The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1897 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 21, 1897
Page 4
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TB*VVri& TOM M01M5S: .AtidOKA, IOWA, WEPNBSDAY, JPLY ai, 1887. tttattAM & Ofl« Ofce to Subftci-ib**-*. .. 11.80 , Sli months... ................... ?S , thrt* months ................... 40 , Beat to any address at abof « fates. Remit by draft, Money order, or e±press or- detatoarMsk. Rates of advertising sent on application. cottatjr To the fepnbUcah electors of Ko«suth connly: There will be » delegate convention of the republican* of Kosmith county held at the court hotu» la Algona, lowaj on Friday, Ang. 13,1807, at 11 o'clock ft. at. for the purpose of selecting sliteen delegates to attend the state convention, to be held at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on the 18th day of Angnst, 1807, also for the purpose of placing To nomination & candidate tot representative In the eighty- third legislative district, and for the selection of County chairman, and for the transaction of eueh other business as tnay properly come before the convention. The ratio of representation Will be as follows: One delegate at large for each precinct and one additional delegate for each 25 votes or major fraction thereof cast f Or Edwin H. Conger, elector at large, In the presidential election of 1896. It is recommended that each precinct hold its caucus on the 7th day ot August, 1897. The representation to Which the several precincts will be entitled under this call Is as follows: Precinct. Com. No. Del. Algona—First ward. .E. Telller 6 Second ward Vf. P. Jonea 8 Third ward.........P. L. Slagle 4 Fourth ward F, D. Calkins 6 Burt John Kerr 8 Buffalo Robert Welter 4 Cresco...... O. A. Potter 5 Eaglo John Llndblom 2 Fentott * M. Welsbrod 3 Greenwood 8. Mayne 8 German Wm. Schrader 3 Germanla Chas. G. Wortman... 6 Grant N.H. Beard 3 Garfleld G. S. Wright 3 Harrison W.R. Peet 6 Hebron Wm. Goodrich 4 Irrlngton SethNewcomb 6 ImVerne I. P. Harrison 6 iKittsCreek A. H. Bljcby 3 Ledyard W. A. Wright 5 Lincoln Jas. Warburton 4 Portland M. J. Mann 6 Plum Creek E. P. Keith 4 Prairie Chas. Relnecke 2 Klverdale J. O. Parson 3 Ramsay Phil. Winters 3 Seneca Henry Warner. 4 Swea C. A. Erickson. — 4 Sherman W. E. Starks 4 Springfield W. J. Burton 3 union T. W. Sarcbett 4 Wesley Z. S. Barrett » Whlttemore N. L. Cotton 7 Total number of delegates 151 B. F. CROSE, Chairman. Township Caucuses. Plum Creek—At Rice school house, Saturday, Aug. 7, at 8 o'clock. E. P. Keith, Com. union—At Hermann school bouse, Saturday, July 31. at 8 o'clock. Thos. Sarchett, Com. Irrtngton—Thursday, Ang. 12, at the Lloyd school house, at 2 o'clock. S. C. Newcomb, Com. _ Candidates' Cards. I hereby announce myself a candidate for the nomination for the office of county superintendent, subject to the action of the republican county convention. FRANK SLAGLE. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of county treasurer, subject to the action of the republican convention. FRANK J. KERNAN. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for sheriff subject to the action of the republican county convention. E. P. KEITH. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination of sheriff subject to the action of the republican county convention. GEO. F. HACKMAN. SENATOR FUNK FOB GOVENOB. The Sac county republicans have instructed their delegates to support Senator A. B. Funk of Spirit Lake for the republican nomination for governor. This action taken in connection with newspaper rumor of the past few days seems to'put our senator squarely in the field, and to be the beginning of a movement tfiat will sweep northern and western Iowa. The endorsement of Hon. W. L. Culbertson of Carroll by the papers of the Tenth district pointed to a practically solid delegation for him if he had consented to be a candidate. But it is now certain that he will not allow the use of his name, and there is no reason why the Tenth should not join the Eleventh in a practically unanimous endorsement of Senator Funk. No man in this part of the state is better known, no man is better qualified to fill acceptably the governor's chair. Senator Funk's wide acquaintance throughout the state will undoubtedly bring him the support of delegates from all sections. He will enter the convention with a leading support. His nomination is more than a possibility. It is exceedingly probable, LET HARMONY PREVAIL, It is reported that in one of the Algona wards a second caucus will be bold on Aug. 7, the date fixed for caucuses by the county chairman in pursuance of the resolutions twice adopted in county conventions, The contesting delegation will claim in the coming convention that under these resolutions they are entitled to seats, the county convention having full authority to establish such rules as it sees fit, and to compel their observance,, While this position is undoubtedly porrect, raiding the question at this time when BQ m an y conflicting Interests are at stake, and when enough elements of diUQOrd exist, would pot result in a fair consideration pf it on its merits and would only result in further mlsunder* etencUnge. Tbere can be up dguhjt that a county cpsventtoB has ample authority to adopt 6 piflA. 0| holding caucuses and conventions, Far that mutter Jt can discard pftwouses and conventions* §n, iirily and adopt a pure primary eleo' tlcm eyeteiw, or * combination of the ays* ite petto* day set. Whether any undue advan tfefe accrues to anybody out of them cannot be decided. There is plenty o reason to believe, however, that tner are dlsavahtages as Well as advantage in such early action. The fact is good men are being considered in connection with the leg istatlve nomination. Whether th county decides to break over the one term precedent and return Mr. Mayne or determines to stay by it and choos between Messrs Wadsworth, Jones an Joslyn, there is no good reason why the result should not be made unani mous by the republicans of the county Let the convention be conducted that the nominee will "have room ac cording to bis strength" and so that united front will be presented to united, combined, coalesced, and cetn en ted opposition that is already ag gressively in the field. Let harmony prevail, and after the contest is ove the republicans can get together calm ly and devise a more satisfactory meth od of conducting business. A GOOD WORD FOR MAYXfi. The Des Moines Capital In referring to the legislative contest in Kossut speaks in very complimentary terms o Representative Mayne. However h may fare in next month's conven tlon no who one knows the sentiment o those best acquainted with his work will doubt that the Capital is fully just ified in what it says: " No new member of the Iowa genera assembly ever made more steady and soil progress toward the front than did Eepre sentatlve Samuel Mayne of Kossuth county He proved himself to be a mau of vlgqrou opinions and stalwart courage. He was one of the fighters of the house, yet he nev er fought for the sake of fighting and neve took part in a debate simply to: hear him self talk. He took part only •• when deepl interested. He won the respect of all hi associates. Northwestern Iowa has sen many good men to the general assemble but none:better than Sam Mayne. His ex perience would make him a valuable mem ber at the next session and he ought to b returned without question. The re-electio of good men like Mayne would mean tha the next general assembly would be a shor one. The' election of new men will mea that it will be a long one. The democratic campaign opens a Fort Dodge, Aug. 20. After Geo. E. .Roberts has reviewed Fred. E. White's speech h will wish he had delivered it elsewhere. The Polk county delegation is not in structed for Gov. Drake. It Is understoo that more than half of the 57 delegate favor a new man. The Capital is correct: "If the Fre White party expects to win a victory I Iowa this year on account of a lack of har mony In the republican party, it might well put such a hope away at once." The State Register says: "There publicans have expressed much satisfac tlon over the result of the primary system as used in the county a week ago last Sat urday. It is thought that the general as sembly will be asked to pass a primary lav at the next session." NEWS AND COMMENT. The Courier in Mr. Hinchon's absence which we can authoritlvely state was no for the purpose of inspecting his silve mine in Idaho, gave the following item editorial endorsement. "The sugar trus has about 600,000 pounds of raw sugar o hand out of which the Dlngley-Allison tar iff will enable it to realize from $12,000,001 to 816,000,000 extra profits—a clear govern ment gift out of the pockets of the people The tariff for the trusts is secured and slm ultaneously with it comes the cut in th wages of labor, lock-outs and strikes.' Now that Mr, Htnchon is back we com mend these figures to his attention. If tb new tariff is golnR to allow the sugar trus even $12,000,000 on 600,000 pounds of sugar it will be at the rate of $30 to the pound which in view of the fact that sugar is now selling at six cents a pound in Algona i very astonishing. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. LuVerne is making a $720 addition to her school house. Dr. Kldder of Erametsburg preaohec for the Algona Episcopalians a week ago. Capt. Chantland has Company G a. work at Fort Dodge getting ready for the coming encampment, John Ostrum, who has gone to Brit to run the tile works, tells the News that he will soon have a lot of brick and tile burned. Estbervllle Democrat; Wolves are so thick over in Kossuth county that a farmer went out the other morning be fore breakfast and killed two, Clarion Monitor: Miss Elizabeth Reuman of Algona is making Miss Emma Tillinghest a pleasant visit They had not met before since leaving New York City, some five years ago, Whlttemore Champion; 0, C, Chubb was in our city Tuesday, but as he did not favor this office with a call we can* not say whether it was a business or political visit, ' Emmetsburg Reporter; Miss Emma, Rowe of Algona came over Friday evening to spend a week with her friend, Miss SJeloher, who teaches lebool&few miles west of town, ' Capt. Soper succeeds Col. Ormsbyaj president of the First National bank of Emmetsburg, Frank E. Allen of is- fjWvWe is eJeslej director, Th,is j« the bank Col, Qrmepy founded, Tbe reaeeja f 91* t&§ change J0 not givea, Wm.Bfthr, ft£ed£Q yearn, dijd. at bit borne north of §estoa last week) ~ lay to ,ihe Ljfa' 'te Wfiuley Rep-wier for about two weeks. ^There the party was 1 joined by Leroy Barton and family of Algona, and ft. E. Erickson and family of Milford. We predict a delight' ful time for all. The Clear Lake Mirror speaks of Presiding Elder "letter's last sermon and says " it was on the practical benefits of Christianity to the individual, was not only highly evangelical in tone, but also strongly conceived, well Illustrated and forcibly delivered." Emmetsburg Democrat: Bro. Mayne has kept track of the beef that was Shipped from this city to Algona, Wesley, Whittetnore< Speficer and other prohibition districts ofi July tfarid he has concluded that the people of those places are not what they pretend to be when at state conventions. Ames Times: Miss Cora Hibbard is well known In Ames and especially at the college, of which institution she is a graduate, and where she has hosts of friends, who join in wishing her a long life of happiness as the wife of the gentleman, whom she has chosen fora life companion, and who is a leading young businessman at Algona. Speaking of the Rutherford—Htb- bard wedding the Emmetsburg Democrat says: The groom is a son of Mr, Rutherford, who for many years was proprietor of the well known Rutherford hotel at Algona. He Is at present engaged In business at that place and he is widely and favorably known. The bride is a sister of Mrs. W. L. Fitkin and a niece of David Starr. She served as deputy in the Algona postofflce for several years and has since followed teaching. She is amiable, handsome and deservedly popular. The Democrat wishes Mr. and Mrs. Rutherford good fortune and happiness. The Esthervllle Democrat is after Mr. Pierson of Swea City, whose store was burglarized last week, and whoso goods were recovered at Esthervllle: Mr. Pterson who claimed the goods which amounted to nearly $100, is the most generous individual on earth. After our worthy officials had endangered their lives and spent both time and money In the capture of this bold and daring robber, he refused to even pay them the small reward they were justly entitled to or even thank them for their trouble but grappled up the goods after proving beyond a doubt that they were his and flew back to his resting place from which he had sprung. Such penurious individuals are not deserving of being protected by law. Should this gentleman's store ever be burglarized again we suppose officers will tumble over each other to offer assistance in the capture of the burglar. POLITICAL NOTES. Calhoun county has renominated Representative Lavender for a second term. He is a good man. Judge Waterman of Scott county i growing in strength as a probable sue cessor to Judge Kinne. He is an able judge. F. W. Hossfeldt, whose wife is a sis ter of Mrs. Frank W. Bicknell and o Mrs. Dr. Clarke of Humboldt, goes t Trieste as consul. Senator Rowen won the fight in Wright county and gets the delegation for senator again. He is likely to b nominated. Wright, Hamilton and Hardin compose the district. The Carroll Herald wants a republl can platform, this year free ofspecia recommendations. Platforms shoult outline the policies of parties on lead Ing questions, but they should not be loaded down with details which are no accepted as party measures. All the newspaper men will be glad to see David Brandt back in the legislature from Cedar Rapids. He was one of the best members In the las house, is broad and fair in his views, an active worker, and a genial man. There seems to be no opposition to his re nomination and there should be none The Clarion Monitor says: Brook Plummer, by sharp practice and other wise, has accumulated a fortune and is shrewd In money matters where his In terests are at stake, but outside of tha he Is an ignoramus of the first water. This statement is not made from hearsay, but from a personal acquaintance with the man of thirty years standing That he is hardly " compos mentis'' will be apparent to the voters wherever he makes speeches during the campaign, which we sincerely hope will be in every town and city In the state, He Is one of those men who assume to " know it all" yet he cannot talk five minutes intelligently upon any question of public interest. JUST 30 YEABS AGO, Capt. Callff told the editor that from weather corn jump in 1867 exactly as it has In 1897. " Owners bf buildings are Invited to call at Smith Bros', store and examine the best lightning conductor' ever invented, when properly applied itaffords absolute protection; A, P. Clarke, local agent,". Sept, 26-18 set for the county lair. In the premium list fl was the highest of' fered, and that fpj^only a few exhibits , '""•h"^ -t- v> , \ ,,,<• "DurantBros, have just received a large assortment of stone ware." •«- -h it- Work began on the dam for the prea ent Jones & Stacy flouring mill, *• The wants of this county, now imperatively demand a grist and flouring mm," Mr, Warren says .,, C. Miles, Algona's pioneer school ;e«wher, preaobe4h.iP first sermon to '•he Congregational church, FIRST WARD WILL WAIT, With Becoming Modesty It Will field Its Caucus Along With the ftest of the County. W. L. Joslyn G*ts tin Delegates and J. R. Jones Gets Seven in the Three Other Wards. All npjrthwejgtern. Jpwa. w ftg called a teachers' institute at Fort, J»ly 89, by the utats swperjntp A oaU was. W aJs , fey Rjy g, o fc t , f 04? Algona held three interesting and lively caucuses Friday evening each possessing peculiarities of its own, and all suggestive of the good old days. The First ward modestly and conservatively refrained from getting into a sweat, and, putting trust in the bible suggestion that the last shall be first decided to abide by the recommend a tions of the county committee and o two previous county conventions Committeeman Tellier when urged to rush In with the rest replied that he was part of the county committee, ant that as that committee had recom mended Aug. 7, he saw no reason whj Aug. 7 should not be the day. It is hard to give the exact detail of the doings in the Second. The con test was for and against J. R. Jones fo a delegation. Those for, say they had two to one. Those against say ther: was only eleven difference in a vote o 80. Some say a motion instructing th township committeeman to abide here after by the action of the county com mlttee couldn't get a second. Other say It was promptly seconded but wa not put to vote. It was a lively scrim mage and began immediately tha Capt. Dodge was in the chair. Motion were made to vote vive voce, by ballo and by lining up. A vive voce vote was taken and both sides could be heart eight blocks, according to a veraciou witness. It was decided that the Jones side had won, but upon vigorous de mand a division was secured. Thi confirmed the decision, the record o the secretary being 52 to 28. Mr Jones then selected his delegation a follows: T. F. Cooke, A. D. Clarke Frank Dingley, B. W. Haggard, G. F Peek and R. A. Palmer. In the Third ward a curious cond: tion exists. The call in THE UPPE: DES MOINES was for Friday evening but in the Republican, by mistake, wa for Aug. 7. There being only tw days' notice, the Republican couli not correct its date, and in the muddl it was talked that an adjournmen would take place to Aug. 7. The town ship Committeeman P, L. Slagle, lef his shop at 10 minutes before 8 o'clock he says, but found the caucus organized Those present say, however, that the did not begin before 8:30 o'clocl T. H. Conner was chairman and a soil Joslyn delegation was chosen as fo lows; J. B. Winkel A. H. Paine, La Kuhn and Chas. Sarchett. In the Fourth ward, which has bee known as the " Bloody Fourth" peac reigned. By an agreement W. L. Jos lyn was allowed to select a delegation three of which were to be for Mayn second choice, and three for Jones. H chose Dr. A. L. Rist, E. V. Swotting Frank Nlcoulin, E. H. Clarke, Chas E. Cohenour, and M. Z. Haggard. I Mr. Joslyn fares as well outside ash has in Algona there will be no secom choice. It is reported that in one of thes wards at least a caucus will be held o the date fixed by the central commil tee, and a contesting delegation wil appear in the county convention. I will claim that a caucus called in oppo sltion to the action of the county con vention and of the central committee i not binding. Senator Chubb Escaped, Bailey: Senator Chubb of Algonc narrowly escaped being nominated fo lieutenant governor by the demopops We are glad he was not nominated, we don't want to stay at home on election day and we should dislike very mucl to vote against Mr. Chubb, althougj we do not agree with him politically He is a man with ideas of his own knows how to express them; has thi faculty of pointing out existing evil truthfully and vividly, but his reined;, for the same always appears to us to be one just out of reach. Theoretically i looks nice, but practically it has jus about as much chance of ever being ap plied by the American people as the senator does of flying across the conti nent. The incentive for a pick-pooke to steal Is just as strong at a Fiji picnit as It is anywhere but it lacks praotlca blllty, Mayne Was a Hard Worlier. Germanla Standard: Hon. Sam Mayne was in town Thursday looking over the field, He is making a stronj fight for renomination for representa live and says the prospects are good, No doubt that Mr. Mayne was a hare worker in the legislature and his work in many respects has been a credit to the district he represents. He will doubtless go into the convention with a strong backing, One point that will be In his favor is that Algona has a candidate for every office to be filled and two or three for each office, Mr, Mayne stands alone the candidate from the north part of the county, There is some opposition to him on account of certain measures, but when the people understand his true motives for sup* portipg said measures, they will doubt, less see why bis conscience is clear. Referred t It was after a visit to Brltt that the " leader mm penned the follow wb,iph we commend to Bro, B_a}i prayerful consideration: This is written especially for tbe kids of Brit* who make a habit Qfgh M } B g out every little girl in town and ooun- *-'- K IP petUegati Peao jj WQW bep with the purpose pf inflicting _ WP°B ISiae peep yiptim, A J%w boy without a dollar preeeot or to know who he loves, and thediffef* ence betWeSfS Iflfe and the chicketi-pox, te should S§ tfttartntined d? flat iff ft convent eflWfcell pufposely fdr* eticti cases. Nine-tenths of the uflbappy marriages are the t-esult of gfeen hu* man calves being allowed to fun at artfelh the society pasture without any yokel dtttlem, They marfy and have children More they do mustaches; they are father of twins before they af-e proprietors o! two pairs of pants; and the little girls they toaf fy are old women before they are twenty, Occasionally one of these gosling marriages turns out all right, but it is a clear case of luck. If there was a law against young galoots sparking and marrying jefore they cut their eye teeth, we suppose the little cusses would evade it some way, but there ought to be a sen* tlment against it. It's time enough for these bantams to think of finding a pullet when they have raised money enough by their own work to buy a bundle of laths to build a hen house. BETTEB THAN FBEE SILVER. Senator Chubb Has a Plan That Beats Free Coinage—The Iowa Crops For a Week, C. C. Chubb has a plan that Is going to be of great benefit to corn raisers If the crop proves as large as it now promises. He is arranging to furnish feeding cattle to all responsible parties on 90 day's time. He says he knows where the stock can be had and he expects the banks to join in affording the ac- comodation. By this means instead of corn raisers being compelled to sell at 15 cents, they can at least realize from 20 cents up. Last year feeders realized at the least 25 cents a bushel. His plan is to let every farmer who wants to feed and who is unable to buy stock, have cattle to be paid for when they are put on the market. Just as soon as the corn crop is assured and it is certain that we have a big crop at low prices he will be ready to bring on the the cattle. THE STATE CROP REPORT. The past week was cooler than usual with less than the normal rainfall except in a few localities. The deficiency in the daily mean temperature was from 6 to 7 degrees. The amount of sunshine was about normal. It was an ideal week for field wonr, and has been improved to the utmost. Good progress has been made in the hay harvest, and a large amount is secured in excellent condition. Rye is in shock, and barley is being harvested. A good start has been made in cutting early oats. The weather conditions have been highly favorable for spring wheat checking the tendency to rust and favoring the filling and ripening. The bulk of this important crop is in fair condition, and the total acreage this season is above 1,000,000 acres. Corn has made substantial progress wherever it has received good cultivation. It is in all stages of growth, from a foot high to the tasseling size. The acreage planted is very large, being about 8,600,000 acres, and in about two- thirds of that area it gives promise of a fair crop, with favorable weather for the balance of the season. We are just now in the midst of the usual midsummer dry weather period, and rain is generally needed for all growing crops, especially potatoes. an ytinnff fa* Hofie of claimed the pfize, was oW to thef class have m been 4§feed t6 awftr of folki hate always beea this five pointed staf JS are wllliftg td admit that If really did as is sd earnestly her, that she was Superior to this particular, ItisT pity dowfi ah? such a pretty tnaui^ Betsey t&tts'wwk, but tie S3 are & stoutly against it. Mot Only can BA u five pointed staf be cut out clip, but even the most greatest difficulty in o of that klndwitb: the ments. If any have any doubt ohtt» subject, let them tw it themselves. S fifteen puzzle is nothing compared *ith it* SENATOR fOB TIEDE OF BELMOND. Bailey Tells of a Citizen That Is Worth Having. Belmond has a merchant named Tiede. Bailey of Britt knows him and endorses him. If what Bailey says is true, everybody will endorse him: A few years ago he ran a little one-horse store over at Goodell. The town not being big enough for Tiede he went to Belmond, and although there were several stores running in his line, having a well established business, Tiede started in and began advertising. He used all the papers in the county and many outside. When he advertises It means something. Late years he has had a celebration of his own at some date through the summer. This year he has secured reduced rates on the various railroads centering in Belmond for visitors to attend his sales and celebration. Tiede hires a band and sells goods on these occasions. He won't hire a clerk that hasn't India rubber legs and he must be able to jump 90 feet and run three miles without breathing. Everybody knows Belmond as Tiede's town, and there Isn't a man woman or child In trading reach of Belmond but knows what he sells and all about his business, If we could trade 10 men who are doing business In Hancock county with Wright county for Tiede we would be willing to throw in an extra copy of the Tribune and a local to follow pure reading matter at top of page or next to a broken column, ^_ BETSY BOBS' FIVE POINTED STAB, The Woman Who Showed Washington How to Cut It Was on Ancestor of J, E, BlBckford's, The story is that Betsey Ross got Washington to use a five pointed star on the American flag and amazed and nterested h:lm by folding paper so as to cut one, Now the scientists say ,hat such a thing is impossible, The matter is a curious puzzle and has a local interest inasmuch as Betsey was a llstant ancestor of J. E. Blaokford's of Algona. In talking about it a profes* ior of the naval academy at Carroll Herald: Another incident in the campaign for a hew candidate is the announcement of Hon. A B Funk of Spirit Lake as a candidate' Senator Funk has long been regarded as a gubernatorial probability. g e u the Veteran of the state senate, has a faultless record, is possessed of the ability and equipoise so necessary in that important position. He Is splendidly equipped in every particular for the office of governor. His presence In the field of candidates Is a factor that cannot be ignored. The Des Moines Register says: It is reported on the best of authority that Senator A. B. Funk, of Spirit Lake editor of the Spirit Lake Beacon, is out for the republican nomination for governor. It has been known for some time that Senator Funk would not be averse to accepting the governorship should it be tendered him, but it was not known that he has been aotive toward bringing his nomination about until Monday, when word reached Des Moines through the mails of theletters his friends were sending out in his behalf. Senator Funk has been a member of the senate for twelve years. Last session as chairman of the ways and means committee he attained considerable prominence. Sac Sun: The Sun is able to state with authority that if Senator A. B. Funk, of Spirit Lake, is endorsed by his neighbors in Northwest Iowa he will permit the use of his name as a candidate for governor in the republican state convention at Cedar Rapids, August 18. Of this endorsement there is no doubt. Furthermore it seems altogether probable that Senator Funk's candidacy will gather such strength in the coming month as to make him the next governor of Iowa. Senator Funk has been in the upper house of the Iowa legislature for many years, havingbeen re-elected repeatedly. It is • conceded that no man in the state is better equipped with the experience that fits one to make a good governor. He is well known all over the state and there is no one to question his integrity in private or public life. Though not ao orator, he is never at loss for clear and! concise language when it is desirable to give public expression to his views. With Senator Funk as a candidate, the party can enter the contest this fall with a strong leader who will command, the confidence and respect of the people. Sac county republicans should and no doubt will give the candidacy of Senator Funk a cordial endorsement in their convention next Satur day. . THE MONTH'S MAGAZINES. There are two papers in this midsummer issue (August) of the Atlantic which should be read by everyone who appreciates the beauty and usefulness of our great forests. John Muir, author of " The Mountains of California," and the most charming writer about mountains and forests that we have, contributes the opening paper on " The American Forests.'' Supplementing this paper there, is an editorial article on our "Forest Policy in Suspense," In this paper the duty of the government to inaugurate a definite and vigorous policy is insisted upon and a powerful plea made for the preservation of our forests, STILL AFTER HOq OHOLEEA, Prank Baumgartner, Who Was In Algona at the Farmer's Institute Is at Work. There has been an article going the rounds of the press lately to the effect that hog cholera had again broken out in some fine herds of Poland China hogs in the vicinity of Mason City and notwithstanding the fact that different cures were used, not one found to be effective and the hogs were dying daily. The Dubuque Telegraph saw Mr. Ba«m- gartner, the hog cholera expert, and learned that this man refused to use his remedies at all; Mr. Baumgartner, accompanied by freight officials and» prominent Mason City business man, called on the Mason City breeder the first of the year when cholera first broke out in the herd and offered to take possession of all the sick hogs and agreed to cure a good percentage of them. This the breeder would not cpp- sent to do as he had a relative experl* menting on them and in the end pock* eted a great loss. The Telegraph says: Stock raisers all over the country who have secured Mr, Baumgartner'e medicine and have followed instructions in fldmtnisteriojr it to their sick hogs are curing the mft« jority of them, and in some cases whole herds have bean saved without the Jos? , '•• "—•*•"* ~*f vQe "* j T "" ri "" 1 ^hOi according .... made the first American ^saa^ataatts: wb'mtr/onf/artr"" I JaY ? e ee » hundreds themselves that tar, or indeed of any even numbered oints, bwt the rule^by wblpb thisis of a single animal, Mr, Bautagartner is still at with the railway companies, THREE dollars an acre Is prettycbew) for good lands, but the Northern ?»' oifio Railway company has hundred? ei thousands of acres in central Minnesota that it }s offering to actual settlers at from 12.50 to $3.50 an acre on ten yaw time, Write to F, W, Wilsey, eastern land, agent, St, Paul, Minn,, for asp? « M*3 f••! 1 1 _ *_ A. I _ . * and full information. Via HBif Rates t» pea J4°lP»9i the Northwestern line ., tickets win be sold, July t ... llw%d.loJuly2Mt one fare for round trip, on account of state WB tion, prohibition party, Apply agents""' • "

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