The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 21, 1897
Page 7
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• ~ , ^- . •• , i, -,, -. ..* , ,.. PE§ M01NE8! AMOHA IOWA. WEPNEftAtLY21.'. FACtS ANi3 ffljd?—Gorton must thlhk the world * MS wife. He ift always talking about Duddy—Just wait until other begin to talk abotH her, and then -ebow Gorton will like it. j ( jT lc ],g—I suppose y6u are fond of Wlster's writings? "vVieks—Oh the fitfai'y, J never read them. The fact : f« they have becothe so popular that ly are dreadfully tiresome. •* answer to the question, "Did the hoMafcs smoke?" Mi'. Putson Calls says • hftt personally he never burned any itoJbanE, and .heis sure hone of his Wends have burned any; so he cannot ell Aether they smoked or not. •jHedore—What was the Verdict in ihat suicide case? Arthur—They came n the conclusion 'that the man did it liiBsetf. f hebdore-^That was unkind, don't you know? Even in case of sul- MO a man should be given the benefit „{ fl doubt. Mabel—Did you feel hurt at what M.D said when you asked him for my hand? MIHon—1 didn't feel hurt so much'by what he said as I did by the feature that accompanied his remark. j t wa s a Delsartian gesture, you know, executed with the foot. philanthropist—To what do you ascribe your presence in this place? Con- v i ct _lt is all owing to a police officer that I am here. Philanthropist—Indeed! Yours must be an interesting case Convict-It was all along ot the ..onper'B being so slow. If he had got along five minutes sooner I shouldn't have had a chance to get at the feller's pocket that I was gpliig through. See? .-Boston Transcript. _ KducuUona . Attention of the reader is called to the announcement of Notre Dame uni* verslty in another column of this paper. This noted institution of learning enters upon its fifty-fourth year with the next session, commencing Sept. 7, 1897. Parents and guardians contemplating sending their boys aud young men Lav from home to school would do well to write for particulars to the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, before making arrangements for their education elsewhere. Nowhere in this broad land are there to be found better facil- ties for cultivating the mind and heart than are offered at Notre Dame University. StrenRth of Habit. The editor's wife—I just can't send this dress back. Why, John, it's a perfect poem! Tbe editor—That settles it; return it with a card of thanks. <NtEfteSTlMO OUft RURAL who think Mferino jttttttdn uhSl fet tht able, the fcaftibottiliet Merino itif" ilshes thfe choice ctits f&r the tto-st I* 4 lusive tables and daintiest palates in 11 this land of accomplished &«ok& iftd good livers. Hofr Rneccimfol i toftpartmetit of 1t\MS (t» to the ah th* Ofierfttfc Tills Farm— A f*w of Lit* Stock First Nighter—"What! Every seat taken?" Ticket Seller—"Every one; but there will be plenty after the flist act—I saw a rehearsal." PENCIL POINTS. Every one exaggerates the good ho does for his kin. Don't credit yourself with brains because you are homely. The older a man gets, the more of a fool he thinks K hoy is. We always wonder at this time of the year where the files come from. When some people smile, they seem to say, "When 1 smile, they all lovo me." The Kxclus'lvo Turtle. "What 011 egotistical thing that turtle Js," said the frog. •'Yes.' 1 replied the beetle, ''he's always wrapped up in himself." Shako Into lour slioi!,. " Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for thi feet. It cures painful, swollen, smart Ing feet and instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions. It is the greatest comfort discovery of the age, Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight-fitting or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it to,-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By mail for 25c in stamps. Trial package FREE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, La Roy, N. Y. They Went Together. "Why, Jnnet, how weak aud insipid this sauce is. Why didn't you-put some brandy in it?" ., , "Please, ma'am, 'cos master went a-nsU' in 1 this morning." • A OKE.VT SAVING. dy using the Flag Brand Chicory, manufactured bv the American Chicory Company, of Omaha. Nebraska, you can cut down your coffee bill 25 per cent, besides improving the drink. You will lind it economical, -wholesome and agreeable, Ask your grocer for Flag Brand Chicory O in pound packages. If he does not . ;, write the factory. Samples mailed free on application. At the last congress of Uerroon vine' yardists Prof, Wortman reported that ho had found livin? bacteria in wine which had been bottled twenty-five to thirty years. nail's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally. Price, T5o. Uanijer . Aiieiul. At this time of year the stomach nml en- tiro digestive system is deranged causing indigestion, weakness, clrowitieos and general indisposition. Don't on Id *Uf.}) while there is danger ahead. Your system needs renovating to prevent fevers and other dangerous diseases. Take Dr. Kay'K Renovator in • time and WE WIM* OUAIIAKTEE you will not have fever. It strikes to the root of the matter and removes the cause. It regulates the stomach, bowels and liver so gently and pleasantly and yet cures 11 larger per cent of cases than any rouiody ever discovered. It cures the worst, eases of indigestion, constipation and chronic diseases. It is pleasant and easy to take. Price, by mail, postage prepaid, UDcts. and SI. If your druggist does not have it don't take some inferior article which he sayR is "juist as good,' 1 but send to us for the medicine or "Dr. Kay's HouieTreatment." a valuable 03-pajro free book with iit! recipes. Address Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Omaha, Neb. PrcK»<!d for Time, Ciuuso—Pillsbary, tbe chessplayer, cats but one meal u day. Cawker—That's all right. It takes all the rest of the day for him to make u move. '•leltnm to Lincoln Park In Chicago Will be delighted with the souvenir boolj of this beautiful spot, now being distributed by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Company. ]t is u magnificent pnblicat'ou of % pages full to overflowing with delicious hull' tone pictures of ouo of Creation's most charming places of resort for citizens of the Great Republic. No stranger visiting Chicago should be vithont a copy of the "Souvenir of Lincoln F there is anything in the signs of the limes says Live Stock indicator, they certainly war' rant the conclusion that the cattle business is undergoing a very general and genuine revival. From the stanfl- — point of the breeder the prospects are better than they have been for years, nor is the encouragement entirely in prospect merely* since the sales that are taking place from week to week show a steady and continuous stiffening of prices with a very marked increase in demand. AH the beef breeds are bringing good figures for cattle of both sexes and all ages Market cattle of good quality and finish are also doing well for their feeders, while the cheap Bluff witbou breeding or capacity for taking a fin Ish are losing about as much money for their owners as usual. The mar ket conditions all declare with renew cd emphasis that there Is a profit ii sood cattle and little or none in scrub "pick-ups." The range outlook is vei'i promising, losses during the wlnte having been kept fairly low, and whil Breeders of stopp«<t. Jersey cattle must re- DATOttHBB'S Toil can bnijr hftfe one teottobf ? thtsf etcfe, tthen hef 6to|> is ft o%!ttf felW; member that the aeW rule abbut "bred n pasture" says that don't go, says hlome and t*afm. If you want to regls* er a calf that %as bbfn nine months after May 1, 1897, you must give tfte xact day of tcrvlce. Bulls are no onger allowed to run with the cows n the pasture provided yolt wartt to register the calves. This Will be a do* elded hardship to those who have tows pastured at a distance and to boot men who work away from the cows It will be so hard to tell just when they need the bull. This new rule will break up one'Very bad practice that. I have seen two Instance of lately-^ that is, running an old bull and a young one together in the field with the cows. The rule, ot course, Is to attri* bute all the services to the old bull, which is taking great liberties with tho rights of the Jersey Cattle club, to ssy nothing of the chances of giving a purchaser the wrong pedigree. Such recklessness in breeding is absolutely criminal, and yet I have seen two men who stand well with their neighbors guilty of this act within the past month. You must get up your bulls and build stalls for them with a small lot or paddock attached. This is the sensible way to breed, anyway, so (hat you know when the cow is due, and you can feed, dry her off and generally handle her with some intelligence. Besides, every man ought to use a bull that is so good that neighbors for iOu Can Duly nave one moinerj vuenuuret wiiun iiei DIAJJJ ICT giu«vAu| fcnd hef Jfcifld gloomy with, foretjodings, and* yoii cart see that «6f .sm**^ ... _.,.-.. ms astern is upset, it is yertft and privilege to attetitt lo it<J*,i Motile? is afjproacliifig liib tt6 i period of hei 1 life. o.«» change of HfCj that is frlittt W6tB8F dreading) and no wofldei 1 , Id* it Is Mil ,. of peril to all but the Btnofigesfc ( ; faomen. 5 There arc some special ftad v6ry < Wearing symptoms ffottt which *•> toother suffers, but sliri iVill "fiof' -, speak of them to any One*; H6ift ^ net 1 out? she doesn't lmo\V \vlmt to dd : iot hctseil 1 Shall I aatisf. you ? iTfrst, 8|&d to , tile nearest drugstore and get ft battle of Lydia E.' I'inkham's Vegetable Cdtt« - pound* and sec that mother jtalte.8,it regularly, then write ta Mi's. tMnkhaai, at Lynu, Mass., giving all tlte feyfflp- r toms aud you will receive a prompt reply telling mother what to do for" hef self, In the meantime the Vegetable Compound Avill make life much *«-««*« for her. It tobes up, the nervous system, invigorates " ~*^the body, and the "blues' 1 vanish before it as darkness flees from the sunlight. You can get it at any reliable druggist's. Mrs. LouisStnoNG,Hnrrisltill,:EricCo.»N,y.4says! "I have been troubled with falling of tho tvomb for years, was advised to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I took thirteen bottles and received great benefit. When the time for change of life came I. 1 suffered a great deal with faintncss and palpitation of the heart. I got one bottle of the Vegetable Com> -- - 7 pound and one of Blood 1'Urificr and was relieved ngain. I wf,s thereby enabled to pass through that serious period very comfortably." " _ /low to Get <»rnvllj". Cnnglit Two TlilU*n. "Where did you ctitch Btich an awful cold?" nsked the horse editor o£ the snake 8 "Uliig I must hab cod it ved I cod ou open car this bordig." Frothy KloquCnce. '•Tho measure of our 'country's woes seems to bo overflowing." . "I suppose you reckon according to beoi measure." • No Time. "Did your groceries reach you on time,' madam;" • _ "No; thoy came C. O. D." • She—"Mr. Quietly, how did you do quire your remarkable sedateness?" Tie—"Betting on horse races." PAIR OF BUFF COCHINS. Prof. .Samuel Br&ssel, ot the UnivorsiU of Klniisenberg, in Hungary, died recently soon after celebrating bis hundredth birtu (lay, ^ To Cure Constipation Forever ToKe CoBcnrots Cundy C»vhartlt lOporSJO. II C.C, C. lail lo euro, druicgists refund muuey. Twenty .years ago England hod 11,011! malound 14.001 female school teachers. Lust year there wore 00,810 feniale and 86,3TO malQ teachers. 'nrk." It can onlv be procured by enclos- ng twenty-five i~5) cents, in coiu'or postage stamps', to Geo. H. Heafford, general >afiseiiger agent, 410 Old Colony Building, Chicago, 111. The present population OL the bnited exceeds that of Germany by about *2,000,000 and that of Great Britain by 54,000,000. Kenl Wurni AVcutlicir, Knst ami Comfort, There in a powder to be shaken into thu shoes culled Allen's Foot-Kase. invented by Allen S. Olmstod, LeRoy. N. Y.. which druggists arid shoo dealers say is the best thing they have ever sold to cure swollen, lairnins, soro and tender or nchiug feet. Some dealers (ilaim that it mnkei lishb or new shoe.= feel easy. It certainly will cure corns and bunions and .relieve instantly sweating, hot or smarting feet. Jt costs only a quarter and tbe inventor will send a sample free to any address. Some archaeologists think they hive discovered nt Mons, Belgium, the grave ol Attila, "the scourge of God." Piso's Cure for Consumption has saved nib large doctor bills.—C. U Buker, 4ji88 Regent Sq,, Philadelphia, Pa..JDog. 8, 'do. Everv married man practices acting a« if he wasn't jealous in a way that will make his wife think he is. Dr, Kay's Renovator is certain to cleanse aud invigorate the whole system. Trial size S!io. See advt Authony Hope, the novelist, is coming to America to give a series ofj'eaduigs. Hoe'* C'oaifU Hu:*ain the number to be marketed will be short, the quality, is such aa to afford competition of a pretty active kind for good native! cattle in July,, when the range season opens. The feed conditions on the ranges will be quite favorable, and the rather limited number that will run on them will have a tendency to send them to market in vnry superior condition. The range cattlemen have been for the past two or three years paying large and increasing attention to their breeding. They don't regard anything as too good for them, and it would surprise most readers if they did but know bow.large has been the number of car loads of pure bred bulls that have gone West this season. -This policy is having a very decided effect upon the cattle that will come from the ranges this season, and, as each season passes, the impress of pure blood will become stronger, so that in the future, in all years when they have feed on their ranges, they may be. expected to be strong competitors with the market cattle gr<5wn on the farms. miles around will send their cows to ilm, for a fee, of course, ranging from il to $5; In some instances a great deal higher, and enough to pay the cost of keeping the bull. You want 'our bull in hand for this work, so everyone will not turn in to him and neglect to pay. They who wait to do great things never do anything. > All hands agree that the fifth WOK a great i Fourth. «•'•.' ' After a-wompu is 85 tho hatred she has alw»ys Imd for depojt is given to the^buge 011 her geraniums. Mrs Wln»l«w'» Soothlnu Syrup ii>B.reiiufc-s . ii>B.reiiufc-s luflain- You never know a man till he knows vou. l-Murnte Tk'our «owels With 0>»6<'«re.U, mndr Cailmrt'c. cure constipation forovoC. JOo. net'. C iuil. drumrlstsj^fmidjiioncy. ' RAM'S HORN. You may lose your temper, but others will find it. What an immense amount of la/,i- r.css there is going on by the name of poor health. The man who doea the shouting Is often willing to let somebody else do all the work. Keep your mind stayed on the Lord, and you will have both peace and mountain-moving faith. \VliItowanli for 1'onUrr Houge. A capital whitewash is made by mixing common water lime cement with sweet, skimmed milk to the proper consistency. The following is the government whitewash, and a fine white- Ilon't, Tolmw.o Spit uiid Smote Vour Lifo .Uay. To quit tobncco easily and forever, be magnetic, full- of life, nerve and vigor, take No To-Bac, the wonder- worker that mnltes weak men stiong. All druggists. 50o or *1. Cum guaranteed. Booklet and sample free ; nuil. Sterlinf?Hemedy Co., Chicago or Now York A close friend is one who will not lend vou any money, aud a dear friends is one who borrows nil you will giyejiim. i »*» -Mnilo From Vour Old tntopt Imiirovcuionl, new methods of imiklnn rovorBllilo 1UB« «">'» !»'>»' n » rt Brusto » or liw* » L-urpuU. with horder all urowncl. f«'y '' )r ' ', ' uulnr n ml prices toS, Krobs, lii'll Wentworlh Avc., Clilcugo, lit. ___________ First Stranger— I say, that's mv urnbrel- (JlJUllClAl' \»J_lt t»lri f* fcWJM ) 14U14 b* **** V IT*A*VW , Jl 11 ftU IJHIMJUIJJW* J- "»*J ) ..».— - ~ 1 wash it is: Put two pallfuls of boiling to .you hove! ^**?™^,$™ i t How Old_are You? Yon rood not wacvrer the question, madam, abuadanqe ^n4 t9»uty; or, JJ R J P e m * the crpwRing gift o* be - wtlf f er than to to pow«w it, Nothing »• ^^f^^^ tP this gift «.to PW«W ^J QT pPW98f>e4. AyWS **f J -v,J polor It dpes Standard Varieties ot Cochins.— The four Cochin classes are very popular with breeders. They are second to the Brahma classes in the meat breeds, weighing but a poum lighter than the Light Brahma, Old and experienced breeders of Cochins are pronounced in praise of their qualities as profitable fowls, they being hardy, good winter layers of rich brown, medium-sized eggs, and fairly good table fowls. The chicks . grow well and develop rapidly under proper care. The Buff variety is the most bred of the Cochin class; their soft, mellow, buff tone offers an attraction, to fanciers that IK hard to resist. In color the Buff Cochin, male and female, are of a '•ic}\ deep, clear buff, uniform in gha4f throughout except tho tail, which ahould be a deeper buff or cop- perish bronze, undercolor same as surface color, but of lighter shade and should extend to the skin.. In breeding select females as near as possible to the desired shade of buff, aa free from dark or white in wing and tail ajid of as even a color as can be. To such females mate a cock of deeper shade, with some little black in wing, and tall of deep buff of a coppery luster. This mating will produce good results in cockerels and pullets, The heavy leg anil foot feathering so characteristic of the breed should have constant care attention. While the feathering should be abundant, all semblance to vulture hock or stilt feathering should be avoided. water in a barrel; add one-half of a bushel of well burned, fresh quicklime; put in quickly one peck of common salt, dissolved in hot water, and cover the barrel tightly to keep in the ateam while the lime is slaking; when the violent ebullition is over, stir till well mixed together, and, if necessary, add more boiling water, so as to have the mass like thick cream, strain through a sieve or coarse cloth. Make a thin starch of three pounds 'of rice flour and one pound of strong glue, having first soaked the glue in cold water, and to the latter mixture add two pounds of. whiting. Add this to the lime wash, and also sufficient hot water to dilute to the proper consistency; keep hot while applying, It will require about six quarts of tbe mixture to 100 square feet of turface; and ItiWjll las,t reniark- ably well. "It goes without saylngi that it may be made any color desired,— Poultry Keeper. CnUlnc the Chickens. In England the calls chuck, chuck, or coop, coop, prevail; in Virginia, cso- che, coo-che; in Pennsylvania', pee, pee, This latter call Is widely employed, being reported from Germany, Spain (as pi, pi),*Bulgaria, Hungary, Bavaria and the Tyrol, In the Austrian province the term Is used in combination, thus, Pulla, pi, pi; the call pullele, pul, pul, also occurs there. In gome parts of Germany the poultry are called with tick, tick; in Prussia, put, put, and young chickens with tuk, tuk (Grimm), and Echip, schip, the latter being an imitation of their own cry. In eastern Prussia hens are called with kluck- schen, kluck, kluclc; also tlppchen, tlpp, tipp. Grimm record also pi, pi, and tiet tiet, Weinhold reports from Bavaria bibeli, bidli; pi, pul, and pul, pul. jn Denmavk the call is pootle; in Upland, kip, kip; in Bohemia, tyoo; Jn Bulgaria, tirJ, tjri, _ doubt it, sir— I don'i doubt it, at a pawnbroker'^ of Hires Rootbeer on a sweltering hot day is highly essential to coin fort and, health. It cools tho blood, reduces your temperature, tones the stomach. ' To Oolor«<lo Springs and Pueblo IturliiiRton Konto. vln Denver. A tin-ouch Bleepiug uur to Colorndo Sprines nud Pueblo via. Denver is attached to Burlington Route daily • train leaving Chicago 10:80 p. m. Oflico.jm_CIarK bt. No 1— The Boconii time j saw him I was engaged to him. No. 3— What caused tho delay? ' No-To-IJ»« for i'lfty Cents. Gimrnntcod tobneco Imblt cure, makes -wonlc men i troiie, Wood pure. tOc, fl. All druggists. Tbe populatioa ruie<? by the queen is «e»rly one-third that ot tbe entire earth, Latest offtela} reports give Prance §1. 1G3707 sheep, of which 207,4J9 ar rams, 3,QOl,0?9 wether's, $,<3Q6,077 ewes 8 690,§OQ ye»r)Jn,gs wetliws. and. ewes Try Orain-0! Try Gram=0! Ask your Grocer to-day to show you a package of GRAIN-O, the new food driuk that takes the j'lnco' of coffee. The children may driuk It without injury as veil as the udult. All who try it, liko it. GRAIN-O has that rich seal brovvu of Mochs or Java, but it is 'made ,from pure grai»K, find the most delicnto stomach receives it without distress. "}j the price of coffee, 15 ccuts «pd 35 cents per package. Sold by all grocers, Rootbeer I should be "in every {home, in/every 8 office, in every work- I shop. A temperance I drink, more health- jful than ice water, j more delightful aud 1 Satisfying than any I other beverage produced. Made oulr by tbe Chnries K. I Hilt" C".. Philadelphia. A pank- 1 tit iimkcs & galiouu \3olU «• * .crjfwhcro. The Bicycle Sensation 1897 .COLUMBIA'S AT $75, Standard of the World. 1896 Columbias . . . at $60, 1897 Hartfords, , . . at 50, Hartford Pattern2 , , '.at 45, Hartford Pattern I, . . at 40. Hartford Patterns 5 and 6. at 30, These are the new prices. They have set the whole bicycle world talking— and buying. POPE MFG. CO,, Hartford, Conn. OtttlOj? free fl'om mi}- Columbia flealpr; by m»U for a 2-eeut Ktaiup. Thro'Yellowstone Park Oa a Bicycle. like Coffee Uke from the aR9XP VM&V w? FWWH, fw» S..T-; plQ^avf ngt jgfiBe 4|f (; ^fl 1 hftbj Bjnttpjj, ^f W* but, MY.? a' ^ e yy wfeslipsw ifip^t I?? *fjW lESild'Mpfp^ftew^'i-, fW e A ,^fc^|^»» s MM'-wM! by whlcli Is generally meajat, vegetable mouia, is too fertility to wawu parrying i praett<? e , w ft 6 maawye &&wQ^&J$$*¥ty£\ "\ Wj^flfi I im Among the geysers, , evfalls, Jukes and terrawa of YeUowstone F»vk \a where every trqa wbeelmun shpulci speud hiK 'OT holidfty. Jlost delightful outlug im»8in«ble, JJess expensivp thttfifv -iveek »t"ft fashion- nblo summer reborl. Qao<\ "'ro8.dt|-rb'uJl(i by the go ineHt. Klestam hotelb. lishiiig, Splendid t^ii Write for booklet teinlwg u rn&p pf the )iswBU«s full ipfor nbout tue t-ost oC the trip, Mh^t to t«ke, \yhati roads are like, etu, vrit9 advantages to young peiwns *to become lawjrpvs, For otttttlogue 3«of, ?. " " "

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