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Circleville, Ohio
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Weather Warmer with increasing he ircleville erald WORLD, NATIONAL AND STATE NEWS BY UNITED PRESS Business Office Two Telephones 782 ST1581 SIXTY-THIRD YEAR. NUMBER 44. CIRCLEVILLE, OHIO, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1946. FOUR CENTS. BRITISH FORCES KIU IO CAIRO RIOTERS 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Indian Mutineers Seize Ships At Bombay BITCHED BATTLE IS F0U6HT WITH BRITISH TROOPS Winter Boll Quran WATCHC anadians 29 Re.ply lo Soviets business, Traffic Paralyzed In Of City By Chaotic Rioting ADMIRAL WARNS SAILORS Many Wounded In Battle For Barracks; Uprising Spreads To Karachi BOMBAY, Feb 21 Mutiny In I the of the Royal Indian Navy erupted in bloody violence today, prompting a threat by Vice- Admiral John Henry Godfrey to put down the insurrection at all eoata, even the destruction of the fleet iteelf.

Mutinous sailors seized control of several ships in the Bombay harbor and fought a pitched battle with British and Indian troops I around the castle barracks in the center of the city. Godfrey, commander of the Royal Indian Navy, broadcast a stem warning from Bombay headquar- ten in the face of the spreading mutiny. Godfrey said the government determined to use overwhelming forces their uttermost, even if it means the destruction of Ihe Navy, -rf which we lain been ac The government, Godfrey said, will give in to GET RED HATS I Three Nominees Are Absent From Rome Ceremony Note Expected To Delay Report On Activities Of Spy Ring Because Of Illness AMERICANS AMONG FIRST Prelates Receive From Pope Pius XII, Hear Broadcast OTTAWA, Feb. 21-The Canadian cabinet met today to approve the reply to a Rus sian note handed a Canadian rep- Ri ttac resentative in Moscow yesterday Text of the Russian note not disclosed, but it was presumed to be an official protest against the Canadian dis- WITH A PARKA as her crown, Eleanor Jeanne Roberts will reign as queen of the first postwar winter ball at Pennsylvania State College. The queen, a junior, hails from Revloc, Pa.

(International) CHINESE STRIKE TO OUST REDS Students, Teachers Demand program closure of the activities of an alleged Soviet espionage ring without first consulting the Soviet government. Note Seen As Reply In effect, the note expected to be a follow-up of a Soviet statement broacast bv the Moscow radio, which admitted that the Russians received information of a secret about radio location and atomic energy. Consideration of the reply to the til they are placed on the casket Russian note was expected to de- of the recipient after his death. lay an official report on the ac- Thousands At Ceremony tivities of the spy ring. The royal The ceremony, attended by 12 commission studying the evidence OOO to 15.000 persons marks the against the espionage agents orig- first time the new cardinals mingle anally was scheduled to make pub- with the old cardinals.

Tomorrow both old and cardinals will attend a private con- sistorv which will end the VATICAN CITY. Feb. 21 Twenty-nine of the 32 new cardinals elected this week receive their ceremonial broad brimmed red hats today at a public consistory in St. cathedral as the weeklong series of colorful ceremonies neared its close. The hats, symbol of the cardinal rank, are laid aside after the conferral and do not appear again un- Soviet Withdrawal Front Manchuria CHUNGKING, Feb.

21 More He told the mutineers that it was than 10,000 students and 1,500 height of to continue professors and teachers from 17 the struggle. Tentative reports on the battle of the barracks, where a band of jailors barricaded and holding out against besieging troops caid at least 20 persons had been wounded, No authoritative casualty report available. Riots East Four Days The sailors have been rioting for four days after striking for faster demobilization and better service conditions. Uprisings spread to Karachi and other points in India. Mutineers seized control of several Navy ships in the Bombay harbor and gave dockw'orkers a 10-minute ultimatum to get out.

The dock workers fled. Another large group of sailors, barricaded in the castle barracks, fought an hours-long battle with troops summoned to subdue them, The sailors armed with machineguns and rifles stolen from an armory. Military pickets drove the sail- Qors into the barracks at bayonet point lajst night. During the night the mutineers broke into the armory, armed themselves and built log barricades. Machine Guns On Walls The mutineers posted men with machineguns along walls of the barracks and opened fire on the Army guards.

More than 500 British and Indian soldiers were rushed up as reinforcements. Business and traffic paralyzed in the center of Bombay. The chaotic scene resembled a wartime street battle. The Red Cross set up medical headquarters, and (Continued on Page Two) schools struck today In a demand for immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Manchuria. I Bitterly charging the Russians had violated the Chinese-Soviet friendship treaty, the students hoisted banners saying, hesitate to fight another This was the first time since the Japanese seizure of Manchuria in 1931 that a patriotic movement had developed among students on such a scale.

The students issued a to the setting out their opinions on the Manchurian situation. These stipulated that Russia strictly carry out terms of the treaty; opposition to any new Russian demands beyond the treaty; immediate withdrawal of Russian troops; return of material looted from Manchuria; strict observance (Continued on Page Two) ----------------o----------------. LAUSCHE OFFERS TRAFFIC SAFETY PLAN AT PARLEY WERTHER MniHiiniitnimiiiiiiiniiiiiMiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiniiiiiiiniHiiin! Loon I Temperatures High Wednesday, 36 Year Ago, 35 Low Thursday, 20 Year Ago, 34 Precipitation, Trace River Stage, 6.12 Sun rises 7:17 a. sets 6:15 I p. rn.

Moon rises 11:50 p. sets 10:07 a. m. Temperatures Elsewhere Station Akron. Atlanta.

Bismarck. N. Dak. Buffalo, N. Burbank, Calif.

Cincinnati. O. Cleveland, O. Duluth. Fort Worth, Tex.

Huntington, VV. Va. Kansas City, Louisville, Miami, Minn. St. Paul New Orleans, New York, N.

Oklahoma City, Okla Pittsburgh, Pa Toledo, "Washington. D. C. HixhLow SI26 56 4 0 36 I 28 28 69 4 I 31 22 39 3 2 31 27 32 28 55 43 29 23 17 -9 61 4 0 42 31 34 26 49 27 42 32 SI 66 26 5 60 50 38 27 56 35 32 26 32 22 43 35 COLUMBUS, Feb. 21 Gov.

Frank J. Lausehe today submitted a four-point program to the Ohio traffic safety conference for reducing traffic accidents on the state's highways and roads. In an address before approximately 300 delegates, Gov. Lausehe presented the following program: 1. Intensive education of motorists and pedestrians regarding possible perils on the highways.

2. Stricter enforcement of traffic laws. 3. Auto dealers and drivers must examine their equipment to make sure it is in safe working order. 4.

Repair of highways and roads to eliminate possible hazards. Earlier Harry E. Neal, chief engineer of the division of traffic and safety of the state highway depart, told the conference that all the factors are present to make this the worst year for traffic accidents and deaths in our history. POMEROY WOMAN, 62, DIES OF HIT-SKIP AUTO HURTS In the most colorful of the the new cardinals received their scar" from Pope Pius XII yesterday and heard the pontiff in an address, broadcast to the world, denounce imperialism as a menace to peace. Twenty-nine of the new cardinals, including four Americans, received their birettas at the ceremony attended by more than 3,000 of their relatives and friends.

Jose Cardinal Rodriguez of Chile who was stricken with bronchial pneumonia after arriving in Rome was unable to attend. His condition was reported improved last night. Two Others Are Absent Two others were unable to come to Rome because of Johannes Cardinal De Jong of the Netherlands and Jules Cardinal Saliege of their birettas from the papal nuncios in their countries. The Americans John Cardinal Glennon of St. Louis.

Edward Cardinal Mooney of Detroit, Samuel Cardinal Stritch of Chicago, and Francis Cardinal Spellman of New among the earliest of the 29 to appear before the pope. Before the ceremony the cardinals gathered in the Sistine chapel to dress. The Americans wrore the purple robes of archbishops. The pope was borne into the great Hall of Benedictions on a small throne. As he seated himself on the main throne, the new cardinals moved up between of bemedalled Swiss guards in gold and blue uniforms and wearing plumed steel and golden helmets.

Armenian la First First in the line to approach the throne was Gregory Peter XV, Cardinal Aganianian of Turkish Armenia, dean of the new members of the Sacred College. He received his biretta and left (Continued on Page Two) lie its findings today. Informed sources in Ottawa said it clear that the activities of the spy ring were world wide and not just confined to Sabotage Planned They believed the Communist new cardinals tnt: ariel birettas PartY and fellow' traveller organizations comprised part of its machinery. In Canada its purpose to gather information relative to the defenses and to sabotage defense plans now being made for the protection of the Arctic frontier. The extent of the spy ring's activities threatened to affect defense plans and was believed to have been the main factor in forcing the government to act at the (Continued on Page Two) HOUSE MACHINE SETS UP IN A DAY MACHINE GUNS AND TANKS USED ON ANGRY MOB SHOWN IN OPERATION at Wallington, D.

is a giant machine, that erects a two- bedroom house in about 24 The contraption backs up over prepared framework with ar I doorways and pours concrete over the form. When It moves away a two- bedroom house. It has just been announced that ex-servicemen at Le Toumeau Technical Institute, Longview, will make master machines like this one soon. (International Soundphoto) HEAVILY- ARMED Ky. Solons TRIO CAPTURED Down! COVER-UP RUSSIANS PLOT, CRY Circleville Police Pair And Woman Companion I Spy Story Called Effort To Assist Bevin In UNO Troubles LONDON, Feb.

Moscow new spaper Pravda asserted today name that the Canadian spy plot announcement was an effort by Prime Minister L. MaceKnzie King to help Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin out of trouble created at the UNO. The charge came a few hours after Radio broadcast a statement admitting that Russia had obtained secret from Canada. Pravda said Canada had adopted an anti-Soviet attitude on the question and had acted in a manner with normal relations between the two The article said MacKenzie announcement of an es- (Continued on Page Two) Two heavily-armed men and a woman companion seized Thursday morning on N. Court street by Circleville police.

Police Chief W. F. McCrady said they were being held in connection with a charge of automobile theft at Denver, Colo. The arrest followed a call received by Circleville police from State Highway Patrol to halt an automobile carrying the three persons. When stopped the car was traveling south on State Route 23.

Chief McCrady said that in the machine two guns and 150 rounds of 30-caliber rifle ammunition. One prisoner, who gave his as James Eugene Rouen, carried a loaded gun in a shoulder I Continued on Page Two) ----------------o---------------- Sideshow Tycoon Laments Dearth Of Freaks N. Y. GALLIPOLIS, Feb. Hate Ebersbaeh, 62, Pomeroy, died in a hospital here today from injuries received wlien knocked down by a hit-skip motorist Saturday.

State highway patrolmen, tracing a clue of a broken windshield, said they expected to make an arrest soon. NEW YORK, Feb. 21-Fred Smythe is leaving town convinced there's not a freak among New 7,500,000 people. Smythe, manager of Ringling Brothers sideshow, spent a month in the subways, on Broadway and in the automats looking for freaks. frustrated.

39 years with the circus business, never seen the freak crop so he said. York with its supposedly screwy people! Bah! put an ad in Billboard. What do I get? Letters, 300 of them. From all over. Miracle Mike the Headless Chicken! A three-legged calf! One guy can fold a handkerchief like no one in the world! I got 18 states to fill this season.

women are as scarce as WARRANT HALTS HONEYMOON OF DETROIT BRIDE CINCINNATI, Feb. 21 The Cincinnati hotel honeymoon of an attractive Detroit woman who said she wras Mrs. Gladys McConnell, 39, was interrupted today by arrival of a warrant from Detroit charging; her with embezzlement of $3,292. She was named in the embezzlement charge by Nash Sales Service, a Detroit auto agency where she employed as a bookkeeper. She said her books were audited and in order before she quit her job to marry H.

S. McConnell, a salesman, a few weeks ago, ----------------o----------------- FRANKFORT, Feb. Republican members of a strongly Democratic Kentucky house of representatives on a sit-dowm strike and refused to leave the chamber so that a Democratic caucus could be held. Robert R. Ernst, Olive Hill, and Henry Arrowood, Paintsville, refused to heed a request by Democrat caucus chairman J.

Lee Moore, Franklin, that they clear the house. The Democrats were forced to move to another room to hold the meeting. o------------- TAXI MARCHERS MAKING ROUNDS OF WASHINGTON RACKET MURDER BAFFLES POLICE Recent Violence At Peak As Students Protest Policy Of Rulers 130 MORE ARE WOUNDED Troops Replace City Police In Effort To Quell Angry Crowds Peoria Tavern Keeper Shot With Machine Gun On Porch Of Home TIME AND LIFE FOREIGN AFFAIRS EXPERT EXPIRES Ubangi lipmen. Some wise doctors out on my throid gland and he grew eight inches. My Finnish giant get a Smythe has had trouble before.

to can our lait fat lady because of a brawl in Kansas he said. Betty weigh-1 MONTREAL, Feb. 21 Rayed nearly 700 and she picked on mond Leslie Buell, 50, of Rich- 115-pound Miss Patricia, the sword mond, Foreign Affairs ad- swallower. We were all packed for visor for Time and Life magazines, St. Louis.

died here last night at the Ross bops Pat with a bottle. Memorial Pavillion of the Royal Cops came. Tried to hide the gals, Victoria hospital. He had been un- They made the arrest and all the der treatment since January. WASHINGTON.

Feb 21-Members of Chicago's taxicab cavalcade of began making the rounds of government offices today in their campaign for the right to operate cabs in the windy city. They were heartened by a promise of cooperation by Wendell Berge, chief of the justice anti-trust division, wrho said he would investigate their complaints Before they leave Washington they hope to see administrator Gen. Omar Bradley, their congressmen and any other government officials who may be able to help them. The cavalcade includes some 200 taxicab-driving w'ar who charged that they were unable to operate cabs in Chicago because practically all of the 3,000 cab permits were held by big companies. PEORIA, Feb.

confessed themselves baffled today by the fatal shooting of Frank Kraemer, 50-year-old tavern operator, who was cut down by a machine gun as he sat in the glass-inclosed porch on his home. Kraemer, who was involved in Peoria gambling activities, died last night without giving any clue to the identity of his assailant. The Kraemer home is in a grove on the outskirts of Peoria. Police believed tile gunman walked to the house from the highway then made his getaway in a car. Four bullets hit Kraemer, while eight others shattered the windows of the porch.

Kraemer wife, who ran to her husband after hearing the shots, said he had no enemies to her knowledge. Police said they Kraemer w'as involved in local gambling circles. EIGHT FINNISH LEADERS SENTENCED TO PRISON CAIRO, Feb. men were reported killed and 130 wounded today when British troops opened fire with machine guns on a mob stoning the Kasr El Nil barracks from neighboring rooftops. Rioting and bloodshed broke out on the broadest scale so far in the two weeks of sporadic violence touched off by student demonstrations against British policy in Egypt and certain phases of the Egyptian concurrence.

Go Into Action British and Egyptian troops went into action in an attempt to quell the new demonstrations. Thirty of the 130 wounded were reported in serious condition. Demonstrators set fire to a car park at British headquarters near the barracks. Fire brigades were fighting the blaze. A British military truck w-as turned over and set on fire outside the British Ministry of Information Building.

The of the truck were as they scrambled away from blazing machine. Egyptian troops sped to the Ministry of Information Building and three a cordon around it. The demonstrators withdrew. Being Used Egyptian army troops and tanks took over from police. Bands of demonstrators were trailed by tanks and troops ready to quell any violence.

Three demonstrators were reported killed when they set fire to two British army trucks in the assault on the gate of the Ksar El Nil barracks. They broke through the gate and Invaded the parade ground. British troops in trucks were attacked by students in Ismailia Square near the barracks. The troops reported to have driven trucks into a crowd of students, of whom four were said to have been killed. Authorities did not confirm this incident immediately.

The demonstrations also were renewed in Alexandria. Reports from the port city said thousands of students and workers paraded through the streets, shouting anti- British slogans. Police armed with staves stood by. All shops and public establishments in Alexandria were closed, the dispatches said, and no trams or buses were running. HELSINKI, Feb.

of wartime leaders, headed by ex-president Pisto Ryti, were sentenced to prison terms ranging from two to IO years today on charges of taking their country into war against the allies. freaks had to go to court as witnesses. What a Now New York that failed him. York freaks? the Burmese long-neck we need? How Buell had served as research director of the Foreign policy association and director of the Geneva research center. Long a foe of isolationism, he wrote many books showing how America was inev- about Ossified Pete or the Malay itably concerned with international Pin Head? affairs.

Five More Dairies Join Detroit Milk Strikers DETROIT, Feb. at the Rosebud, Proctor Liberty fHined and creameries. Pre! mg milk strike in the metropolitan area today as federal and state Shut down were the Bor' mediators sought desperately to Products Company of avert a complete famine of dairy Michigan, United Dairies, Jersey supplies Creamery and Risdon Brothers Russell Ballard, president of Local 83 of the CIO United Dairy, y' Workers, said the total number of, milk strike already has shut workers involved at the five new off milk supplies from some creameries approxi- OOO families. Representatives of 25 creameries and the CIO United Dairy Workers met today in an attempt to iron out a wage dispute involving union demands for a 20-cent mated 250. The walkouts raised to about 1,500 the number of workers now idled by unauthorized strikes at nine three of the largest.

The newest ocouzrsd at hourly increase. National Summary Of Strikes Steel Workers (CIO) against some of the steel companies. Workers involved 300,000. Duration 32 days. Current status in progress on the basis of 181 a cent hourly increase granted by U.

S. Steel and other big producers. Auto Workers (CIO) against General Motors; workers involved days. union holding out for a 19H cent wage increase recommended by government fact finding panel. Best company ofter cents.

Average hourly wage is $1.12. Current status mediation conferences continuing. Electrical Union Electrical Workers (CIO) against General Electric and Westinghouse. Workers 38 days; Union reduced original $2-a-day demand to $1.20. GE offered 10-cent hourly boost for low-paid flat IO per cent to others; Westinghouse proposed 45 hour week with and one-half for last five hours.

(Coatiasei raga Tm).

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