The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 23, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 23, 1897
Page 5
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'" ''' ' " -^ '*' >',, ^V- *-' '- '- •; • ''"" •"'• • '•'-?' ' • HK ' ," ^V^A^ • -J\.^'-'>. t -y^_. THE tJPHBft fiEg M01M1S! AWOMA, IOWA , BBAttY WOBt, OHHfflB, style-A Gtwd *Htte Spite at the Meat. ia was — c, BJ . The sun shone hot brttthe BU n kaew it was the only chance of the Mar at lots of the Workmen. It slz- led and fried them as much as it could M make Up for lost time, But even Ae sutt couldn't spoil the fun, and the n j u mped tip two .Inches fairly atoning the prize on the long* high, lid broad jump altogether, if ttot in* deed the hop-sklp'jufnp also. The Workmen were out in force. Algona went up with the band and fur-. Dished entertainment, even If she did eet pulled clear across the line in ; the tug of war. The big tent was up. Rev. Landts made a splended little address, nd Rev Greensbields also. Dinner preceded th'e sports and then in spite & hnnt everybody pitched in to see SowTamehecouldgetin the shortest time possible. The contests were amusing and lively and^ the winners are listed below: One hundred yard foot race, Jas. Stow, first; Bert Hal- bok, second. Fifty, yard race, ladies, Mrs Ladendorf, first; Mrs. .Fred Fulter, second. Running high jump, Fred Shaeffer, first; W. H. Clark, second. Standing high jump, W. H. Clark, first; Jas. Stow, second. Running long iump, Thad Vincent, first; Jas. Stow, second. Standing long jump, Thad Vincent. Three legged race, Stow and Bartlett, first; Nolte and Vincent, second Putting 16-pound shot, Frank Jenidnson, first; Jas. Allen second. Throwing 16-pound nammer, W. V. Carlon Throwing base ball, ladles, Mrs Ward, first; Ida Blanchard, second. Drlvingnall, ladies, Mrs. Marble, first- Mrs. Ward second. Half-mile bicycle race, Fred. Fuller, first; Jas. Stow, second. In the ball game Burt mopped the eround with Algona, 21 to 9, In the tug of war Burt yanked our boys over the line. , , • , , Along about 7 o'clock a tired, sweaty, but happv crowd lined the roads in all .directions glad that they had been at Burt. • THE RIPE-TAYLOR WEDDING, A Large Party of Friends Extend Congratulations to Miss Minnie Rico and Guy L. Taylor. The pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rice, in Plum Creek, was filled last Wednesday afternoon with friends who came to witness the marriage of their second daughter, Minnie, to Guy L. Taylor. At four o'clock Miss Gertie Paine began the strains of the wedding march, and the bride and groom soon Blood under a floral bell, while Rev. Landis read the impressive service that united them. Hearty congratulations, elegant refreshments and a social visit occupied the remaining hours of the beautiful afternoon. Both^ bride and groom were born where their parents now live, and have grown up in deserved popularity among their associates. No families are better known or more hfghly respected than theirs, and no young couple starts out with brighter prospects. Elegant presents in profusion testified to the esteem of all, and under the auspices of a brilliant June day, amid festoons of flowers and ferns, surrounded by the companions of a life time, and cheered by the good wishes of the community, they assumed the vows of a life whose blessedness and happiness are assured, The young people had driven to the Kioe home in a big carry-all. This was decorated with flowers and white ribbons, and the bride and groom were brought in it to their home on Elm street, where they found everything in readiness and awaiting them, and where they at once assumed the responsibilities of housekeeping, HAPPILY BEOTITED. Joun Lllllbrldtre and Wife Furnish the County a Sensation and Then Resume Marital Relations, Mrs. John Lilllbridge got a divorce from her husb'and at the first spring term of court, to which he consented. The first sign that John was sick of his bargain was his suit against his brother for $10,000 damages for alienating his wife's affections. This was settled up, The second sign, and most conclusive, is John's going to Eldora and persuading his wife to get married again, They were divorced March 31 and were married June 6. SEMI-LOOAIi NEWS HQTE8. The Nevada Representative welcomes Rev, Innis as follows; He is a young man of most excellent promise ana made a very favorable impression when he preached here two weeks ago, • The action of the society in calling him was entirely harmonious and he will enter upon his work here under favorable conditions, J.H"* "uiuneuBm hOfnS. - ttlfe had figged uft the a kernel o! corn at one «ne card at the otheh The «. ^ — ate tne Cor6 a "d cat-Mod homfc the message. •4- •!_ r-t-u oMf. and Mrs. ft. A. Bruns of Ramsey Went to Buffalo Center last week to ml lhe ,° a11 game, and took the baby. When they started home the little one was well as usual. No one noticed anything wrong till they got out of the wagon. Then the baby was dead. Prof. L. G. Smith of PawPaw, 111., Mrs, E. J.Gilmore's brother, played the pipe organ at the Methodist church in Etntaetsburg, Sunday, a week ago. The Reporter says: Prof. Smith is an accomplished performer, and greatly delighted the congregation. He Is now thinking of settling in Algona, in which case he would probably teach a few private students here. Mr. Smith's knowledge is so exact that it is to be hoped this arrangement will be carried out. •*•-*••»Over in Clay county the supervisors are taking steps to recover from the official county papers for padding out the proceedings. They claim that leading is illegal. -*- -i- •*• Old Algona acquaintances of Rev. and Mrs. Glass will be interested in this note from the Spencer Reporter: "The many friends of Miss Almee Luella Glass in Spencer will be pleased to learn that she was married yesterday, the 16th, in the M. E. church at Manson to Mr, Charles E. Bale, the bride's father, Rev. R. C. Glass, officiating. Mr. Bale is the cashier of the Calhoun County .bank. The happy couple started at once on a bridal trip, and will visit Chicago and Streator, 111., take a lake trip and return home and settle down to house-keeping. J. P. KENEFICK will be here July 1 with his horses, and take possession of the fair race track. He brings an experienced horse trainer and driver, who will break colts and train horses for all who desire it. Tlffi MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C: Call, Algona, Iowa. One Price to All. Cleaning watches. $1; best main springs $1. All work warranted. E. G. BOWYER, Boston Block. WHEN out looking for crockery and lamps don't miss calling on GROVE & SON. The Wesley band which will pl&y at the celebration la & good One. Leo Puesthet has a lot of floats af< ranged for the celebration parade. Mr, and Mrs, J. H, Wtibuf visited their daughter in Armstrong last week. The industrial parade on the Fourth will march through town before going to the fair grounds. Rev. Innes annonnces that services will be held at Irvlngton next Sunday at 8 p. m, instead of 3 p. m. . Marriage licenses have been Issued to C. W. Hart and Laura A. WilHanw, Chas. Baas and Anna Krohabefg. Joe Stell Is prepared to make everybody presentable for the celebration and leave them with money in their clothes. Everything will be free at the celebration down to, and including ice water. Beyond that everybody looks out for himself. Admission to the fair grounds for the Fourth of July celebration will be free to miin and beast. All the show will be as free as the air. S. B. Reed is up from Des Moines for a visit. He says the dairy business is growing In the south and middle of the state faster riow than in the north. •C. C. Chubb has been invited to a gathering at Ruthven to organize a farmers' association. W. E. G. Saunders of Emmetsburg is an active promoter of the plan. The Hezlep company will entertain at the opera house the evening of the celebration. People who are tuckered out seeing the sights can enjoy a comfortable seat by attending. Jas. Cartwrlght's little three-year- old slipped and got its head between a step ladder and a wagon step in such a way that It was hanging by the chin. It was discovered just in time. L. O. Bliss, one time LuVerne merchant, offered to pay one third himself of the cost of a new steel bridge at Iowa Falls. The supervisors took him up. His share will cost $2,000. Mr. Bliss is a boomer. Swea City has out some bills for its Fourth of July celebration that would do credit to Chicago. THE UPPER DES MOINES is bound to say, however, that a product of the local press would have answered the purpose, and have been fully as patriotic. iAftdiswrnbe gone im wesfeas, tori fee* mother will remain with her daufrhtef there. C. H. Blossom is home from his mall route letting trip for Ambrose A. Cftll. He was in West Virginia Smd Pennsylvania. He says the former state Id about 100 years behind Iowa. G. F. Peek ftfcd Chas Smith went to Minneapolis Saturday for a Visit. Frank W. Dlngloy joined them there and the batty went further north yesterday to look at Minnesota land. Presiding Elder Yetter goeS tomorrow to Belmond for catnptnfeetlng, which opens Friday. Rev. Southwell and a number of others go next week. Rev. Yetter has the meeting in charge. A pleasant picnic party on the beautiful Peterson grounds north of town was given Monday evening by Mr. and Mrs. Wm. K. Ferguson for Mrs. Shore and Mr. and Mrs. Burbank of Des Moines. Miss Grace Gilchrist acted as bridesmaid for Rev. Glass 1 daughter, who was married at Manson last week,. Miss. Norinft Gilchrist Is retained as a teacher in the Pocahontas schools next year. Edith Carter and her little sister returned to Mason City today after a three- weeks Visit In Algona. Their toother Is in Chicago undergoing another operation for cancer. She Is sorely afflicted. Prof. Spencer has spent the past week getting his household effects housed. He will spend some weeks at his old home near Alden. He goes this week. The professor makes a very favorable Impression since coming to town. H. B. Rlst and Gene Shadlo came In from, the north yesterday. Mr. Rlst has spent five weeks on the coast and reports a most enjoyable time. Mr. Shadle joined him at Spokane and will make his parents and old Algona friends a visit. Harvey Ingham goes to Des Moines, Tuesday, to attend a special meeting of the university regents, called by the destruction of the big library Saturday. The legislature meets Thursday to finally adopt the code, and will be asked then to take some action. Lewis H. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Patterson, Martin Bronson, and Mrs. Joe. McDonald of Burt will go to California on the excursion car that comes to Algona next week. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. C. Call are talking of going with a view of visiting Yellowstone Park, and B. F. Crose also. Col. Thos. F. Cooke and Dr. Morse returned from their work at the state range Saturday. Col. Cooke says the shooting was a good average, and Dr. Morse says the boys kept fairly well. It rained most of the time the first week and was extremely hot the second. Gen. Wright was in attendance. A. D. Clarke and C. C. Chubb were at Blue Earth City last week, arranging with More Bros, for draining Long lake. The three own all the land adjoining and will make a pasture of It. While there they saw Glldersleeve run in the races. Mr. Clarke says he is going to make a record this season. ' . If you want Good FLO U R why iti thfe wdfld ddti't you BOT $ Nobody is holding you, The Wilson Mills make the GOOD kind of flour—no otherWmake it every week day in the year, and sell it to the best bread-makers on the face of the earth. Strong language, to be sure, but it's the gospel truth and why not say it? TRY A SACK. SEED FOR SALE. « Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. We are ^ Selling Canned Goods. California green gage plums, xoc; Cal. egg plums, toe; Cal. apricots toe; Cal. peaches, IDC; best canned tomatoes, Sc; 4 cans best sweet corn, 25c; best evaporated raspberries, igc; good Cal. prune, 4£c; good dried apricot, 4^c. You Save the Difference in a CASH and CREDIT business when you buy groceries of us. We sell hay and grain and deliver to any part of the city. SEE the new "Japanese Art Crepe," the latest thing for draperies, only 15c a yard. GGO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. FOR the Christian Endeavor convention to be held at San Francisco, July 7 to 12, the C. M. & St. P. Ry. will sell one way tickets June 29, and 30, and July 1, 2, and 3. Going passage must commence on date of sale. Fare $24.65. Final return limit will be August 15 1897. THE Daily Iowa Capital has issued a complete summary of the changes made in the laws of Iowa by the Twenty-sixth general assembly. This information will be of much practical value to all. Send five cents to The Capital, Des Moines, Iowa, for a copy. I AM selling land In Minnesota and Dakota, taking one-tenth down, the balance half the crop until land Is paid for. Most of these are improved farms. Great opportunity for renters. Will take In exchange town property. Excursions first and third Tuesdays in each month. Come and see me. 7m2 FRANK NICOULIN. MONEY to loan on town property and farms. Thos, F. Cooke.-Sltjanl WE have just received a new invoice of floor mattings. Can sell you a good quality for 15c a yard, ^ ' * GEO, L. GALBRAITH & Co. We expect raspberries and cherries as well as strawberries this week at v • GROVE & SON'S. , lr -. _„, Bent? Better own a farm I Start now! Send toW. B, Kniskern, 22 Fifth avenue, Chicago, 111., for a free copy of "The Northwestern Home Seeker," which gives practical information to those interested in the pursuits of agriculture, dairying, and cattle raising. Correspondence solicited from intending set- tlers.-Ut5 SPECIAL excursion to Clear Lake Sunday, July 18, instead of Sunday, June J3, You are hereby notified that all arrangements for excursion rates and special train service to Clear Lake and return for Sunday, June 13, are hereby canceled, Pr, Talmage cannot be at Clear Lake on that date, but he will be there on Sunday, July 18, C. W. Plumley gets the contract to put in J. M. Farley's mason work at Whlttemore. Mr. Farley will have plenty on his hands this summer building one of the biggest houses in the county and running for the legislature as a calamity candidate, both at the same time. Prof. Rutledge, Glen Brunson, and Messrs. Sullivan and Alters of Livermore came up Friday for a match game of tennis with the Algona club. Dr. Rist, Harry Sheetz, Geo. Bailey and G. F. Peek played mostly for the home club, the score being even sets. It was a hot afternoon but some excellent playing was done. The Algona tennis grounds are in splendid condition. Miss Flo. Laird, whose eight weeks' kindergarten school opened Monday with 18 students, to which a dozen will be added this week, is the leading primary teacher of Des Moines—if not of the state, sbe has trained in the best schools and is engaged in the Des Moines public schools in charge of kindergarten work. She is the guest of Mrs. Capt. Foster while in Algona. Her school is held in the lecture room of the Baptist church, a cool and convenient place, and her scholars are already enthusiastic. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Miss Cora HIbbard visited in Algona over Sunday. Mrs. F. D. Calkins returned Thursday from her visit north. Mrs, Maud Sleicher, is over from Garner visiting at the Cowan home, Fred. Clarke returned Thursday from school for his summer vacation. Dr. Keneflck met a cousin, M. R. Kene- flck, who was going through Friday, Miss Myrtle Puteh goes to WInona, Minnesota, tomorrow for a vacation visit, Capt. Foster's mother of Humboldt drove up and spent a few .days here last week. W. H. Nycum is at Mt. Carroll, III, visiting his brother. He also goes to Chicago. Miss Crete Goddard went to Fredericksburg yesterday to spend her vacation with relatives, W. A. McNee is up from Laurens with his little boy for a week at the Wes, Robinson home. Thos, F. Ingham went to Spencer, Monday, after a few days in Algona devoted to business and pleasure, . . Mrs, Anna Randall is over from Mason City at the Nicouliu home, AH the children are now together, Mrs. J. W. Wadsworth is at Mitchell to attend the wedding of her sister's son. She will be gone three weeks, J. C. ANDERSON. Miss Hattio Stephens and Miss Mcln- tyre are taking in the Chicago schools und attending the Cook county normal. Misses Lola Randall and Carrie Schlchtl go in soon. Miss Jessamine Jones Is studying art in the city. The public school teachers will be up on the latest methods when school opens. Pat Cain has been in falling health for some time, some remote nervous breakdown being the cause. With his son Will he went to the Battle Creek sanitarium last week. Word comes that he feels better, but his condition is quite serious. He always soemed so well and hearty tnat news of serious illness will be a great surprise to his many friends. IMPBOVEMENT NOTES. The Durant drug store is freshly painted. The new stone walk at Ambrose A. Call's is in. .The J. J. Wi lson home is handsome in new paint. Dr. Stull is putting a new foundation under bis home and building on an addition. ...'•.. . Gardner Cowles has the first coat of paint on his home. It brings out the beauty of the building, Henry Walston has begun work on his house. A new foundation and other changes are to be made. The new chapel at the cemetery is enclosed. It will seat 200 people, and will be very attractive with its stained glass gothlc windows. It will be painted a solid white. Mat. Holzbauer has moved his old house from the Milwaukee depot on the new foundation near the Northwestern and is raising the roof and enlarging. He will have a complete home when the work Is done, South of court house. FORITFEET. We have just what you need to keep your feet cool and comfortable. Ladies' Oxfords, nice one, at.$i.2$ and $1.50. , A lot of Children's Oxfords at 50 and 75 cents,, worth $i and $1.25. Com.0 stinucL See "CTs for anything you may want in Boots or Shoes. Brownell & Allred, Fine Repairing, The Shoe Merchants, Algona, lo'wa. Tsus. Orr, Painter, Paper Hanger KALSQMINER, SIGN AND CARRIAGE PAINTER. Postal card orders will receive prompt attention. LIFE WITH THE CIRCUS. JAS. A. ORB. T T T Bailey quotes TRE TTPPES _^~ Morass; "T. Pox has»turkey gobbler up in Portland that knows something has got tp be done, this spring, He is natching. out la big nest of eggs- Bailey then saye: We print this as an putrageou? newspaper canard originat- Jggin Algooa, ft might be possible that that gobbler is trying to hfttoh out asest of turkeys, or phiokens, but we'll pet our Q}4 paper oqiiap agajmt Jug' buA ink. bottle, that gobbler never fHBftttetyjitgi ft bfttQfe the eggf OP ^ ^ Excursion .pates, Excursion tickets are now sold at re : duced rates to Spirit Lake and Okoboji by the MUwauke line, ^Tickets for the exposition at Nashville, Tenn., May 1 to Got, 31, are sold at 80 per cent, of full fare, FOR the northwest Iowa veterans' re< nion to be held at Sheldon, Iowa, ex- oSn tickets will be sold atone full fare' lor the round trip, tickets on pa e June 88 to July 1 inclusive; return coupon good until July g- * HJllHL J.. 1JUU1L1 Him I <•"" " THBED dollars an acre iei pretty cheap for eood tend* b«t ^ NprttwroF*; SUWw<www i^sESSJig thousands of apres in pentraJ MiBoeeow that it is Offering to ftOtual settlers at &WttwRer«sti Mrs. Geo. C. Call gave a pleasant afternoon sewing, Thursday, }«_ honor of Mrs. Shore and Mrs. Burpank of Des Moines, Mrs. Jones, with three daughters, is here from Canton, S. D,, visiting her sister, Mrs. Henry Rlst, the remainder of this week. Mrs. S, D, Drake entertained some friends for her aunt, Mrs. Parks, and for Mrs. Fairbanks, Mrs. J. W. Hay's mother, yesterday, Cheever Hudson went to Chicago last evening to visit and to recuperate. He has been having quite a tussle with inflammatory rheumatism, Chester 0. Call Is off on a. mail route trip for hte father. It takes }n moat of Nprth Dakota and extends into Wisconsin. He wiUbebQweJuiy?, Mrs. Rev, Southwell, MM, 0. W. Parker, Mrs. D&vld a»d R»y Gilwore w^t to Clear Lake "yesterday for the dWJot Melodist Incidents Attending the Visit to a Laundry of a High Collar, "Balking along the streets one day in a town where we •were showing," said a retired circus inan, "the old roan saw in a laundry window a sign reading 'Collars and cuffs 3 cents, ' " 'Do you take any kind of collars at that price?' he asked the laundryman. • ' < 'Vfcs i oh, yes, ' said the laundryinan. 'Everything goes here. ' "We had a giraffe at the time that we used to dress up for the evening parade in & sort of a dude costume with a high collar reaching from its ehoul* ders up to wider its head, The old man got one of the giraffe's collars and had it sent down to the laundry to be done up, When the Jaundryman opened the bundle and spread it out on the counter, he says, 'What's this?' and the man that had brought it down said that it was one of the giraffe's collars, •"By gosh! That's so,' said the iawdryjnan, jujt m though g.iraffe'1 collars used to be a common item of the wash iw bis laiwdry, but he hada't ha4 yery mwy come p lately and they'd o People who know a good thing when they see it will appreciate the Fine Millinery Stock now in and being daily shown to admiring patrons by WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A A special sale every Saturday at our store, beginning June 26, of some useful and practical household necessity,, and at such low pi-ices that you' cannot • afford to be without it, We belieye by making our profits minute that you will appreciate it to such an extent that we •will both he benefltted by the plan. To begin with, on Saturday June 26, we will sell Mrs, PeWs Sad Irons for only 69 cents'n set, Remember, this price, is good only for this day. Watch what we shall offer you op these days, You can save dollars by so doing. • By the way, hasn't the past few days made you think of ice cream freeze? It di4 us, and if we had not bad ers to sell we should have hadiQe to eat, No trouble to make it, minutes' energise will f reeae. it, It oheawer than pie. 0, M, DQXSJJE, Hardware* yia flS Write!*!? $*& IkKSfy ej pe. ©pJBYeJil'iQBj **' *j 7' ii inf'araft» ^^gff'K^'f^.'.ww w&w»« ui9 3 f "' l8ts . •••" ;.',, Obw- Jfraft was te Qepepia iastweete vU- itjng his bother wd taking notes QB the U fceepTng its wfl eves- i, gbeman, the,.gwtol i»d1loR't i>rop,8fte t« f ? ' escaped his mind, 'Five o'clock, ' he said when the aj&edwhen it wouW be ready, and tf o'clock themanfowd it waiting for him done up in a rqll about ftS big as a stovepipe, ?' he ajfesd, ' said, the lauwJrymaB, 8 9en.te pfj th$ OQjwte.1 drawer without turning a hair, : |e waj game pjujab thrQugh, But ibepl<| nis&was usohijmp, Re eest BadJyww a dollar, which was what the wa* vm wtbj aa4 a couple of c wp.l toenjtary tickets, tta Iaw4rymsfl oms te the Matson & McCall. We can't tell you all about it in an "ad."— you mvjst see it for yoyrself,, We hav? the Latest in Everything. Chas, J, Doxsee, Otp.09 in CHiQ. Q. QftU SuUaing. PRgSTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 1 -i'! • ^ $ I' , .V4. ; '-i 4 ! I,* 1 '*, * G. J. STEBBINS... tfUMiaJu wrto* |«pyp,p M ,,,,.,. t , m^m^^'^i:.;^;;^ v .;•; ^Fj

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