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The News-Star from Monroe, Louisiana • Page 5

The News-Stari
Monroe, Louisiana
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TELEVISION in eofemn life- newtMeer ,0 mwrnw. ara tu iu ff in which concerned.) (C) color lr Storm Jack Bonny Trallmostor 5 Bear Nows, Weether Prom U.N.C.L.E 7 Talent Snouts Junction Doctors Nurses TUESDAY 8 IO Weather IO: Island Precinct Wednesday Morning Study Morn ins tai anne Kangaroo 4 9 Love Lucy ot Mayberry KTVE-TV Channel Time For Us. Sports 3 Hospital 4 Lloyd Thaxton 5 Seahunt .5.30 News Nws. Weather Huntley Brinkley Combat Mc Ha las Navy Tycoon -Peyton Place I IO Weather Me ll (Cl News Wednesday Morning Daily Word 4 30-Byrd Family News News or Consen. (Cl if TPC This Song (Cl KTB5 TV, Shreveport, 3 10 30-Price Is Right to Reed ts i ST JSI 9 ll 30-Father Batt 1J 7 OO World of News 100-Where The Action Is 7 Co- 1 A Time For Us.

ofr 9 2 Hospital 9:00 O'CIOCk Movie Love of 11 for Tomorrow Light House world 1 House Party 2.0(5—To Tall the Truth 2 of Night IO 10 (Cl Donna Read Bet 12 Rebus Game a Deal (Cl News I of Truth I World Marrlads Preston Ranger Hound 5.30— News Lawman 4 7.30—McHale's Navy 30 Peyton Place 9.00—Fugitive2:30—Young Marrieds 3 Storm Benny Sea Hunt 4.30—Lloyd Thaxton 5 4 Weather 4 7 Gun Will Travel Hollywood Talent Scout Junction Nurses KSLA, Shreveport, 12 Obituaries Mrs. Anderson RUSTON (Special) Funeral services for Mrs. Blanche Anderson of Ruston were held at 10:30 a.m. today at Mothe Funeral Home at New Orleans, with burial following in McDonogh cemetery. Mrs.

Anderson died Sunday in a local nursing home. Miss Susie Hale DOWNSVILLE (Special) Funeral services for Miss Susie B. (Dove) Hale, 79, of Downsville, sister of a West Monroe man, were to be held at 2 today at Downsville Baptist Church with the Revs. R. G.

May and Ardis Smith officiating. Burial was to be in and grandchildren grandchild. Pallbearers were to be C. B. Windham.

Vernon Hutton, Raymond, Morrison, Doyle Morrison. Clayton Barlow and Posey French. L. E. McGuire BASTROP (Special) Fu Monroe News-Star Tuesday, July 20, 1965 5-A IO Weather i iv Vespers Wednesday Morning 4 Pester 7 A His Buddles Kangaroo Wallace 9.30—1 Love Lucy of Mayberry Real Love of Life ll for Tomorrow ll 4.5— Guiding Light World Turns Password Party 2.00—To Tell the Truth of Night 12 Devotional KTAL, Shreveport, Lo.

Game 3 Laft-a-lot 4 Wells Fargo to Beaver 30 Ink ley 4 4: Weather Roundup Novak Moment of Fear of Mystery 9 News -Channel 6 Wednesday Morning 4 Digest 4 Quartet 7 Today Today In Texarkana 7 Today 8 In Shreveport 8 or Conseg. 9 This Song ll My Bluff ti Bet 11 12 a Deal 1 of Truth 2 World Don't Say BOGALUSA CHIEF of Police Claxton Knight (at center with western hat) wipes perspiration from his face as he waited for a civil rights march to pet underway Monday in Bogalusa. Knight Monday was accused by the Justice Department of being in contempt of court for failing to protect civil rights pickets last week. (AP Wirephoto) Appeal To White Citizens Issued Ville cemetery under direction of Kilpatrick Funeral Home of West Monroe. Miss Hale died at a Monroe hospital Monday afternoon following a long illness.

She is by a brother, Elmore Hale of West Monroe. Frank Lewis Body Of Orleans Bar Maid Found At Tampa Dock TAMPA, Fla. blood stained car, a rifle and an alert highway patrolman led police Monday night to the body of a missing 24 year-old New Orleans bar maid. Police held two men, Donald F. Schnebel, 34, of Tampa and neral arrangements for Snell.

38. Houston, E. McGuire. 73, of Bastrop, are! who gave his name as John W. incomplete under direction cfi Poole, in connection with the Funeral Home.

slaving of Maxine Collier. Burial will be in St. Coater, wife of Kenneth nj Collier, a Navv man stationed Mr, McGuire died Monday evening a1 his home. He had lb back lived in Bastrop for the past! hrad near the shrimp docks af four years after moving from Hockers Point here. Chicago.

IU. P.tllctSa,d Schnebel 'to the body. Investigating officers pieced the story together from statements they said Schnebel made under questioning. The two men left New Orleans July ll with Mrs. Collier.

Officers said the woman parency was shot and strangled between Panama He was a member of the Masonic Boulevard 882 in Chicago Downs- and Machinist Union 126. He also was a member of the First Methodist Church in Bastrop and was a charter member ofi the Bastrop Golden Age Club. Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Anna Mae McGuire; Bas- trop; a daughter, Waller Jit, July ,2. Britton, Waukegan, a son.

Raymond McGuire. Chicago: brot her, Clyde McGuire, Her body was stuffed into the anil three grmdchil- in Tlles- 5-State Search The two men continued to Key Game Ethma Odum 4 Earp 4 5 Deputy Dawg 5 4 00-Evening Report 4 7 et Fear I of Mystery KALB, Alexandria, 5 9 IO Wednesday Morning ll My Bluff ll I 'it Bel Report with Anne in a local nursing a long illness. BOGALUSA. La. (AP) The eight Negro pupils, asks prelim- chairman of a special citizens inarv and permanent injunctions P.

Robinson committee appealed to the city school board WINNSBORO (Special) I Charles; DELHI (Special) Funeraljdren. services for Frank Lewis. 77, of The family requests that any Delhi, were held at IO a rn. to- memorials he made in the form day at. the First Presbyterian of a donation to the building Church of Delhi with the Rev fund of the First Methodist West and then decided to return.

Lipe officitaing I Church in Bastrop. They were stopped on the Sun-) Burial was in Delhi Masonic1 'shine State Turnpike Wednesday cemetery under of Grover Burkett Kidder-Cox Funeral Home. fr I cnarg me Mr. Lewis died Sunday 0, 3807 Wood and a 0 nfje )n car and turnP(i uie men over to Palm Beach County deputies, questioned the pair. Police said Mrs.

Collier had been the object of a five-state search since she had been reported missing. Palm Beach County Sheriff Martin Kellenberger said Schnebel would be taken back along the route the two men took in an attempt to reconstruct the slaying. Norris To Talk At Local Church The members of the Covenant Presbyterian Church will have a special observance of Citizenship Month Wednesday, with a Night which is to he followed by an address by J. Pascal Norris, local Attorney. Norris will speak on the meaning of true Americanism and point the dangers which threaten the nation Appeals Court Needing Space BATON ROUGE First Circuit Court of Appeals is asking the City-Parish Council for a courtroom.

The court is being moved out of the state capitol to allow Gov. John McKeithen to expand his I executive suite and provide more room for legislative offices. home after Harrison died today in a T. M. Batchelor RINGGOLD 4-30- ReM Number System 12.30-Make a Deal; News' I OO Moment of Truth 9 00 Truth or Cornea Doctors World Storm Hospital 4 Preston 4 5 Bear 5 4 Bylina 4 To Bottom Of Sea Hollywood Talent Scouts Petticoat Junction 9 4.

Nurses This Song IO IO WJTV, Jackson, 12 IO News 10:30 Tonight Wennesoay Morning 4 Word 6 7 Morning 8 Kangaroo 9 9 Love Lucy IO ot Mayberry 10 11 of Lift 11 News local hospital I Funeral services will be held at 3 p.m. in the chapel of Mulhearn Funeral Fu- Home. Officiating will be the white residents today and officers from operating neral services for Revs. T. Earl Ogg and Clifton as Marshal Batchelor, 82, died to do that might! segregated schools i atoll Phillip Robinson, 65, of Tennison.

Burial will follow in Monday night at his home near the police officials aUernative. the suit'Winnsboro, were lo be beld si Memorial Park Cemetery. lo he held rn contempt of fed- asks hoard 2 p.m. today at Oak Grove Bap- Mr. Burkett was native of eral court.

on( a pjap 0j Church near here with the Mississippi and moved from a native ot Keo for contempt have within a period of time speci- Revs- Charlie Moore and E. T. New Orleans to Monroe in 1952. er garish. been filed against our commis-'fjed bv the court.

Spence officiating. Me was a member of the First Funeral services will be held sioner of safety and police Thf, astart Burial was to be in Oak Grove Baptist Church in West Monroe, 2 p.m. Wednesday at Holly attorney John Gallaspy uom cemetery under direction of the Masonic Lodge and Wood- Springs Methodist Church with Ringgold after a heart Mr. Batchelor was a attack. retired 11 for Tomorrow said in a radio broadcast.

11 Light 12 30-As World 1 Tell Truth 2 of Night The Justice Department asked, a federal four. Monday lo hold cemetery under direction of the the police chief and safely com- I National funeral Home, officials are in a difficult and contempt for alleged- unfortunate position. violatjng a order fhat Gallaspy is chairman of the civii rights workers be provided man of the World. the Rev. O.

Williams offigiat- Mr. Robinson died Sunday at I Survivors include his wife, ing Burial will be in Holly his home after a long illness. Mrs. Fannie Burkett of Cemetery by Congers one daughter, WLBT-TV, Jackson, Hour Weather 11.20— Nightlife Wednesday Morning 4 Prayer 4 Survey 4 7 7.25— Miss. Dday 7 8 or Cortseo 9.30— What That Song? Traiimaster 'n Andy 4.30—Father Best .5 Zane Grey 5 Brinkley 4 6 4 4 7.30— Donna Reed 8 8 Earp IO 10 Is Right 11 My Bluff 11 12 Weather 12 17 20 Devotional 12 Make a Deal I 1 2 World 2 30- You Don Say one daughter, Mrs.

Deuel C. Funeral Home of Ringgold. Affair, police protection for Gunter 'Smith of Monroe: one Surviving are his widow; -a group of business, civie SHfotv J. W. Burkett of Jackson.

(two sons, Marshal Batchelor religious leaders formed several 4 FERRIDAY (Special) u- four sisters, Mrs. Henry Berry.of Tallulah and James O. Batch- months ago to advise city offi- It ne.ral for Harvey Eth- 0f Georgetown. Mrs. Ira dor of Coushatta; a brother.

thing that would make their po- dab in methods of meeting the micMr Gallaspy racial problem sajd ,0 especial- His appeal taped for re- parents to keep their chil- hroadcast every hour was dren away from these demon- airetl as civil rights forces pre- stratums. RADIO (Editor's Note: In following and music featured otherwise indicated. I KWKH, Shreveport, La. 1130 MORNING AFTERNOON Swap Shop RFD 4 Farm 12.15—Farm Spotlight 4 Farm l2.20-3otal Into 12.45--Paul Harvey info 7 Oesk, Contact I Harvey Info. News I News will bo rn 9 OO-Breakfast Club, 10.00—News.

Open ll Open Hse, 11 Tomorrow KC WEST MONROE, LA. Sign on 5 a.m.; County Agent 4 30 a rn. and 12:70 p.m.; Farm page 4:25 a rn.j Farm and Market Report 12:25 and variety muiic In between. KC BASTROP, LA. Sign on at 5:50 a.m.; Breakfast Club 4:30 a.m.

Theatre Ie the Sky, IO rn Gelexv, 2 m.j Sign on 4 pm KC WINNSBORO, LA. Sign on 45 am, Mark et 10:15 a Farm Home News ll em; Forestry Corner, 1:15 p.m Corner Sign off 4:30 rn. KC MONROE, LA. on 5 a.rn music, on the hour; local news at the 55. and plus NBC network programs, World news wraoup 4 30 a.rn Life tine at noon, Morgan Bee tty at 4 30 San midnight.

KC, FM 94.5 MC EVENING 4 aj I Farvey a stk. 4 15 Road Show, Schenkel Total Into 7 Line Party Line 8. Tomorrow 8 45 vs ll 30--Red Riv, Rndp ridge Gunter, 75. were to be Albritton of Laurel. Mrs.

Daniel Batchelor of Bossier held at 4 p.m. today at Salem Marshall Kelley of Harrisville. City; two sisters, Mrs. Fannie Baptist Church at Learned, and Mrs. Florence Buck- Woodard of Ducan, Okla.

and Miss. Burial was to be in the lev of Miss. Other stir- Mrs. Irene Pits of Coushatta; church cemetery under direr- vivors include two grandsons three grandchildren and two pared ,0 pop up public iDcirtpn, FUBCra' I great-grandchildren. r.hted',05s,bl7' to unfur- Mr.

Gunter died Sunday night a i lt 1 lunate criminal charge which at the home of his son in Natch- ana papermill town. would stav with your Mjss An afternoon march 18th in through his life. I Survivors include four sons. a series that began last Janu- wanl to appcai to all our! Aaron and Vernon Gunter, both arv also was planned. people to ignore the nuisance of Carpenter, John E.j At New Orleans, attorneys for created bv these demonstra-! Gunter, Memphis; Norman Gun-! the Congress of Racial Equality lions.

us act with dignity ter, Natchez; two daughters, filed suit in Federal District and avojd any actions which! Mrs. Thelma Hemphill. Mon- Court seeking desegregation of would bring discredit on our roe; Mrs. Kyrous Barlow. Jack- Bogalusa public schools.

southern heritage and our com- son, a brother, Ollie Gun- COLLEGE PHARMACY The suit, filed on behalf of tor. South Haven, 21 3610 DeSIARD 323-8417 Pallbearers will he Clark Ran som, Benson Moore, Charles Drennan. Bill Rivers, Edgar; Powell, Charles Calderone. DON'T just dream about See us about a vacation loan. Perhaps you have put off that vacation trip too many years already! Sterlington Bank Pipe Corner Refrigerator TRADE-IN JAMBOREE OO- World omorrow For Show-Nws.

Bingo 2 For Show, Nws. Two For Show, 4 Road Shw, ll Young 5 NWS. Sots 12 OO Red River 5 Road Show, Rndp 5 Road Show, Scboard, 12 45 Lite Line I Off KC JONESBORO, LA. Sign on 5 30; Sign off AUO on hour at KC CROSSETT, ARK. Sign wi 5:30 a Dtvo banal 8 15 a Farm and Home News ai ll Gospel Time I pm.

and Sign off 6:15 m. on the hour with musical varieties UNCLE TOM SEZ: We need good used refrigerators. For 3 days you can trade your old refrigerator and buy a new KC RAYVILLE, LA. on a 15 a Sign off 5 45 pm. Musical va I rieties and news on hour.

230 KC MONROE, LA. Sign on 5 a m. with Rolling the blues; news on the hour and belt hour; quartet at 7 Farm 11:55 a.m.; 5 25 p.m. Fulton Lewis at 4:30 variety music in between Sign I 05 a 340 KC BASTROP, LA. an on 5 a News on the Hour and musical va I riety; Sign oft midnight KC FARMERVILLE, LA.

Sign on sunrise; Sign off sunset; Musical Variety; on the Hour; 17:15 pm IS Minutes News; County Agent 12 30. 280 KC OAK GROVE, LA. Sign on 5 am; Sign off 6 30 m. News on the hour, every hour, music KC LAKE LA. Sign on 5 a Sign off 5 30 on the hour, music and farm al 12.25 KC MONROE, LA.

Sign on a local and CBS every hour and on the half-hour; County agent 5 05 a rn Pat But tram Show 6:10 a.m.; Mildred Swift 9 '0 a Dear Abby 9:15 a.m.; Dixie Ware 9 20 a Arthur Godfrey, 10:10 a.m.; Social Secretary, 31:15 a Farm 12:10 p.m.; Llnfc- letter 1:10 sion and through .8 Stock Market 5:10 p.m., Lowell 6 pm, CBS News Analv-! sis 7:10 World To night 8 p.rn til midnight on '45 and awing music. Gigantic Special U.S.D.A. Graded Tender Baby Beef Sirloin, T-Bone, AT OUR COST refrigerator illustrated sells for during this sale you can trade in your old refrigerator and buy this refrigerator for only $279.95. While Supply Lasts) Round Steak Ouachita Bureau the FAMliy Receives Award ALEXANDRIA (Special) A commodity activities award was presented to the Ouachita Parish Farm Bureau Monday night at the annual organizational banquet of the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation here. Receiving the award from LFBF president James Graugnard was Fred Huenefeld president of the Ouachita bu -ream Named outstanding bureau in the state was the Tangipahoa bureau.

Gov. John McKeithen was scheduled to address a luncheon meeting today. About 1.500 persons have registered for the three-day meeting. b(jy. WERE YOU MtohiS ABOUT OLD MR.

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"icro-dogree" freeser The exclusive lceMagicR ice moker makes ice automatically, with no trayi to fill Over 25 different models to choose from For All I I Cu. Ft. With Trode GuoiemiODs News-Star-World WANT ADS Phone 322-5161 Norfh I 8th end Forsyfhe Plenty Free Parking Open Every Day 6 A.M. Until Midnight iscount co. FURNITURE-APPLIANCES 2202 CYPRESS 323-5819 WEST MONROE YOt FULL LISE nCA WHIRLPOOL DEALER.

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