The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 23, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 23, 1897
Page 7
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.,,. tfl ** Conation leaver the Stopaters at Beater, 'Mimltorf &«d Salt Lake fl Bhd their iriehds whb gaar&fitfe«Sd & Comfort. fla8 se<« (by daylight) tes ever known: to Bftti Prfenclsco, KswFrfthclseotoO Seconding!? 1-edUcel rates from ind descriptive matter Write to A. J). Kinder, ' i, Gen'l Pass'f Agt., Neb. •womaii recently passed nu exam- fche Louisiana, Board of Medical an'd ii now licensed to practice A OttE.4* the Flag Brand Chicory, ninmi- y the American Chicory Com of Omaha, Nebraska, you can cut votir coffee bill 25 por cent, besides - aving the drink. You -will find it , -wholesome and agreeable. Fdtf tufe Gold lacing Js eftcctU-ely used on boleros. \ ftschu In vogue is of fine em- btoldered muslin. Floral patterns abound In' cdtton grenadines ahd lace lawns. Two buckles, one on each side, form a novel effect in'lcather belts. A touch of cerise velvet is seeii' on one-half the imported costumes. Fine jot embroidery is beautiful on continental hats of fancy straw. Many Jackets are of white cloth, with gold or black scroll braiding. For the gauze or grenadine gown, the accordion or sun-plaited skirt is "the' 1 thing. Yellow and gray are a favorite com- Hftation for gowns, hats and acces- MAtt ERS OP , VOTEES OP tHE tO t5E« . Riutlcnt litpitVlUtfe In thfe fttfitltoiU of THuiiriiiUlnB 1'otfer—Nfcw Caf>16 Cycle «n llic- Jtnfrkct— fiotfr of Stfeft Ifato iiecomo ftinion* \Vheotfti6n. RADICAL departure in the method of t r a h s m Ittlttg power on bicycles is shown in the cable cycle recently placed on the market, and showing It will make under hard usage will be " somewhat pectiiiftt. the afetlvS tlon of the affairs d! the leagtrt Is 1ft the haftds «! a fetfr men xfrio are iftl- Inied with the traditional English aversion to racing upoft the league tiacks. The majority of league meft are h&srtlly In farof of rdctng, ahd the men who pull the wires are opposed, arid have carried their objections ihtci' effect. MAP m& ttlft tm 'fcetta* Ff ditt dft$ o£ Mf§. ^Iftkhaffi's the trdfa!). afi VTitggs— Well, I've sold two things so far to-day. Daggs— What were they? Waggs— A horse, and the man who bought Ask your grocer for Flog Brand Chicory hiitno in pound packages. If he does not keep i'l write the factory. Samples nlailed ! free on application I' A ereat revival is In progress at Yuba nam Cal. The neighboring tow n of Devil's Oulcii is jealous. opment of ft school from eranll beginning* rational institution, is directly trnco- watched terest, with in although . M to » <*ntul selection of tho liott ability ami i ntfl attention to tho details of administration. No motion In so favoi ably known In this respect as th« * w BWtAKD CoSBBnVATonv OK Music In BOSTON iriili nearly ••million dollars Invented id Its maRntlV ntlmlldltiB8,and w«h «w«os In music and elocn !f « »nl practical instruction in ptafto tmd organ iUSni the I culvantattes offered ave unparallelod, ami '.ffiovond qutatlon that tlie student r*n make no Kkc who selects thl« school In mefeience to any : '"(her, at home or abroad. _ _ A five-cent ttamp must adorn every daybook ledger, or other account book kept by a business house in Mexico. Hall's Catarrh Care ', Jg taken internally. Price, 75c. Slnglng girls from' Beloit college expect to tour the country next year in the fohli- ion of the Harvard and Yale Glee clubs. ioWA FAHMS For SttlB on crop payment, fl per noro cash, balance & 'crop yearly until paid for. J. MULHALt,, WttuUegan, 111. We waste so much ttmo'thmkiiiR wo are tblnkinK tlmt wo really don't think what we think we think. Dropsy treated free by JJr. H. H. Green's Sons, of Atlanta, Ga. Tho greatest dropsy specialists in the world. Road their advertisement in another column of this paper. The United States acreage in grain is greater than the entire area of the Gorman empire. • To Cure Constipation Forever TnkB Cnscnrets Cnndy Cutlmrtlc. lOoorSoo. C. C. C. 1'all to cure, Uruculsts refund uiouoy. Lost child (to policeman) Pleasosir. have you seeu a man without a little boy; Caubo if you have, I's that little Jboy. Millet. Bnckwueat' uncl oilier scuds, lowest prices. Bttlnor Seed Co., Ln Crosso, Wis. Hand-painted shirt fronts are considered jujte dressy by many of the London fops. Dr. Kay's Renovator is perfectly safe, mild, and yet certain in effect. h$ee advt. It is now thought Satan told Eve apples were good for her complexion. W. N. U, Des Moines. No. 26—1897. When answering advertisements plcuso mention this paper. "A Ilntuile of Nerves," This term is of ten applied to people whoso nerves -are abnormally sensitive. They should Btrengfjon them with Hostetter'si Stomach Bitters. After a course of that benign tonic, they will cease to bo conscious that they have nervous systems, except through agreeable sensations. It will enable them to eat, sleep and digest well, the Miree media for increasing tone and vigor n the nerves, in common with the rest of ;iio system. The mental worry begotten by nervous dyspepsia will also "disappear. A OliccrlcBS Invitation. Youugback—Hello, old man, Glad to sec you. Come in and make yourself tit houio. Henpeck—Humph I If you can't make ue any more comfortable thnu that IRUCSS I won't stay. SllllKO llllu .Vultr MlOLT. Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for tin feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting feet and instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions. It is tlie greatest comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight-fitting or new shoos feel easy. It is a certaiu cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By mall for 25c in stamps. -Trial package FREE. Address Allen--S. Ol'msted, Le Roy, N. Y. An Obedient Hoy. "You know I told "Johnny I wanted him to make his next .essay a hummer," "Yes." "What does tho little rascal do but write half a page about u bum. saw." the experimental wheel 19 said to have been riden successful^ last season, says a writer in. the Washington Star. Both sprocket wheels differ from the accepted pattern. The front sprocket is about ten inches in diameter, consisting of a hub and rim. connected by tangent spokes, similar to the rear and front wheels. The rim of the sprocket IB %-lnch wide. Three inches apart on its surface are the slots, 3-16 Inch Wide and C-16 long. At each end of these siots is a tooth, projecting one-quarter inch. The roar sprocket is similar except that its arms are solid. The pitch of the teeth, If they may be.called such, is three Inches, there being five slots on the rear sprocket. The driving cable is made of piano wire, r.nd Is said to be able to sustain a dead weight of a ton. Two strands of the wire are used, passing through rollers at rmch distances apart that the rollers nt into the slots in the sprockets. The wire is crossed as it passes through each roller, thus preventing the roller from slipping. Claims of lightness, strength and frlctlonlcss running aro made. The bearings are of the four-ball order, %inch balls in a ball retaining separator being used. No oil is required, and the bearing is practically two-point. IKm't Tobacco Spit mid Smote Your litre .Iwny. To quit tobacco easily and forever, be magnetic, full o£ life, nerve and vigor, tako No- To-Bac, the wonder-worker that makes weak men strong. All druggists, SOcor SI, Cum guaranteed. Booklet and sample free; mld.- BterlinR Kemedy Co., Chicago or New York. A. farmer in New York estimates his gain at $1.25 per acre by the improvement of roads. Piso's Cure for Consumption has been a God'Send to me.—Wm. B. MoClellau, Chester, Florida, Sept. 17, 1S95. Rest satisfied with doing well and leave others to. t->lk of you as they please. No-To-Buo for Fifty Cents. Gunrnnlcecl tobncco habit euro, makes weak mon. suong, blood puru. 60c, gl. All druKglsts. No man ever gets quite UK close to God us he does when his little child is sick. Queen Victoria is said to havo,!35 state carriages. choose the old doctor before the young; one. Why ? Because you don't-want to entrust your life in inexperienced hands. True, the young; doctor may be experienced. But the old doctor jnnst be. You take no chances with Dr. Maybe, when )ir. Mustbe is in reach.. Same with medicines as with medicme makers-- the long-tried remedy has your confidence. You prefer experience to experiment—when you are concerned. The new remedy may be good — but let somebody else prove it. The old remedy must be good—Judged on its record of cures. Just one more reason for choosing AVER'S Sarsaparilla in preference to any other. It has been the standard household sarsaparilla for half a century. Ijs record inspires confidence — 5O years of cures. If others may be good, Ayer's Sarsaparilla must be. You take no chances when you take AYER'S Sarsaparilla. FLUSH JOINT STRENGTH Our Columbia 5 per cent. Nickel Steel Tubing shows a tensile strength of over 100,000 pounds to the square inch; 50 carbon tubing used in Hartford bicycles shows about 75,ooo pounds to the square inch, and 25 carbon tubing-ordinarily used in s about 55,ooo pounds to the square inch, Y»t f. nl " mbla Patent Flush Joint Frame Connedions are very much stronger Ivwlbanour celebrated 5 per cent. Nickel Steel Tubing— a convincing proof of the extraordinary strength Pf Columbia j?lu§h Joint? A Snfn Sport, The recent death of A. W. ttarrls, the Ehgllsh racing ftifth, resulting from a fall in a race en a cement track, has provoked cofaitneiit ttpoh the dangers of bicycle racing, and also the use of ct-ment tracks. A well-ktioWh rider Ih discussing this sttbject claims that cycle racing is about the safest sport for men yet invented. This fact he claims is 'exemplified When It is takeh Into consideration the hundreds Whrt compete iu races each week, the terrific speed at which they travel, the excitement inseparable from such contests and the imperfections of some of the tracks in use. Wonder Is excited that thefe are not more accidents, and that the few which do occur are not more serious. Racing men entertain hopes that the few serious accidents that take place will have the effect of bringing cycling clubs and racing associations to a realization of the few dangers that now exist, in order that they may be eliminated. The suitability of tracks and the overcrowding of the same, particularly in short distance races, are points that should engage the attention of the racing authorities. Improved tracks and competent ofll- cials nt race meets, It Is felt, will soon mitigate the small chances of accident that now exist. Stnubuoli's Mcital. The Century Road Club of America has awarded to C. P. Staubach of New York City the 1890 New York State me- Duly of tlio Stars. In the preparation for the San Francisco meet last spring It was very uncertain as to who of the great eastern cracks would be present. Several were advertised for a time. It was the showing of pictures of these by means of a stercopticon on the side of a building that brought the remark, "How little Gardiner knows of the advertising that is being given him way out here in San Francisc-j. Here is his picture being published in 'n city in which he has never been. He is well known here in San Francisco, though never present at a meet in this part of the country." "You will find the pictures' of the prominent racing men shown all over the country, in stores and in private dwellings, yet the people who place these pictures where they may be seen by thousands have never seen the men. Racing men of today are from the ordinary, walks of life. They.would never be heard of were in not for their racing. Ordinarily they would be .concerned in'commercial pursuits. Johnson, Zimmerman, Bald, Cooper, Gardiner and many others are well known throughout the length and breadth of their'. own land, and of foreign Especially is this so with Johnson and Zimmerman, owing to the. length of time they have been in the business. It is a' fact that the racing men of the country do not recognize the prominence they obtain in this world, in which they are compelled to live, through the part they take in the sport. Advertised by the makers who employ them, advertised through the stories of tlie races which go out and by the cycle papers which circulate to the ends of the earth, they should conduct themselves in the sport as gentlemen at all times, and bring the standard up to the highest limit, "An unworthy man may degrade an honorable calling or a superior man may elevate an occupation \o his own standing," loolt ff6sh afld It is Mdictilotis to Suppose thai sucli a difficulty cafl toe sup'pof t like ft pessary.- „ > Artificial snpptH-fs ifiako matters tvofsCj for they take Swny fell the cfrteoS' •,-, of the" iigftffienls recWcflng their" vigor ftlitl tone, tlse strengthens) iufe lifa j ' ^ Merits have a work td do. , 'V V '-" If they grow flabby ftnd refttsd to hold tltis weflto ift",': place, thefe is but one remedy, anct that is tdstfe'flffcMrt " their fibres ahd draw the cords bsick liitd theft? iiolriiilttL t condition, thus righting the position of the WolflW. ... Lydia fi. IMhkham's Vegetable Cortipoitnd ih d<*si#&ed, ' especially fo? this purpose, and. taken irt 'edntfe'ctidft' with lift* Sanative Wash, applied localty, Will lofcg **** tlio Uterine system ( strengthening the tioftla Ot' " mettts which hold up the womb. Any woman who suspects that she lias this 1 *-and she will know it by fl. drugging weight 1 itif.ine „ lower abdomen, irritability of tlie bladder itfid fecttiifa, great • fatigue in Walking, and leucot'rliOBfc'^fcliOulrt ' promptly commence the Usti of Lydin, 13. finkhaln'B Vegetable Compound. If the case is stubborn^ Write to Mrs. Pinhham, Lynn., Mass., stating freely all Byjnp"- toms. You will receive a prompt letter of ttdvico fi'eo of charge. All letters are rend ahd answered by \Vo* toon only. Tho following letter relates to an -unusually severe caso of displacement of tho womb) which was cured by tho Pinklmm remedies. Surely it is convincing: "Lydia 13. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and Blood Purifier cured mo when the doc* tors had given me tip. I bad spent bun« dreds of dollars searching for a cure, but found lit* tlcor norelief until I began the iMnkhamremedies. I had falling and displacement of tho womb so badly thai, - for two years I could not walk across tlte floor. I also had pro' mse menstruation, kidney, liver, and'stomach trouble. The doctors said my case was hopeless. I had taken only four bottles of th« Vegetable Compound and one'of th6 Blood Purifier'when'I felt like a new person. 1 am now cured, much to the surprise of my friends, for they all gave mo tip to die. Now many of my lady friends arc using Lydia B. Hnkhata'a Vegetable Compound through my recommendation, and are regaining health. It has also cured my little son of kidney trouble. I would advise every suffering woman in the land to write taMrs. Pinkham for aid.'—Mns. EMMA PASQUOIIN, Alanson, Mich. C. P. STAUBACH. dal for the most meritorious ride ol last year. On June 7, 1896, Staubach rode'a'double century to Philadelphia and return, establishing a new record for the course, the flrst time that the ride has ever been made in one day. WORTH QUOTING. Tho average weight of a man's skeleton is fourteen pounds^ All the human beings that ever lived could find standing room in Pennsylvania. It is estimated that the death rate of the world is sixty-seven a minute, and the birth rate seventy a m'inuto. If all the men, women and children In the United States were single file they would not reach half .way round the world. Tho prison population of India, largo as it is, is only 38 per 100,000 inhabitants, or leus than half the proportion that prevails in .Great Britain. On a globe thirty miles in circumference it would take the'strongest microscope to find a man wevo he re- duoed proportionately. — - A Mew Definition. "Papa, what does 'In the swim' mean?" asked Willie. "feeing ablo to keep your head above water," was the answer. fcoo'n S SO tVJcetcrn "Wheel "Works c/C*. M A K E R S «*tN> CfiICA GO >Li INOIS CATA L9GVE FREE •*.a 1 -74? ' :m fl $9 - - v « -v j •I • ; i ;/njJ Cnt»l>njf c •Worms, . IT Potato BURS, nntl nil forms of Inm'Ot lITe. liurnil«»n to ntuuor liennl. Will not lujurotbo moHtdi-llcuiuplnntii. ' Gray Mineral Ash B fully .wa'fantcd whoro directions nre followed;-. Fcnrt oroiii' llttlo" Dug Book." itinny save yoiilotsof monuy. National Mining and Milling Co., Baltimore, Md. Carried in stoclc by all lending wiioloiiilfl Cliuugre of Henry E. Duiker, of Boston, who is one of the veteran race managers in this country and who has at limes filled various offices in tho Jj. A. W., is a strong advocate of the league as the II. E. PUCKER, controlling power in racing, years ago Duckev headed a movement tp take the control of racing frqin tfte league,but the attempt was & faille ftfld, Ws study of> tbe gubMt grtcg.Ji^ pletely chawsfft W? viejvi- XT "" » ", _ W Tlio Hlfflit or Way. Notwithstanding all that has been said and written upon the subject of cy- cling'etiquette, it is Impossible for an observant cyclist to spend an afternoon on tho road without noticing some violation of simple rules that should by this time be thoroughly impressed upon the cycling kind. The rule of the road that is centuries older than bicycles, regarding turning to the right when meeting a vehicle or pedestrian,: is for the most part carefully observed, the violations being few and far between, exceping in cases where combinations of vehicles make the strict observance of the rules Impossible, The rule which should be no less well known is, strange to say, frequently violated both by drivers and bicyclers, that }s,, when overtaking another vehicle or bicycle, its rider should pass to the left. In a short ride on a much traveled Jersey road the'writer saw a number of instances of violation of'thfa simple rule, Tho violations of the rule were mainly by scorchers, of course. They aro always a nuisance on any road, and in their recklessness do not seem to regard any rule as worth regarding. Some of these violators noticed were, Iwyever, men who could not be classed with the scorchers, These two rules are simple enough and should be second nature with every bicycle rider, and It is indeed surprislny to see how frequently the second one is violated, Tho danger of collision is greatly increased because of tjie uuox' pectedness of an approach from the wrong side, often causing a beginner to wabble into the wheel of the rider who has thoughtlessly broken the rules oj the road. JStllaou's Cycle motor, "Horseless carriage motors don'l bother we," said'Wizard Edison at hU borne in Llewellyn Park, West Orange, the other day to a reporter. "For some time past I ceased experimenting on tl;< motor, but •there is po doubt that motors can be put on tho warlcet to cosl from §1.?5 up. It ia the future propelling power, in my ynind, AS soon as other t^ngs are put of my way I will take up the experiments agajn. -I am son>e of njy leisure time ex- on s, njotor trlcycje. It j? p, good thing, and, human propelling powev will l}e ov(t of stebt, J propose » tricycle fpr njy own, use.. J Jb,e P a Ft$ WQWj Rfld as aooo aa tiro? WNJ jf Wit jne to get tb.e jj [B tlio oldest and best. It will break up a cold quicKO! than anything et»c, It is'alwayureliable. Try it. Judge Abraham Marica, who is still practicing law in Kansas, is the original of "Lawyer Marks" m Uncle Tom's Cabin. Mrs. Wlnslow'H SootMngr Syrup Por children teetliliiK.BOl'tona tho Kuma.redutos Inflam- n, eurou wind collc.»SD contu a bottlo. MA COLLEGE i LAW, Offers special advautngCR to young persons wishing to become lawyers. For catalogue writo Puoi'. P. S. MoNi/'TT, Des Hfoiues, la ENSIGNS, PATENTS, CLAIMS. 'JOHN W. MORRIS, WASHINGTON, 0,0, LtXe Principal Bzwnlnor U. B. Peniion Bureau. NEW DISCOVERY; §!?«• „ _ „ __ _ <init:l( lollol" ami uuiL'Hwoist onsen. Bcnil for tiook of tcMthinmlala mid 10 days' treatment Free. l)r.', Atlanta, U». A teaspoonful of microbes contains more than .4,000,000 individuals. Kilnonto. Your llou'ola AVlth Ciisonrotg, rnnrty, Cathnrliq, euro constipation forever, lOo, 11 C. 'C. C. lull, UriigglsU'refund money. In Great Britain the daily cost of a laborer's food is 45 per cent of his wages; in : the United States 88 per cent. A huge cyprehs tree in. Tule. in the state o£ Oaxaca, Mexico, is 104 feot iu circunifer- euce, , sc iul- SUMER TOURS VIA •;•? 'M •If Ji TO '•-THE MOUNTAINS, LAKES and SEASHORE, Rpocial Low Hates will be in effect to Put-in-Bay, Islauda of Lake 15rio, Lako Chautauqua, Niagara KallH, Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence Blvor, Adirpndackh, Lake George, Now England Resorts, New tr-r _ „»_ J 11 n n4-n« rp,» <li/i /3fttn f 1 .nlrUkt Try Grain=0! TryQrain-0! Ask your Grocer to-day to show you a package of - GRAIN-O, the now food drink that takes the placo of coffee. > The children may drink It without injury as well as the adult. All who try it, like it. GRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and the most dellcato stomach receives it without distress. U tho price of coffee, 15 cents and 25 cents jper package. Bold by nil grocers, Tastes HKe Coffee Looks Hke Coffee York and Boston. To the Great Cleveland, Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit. Benton Harbor, Mt. Clemens, Mackinac and Michigan Resorts, To tho Northwest and West via 8t. Louis and Chicago. For rates, routes, time of trains and full particulars applv to any agent "Bid Foiw ROUTE," or address E. 0. McCORMICK, Passenger Traffic Manager "Big Four," Cincinnati, 0. On the occasion of the Christtun Epileavor Convention in July, tfto Santft Fe Route will ?oll urBt-oluss tlcjcett. from Kaostis City to San Francisco, Southern C8lirornl» or m- firmedlate points, at rate of SO whioh will ivlso apply in the reverse direction. Anyone may Iniy: pleasure soafcor. home bother, UeaHU sooiier, fortune seoUori or attendant pn tho gonven- lion. For floiflllefl information ye(?oyd- inw dates of biile etc., and iijuttrutea books descriptive of scenes along tho Santu Fe poute. apply to uny HBI nt, of tbin line, or to tuo muctorsignea. W. J. BLACK, 0. r. J,, i T. * S. F, By, Kwpi 144,9U) & Jwisos Sis,, SANTA FE . be, .co^stru4e4 ujjijar fhj ' @I)R. KAY'S BENQVATQI!?' REV. J. B. WADE, of CONSTIPATION,

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