Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 7, 1937 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 7, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE FOUR FILMS DEVELOPED AND PRINTED ANY SIZE, 30c Free enlargement with nny roll. LUSBY'S DRUG STORE ! H.W. POST 3; Dray and Transfer ; STORAGE OFALL KINDS i Long Distance Hauling. ' Every load insured against ' loss and damage of all kind*. ', Equipped to do all kind* of < hauling and draying. ' PHONE 298 Algona, I<m» i BECTAX DISEASES YAEICOSE YEIffS AJTD IIUTTUKE 1 use the ambulant method in treating these conditions. This means that you suffer very little if any pain, do not have to go to bed or lose any blood. You can go right on with your regular work and lose no time except for a few minutes in rny office once a week. ou are welcome to come in for an examination without charge. At that time I can explain my method of treatment. DH. S. IV. MEYER, D. 0. GENERAL HOSPITAL Algona, Iowa. IOWA SUMMER PICNIC HELD ON T£ COAST D. M. Register's Day of 'Gray Skies' is Confuted. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA «j- Nellie G. Boivyer. Hollywood, Calif., Aug. 22—Th Iowa summer picnic was held a Long Beach Saturday, August 14 The Dos Moines Register reportec that it was held "under gray skies,' but on the contrary the day was such as all the favorable adjec lives in Webster's dictionary migh be used to describe it. The following familiar names among lowans were noted: Mrs. Goldie White-Johnston, L. Hatlett, W. F. Ripke, once an Algona optometrist, Pearl Walker Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Dinger, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Swanson, Mrs. J. H. White-Patterson, Mr. and Mrs Albert Myer, S. E. Albin, Mr. and Mrs. C. Tegelborg, Marie Butlor- Ostrander, M. B. Butler, C. E. Bravender, John Ingram, Mrs Dalton, Ernest A. Taylor Anna F. Peterson. Guy Mrs. ACTOR SUPPLIES We carry a supply of tractor tire chains, ball ami -roller hearings, clutch plates, and Editor There. Walter Allen Scott, Walter R Scott, Jack McFarlancl, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Purdy, Jack Stevens, Mrs. Phoebe Tegelberg - Larson Bonnie Larson,, G. W. Pangburn, Viola Mann, Mr. and Mrs. Elmor 1. Peterson (Mr. Peterson, editor of Better Homes and Gardens, is a former Plum Creek boy), Mrs. Bess Wolfe Kenney, Mrs. Lemuel Stockwell, Mr. and Mrs. ;:. B. Holdridge, Kenneth Lyon, J. M. Barton .TUESDAY. THE MO VIES By T. H. C. YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING , In addition to being a smart, tuneful, muslcale of the A class, this picture is important on several It has majority ap- it voices popular minor- counts, peal, because philosophy. How many 'tlmes^'from childhood to age, have you heard the admonition, "You can't have everything"? When you asked for four first ice cream cone, in the dim, misty lanes of the past, thai rebuke was dished out, and now when you mourn the Inability to bring some "pipe-dream" to reality, it Is repeated from all sides in a veritable chorus. The picture Is also important to me because it establishes Alice Faye as my No. 1 favorite aclress of the screen. She isn't as good- ooking as Myrna Loy, nor does she possess Myrna's dramatic abil- ty, but she registers heavily with ne anyhow. After all, is there any angib e reason why we just natur- i y like some people and dislike others? Perhaps it's for a like Indefinite reason that I like Alice v aye—the slight droop nouth, the far-away look .„ „„, yes, the naughty little twist of or lithesome body. Whatever it is t s there for me—that certain "ap- eal" which has been a mysterious orce in the world since time be- her her an. Gwendolyn White. Bowyer-Norrie, Alex radiator cores. See us ivhen you are in need of above supplies. GREENBERG Auto Supply Phone 118 When I saw Gypsy Rose Lee-in 10 Follies last winter I said she ouldn t act for "sour apples" and er initial screen appearance in us production convinces me lhat . was right. She wraps her lovely body (it was as a "stripper" in burlesque that she made her bid for fame) in several changes of expensive evening wraps) but her dramatic punches are confined to such innocuous bromides as "I'll cut your heart out and stuff it like contentment and happiness to Wang. His land is his life. This love for land and dependence upon it is Ihe background of the storj and sifts into the various scenes The story opens on Wang's wedding day, when he goes to the Great House to wed 0-lan (Luise Rainer), a slave whom he has never seen. The whole picture hinges on the character of 0-lan. Her role to those around her is one of abnegation, but underneath is a firm resolute soul. Enough praise cannot be given Lulse Rainer for her splendid characterization. Her facial expression remains unchanged during the picture, but to the audience she conveys her every emotion and desire. Only occasionally does she register joy or pleasure. One of Ihese time is/in the scene where she brings her first born (a son) lo the Great .House to see the Ancient One. At another time she gazes longingly al two pearls in her hand—"Not to wear, .for I am too plain—but to look at when I am alone." The outstanding scenes in the story are the storm during which her flrsl child is born; the scene where she kills her friend, the water buffalo, during a famine; Ihe looling of a rich merchant's house; all of which lead up to the scenes in a locust ,, ,» when EX-IRVINGTON FARMER HANGS SELF IN BARN Fred Andrews Victim of Temporary Case of Unbalance. Irvington, Sept. 6—Informalion lias been received that Fred Andrews, 48, Staples, Minn., formerly Irvington, whose death was reported here a week ago, com- nitted suicide by hanging on Aug- ist 27. Mr and Mrs. Andrews had spent ho day at Wadena, Minn., where hey attended a county fair. They irought home their eldest son Raynond, who had been there several lays, showing a prize calf. The amily had talked about the events f the day at the supper table. They etlrod as usual. Left Honse at Midnight. The night was extremely warm, nd when Fred got up at midnight nd went out Mrs. Andrews sup- osod that ho was looking for a ooler place to sloop. When he fall- REWRITES Si, screen Mrs. Ella Boettcher-Hawes, Bert Peck, Mr. and Mrs. Wilner, Annie F. Bacon, Mr. and Mrs. C. L McFarland, Nels M. Ferhm, Lou R Nicoulin-Quinlan, Byron and Jennie Anderson, Cora Weaver-Sanborn. Bessie Farley-Day, Mrs. Carl Buschena (Von Bank), Bertha Mann. Iryl Marie Kunz, Jane Blossom, Mrs. Roy Igo, Mrs. Henry Kunz, Hilda Syhrie Hanson, Nora Behoman. Lloyd liohannons IJe^istered. Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Bohannon, Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Peterson, Dr R D Temple (former Burt dentist), Mr' and Mrs. C. W. Tuttle, Mrs. C. D. Fellows, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hanson, Mrs. P. E. Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. D. Schnell, Mr. and Mrs Frank Woertendyke, Mr. and Mrs. ff . . . • - ~ ^^ CBDiui K A. Wolcott, Virginia Swearin-1 f" ort ' besid es his classic offering gen-Reish, John Van Ness, Ray being his obligate to Alice Fave's f Yl Tcntl T.rtTSrt-irTl ^ i~t. ,-, _ . 1'Pn n it inn r\P 41** mt . •> ^ M an olive! "Miss Hovick (that's, her „_„„ name) has a certain wistful beauty, but her voice is no asset, and 'l predict a somewhat speedy return to burlesque. After all, it's no disgrace to do anything well Alice Faye becomes more attract ve as the picture progresses, and hc.ro are several shots in the final i eels in which she is positively stunning, possessing not only that innocent Janet Gaylor look but also that vivacious, dare-devil expression which is called personal- Iruo beauty"' "* * th<3 6SSenCe Of Don Ameche brings a certain roguish quality of mischievousness to the ro e of George. Macrae, suc- cessfu librettist; Tony Martin is a swell song-plugger, and Rubinoff contributes some selections on his climax of the picture.' Credil musl also be given to Charles Grapewin arid Waller Connelly for Iheir interpretations of nd the uncle of Wang the Lung. The movie ends with Wang- back from the Great House, seared by his passion for Lotus, the singsong girl, repentent for this interlude by the side of the dying 0- lan, saying, "You are the One— you are the good earth."—I. K. c. REMI.HANDT— It is unfortunate that the smokescreen of publicity and enthusiasm over The Good Earth at the New tall almost obscured the superb characterization of Rembrandt given by Charles Laughton at the Iowa. This is one of Ihe greatest screen-biographies of all time comparable with that of Louis Pasteur and easily in a class with Disraeli Lack of space forbids more than a mere mention of this really important production—I only ' hope you saw it. ™' n ' his successful Carson, Le Roy Lloyd, Esther Godden Larson. A. W. Bauer, Christine Hartman. Nellie G ray-Bowyer, Mr. and t2 ere stows IN ONE MTtOffiU. BEIGIAN SHOW IHIERHATHHWL MTEBfOWL SHOW AKDJCMI POULTRY CONGRESS mOUSTRUL EXPOSITION MANCHUUHCIIWSHOW COBN-ALFAirlsOT BUNS TEXTILE & CUUNMT SHOW FLOWER t GARDEN SHOW WDWEST RABBIT SHOW SOCIETY HORSE SH8W MUSIC t COKTESTS COWICTE CIRCUS SEPT.27-OCT.3 Seal, lor Ev.rroae in lie Itammoth »ew Hlppodrom- -. - . . v ••»••"•! AI t. l , iv i m -Mrs. Ambrose Bowyer, Mrs H F Berk, Marjorie Bowyer-Beris Kitty Corey-Reed-Baughn, Dot Mc- Latighlin-Roagan, Mrs. Elisa Grover-Peterson, Mrs. Anne De Boer- Waidelich, Harold Mullinint, \7il- liam E. Bland, T. H. Grubb, Ma guerette, Esten, and Estel Grub -Mrs. Barney Lunnen-Kamy Mr.. Kennelh-Bogue, Esther Cowen Roberts, Neva Paul], Meda M Rob ertson. Mrs. Warner Dollor (I- Gallagher). l Raymond Van Fo.ssen, Blanch Fisher, Helen Leo Greeson, Chas J. Hauperl, Margaret Davies-Park er, Mrs. Joe Haupert, E. G. Ran dull Arthur Skater, Mary Hamm Miller, Mrs. Mary Seifkin-Denny Mrs. K. Lillian Honer. Look Here! Car and Truck Owners We have installed a new up-to-date tire equipment that will retread, reline, repair or vulcanize all tires. Our retreads give you the same traction, service, and safety that new tires will give at less than half the cost. All work guaranteed. NIELSEN&KLAMP TIRE SHOP Interior Changes are Made at Bank Workmen began remodeling the Iowa State bank interior as soon a-s the bank closed a week ago Saturday evening, the men working part of that night and all the next day. The upper part of the counters, known us cages, were amov- ed, and glass a half inch thick now encloses the cages. The change helps the appearance of the bank making it seem more roomy, and the glass enables window clerks to see customers better. The glass cage is now only a foot higher than the counter, but an extension over the counter prevents thieves trom reaching over the top The new arrangement also provides (in- other window at the rear of Die lobby. Burt Sisters Sing in Radio Program Burt, Sept. 6—Beulah and Martha Gifford, Burt, accompanied Samuel Lovstad to northern Minne- sola last week, and Mr. Lovstad visited relatives at Huffman, Minn rendition of the title song in the ° a l ly sec ! u ences of the picture The Ritz Brothers give what I believe is their "tops" in any entertainment. They take over a large footage of the comedy numbers, most successful of which Is the scene wherein they disguise themselves as washwomen in a Y \\. C A. As they scrub the hall a comely miss passes in a dressing robe and-one of the boys turns his head m her direction to fling a 'Howdy, Toots" after her, whereupon the other slaps him in the face with a scrub-cloth. This mav not .sound funny in a 'newspaper, but the Ritz boys do put it c Sees Fire lit Humboldt. Andrews, who was unable to sleep because of the heat, followed into the yard. Whe-n Mrs. Andrews failed to locale her husband, she called, and, receiving no answer, wenl to Ihe barn, thinking that ho might be looking after some of the stock. But Ihere she found him hanging from a rafter. The older children were called and helped take the body down. Al firsl it was believed that Mr. Andrews could bo revived. As the lolephone was nol working, the boys hurriedly drove to Staples for a doctor. After examination of Ihe body the doctor reported that nothing could be done. 1'oor Health, Heat Blamed. It is believed thai conlinued poor health, worry over finances, and the heat combined to cause Mr. Andrews to be mentally unbalanced long enough to do away with himself. Private funeral services were held last week Tuesday at the homo, and burial was made at Staples. Mrs. Andrews, formerly Nellie a big fire ^ ^ night as she was returning from the state fair. A greenhouse was burning, also two other buildings children. Her mother, Mrs. Nina Schichtl, Irvington, is with the family for a time. FOUBTKKN EXHIBITORS In the Floral hall this week at the county fair include the Botsford Lumber Co., F. S. Norton & Son, Will F. Brown, C. R. La Darre, Kruse- Blossom, national hlbred seed corn, pioneer hlbred seed corn, Kohlhaas & Spilles, Nelson hardware, Kennedy & Parsons, Upper Des Molnes and Kossuth County Advance, Farm Bureau, Pratt Electric Co., R. 0. Bjustrom, and L. W. Swanson. THE EMIT, WEISIIROI) 80-acre farm near Fenton has been sold to Chris Olson at $90 an acre, and the 2'10-acre farm of Fred Willrett In Plum Creek to James Shipler, Tl- tonka. The 170-acre Wegener farm in Crcsco has boon bought hy Samuel Mogler, and the Jennie Whitford farm northeast of Lone Rock by Roy Ennen, Ledyard. This is a 120-acre tract, and it brought $105 an acre. NEARLY 2,000 PERSONS attended an annual creamery-elevator meeting at Whlttcmoro Thursday, August 2G. Present were Prof. Beck and Geo. W. Godfrey, Ames; Mr. Bartlett, of the State Brand Creameries, and 0. K. Storro, of Ames. Many prizes for cream- scoring and novelty races wore given. BANCROFT has been assured of a state liquor store. The commission has signed a 6-year lease with A. A. Droesslcr and J. H. Wolp. Tliis will be one of only a few stores in towns under ,1,000 population. It is understood that it will be a one man store, and that it will be opened wihin a few weeks. BEGINNING TOMORROW Algona stores will close at noon Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for the rest of the day because of fail- week. The only exceptions will be bakeries, cafes, groceries, drug stores, pool halls, and oil stations, which will reopen at 5 o'clock. FIVE BOYS were ineligible last week to play football for Algona this season. Among new men are Don La Chance, South Dakota; Ted Jordan, Minnesota; and Tom Wagner, Livermore. A good team is in prospect for the first game September 24 against Emmctsburg. THE SUM: OF $108,fi8n in refunds to the taxpayers will be allowed against Kossuth homesteads. Persons who paid all taxes last spring will get a check back, but all who paid only the first half will have the amount applied on the second half. „ COUNTY Surprise Farewell Party Given for Seneca Student over -„--„ „ l-'"t,i|,»jYUJ. Song writers Mack Gordon and Marry Revel have written catchy music for this picture eluding the singable title ' Please, Pardon Us, also in „„,„ m Love, and Love at Work, and all some in- song, We're Seneca, Sept. 13—A number of friends surprised Wesley Patterson at his home Thursday evening, college at Bunco was Wesley left to attend Cedar Falls Monday. , nusical numbers are well handled A dancing specialty, Tip, Tap, and Toe, one of the highlights of the production, was taken from a successful NOW York musical show vnich featured them a few seasons igo. To summarize, You Can't Have verything is a "rara avis" in creen musical comedies — swiftly noving, entertaining, smartly stag- d, well paced, without dull mo- nents, filled with catchy music ung by capable song-plugge-rs, and ntelligently directed with a view giving customers their 'orth. money's played at six tables with Regina Berens and Jerald Godden winning high prices, and Mrs. F. E. Slagle and Mr. Hanna winning low prizes. Others who attended were Supt Slagle, Miss Steig, Mr. Schultz Miss Madden, Miss Carlisle, Perry and Teddy Jensen, Jerald Godden, Victoria and Florence Jensen Margaret Wolf, Myrtle Orvick, Everett Johanson, John and Lorctta Crowley, Leo Klein, Florence Looft and Moris Smith. Many Horses are Sick— A number are reporting cases of sleeping sickness among their horses. Those who have reported cases are; Howard Richards, Fred Simpson, Roy Osborn, Robert Burt Joe Kennedy, Frank Looft, Loren Byers, Jens Peterson, and 0. R mer's sister, Mrs. Howard Richards. 001) EARTH My wife, who is an admirer of oth Pearl Buck and Pearl's most lustrious novel, Good Earth, has onsented to write her impressions f what I realize, is one of the im- ontant pictures of the year but hich I am in no mood to cover lyself. Here is what G. W has to h ' e ° ay about it: To all of us there comes a time lien wo yearn for the Magic Car- 5t of the Arabian Nights to whisk s away from our daily routine to a new environment. We accomplish this change by traveling and by the movies. Only some can travel", but ° f US the or a nominal sum, to enjoy the artistry of the screen. By rare photography, by a brilliant musical score, by a sequence of climactic events, and by splendid characterization, we are transported to far- off China in the picture The Good Earth. Pearl Buck's great novel was published in 1931, and it appeared as a screen play this pasl year. Ihe realistic movie is as much superlative as the wonder world-nic- ..-,-„ ...u Wjth 20 writ'erg ture of the novel, in to Irving Thalberg, completed by r • • — -— "i iiiGir OIOLCI /elma, employed there. Beulah and /elma sang in a 15-minute broadcast from a Fergus Falls broadcasting station Friday evening, and Beulah sang and tap-danced at Elmore Wednesday night in a program in which winners in preceding amateur contests competed. Ex Editor, Lakota to Have New Job Russell Williams, former partner o'^s; sr:^G^^:br; s: "jassst T s -ssa P'»' -« =-«• ?*£ the managing editorship of the Sha- ,' D » ma eplc ' ranki ng as one of the ••on, la., Star and will leave Gold- " Bre S l P ' CtUres of a11 time ' field soon for the new job. Paul H,' ma ^ e " lterestin g to note Wakerick, Clarion, former Gold m Chlna Good Eartn camera- field publisher, will publish the J", 6 " '' an throu S h 10 0.°00 feet of Gazette for Mr. Williams till thl ^nnnn^ I" ^ United States > latter sells or leases it 250,000 feet, but only 14,000 were « .__ us ed in the finished product. A Wins IVi'ek at Chicago. year and five monlhs were spenl at Lone Rock, Sepl. G—Fred Flaig sh °° ting 5 ' 500 extras . and Ihe tolal spent last week at Chicago at the cost of the Picture is reported as expense of the International Har- * 2 ' 50 °.000. vester Co. He earned the week in , H is an unf °rgeltable and hearl- a contest at selling the most trac- r ° ng Btory of life in China tors in the company's Mason City wlllcn tek es the family of Wang district. Lung through drought, famine, rev- Q r-» olution, and pestilence lo eventual Secret Marriage is Announced. prosperity. There is little humor , ™ , nd Twp " Se P 1 ' 6-Blanch in the story, but a great deal of IcParland and Cecil Long took Pathos and grim reality, nends by surprise lasl week Tues- The cenlral charaeler is Wang ay by announcing their marriage Lun g (Paul Muni), a Chinese peas- which look place July 19 al Lake ant t&TD *e>r. The lure of Ihe good rystal, Minn. Mrs. Jos. Bielz was earth - like the-breath of spring ltne ss. over a freshly plowed field, brings Patterson. So far the disease has not been fatal to local animals. School is Opened Monday— The Seneca consolidated school opened a week ago Monday with the following teachers: Supt. F. E. Slagle; principal and coach, Frank Hanna; English, Miss Steig- 7th and 8th, Mr. Schultz; 5th and 6th, Regina Berens; 3rd and 4th, Lavon Madden; 1st and 2nd. Beulah Carlisle. Modern Mixer Club Meets— The Modern Mixer club met with Mrs. Carl Pelersen Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Curtis Olsen, Mrs. Ole Oftedahl, Mrs. Howard Richards, and Mrs. John Campbell won prizes. Airs. Ray Peterson was a club guest. J. J. Drimmn is Dead— J. J. Drinnan died at his home north of Seneca Thursday evening. He has been suffering for the pas^ several months with cancer. Fun eral services were held Saturda> Other Seneca News. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Chrislian sen, of Ringsled, are parenls of daughler born Wednesday. Mrs Chrisliansen will be remembere as Bernice Campbell. They hav one olher child, also a daughter Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd Olsen at children and Mr. and Mrs. Jame Doocy and daughter spent a week ago Monday evening at the paren tal F. E. Jensen's. Mr. and Mrs. Curlis Olsen ana children, Gaylord, Jerrold and Leanne, returned home a week agi Monday after a monlh wilh rela lives in Idaho. Mr. and Mrs. V. F. Swanlund of Burlinglon, Wash., spent severa days last week-end wilh Ihe for- Mrs. Albert Cody spent several days the fore part of last week in Minneapolis, where she received medical treatment. Leslie Demon is the new school bus driver for route No. 7, taking George Patterson's route after his resignation. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jensen and son Calvin spent Wednesday oven- Ho ) ftt Bcrnard Jensen 's near Good Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Campbell have been entertaining company from Illinois several days. Ruby Paulsen worked at the Howard Richards home Wednesday and Thursday. Attends a Coast School. Burl, Sepl. 6—Genevieve Patler- K^,! ef ,L? U !l da5 : for L ° s Angeles to in the Uni- Her parenls, third ..... versily of California. THE ALGONA SCHOOLS have a registration of 1190 pupils—92-1 in the public schools, 2GG at Si Cecelia's academy. Laing & Muckey have been awarded a contract for a new boiler in the Third ward building, SKCRKTAUY VINCENT, of the county fair, reported last midweek lhat all space for livestock had been taken and that special arrangements would be necessary for any overflow. TUB LOTTS rRKEK Little German band is a special attraction at tnc fair grounds tomorrow afternoon, when u will make the rounds of the midway. ADAM LAUItKNTHAL, of West Bend, suffered a broken shoulder bone a week ago Thursday when a team pulling a hay rack ran away AMJONA XIOWSl'AITRS Planning a banquet for their UU1 - lespondents. No date has been sot. I IN ONE AFTERNOON^ INSULATED MY ATTIC i WITH ZONOLITE! ^^ 6 Ttue/ ZONOLIJEJ makes it EASY for you to insulate your home 't Walt an Warm, comfortable rooms in the coldest weather Amazing fuel savings - Zonoli.e actually PAYS FOR ITSELF! Coats have that British flare for trim smartness with only self-trimming. Essential makeup! . Does moisture effect -Zonolite. Here arc a few of iis | many uses! InsHlnting Plaster Acoustical Plaster Air ducts Insulating' cement Asphalt Koof Blocks . s, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Patterson, took her to Ames, whence she took a train, She is a niece of e\-Sen- Geo. W. Patterson, and a granddaughter of Mrs. R. M . Gardner, Rural Portland Teachers. Portland Twp. Sept. 6— The teachers in the Portland township ° S re: No - l ' Glara Os'and" n n - ' n Buffalo Center; 2, Vera Carlson Portland; 3, Loreen Trenary, Bur" 4, Donna Jean Bailey, Fenton- 5 Dorothy Smith, Portland; 6 Mary Tjaden, Burt; 7, Wanda Waltman Portland; 8, Letha Mam*, Portland.' LARGE IOWA FEED COMPANY lias opening for District Manager and 2 salesmen in this county. Opportunity to establish bussiness up to $4,000 annually. Write for particu. lars—care this paper. So Little that means so much! The smooth snug fit of these Luster-Bar scanties means so much— especially if you want that all-important appearance of "nothing at all" _ too or three pairs with bra to match would be just right KBESENSm ORIMRS Colorful Fleece Wool KRESENSKY'S

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