Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 4, 1926 · Page 14
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 14

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 4, 1926
Page 14
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QaklanD Crf&unc SEPTEMBER. 4,' 1923 D mm mm MAUccVaikiev SCIENTIST WILLS 5250,000 TO EYE New Chief I IlldUiJ 11tiLU Ul d b::ji JOHN LEWIS, former chief of police of Pittsburg and FLii'lES; TflflOPS .1 T. U. IKLX - avi 1 1 H . Oi J. McCutchan oaxxaxo . ul Mfm (RADIO ,TE1E SCHEDULE ex-lieutenant of Dan Francisco police who hat been named to tucceed Fred P. Schilling at Hayward as head of that de-partment.--Il'aHace photo. 1 b. hi.- Baaball. i S:00 n. m. KPO. .OIL. OUTBREAK 5fc-Pauls Episcopal-Cb.urcli iMmn. News broadcast 5:30 p. n.-KPRC, KBE, KFI, KNT. TflflWSPLANTIiMG Beautifully Decorated for Evening Ceremony. - arter 1:10 p. m. i :go p. ih.--h.fkU) km. kpo, K-i KHJ KQW. KPSN - KGO - ainun - ami KlMtd :0 p. B1. KFRq KZJf, KPO. KHJ, jvii, ivrA. ti.SU. I:0 p. . KLX.KFRC, KPO.KTAB, SATURDAY EVENING 600,000 ASSIST W buIlt Dorj-LiHES OF MODERN CAR - ,. - ., SECRET At 8: SO o'clock last veiling St. ahliuigton Penitentiary Fire p.uk Eptacopai c "rciTwM the All Actions; Thoughts, Plans t:4S p. m. Sport review. to 1 a.- m. Danes muslo. dentin? for the wedding of Miss Allc Bulk ley, daughter of Mrs. Milton Bulkley of Mariposa ave nue, and John Stanley McCutchan, eon of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vernon McCutchan of Pacific avenue, Sam Francisco. Pink and lavender blossoms were of Wets Are Known,' Says . Dry Leader. - flUFV T. , SCOTT gptdal CTlipoBdent Th Oakland TH.IBUH E ohuauu, oepi. o. j.i aim- Started by Prisoner; j Drives Out 975 r Ili V U. i - - l.rSED WIK TO imiBUKI 4-ConvkBX at ' the Washington nsed ln profusion to decorate the prohibitionists anywhere in this state penitentiary here face a life j church. Tall wedding baskets of country tmnic mat mey are : .. . Li.b io,.I-i . . .trA Uwav with something without the on either side-of the altar, which fmlnine drs knowing about Jt. was a lovely mass of sweet peas, they are most lely mistaken Weddine timer in candelabra com- The women proniimp.i. nloted the Mniilaita hridnJ aettinir back up this assertion, toast tnat in the chancel. v . th aVB 3U8t completed an . A 1 . I Til! I CH .VHIfllll iiiai 1 11 CI IN a ewtet peas 01 ine rams unu "--"o-" --- - - I n j . v. i mill, trmv organization iuu vjunw 7S nrlnnrii into the recreation .,.-! sicltv With their scheme working field. Prison guards, members of quets beinfr fastened to the ends of the headquarters orncaa oi in Company F of the Washington Na- every other pew the length of the Women s Christ ian Tempe ranee - i crv.. v-i4. v. k ma vt i nwrn lent wnm w.iu cw ana countiw uao, r b.. ------ wrHln. .nd doln). .called upon t. prevent any out- ner o-nen -ey know.edgeives thedrys nrsD it nr rnn r mvii l. i i i mitmir niinTfti r Burin the first confusion of the r.t fire two shots were fired by guards J" S t"A1f " ' L'! As explained today by executives T - - - I A. X If 1 II LUO - llLltU k L J. Will. I - 1 : ve-Ahi heads of convict, wno bodic8 , deep bertha of lovely roee. of the W. C. T. y. tneir new in cials denied reports that any eon- in back the lace of the bertha 000 women located in every hamlet vlcts had escaped and said there widened into a cape which feU over of the eouatry. ah was no disorder after the Inmates her court train of satin, three yards " " " tTlX j:: had been placed in the recreation iKTABa MniM 7 to 7: JO pm. Shopping. KPO aui vxavoiico - Sala BiM.-Cknwil with army tents for shelter as a ; result of . a fire which destroyed the rnainWlciLnp of the prison last nfjrht.' i ; . The bl7. which officials say was ineendiaYy; destroyed the two main cell blocks and forced the 6:15 p. m. "T Town Cryr." 6:30 p.m. Orchestra. 7:20 to 7:$0 p. m. Talk. " -9 p. m. Orchestr. " 10 to IS p.m. Dancecrchestra. that i . jxr-rt r us nurouoo t!hn; I KFRC "SZ 6:80 p. m. Mac and his gang. - 6:30 p.m. "The Stage and Scrn' Dolice reDorts. 6:30 to 7:30 p. m. "Songs and Smiles." 8:30 to 1 a. m. Dance orchestra. T:I0 P. m. KFI. KHJ. 1:00 p. m. KPO.KRE, KFRC.KFWI, KFWM.KHJ, KNX, KFI. :o p. m. n. u. ti. f u, JtKE, KFWM.KFWI.KFI, KHJ, 9:09 p. S. KQO, KPO, KRE, KFRC!, : KFWI. KFI. KHJ, KNX :I0 p. m. KFWM KGO, KPO, KRE, Ivr rttj, KFWI, KFI. KHJ, KNX KJR. 19:00 p. m. KFRC. KRE, KPO, -KGO, - h-FWJ. Kf T. KNX. KGW. 10:10 p. to. KGO. KPO, KRE, KFWI, .. K.N A, K8W, 11:00 p. m. KPO.KQO.KFWI. KFRC, KRE. KFI. KNX. KGW 11:10 p. m. KPO.KGO.KFWI, KFRC, itKIS, Ji.FI. KNX. KGW, V TD C nivonoe 9 to 11:30 a. m. Musical program, t to 4 p. tn. Musical program. TO to aJrszxzs lunln tiaM 0 aUtars . field. -BRAND HURIiED BY COX VICT ST.UiTS FIKE. ' A. burning object hurled by lone, which wu fastened to the are specmcauy iroirucisu shoulder. Over aU ier veil of Jflmy every scrap or iniormauon tulle fell to the edge of the court -P1"0 5f 11 train ' " . ''. i xne opinion m incm " Rosepoint tecetrfmmed tne bri- Deen nyinmK ,ui . dal veil and fashioned the lovely fectiveness In gathering informa- convict Into the ventilating " headdress, a Spanish comb effect. Uon- aia oy oinciais lo navo buuicu fire about o:au o ciock yesieruay 6 p. m. Male quartet. . -6:30 p. m. Children's hour. 7:30 p.m. Serlpture reading. 7:40 p. m. Address. 8 to 10 p.m. News; de lux pro gram. 1 " at the back of the head. Dainty . wf-"J,x':,if..f.f"": orange blossoms were tucked into intelligence uiv.oU . - n, .i . ti.. a .'.in.ii I .i, v. i - j n . ..... sints one or the Iirst moves ior re- PllClllUUIi., , D11U1UJ OH' .1 v.. v llio DIIUIIII5 BUU 1C11 IU BUU C1U3 . . . .allaKia th blaze was under check, with ter over each ear. The bride Car- Juvenating fightinf forces available damage estimated at $100,000. fied shower bouquet of lilies of tt? tZ - During -tne lire me priBonen u..u tMP1, the Volstead Act by pray- were restless, but guards saia mere r v.' "V 'T'; hM outside a saloon at Hillsboro. was no- definite attempt at a . . " Ohio, back in 1874. are waking up KGW -i"f5ss,,u 6 to 7 p. m. Dinner concert. 10 to 12 p. m. Dance music. KPSN break. Many .f trusties aided In the straight line. of the skirt werelfo the ct that Jhey have another 6 to 6:15 p. m. News report. 8 to 9 p. m. Concert hour. I KRE BNtKXLET tektlty Daily Oaactt U9 X.Un. 6:30 p. m. Current news. 3 to 1 a. tn. Dance program, p. m. Studio program. KFWI Max nAKouoo kadi Ent.rtaiDm.nU toe., M sUtait ,8 p. m. Dance orchestra. 10 p. tn. Dance orchestra. 12:30 to 3 p. m. Pajama party. KFI 101 AHOZLZI Karl 0. Anthony, a. 46! Uttm 8:30 p.m. Matinee program. 6 p. m. Nightly doings. 6:15 p. m. Radio travel guide. 6:30 p. m. Vest pocket program, j 6:45 p. m.-r-Radiotorial period. 7 p. m. Orchestra. 8 p. m. Quartet. p. m. Semi-classical program: 10 p. m. Radio club. 11 p. m. Midnight frolio. KJR BZ1TTLX IT. W. Sail M Utn 6:40 to 6:10 p. m. Weather, stock. baseball reports; "The Box Office." :3U to 10 p. m. studio program. unearthed by the " firhthie- the blase-Bd-ln halting "7 ""A.- f- V A J I " .1 fieht on their hands. That 4V. r' " ""Hill ar.tMtv 1110 Bureau Ul lajin o iv i-."1' nar-L- U'hlph n&rh nff nAOflv n I Piaiua . - . ' " . faora uu.iMi.isy. . 1 . v . . I ncuauillB, lem suit JLUiineESS IOI r . . ja.ii . j Warden C- :B. longVaBiunc:ed the skirtline. A small sash of chif- rlr.st wonting ininBC.5 . i xc j .i. j-. hrlne tears to tne eyes 01 wti ii.y umi amy , v,-ul, ' K ' . ,w.. Mr Ella A. Boole. werw wing reni ns aim -""v I " . .V""1. L.H-n.i nrynt nf tha W C. T. used until more permanent quar- ""'-' " " eneci 01 me -. A "These show that .t can be established. Younger gI- the back to a SerISbout?e8eedi& M TM-lsoners will prooaDiy do seni o " " " T M. ' i " I are drv to one that Is wet. Ana the state reformatory at Monroe. aV., ?-ap: wet editors all seem to live in the The main building which was de .v" " V T-1 big cities." . stroyed was started in 1887, when ., atro.or. "Information coming ,the. prison was .established. In shows Most The xCbriaesmaids. the Misses Main street is dry and 1 is go- inir tn atav drv. It also shows that the farmer will vote just as dry as he has in the past and wants the Volstead Act made stronger if any- of the convicts laughed about the Mary Chickering. Elenita Rawlines. fire, but one old inmate mourned Idabelle Wheaton, Mary Adams, the destruction of the building. I Phyllis Meyer and Helen Stanford, ' -r. I - .M A 4m " hAla '. V m I Vflrfl frnrka tt ninV .fi i f f nr. m.ta J. ul, !UiO All I Ill u. .1 ui v., .1 I . " ...-.-'i, ,uav. 1 . . ; said. had made some bead bag, uar jo that worn by the Jld "-l, lntelllgence division brings to eu 10 get money ior looacco. 1 - . - """i"" 1 There oes my . tobacco up In L lavenaer sweet peas and pink r smoke and I'm not smoking it, . ',i-. rtTn ' man' and ushers were Henry Chase, ATTTOTKTS JAM ROADS I Rni.nj ti V., SCRRODIXO PRISOX.,,., 7 " Oi". OisenKdirector. 01 busmesa vernon McCutchan Jr.. all of San " ,J't Z7.7t TA in5- 1 control, was 1 due , here today to r rancisco. Jtake charge of the situation and- A reception for members of the arrange for The blaze, the worst here in 'ue " lno.cner:.. . ourret sup- in reports that show the reaction against the wet policy of condemn- Douglas McKinnon was tb.e ui li in uuuut.iau iu w- Clares there is more drinking dietine the statement and remind- ling the public of the old. saloon uun anu i '" xur inemoers or me , aa 1,11 .. i future' care- of the ?da party, relatives and intimate V,.V irienas rouowea at the home of kV. 'Another, an Illinois man, break3 out with the statement that coi- many years, attracted thousand. Sf tbS part, hotDeds of druiJkAe.n vi?e f,nn. it. .!.. ;!:.." vij- Bcaiea at me !"" r : , : . onae gtaDle. , Jng. country, and traino was con- : a BaI. nrcn fl(u rfnru aw gestea ror. DiocKS eacn way rrom ered the table In th int lBSUtouoa, in nmoite irora 1 wmcn was a tall bai5ketfinrt with the flames was visible for miles. Ipale pink, lavender and blue hlnq- For a time It was feared that the soma. Two smaller baskets at nospital,. administration building e'mer end, Intersperafed-with can- maae tne nd other structures witnm tne main enclosure were threatened, but the firemen succeeded in eliminating 'the danger by wetting down the roofs. Fifteen thousand books-donated over a long period of years by citizens 6f the state were burned. The library was In the main building.-.;-' An effort early toda to burn the automobile license plate fac tory of the penitentiary failed when guards saw prisoners strike a matcn mere. Prisoners in the license plate factory-made their escape and the iire was extinguished, without loss. A trail of sawdust had been laid M a path for the flames. ;., dies in silver holders. table most attractive. Later Mr. and Mrs. Mr?r"iitha left on their wedding trip, which is 10 last ror two weks, after nicn tney will return tn th.r nome m .prince street, Berkeley. The bride was graduated from the Anna Head School in Berkeley. and from all over come letters to the editor In protest." RELIGIOUS CRUSADE. As an indication of the way the wet and dry fight is developing the W. C. T. U. declares that the whole dry side is turning Into a-religious crusade. "Politicians may make, statements declaring that their party is going to i"rore the wet and dry issue." Mrs. Boole says, "but just as surely as they make such a statement, the churches are going to ignore those politicians. "Reading the church papers and the rural press, one is amazed to ana later attended thm T7nii; lue IU,11 of Oreeon. wher h. . nd out that the politicians nave - B, li.l XZ II I Kappa Kappa Morris Plan Company Formed in Oakland SACRAMENTO, -Sept. 4.- - Ar- Hclss of incorporation of the Morris Plan Company of Alameda county, a, 1100, 000i Oakland loan -corporation, tody .were filed with the secretary of state's office, -and the application .of the company for a franchise approved. ; -. ., , t The corporation, a subsidiary of the Morris Plan Corporation of America," with headquarters In New York city, is headed hi a group of prominent Oakland capitalists, and will engage in a general loan busi- Directors are: Ira Abraham. .William Cavalier, Frank Fletcher, John C. Hassler; O. D. Jacoby. F. M. Ray, F. B. Richardson, James fichlesinger, E. M. Tilden, C. II J. Truman and Frank W. Frost. Bed Cross Sends $5000 to Azores WASHINGTON. Sept. 4. OP) 1 2"he' Arnerican Red Cross today contributed $5000 for. relief work among vjctima of the Azores earth-' guake. i It was sent, by cable through the state department to the : American consul at Horta, Faypl, and the -Portuguese Red Cross was notified of the action in i , message expressing sympathy far t tie people of the A-orea. i Two Found Dead at v- ; Bottom of Well " HAIaKJRK, Alta.. fept. 4 ( IVd ;Unu.-21. ajid Vlctorliittau. tS, -were fourra dead at the bottom of a-wffll her today after, they had t'pu miKsirig four days, ,1 Invest i-rlots said. -Uiat the. young, mep liBd:rtied from gas at the bottotu -Kt .the. weil after .they had 3e-oended to clean .it, -.. ' " . 1.IOXS GO TO PITT RIVER. . '-WOODLAND. Sppt- 4. Members of the I-isriS club of Woodland luve today for Pitt nlver, where llK-y plan to view the holdings of the Pacific Gas and Eleotric com-v niy as the guests of J. W. Coons, local manager. The Lions will rptid the week-end on the river. ber of sorority. Mr. McCutchan is a graduate of (Stanford University with the class 01 3, and is a member of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity and Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity. ----' . 0- rj 0 ... Betrothed Couple Is Honored ", i Mrs. S- M. ENSEMBLE TO BE STYLE FEATURE By AILEEX IjAMONT. NEW YORK, Sept. 4. This Is harvest time when the chaff is sep arated from the wheat. When one comes to separate the chaff from the whet in fashion the fact becomes evident that the outstand ing feature of the fall season will be the ensemble, ... which . Is not new, but which' is the real kernel of the styles. This trend is especially marked "in evening frocks for which once one gorgeous even ing coat was formerly enough, but now each costume has Its wrap. ASTRAKHAN Astrakhan Is trimming which Is strongly fa vored rfor the afternoon ensemble for fall. The dark red shades which promise to be so popular are be; Ing trimmed with their fur dyed to match the coat or with gray squirrel, j The frocks with which these coats are worn are usually of Kasha or crepe de Chine. One coat work worn with a blue kasha rrocK lust imported is trimmed with collar and cuffs of gray fox ouuinea witn sliver rox. LIGHT MATERIALS The heavier velvets and lames which maintain popularity with the more mature, are being discarded by the debs in favor of lace and chiffon ior dance irocks. The . younger women maintain that the heavier materials do not lend themselves to the tempo of the modern dance steps. Tne laces employed are usually died in the ficelle, biscuit tortoise shell and blond slides. (Copyright, iBHj. by Got.ioli6.atad Fteu Ann.) tnlininaMtnnH ttlo O t 1 11 ll Q uamma of tne people and the strength of not the political chairman, is go- plCW Irrigation lllg . KJ l U1C 111 V ii,vi.auia. (Copyright, 1926, by Consolidated Pren Assn.) JIARE ISLAND i entertained at road in Berke- Marks her home in Avaion ley last evening at a dinner, fnl lowed by an evening of bridge. Her guests 01 nonor wer Miss Rosalind Blair and her fiance. Dr. Sydney K. cmun, wno MAKE ISLAND. Sept. 4. Lieutenant Commander F. N. Eklund of the navy has been given duty here. Dirlrict Is Formed SACRA -MEXTO, Sept. 4. Ap- plicatlon a; the newly organized La Mesa-Lemon Cove and Spring Ir rigation uistnct, of La Mesa, San Diego county, for permission to di vert 50 culuc second feet of watei from a t :in Diego county river', ln connection with a contemplated J600,000 irrigation and domestic Lieutenant T. W. Spear of the "navy has arrived fgr temporary 1 water 8Ur,piy . project today wax duty. filed with the state division of t. n.rv n M- atahl of the waer rl?hts- ... Smilh. who haa .-rt.(i I ,J ' a " i." I According to the petition, ap ntertkined sinc the InnounTamnt a"n","rp' " l" " proximately 600,000 gallons of a ... . m uuiUUUUi ln-n-a iM . ..,-.-11 VircIecs Courses Private Classes . ' .Vstern Radio Institute Hotel Oakland or their betrothal a month airo. Among those asked to meet them this evening were Mayor and Mrs. Frank Stringham, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Linford, Mr. . and Mrs. treraid Hagar, Mr. and Mrs. Fulton, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Mahon. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Moore, Miss Mary. "pnian ana ueorge Jensen. This evening Miss Blair and Dr. Smith will share honors at an evening bridge party which Mrs. Robert H. Wetmore will give at her nome in Hearst avenue, at which other honor guests will be Mr, and Mrs. Richard Hiscox (Lucy Means) and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reed (Alice Galloway). Mr. and Mrss. Howard M. Tayler -""'i" avenue, iierKeiey, are planning to entertain Miss Blair on Sunday, September 1S.- o a a Among the Easthrfv fnflr .n-Mn. ln Montreal todav from Vnc, was Mrsg. A. M. Smith, wife of Dr. Smith of Caperton avenue. Mrs. Smith is returning home following a visit of three months in Europe where she has visited "in France, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland. In London she wag entertained by Mrs. Daniel Webster and Mrs. James Gleason O t O . Mr. and Mrs. George, R. Chambers of Hotel Claremont were hosts at an enjoyable dinner on Tuesday evening when they entertained in honor of the birthday of . their daughter. Mrsg. S. M. Haslett Jr. JThe iarge round ub9 wa(j cen tered with a lovely basket filled with many of the late summer flowers of a pale pink tint. - Tall- MGe8.lCIuled' Mr- and Mrs'. S. M. Haslett. Mr. and .Mrs. George R. , Chambers Mr. and Mrs. S. M, Haslett Jr.. Mr. and Mrs.. James W Chambers. Mrs. R. R- Smith and Miss Kathrine Wright. .. - O O O - "j--Cather and Mtos Bess Kaley of Rochester, N. Y,and Los Angeles who have been yisiUng in Oakland as the guests of Mrs. Anna Randall Pope of Vernon Terrace ue untrn an apartment. In Pari.. side Manor and plan to remain indefinitely in the Eastbay. Mrs. Cather is a cousin of Willa Cather, noted writer. promuuon. j water will be supplied daily to the The la.t niles are being driven at towns of La Mesa, El Cajon, Lemon 4u2 .v. for the keel rove and bpring Valley, in south- blocks of the new V- diver. The ern San Diego county; The water, ways 'were' used years ago when U was stated, will be diverted from the destroyer Shaw wasjjpuni, Commander-C. A. Carlson of the navy is preparing to visit Sacra mento. the Santa Tsabel creek, a tributary or the San Diequito-river. by Mrs. Phoebe Lowry for the marriage of her daughter. Miss Vine Lowry. to Granville Wilson, which is to take place September 15 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Greenwood. ' In the bridal party will be Miss Leslie Smith, who will be the maid of honor, and the Misses Elizabeth Taniia anH vinrpnce Olsen. F orrn- insr an aisle will be theMisses Virginia Parcells. Helen Wilson, Alice Downing, Genevieve Hatterotn, Mrs. Oyer Wilson and Willard Schindher. - Master Hugh Rieger, son of. .Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rieger of Berkeley, will be the ring-hearer. 0 V V 4 Mrs. Wilfred Robinson of Santa Rey avenue entertained .Thursday afternoon for "two tschoolgir" friends. Mrs. William Fenderson (Mary Healy), who has recently returned from a honeymoon tn the Orient, and Miss Louise benroaer, who is to be the bride of Robert Clyde In the early fall. Luncheon and bridg were enjoyed by the guests, who Included the Mesdames Ira Corburn. 'inoiiws Simms. Fred Green, Horace Doyie Edward Sweeney, B. ' Marchant, Charles Bullottl, H. A. Stout, Ed waril DenclcH. Walter Robinson erbert Aden Winifred Lemardlnl. James W. Robinson and the Misses Louise Schroder, Laura Glleson ana Florence Chester. Berkeley Man, Hart In Wreck, Recover s WOODLAND, Sept. 4. Richard B. Felt, Berkeley man, who was injured ln an automobile wreck here yesterday, is much Improved according to physicians at the Woodland clinic where he was taken for treatment- Felt's auto mobile and a car driven by W. B. Baker of Winters collided at the Davis Y, and both cars were demolished. Baker was not injured - ,- . Suzpect Held ' in Policeman Shooting RICHMOND,. Sept. 4. Charged with attempt to commit murder in the recent Shooting of Police Officer S. W. Ligon, Juan Gonsalves was neia to answer before the Superior court in Martlnex,.wleh.'he appeared before Justice of the Peace John Roth here yesterday, Rancher's Son Is Killed by Huntets VISALIA, Sept. (An Archie Couchman, 14, son of Homer Couchman, Pixley rancher, wa" accidentally killed yesterday by C. F. Scribner. a Lindsay merchant. who, with a party of friends, was dove hunting on the couenman ranch. The boy's death was the first fatal hunting accident ln Tulare county in years. n n r Seventy-five guests attended the Senator S CCOtheS ' weddin of Miss Margaret Hemp- "" ; hill and Vernor W. Anderson thlsl "'r Stolen Irt OliebeC afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in fct-i . . . - Paul's Episcopal church, at which WASHINGTON, Sept. 4.W) Dr. Alexander Allen officiated. Senator Harris, jjemocrat oi The bride is the daughter or Mrs. i uows, V". ul l"" . i1""'". J. H, Hemphill of Terrace ftMU dressers or tne senate, nas return eu and formerly made her home In lo Washington rrom wueDe Spokane. Wash. Mr. Anderson Is ada, nflnus his best pair of pants the son of B. H. T. Anderson of and a hat. A tnier sneaaea inio Ocean View drive. . Ibis hotel room and was making The bride wore a modinh. travel- away witn an or nis ciowies anu ing costume it her wedding and money, but dropped part of them was attended by ber cousin, Mrs. land fled when the aenator ZEUDTOSH IP U.S. FROZEN DEER Exp erlments ,-Witli Animals Prove Successful, Reports Buffalo Doctor. WELLINGTON, N. Z., Sept. 4. UP). Orders for 1000 frozen deer each month for distribution in the United States have been placed here. The carcasses will be shipped to San Francisco. Flowers Sleep in Artificial Light WASHINGTON, Sept. 4.C4) Flowers at least the Magnolia cannot be kept awake by means of artificial light, investigators of the department oi agriculture have found In motion picture tests. using an automatic time lapse camera to record the growing stag j of the flowers, the investiga tors Wvre treated? to an unexpected sight when the Magnolia, set in a room flooded with electric lieht. sed its petals when natural dark ness arrived, to open again only with the arrival of daylight. -BUFFALO. N, Y- SepL 4 If scientists of generations yet un born ever suoceed In transplanting human eyes, it may be due to -the pioneer work done by Dr. Luclen Howe. The research ln the science of opthamology which Dr. Howe carried on for 50 years In Buffalo will be continued long after he completes his personal work through his recent endowment of IZ5D.000 to Harvard University for the establishment of a laboratory ror rurtner study of the mysteries or me eye. SOME STJOCESS NOW Dr. Howe, a modest and retirlnsr physician and scientist,, who has long been known as one of the world's leading opthamolosrlsts. re fuses to commit himself as to whether it will ever be possible to transfer human eyes so that the blind may see. He says, however. that It is hoped that a means may be perfected so that persons who are born blind may be relieved. ."Opthamologlsts have been experimenting for many years and it has been proven that normal eyes can be transferred, from animals of the lower class to those of the same species that are blind," he said. Many cold-blooded animals that suffered from 'hereditary blindness have been made to see.5' RETICENT ABOUT GIFT ' The scientist said that no at tempt has , as yet been made to ransplant eyes in human beintrs. He explained that so far experimenters have been unable to avoid. I regardless of the precautions exer cised, hemorrhages that destroy the vision of warm-blooded ani mals. Dr. How is most reticent about his endowment of Harvard University, All he will say is that his experiments will be carried on at the new institution and that he hopes in years to come onthamolo- gists will reach their objective. The doctor is now dismantling his home here and will move to Boston to supervise the work of the new department. He recentlv lomuveu nis sign rrom his office door to signifjl that his half century of active practising of his profession is over. , ' . i 1 1 . - tv,Zifi'tmmM; n.J - KAYWJIRD CHIEF TAKES UP "DUTIES Business Men f orm Good Roads Body ILWACO, Wash., Sept. 4. (P) Business r.en of Ilwaco, Long Beach and South Bend completed organization for the Pacific County Good Roads association which will later become a part of .. the Good Roads Association of Southwestern Washington. J. G. Will-lams of Chinook was elected president and S. C: Locbrie of Ilwaco secretary. G. M. Haffenbrack Of the Long-view Chamber of Commerce, and T. H. Davis, city engineer of Long-view, who are making a survey of the industries and resources of the "HAYWARD, Sept. 4. Fortified with years of experience as a police official, first as chief of the Pittsburg department and again as former : lieutenantln ..San JFrancisco, John Lewis has entered actively Into supervision of police affairs her.- Lewis was named to succeed Fred P. Schilling as police chief earlier ln th week! Schilling became city superintendent ' of streets and tax collector at the same time Lewis was appointed. Since his retirement from the San Franclscff deparment seven years ago, Lewis has been a resident of Hayward. ' Roadster of 190& Boasted Seat rercnea on near -. ; tot One Couple. : T rr. T n ft T Sent. 4. W "There1, nothinar new under the sun." is specially apt as applied to styles in motor cars, a vlsit to in ford - .Historical - vwiiwuua-aft Dearborn shows. JA fad. nresumably of mor or less modernity, Is the sport model roadster with the' convertible "rumble" extra seat tn the rear- just large enough for on couple. But a roadster, vintage or ivvsi also had a seat perched on the rear, for the same purpose, although it wasn't possible to conceal this seat. MODERN SPECIFICATIONS The trimmings wer resplend. antlv Krna.eH anil e hnrn . vlvnlinfr th latest "moo cow" creation with its rubber air ejector as motive power, was part of standard equip ment. Returning to the rumble seat: A 190S model went this typ one bet ter. One of the cars ln th col, lection is a fully equipped touring model. On first glance. It appears to be only a stolidly built car, seemingly well constructed; but release a nut her, a screw there, and the back seat comes off, leaving a seductive 1 roadster for two which resembles a cross between a caterpillar truck, a tractor: and a tandem of a little earlier period. Those were the days of the side winders; and the buying public. skeptical of the ability of a clincher tire to hold its place unaided, demanded extra lugs placed at Inter vals between the spokes, on th in ner side of the wheel. . A prophecy of th sweeping lines of present day plus ultra models Is found in the 1906 touring car. Here, the hood and cowl are nearly as long as all the rest of the car. The- fenders sweep ln a slow curve to below the doors, where they ai a replaced by smajl "step-ups," Th headlights are ponderous. Only the top, which extends at sharp 1 . M 1 n ... n .. , il. LI.L IllCB V IVJt lUWOlVU. CL.1U lilt) UKiA- square seat backs dissonat ..the harmony of the whole. Texas Convicted to Be Arrested on Release STOCKTON, Sept, 4. - When Leo EUis walks out of the Blue-ridge state prison farm at Hobby, Texas, he will walk straight into the arras of a San Joaquin county deputy sheriff armed with a warrant for his arrest. Ellis escaped from -the couhty jail tieie in 1920, while awaiting- the outcome of an appeal on his conviction on a syndicalism charge. He,fas arrested north bank of the Columbia river. in Texas for cutting telephone and were present, telegraph wires. RAGE OPENS FOR LEiOII'uSEIT SACRAMENTO, Sept. , 4. CW Yesterday was the first day upon which candidates for "the i short term as associate justice of the supreme court, vice Thomas J. Len-non, deceased, were allowed to file nominating petitions, Charles J. Hagerty, state election statistician,' announced. ' The term will -begin, following. the November, election and will run until January o. max, ageriy said. Candidates must- eecure-13,- S66 signatures to quality. This is one per cent of the 1,338,598 voters at the 1924 election. i EMU. MOMEYS THESE MUSICIANS 8 4 Hours a Day Actual Working Time THESE MUSICIANS WORK ONLY .0 ; 1 ' Hours a Day Actual 72 Working Time CALIFORNIA THEATRE, SAN FRANCISCO WEEKLY PAYROLL . ' Salary '. J. . . Pet- Week Max Dolin Violin $325.00 A. Laraia Violin . 131.00 J.-Hornick Violin 75.00 A. Wiebalk Violin 75.00" J. Reznick Violin 75.00 B. Eisselriteh Violin 75.00 G. Orsini Cello 78.00 C. Frisbee , Cello - 75.00 T. Baer Bass . 87.50 G. Longmuir Clarinet 103.00 G. Bellengeri Clarinet 75.00 Salary ' Per Week Trumpet $92.00 Trumpet 78.00 Horn 83.00 Horn 78.00 Flute . 78.00 Oboe 75.00 Trombone 91.50 A. Schwarzman Piano . " 98.00 W. Gilcher Drums 103.00 F.4Huntle Organist l.SO. L. Barton ' F. Becker M. Salvatore R. Roberts A. Rovelli A. Plemenick R. Pierce Coliseum Theatre, San Francisco, WEEKLY Payroll '"-- Salary Peryeek Ben Black I, Banjo $22500 Sol Siess Piano 85.00 R. McQuestion Violin 75.00 R. Beacreft Drum 70.00 G. Douglas Cornet 70.00 V. Smith Trombone 70.00 H. Gulman Saxophone 70.00 M. Lazarus Saxdphone 70.00 'ZJ)MAMIMOMMMEYl They Say They're Overworked They Claim They're Denied a Day Off! THE MUSICIANS HAVE NEVER MEN REFUSED A DAY OFF AT ANY TIME! A II Theaters Kre Opm and Will. Remain Open ALLIED AMUSEMENT ' INDUSTRIES Representing the motion . picture, valide-ville and dramatic theaters of San Francisco, Oakland, Bay Cities and Northern California. ' - - SmriUtieam mt W H. E. HcAUiaUr. . awanenea. , - .

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