The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 7, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1897
Page 5
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r t .'/~' lr ,j, '"' *'\ >A *' - % .v %• ! AMOHA, IOWA, 'WBPMMPAY, (^•'W T, OUT ILL s <&f etotttofi in "ite Wire*' ffoftt fling to End, fan Thousand People Were tlfere, lad AH Agra** it was to Big' , gtst Thing oil Eftftfa, Fully ten thousand people were in town Satin-day. It was the biggest crowd ever in Al- gona , circus day not excepted T be fair grounds were full, the streets were full, everything was full except the people. 00 isy enough very No drunken taan was to need arresting, and ft little at the outset and neve? few showed any signs of drinking. Some say the morning parade was better than it was two years ago. Some say it would be impossible to have a better one. JudgeLadd said he never saw one like it in his life. It was a great showing for the enterprise and taste of those who got it Up. -The morning exercises were enjoyed by everybody. Geo. E. Clarke introduced Judge Ladd gracefully, Rev. Landis gave an earnest invocation, E. p McElroy read the declaration impressively, the glee club never sang better, the Algona band is the finest in Iowa, and the Wesley band is second to none but ours. The high' dive was thrilling, but looked easy enough, the races of the afternoon were lively, the ball game was for blood, and only one man was hurt. The lemonade, ice cream, peanuts and gum were all up to Fourth of July requirements. All nature must have seen that Algona was breaking the record, for the elements got together for the finale and furnished an evening's show not down on the bills, and one that was more thrilling than all the sky rockets ever shot in Iowa. It was a great and glorious day. It was observed as John Adams would have wished. If everybody did not go home a better American citizen it was his own fault. May we all enjoy many returns of the glorious Fourth. THE MORNING PARADE. An Aggregation of Splendor Rarely Witnessed Anywhere. As Col. Spencer, Col. Cooke, and Dr. Morse, with their numerous aides, lined up the floats at the school house at 10 o'clock it dawned upon everybody's mind that fully as fine a display was on as that of two years ago. The inarch west was led by Company F, the Algona band, the carriages with the speakers and officers. Then followed the exhibits of thirty-five business houses, some of special elegance. Those participating were Jas. Taylor, John Goeders, the Wigwam, Brownell, J. E. Stacy, C. M. Doxsee, G. M. Johnson, Gilt Edge Cafe, Deering corn cutter, A. D. McGregor, Galbraith & Co., Geo. C. Call, Walker "Bros., Republican, Dr. Morse, Matson & McCall, Grove & Son, J, C. Anderson, Setchell & Setchell, F. S. Norton, Spurbeck & Lambert, Algona Deposit & Loan association, Wilson mills, Courier, Sohu & Waterhouse, D. B. Avey, Langdon & Hudson, Mullica & Ohnstedt, J. R. Laird, Chrischilles & Herbst. The Grace Hezlep company had an attractive float, the little girls representing the states looked pretty, and the G, A. R. were out in force, Wm. Peck astride the cannon as of thirty years ago. Dr. Morse's triumph of sanitary science was a handsomely designed float, health in the shape of a big warrior destroying' disease in the shape of a skeleton at his feet. Jas. Taylor's four white horses draw- ,,}ng an elegant bower of fine lace were very handsome, Mullica & Ohnstedt's boiler making was a curious exhibit. The boys riveted several bolts while on the march, and had a big boiler on their wagon. Doxsee's self-working churn, sewing machine, and other domestic implements looked easy and caught everybody's eye. The Matson & McCall float with the Alex. White ponies in white harnesses was very handsome, The Courier's job press turning out cards lined with patriotic sentiments was a feature. ,, Sohu & Waterhpuse's big cigar caught the smokers, It was big enough for a whaleback steamboat, Brownell's big sb,oe was attractive, and DurdaU's big pants amusing, The Gftlbraith float was very tasty, and John Goeders' had a big dry goods display, ,, , It was fine throughout, It could not be better, and every exhibitor is deserving of special and elaborate mention. But tbpse, who did not see it can not appreciate it, and 'must come next time, > A9 800ft a8 ^ was over * £ hft . llefl ges were thick and one or two more games will be arranged, one to be played at Algona,. STOftM, Presented the Best Part of the En* tertaihtrient of the fifty. The first intimation of anything wrong for the evening was the cyclone signal hung out up town. About 4 o'clock a bank of black clouds appeared in the west. By 6 o'clock a big wind arrived, and during the next four hours rain came in small torrents and enough of a blow to get lots of people Into the cellars. The people had quite generally taken the hint early and gone to their homes. Some stayed and spent the night in town. A great many came in Monday evening when the rockets were allowed to soar in a serene sky and when the band concert was a delight. _ _ _ LOST— On the Fourth, either In town or at the fair grounds, a five-pointed "O. E. S." gold pin. Finder will be suitably rewarded by returning it to H. W. Walston, Algona. LOST— A gold key pin with name on back. Return to this office. DONE m EXTRA SESSION, The Coflftty Board Devoted Its Titae Mostly to the ConsidcMtlon of Gi-ades fthd Bf idges, A Mfew Sidfewalk on the South of doUtt Square—Cotihty Sills that Were Allowed. WANTED—A competent girl to do housework. MRS. GARDNER COWLES. • ' Dissolution Notice. The firm of Ostrum Bros, has dissolved partnership, Andrew Ostrum retaining the business in Algona, Since May 1 he will collect for all goods sold from the yards, and will pay only such bills as are contracted by hlm.-16t2 For Sale or Rent. The Peck hotel and livery in Burl, Iowa. Possession given at once. For particulars address, PECK & MURTAGH, 1513 Burt, Iowa. •fohft 0. Smith, eoftfttttee wotK 28 $6 M.jyelsbrod, committee wotk 2118 J. W. Brooflwell, bridge wotk 32 00 Sftme 1000 W. 3. Bnrtofc. committee woflt 28 B2 W. W. Hftlght, gradlfig 20000 ., , 1-OOB ttJSb. , . G. fl. tfrmson, tore for fcftttpef .. #| H. McCutchln, tadse tot tmuper 8 37 J. J. Cordlngley, meat for imttper 10 65 A. P. Hall, boardtflg paupet ™6 S. !». Chrlstlausbn, do....' 50 O. A. Mansmlth, fate to Newbetg e 00 0. J. Dutton, rndse for poo* 47 34 G. H. Lamson, fate for pauper ,73 H. 1». Ktmball, grinding feed 1 40 Cook Bros., indse for poor farm 2107 ISSANB fUSD. B. P. Crose, Insane cases 72 34 CALL on Grove & Son for fresh frt AVedding Rings- Buy.your wedding rings of us. always make the bride a present. 13tf SIGN OF THE BIG WATCH. We THE EAGLE AT WHITTEMOKE. It Soars High in Spite of a Little Preliminary Ruction. Whittemore had a successful celebration and a big time in spite of the legal set-to in Algona Thursday. Father Tierny gave an eloquent address and a big crowd was present. The good order was marked all day. Whittemore never does things by halves. The legal proceedings arose over the city council vacating a street at the west side of town for the speaker's stand and a bowery. Some east-enders didn't like this and got Clarice & Cohenour to bring action before Judge Quarton. The council was represented by Sullivan & McMahon. The judge decided that closing the street was Illegal, but nothing came of it, as after all parties got home they decided to use the pavillion just the same. A. J. ORTQN SUIOIDES. A Woman Throws Him Out Doors? and He Takes Strychnine. Andrew J. Orton has been living for a couple of years on the Magoon land in Cresco. Friday he took occasion to correct his wife by slapping her. At this a neighbor's wife, Mrs. Reed, picked Orton up and threw him out of doors. This exercised such a depressing effect upon his mind that he took a dose of strychine, having some about for killing gophers, and the result was fatal. Friday afternoon just before going home Orton went to A. D. Clarke and borrowed $10, as the bank had closed for the day. He was a fairly thrifty farmer, and his sudden act was very unexpected. The remains were taken Saturday to Jewel Junction. Juhe adjourned session, auditors offle, Algona, Iowa, June 28,189". Board met in adjourned session. All members present. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved as read. •Moved and seconded that the assessment of Ellas Cadwell tnnde by the assessor of Lu Verne township f or 189? be stricken from said books. Same being erroneously assessed. Carried. On motion road petitioned for by Peter Kirst et al along line of section 81 and 88, Garfleld township, was laid as ' petitioned for. Moved and seconded that the one mill county road tax iu Greenwood township bo expended on grade between sections 10 and 11 in said township uhd that Burton be a committee to expend same. Curried. On motion the road petitioned for by G. S. Wright, and Chas. Bartholomew on section 18 94, 30 be laid as petitioned for. Moved and seconded that Mrs, Marttno be allowed (10 per mouth for July and August. Carried. Moved and seconded that L. Barton be a committee to expend not to exceed $75 on grade between sections 14 and IB, Irvlngton township. Carried. On motion the report of committee appointed to settle with county officers, was approved and placed on file. . Moved and seconded that the road on section 84-95, 80, petitioned for by Chas. Baas, be laid as petitioned for. Carried. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by Wm. Greenfield on section 194, 80 be laid as petitioned for. Carried. On motion the road petitioned for by Michael Kvon ot al on line between sections IB and 10-98, 28 was laid as petitioned for. H. C. Hollenbeck was appointed a committee to view and report at the September meeting on grade on line between sections 22-97, 28 and 19-97, 37. Moved and seconded that John Or. bmltti be a committee to expend hot to exceed $i5 on road between sections 19 and 82-96, 29. Moved and seconded that John G. Smith be a commltte to build bridge and grade between sections 20 and 29, Cvesco, providing Mr. Weldon is favorable to same. Moved and seconded that L. Barton build a bridge and grade on line between sections 1 and 12, Garncld township. Carried. Moved and seconded that Mrs. Brant bo allowed $5 per month out of poor fund. 'Said amount to be paid to Chas, Namorts. On motion board adjourned' until 8 a. m. tomorrow. Carried. SECOND DAY, Auditor's office, 8 a. m., board met pursuant to adjournment. All members present. On motion John G. Smith was appointed a committee to build bridge and grade on east line of section 36-99, 30, and build a bridge on line between 12 and 18-97, 39, and repair Rice bridge. Moved and seconded that Hans Peterson of Garfleld township be allowed $5 per month out of the poor fund. Carried. On motion W. J. Burton was appointed a committee to build grade on line of sections 1-99, 30 and 24-99, 80 and along north line of section 14-99, 28. . On motion L. Barton was appointed committee on grade between sections 27 and 2894 27 5n motion M. Wei&brod was appointed a committee to build grade on line of section 16-96 80 and expend $25 between sections 25 and 36-96, 80. On motion H. C. Holleubeck was appointed a committee to build bridge and grade on line between sections 85 and 86, Buffalo township; and on west line of section 1 and 2 Ti'vineton township. 'Moved and seconded that W. J. Burton be a committee to view and report-on grade petitioned for on state line, same being on PE&SOftAL MOVEMEHTS. Mrs. W. R Walker is out from Chicago for a visit. Miss Ella Rutherford is out from Chicago for a visit at home, Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Swelling have gone to Wisconsin for a visit. John Adams of Spencer visited his brother, Henry, for the Fourth. Chas. Kraft goes to Brooklyn this week for a visit at his old home. Knox- If you want Good FLO U K why in the wefid ddft't you BOY The Wilson Mills section 11-100, 28. Carried. Anton • BUEGLAET IN EIVEBDALE. Beclcer's House is .Entered and Money is Taken. Anton J. Becker, who some years ago fell through the Irvington bridge, is again in bard luck. While all his family were gone from home a man entered the house and stole some notes and money. Becker tracked ^ to within three miles He warns everyone to buying the notes. the man of West Bend, look out about EIGHTEEN karat rings that are 18 karat, not 14 karat rings made up by some jobber and stamped The report of clerk of courts showing fees collected from ISto 1 to June 1 to be §175, and from June 1 to July 1 to be $104.40, approved and placed on file. The bond and contract of W, E. H. Morse for doctoring poor, approved and placed on Moved and seconded that Geo. Foster be a committee to measure grades, and county auditor authorized to pay grading bills when certified to by him. Carried. Resolved, That the board expend not to exceed $50 on opening and improving road otftownship line between Ledyardand Lincoln townships, Carried. Moved and seconded that the members 01 the board be entitled to the following mileage and per diem, and the auditor issue warrants for all claims allowed at'this meeting. Carried. H. C. Hollenbeolc, 9 days IS miles 8 9 44 W. J. Burton, 3 days 29 miles 1148 J. G. Smith, 2 days 1 mile.. 812 M. Welsbrod. 3 days IB miles 10 38 L. Barton, 3 days 14 miles 0 08 P, D. CALKINS, Auditor. Schedule of Claims. COUNTY 3T0NP, a w. Smith, trustee , $ 800 J.' B. Mousel, board eauallzatlon 400 P M, curtlss, defending Stubb 1000 Wm. Wai-burton,trustee 300 R w Barger.J.t 1 ., state case 510 Kenyon Printing Co,, docket file * 59 P, E; Johnson, f. P., state case...,.... 12 55 Iowa school for deaf, clotWng, etc B, P. Grose, state cases.,, Mrs. Bertha Reaver is up from ville for a Visit at the Hoxie home. Harry Wilson came in for a visit Monday. He is traveling for a Chicago house. J. W. Hay is back from Iowa Falls. Mrs. Hay will remain a few days and visit. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Warren go to Wisconsin tonight for a few weeks 1 outing. L. J. Rice and family have gone to Green Castle, Ind., for a summer visit. Thos. Dalley and wife are back from Missouri. They don't like it down there. Frank McNall started for Florida Monday evening, after several weeks In Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Taylor drove to Buffalo Center Monday to visit the Pangburn home. E. S. Johnson was in Des Molnos last week having his eyes examined and treated. Cheever Hudson has left Chicago and Is in Indiana visiting. His health is improving. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Smith and Miss Parks of Fort Dodge are visiting at the Raymond homo. . Arch O. Russell and Thos. F. Ingham wore over from Spencer and spent Sunday In Algona. Mr. Quinlan came from Minneapolis for a visit at the Nicoulln home, and for the celebration. W. W. Jones came Saturday from the east, where ho has been lotting mall routes for Ambrose A. Call. Mr. Brownoll waited as long as he could, but Monday he had to go to Petoskey, Mich., and see that boy. Rev. Southwell was called to Nebraska last week by telegram announcing the serious Illness of a brother. Miss Mclntyre, who has been at Jas. Taylor's, went to Chicago Monday. She goes from there to Pueblo, Col. Geo. Hepburn came from Des Moines Friday for a two weeks' visit with his sister, Mrs. Harvey Ingham. Miss Zoa Wartman will spend the summer at Mackinac Island. It is the most delightful summer resort in the west. A G. McColm came from Fort Dodge and with Mrs. McColm returned yesterday, after a pleasant visit at Gardner Cowles.' Alex. White will go to Texas soon to visit his parents and look after his farm. He has 400 acres under cultivation down south. Miss Effle Curtlss and Miss Scott of Nevada spent Sunday In Algona visiting F. M Curtlss. Miss Scott is a granddaughter of Col. John Scott. Presiding Elder Yetter Is home from the Belmond campmeeting which closed Sunday, He says It has been the most successful yet held'in the district. J W. Hinchon started for Idaho Monday. The rumor that he has a big silver mine out there is without foundation, so far as wo can learn. He is visiting a nolce. J J, Ryan came up for the Fourth and went on to Minneapolis Monday. He had a pocket full of orders for his patent gate and will interest the northern railways in it. Charles W, Russell came from Omaha Friday. Monday he and Wm. H. Ingham went to northern Wisconsin for a little outing in the woods. They took along a lot of fishing tackle. Will Kain is back from Battle Creek. He says his father is improving and will remain at least twt weeks longer. His friends will bo glad to welcome him back in good health make the GOOD kind of flour—no other—make it every Week day in the year, and seU it to the best bread-makers on the fade of the earth. Strong language, to be sure, but it's the gospel truth and why not say it ? TRY A SACK. jg@-FLAX SEED FOR SALE. Letiette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate.- A OEEAT BAOE SATUBDAY. Gildersloovo and Optlinus Run at Bluo Earth City Saturday for $400 —1'ho Bancroft Races. As an outcome of the Bancroft races Glldersleeve and Optlmus are to goat Blue Earth City Saturday for $400. It will be the race of tho year. Ida M. was to have met Glldersleeve at Bancroft,'but a wreck out of Chicago and a lay-over at Eagle Grove made her too late. Tho Friday races were well attended, but celebrations, picnics, etc., cut down the Saturday crowd, while the Monday race was declared off because of the bud track. The Bancroft association comes out $100 behind, but it was promptly paid, and the horse men say they will all come again. The half mile run Friday was declared off, the other horses would not meet Glldersleeve; tho three-eighths pony race was won' by Miller & Mc- Clabe of Whittemore with the blaclc pony that won In Algona Saturday, In 40J seconds; the mile running race was won by a Belle Plalne horse in 1:49 with six entries, Oklahoma Sal coming third; in the farmers' trot P. M. Barslou drove J. Mack's horse at lightning speed and won. Saturday's first race was for half- breeds a halt mile, Boetschor's Grover C. won easily in 63 seconds. Gildersleeve won tho three-fourths mile easily In 1:21. W. Sealook's horse won the I'i mile repeat. Sealock used to llye in Bancroft and since leaving has been racing in St. Louis, Newark, N, J., etc. A lot of good horses wore present, and it is too bad that the attendance did not pay. _^_^__ BEER CAUSES A FIGHT. ' On Interviewing. If it is worth thewhiloof a public Wan to grant an interview at all it is certainly worth his while that it should be douo well, and it cau only be done well if he condescends to step down from his pedestal and co-operate almost en collegue with the interviewer. In tho first place, tho interviewer, who has had a large experience in hiq craft, is a specialist. Ho is more likely than the interviewee to understand the conditions'. which go to tho construction of a suo-j oessful interview, and therefore hd should be allowed a tolerably free hand\^ as regards form and arrangement. Per- 1 sonafly, of course, I always take stooK as rapidly as I can of the interviewed and consult his humor in everything. After all, ho is tho person most inti' mately concerned with the success of thfl joint production, as it is his name with which the public is concerned and no'l that of the interviewer, who is almost invariably anonymous. I am always in his debt for the concession of the interview, and if he wished it he must be largely master of its manner. I am only suggesting that tha wisest plan, after the original act oi gracious condescension has been comn mitted, is to forget for the brief hour of the interview that you are a Jupiter and the other man a black beetle. Don't imagine that he is necessarily unconver- sant with affairs political or literary. Why, a rising politician actually explained to ino how a most elementary word should be spelled—quite of hid own motion too. I was in no difficulty whatever. In my soul I remember thai I began to sibilate "prig," but I suppressed quickly the nascent naughtiness. —National Review. Some of FOB time loans on real estate . a at Kossuth County State Bank. VISITORS at Okoboji lake will C .t-olass THE SPORTS, Bioyeje Races, Jf oys»e Races, and Base The winners in the races were as follows; Tandem bicycle r»ge; S,<?ott and Mill' er first, Scptt w4 Busb otEmmetsburg second, Hiaohpu apfl gtepbenson third MUe, bjoypie flash,; gpottflre*. ~" ejjspn second,, Foot raps, ffiile find meals and service at the Sw llows dining hall, Des Mote,* ? ach, New management, Terms wSable, "Write for tents, camping grounds, cottage room, etc., to gi OUHW , » LIGBT, Manager, Okoboji, Iowa. 5063 J88 6800 Miss Josie Pettibone is home from Brooklyn N Y., where she recently graduated at Pratt Institute in China painting and decorating. She will get up classes and make teaching her business. Judge Quarton, Geo, E. Clarke, and J. W Sullivan will attend the meeting of the state bar association tomorrow at Cedar Rapids. Mr. Clarke went to Burlington Monday to take some depositions. Miss Louise McCoy went Monday to Milwaukee to attend the national teachers' convention. Clara Bicknell will go from Humboldtand join,her. The Misses Hotelling of Whittemore were planning to go. County Attorney Raymond was in Des Moines last week taking the deposition of N J. Skinner's typewriter in the case against Mr, Skinner, She testifies In bis behalf and says the other parties knew all about the situation. Barney Kelley was over from Emmetsburg Monday perfecting an appeal to the supreme court in that note, case between B, W. Haggard and a man named Peterson up in Swea, This will be an important case when it is decided, etgwoce-s a S, Olai-U J. P., stlte oases ..... .... . 6 50 FOR the Chautauqua assembly to be sfittBi satfaz one third for the round trip. °s B H?Spencer;VnkVetc.'.'.'.''. ".'."".','.'.'. '100 Q S. foster, settling with officers ...... 70 00 J. A Hamilton & Co., brick, etc ........ 3 88 F. A. Ford, col. del, taxes. .... .......... 6 18 Courier, pub. proceedings . ............ • 30 8g 0° 0. Samson, hoarding prisoners..; . , , , 86 43 Republican, pub. proceedings, . , ,..,.,. 36 66 B FVBeed, connty superlwFendent. ... 76 00 upper Des Moines, printing .,.,...,... W 50 Mff« BRIDGE FUND. 86 80 Mrs. Fred, Dormoy, who time in the oapitol city hospital spent some having her eyes treated, Is at home. Fred, is with bis mother in Detroit, with no prospect of ever again being able to get abput. He was shot through the b^ok in the war, E. P, Keith's many friends were glad to welcome him back from Chicago alive and with the prospect of many good years ahead of him. The surgeons there told him 9 and 21 Jit VY. 1*4A**<?4, *+W"**Y^ * B. Gardner, unloading Northwestern, freight i A D. Clarke, appraise lumber _,„.. . on piling. •,.,.., 855 D. Clarke, appraise road and team. 3 80 Tbeo. Ohrlsghlfles, same 2 00 j, W. Ourtls, road work. • • • • 18 75 B. A, Winkle, Uauung plank 5 75 W, and F. (Jaodricin, Poard,men§26..,,J}Otald Jj, A,Gromvell, repairwork 46 04 J. M, Boot* Son, lumber., * 9009 John Woofl, bridge worte .• 84 95 wT£. BilSbOTOJgh, sa.mj , 7 50 — "TeBderBOB, da., ,,.<•. ;•!«•,...... 485.0 'ep&.fa' thatThe was doing well and thftt be would rapidly regain his health and strength. They spoke highly of the treatment he had na,d in Algona, The Burt Monitor gives Mrs. Dr. Peters a covdial woJcome to Burt and congratulates the doctor: "The groom is one of our successful pbysioiansi a man of sterling worth and integrity, and, needs no introduction from om- pen, while the bride is weU known here, having peer* one of the avip. cegsfuji teachers in, our public schools several terms, It w a most mw union in whloU the people of Burt with one accord join ^ most hearty coRgrfttulattpBB. wlU return to Buvt immediately Wesley Boys Get a Dose Shot in The KlKht Spot. A young man by the name of Joe Porter, who lives about six miles north of Wesley and a son of Mr. Jerome Borcey came to Wesley last Friday and got imbued with too much alcohol on their way home. They came In contact with a farmer by the name of E. Bruse who was on his way home with a keg of beer in his wagon. Mr. Bruse says the boys tried to take the beer away from him. A fight ensued in which the boys struck him twice on the side of the head with a bottle cutting it open badly. Mr. Bruse got away and got his shot gun and followed them up and emptied the contents of it into them, but the greater part of the charge struck the wagon seat, Young Borcey got ten or fifteen shot into his back, and Porter twenty or more in his. Bruse came back to town and swore out a warrant for their arrest. Deputy Sheriff Cosgrove drove out Sunday afternoon and brought them to town. They were arraigned before 'Squire Robinson, and gave bonds. They will have a hearing Tuesday. Didn't Know Sue Was Married, Sioux City presents a remarkable case, J. L. Lewis asks the district court to affirm his marriage with Annle E. JSrlokson, which he claims was performed under the common law in January, but which she denies ever having been a party to while conscious, The girl, who Is not more than 20, had Lewis arrested recently for assault and battery, and his defense then was that she was his wife and he could beat her if he saw fit, The court did not seem to agree, and the girl went with her father, while Lewis was fined, the flue being suspended, He now asks that the marriage be affirmed, The girl is working out as a domestic. Originally, she worked in Lewis' office, lie Could CooK. A Lewiston man has been complain- • ing lately that his wife does not pay enough attention to cooking "for tomorrow." At such times his wife has remarked, "Why don't you cook yourself?" The last time she said this was at supper time Monday night. He didn't answer, but after supper he filled the ,cook stove with wood, took off his coat and started in. He got her cookbook down and began at the commencement, ' and made two pans of doughnuts, two batches of biscuit, -molasses gingerbread, hasty pudding to fry for breakfast, cookies, tarts, six custard pies, boiled vegetables for breakfast hash, and, iu half an hour had the stove covered w-ith dishes of all kinds. His wife went out into the kitchen and dropped speechless into a chair. 'At half past 11 that night he washed the last dish and closed the dumb waiter—filled with food which compared very well with some his wife had made and, went to bed. The next noon his wife handed him a hill of $7,49', which slie said was the amount of raw material; he had used the night* before. "Are you going to cook as much, as that every day?" she asked,—Le,wis« ton Journal. * . Forms of Name "Smith." There are families—some of you way know them—named Taillefer, Tolttver, Tollfer, Telfair, Now, what would, you say if I told you all these were only in good, plain English. Smith? It is a-fact nevertkeless, Taillefer is derived, ftpw the French, and the others are onlyQon« tractions of that word, or ohanges»J»a.<le by mispronunciation and custom, tfail* lor'for means to shape or fashion iron, and who shapes iron but a smith? So ft taile fer was, after alii ft smith.—Arthur Hqeber in St. SPECIAL excursion to Clear Lake Sunday, July 18, instead of Sunday, June 13. You are hereby notified that all arrangements for excursion rates Come Pown "To take any one two" recalls sail bowls, down a peg »• interior, byltaej Small holes the sides of hereby canceled. Dr. Talmage cannot be at Clear La^e on that date, but be will be there on Sunday, July 18, T AM selling land, tin in Minnesota and .-„„,,-, talcing onjHeRth d.own, the b.alaj&ee half tfee crop until landjg, fop.. M«^ 9t tb e *« »S* * www* ~ ' " raiiire f JR tUe teant, To er portion, tjian another was to peg. :| ..« '"# ,~A#

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