The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1897 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 28, 1897
Page 1
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^i&i fof, || •""•"* i ;/:-; • g*^;gvft >' , Ll_JSw—,,-, -i..-Jt~^^--~-~ J A M ^^^. nm £~jaa«a&**j-^^«^auM>.i^^ ES^ABMBfiEB 1865, tnr Yotra ? «Q.l«Krt >.-^'TV<4'v >is$*r?*,*3 ; «8Of£- ! aLwWI* 7r _i'i. «\ A'\.«'>,, Wn,,-'«v% in * j T Fruit jars, Jelly Glasses, Can Rubbers, lot DEATH wana-iMiia. Joseph yalley of Beimond I Victim of tttfti Btowtfaf While «ft ; a Hunting Trip, A Lost Child's Grave, Mads in 1886, Sit' «t Cotwlth—Aceldent ifi Qarflftld Towttshlp. ^^^^gj^^^^^^g^m^fll^^JHiUlfiMWi of their 1 ifyei fchtefc, *6uld at..™, brlftt Up pleasant fnfiidtteas and the hopelhat thiy may jpefid,»«, — *6Ufiion& togethef. they jpftrtew ...... singing that itopfedalve a6n| H "God be with you till we meet Afftitt* £& 4^ ^EU *he Spirit l&ke creamer^ sold 8,060 pounds of butter last Week for use about the lakes, The local taMnluuto *e* tailed a big amount ol dairy butter be* And such like appliances oL M. Z. Grove & Son. 102 E. State St. XBI/BFHONB 19. We have a beautiful line of this spring, all extra good values, selling at fiom 7Sc to $7.00 a pair. Also a big line of Opaque Shades all ready to hang, from 250 up. We carry in stock curtain material in all widths and can make you any size on short notice. G. L. Galbraith & Co. AND FARM MACHINERY HARDWARE. W. H, JONES, HOBA1RT, IOWA. Don't Forget that we always have on hand all Jcinds of grain and ground feed, bran, shorts, and oil meal at reasonable prices; also The State University COM OF IO"W.A.- THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS Will ^egin the year 1896-97 ^On September 16. For particular Information as to the respect „„ ^nai.t.m«nt.fl address as follows! , president, qf all kinds and grades, Goods •delivered to any part of the city, y G. C, & N. W, Elevator. 1, A, SHEUTZ, Drugs pd Medicines, rugs.l [Cinal Ph. O., dean 4C*44(»l***lr»Wl*¥%^'"« , —"• -I"' -.--.--- S^SiSSSSS! 8 * 1 * A. M, P, HAOOABP. O. »-. r8onba,ndO* ^v^uorsftrW purposes 9*iy SW^RPBWWS "9^'ff WATIR OR NO PAY. Outfit, aWow ', Tft? fHH .Mh Wai! Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones* Abstracts, Real Estat^,^Sr Collections, AkGQNA, Joseph Valley, brother ef Valley o! KoSauth county, a Beimoad plasterer, was accidentally shot while on a hunting trip in Hattdobk county, fie was 88 years of age and his funeral was attended by the Valley family, which lives west of Armstrong. Circumstances indicate thtft he met death While pulling his gun from the buggy. The presence of a jack rabbit and some young prairie chickens in the buggy indicate that he was probably hunting on his way as he journeyed homeward, and that seeing something which he wished to shoot he had alighted from the buggy and was drawing the gun toward him from the bottom of the buggy where it was lying, when the hammer caught upon a board which projected downward under the seat and was drawn backward enough to discharge it. The fatal shot entered the abdomen a couple ot inches below the heart and was probably instantly fatal, as the place where he lay gave no signs of any struggle, while the features of his face were in quiet repose as if he had died without pain. Little or no blood was found upon the ground, and the doctor is of the opinion that the bleeding was internal. The front of the dead man's shirt was set afire by the blaze of the powder and burned a hole probably 10 inches in diameter before it was smothered out, probably by the weight of the body upon it against the ground. Emmetsburu'B Now Banli. The Democrat says of the new banking institution soon to begin business at Emmetsburg: Colonel Ormsby informs us that the Farmers' Savings bank will be organized at once, and will begin business August 1 in the rooms occupied by the Bank of Em : metsburg, which will become an institution of the past. It will commence business with a capital stock of $25,000, and will have at least 50 stockholders. At least half of them are farmers and the others are prominent business men of Emmetsburg. Colonel Ormsoy will be president of the new institution, and the probabilities are that Oscar W. Hodkinson will be cashier. The bank will be incorporated under the state laws, and will do a general banking business. Colonel Ormsby, who is at the head of tbe enterprise, has been engaged in the banking business in this city for twenty-five years, and it must be admitted that his responsibility is, above question; that he understands the banking business thoroughly, and that he is an enterprisfng citizen. The backing of sucti wealthy citizens as T. J. Tobin, Charles McCormaok and others will add greatly to the financial and business strength of the institution. . Lost a Child's Grave. In December, 1886, Daniel King and wife near Cor.with lost their first child, and as the snow was very deep and the weather bad they concluded to, bury the child near home, which was done west of town near the county line. In the spring when Mr. King went out to locate the little one's grave appearances had changed so much that he was unable to do so, although, as Mr, King expresses it, he "searched a hundred times." E'or some time past J, W. Oxley has been grading the road between town and the county line, and on last Wednesday one of his scrapers came Jn contact with a box which proved to be tbe one containing the remains of the child. It is needless to say that the remains were taken to tbe city burying ground and laid in their last resting place, Paul Bonstetter and family of Garfield township had a curious runaway accident last week Sunday. The team became frightened and at the end of a smart run came to a dead stop against a post. Paul, his wife, three children, and the hired* man were all thrown headlong out of the wagon and were all more or less bruised up, the second child being hurt the worst. SEMI'LOOAL NEWS NOTES, Miss Mabel Cook, daughter of Judge Cook and a student in the state unl* varsity, is author of a really beautiful little poem in the July Midland Monthr iy. ^ ^ ^ Miss Jessie Barnt, a teacher in the Algona schools last year, goes to Wall Lake, The Sao Sun says; MissBftrnt Is an experienced teacher, having been employed last year in the Algona public schools. The Wall Lake school board was fortunate in beipg able to secure her services. -*--*- •*• The Emmeteburg Reporter commended the Kossuth supervjiore on the expedition with which they turn off work. This called out a vigorous raking over $he coals for the, Palo AltQ " from an indignant tax pay "I believe the enttr§ „ _ be asked t* resign if any gpod." *„„„ —s te a law pasied ftt the* last session of the legislature 1 all County bridges must be numbered at each end. The numbering begins at the northeast corner township of each county'and continues in the order of the Sections. Hafdtn county ha& let the job of numbering 821 bridges. The numbers are paltited in black figures upon a white board 4x8 inches in size. H- •*• -i- The Brotherhood of American Yeoman have an organized lodge in Em« metsburg with a membership of over 80. At their next meeting they will initiate five new members. The Reporter says: They are mostly young men and this makes the organization that much stronger, as it will tend to keep the death rate to the minimum, -f- -f- 4- The Armstrong Journal likes to ease its conscience by telling beer stories on temperate Kosauth. Here is the latest: What would have been considered a great calamity in some towns happened at the depot Wednesday just before the noon train left. There was a large consignment of beer to be shipped to Buffalo Center and Thompson. One case was dropped while the boys were put-, ting it in the express car and 16 bottles broke and the contents spilled. If that had been in any of the towns in Kossuth county the bystanders would have thrown down their handkerchiefs, let them soak full of beer and then chewed them like gum. -H H- •*• That was a mean trick the Humboldl fire company played on a business man there one hot day last 'week. They asked him to build a bijr fire of some dry goods boxes, and then they would summon tbe fire laddies and make a f ood run and extinguish the flames, emonstrating to the inhabitants how securely they might sleep nights, knowing that their interests were being watched by a band of carefully trained athletes. The LivCrmore Gazette tells the story and says: The boxes were piled up and fired, and the firemen swept majestically down upon them, but when they were ready to throw water the apparatus was out ot repair and they went buck. The'fire builder then carried water in a pail to quench those flames, and while he sweat and worked in the heat his remarks were not complimentary to fire companies. FRUIT to put In the fruit jars at GKOVB & SON'S. I >%:><^rf¥f .'•• * •- I*-;« ''Af/it " ' » S*"' •'"''••*4vS'*B£ ^ ^^inyi 1 . f tr .£. \ S-fcr-jB i- f£\% fS^M i f> ,1"! , "<:^wk * •• l .?-,"v# > ,' -A ;'for a small price call and see what we'^a^ to offer you. • • '•;?;tfti| xW v,'/ Langdon S 9 Hudson^ ,O ' . -" „< m4i& TBI»BFHOKB NO. IS. $3.1 PER •; > - f '^-^'iHV:p i' time in which to pay for it Of course you can?M| arms for that, but the Northern Pacific Railway Comtf^ •eds of thousands of acres of "; - ' *?"/ ^ And Ten Years' buy improved farms pany has hundreds Republican County Convention. To the republican electors of Kossuth oounty: There will be a delegate convention of the republicans of Kossuth county held at the court house in Algonft, Iowa, on JT riuuy, Aug. 13,1897. at 11 o'clock a. m.. Jor the purpose of selecting sixteen delegates to. attend the ^^S^^A^W^ '•«" _. ji,--,— Tn nomination a in Central Minnesota, which it is selling to actual settlers at'from$v?& $2.50 to $3.00 per acre, on TEN YEARS' TIMJE. • - ' " ; : >;^ The prices are Cheap, but fi(Stp The Lands are Good. ; i% ' . \ T * V*' ' ** jf * S Fine soil, splendid water, best of markets and near churches, schools^, Vf^ and railroad stations. The famous Red River Valley lands at $4.Op;^|,,i|| to $8.00 per acre. _ t> \s*h^J* a, Horsci-el • ' !';< A? Stop third legislative district, and for the selection of county chairman, and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the convention. The ratio of representation will be as follows: One delegate at large for each precinct and one additional delegate for each 55 votes or major fraction thereof cast for Edwin H. Conger, elector at large, in the presidential election of 1896. It is recommended that each precinct hold its caucus on the,7thday of August, 1897. The representation to which the several precincts will be entitled under this call is as follows: Precinct, T , c S, m ; 1 No< De « Alfiona—First ward. .E. Telller o Second ward W. P. Jones 0 Third ward P.lj. Slagle * Fourth ward,...:..F.p. Calkins 6 Burt John Kerr » Buffalo- Robert Welter 4 Oreaco O. A. Potter 5 oresco.... Llndblom 2 Ftfc;..:..:::...:.M.weisbrod a Greenwood B. Mayne. .,., | German..,. Wm. Schrader., •> Germania .'. -Ohas. G, Wortman... 6 N.A, uearu.,.,,»,.»• « G.S. Wright 3 .....,..,W.R. Feet ? Wm. Goodrich 4 I ' -W' f '&S.'* For maps, prices, and terms of sale, call upon DINGkEY, COOK s %J & CO., Local Sales Solicitors, Algona, Iowa, or write to ' , -' - i .!* «fc WM, H. PHIPPS, Land Commissioner, Northern Paciflo My. Co. Eastei-n Land Agent, If. P. By ST. PAUL, •M, Hebron *^**S*+S*^*^ t *r~*r f ~^^* f ^^* f ^ r ^ f ^ r -«..«-_ -~- ~r _— _ _ Kossuth County State Bank, Directors—Wro. H. Inotam, W, W^deworth, Baruet Devine. :eign and domestic exchange bought anO, apld,, 92 u ^ Q J'%vl>sl banning business transacted. Passage tickets' to orlj^.jy l a,tcn, - ; > ' • i"5f,V,jaM JONES, Vice President; MBWIS H, SMITH, " " :.::::.:::: Ohas. Belneoke » :.:::: fis&EllJgii i more '.!!l,".y'rf. L, Cotton!'.'.'.'.!!!! 7 First National Bank of Algona, UAPITAJ, A nALL pHHUTOHiNs...7;;::::...,vJw Total number of_delegates • , Chairman. Township Caucuses, Plum Creek-At Bice school house, Saturday, Aug. 7, at 8 o'clock. E. P. Keith, Com, lOnion-^ Pemann schoolhouse, Saturday, July 81. ftt 8 o'clock. TflOS- Sarphett, Com, J irvlngton-^biwaflay; Aug. 12, at the Woyd school Eouw.atS o'clock. S. » 0. Newoomb, 0 GarfleJd-At Martin Bonstetter school bouse on TuesW.-Aug, 10. at 8 o'clock p. m, G. S, ,,,»50,QPQ W.WP?^^*% Dlrectors-D. H, Hutchtos, S. A. Ferguson, PMUp Dorweiler, F. H. Vesper, all, B. B. Spenceri Wm, K. Ferguson. ' Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing Special attention given to coDeotioPJ^- T Algona State Bank, ^£$&egj£g* 0. 0. Ohubb, Vice Prest., Tbos. B. gantry. Cashier, Geo. L, Galbraith, Fred, M. Miller. Myron Sohenclt, Tftos, F, Ooofee, Sa ^the J, B, Jones school bouse on y, Aug. 7, at § o'plook p, m. O, A. the Center school house on Saturday, Avg, % at * o'clppk p, m. W, K, S Biver4a°ie^Atthe Stewart spUool bouse on Salurda^, >ug. \ at 5 o'clooK p. m, J. 0, P '-Atthe P. Bice schooj'uouse on , 7, at 8 o'clock p, m, B, W- Six per cent Interest on Tim^ /of yrfoney left three; Money ftlwayg on - to loan on flrit mortga goo^ collftterala, Wotealio General ,' pntoterest paid on time deposits.', ' X\>vUfj : ' '-"^^g •:\'$fl$ >:>&w '**$$$ • -••^3 •.^7^TRJg*j ,' ' ,'* ?t&KrfT9 ,j,; v ,«v«fA • "%*v ; tj. Gardner, Com BfeANKS^ I?«AM fttlurt^weekafp, 'Mv| t T. A, JHM- tlrWw led wvGim. jjWfcwJJa I hereby announce the nomination lor tu ^-.. -- intendent, subject to the action lican county convention myself as a myself a paftOtiJate fov •Hivoy !4rS<: 4S< */i vjjr~— ChUarSD pi Aurora, Nek, •• •* --•"--'Ural.Al wm&l thi'ee B. | : , •wgfelay The Algona, pepQf tt * tyan Ase,n Oftii ftt oflices tor Barttouiwe J, J,IV*V*r*F **•>—°~- "-!' - the office ot cowty• • I hereby announce myself %s a c^ndlclato tor ^eTOgllgeaoW Qt t|e%egu|uoa» I hereby announce myself as a candidateJov «« aoMflfttm el etoerte aufttectto We Action 0$FfWWlea.» cowty <$$$?*•' i tm&-«gg|. WMJ. .*. ms&ste *-'*M» i jnjMfc^sj^H? v^H^t/m^ia^^ ^ , •,,; 4 ,- T" WTOflw** . /

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