The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 7, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1897
Page 7
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' . ",; -, c 'V-?vVi:>jftcil UPPEK Mia MOlNESl ALG6NA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, TOfcY ?, ISO?, BLOOD mm ftfiitfBt 8lo6b MfiAXS BfiAt* * ...*«T Mlcfftfce* f olson tSe Blood Wtitn th* Art C6«*tt(.«*«J. Ori»« them onf 4, JUklnfl the ttvt* lively. blood deep. A person constipated, with a lazy liver, mow blood, dyspeptic fetomacb, has pirn- ties *nd lfr fir s P° ts and a sole leathe . r com - pl jf 0 °one with a furred tongue, a bad hreatb, a jaundiced eye, can be utter bow perfect are form and features. ffl To be beautiful, to become beautiful, of main beaU'Jiful, the blood ffittst be kept cure and free f t din bile, tniafobes, disease* Lfiis and other iinpttrit^ Cascafet CflMdy Cath'&f tic will do it for rouqnickly, suf eiy, naturally. They never «ip nor gripe, but make the liVeir lively, prevent sour stomach, kill disease-germs, tone up the bowels, ptiflfy the blood, and make all things right, as they should be. Then beauty comes of itself , and to stay. Buy and try Cascarets today. It's what they do, not what we say they do, that will please you All druggists, lOc, 25c or 60c, or mailed for price. Send for booklet and free sample. Address Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago, Montreal, Can., or New York. WOMEN. Miss Susan B. Anthony is busily at work assisting Mrs. Ida Harper in the preparation of her biography. Olga Nethersole carries two bicycles of .American .make with her on, her traVels and will take them to England when she sails next week. The fair actress Is a devotee of the wheel and rides every pleasant day, generally accompanied by her companion, Miss Fields. . . Maria Theresa, mother of "Marie Antoinette, whiled away her idle hours by doing embroidery. A piece which 'came from her royal fingers Is being repaired at present In Vienna and it has been announced that several hands at work constantly for ten years, will be required to restore the beautiful h&ndiwork to its original state. Miss Nellie Peffer, a daughter of ex- Senator Peffcr of Kansas, was married to J. S. Mcllhenny of Washington at Topeka on June 9. She has been of great assistance to her father in his palitical career. She was the clerk of his committee while he was In the senate and acted as his pri- •vate secretary. Since his return to Kansas she has assisted him in managing his paper. PEESONS AND THINC'G. CUftlOUS f-ACtQ. gfeeil NOTES 01? Tim WHEEL . e, is a large stone cross, which Is supposed to mark the central point of England. The largest known flower Is the raf- flesla of Sumatra, whoso dlwnet* Is n feet, and which smells like a piece of putrid beef of the same size. Two Bits is a novel name of the youngest town in the Black Hills. It is located In the gulch or that name hi the northern hills near a mine which yields red paint. If the landed surface of the globe were divided and allotted In equal shares to each of its human Inhabitants, it would be found that each would get a plot of 23^ acres.' Nearly seventy round towers, from thirty to 135 feet high, are found in Various parts of Ireland. They are believed to have been used in the ceremonies of fire worship. ' The region between the first and second cataracts of the Nile Is the hottest on the globe. It never rains there, and the natives do not believe foreigners who tell them that water can descend from the sky. The city of Banian, in Great Bucha- ria, is cut in the side of a mountain. Theie are twelve thousand artificial caves, some very large, and two statues, one ninety and the other twenty feet high, each hewn from a single stone. The largest flag pole in the United States— over 176 feet long and thirty inches In diameter at the base— will soon be erected at Doylestown, Pa. Dr. Swazlander had it made at a cost of one thousand dollars, and will present It to the town, One of the latest bicycle bells Is attached to the head of the machine directly over the front wheel, a corrugated. wheel which revolves the bell being pressed down on the tire by a lever near the handle bar. A combination tire and rim for bicycle and other wheels is formed of a sheet drawn together at the sides and welded to from a spring tube, the edges being turned outward to provide Bpoke flanges ,and the outside, or running surface, being roughened to prevent slipping. MAftERS OP INtEfcESt TO bfe- VOtEES Ofe 1 THE 6IGVCLE, The Increase in Intentions rift nft tnflt- t'«tor 6f the Itheet ln<ftiit.i*£ — Sortie KiiRli&li legislation — Nation* Mfcttfcra of Current Intfercst. HE increase In the number' of bicycle invent! ons "has been so large lately that the eight expert assistant examiners employed exclusively in this branch of patent office work are unable to keep tip with the rush of applications. The patent office records show plainly how rapid the Increase has been. Until 1870 the bicycle inventor was not prominent at the patent office, for but 300 patents pertaining to the bicycle making industry and more than 4,000 cycling patents have been issued since then, and of this number more than half were dated since ISflO. Formerly one examiner attended to the cycling Inventions, but the force has been increased repeatedly until now eight men are usually swamped, more than a thousand applications sometimes awaiting action. In the earlier years of cycling the patents issued for bicycles were mainly for drivjng mechanism, but the bicycle has now reached a stage of development were the improvements must necessarily be made to the details of equipment. Of course, the freak inventor is prevalent still and every week sees some idea of his patented, but the great majority of the cycling patents issued arc for improvements, real or imaginary, in saddles, brakes, chains, joints and in bearing adjustments and fittings. There has been of late a noticeable diminution in the number of patents issued for tires and tire valves, a field which a few years ago, was a fertile one for the cycling inventor. c!e is, happily, not 'tied down to the" same narrow and* rigid lines. But, ih a broader and freer sense a suitable track is essential to even its efficiency as a vehicle. This Is why the wheelmen everywhere constitute the most zealous and active propaganda of. the pospel of good roads — a propaganda which is growing rapidly In strength and influence, as those who ride a bicycle increase and multiply. But this is a work which can be accomplished only through a legislative reform of •the administrative machinery and methods of road making, and, therefore, through the slow education of the farmers and others in the economical Value of good country roads. The build- Ing of cycle paths is, therefore, ah expensive and foolish evasion of what should be cycling's motto— Good roads everywhere and for nil people. On fefc other platform will better riding surfaces come either to cyclists or others." Won by »n Outsider. The Buffalo-Martin road race, as usual, was won by an outsider. There were 240 entries and 112 prizes, the first prize being a piano and the time prize u $400 diamond ring. The weather was wintry cold and the wind blew strong in the face of the riders all through the last half. The course v,as to Bowmansville and back, the finish being at the Parade house, where about 8.000 wheelmen gathered. The limit men had 7 minutes start. The scratch men were Goehler, Peckham, Barnnbce, Juller and Duer. Although some accidents happened at the start of the race, not a single man fell at the finish, whore minor accidents have been numerous in other years. The first man in was A. D.. Parker of the Rochester Athletic club, whoso time The reapers are beginning to sing In Texas. Britain has 85.S1S men available for tea .service. The- surveys in Wyoming this year Will cost the government $25,000. Johnson, sixth and latest in the list of Rhode Island cities, had a population by the last c'snsus of 9,778. Tissot's pictures illustrating the life of Christ have been, reproduced in black and white sets on Japan paper, celling for $1,000.—Foreign Letter., Try Graln-O. Ask your grocer to-day to show you a package of GRAIN-O, the new food drink'that tiiltes the place'of coffee. The children may drink it without injury ns well as the adult. All who try it like it. GRAIN-0 has tlmt rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. J£ the price of coffee. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Sold by all grocers. Tastes like coffee. Looks like coffee. Iron has for ages been a favorite medicine. Nearly 100 differents preparations of iron are now known to 'the medical chemists. . A GREAT SAVING. By using the Flag Brand Chicory, manufactured by the American Chicory Company, of Omaha, Nebraska, you can cut down your coffee bill 25 ner cent, besides improving the drink, You will find it economical, wholesome and agreeable, Ask your grocer for Flag Brand Chicory put up in pound packages, If he does not keep it, write the factory. Samples mailed i/free on ; application. •• Thought Vttuo'ttt purpose is like seed spilled upon the ground, ' Two Mighty Continents, Nortu aud South America, beside Guatemala, the West Indies, Australia and eycm Europe, are the fields of usefulness in which Hostetter's Stomach Bitters has demonstrated its value ns an antidote to malaria, and as a remedy for dyspepsia, constipation, rheumatism, neuralgia, biliousness. nervousness and tho Ipss of appetite and sleep. The inhabitant's, the medical men of these countries, have spoken in no un- certuiu tones concerning the efficacy of tbe great household remedy. in- Inordinate Curiosity. First Westerner— Pete allus was an quisitive cuss. Second Westerner— Allus. I knowed him to drink a glass of sody water jest to soo •what it was like. To Colorado Springs and Pueblo liurlington Kouto via Denver. A through Sleeping car to Colorado Springs and Pueblo via. Denver is attached to Burlington Route daily train leaving Chicago 10:80 p. in. Office, ail Clark St. To most men experience is like the stern light of a ship, which illuminates only the truck it has passed. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally. Price, 7'5c. The summer girl hath enterprise; She'll come equipped, wo trust, With a gutta-percha shirt waist, That simply can't be musseu. Kngllsh Legislation. The bill known as the "Universal Lights" bill, providing that every vehicle when on the roads in England shall carry a lighted lamp, between the hours of sunrise and sunset, has passed the second reading in the house of commons, but as it is generally believed that the house will adjourn before jubilee day, the chances of its becoming law this session are by no means rosy. The bill is not perfect from a cyclist's point of view, but the English wheelmen realize that it would be a mistake to fall out with the measure, because it does go far enough. Every cyclist knows the dangers when traveling at night of meeting wagons and other slow-moving vehicles, but it appears that a number of the legislators at Westminster are ignorant of these annoyances, for one member said In opposing the bill, that it was absurd to suppose that wagons and other similar vehicles, going at walking pace, promoted collisions, and he hoped that an amendment exempting such from the ncessity of carrying lights would be accepted. The agriculturalists are strenuously opposed to the bill. One of the arguments they advance,is that wagons loaded with hay, straw and similar material would be liable to be set on fire if a lamp was carried. Motherhood. A mothef who is 1ft gdoil physical eotiditiott traasteitS to her chiidrtjta the blessings of ft good constitution. The child fairly dritiks in health from its mothef'6 fobust constitution b-efore birth, and fr'dfli a healthy mother's tnilk after. Js not that ah incentive to prepare foi? a healthy maternity? Do you knotvthe meaning of what is popularly called those "long-' ings,'' or cravings, which beset so many women during pregnancy? there is something lacking iu the mother's blood* Nature cries out and will be satisfied at ail hazards/ One Woman wants soitr things, .another wants sweets, ahothei? wants salt things, and so onv . The real need all the time is to enrich the blood so as to supply nourishment for another life, and to btiild up the entire generative system, so that the birth may be possible and successful. If expectant mothers would fort* ify themselves with Lydiu E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, which for twenty years has sustained thousands of women in this condition, there would be fexvef disappointments at birth, and they would not experience those annoying "longings." In the following letter to Mrs. Pinkham, Mrs. Whitney demonstrates the power of the Compound in such cases. She says! " From the time I was sixteen years old till I was twenty-three, I was troubled with weakness of the kidneys and terrible pains when my monthly periods came on. I made up my mind to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and was soon relieved. After I was married, the doctor said I would never be able to go my full time and have a living child, as I was constitutionally weak. I had lost a baby at seven months and a half. Iho next time I commenced at orye and.continued to take your Compound through the period of pregnancy, and I said then, if I went my full time and the baby lived to be three months old, I should send a letter to you. My baby is now seven months old and is ns healthy and hearty as one could wish. "I am so thankful that I used your medicine, for it gave me the robust health to transmit to my child. I cannot express my'gratitude to you; I never expected such a blessing. Praise God for Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, aud may others who arc suffering do as I did and find relief, and may many homes be brightened as mine has been."—Mns. L. Z. WHITOES, 5 George St., E. Somerville, Mass. A. D. PARKER. was one hov.r, sixteen minutes and eight secsnds The next following him were R. A. Miller of the Greenwich "Wheelmen, New York; E. J. Fox, of 'the Raniblers; and A. D. Pilkey of the Parksides. A. 1 B. Goehler, the noted racer of the Buffalo Ramblers, who started in spite of a very sore knee, won the time prize, making the course in one hour and ten minutes, Ray Duer of the Parksides, won the second time prize. The Parkside club won all the c!ub trophies offered. HINTS TO HOUSEKEEPERS. Tea, coffee arid spices should be kept in tightly closed tin or glass jars if tho flavor is to be properly retained. A good hair tonic is made by mixing one pint of bay rum, one dram of quinine and one ounce of glycerine. A crib, with hair mattress and hair pillow, are far better for a baby than a cradle with feather bed and pillow. Bread may be made in French stylo by shaping it in long, slender loaves and baking until there is a thick crust. It is said that if horseradish Is applied to the temples when one is suffering with a neuralgia headache It will give relief. ' • Self I'rtsarvntlon. Jones—I am plad I owe my doctor a bit of money. Hones—Why so? Jones—Well, bo won't order my wife to lake a vacation for 'fear there'll be no money loft for him. A CliiciiRo Orphan. Griggs—Little Jack there is a Chicago ornhau. Briggs—What in the world is a Chicago orphan! Qriggs—A child who has only one father and mother. Those who touch each other are soae- times farthest apart. • , „ To Cure Constipation Forever we Cnscarets Cnndy Ciitliarllc. lOeor.Sfio. It V. y. C, lall to cure, aniwrists refund nionoy, Put the wicked in office and the' devil Will rule th e town. 1C sick, nothing renovates and invigorates Jike Qp; Kay's Renovator, About every thing iu this world is un- JWty oxuept the uncomfortable thing up«>l>y cares for. . r ,.y is the man who finds and removes •he cause of Ms misfortunes. <Joe'n Cough Is tile oldest and best. It will break up a cold qulekci than anythtni: else. It is alwujn reliable. Try It. Katzuo Hatoyatua, a graduate of Ynlo. in the class of 78, has been electad speaker of the Japanese parliament. Piso's Cure for Consumption has -been a family medicine with us since 18(15.—J, R. Madison, 2401) 4'^nd Ave., Chicago, 111. The man of philosophical temperament resembles a cucumber—for although ho may be completely cut up he remains cool. Mrs. \VInsloWH8ootIiIng8yrup For nhllilren toethlnjf.softons the Bunia.rednceBInflam- mutloii,allays pain, cures wind colic. 25 ceiita a. botlle. The agricultural department of a Texas newspaper is conducted by Green Meadows, Brown.' ' No-To-Huo for Fifty. Cents, fiiiarnnlecrt tobncco luiblt euro, makes weak mon M long, blood pure. SUo, $1. All druggists. Blessed is the man who knows how little he knows of other people's business. Some are active because they fear to be thought idle. Every drunkard's wife knows tlmt there is a devil. Others see our faults as plainly as we see theirs. -n God never made a cow that gave mule- punch. Frank A I'ursult Unco. Starbuck, of Philadelphia, Sweetness and Light Put R- pill te tho pulpit if you want practical preaofciRg toy Ik© physical jnan ; then put tfro pill la tbe pWory if it 4oes pot practise v/h&t it pmokes, Tfcoye's a vbole gospel in Ayers Sugar CJpatecl Pills! » "gospel of pweefcwos aa4 light," People UPOC! to value their phyejc, as they 4id their Fe}igion,-by its bitterness, The JHQJ.O utter the £PPO the better the doetpr, We've get PYOP fetf, We take "sugar in owe - oy phygio-xjp-wra-a&'ys, It's posPible ( to ft»4 *9 pur^e. &,t the same tip* 9 pawer to ,a ptowirat piU. Twrt » ' lowered the colors of Nat Butler, of Boston, in a five-mile pursuit race at Boston the other night, the purse being $150, The men started from opposite sides of the track. Butler gained for the first two miles, being at the four, miles five yards ahead of Starbuck. Then Starbuck picked up gradually and at the three miles the Philadelphia man was thirty-five yards ahead cf gradually, Butler, showing Starbuck gained increased gains every lap, finally landing the pr(?e;:by over 200 yards. The time of Starbuck for the five miles unpacsd was 12:01 3-5, aud of Butler, 12:17 2-5. Jimmie y ii^'^l *^-*'%% v\' • fjfl- ^^WW^^wXH. * Lcft-Footcil CyllHts. It is a fact that many cyclists habit- usually ride right-footed orleft-footed as the case may be. That is, they do most of their pedaling with one foot. It is a fault that should be promptly corrected and yet one that it is very difficult to overcome. It is acquired unconsciously and is therefore hard to detect and still harder to cure. It is quite as natural perhaps that the Individual be right or left-footed as right or left-handed, but it Is very apparent that the habit of riding in this way must inevitably lead to unequal physical development, a result always to bo avoided in every form of athletic exercise. Furthermore, the one-sided rider cannot accomplish his full measure of work. An even distribution of the'forca exerted }n propelling the wheel is absolutely necessary in riding the greatest distance at the least possible expense of energy. PRANK STARBUCK, Michael started against the m,j)o marks made by Bald at the Waltlwm track, 1:51 3-5. Michael was paced by the scstuplet, manned, b.y Saunters, head,, Kennedy, Blanobard A flashing bicycle lamp is among the latest inventions patented in Washington. It consists of an ordinary lamp with an attachment by .means of w,hich flashes of different colored lights are produced while tho bicycle is in motion. The attachment is carried on a base plate turned up at one end to fit the '.front 'of the lamp base aTid with a sprlng^presged plate hinged at its other end to fit the rear of the lamp base, A nearly vertical shaft is jouiv naled in bearings formed in the ends oD a plate secured to the base pla.te. The shaft carries above a o'.rcular frame in which there is a disc of coK ored celluloid, Between the bearings the shaft carries a wind wheel which causes the shaft to rotate as the bicyclo moves and the digc to revolve in front :f the ler.s. A "Utft f"»»n Qptl." TreiHon, N. J., Special: Rev, J, B. Randolph of Shilah Baptist cjtjuvch, FIGS AND THISTLES.- Others see our faults as plainly aa we'see theirs. Some are active because they fear to be thought Idle. Only the man who looks away from himself has ideas. Put the wicked in office .and the devil will rule the town. Wo excuse our selfishness by assuming our greater need. It takes as close application to be a hypocrite as it docs to be a Christian. Sliuko lino lour SJiou , Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for ttii feet. It cures painful, swollen, smart- lug feet and Instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions. It is the greatest comfort discovery of the age, Allen's Foot-Base makes tight-fitting or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot tired, aching feet. Try it to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By mail for 25c In stamps. Trial, package FREE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, Lo Roy, N. Y. • Her Costume. "That little Miss Dottie Dimple, the bur-, lesqner, puts on lots of airs." • ''Yes; that's all she has to put on in her now part," ^ Jlon't Tobacco Spit and Smote Your Life lirajr, To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mng. uetio, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No- 'fo-Bac, the wonder-worker tbtttmakes •weak raenstiong. All druggists, 50o or $1. Cure j KUorauWed. Booklet and sample free; ndd.- BterliqK-Bemedy-.Co., .Chicago or New York. Before we can live right, we must ilrst. Jove right. Educate Your IIowoU >V$tli Casc«rold, rundy Cnlhnrtio, euro opiistlpiittpn forever, lOo. It C, C. C. full, druggists refund money. Kid gloves, with hand painted flowers on the back, are the latest fad in Paris, Every ingredient in Hires Rootbeer is healtbJI [giving. The blood isl improved, the nerves 1 J soothed, the etomach| I benefited by this dclicioual| beverage. Rootbeer Quenches the thirst, tickles the palate; full of suap, sparkle f and effervescence. A temper- once drink for everybody, ioouly lij- Tho ClurlOB n. Hires Co., PUiluOi'ioUll, ' A imokDBO niaheB flie e'llom. ^ PENSIONS. PATENTS, CLAIMS.- 7JOHNW. MORRIS,WASHINGTON,D,a late Principal Eiamiuer U. 8. PentUm Baroitu S Mot wur,16 aug uUigiuiuu ciinu>»,«ty umcu, NEW DISCOVERY; f'»« _ quick jellef anil emus \voietl caves. BeiHl lor Hook pf testimonial* ami 10 ' * treatment JTrec, i)r.'SHO.VH, itio Thro' Yellowstone t and, Plckaj'4. The sextuplet earrjefl first thlr<? in -??. tbe triple , tp, Tlie- |0«tu,PM the triple 1*4$ !*§• of the big has surprised members of flpck by ajipguncing ftp wouja Inaugurate system, gf f bicycle cljeek,Jr<f[ }ft the by pf tfre. church on Sunxj&ys. j|e solicited. Jfte. |nej)b,sr| of {Us. tipn.l '-- us a ' of People Who qre injured by the use of coffee. Recently there <> has been placed in »U tbe grocery stores a new pro* paragon called GUAI^ 0, made oi pure grains, that j takes the place of coffee. The mpgfc delicate stomach receive^ it without distress, ftpd, hut fe>y can tejl Jt fro. jp. | ', It does got wgt 9ver may; ; Park On a Bicycle. Among the geysers, erfallR, Jukes and terraces of Yellowstone Pars is whore every true wheelman f-boulo; spend hiH '97 holiday, Most delightful outiug imaginable. Less expensive lha?ia week at ft fashion* tvble summer i;esort, fiood roads — built by tbe government, Elega/ut hotels. Fiqo fl&binff. Bplendid air, Write for booklet con' taining a map of the P»rk as full -' J ,, ,v f . cost o£ the trip, t«ke, wh»t the roads are like, etc, J. FBANC1S General 'Passenger Omaha, Nob. $UMMiR TOURS Y34 FOUR ROUTE, mmnm* \m$ m swmuuk &9W Rates will to in M& F»%

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