The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 30, 1897 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1897
Page 4
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TOM BB8 M01N18J ALGONA, IOWA, WEDKESDAt, JUKE 30, 1897, • Subscriber*. .tt.50 ffftft emV £Ii tfefttatfift * * T5 Oiu>§ro£ tWe* iSWtalhi'.".'" I"~" "."!." 40 Sent to any address at abore rates. Bemtttivdraft,inoftfty ordet, or express or flet at our risk. Bates of advertising sent on application. -~ - f ^ n Jtte£ttb1ican conntjr Convention. T*ot*e republican electors ot Koesnth conn There will be a delegate convention of sntti cotitttyfceld at the , 10*4, on Friday, Aug. a. HL. Jor the purpose elegates to attend the , to te held at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on the 18tt day of August, 1897, also for the purpose of placing in noinlnation a candidate for represenUBre In the elghty- tbifd legislative district, and for the selection of county chairman, and for the transaction of such otter business as tnay properly come be- fow the contention. The ratio of representation trtil be as follows: One delegate at large for each toreclnct and one additional delegate tat each §S votes or major fraction thereof cast for Edwin H. Conger, elector at large, In the presidential election of 1896. It Is recommended that each precinct hold its caucus on the 7th day of August, 1897. The representation to which the several precincts -will be entitled under this calUs as follows: Precinct Com. No. DeL Algona— First ward.. E. Telller ............ 6 Second ward ....... W.P.Jones... ...... 6 Third ward ......... P. L. Slagle .......... 4 Fourth ward ....... F.D.CaUdns ........ 0 Burt .................. John Kerr ........... 8 Buffalo ......... . ..... Robert Welter ....... 4 Cresco ................ O.A. Potter. ........ 5 Eacle ......... ......John Llndblom ...... 2 Fen ton.. .............. M. Welsbrod ......... 3 Greenwood... ........ S.Mayne. .. ......... 8 German ............... Wm. Schroder ....... 3 Germania ............ Chas. O. Wortman... 5 Grant.* ............ N.H. Beard .......... 3 G. S. Wright ......... 3 W.R. Peet ........... 0 Wm. Goodrich ....... 4 SethNewcomb ....... 5 uV«ne ... ......... I.P. Harrtaon ........ 0 Lotts Creek ........... & ^SXv ........ - TrfKlvard ....... ...W.A.Wright ........ o Ltacoln. ... ....... Jas. Warburton ...... 4 Portland .............. M. J.Mun ......... 5 3 .... 3 '.Henry Warner 4 .C. A. Erlckson 4 .W. E. Starks 4 !z! S. Barrett 0 •Wnlttemore ".^".."....N. L. Cotton 7 Sherman Total number of^rtegjtes.... .151 Candidates' Cards. 1 hereby announce myself a candidate for the nomination for the office of county superintendent, subject to the action of the republican county convention. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of county treasurer, subject to the action of the republican conventlon P. E. WHITE AND B. A. PI/UMMEH. Fred White, the democratic nominee for governor, is an old soldier, a practical farmer, a man of intelligence and sincerity. But he is a radical and an extremist, an excellent man to encourage agitation, but the worst kind of a man to entrust with administration. He was in Algona during the second Boies campaign. At that time he advocated the views of the extreme free traders and attributed all our woes to a protective tariff. He will not get the support of any of the conservative wing of the democrats. In his own congressional districlhe did nol have Ihe support of the free silver men for the nomination. In fact their opposition was BO pronounced as to call for comment on the floor of the convention. The more Mr. White's views are understood the more convinced everybody will be that while he is an honest and patriotic man, he is an unsafe man to endorse or entrust with authority. The nomination of B. A. Plummer for lieutenant governor brings out an entirely different kind of a man. Mr. Plummer, if he is sincere, is exceedingly unqualified for public station. His speeches last fall in Wesley, Corwith and other neighboring towns were so 'full of misinformation, misstalement, demagogy, and unreliability thai Ihe queslion with his auditors was whether he was himself non compos or took them to be. No man who heard him then or who hears him this fall if he repeats bis speeches or makes new ones like them, will delude himself for a moment into the belief that he is a qualified for any office in the gift of the people, AW OUTSIDE VIEW. After reading the various platforms adopted at Des Moines and noting carefully all the causes therein assigned for <?ur troubles, we hope our readers will peruse the following extract from "Ian McLaren's" impressions of America • and the Americans. McLaren, or Dr. John Watson, tbe noted literary man ftnfl preacher) made a tour of this country, leoturipg in Des Moines and other »e&F"by cities. He has written of bis ,«#perlenoes for the Outlook. In his tbirA article published last week he , cpfloludes with tbe following shrewd poptoh opinion:, " *»p,erhape one pugM to be ashamed to s n.ext Impression, and certainly leftd at pnpe tbe subtle influ- could notde- t&tt proaJpiHtyJ* for the good of al character sad the firm ijpbuUding of a tocople. Is the ostentation* waste of food In hotel* wholesome ot justifiable, whete the inenn is bewildering in variety, and the portions supplied beyond ail necessity, and more is taken away than is used) Does it conduce to stability and self-restraint to be quite Indifferent about tomorrow, and to re- •erre nothing of today's earnings! Hare hot the farmers traded recklessly on the virgin resources of the land? Have not the forests been improvidently cut down! Is there not everywhere a certain want of prudence and management which cannot in the long run minister to moral strength or even to material wealth! If it be true, as is contended, that every great empire has been built uji on thrift, this means that the homeliest of virtues does not end in the accumulation of money, but results in the creatiob of manhood. And the best friends of America, therefore, desire that amid all her prosperity she should not fall away Into improvidence and luxury, but ever retain and cultivate that habit of simple and severe living which was shown by her Puritan fathers." AHCHBISHOP HENNESY is out in a violent attack upon the public school system. It is enough to say of it that it does not represent the best Catholic sentiment of the country. It is singular that men like the archbishop cannot see that six hours a day is not too much to be devoted to the purely secular work a public school is maintained for, and that plenty of time remains for religious instruction. There is no more reason why religion should be taught in a public school than in a store or bank or newspaper office. LAST week while our reformers were in Des Moines to voice the grievances of the land owners—the farmers of Iowa are systematically a land holding class —Miss Anna D. Brown was in Algona to atlribule all the existing ills to land ownership. Gov. BOIES at last admits the folly of one nation attempting to hold silver at twice the price put upon it by the commercial world. placed in a witness be obliged to declare that tUrifttesj, When an letter it } B »ot be- be would. flings y, pover- IN THIS NEIQHBOBHOOD. Estbervile has $8,000 in bicycles. Palo Alto county bas $16,000 in bicycles. Congressman Dolliyer is Fourth of July orator at Burlington. Britt has given out the contract for a new bank building to cost $6,600. Sexton is passing a subscription to secure a Catholic church and school. Mart Coonan of Emmetsburg was married to a Sheldon lady, June 20. The Catholic school at Wesley closed last Thursday with 123 pupils enrolled. Judge Given of Des Moines will orate on the Fourth at Arnold's Park, Okoboji. The Lu Verne News says Fred Dammann, one of the pioneers, is on the sick list. B. P. Smith lately bought the mother of Gildorsleeve. She died at his farm a week ago. Fred Nehring, a 16-year-old, was drowned in the Des Moines at Estherville last week. Bev. F. T. Douglas of Toledo is likely to be the new Congregational minister at Wesley. ' The Wesley Reporter says Albert Rahm will driye to Texas. That will be a long wagon ride. The Tribune says the plumbing and heating in Capt. W. E. G. Saunders 1 new house will cost over $2,000. Burt Monitor: Grant Ramsey and his father are up from Algona putting up the G. S. Angus new house, They began Monday. The Liverraore Gazette says of the tennis tournament: That Algona club must be a dandy to hold our men down as close as that. Emmetsburg Reporter: Master Russell Cowles of Algona arrived Saturday morning to spend a few days with Master Harold Bagnell. John Hart, who was a famous Swea City ball man two years ago, threw for the Buffalo Center nine last week and shut the Britt nine out. Walter Mansur, a seven-year-old Ledyardite, was kicked by a horse and bis skull was crushed, The doctors took out considerable bone and the boy is alive. Geo, Ehlers got heated at Whittemore while ploughing corn, drank too much cold water, and was out of his head all night. Insanity was feared, but he is all right again. Erometsburg Democrat: We understand Harry Wilson has secured a position as traveling salesman for some Chicago house and that his territory includes some of the largest cities in Iowa. Armstrong Journal: Algona is to have a pop factory. This is a factory that will make temperance drinks, not political reformers. They need something to mix, with Kossuth county drug store whiskey, John Goeddertz started from Sexton to go by wagon out into Dakota. They say he tarried at Einmetsburg so long that tbe water further west didn't agree with him, He was siok at Sanborn and had to come back. Burt Monitor: Gardner Cowles and wife and Mrs, Pr, Shore, in company with a lady friend, came up from Algo^ no Sunday evening to attend the Meth- odlet church. AH three ladies were olfl school roates of Rev, the mile and a half dash. It says: A D. Clarke, banker, of Algona. was judge the first day. He always forgets his per cent, whenever there is a good bofse race on hand Senator Chubb of Algona was one of our most later ested visitors the last day of the races JtfST 30 YEARS AGO, It was 30 years ago Sunday, June 2t that lightning struck the Baptis church steeple. The weather vane wa an elaborate affair made by James Me Intyre add evidently attracted the electric fluid. -?- -f- -4- John G. Smith returned from a trip to Boston. •*••*•+ Asa C. Call was chairman of the com mittee to get up a premium list for thi county fair and called a meeting at hii house, -r- -f- -t- THE UPPER DES MOINES says: While the district court was in session th base ball club was out for practice ever; evening. Judge Ford joined in th game and we found him notonly a gooi judge but a good ball player as well. O. Benschoter and Frank Nicouli advertised as a blacksmith firm an stated to the public that they wer manufacturing "five tooth cultivalor and shovel plows." -f- -5- HW. H. Ingham was agent for Theo L. French of Cedar Falls, handlin wagons and farm machinery. He als advertised a land office. -i- -4- -i- II is curious lo note how fashions i palenl medicines change. In Ihe pas 30 years how many successive heall' savers have been heralded? THE UP PER DES MOINES had a lot of wonder ful remedies lisled in ils columns bac in 1867. Hosteller's slomach billet- is Ihe only one lhal is now even remem bered. Helmbold's Buchu has no fared so well, Ihough in his day Helm bold was one of the wealthiesl men i New York, made so by this wonderfu kidney cure. Who ever heard of Dr Joinville's elixir, or Dr. Sevigne's res lauraleur capillare warranled lo gro whiskers on Ihe smoolhest face in fiv weeks, or Castellar's white liqui enamel lo make a freckled face loo like alabaster, Separator CappLlli tc make hair grow on any bald head, o Crisper Coma for curling Ihe hair o eilher sex inlo waving and glossy ring lels or heavy massive curls? All these were weekly called to Ihe atten tton of the Kossuth pioneer 30 year ago. POLITICAL NOTES. Kossulh gets 16 delegates in the re publican state convention. The tola will bo 1,546. The Clarion Monilor charges ambi lious candidates $5 for announcin Ihem. Il is cheap enough. Calamily Weller boiled- Ihe populis program al Des Moines. He says: " am tired of seeing our Irusled leader continually selling us out." The Vinton Eagle says in every slat where a single board of control for pub lie instilulions has been adopled il ha proved lo be a polilical ring. Britl Tribune; Senator Funk woul be a good man for governor and may some lime gel there if not defeated b injudicious friends in the start. The four counties having the larges representalipn in Ihe Iowa republican slale convention are Polk, 57delegates Linn, 37; Scott, 33; Woodbury, 32, and Potlawallamie, 30. The Neyada Representative say Gov. Drake will be renominated. I adds: The public welfare, Ihe parly inleresl and Governor Drake's persona worlh allimpel to the subordination of differences and to a harmonious ac ceptance of his leadership. Governoi Drake is above Ihe suspicion of corrup molives. He is a thorough republican and a capable business man. He has been in precept and practice a temper ance man, and—though the Eepresen tative would have preferred that he should not have consented to the man ufacluring bill—il has full confidence lhal he will not be a party to further compromises with the liquor Irafflc. He will be confronled in Ihe campaign by a uniled opposilion headed by some aggressive free silver popocrat, He wil" be tbe representative in the canvass of the republican tariff and of the policies of the MoKinleyadminisU-ation. Upon such issues it will not do to quibble. Governor Drake should have in the con* test which the party must face ihe earnest support of all good republicans. Miss Alice 0, Propki, who former* Jy Jived' IB Aigqna, wae married at.Wv* eraflrfl Juae g3 tfi Rev, H, F, Wright pf oprolw, Mje. Steppu w<l MrsG, Johnson and daughter of Algona Mr?. B. G, Hough pf ' Tbe '»•***»••.• !T4 IK -f • /*V f i ** • t ' Gov, Boles' Jv»st Letter. Before the meeting of the recent Des Moines convention Gov. Boiea wrote to Chairman Healey a letter, the opening paragraph of which is as follows: wish I had time this morning to write you more fully my own views as to the aot'ion that ought to be taken by tbe convention on the financial question, I have thought much upon this subject since our defeat last fall, and have reached a conclusion that I know is not shared at present by a very large ma' jority of the members of our party, and yet J am so thoroughly convinced that something must be done along more conservative, lines than una«ftlified free coinage at 18 to I to insure success in the future that I cannot help the ex. preesjonofmy own individual yiewe, boweve.r unpalatable they may seem, to the extreme wing of the silver forces, Briefly stated, jmy own view )s that we . ^tptbeujge of both metale rooney ft! their commercial JObe. .great w^ete »J the FACTIONS WERE AT ODDS, OOtttfcS'T AGBEB AS TO IfSflODS, The Burt Monitor Tells About the Combined Meeting—Other Political Matters. It leaks out that the populists and silver!tea didn't agree at Butt on the county program. The populists have got used to taking a stand and facing the music and they felt that as long as a state ticket was to be put up early in a bold and aggressive manner, there was no reason why a candidate for the legislature should not be named at once. Senator Chubb headed this movement off, urging that it was best to lie low and see what the other fellows did. J. E. Blackford protested and Ernest Bacon told a story, but Senator Chubb carried his point. The Monitor tells the whole story: The seven free silver republicans were about to adjourn when the populists sought to make overtures towards the uniting pf the silver forces, or to draw out some expressions from them, but their beckonings were met with a cold, heartless indifference, but upon Senator Chubb's telling them they were for Bryan first, last and all the time, they had to content themselves with cheering. They were about to adjourn again when Mr. Blackford sounded them as to taking steps toward a permanent county organization. He would be disappointed, he said, if something to that end was not immediately brought about. Senator Chubb then spoke up for the free silver republicans. He said the matter had been considered and it was thought best to wait and see what the enemy was going to do, after which it was most likely another convention would be held, a county ticket put up and a permanent organization perfected. Mr. Blackford admitted that he was not a politician and credited Mr. Chubb with that qualification, but he thought it poor policy to always wait to see what the other fellow was going to do, and he had little faith in such a course. This reminded the chairman of a story he once heard, and he said he would tell it, not as expressing his sentiments on the subject under discussion, but because it came to his mind very forcibly. He said a backwoods preacher selected as a text, "Do unto others as you would have them do to you," but he unfortunately left his bible at home and he put the text "Do unto others before they do youl" This brought down the house, but still it didn't change the situation, and the pending motion to adjourn prevailed. A Bad Lot of Adjectives. If J. M. Farley gets beaten out of the representative nomination this fall he will have a faithful free silver paper to thank for it. In an unguarded moment the Emmetsburg Tribune referred to him as "the hardware king, banker, and lumber prince of Whittemore," and added that he was about to build " a mansion." A worse lot of words to fit the platform adopted at Des Moines couldn't have been put in the same space if the Tribune had tried. Think of a "prince" of any kind, "king" or even " banker" being put up to stand for the utter desolation said to be ravaging the county, and building " mansion" in the midst of it all. Mr. Parley should get the Tribune to retract. In view of the existing situation its statements are almost libellous. E. J. Murtngh Endorsed. Burt Monitor: The U. D. M. says that the democrats are mentioning E. J, Murtagh in connection with legislative honors. E. J. would be a good man for the place. The Sliver Republicans AV111 Win, Wesley Reporter: Possible democratic candidates for legislative honors are Mr. Chrischilles of Algona, Thos, Sherman of Bancroft, and E, J. Murtagh of Burt. THE BIOE-SAVEBY SUIT, Trial In tlie Big Suit, Xi. J. Bice la Bringing, Set for July 5, Sunday's State Register has this note about L, J. Rice's suit against Jas. C. Savory of Des Moines: L. J. Rice, representing himself and a large number of creditors against the American Emigrant company of New York and J. C. Savory of this city, began suit in the district court several weeks ago against W, O. Curtis, assignee, Jas, Callanan, J. C, Savory, and the American Emigrant company to :iave set aside the sale of the claims of nearly all of the creditors of the estate ;o Jas, Callanan, claiming that f raudu- enl misrepresentations had been made whereby they had been induced to sell their claims for 40 cents on the dollar. Saturday Mr, Rice filed an amend- raent to this petition, asking that the arbitration which is about to be entered nto between Assignee Curlis and Messrs. Savery and Callanan be en< oined, and that the order of the court or the arbitration be set aside. Friday the arbitrators met at Major Hoyt Sherman's office for the purpose of be- inning the long task of arbitrating he many entanglements into which he estate has fallen, and to settle the atter between Mr. Savery and Messrs, Calianan and Hubbard, But Mw Savery requested that the arbitration be postponed, as it wag impossible to get Mr. Jngham, one of his principal witnesses, bore. The request was ranted, aod tbe watter was postponed U.Btil July 6. Mr, Riee steps in, a»4 asks that the natter te set aside, He bitrate be decfeed in fraud of the rights of the cfeditofs of the estate of the American Emigrant company Of N6w York and 6f Jas. 0. Savery. The contents of a long letter are included in the amendment, which, it is claimed, Mr. Callanan wrote to Mr. Savery, in which he says he has saved bis estate $123,000, and he believes Mr. Savefy should recognize his friendship and friendly offices. The letter is given to show that Mr. Callanan has been defrauding the creditors by their claims for 40 cents on buying the d up ollar and by concealing the assets of the estate in order that he might get all of the claims into his possession. The prospects are that the case will be long drawn out, and one of more than ordinary interest before it is concluded. BUBQLABY AT WESLEY. Tlie Store of Ed. Kiitoz Entered attd a small Amount of cash Taken— Other Wesley News. WESLEY, June 29.—Some time last Saturday night someone broke into Kunz' store. The money drawers were broken open and the loose change that was left from the evening before was laken, amounling lo aboul $10 or $12. There seems lo be nolhing else missing. However, Ihere might have been a number of articles taken which would not be missed among so large a stock as they carry. The burglar entered by removing a light of glass from one of the back windows. There is no clew to who it was, but it is supposed to be the work of some Iramp, as several were seen hovering aroung during Ihe day previous. We had anolher good rain Monday night lhat has soaked the ground up in good shape. Quite a number of our Wesley people will go to Algona to celebrate the Fourlh Ihis year. If H is a good day Algona can look for a good delegation from here. Frank Heal has been oul west on a business trip for the past week. David Price was over from Buffalo Center and stayed Sunday with his friends here. Rev. C. E. Plummer and family are atlending the districl campmeeting al Belmond this week. They will relurn home Salurday. Miss Anna D. Brown leclured here Saturday and Sunday in behalf of Ihe W. C. T. U. Miss Brown gave us a very enlerlaining talk along the line of work she is representing, and had a full house Sunday morning and evening. She succeeded in organizing a W. C. T. U. society here. Master Frank Hay ward of Vinton is here visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Gillespie, and uncle, W. A. Gillespie. wick carefully oft top of beibg careful that the even and true. Take .„„ „„„ , and plafce theta as neaHy level AB &t°£ ajWWoek of a smooth i Then take a 26-pound " - 8 ost careful to hit them squat-el* each one in this way and we it will not harm the tree. ah death to the bug. The Impact top brick on the medulla produces concussion of the brain s!, ata use electricity. Firmly clamp ah £ trie Hght wire to the bug's P hi" d T and let the current on; this is elp buggery, and Ss quite painless. B ensues from the sudden shock to nervous system. None of these ods will harm the tree, ALGONA MAN GOES TO BEITT, John Ostruitt Has Bought the fcw« TiJe Wofks-A Good Field, The Britt News says John Ostrtim will leave Algona. He has bought the brick and tile plant there. It adds; He came over early last weeK and began the work of preparation for the season's campaign and is now 'running in full blast. Mr. Ostrum is a practi* cal brick maker of almost life-long experience and thinks he knows how to obviate the difficulties encountered by former operators of the plant. He savs he has made saleable brick from much worse clay and is sure of success here If he shall prove to be correct in his judgment there is no reason why he need not have a prosperous business here, and we gladly welcome him to our industrial commonwealth. His business will afford employment to several laboring men during the summer months, and will, enable our people in building their new homes and business houses to obtain an excellent quality of brick at very reasonable rates, while to the farmers who need drainage tile it will be a boon which will add many dollars to the value of their farms. OHASaED. Fred. Dammann of LuVerno "Wants Max Miller Held on a Serious Charge. Max. Miller, an old resident of Sherman township, is held by 'Squire Clarke for trial July 5, charged with putting poison in some beer drank by his brother-in-law, Fred. Dammann. S. S. Sessions will defend. Dammann is one of the county's old settlers, and for some years has been very feeble. The beer made him sick, and he suspected poison. The reason the beer made him sick is said to be that he was already well filled with whiskey. PEOM BAILEY'S POINT OF VIEW. Some .Paragraphs From the Brltt Tribune of Local Interest. Forest City has a young man with a head of hair that has to be combed on a "vacant block." A few years ago it started to grow at right angles to the base of supplies and now Barnum's bushmen and his wild men from the isle of Borneo would grow green with envy at sight of the lusus naturae. He has to wear an umbrella for a hat and when an electrical storm comes up his friends anchor him to earth to prevent him from flying. There is said to be electricity enough in his head of hair to run a street oar four blocks. + •*••*• Frank Kernan of Wesley is a candidate for county treasurer. We hope he'll get there, and we are going to send our devil to Wesley to vote for him. He will make Kossuth a good officer and is all right. •*- -7- -7- 'Squire Clarke over at Algona sentenced Mike Hubbard to 30 days on the street for pounding one Blinkman. Thirty days' street work such weather as this will do a good lot towards getting that "pugilistic feeling" out of a man's blood, We wouldn't lick a man in Algona if he sassed us two hours if that's the kind of a police justice thev keep, J •*••*•+ A young man in Britt kissed his hon-a-lulu" a dozen times iir quick e> and then ccssonhe othe inquired if she really loved 'him. As soon as the young lady could catch her breath she replied, "Well, you don't supposed I am enduring this for my health, do you?" and confidence was restored, •*• / < A v ? a , ther * D e of faithful was held in •*• remains of the opera hall Satur pera a atur- day last when delegates were selected to e " to attend the M , oln ss. reat what is it?" at Some were for "free * were not ' bu * »U were agreed that they were still democrats and pretty mighty still too, Ike Sweigard was one of the king bees, Ike has been a democrat so long now that he more than half belieyesln the tZte of the party so far as he can locate them and get them scheduled, These were tbe simon pure XXX Hennessy brand® with Bryan flyblown in their ve pads, generally Boies seemed to he, fipurt that 3m Gs-llmm b,e b,eid to to t.he assignee, §nd that he) to turn over tbe assets in to bug* belonging to the state, a4eoree their liver speaking. Horace be about the Sly * °°« ld *tak otto 8 Sw&rnatorial chair, and t blame them for that. General JaeHson 8 dead, and the most the other democrats that have eve? been of are sound money ° THE MONTH'S MAGAZINES. The July number of the Annals of Iowa is one of great inlerest. It has a history of the Grinnell cyclone, a history of the old military posl al Forl Madison, three sketches of Indian experiences, etc. Dr. Sailer, the veteran Congregationalist who was at the Algona meeling a few weeks ago, writes aboul how Burlinglon became the capilol of the state. The Annals costs but SI a year, and everyone in Iowa ought to receive it. •*-•*•-*• Scribner's for July has an inlerest- ing account of Ihe sky-scraping business, blocks now going up in Ihe cilies, how Ihey are built, etc. "Oavandish" tells about whist fads and whal they amount to Stories, poems, a sketch of Cabot, the first discoverer of the American mainland, etc. make up the number. -*--}--*While Ihree short stories of unusual merit are a distinct feature of the July Atlantic, still this issue contains aside from excellent fiction articles of permanent interest and value. Prof. Woodrow Wilson of Princeton university contributes an article upon the "Making of the Nation," and asks the perplexing question, what is Americanism? -J- -5- -f- A group of papers which gives individuality to the July 'Century deals with the hunting of large game. Mr. H. W. Seton-Karr describes his experiences after big game In Africa and India, including the hunting of rhinoceros and tiger, and particularly his experiences in hunting with an Indian prince. Mr. William Willard Howard, well known as a correspondent in Armenia, writes of "Hunting the Jaguar in Venezuela," and there is an article with curious illustrations on "Sports in the Seventeenth Century," including fox-tossing, a deer drive, etc. -S- -!- -f- St. Nicholas has a Fourth of July flavor. Among the contenls is given a facsimile of a letter by Gen. Washington, in which the father of his country confesses to the loss of his favorite pocket knife, just like any school boy of today. The City Council. ALGONA, June 26.—The city council met in regular session at the city hall, Mayor Chrischilles in the chuir. Members present, White, Vesper, Dingley, MoMahon, Paine, Slagle, Chapin, and Sayers,- Absent none. Minutes of the previous meeting read and approved. Moved and seconded thai ihe following approved bills be allowed and warrants drawn on the treasurer for same: A. P. Hall, meals R igo A. F. Dalley, work on well ' 5000 Walker Bros,, groceries.....,,,, 775 A. H, Naudaln,coal 6388 M-Starr, printing ana publishing.,,,. 6 75 Schrader& Dugau, labor ana supplies. 3 50 J. W. Robinson, hardware .:,,,,.,. 7 85 W. J. Stevens, laying tile 17 25 A- Y. McDonald, water works supplies 6 63 W. H, Koran, salary „.;.., 40 00 N. Grounnall, labor . 280 "W. V. Oarlon, street work. 5625 L.Koran,salary,etc ,,......,,. 4310 Wm. Miller, lighting lamps 20 00 D, A, Archabald, pumping nights 4 20 C. D. Best, hauling...,,,.;...;. 100 E. Ollfton, expenses as expert 17 3& Brownell & Allred, mdse 4 50 0, A. Telller, surveying. 3 50 O. Falkenhalner, mdse 4 60 Standard Oil Co,, oil 465 J. A. Hamilton & Oo,, lumber 196 08 Ayes—White, Vesper, Dingley, Mo- Mahon, Paine, Slagle, Ohapin, Sayers, Noes—none. Carried, Moved and seconded that the rules be suspended and ordinance No. 17 be placed on its final passage. Carried. Moved and seconded that the ordi' nance AS read do pass. Ayes—White, Vesper, Dingley, MoMahon, Paine, Slagle, Chapin, Sayers, Noes—none, Carried, On motion the council adjourned. J. ti. DONAROO, City Clerk, we Bring on The Courier wants the candidates to wake up a float f°F Fourth. They will do it if tbe 4 orate will load up another with «ttm. repubjioans holding tike reine ua« ing the wagon, ' . ANtfUALj assp.c 'to 9,

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