The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 14, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1897
Page 7
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t'«v ri MOlNflfiJ: AL00NA IOWA, ***»»* *• tt*ie*t It. ,,.„ at one's desk, singeing in . »*Hng August Beat wh'ich. fre- cotneS in July or June, one's turn.,to something far more and one's ambition and de- r;*,na.tion, after the first four or five f«. of it is to get away and find the , LA for coolness and escape from w as well Having at length sens- llv concluded that it Is better to work In ten or eleven months in the year rest and recuperate the balance of ,„„ time the next thing Is to determine *hftt cart of the universe we will grace I ;, f l o,, r presence. The west Is ever I- drawing attraction for those firine la the eastern ot middle sec- and now come remembrances of blir friends have tdld us about , .Jbeautles and grandeur of Colorado and the Rocky mountains. Slyly there weeps into the imagination a gurgling hrook and we decide to try our skill acasting a fly on Its riffles. Wo Mentally note that while we like soci- [jity we don't yearn for It alone, and iflshing tackle doesn't encumber one : rer y much, anyhow. Into the trunk ishe goes, along with a kodak, perhaps, !/ or we are going to see the grandest mountains and most beautiful scenery of America. We may be home In two weeks. One can do so much In two f Having made up our minds, we select i the Missouri Pacific system as our ! me ans of travel, because we may ES Veil enjoy its luxurious car service, and we want to get the coolness as •quickly as possible. The Colorado Short Line from Kansas City to Pueblo suits, our fancy, -and: we. are-gone-on a never-to-be-forgotten trip, with 'dull care and heat left behind and the dust iand the smoke of the city out of mind while we revel in the pure mountain air. We find that two weeks is a very short time, after all, and wonder how it ever occurred to us to do much in two weeks. There are more fishing streams and-some- additional scenery beyond, over there on-the Qunnison. and in the vicinity of Wagon Wheel Gap and Animas Canon, and, finding that the Denver & Rio Grande road takes us through this greatest midst of scenery, we are bound to have a look at it. We go, perhaps extending our trip to Utah, we are charmed, we get browned, we eat enough for the whole family, and we conclude to bring the whole family along when we repeat the trip, next year. Thus are our lives lengthened, and we bring to business renewed energy and strength of mind, as well as body, and consider that we were wise when we reached the determination to take some play along with the hard work. There is no greater incentive to work well than the remembrance that w« have had our vacation and enjoyed it. F. P. BAKER. 'A 5-ceht stamp must adorn evert day-book, ledgef or other account book kept by,a business house in Mexico. there are more Greeks In Turkey than there are In Greece; Turkey in Europe contains 3,500.000 Greeks; Greece, 2,200,000, and Asia Minor 2000,000. The cells in the jail at Dover, N. M., are arranged in a circle, and revolve, So that the inmates can (successively see the country at nil points of the MAttERS OK INTBftEBt f O t3E* VdtEES OK THE ^ICVGI.E- the l»(-.tfillst to«Hst» jtnfeo Art Natttinat 1'ttlrol—Mlciifcftis nicnt Oaufte* Soitio t'otipern the Latent Frtuk. compass. So 'i'nnipttithtn. She— Don't you think it !R jnnpuroprinto to have applause iii church? He— H'ni. I never considered that qties< tioti. lliere is novel- iiny occasion for ate plause 111 oni' olmreli. Congenial Knvlroiiinciil. ".Toe Is in luck again.' 1 "H<nv; Hns lie a salon- rnlse!" '•No: hut his new employer is us cnv/.V about baseball ns lie is' M TroulilCR All Over. ''You go home ou an earlier car. now. Slo\vboy." "Yes; house denning is Oone. mid my wife 'has put the fly-screens in." Hev. P. Single, of Golden, 111., writes: "I WHS often almost waxed with juiin in temple and eye. Have used two puckugos of Dr. Kay's Henovutor and think it an excellent roinedy." If you are sick" from nuy cause, (hero is no remedy nioro likely to cure .von tlmn Dr. Kay's Renovator. 'Kwid for ii vnlun- blo GS-pase book, "Dr. Kay's Home Treatment." It has ftl! recipes and trents nearly all diseases. Address Dr. B. ,1. Kny Medical Co., Oninlui. Neb. To rid a place of nuts, saturate bits of cotton with spirits of onmohor: also scatter broken gum camphor iu the cracks ot the woodwork. To Colorado Springs mid I'uclilo Uurllnftoii Koutc via Denver. A through Sleeping car to Colorado Springs and 1'neblo via. Denver is attnuliud to Burlington Route daily train leaving Chicago 10:31) p. in. Office, mi Clark St. Brooms and brushes will last twice us long if they are hung up instead of left standing. Don't Toliacra Xpii mid SnioVr Yonr l.iffl A war. To quit tobacco easily and forever, be tu •!.•»• netic. lull of life, nerve and vigor, take No- To-Bac, the wonder- worker that makes weak meu ; stiopg. All drugpists. 50cor.?l. Cnrn Kuaranteed. Booklet and sample free: add.- S(erlingHenjedy Co., Chicago or New York. HOUSEHOLD HINTS. I'A pail of unslacked lime left stand- ling in the cellar will remove dampness. Brooms and brushes will last twice I as long if they are hung up instead of I left standing. For a nervous headache a cup of I moderately strong tea, in which two or I three slices of lemon have been infused. Poultices should be mixed with I boiling water and boiled for a few minutes. It helps them to retain the I heat. Cause for Gloom. "Why do you look so dejected?" asked ! the tin-foil. "I..WRS beaten out of five dollars to-day," | replied the gold-leaf. Mrs, Wlnslow'B Soothing Syrup For children lectliiiiu.wil'tona the guinH.r«diu>OK inflammation,allays jiuin. uuresi wind colic, -'i cents a bottle. HE over-increasing army of bicyclists Is not usually regarded by the rural inhabitants as a public benefaction, but several incidents have lately h a p p e i; e d that bring to notice nil effect of cycling that is now of service to all sections of the country. The one great result of bicycle indulgence is to take city residents out into the less thickly populated districts, whore there are more picturesque features of the scenery than cable cars, bicycle policemen and towering houses. In this way, particularly, of course, in the pleasnnter seasons of the year the districts that before bicycling became such stated by the N. (3. tf., co'mplicatiqhs are likely ttt ensue between the latter association and the L. A. \V. f h« tut em, Now ahd then the irrepressible freak cycle inventor brings out a nety form of wheel that is expected to revolutionize the sport. There seems to be some alluring attraction in the possible com- bii:ation of hand and foot power. The latest auxiliary hand driver is the product of the brnin of a Denver ih^ vtntor. The handle bar Is formed in two nectlons, which are jourhaled on the top of the steering stem. The bicycle hns an extra sprocket and bearing fastened to the head just above the fork. A long chain connects' the two sprockets. The sections of the handle bar move up and down, and a rod transmits the nation to the sprocket. The bicycle in full operation would make an Imitation flying machine that v/ould send almost any horse on a runaway career. Some years ago a well- ki;own Jersey bicycle man constructed a machine upon similar lines. His bicycle created quite a sensation at a Freehold meet. A novice who had broken his wheel jumped on the freak bicycle and won the mile race handily. The inventor did not, however, make a fortune with the invention. course of hft hour a very stretcher. She was pale There was a hasiy exam Dr. Stephen Adams, of Alaplewood. .Me., has been a practicing pliysiciuii for sixty- eight years, and still ''continues in harness, Hall's Catarrh Curo Is a constitutional cure. Price, Toe, Madame Roland aennea murriagu as an institution where one person was expected I to provide happiness for two. Educate Your Bowels With Cam-aret», Candy Cathartic, mire constipation forever. lOe. UC, C. C. fall, druggists refund money. In Vienna the servaut girl is not permit[ ted to climb out ou the window sill to clean [ windows without a safety belt and rope atr tached to it. "How happy is lie bom pr taught, Who serveth not another's \vill; Whose armor is his honest, thought. And simple truth his highest skill." pi Yg PcrmiinontlyCuvcil. KofHs or nervousness aftet :irxt I|».V'H uso of Dr. Klino'n (Jreiit. ISorvo Restorer. Suml for FREE 98.00 trial liottln anil triMitisn. l)n. Jl. 11. Kl.iXE,>I't(l.i!>31 Arali St., I'hiladuliihlu, J'a. Sig. Nicolini. the husband of Aclclina Patti, continues seriously ill. He is at Croig-y-Nos, tiuft'erlng from cancer o£ the liver. Hcgeiuan's Cuniphor Ice with Glycerine Cure* Chapped Hands and Faro, TcMirtcl- or Soru 1'eet, ijhilbiuilis, 1'lloa, *i'. (.'. O. Clurk Co., Xuw Haven, Ct. Three of the most noted women nove'ists of the dav are still at worn. Miss Braddou is 00, Mrs. Oliplmnt is OS, and Uuida is i>0. For Lung and chest diseases, Piso'.-i Cure is the best medicine we Imvo used.—Mrs. J. L. Korthcott. Windsor. Out., Canada. Friend—But is there's no hope of saving him. what are you going to perform the. operation; Doctor—One hundred dollars. Dr. Kay's Renovator, a positive cure for nervousness, constipation, dyspepsia and liver disorders. See advt. William Peaeues, n colored Baptist preacher of Chesterfield, B. C., is the proud lather of forty-three children. No-To-Hno for Fifty Vent*. fiunrnntccd tobacco habit cure, makes weak men Hione, blood pure. Me. »1. All druBiilsts. She—What is dog iu German? He- Frankfurter. I believe. AN OPEN LETTER To MOTHERS. WE ARE ASSERTING IN THE COURTS OUR RIGHT TO THE EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE WORD " C ASTORIA " AND " PITCHER'S -OASTORIA," AS OUR 1RADB MARK. I, DR. SAMUEL. PITCHER, of Byannis, Massachusetts, was the originator of "PITCHER'S .- CASTOR! A,"Jfa> -**™* that has borne and does now ( ^ s/f / ?+-j£~ on ever ' J tear the fac-simile denature of C&S^&C&M wrapper, Thkistheorltlnal "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," whioh has been used in the homes of the mothers of America for over thirty H<®rs< UOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is i-t - , _ ' ' _ _ ji7.JL *n^r * &f^*^ i *^^^^ Oil' vt1>& the kind you, have always^tiowgnft /V» , ^/-r^^^ f ~^l has the etgnatnro' \J<"W9r% 7 «W«4** wrap• pwvM one has authority from me to use my name except The Centaur Company of which Chas, S, Fletcher is Do not endanger if life^f your fhild cheap which sprne druggist may offer you (because he makes a few more 9n it), the ingredients of Nvhich even ho does not know, "The Kind You Have Always Bought THE FAC'SIMIte SISNATUBi OF .MV.WW on Having The Kind That Never Failed You, a prevalent pastime were almost deserted are patrolled by cyclists. Though the majority of the wheel riders fro- nucnt the macadam routes, it is an exceedingly poor road that is not made somewhat livelier by some scattering privates of the vast army. The effect naturally is to make the remote rural districts safur for the residents, for in case of accident or trouble of sonic kind there is more than apt to be a wheelman within hailing distance. That this state of things is not purely Imaginary is shown by several happenings of late. A little more' than two weeks ago a party of wheelmen, while riding out one of the Union county roads near Cranford, espied a loaded freight train on fire on the railroad track near the road. • There was no one else near, and, as a strong wind was blowing, the whole train of cars was in danger of destruction. Tho wheelmen left their bicycles by the roadside, and after somo very hard labor succeeded in pushing the cars from danger, so thai only two cars wore burned. At another time lately a fire in an uptown avenue was discovered by a passing cyclist, who turned in an alarm. There have also been a number of instances where assailants of helpless men, women and children have been driven away by the timely appearance of bicyclers. The horrible accident that happened to the load of young persons on the Merrick road on Decoration day would, it is said, -have been avoided had the driver heeded the warning cries of some bicyclists who saw the danger that threatened the party. There have been many other instances where wheelmen have proved their efficiency as protectors of life and property, runaway horses having been often stopped by skilled cycle riders. Many of these occurred on much frequented roads, but the real effect is to make the army of bicyclers an enormous patrolling force, which has its Held more especially in the thinly-populated districts, always ready to do yeoman service when called upon. Every person in the most remote part of the neighboring country is rendered safer from any form of rtanRer by even the likelihood of a cyclist, being within hailing distance. One of the better class of cyclists everywhere is always willing to render what service ho can to his fellow-cyclists in trouble, and his willingness extends as well to the citizen population. The all-pervadingness of the bicycle has consequently one feature with which to redeem itself with the ruralite,—New York Sun. Latest. 0. S. IBunnell says he has signed a lease with the officials of the United Singers' Society for the rental for one year, from the. flrst of July, of the building recently erected at Eleventh and York streets for the coming festival. It is his intention, he says, to build an eighth of a mile board course therein, and to run indoor races next winter. Mr Bunnell states that he has been assured that the building will bo allowed to remain for that length of AN IMDMT AT TOE CITY A Wdmsfi'S kifo fiateif Saved V>f a dWtid&I Seetfoyod* There was a. Inirry call tot the nmbulabee ol tlte City ttospitai Ifi tht siok young woinfen Was brought ifl 8ii & us death and evidently sufferibg keett ftfttfty* and a consultation. Ih lesf tfa " quarter of an hour th«i prof ^ tUre WascnthcopcfaUhj? t undergo the operation tjvafldtomy. There was no time for tlife preparation. Her left ovary tt the point of bursting; whdii it $ moved, it literally disintegrated. If it, ^ /^had burst before removal, she ' would have died almost instantly! That young- Woman had had warnings enough in the terrible pains, the but-tthig sensation, the swelling low dowtt on her left 1 side. Ko one advised her, so she suffered tortures and nearly lost her life. I wish 1 had met her months before, so 1 could have told her of the virtues of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. As it is now, she is a wreck of a woman. Oh, my sisters, if yoxt Will not tell a doctor your troubles, do tell thein to a woman stands ever ready to relieve youl Write to Mrs. Fhikham ot Lynn. Mass.. confld6 freely to her all your troubles, and she will advise you free of charge: and if you have any of the above symptoms take the advice of Miss Agnes Tracy, who speaks from experience and says: " For three years I had suffered with inflammation of the left ovary, which caused dreadful pains. I was so badly affected that I had to sleep with pillows under my side, and then the pain was so great it was impossible to rest. " Every month!• was inbed 'for/ two, ov-three days. I took seven bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and am entirely cured. I think there is no medicine to be compared! with the Compound for female diseases. Every woman who suffers from anyform of female weakness should try it at once." Miss AGNES TKAOY, Box 433, Valley City» N. D. 0. S. BUNNBLL. time, and that should that not be the case, he is to be paid an indemnity by the lessors.—Sporting Life. JOSH BILLINGS' PHILOSOPHY. It takes a very smart man to be a sukcessfull phool. I luv money but 1 thank Heaven that 1 luv what It will buy- better. I never hav had eny trubble in trace- Ing all mi bad luk direkly or Indirekly Lo bad flgurelng, and I guess allmost all ml bretheren .kan do the same. I hav'allwuss been a builder ov air- Uastles, but i never undertook to liv In them. I hav built them az little boys build blok houses, just for tho fun ov knoking them down. I hav writtten apparent philosophy cnuff in the last 15 years to run the ivholc world with; nnd yet i never.have been able to run misnlf 48 hours with- »nt grate risk ov kolllidlng with sum- (hing. Komuwhut Miffed. The London' correspondent of "The Wheel" states that the National Cyclists' Union of England is greatly exercised over the action of the League of American Wheelmen 'in allowing Accidents Iu Franco. The recent. death. of A. AV. Harris, the result of a fractured skull received in a rncs at London on Easter Monday, furnished a warning to racing men to exercise care while contesting. Following the casualty the Paris letter to the American Cyclist contains the following announcement: It is happily very rare that the accidents taking place on the cycle tracks have any serious results. Notwithstanding the great vcguc of cycle racing in this country only one death has taken place on the track until last week, and that was in the case of a pacemaker on a tandem who dashed into the barriers of a track in south of France. Another young fellow was killed last week on the Velodrome de Vincennes while training in the presence of a considerable number of other cyclists, most of them novices. Gaston Pelle had done his spell of training exercise when he (.printed in the home straight. At that moment a soldier on a bicycle swerved aside, and Pello touched his back wheel. He fell with such force as to fracture the skull, Pelle died a little while afterward without .recovering consciousness, SILVER LININGS. The saloon will go in a hurry, when the church gets after it in earnest. It is. easier for water to run up : h}ll, than for the selfish man to be happy. You've read the bible with the commentary, now read it with the spring. Only by keeping close to Christ, can you give a safe path to the man who follows you. Every man who has on the whole armor of God, will be sure to have war wnth the devil.—Ram's Horn. Try Uraln-O. Ask your procer to-day to show you a puckage of GRA1N-O, the new food drink that takes the pluee of coffee. The children may drink it without injury us well as the adult, All who try it like it. GRA1N-O has that ricli seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, aud the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. }i the price of coffee. 15 cents und 2r> cents per package. Sold by all grocers. Tastes like cott'ee. Looks like coffee. Vegetable Sicilian Beautifies and restores Gray Hair to its original color and vitality; prevents baldness; cures itching and dandruff. A fine hair dressing. B. P. Hall & Co., Props., Nashua, N.H. Sold by all Druggists. populi was 813,000, the same population tuat Bon Francisco now has. JAMBS MICHAEL. James Michael, the Welsh vlctcr, to race iu this country. He declares that the suspension placed upon Michael by the N. C. U. has not been rajsed, and no official communication has been sent to tho L. A, W. V the Cyclists' Union notifying tho former that Michael was eligible to race. Michael, who is the noted longdistance rider, incurred the displeasure of the N- 0, U. last season by failing to keep some engagements to race in England, causing the race pvpmotlng, clubs, a_ Ipss ol money. Tfte unjon investigated tfce w,&tjer, ana sue* Michael pending «is payment of indebtedness alle|e4 to fta,ve been incurred, by the cl\$fr'' NQti^catton P.f til? T* A, ^v,, •Twaa Kver Thus. That the players really make the rules is becoming plainer every day in spite of the bluffs the magnates make at rula fixing during the winter. Tlve cheerful way .'.-In whllch everybody disregards the rule requiring players to remain in their positions is evidenca of this. As for the captains, they never think of obeying the rule, The only instance seen this season when a captain did not rush at the umpire when he thought it wad necessary was when Joe Kelley, who was acting captain of the Orioles on'e day in Brooklyn, was on second base, while Tim Hurst stood at the home plate. Kelley wanted Tim to call time, but Hurst would not, and as Canavan 'stood by, ball in hand, Kelley could not very well leave the base, Austrian Tyrnnnyi Some of the restrictions placed upon the wheelmen of Vienna by the new law make a striking contrast to the increasing liberties accorded to Ameri- G.UJ cyclists. Jn. the Austrian capital most of the streets are pjosecl to wheels except froin 9 p. "in. 'to'8"fi,'m. ' Cyclers can't even push their wheels with their hands in the gardens of the imperial court, In the public squares and prome* nades, or }n the market places when outness is golpg pn there. In the freedom given to American riders may. be seep, peyhaps, the value of-unl*' versai' suffrage, American voters- wcu]4 P«ry any politician who. Stiaku luto iour Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder tor thi feet. It cures painful, swollen, smart ing feet and instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions. It is the greatest comfort discovery of the age, Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight-fitting or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous, and hot, tired, aching feet, Try It to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores, By rtiail for Sfic in stamps. Trial package FREE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, Lo Roy, N. Y. . They who wait to do great things never •Jo anything. $75 50 rWeetern "Wheel 'Works M>- M AK E B S oO^> CfitCAGO - CATAL9OVE FREE Women MGrocliei AVho <ian | PIU! have 9, ) Tow liouvu _,,._„ «)>aro time __ _ _ _ __ can ouru (rood waifen working for us u.1 Homo (oily MI country).Wi1tBU».L.Wli|te*Co..H«BtetjBt..OMc»»ti> NEW DISCOVERY; »fm ciulL'krollorunilemi.'snoist i:a«es. Bciiil fin- book ijf testimonials anil 1O <)»>•«•* treatment Free. Dr.'MdOHH.Mi.mi.. (.'», VV. N7u. DesMoines, No. 39—1897 Wbcu niiswcriiiu- advertisement? please mentiuu Ibis paper. wmtiV* IVOffi'mcJng TO Ike^ertoJ imek|, fcntw 'tta ;^;4,*vF* 7pp$. JNEVU PRICES ON The Bgst Made, Seeon4 Only (Q (897 THi 8TANBARP OF THE WQRI.P, Ketluml to Kqtluwl to Reduced to Reduced to Reduced to Reduced to JgIS? 7 gquol to Mpst Bley?U5, <B 40 30 jMf tnirig Jin tne of Uit§%,ple]fpiM'ji!

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