agencies The Generaj Assembly ehaiJ fix the amount; of per diem and expenses ot committee members and the compensation and expenses o: the cornmiitefi's employees. SECTION 6. ua- The General Assembly shall trorn time to time provide foi the .•salaries and compensation of the justices of the Supreme Court -and for the salaries and ex- C. G HALL Secretary ol Scat* Sea water freezes at 27 degrees Fahrenheit. -Theatre- On West Main St. In Blythevillc Show Starts 7:OOSat~Sun. 1:00 AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION Listen to KLCN at 10:10 a., and 4 p.m. for Eiti '& Roxy Program Announcements On Our Wide-Vision Metallic Screen AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT . .LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature "Flight To Tangier 1 ' With Joan Fontaine & Robert Douglas LAST TIMES TODAY Sat Nigot 3 Sun., Moo. an July 24, 25, 26, 27 IT BEGINS i jaraj a* =?! "Mexican Manhunt" With George Brent & Hillary Brcoks ALSO CARTOON SATURDAY Double Feature Paramount News & Cartoon "Dig That Dog" SATURDAY ONLY Double Feature Program JOHffNT AGAINST THE CANHISA15! L^ AND continuation of the greatest \ Story jcS love and faith in ?he hisrory -dramc of what hcpp^sn&d to Demetrfus and "The {7 f > / W/y# /I/ Ktfin Sootii - Rttart! Stsptey red Jamba rrvTiiei^ DWX>I »fv mt Sc'wi f,*i 5y IW.c'R ttWVAS • 5ai«! .jon Sx tx-*m iw^fc (us{ feasts Spot!!! sent&a (sites • f:ytxeH 6j SAM ruU2*J» DifKi« :? U£ SHOLHH Cartoon 'Taxi Turvey" SUNDAY and MONDAY love story of our time! i • •VICTOR gf SUSAN MATURE HAYWARD MIGUEL RMHE • D »J^* f h^ f ^L £Q$<j w r ymerMVES w r Philip DUNNE At Regular Prices! Matinee Sunday Week Days At 7:30 to 9:30 p. m. With Charles Starrett & Sons Of The Pioneer* —AND— "FORT ALGERS" With Yvonne Carlos DeCARLO & THOMPSON Also Cartoon & Serial I Richard CONTE SAT. OWL SHOW "THE FIGHTER" With Vanessa & BROWN Also Cartoon & Serial BENACOSS i Production.* I Inc. presents I i KIRK DOUGLAS i DANY ROBIN • ANATOLE LITVAK ! j - w Mtmvs • im\ SMSS • wm mm mi mm mm mi • mm uw - m wa -^^vm mm WWW «MnW I | Paramount Newt & Selected Shorts Sun., & Mem. Double Feature lKi{E COAIK THE Gny,s ""'•BOB TONT HOPE-MARTIN ABIESE HOSEMATO" DAHL CLOOMEY ALSO CARTOON

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