The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 30, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1897
Page 5
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THE tJPMffi BBS MOtNM', ALGONA, IOWA, WISBNIBBAY, y^^^^T^f^^^^w^yr^ SO, 1SD7, JVBWTB1HG IS READY, straE do, Attractions Will Make This the Bast Celebtetioti the County Ever Had. All arrangements are now completed for the big celebration. The parade will fortn at the school house, go west to Thorlngton street,theft north to the Kossuth County bank, then around the court house square, east on State street and so to the fair grounds. E. P. Mcelroy will read the Declaration of' Independence, Scott M. Ladd will deliver the oration. Music wilt be furnished by the glee club, and by the Algona and Wesley bands, The 85-foot leap by Lieut. Smith into a net will be the thrilling feature of the afternoon at the grounds. Wesley and Burt wilt play ball for a purse of $25. The following races are scheduled: Trotting race free for all, $15; novelty race, $10; pony running race, half mile, $7.50; bicycle tandem race, $7, in merchandise; bicycle mile run, $7, in merchandise; half mile run by ladies, $3, in merchandise; man's quarter mile walk and quarter mile run, $8; tug of war, but "'inthe afternoon the Hezlep company will play in the opera house at 3 o'clock. The Wesley band will give a concert on the public square from 5 o'clock to 6 o'clock. In the evening the chief feature will be a series of moving pictures thrown on a screen 30 feet square hung on the east portico of the court house. Ropes will be stretched across Thoringtori street shutting teams out along the east side of the square and reserving the space for spectators. The Algona band will give a concert on the grounds, and a fine display of fire works will be the usual sports and races, fireworks, and a ball game are the program, I'tomlses trill fce At Put. Wesley Reporter: Algona's celebration on July 3 promises to eclipse everything heretofore attempted in northern Iowa. ART ffiE LEOftJRE Of MSS, FAIRBANKS. For the Baby rings in solid gold, 49c. Baby bracelets gold filled and sliver, 85c. Dress sets for the baby's dresses, 75c to $3.60. SIGN OF THE BIG WATCH. DK. PRESTON, eye, ear, ftose, and throat specialist, at Dr. Kenefick's office Thursday, July 8. Sale of Jteht, The Peck hotel and livery in Burt, Iowa. Possession given at once. For particulars address, PECK & MURTAGH, 15t3 Burt, Iowa. CALL on Grove & Son for fresh fruit. Wedding Rings. Buy your wedding rings of us. always make the bride a present. 13tf SIGN OF THE BIG WATCH. We . Paine has contributed which will be on the fair grounds for the teams, and arrangements hay free have been made to have water in abundance. The stalls will furnish shelter for a great many. . Many handsome floats are being gotten up for the parade, Algona will be in gala day attire, and everybody will have a good time. , If the day is pleasant 10,000 people is a small estimate of the crowd that will be present. At Bancroft. Bancroft's complete racing program for July 2-3-5 is published by the Reg ister. 'it gives promise of some excellent sport: Half mile running, best two in"three..$ 8000 Three-eighths mile pony race, catch WHOLLY POS THE TEAOHEES. rjuwo-eiyuuiio IIIAIW . *"-Lv iJ — an nn weights, best two in three 30 00 Mile running, best two in threee ISO 00 Farmers' trot, half mile dash, to buggy sulky, or saddle • ~° uu SATURDAY, JULY 3. Half mile running, for horses no oet- ter than half-breeds, catch weights, best two in three • • • • • - • • ™ 00 Three-fourths mile running, best two in three luu uu One and one-fourth mile running, re- — _„*. J..4U UU Three-minute trot! '.'.'.'.'.... ;. 80 °° MONDAY, JULY o. Bancroft merchants' special, three- fourths mile running, catch weights, best two in three... ••• 10 ° °° At'Whlttemore. The Whlttemore celebration offers the following program: 100 guns'at sunrise. Grand parade on principal streets at 10 a, m. Music by Whittemore cornet band and glee club. G. E. Boyle, president of the day, Rev. P. A. R. Tierney, orator of the day; Rev. H. Bellman, chaplain. Reading of the Declaration of Independence by Miss Frances Farley. Grand shooting tournament and-ball game in the afternoon. All kinds of street sports and races. Horse racing and bicycle racing, 6 to enter, 4 to start. Free for all running race, free for all trotting race, novelty race, one mile open bicycle race, one-half mile amateur bicycle race, Bowery dance during afternoon and evening. Magnificent display of fireworks In the evening, Grace Hezlep at Estliervllle. Estherville Vindicator: The Grace Hezlep Theater company are entertaining our- show-going people this week. They have a very fine troupe and are especially pleasing in comedy, Miss Hezlep as tbe "Old Woman," and the " Old Man" in the comedy " Caught in His Own Trap" were especially pleasing. Prof. Paull gave a very creditable exhibition in hypnotism, breaking a large rook on the body of a person placed in a cataleptic state. Saturday evening tbe Prof, will hypnotize • a man and bave bim carry a 200*pouna weight from the opera house around the court bouse square and back to the opera house, At I"entpp, The eagle will scream at Frank Ranney's grove July 3. A subscription paper was circulated and a good sum of money raised to pay expenses for a good time, At 10 a. m, a program will begto consisting of music, speaking, etc., and after dinner tbere will be all kinds of races, ball game, and a display of fireworks in tbe evening, Everybody is cordially invited, Supt. Heed's Institute Promises to be One of the Largest Ever Held In the County. Programs are out for the 33 annual ;eachers' institute, which-promisestobe the biggest and best Kossuth has yet lad. The corps of instructors is excel- ent, the lectures and evening enter- [uiininents are abundant, and everything points to a business session. The institute opens Monday, July 26, and lasts four weeks. The additional week is made necessary by the addition of four new studies on which teachers will have to be examined this fall. THE LIST OF INSTUOTORS. Supt. B. F. Reed, conductor; Prof. J. S. Shoup, LeMars, professional lectures, physics, arithmetic and algebra, Prof. G. W. Young, Pipestone, Minn.', civics, physiology and algebra; Miss Eva B. Crowe, Chicago, primary methods; Prof. George Chandler, Osage, professional lectures, grammar, geography and algebra; Prof. J. R. Byers, Bancroft, economics and algebra; Prof. W. H. Brown, Wesley, history and grammar; Prof. G. F. Barsalou, arithmetic and algebra; Mrs. Stella E.Reed, secretary and faculty assistant. FREE EVENING ENTERTAINMENT. The following program gives promise of some of the best entertainments and lectures Algona has had in yea-rs. Tuesday, July 27, stereopticon lecture, " Michael angelo," Prof. Geo. W. Skilling. Thursday, July 29, lecture, "Educational Axioms." Prof. J. M. Mehan, Des Moines. Monday, August 2, formal opening. Thursday, August 5, address, J. N. Hallock, L. L. D., New York City. •»*•_._ j A ,,^,, 0 f Q it Tho AA/nnfmi A Pleasant Afternoon at the Reading Room—Othtt Notes of a Local Nature. The closing meeting of the Womans' Library Aid society Friday afternoon was an occasion of more than ordinary interest. The reading room had been beautifully decorated with flowers, the Monday club ladies were present as guests, and Mrs. Fairbanks of Dubuque, mother of Mrs. J. W. Say, was present to deliver ati address on Greek Art, which has attracted attention in the cities of the state where she has de- 1 llvered it. Mrs. Fairbanks has been leader of the Dubuque ladies' art club for 12 years, is an accomplished public speaker, and illustrated her remarks with models and drawings, occupying 40 minutes with a concise and rapid review of the wonderful artistic achieve* ments of the Greeks. The further program consisted of an address of welcome by Mrs. S. D. Drake, a dicussion of the university extension work of the Monday club by Mrs, Wm. K. Ferguson, a review of the work of the library association by Mrs. Emily 0. Dodge, and a general discussion of how to promote the interests of the public library* and how children ought to spend the summer vacation. Mrs. Horton, Miss Cramer, and Mrs. Hay participated. During the intermission ice cream and cake were served, and a most enjoyable afternoon was spent. The Union Goplier Picnic. The picnic at Hennegan's grove, Union township, Saturday, June 19, was quite an affair, following as it did the A. O. U. W. field day at Burt. The turnout was large. Early in the day a wheel of fortune put In its appearance and took in the nicklcs quite rapidly, but the farmer boys proved too much for the owners and they went broke after a short run. At noon the people divided in groups and had a regular old-fashioned picnic dinner. After dinner T. J. Julian called the people to order and after a few remarks read the program consisting of music and declamations. At the close of these exercises foot racing, horse racing, and base ball occupied the time and attention of the people—Hobart vs. Hul- bertnino. A number of young men made considerable sport riding ponies and with a pole 10 feet long pointed at one end rode at full gallop and ran it through a ring suspended by a string. The horse race caused considerable excitement and it looked as though a fight would take place, but cooler counsel prevailed. Everybody seemed to have a good time. Algona over withavtel* bfibdftting. fete Has beeft state's attorney there fot several years. Mrs. McCiolm came from Fort Dodge Motiday with her daughter. She visits her brother, Gardner Cowles. Rev. tnais preached at ttevada Sunday. He will notmove his family yet, as he has not scouted a house there. Mrs. t. H. Lantry returned yesterday from Richland Center, Wts. She had been visiting there with her mother. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. 0. Call start for the .Yellowstone Park July 20. They will 'spend several weeks in the park. Rev. and Mrs. Southwell weht tofiel- mond for campmeetlngyesterday. S. Reed and Mr. Wesenberg talk of going. Rev. Landis goes to Chattanooga, Tenn., July 15, to attend the national meeting of the Bnptist Young people's union. Mr, and Mrs. Theo. ChMsohllles go to Chicago to Visit their daughter, Mrs. Em- ttia Dorlnhd. Their son Robert is out from New York abd will meet them there. MI93 Edith Wilkinson, a well known teacher in Kossuth, went to Nora Springs Monday for a course of summer study. G. S. Wright was over from West Bend Monday. Ho says his little one is a girl. He breaks the record for boys this spring. Rev. Sinclair started Monday evening for Lorain, Ohio, where Mrs. Sinclair is visiting, He will go on to Vermont for a visit. Sheriff Samson and wife and Clerk Croseand wife made up their minds .yes- tordav and started last evening for California. They may stop at the National Park on the way home. Letters from Battle Creek, Mich., assure the Kain family that Mr. Kaln is gaining a little. His condition is quite serious. His many friends in Kossuth will wish him speedy recovery. Judge Cook was in town Thursday. Ho says the three-party ticket won't get any aid or encouragement from him. He and Judge Quarton are planning a fishing trip in Wisconsin some time in the summer. Mrs. Maud Schlelcher sang a solo at the Congregational church Sunday morning. She is giving much study to music and has a charming voice. Two weeks ago Miss Ruby Smith sang a solo. She also Is fin accomplished singer. Yesterday the special car for California went through. It was joined hero by Lewis H. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Patterson, Mrs. Joe McDonald of Burt, and M. Brpn- 'son. It was filled at this point. We wish the tourists a pleasant journey. Representative Mayne goes to Dos Moirtes today for the legislature session tomorrow, called to formally adopt the printed code and to correct such little errors as may have crept in. This session is hold without cost to the state. The members contributed it. If you want Good FLO U K why in the world don't you BUY Good F. Nobody is holding you, The Wilson Mills make the GOOD kind of flour—no other—make it every week day in the year, and sell it to the best bread-makers on the face of the earth. Strong language, to be sure, but it's the gospel truth and why not say it ? TRY A SACK. SEED FOR SALE. Letiette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. Monday, August 9, "The Wonders of the Microscope and Telescope," Prof. E. B. Swift, Rochester, N. Y. Tuesday, August 10, superintendent s lawn reception in connection with the W. C. T. U. drinking fountain move- m Thursday, August 12, lecture ''The American School," Hon. Henry Sabin, DesMoines. Monday, August 16, address, Hon. Lafe Young, Des Moines. Thursday afternoon and evening, August 19, chalk talk, art lectures, Prof. W. M. R. French, Chicago. THE FORMAL OPENING. The formal opening will occur on the date originally planned, notwithstanding it now comes on the second Monday of the session. J. T. Chrischilles, mayor of Algona, will deliver the address of welcome, and Miss Bessie Anderson of Swea City will respond for the teachers Miss Anderson's appointment is a tardy recognition of the extraordinary interest the Scandinavian element of the county has always manifested in the welfare of the country schools. The oratorical contest by one; member from each class graduating this year will be the exciting feature of the exening. The principals of the various schools have sent the wing names of anx- The Masons nt Urltt. The annual Masonic celebration, St. John's day, was held at Britt the 24th. The day was an ideal one and quite a large crowd of Masons were in attendance, coming from Ruthven, Emmetsburg, Algona, Forest City, Garner, Clear Lake, Humboldt, LuVerne, Bancroft, and Burt. Geo. H. VanHouten made the principal address in the afternoon and it was excellent. His address was given principally from his experience while traveling, and as he has traveled extensively it was very interesting. The Masons, assisted by the good people of Britt, prepared an excellent program for both afternoon and evening for the entertainment of their guests. Bev. Stoddard of Britt gave an address in the evening which was very good and well received. The city was beautifully decorated. The Miss Dilts, better known as Miss Luella Andruss, has been visiting at her old Irvington homo some weeks. She returns to her Freomont country homo Friday. Mr. Andrews says that lack of rain has greatly damaged corn down in the southwestern part of the state. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sullivan returned from Iowa City Saturday. Mr. Sullivan was present at the burning of the big university library. He says the loss was due to the negligence of the water works company. For over an, hour there was not enough force to raise the water to tho roof. E P Keith of Plum Creek, who suffered such an acute attack of appendicitis a few weeks ago, has gone to Chicago to consult an eminent surgeon. While his health has greatly improved he has not recovered and proposes now while he is strong to do what needs to be done. He may submit to a surgical operation while gone. L. C. Chandler, wife and little girl, started for Congress, will make their N.Y., future last evening, and homo in the east. Phil., who has been disabled all winter, will remain here a couple of months. If he is not then recovered he will also go east and live. Many friends will regret the departure of Mr. and Mrs. Chandler. Mr. and Mrs. Jas. L. Paine and Mr. and Mrs W M. Parsons and two children are visiting at the A. H. Paine home south of town. Mrs. Parsons will remain some weeks, but James and his bride will go to Spokane next week. They in Chicago last week 8EMI-LOOAL NEWS NOTES. . Wo republish without comment the following item from tho Ruthven Appeal. The article which appeared in this paper two weeks ago, clipped from THE UPPER DBS MOINES of 'Algona relative to Col, E, S. Ormsby, we find on investigation was uncalled for and unjust. Mr. and Mrs. Ormsby and others voluntarily withdrew from the Methodist church and to them good reasons are known. They have their certificates of withdrawal. In this, a land justly celebrated for its freedom, there should be no strings on any one should they desire to withdraw from anychurch or other organization. Nine- tenths of the best people of Emmetsburg indorse Mr. Ormsby In the position he has taken and he was unanimously elected president of the Y. M. C. A. There is no one in the county more public spirited than Col. Ormsby. -*- -*- •*Ringling Brothers' opening tournament this season is the most gorgeous spectacular entry ever seen with a circus. In this magnificent display more than a thousand people, hundreds of beautifully caparisoned horses, scores of ancient Roman chariots and huge, golden tableaux, and 25 elephants are utilized, and the scene is a fairy spectacle of oriental splendor. -i- -f- •+• Frank L. Yeoman, father of Mrs. Rev, Pratt, formerly of Algona and a well known canvasser for the Des Moines Leader a few years ago, was burned in effigy in Eagle Grove a week ago, the obiect being to smoke out his boom for the free silver nomination for governor. The city has offered a reward of itioO for the capture of the perpetrators. Mayor Fort $25, and Mr. Yeoman $100 The ent, Rev. Landis officiating. The happy couple will go at once to Burt, where rooms are ready for them, After Aug. 1. they will have a home of their own and will assume the responsibilities of housekeeping. Dr. Peters is one of the ablest of the county's physicians, a young man of fine talent and an assured future. The bride Has: grown up in Algona esteemed and admired by all. May all tho happiness that their union promises be theirs in full measure. EIGHTEEN karat rings that are 18 karat, not 14 karat rings made up by some jobber and stamped 18 karat. 6 DlNGLEY & PUGH, FOB time loans on real estate at Kossuth County State Bank. apply' VISITORS at Okoboji lake will find first-class meals and service at the Swallows dining hall, Des Molnee beach. New management. Terms, reasonable. Writofor tents, camping grounds, cottage room, etc,, to G. H. LIGHT, Manager,1413 Okoboji, Iowa. FOR the Chautauqua assembly to be held at Lpirit Lake, July 8 to 23, excursion tickets will be sold at fare and one third for the round trip. , . penalty for such a trick is a fine of $1000 1 -" • ...M TF 4-V.a Vinira n.l»n were married at the homo of the boys for a little ^coTestants who wUl deliver their graduating orations, limited to nine ffites in delivery: Roy Anderson Wesley: Lottie Ormsbee, LuVerne, FiHo Poarch, Bancroft; Helen Starr, Algona. Frances Farley, who recently graduated from the Nora Springs.semi- narv, will represent Whlttemore in the contest Burt has not yet reported. Gena Sohonhood of Gerrnama, Amy plnney of Ledyard, Jessie Newcombe of Irvingtoh and Miss Crowe of tbe faculty will also contribute to the general exe'rcises, HOUSE for rent, at the Milwaukee depot Inquire of LenetteW. Butler. MOK",Y—O:i first mortgages. Money-On' «o"rt mortgages. Money-On short time. Monev—At lowest rates, Money-jeo. 0. Call. Algona, low. WHEN out looking for crockery lamps don't miss calling on One price to 4-1J. Cleaning tbe new bave home plouio ia B, north! west of town, decided to have a MeQhatie's grove, July 3. The pro* pf s.peaJk,iBg, veadiPgQ ana; gigging; IB we «j , horse ragef, Woyoje rases, foot ognj Q -" J ^ Algona Military band did themselves proud in entertaining the people with their very excellent music, which was highly appreciated. The next annual celebration will be held at Forest City. E. N. Bailey was elected president. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. B. F, Crose was in Mason City on Monday. W. P. Jones was a DesMoines visitor last week. Elbert Tuttle is home from Ames for vacation. Harvey Ingham went to Des Moines yesterday. J, F. Nicoulinand family started for Denver yesterday. J. W. Hay and family have gone to Iowa Falls for a visit, Miss Margaret Rutherford is borne from her school at Ames. Mrs. Dr. McCoy returned yesterday from her Wisconsin visit. O. M. Doxsee drove to Rolfe Saturday with two of his children. Miss Lulu Clarke went yesterday to Sioux Rapids for a short visit. Miss Mamie Shuey is in Algona visiting relatives in the Call and Blackford families. S. E. Blaokf ord has gone east for a .visit, He is with friends in Michigan at present. Misses Stella Johnson and Mattte Robinson are to be in Algona for the celebration. Rev, Southwell is planning to go to Toronto for the big national Epworth league meeting. best main MiB8 Gertrude Wheelock is home to spend vacation from teaching at Tomahawk, Wis. O, W. Russell of Omaha fthd Aroh, 0, Crepe " Russell of Spencer will be in Algpna Sfttur- 15o day for a visit. Mr. Howell and Mr. and Mrs. Jas, wal- 8toa visited atE. G, Bowyey's last week, coming frpm Solfe, , Misa O;ma Ye-p«r wept home, with, Mrs. Capt, Foster's mpthey Jj$t week and visited ta Hvjmbowt, 'ran.k NipouHn were up "tftiw feM flsbifig but week. bride's sister. Jnmes now owns an interest in the store at Spokane and his future home will doubtless be permanently in that delightful city. Many friends are glad to see him and Mrs. Parsons. They belong to the pioneers, and will always receive a cordial welcome at their old home. AVUy Pay Kent? Better own a farm! Start now! Send to W. B. Kniskern, 22 Fifth avenue, Chicago, 111., for a free copy of "The Northwestern Home Seeker," which gives practical information to those interested in the pursuits of agriculture, dairying, rnd cattle raising. Correspondence solicited from intending set- tlers.—Ht5_ . Clear Lake of Sunday, SPECIAL excursion to Sunday, July 18, inr. sad and June 13. You are hereby notified that all arrangements for excursion ra' • i and speci \ trnin service to Clear Lake and return for Sunday, June 13, are hereby can' eled, Dr. Talmage cannot be at Clear Lake on that date, but he will be there on Sunday, July 18, Milwaukee Excursion Kates, Excursion ticket are now sold at reduced rates to SpMt Lake and Okoboji by tbe Milwauke line, Tickets for tbe exposition at Nashville, Tenn., May 1 to Oct. 31, are sold at 80 per cent, of full fare, FOR tbe northwest Iowa veterans' :••;• union to be held at Sheldon, Iowa, excursion tickets' will be sold at one full fare for tbe round trip, tickets on sale June 28 to July 1 inclusive; return coupon good until July ?, or a year in jail. If the caught they will pay dear bonfire. -*- -s- -f- S D Drake gave his railroad address at Buffalo Center last night. Tbe Tribune in announcing him said: "Mr. Drake is a fluent speaker and presents the issue from the people's standpoint as against corporate influence." Algona ought to hear that address and find out what Mr. Drake is advocating. Senator Gorrell of Newton, who caused a sensation last fall by flopping to the free silver party, and who will be nominated by it this fall, is n brother of Rev. Gorrell, Algona's former Episcopalian rector. Judge Carr's candidacy for tbe legislature in Des Moines calls out the folio wing editorial item inthe Capital: The republicans of Polk county are fortunate in the fact that Judge Geo. H. Carrhas consented to be a candidate for member of the house of representatives. It took several days of coaxing on the part of influential republicans to secure the consent of the judge, but he finally yielded to their desires and will accept tbe nomination if tendered him and no doubt it will be tendered by acclamation. The judge served eight years on the district bench in northern Iowa and is one of the ablest lawyers in the state and an all-around good citizen. He is a man of culture, having always been a great reader. -Ho is imbued witb a strong sense of right and justice and would scorn to do a wrong or selfish thing in private life as apubUo^offl- clal. The state of Iowa is fortunate In having the prospective services of such a man in a legislative position and tbere ought to be and we believe will be not a shadow of doubt as to his nomination. •*••»-•*B. F. MeCormaek, brother of our late doctor, runs a red-bot calamity paper TRAIN No. 4 leaving Algona at 6:28 p. m. Monday, July 5, will have extra sleepers and coaches attached as may be necessary to accommodate parties attending the national educational association meeting at Milwaukee. Parties going will please advise the undersigned when they will start and number of berths wan ted. B. F. HBDEIOK, Agent. FOR the Christian Endeavor convention to be held at San Francisco, July 7 to 12, the C. M. & St. P. By. will sell one way tickets June 29, and 30, and July 1, 2, and 3. Going passage must commence on date of sale. Fare $24.65. Final return limit will be August 15 1897. ' Very Low Rates to Milwaukee via the Northwestern line, " The Lake Shore Route" from Chicago, on account of the N. E. A. .convention, Ju 1 ?' G'9. For dates of sale and otjier inform • < 'on apply to agents Chicago & Nort'.ivr at-' ern railway.-12t3 ON July 9 and 21 special excursion rates are'autborized to Spirit I^ike and, return. No special trains will be t run. Extra coaches will be attached to regular trains as. may be necessary, Fare $1.90 for the round trip. Legal Blanks cherries THREE dollars an acre is pretty cheap for good lands, but tbe Northern Pacific Railway company bas hundreds of thousands of acres in central Minnesota tbat it is offering to actual settlers at from $8.0:0 to 13,50 an acre on ten years' time. 'Write to F. W. Wilsey, eastern lp,nd agent, St, Paul, Minn,, for maps and full information. , a,tSanbprn, Here is an item from his last issue: President MoKinley prayed for Queen Victoria on jubilee day, He'd better a damned sight have prayed for the poor of MB own nation, tbougb we don't' suppose bis supplication would be more efficacious before ifcethrone of grace tban 'the grwnt of a fa,!; bog, _ Daily Iowa 'Capital has issued ft complete summary of the changes made ,„ tbe laws 01 „ general assembly. Tbi§ .,.,,. will be fif ffl»9b practical yalae ge,8d flve, p.e»t& |9 fif o all, Real Estate Mortgages, Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Leases, Oftsh or Share Rent, Real Estate Contracts, Bill of Sale, Chattel Mortgages, Satisfaction of Mortgage, Grass Leases, Notes, A full stock of these are kept constantly on hand and for sale by the dozen, hundred, or In larger quantities, av The Upper Des NEWS BOOK, AND PRINTING HOUSE, .ALQQNA, IOWA, i « ww ,- Benevolent art Protective order of Elks, Minneapolisi Minn, July 6, fare for tbe round trip from Algosa will be $5.03, tickets cm sale July 5 and AlltiPkgtB to be limited to return " On tickets sold from •"-" ",n. 190 Ql?$&iQ&Qi »C S » : »1W4 i,iff t&p I*.E£ received a aew iuveiee

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