The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 30, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1897
Page 7
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THE tPWOK DIM MOINMS! ALGONA. IOWA. WEDNESDAY.. JfflMS! 80. 1001 PLATFORMS. aemoeracy of lowfi. ifa convention d eetid greeting to the neatly DAtflot* Who participated and fhe battle of the people In their fof tftelf fights m the .last 10 renewed e*presto the principles or the of the nation fts set toHih in adopted toy the democratic Chicago Tltt 1896. "We lay spec- i_ upon that portion of the , platform of the democratic I** ° n * the fihahdal dUestion, belleV- Ct the Very existence of the farm- uborJn* and commercial interests country depends upon a change policy, and -we enter In- i8 l tis , «i «,« t campaign after the great of the people Against the com- corporate and money power, irt that peerwss statesman and pat- J. Bryan, was our leader, with 't'hat we demand the coinage of both gold . *,, ver at the present legral ratio of *,* i without waiting for the aid or 1 „„} of any other nation." "wede-lar* that the methods resorted , fcv the leaders of the republican par- 10 in the late national campaign have *y ? v allrrned the entire country. Thel 8tlyal acts of bribery, intimidation on and deception, overawed, ... c intended to overawe, the elec- , and thus prevented a free and ' expression of public opinion, •this to be a direct attack up- Mnaiar government and a declar- ^of war against free institutions. „ submitted to without rebuke the nresTaenUal office -will be permanently fmi<>r the domination of money and pf the corrupt influences Which money con- ' Syndicates Denounced. i' The purpose of these high-handed and criminal methods Is evident from the results following their success, the JriUts, the combines, the syndicates, *is corporations, all united to make the ^vernment an agency for the promo- Ifkm at their special interests and welfare They contributed millions upon millions 'to Mark Hanna's campaign Zd and .having triumphed toy the cor- rupt'use of these vast sums they are atout to recoup themselves from, the pockets of the .people. The notorious almost avowed, purpose of the tariff 111 now under consideration in the senate Is to re-pay the trusts, and the mine, the mill, and the factory baron* for their pecuniary aid to McKlnley; the railroads are to be compensated by a pooling law; and It is on the program, as announced by Secretary Gage, to re- milte the banking corporations by retiring the greenbacks and Sherman treasury notes, and increasing the Interest bearing debt five 'hundred million dollars for their exclusive benefit. The prosperity which was promised was prosperity to these special interests, and not to the people at large. Tihe people have not realized It, and while (legislation is for the classes Instead of the .masses, they never will. It Is to further the ends of those who do not produce, but absorb wealth, and' legislation In whose behalf is rapidly segregating society Into the few very rich and the very many poor, that Speaker Reed arbitrarily refuses to permit the national house of representatives to legislate, and denies to the American people the representation, in the government to w'hich they are entitled by the fundamental law. False Promises.' We point to the fact that the claims W the democratic party dn the last campaign have proven true, and that the claims mads by the republican party have proven false, and not one of the pledges made by that party has been fulfilled. The citizen was urged to vote f or'McKi-nley and prosperity; confidence was to be restored; the mills were to open up; unemployed men would find •work; the farmer would find a profitable market for his products. All these and more were promised' to take place as soon as it should be known that McKinley was elected. Months have passed since 'that event, and Instead of .the fulfillment of these promises, prosperity has not made its appearance; the mills and shops are. closing dowin; the army of unemployed is growing larger and the farmers of Iowa since 'his election are marketing their products at a less price than ever before. The Temple Amendment. We dem'and that the statute In operation in Iowa for more than a generation, holding railroad corporations to a strict accountability for negligent injury to their employes, shall be restored, toy proper amendment, to its original scope and' intent. We -hold that the clause of said law, which provides that "no contract which restricts- such lia- Wlity shall be legal and binding," is eminently fair and just; tbait contracts in contravention of the spirit of this provision are against public policy and should be void; and we demand that the protection to life and limb, embodied In this provision, shall be fully T own any aiocfc In any sucfi dorndra* ion. the took trtit. : , 'We favor such legislation as will *e* leve the people of Iowa from the ex- ortiohs practiced by school book monopolies. th* Cheshire Amtrtdtnertt. We point to the defeat of a measure :o reform the taxation laws applying ;o public corporations, In such manner as to place upon them a fair proportion of the public burdens, we call attention to the fact that the execution of the present inadequate taxation iaws by republican officials has tended constantly toward minimizing the proportion of the public burden borne by these interests, while the taxes of the rest of the people have constantly increased* We demand the passage by the next general assembly of laws 'to equalize these burdens by bringing under the purview of the tax gatherers intangi* ble as Well as tangible values, Co-operation Invited, > We go before the people of this stats with the conviction that the Interests of the whole people demand a change in the policy and management o£ our state affairs, and we invite the co-operation of every patriotic citizen so believing. POPULIST. The democratic, populist and free silver republican parties oi lO'Wa in convention assembled, Unite In the following declaration of principles. We congratulate our respective parties upon having polled for 'their splendid leader, Hon. Wm. J. Bryaji of Nebraska, the largest vote ever cast in Iowa for a presidential candidate prior to the election of November, 1896, and we rejoice in expressing our supreme confidence that the vote for the state ticket In 1897 wMl be larger still. We, the populists of Iowa, In conven- e-plthel "cheap money," fti applied to the old <Hft.hda.rd silver dollar tion assembled, our principles. hereby declare these We are first and unalterably in favor of the free a,nd unlimited coinage of silver at the present legal ratio of 16 to 1 with gold, and we heartily endorse the declaration of the republican party of Iowa in 1877, that "The silver dollar, having been the legal unit of vaBuc from the foundation of the federal government 'Until 1873, the law by which its coinage was suspended should be repealed at 'the earliest possible moment and silver made with gold a full legal tender for the payment of all debts both public and private. We declare that the methods resorted to by the leaders of the republican party in the late national campaign have justly alarmed the entire country. Their flagrant acts of bribery, intimidation, colonization and deception overawed, and were Intended to overawe, the electorate and thus prevent a'free and 'honest expression of public opinion. We affirm this to be a d.lroet attack upon popular government and a declaration of war against free Institutions. If submitted to without rebuke the presidential office will be permanently under the domination of money and of the corrupt influences whi-crh money con- tro'ls The purpose of the high handed and criminal methods is evident from, the results following their success, a he trusts, the combines, the syndicates, with the money shark during th« of the rebellion, In denouncing th« legal tender notes, and It is how the ravorlta term of those who ttant to Wake money scarce and higft, so they may take advantage of it, and pay upon the hecei-' stties. and distresses of the government and people. We reaffirm the doctrine of the resolution passed toy a republican congress In 1878, known as the 'Mfttthews resolution, to the effect that the .payment of all national obligation's in the silver dollar of 4121,4 grains standard is not in violation of the public faith nor in derogation of the public Creditor. We further affirm that the national debts, having been contracted under the legal ratio txf 16 to 1, the proposition made by the republican party t6 make the gold s'tahdard permanent ahd to Ignore the constitutional sphere of silver, Is rank repudiation of the contract, and we therefore denounce it as both dishonest and Un-American« We demand that the statute -in opera* tlon in Iowa for more than a generation, •holding every railroad corporation to strict liability for negligent injury to employes, through the acts of agents or other employes, shall be restored acord* Ing to its original and beneficent spirit. We point particularly to that part ot the statute which unequivocally declares that "no contract which restricts such liability shall be legal or binding," and we especially eternal*! that this protection to life and limb, so guaranteed, shall be restored, In order that It shall not be possible for railroad corporations to escape liability by the Indirection of an alternative contract. We denounce the practice of shifting upon the ahoulders of employes th« burden that properly belongs' to the employer. We denounce the subserviency of the present legislature to corporation demands, as proved by the defeat of the measure to restore this ancient right, and, as patriotic citizens, we view with shame and alarm the cveldence these undemocratic Influences have been able to control the state government, there-, by defeating the ends of manifest justice. Reduction In Salaries. We denounce the republican party for criminal wastefulness and extravagance in state affairs. We charge it with having Increased the tax levy almost DO per cent, at the same time running almost a million dollars behind on un- fcoers made of malfce or barley ftfft African people. The firemen of Rochester, N. "?., have been prohibited ffom entering taloons while on duty. The parishioners of a Methodist par- i;on, in Caidwell, K&s., turned in and dug him a cyclone cellar. "Will you please tell me," said little Miss Citlman to the farmer, "which are the cows that give the beef tea?"— Judge. A j.iry in Gllmer county, Georgia, brought in this verdict fectratly: "We, the jury, find the defendant almost Wlttf SO MAOT fifflffiLAft PfifBtQtAKB fa Otsfd female fii§-soM6 fflie * Sffikfc&m is Mote SueoeBsM the PaMiljf fiootdfa , , the corporations, all united to make the government an agency for the promotion of their special interests and welfare. They contributed millions ,up°n millions to make Hanna's campaign fund, and having triumphed by the corrupt use of these vast sums, they are now about to recoup themselves from the pockets of the people. The notorious, almost avowed, purpose ot tne tariff bill now under consideration in the senate is to repay the trusts and the mine, the mill and the factory barons for their pecuniary aid to McKinley the railroads are to be compensated by a. pooling law; and it is on the programme as announced by Secretary Gage to requite the banking corporations by returning the greenbacks and Sherman treasury notes andI increasing the interest bearing debt $500,000,000 for their exclusive benefit. The prosperity which was promised was prosperity to these special interests and not to the people at large. The people have not realized it, and while legislation is £or the classes instead of the masses, they never will. It is further the ends of those w.ho do not produce, but ab- Ui. I...WUW .. !_,_*!„„ Jn mhntsa paid outstanding warrants, while the ability of the people to pay 'has decreased fully one-half. And w-e demand the reduction of all public salaries to meet the new condition of things. ' We are in favor of equal and just taxation, that the burdens of government may be borne equitably by all, and we are opposed 'fro any policy that grants special privileges to any class. The unjust discriminations in favor of the moneyed aristocracy Is an abuse of •the taxing power that .threatens 'to reduce the producers of wealth to a servile tenancy as degrading as the feudalism of mediaeval times. We favor the taxation of railroad express, telegraph, telephone and sleep- Lug car companies at rates corresponding iwlth 'the rates at which other property In other states is taxed. We favor the economical administration of national, state, county and municipal affairs arid recommend retrenchment in expendi'ture'S, instead of increased taxation, 'to meet the current deficiencies in income. We denounce in unmeasured terms the prevailing corruption in our state administration recently brought to A hotel at Umtall, in Mashonaland, Is being advertised already in South African newspapers as "this old-established hotel." Alleglmny county, Maryland, is fur* nlshing & governor, a United States r.enator and a United States subtreas- uref all at once. Scottish golf women are vigorous. A horse struck by a golf ball during n ladles' tournament, at Burntisland fell as though shot dead. The French ironclad Massena, which Is to begin next month a period of trial nt Brest, will be the first three-screw Ironclad battleship in tile French navy. "Personally," remarks a London vi rlter, "the Marquis of Lome has quite lost his familiar highland laddie appearance. He is English—desperately l-ngllsh." Mrs. Slpw Wilson, of Sullivan, Me., ilid not dump her kitchen fire from October until the middle of May, and In that time burned two and a quarter tons of coal. John Wanamaker, of Philadelphia, purchased the cottage at Cape May Point which he and others presented to Mrs. Benjamin Harrison during the l-Iarrlson administration. The cottage Is being repaired and made ready for occupancy. "I wonder," said Mrs. Cumrox, thoughtfully, "what that nlce-old-fash- toned lady means by putting 'P. P. C.' .in her card." "That means she is go- Ing away," replied her daughter. "Oh, I see; she wants us to know that she Is going to travel in a Pullman palace car."—Washington Star. A <frotnahis sick', some disease fceeuliar tohfi* figs is fast developing ill he* system. She goes to her family physician and tells him. & story, but Hot the whole story, Sheholdssomethingback, loses her head, becomes agitated, forgets v^hat she wants to say, aiut finally conceals what she oiight to httve told, and thus cxrtnp mystifies the doctor. is it any Wonder, therefore, that the doctor fails to cute the disease? Still, we cannot blame the wo- 1 jnah, for itis very embarrassing to detail some of the symptoms of her suffering, even to her family pliysielrttt. It was for this reason that years ago Mrs, Lydia B. Pink' her ears every detail of their suffering. In this way she was ablo to do for them what the physicians were ttttabld , to do, simply because she had tho proper information to work upon, and from the little group of women who sought her advice years n go a gi'eat armyof her fellow-beings are to-day constantly applying for advice and relief, and the fact that more than one hundred thousand of them have beea successfully treated by Mrs. Pinkham during the last ycai- is indicative of the grand results which are produced by her unequaled experience ana ; g| ^No'physician ,Jn the world has had such a training, or has such an amount of information at hand to assist in the treatment of all kinds of female ills, from the simplest local irritation to the most complicated diseases of the womb. This, therefore, is the reason why Mrs. Pinkham, in her laboratory at Lvnn Mass., is ablo to do more for tho ailing women of America than tho family physician. Any woman, therefore, is responsible for her own suffering who will not take tho trouble to write to Mrs. Pinkham for advice. The testimonials which we are constantly publishing from grateful women establish beyond a doubt the power of Lydia B. Pinkhain's Vegetable Compound to conquer female diseases. ______——— and we declare *i Vr.. H-ii i~:. v« ~ rl. -the denlora- liff ' ToVe fand humiliating disclosures call tin- peratlvely for a sweeping change of officials 'throughout. Relying upon the ultimate wisdom and 'patriotism of the people of Iowa, " ' ' 1 "'" Ere the Farewell Is Spoken On the deck of the steamer, or on board the .train that is to bear you away from those denr to you, you will, if you are wise, have safely stowed away in your luggage a sufll- ciont supplv of thntsnfeguardugaint illness —Hostettei-'s Stomach Blttore. Commercial travelers, tourists and pioneer- emigrants conrtur in testifying to the fortifying nnd saving properties of the groat tonic. Use for constipation, biliousness, malarial and kiduey complaints and nervousness. Tlio Unlmppy Haclielor. "Women use- a lot of art to coucenl their age," saidthe smart young man. "Oh, not so many," said the unhappy bachelor, "most of them are content with plain lying.'' __ Try Graln-O. Ask j'our grocer to-day to show you a package of GRAIN-0, tho new food drink that takes the place of coffee. The children may drink it without injury as well as the adult. All who try it like it. GRAIN-0 has that rich iJitr uj. iu *v «*| • «» j - - — _ , ,•. « and appealing alike to their intelll- ; seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is gence. experience and moral sense, we . made from pure grams, and the most invite their co-operation in abridging j delicate -stomach receives it without official malfeasamcfv dethroning corpor- ' distress. H the^ price ^of coffee, ate power and bringing again 'to our' beloved commonwealth the blessings of prosperity already too long delayed. NEW INVENTIONS. Into the few very rich and the many very poor, that Speaker ilv refused to permit 1 A' neat thread cutter for sewing machines that is always in its place consists of a very small pair of scissors fastened to ths push plate in the proper position to cut both threads at once. tu Liic ^ r _ . pneumatic hubs for bicycle wheels sentaUon'ln'thV'government to which , composed of a heavy rubber casing they are entitled by the fundamental J^^J^-, the hub( to whloh the Ia That all supplemental currency j spoke heads are fastened, thus making should be issued by the government j a S p r i n g tire without the danger of 15 cents aiid 25 cents per . Sold by all grocers. Tastes like cottee. Looks'like coffee. " In Ills Wife's Keep. Gayboy—Brace up, old fellow! Where's your self possession! Heupec'k—Why, hie-, didn't you know I ,'ns a married man?—The Yellow Kid Mag- ORAINS OF GOLD. God never made a cow that gave milk punch. Every drunkard's wife knows that there is a devil. Before we can live right, wo must first love right. Perfect peace Is always the result of perfect trust in God. Christ did not come into the world to reform it, but to give it his own life. The Christian should keep out of the path in which he cannot find the foot- urints of hie Lord. MiBiinrterstooa Again. Mrs. Paxton—I feel quite proud to-day. I've iust found that I'm eligible to membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution. ,, Mrs. Post—Dear mo, how well you conceal your age. Tlio Keul Danger. "He has broken my heart," wailed the "••There, don't take on BO," said her f rieuc in touoB of pity, "it might have boon youi bicycle." A New Variety. Prosy—Curious how these self made men succeed: now there's Senator Platt, whr has reached tbe top of the ladder, and— Joker—Ah, but you are wrong; be i machine made.—The Yellow Kid Magazine. A cab owner had the word "Excelsior" painted on the door-panel of all his vehicles. He explained that his motto was "hire." The editor of this paper advises bis readers that a free puskugo of Peruvian"., the best kidney and liver cure on earth, will bo delivered FREE to any sufferer iC written for promptly. PEiiuviAXAllEMEiryGo., 580 5th Bt,, C f inc!nnnti, Ohio. Large numbers of rural farms in northern New England, abandoned by Yankee farmers, have been occupied and reclaimed by French Canadians. of The popping of a cork from a bottle of Hires is a signal of good health nijd pleasure. A sound the old folks like to hear —the children caii't resist it. Rootbeer Is compound of tho very Ingredients tlio system requires. Aiding the digestion, soothing the nerves, purifying the blood. A temperance drink for temperance people. Undo only t>7 The Chtrlei £. Ulfei Co., Phil*. nokage tnKfcoB B gnlloufi. Bold everywhere. s., • and should be a full legal tender for all debts, and we view with alarm the threat of the present administration to withdraw and to destroy the govern- menlMssue, and look upon the movement as a further crime In decreasing the amount of money in use, wliile population is increasing, and increasing the bonded debt in times of peace. We characterize the "anti-fusion" wvmcu m <ujis pi-ovjf?i'U'ji, ptra.1. .M= .—.> law as the most infamous measure ever restored, In order that corporations en- enacted by a partisan legislatureami •-•-•• -— one calculated to legislate the dominant party into'power in Iowa by disarming and disfranchising the sovereign electors in whose hands there rests the-se- purlty of our institutions and the rights and liberties of our people, We denounce the republican party for its contemptible subserviency to corporate interests as demonstrated by the conduct of the last leg stature, affecting employes of corporations. £ We demand legislation to Protect all of said corporations in their its the economical administration "of "national, state, count? unu municipal affairs, and recommend retrenchment in expen increased taxation to In the operation of railways Blia.ll mot be allowed by insurance contracts or otherwise to escape liability for their acts of negligence, or shift this just responsibility upon the' shoulders of their ;employes, We hold that any other rule Is an inducement to negligence and sots a premium on wrongdoing. State Board of Control. We reaffirm the position of the democratic party In this state in demanding that our state institutions be governed by a non-partisan board of control, which can Intelligently comprehend their relative wants and economically »n<J Justly apportion among the whole that which the:r just needs demand, thus doing away with the expensive and Ungraceful scramble for appropriations (ina contests for preferment oarrlefl on Oy tne om.cjais of ttie several instuu- Uons before each legislature. he the term, We denounce the scandalous looting of the state treasury recently brought to Wght, whereby an army of unnecessary and overpaid employes have been saddled upon the state, and other e^- tiwaganceg whereby the rate of taxation bus been greatly Increased. A PBP- He debt of nearly N.OOO.QQQ has 1?een 15 ?I red, -while the Ability of the people pay taxes fea^ been diminished. government, in t, denying tb» , light and we declare that the dop ora- bfe and humiliating disclosures call »ror peratlvely *« a sweeping change of of- fiC ^%ToTe h commend to the ^vorybj. consideration of the voters of Iowa that ' oern- We denounce the republican party m for rmrtlng to tne last refuge ot en_ejny gf popul g tjfe £Vr* 91 th.e. majority idea of People's govern- the initiative and referendum, favor » Jurt income tax and de[double Wtlon under our pres- pn law as an outrage on the over,. rde^ed toiler Jn, field and factory, punctures, A handy device for small rooms consists of a metal band attached to a backet to hold the wash bowl, which can be swung down against the wall when not In use to hold the bowl out of the way. Pneumatic recoil pads for nreai-ms are composed of a pneumatic pad which is strapped on the shoulder in position to engage the end of the gun stock, one pa4 being sufficient for any. number of guns. One of the latest bicycle belle is attached to the head of the machine directly over the front wheel, a corrugated wheel which revolves the bell being pressed down on the tire by (V lever near tjie handle bar. A combination tire and rim for bicycle and other wheels is formed of a sheet drawn together at the Bides and welded to from a spring tube, the edges being turned outward to provide spoke flanges ,and the outside, or running surface, being roughened to prevent slipping. To hold the body of a, racing man rigid on his wheel and assist him in pushing the wheel & rod is fastened to the upper bar of the frame, on the upper end of which is a pad extending to the right heisW, boldliig the iboul- ders when tbe hands we sxte»ded to WOK uzine. (Rev.) D. H. 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