The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 14, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1897
Page 5
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.^i-9 2-? ' •• rf v> f ; -5W;*%Wcv;'?•'-:-v^-fi^- 1 ?' - v ?V?>?^fX%f^^^ THE UPPER BE8 MOttnUi ALQONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, TOWf 14, 18ST. ' ' "^ •MHtti ••*,* "t" GAME BIRDS, Lettef to MSP. jB*l*IaiiiS a Meritorious Measure. Congressman Johh F, Lacey of the Sixth district haft introduced a bill intended to include th6 introduction and Bfotectlott of gaffle birds as part of the duties of the tfnited States commission 6f fish and fisheries. He Writes a letter to John G, Smith, president of the state association which explains the matter fully* an( * whteh ^ B e * £etierat interest, tfhe bill provides as its chief object "the restoration of such birds in those tiafts Of the United States adapted thereto, where the same may have become scarce or extinct, and also to aid In the introduction of new and valuable varieties or species of American or for- elen birds In localities where they have not heretofore existed." Mr. Lacey writes in support of this measure as follows: WASHINGTON, D. 0., July 5.—My Dear Sir: Your letter is at hand. The most effectual way to aid in the nassage of my bill would be to get lead- in* newspapers to favor Its passage so as to attract attention to the importance of the scheme. I do not propose for the government to go into the business of'protecting game in- the states. That cannot be done under the constitution. But the states will supplement and aid national legislation by protecting the birds that the fish and bird commission may introduce. I think the Oregon grouse would do well in the woods of Virginia and North Carolina The Chinese pheasant and nrairie chicken would thrive, if protected, in the Shenandoah and Cumberland valleys. The California quail would hold Its own in the south. There are a good many birds that would live in Iowa If Introduced and protected there. We should protect our quail, robins, prairie chickens, larks and other birds better in Iowa than we dp. The very action of the government in aiding the Introduction and distribution of birds will arouse public interest in the necessity of aiding in BO good a work. In some localities such birds are in superabundance. They may be captured there and turned loose for breeding In other localities. In some parts of West Virginia the farmers complain that turkeys and deer are injuring their grain. If true this shows that under protective laws the birds may Increase greatly. I will send you a copy of the bill. I send copies also to each of your directors. Yours truly, JOHN F. LACEY. QILDEBSLEEVE BEATEN. Optlmus Wins at Blue Eartli in Two Heats on a Bad Track. Gildersleeve was beaten at Blue Earth, Saturday, in two straight heats. Optlmus came in two lengths ahead once, and about four the second time. The track was heavy and the rain kept down the attendance. The purse was $200 a side. Not much money changed hands, as the Optlmus people were not confident. When the race was over Gildersleeve was staked for §500 on another race oh a 'dry track, but the Optlmus people would not accept. The Blue Earth Globe, before the race, said: "Gildersleeve .and Optl- mus, the two noted running horses, have been matched for a 'mile and repeat 1 race on our race track next Saturday for a purse of $200, or rather to settle a wager of $200. Gildersleeve, it will be remembered, In the novelty derby race of one and one-half. miles, took the purse for the first half mile and also for the mile, and Optimus got the one and one-half mile purse. At Winnebago City Gildersleeve took all three purses. Mike .Brady thinks Optimus the best mile horse, and entered into a wager with the owner of Gildersleeve—Ben. Smith. He bet $200 and put up $50 as a forfeit. Gildersleeve arrived here Monday afternoon. At this writing Optlmus has not arrived. They are both good horses and it will be nobody's race until it is finished, : A- Trotting Race. Quite an interesji is being taken in a matched race/between Rapid Transit, owned by George Shellenbarger of Humboldt, and Elastic, owned by Carl Jackson of Gllmore on August 15 for $1,000 a side, $200 forfeit having beep put up by both Pf these gentlemen. Rapid Transit has gone at the Kossuth fairs and is a speedy horse. SEE the new " Japanese Art Crepe," the latest thing for draperies, only loo a yard, Gcto. L. GALBRAITH .& Co. Quaftiro, in her thrilling pataohute leap irOtft tn&IQltlSottl fl^itlff b&UOOBi fi^6 thousand feet above the earth. Also ff-otfl t ohftm t )ion h ^h diver, E 6 IiV ofe i!t *?i. tee jhegrahd street parade with three imperial bands, Which takes place at ten a, m. Cheap excursion tickets on all littee of railroad each day, The Detroit Evening News, July 4 says: " About si* thousand people visited the show grounds last night and considering that this is a circus, were Well entertained." The circus is a complete three-ring show, with the display of imported nov* eltles and the vast stretch of canvas Of the bigger and more expansive shows. The menagerie is large and the ring performance includes a number of clev* er acrobatic feats. Owe Price to All. Cleaning watches, $1; best main springs 81, All work warranted. E. G. BOWYEB, Boston Block, CAN covers and rubbers at GROVE & SON'S. »v MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. GOOD farm hand wanted until the 1st of December. Inquire of T. H. Conner. GROVE & SON'S is the place to get fruit jars of all sizes. TWINE at 6* cents at G. M. John- son's.-mt Dissolution Notice. The firm of Ostrum Bros, has dissolved partnership, Andrew Ostrum retaining the business in Algona. Since May 1 he will collect for all goods sold from the yards, and will pay only such bills as are contracted by him.-16t2 HOUSE for rent, at the Milwaukee depot. Inquire of Lenette W. Butler, Farms For Sale. Two improved farms 4J miles west of Algona, 160 acres in each, for sale cheap, time to suit purchaser. Call on C. J. Doxsee, Algona Iowa.-17tf. EIGHTEEN karat rings that are 18 karat, not 14 karat rings made up by some jobber and stamped 18 karat. 6 DlNGLEY & PUGH. HAPPILY MARRIED. ftAf 16IT. Bode outpulled Ltvermore at the tug of war. Beef coat 25 cents ft glass at Buffalo Center at the celebration. Rev, Win. Whitfield gave the Invocation at Forest City exercises. The Swea City Herald says Judge Cook's oration " was chuck bMtn full Of words of good cheer for all classes." The Champion says that street closing incident of the Celebration at Whittemore is likely to receive further attention In the court. Humboldt Independent: The boys that weht to Algona the 2nd came home about 8 o'clock the Fourth. They were treated white by the Algona peo< pie and had a fitio time. Lew Kellthan, the bank robber, was one of the great attractions iti Fairmont at the celebration Saturday. The Sheriff had to guard the iali all day to keep the crowds away from the windows. Ledyard Leader: Those who went to Algona speak In the highest terms of the celebration and the hospitable manner in which they were treated. Whenever Algona does anything she does it up in style. Armstrong Journal: Beer wagons were doing a big business on the streets and Swea City had the appearance of Milwaukee at the time of the G. A. B. encampment when Pabst beer run In streams through the streets, Henry Johnson had a cannon fire cracker explode in his • hand at West Bend. Sunday Dr. Parker took a wad of paper the size of a hazlenut out of the palm of his hand, and the wonder is that his hand was not blown off. Emmetsburg Reporter: It was amazing to see the amount of beer that was shipped by express and otherwise to the various towns in prohibition districts. Algona, Wesley, Whlttemore and Spencer each got a share of it. The celebration storm came at Spirit Lake with hall stones. It lasted 10 minutes and did much damage to window lights and injured the crops to some extent. The hailstones were unusually large, one measuring six and -J inches around. Armstrong Journal: Those who went from here to Swea City are louder in their praise about having a good time than those who went to larger towns. It is not necessary to go to a large town to see a good celebration or have a good time. The Arnold's Park celebration was interrupted by the seizure of several dray loads of liquor. It was taken to jail In Spirit Lake at 10 o'clock In the morning. By noon a replevin writ had been issued and the beer was sent back and the celebration went on. field took the side of the gfade and kicked the culvet-ts, the gum Weeds willed oft both sides of the road for a half mile, a knot from a telephone pole hit a bull in the eye id a neighboring pasture and in his dying struggle he kicked a sod loose that knocked the hifed girl > ifl the well and broke the top off a cyclone Cave and still they played. They came around through German township and In a few minutes walked right over the trees and got In oti time. They are marchers from Marchville, but if we had to follow them we want brakes on them, competent girl to do MRS. GAttDNEft OpWLES. housework. For Sale or Rent, The Peck hotel ahd livery in Burt, towa. Possession given at once. For particulars address, PEOK & MuRTAQtt, 16t8 Burt, Iowa. We if you want Good •m FLO U K why in the wofld dbtt't you BUY nines. Buy your wedding rings of us. always make the bride a present. 13 tf SIGN OF THE BIG WATCH. THREE dollars un aero is pretty cheap for good lands, but the Northern Pacific Railway company has hundreds of thousands of acres In central Minnesota that It is offering to actual settlers at from $2.50 to $3.50 an acre on ten years' time. Write to F. W, Wilsey, eastern land agent, St. Paul, Minn., for maps and full information. Milwaukee Excursion Rates. Excursion tickets are now sold at reduced rates to Spirit Lake and Okobojl by the Mllwauke line. Tickets for the exposition at Nashville, Tenn., May 1 to Oct. 81, are sold at 80 per cent, of full fare. The Wilson Mills make the GOOD kind of flour—no other—make it every week day in the year, and sell it to the best bread-makers on the face of the earth. Strong language, to be sure, but it's the gospel truth and why not say it ? TRY A SACK. SEED FOR SALE. Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. - Mr. and Mrs. A. Rutherfyrd Are at Home In Algona and Settled to Housekeeping. Last Thursday at 4 o'clock the marriage of Aaron Rutherford and Miss Cora Hibbard was soleminized at Emmetsburg In the presence of relatives, Mrs. Rutherford and three daughters going from Algona. A wedding repast preceded the return to Algona, where they are fitting up rooms in the Rutherford house and will soon be engaged in housekeeping. The Emmetsburg Reporter in speaking of the marriage says: " Mr. Ruthford is one of Algona's young business men being the owner of a 'bus line' in that city. His business is quite large and requires the aid of several drivers to carry it on. He has a very large circle of friends in Algona and is highly esteemed by them. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. A. Hibbard of this city arid a nelce of Milton Starr, editor of the Algona Republican. She is a young lady of good accomplishments, being highly respected and loved for her true womanly qualities. For some time she was deputy postmistress at Algona, but when thepostoffice changed hands three years ago she took up the teacher's profession, which she has since successfully followed." Both bride and groom are so well known In Algona that they are the recipients of a host of congratulations in which THE UPPEE DES MOINES most heartily joins. - LuVerne News: One who attended the Algona celebration says the industrial parade was grand. It was a half mile long and each division had a good band. He also said that it was remarkably good for Algona. We understand that about fifty from here took the train to celebrate there. John Grothouse's boy at Buffalo Center took the combustible material out of a whole bunch of fire crackers and made one great cracker, which he lighted and sat out in the yard to explode. The fuse burned down and the boy ran to see if it had gone out, when there was a deafening explosion and the full charge struck the boy In the face and almost ruined his eye sight. Armstrong Journal: Amy Peugnet came up from Algona Tuesday for a couple of days outing and fishing. There is no one the Armstrong boys are gladder to see than Amy. He says there were 8,000 visitors in Algona July 3. The celebration was a grand success, but the rain spoiled the fine program prepared for the evening, Algona people can overcome all human agencies but are not able to contend successfully with the elements. THE Dally Iowa Capital has issued a complete summary of the changes made In the laws of Iowa by the Twenty-sixth general assembly. This Information will be of much practical value to all. Send five cents to The Capital, Ues Molnes, Iowa, for a copy. T AM selling land in Minnesota and Dakota, taking one-tenth down, the balance half the crop until land Is paid for. Most of these are Improved farms. Great opportunity for renters. Will take In exchange town property. Excursions first and third Tuesdays in each month. Come and see me. 7m2 FRANK NICOUMN. SPECIAL excursion to Clear Lake Sunday, July 18, Instead of Sunday,. June 13. You are hereby notified that all arrangements for excursion rates and special train service to Clear Lake and return for Sunday, June 13, are hereby canceled. Dr. Talmage cannot be at Clear Lake on that date, but he will be there on Sunday, July 18. 8EMI-LOOAL NEWS NOTES. The Carroll Herald has a note of curious Interest about Hon. P. A. Smith, who will be remembered by all who were at the editorial banquet: While a soldier Hon. P. A. Smith was shot In the neck, and to this day the bullet is encysted in the tissue near tne jugular vein, and its outlines are plainly visible. Not long ago he had it photographed by the X-ray process, and the picture is interesting. It was a 'spent' bullet, and Is as perfect In form now as the day It was made. It is a little souvenir of soldier days that "Pa" would gladly dispense with. Algotia, Monday, July 19. A mighty whirlwind of monster amusement, ideas. Hummel, Hamilton rrnree BIgr Slxo-w© 3-RING CIRCUS Per Mourn Salary, A few energetic ladles and gentlemen wanted . to . canvass, , Above salary guaranteed. Call or address, LAX, Colo, Iowa, LOST— Bay colt, three-year-old, Got out of Lewis H. Smith's pasture, Will pay for his return, ^ TTT TM FRANK NIOOUWN, Coming to Algopa July 10, Colossal in size, all strictly new attractions, unexampled in the splendor Of Us appointments, indorsed by the public and commended by the press, Hummel, Hamilton #Co,'s world's wenageries, Poman* hippodrome, trained wild beasts' exhibit, equine and canine oftrnlYftl5 p,lso wwseunj of won* dergwiu exhipiHB Algoua, M°Bday, f wly W, ilterapQu a»a evening present- l "-*-«--•» ftBtmjajBoJ e,yery df™ 1 "' --UB the arena, .A. AFTER TWENTY-FIVE TEARS, Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Harrison Cole Their Sliver Wedding In Arm strone-Marrledln AJgona. Tne social event at Armstrong last week was the silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Harrison. Everybody was present. The Journal In describing it tells bow twenty five years ago this estimable couple were married in Algona. It is an entertaining picture of early days; "Mr. Harrison arrived In Algona at 5 p. m. on this eventful day, where bis future wife was In waiting. They talked of the past and recited the events during the year they bad been separated and did not notice that time was swiftly passing, When t was time for the ceremony to take place it occurred to the bridegroom that it was necessary to procure a license. He SftJ^rflWr* '&cC?»w"«K.e s .»o a ditch and emerged with his wedding suit covered with mud, Be wiped it off on the grass and proceeded on his ?ourney to the court bouse, On his ar; rival there he found the clerk absent, but he had left in his place » deputy to look after his business. When the visitor made his request known the Si Sal refused to grant it for fhereasontbathedid'ntknowhim. Im* Sine the IffiqffiSSjfi 'ffi The 4th celebration in Iowa was fatal to four. Mac Johnson of Hedrlck was instantly killed by a rocket. Mary Sweitzer of the same place was Instantly killed and horribly mangled by a rocket. Thos, Aiken of Boone was fatally hurt and totally blinded by an explosion of powder, and Monti Berdln- ner of Beacon was instantly killed by a gun shot while setting targets for a shooting match. Also a son of J. F. Hardln of Eldora lost both eyes and was otherwise injured. A boy named Wigton of Eldora lost a hand, and an unknown boy at the same place was disfigured for life. Senator Peffer of Kansas spoke at Carroll. The Herald says of him: Ex- Senator W, A. Peffer, of Kansas, did not meet all the requirements of the typical populist statesman, He Is a mild mannered man, thoughtful of the opinions of others, cautious of expressing himself In private conversation, considerate in the expression offals notions and quite fascinating in private conversation. He is no fire eater and shrinks from exploitation of his political belief. He is a small man, his wealth of whiskers being a most noticeable feature of bis personal appearance, Personally Mr. Peffer Is a most amiable gentleman; politically he is a populist with a two line pica P. Emmetsburg Reporter: The Algona celebration was a big success as far as it went, but like all other celebrations in this part of the state was broken off short by rain, The industrial parade was very fine, almost every firm in Air gona being represented, It seemed as if the business men vied with each other to see which would have the nicest showing. The high jump and the balance of the program as advertised was carried out. The speech of Hon. Judge Ladd was one of the best that was ever listened to. It was ft sensible, patriotic address, and aid not contain too fulsome praise, neither did he run to the other extreme, and say that patriotism was Wall public men rasr 1 " -" the na*io» on the verge of rulfl ing frew bii spe§ob§§ theopuBt., .... a lew more such level beaded jsoiipoo Judge J. N. Weaver has left Sioux City and has located at Hamburg, Freemont Co., down In the southwestern corner of the state. The judge writes that he Is in the garden corn and fruit country. •*• -s- •*- Cangressman Dolllver delivered the oration at the Burlington celebration, and went at once to Washington.- The Messenger says he was expected at Fort Dodge but press of business took him east. •4- -*- H- Trinidad, where Phil Hanna goes, Is a place of 38,000 people. His consulship pays $4,000 a year and he tells the Gazette that he likes the appointment. Trinidad is one of the West Indies Islands, a colony of Great Britain, arid lies just off the coast of Venezuela. It was discovered by Columbus In 1498, colonized by Spain in 1588, and capitulated to the British In 1797. The chief exports are sugar, rum, cocoa, coffee and molasses. Port of Spain, which will be Phil's headquarters, is a fine city and Is the capital of British West Indies and headquarters of the colonial government. Phil expects to leave for there In about a month. Great Roman Hippodrome. ^SS^StS^SSS^S^. Trained Animal Aggregation, Equine and Canine Carnival, See the Grand Free Balloon Ascension and Parachute leap, the World's High Diver,from a patent Water Tower too feet high; Also July Bargains Taylor's. -;** The Whole Shoe Stock At Cost. .250 neJgbbmWpeWBft 6» «M Bapp^ -5- -t- . „... F. Smith broke the record Monday at Webster City with the Springfield rifle. At 500 yards he made a score of 25 at five shots, or what is known as a possible. All five shots were bull's eyes. •*--»-•<J. E, Jenkins of Estbervllle has begun his work as inspector of Indian schools. The EsthervlUe Republican says: "He left for Plpestone last week to visit the Indian schools at that place, after which be will go to the White Earth Indian agency in northwestern Minnesota to locate a school building. From there he will be sent to Michigan and then to Oklahoma. It is expected that Mr. Jenkins' work will be devoted almost wholly to school matters, a work in which he is an en« thusiast and is well qualified to look after, He has been connected with school work for some time ana has thoroughly posted himself in such matters, We believe the government would make no mistake in giving him exclusive control of Indian school matters. _____ _ OPINIONS, 50 Doz. all linen towels at - - - (Doctors, Barbers, and Hotel Keepers should see them.) 50 yards fine bleached table linen, worth 500 - Q5 9-4 sheets all hemmed, worth 6oc, at - 500 yards fine wool dress goods, worth 500 and $i, at .250 Lawns, Percales, and all summer goods cut below cost, 100 trimmed hats, ladies and childrens, at half price, 50 spring capes, at half price, 25 Doz, fast black seamless hose, worth 150, at ' - ,iQP, 500 yards Lancaster Gingham at .«• . - - »Qi5<3 James Taylor. legislature again this winter, There is a strong presumption, from the fact of its passage, that the bill permitting manufaoturing expressed the will of the majority of the people, and I see no evidence of a change in the public opinion since that time, I, therefore would not favor the repeal of the present law," . . " Would you favor a removal of any of the restrictions which now regulate the sale of intosloatfng liquors as a beverage?'' l »Ik|ow of BO restriotioni whiohl think should to remoy§a, J believe flie time J&aj eo»e to le,»v§ this SHERIFF'S SALJ}. Notice }s hereby given tot by virttte, of a special execution, to me directed by tHe of the district or Kossutli county, lov ~ ~ the goods, chattels, lauds, tenemea . ... James, Kelley, BUen Keliey, H, A, Howe, H. Poxsee, and ?). V. SwetUtog, aejeadftnw, In favor of Byron p. Halstead, plainm I will offer at public sale, to the highest and best bidder, tor cash, At the Aoof of the oouvt house l» the tpwa of JUgQB». .__.Tr«™..^ x— onfeelOthter of , .,-,-• &"J rs <&%% >S* si^^WS'-* *** *** will* is going 49 fee, IB I§|i|i§tar9 friWft y, foHrtt; in blopfc JJ9. Five fn reservation the pity of Algona, IQW», a

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