The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 16, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1897
Page 7
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,','j ' • ' • * *-~ r ' _ c PPJPBiK DBS MOtNISi ALGONA, IQVA. WEDNESDAY. JtMfflIS. jag.. t , Lost Control of Her Nerves- NOTES OF THE WHEEL fts!?, rAtSftifc thS Tribune, Minncftiiolis, Minn. ,, , ft ia that th& present generation is •a an era of nervonsncsi. Som llilitu the canso to tho climate ot mtr ' if there is att atmospheric effect it ii js the least of the causes that pro• ervousness. "The great freedom en• ttC VL t he American people is iu a large '• .mi to blame for the high-strung con- 90 of our nerves. There is rustle and on every hand. There arc excursions, j long journeys. We -work d&ys lan during the nights, and in our we bolt out' food, sleep Mth in-egu , seldom a thought of Our nerves. OP iNtfcfcfeSt TObE- VOTEfcS Of tHE 61CYCI.E. tho Guarantee tjacgtlon n Scrlon* One to atatinfttctnrers—A New Chalnless TVlieet That May Fin the mil—the Credential yacstlon Up Again. Mils. c. rr jurs. C. H. Guise, of 410 Central Avenue Enst Minneapolis, had the misfortune to 'suffer constantly from nervousness, and hei ! trouble was aggravated by Want of sleep l\teht after ni S nt of sleeplessness had created a worn out condition and she some times would jerk and jump unconsciously. Jn relating her experience to a Tribun representative, she said: . "I wish to state to you the great benefit have derived from Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. For many months I was inflicted witth nervous debility and could not no relief, until I began using tho Pinl Pills the required result came very soon and I hope I may have the privilege of re commending them to everyone suffering u^ Jdid for 1 am certain the medicine gives instant rcU;. f without any bad results. (Signed) M?.s C, H, GUISE." Subscribed and sworn to before me, a Notary Public. T, B. ANDREWS, Notary Public. I HennepiuCo., Minn. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a condensed form, all the elements necessary to Vive new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. 'Jhey are also a I Bpceiflufor troubles peculiar to females, such as suppressions, irrosularitics and all forms 'of weakness. They build up the blood, and [restore the glow of health to pale and • sallow cheeks. In men they effect a rad ical iHcui'i! in all cases arising from mental worry, 'Mover-work or excesses of whatever nature. •MPink Pills are sold in boxes (never in loose "Hbulk) at 50 cents a box or six boxes for $2.50, and may bo had of all druirgists,or direct by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, gclienectady. N. Y. • Too True. . She—You are the first American I evei Ilioardsayho liked London better than I Paris. Why do you? I He—They understood my French bettei I iu London'thnn in Paris. WHITE TOPAZ. fjZ^) YCLE manufacturers are going through the same troubles regarding guarantees that the vehicle manufacturers have experienced," says the Spokesman, which adds: "We are glad to note t however, that the former are likely to come to a wiser conclusion than have the latter, who still persist in the old antediluvian method of maintaining a guarantee that does not guarantee, but has all the disturbing elements of bickerings and contentions about it that keep them more or less in hot water with their patrons and dealers. This ancient relic descended from olden times, when it took a small fortune to buy a carriage, and a good slice o£ that price was n profit. Compared to the present methods of selling a vehicle at a dollar or two profit ind then giving a guarantee that may make the maker liable to a contingent cost for repairs that may consume one-half or more of the gross amount received, it is unbusiness like, and such a custom continued can not but lead to the conclusion that the people that do business that way are not chumps. The bicycle makers have already shortened the time of the guarantee, and the probability is that another year will see it entirely wiped out, and bicycles will be sold on the representations of each manufacturer, and the • equitable basis that they are entitled to. That is w]?st the vehicle manufacturers should do. the events of small importance, lie furthtr says that.the Australian riders are probably as good as any in the world. Representatives from America. Italy, England,. France and South Africa are now riding there. He states that W. Martin, the American, is riding in excellent form. Regarding his own plans In this country he says: "1 want to get in condition nnd compete in the National circuit. I have come up to 88 on my gear and acquired a good sprint v/nile abroad, t have abandoned road woi'k and will now devote myself to short-distance racing." Another Invention. An Englishman has patented an invention for rtdjusUng the handle bar and saddle of a bicycle while the Wheel is in motion. Of it he says: "By rnis^ ing or depressing the handle bar the saddle is shifted backward or forward, and at the same time is inclined to an angle suitable to any given position of handles. This is effected by means of a handle bar working freely in the eye of the stem and connected through a coupling rod to the front of the saddle or saddle frame. The arm carrying the saddle is formed of the arc of a circle. Tho handle bar is retained in any e;iv- en position by means ot a spring latch on the bar, engaging into corresponding holes on the stem, or in a notched quadrant." linrrett'R St'lieim 1 . The suggestion made at a recen meeting of the Associated Cycling Clubs of Chicago by George G. Barrett that steps be taken to organize an association of bicycle clubs, meets will approval, but the Assocated C. C. ta bled the matter, fearing the scheme was directed against the welfare of ibj L. A. W. Leading club members, how I Beautiful Stones ta Be Seen at the Diamond Palace. Every day in the week and every [hour in the day one can see crowds I around the show windows' of THE I CHICAGO DIAMOND PALACE. Thg I cause of it all is the now widely known I White Topaz. The White Topaz, or j carbonated diamonds, have come to bo I recognized as the nearest thing on I earth to genuine diamonds, so near in- I deed is it that the proprietors of tho DIAMOND PALACE do not hesitate to, I place real diamonds in their windows [amidst their display of White Topaz, and allow the public to pick them ouc I at the selling price of the Topaz. I The latter stones have all the lovely j brilliancy of the diamonds, sparkling i steadily and with wonderful fire. The [thousands of these stones in the win- I dows forms one of the most gorgeous I fiisplayo and has proven an attraction j which is one of the. features of Chi! cago. In order to'find out the advertising [medium best suited to their business, I this enterprising concern offers to send U" genuine White Topaz to all those j who will cut out and send tliem tlieJr Mvertisemept, 'which appears elsewhere in .this paper, together with 25c I in stamps. THE DIAMOND PALACE, like all successful institutions, has many imitators, who endeavor to sell cheap I'hinestones and other pastes claiming [ they are topaz. We caution the pub.[lie to be careful, as THE DIAMOND | PALACE, American Express building, [ Chicago, are the sole importers of these Hones, The Credential Question. At the special meeting of the International Cyclist Association, held last month at Rotterdam, the question of the right of any of the affiliated associations to decline to accept the entry from a foreign racing man bearing credentials from his home asspciation caused considerable discussion. In or- dei to avoid any differences in the future the following addition was made to the rules: Each union affiliated with the I. C. A. agrees to recognize the certificate or license of his own country as the prlma facie evidence of the amateur status of any rider, but at the same 'time reserves to itself the right to refuse to recognize any cyclist licensed to ride as an amateur whom it may consider to have been at any time guilty of uny breach of the amateur rules. The new rule will compel the recognition of all riders who possess papers from their parent body attesting to their standing, unless some grave cliarges are presented to controvert the authority of the credentials. A New Clmlnloss Wheel. The transmission of the motion of the pedals of a bicycle through a chain has more than one drawback, and an effort has been made to substitute different systems of gear wheels for it. The cyclit, a new combination, which has been brought out in Paris and is here illustrated, is a chainless bicycle, in which the hind wheel is the driver. The gear mechanism consists of two rings mounted upon independent axles revolving in ball bearing boxes, at which, on each side of the wheel, end the extremities of the forks that constitute the frame. These ball bearing boxes are provided behind with strong disks connected by a rod that serves as a fixed axle upon which the driving wheel revolves. The gear rings carry GEORGE G. BARRETT. ever, while opposing the plan, suggest that the question of revenue to run such an organization would practically make it worthless. While ths large and influential clubs could well afford to pay a tax of from $25 to $50 a year, for membership, the smaller clubs, who are in the majority throughout the country, could ill afford to stand such an expense. Wheelmen in the east and west who are doubtful as to the success of the scheme have by no means abandoned the idea of a new association, and it is'likely that in a short time some new plans will be suggested. StlMffeft FAfcfc Of felnnket* which hnte been tisod Alt ttia- k er. no infitter how white, arc never cleafij mil should be <vnshed before putting ftftfty. Mhny housekeepers satisfy themselves by ihnkitiR nnd airing their blattkets rttthef .hnn risk spoiling them ia washing. Bttt this is ft mmtftko. for if the work is prop- >rly done ho slit-inking will tnke place, find he fleecy S-'oft appearance nifty He retained, n« well the color, for yeare. The necessary thing In washing blankets is to have plenty of s-oft writer nnd good pure soap. Inferior soap is rcnlly the cause of the damage tlotio -woolen good* in welshing. It hardens Hie fibre and yellows the fabric. When readv to begin' the work shake the blan- kets'free of dust, fill n tub half full of hot wnf er. Dissolve a third of a cake of Ivory So'rtpin it. Put oiie blanket in at ft time. Dip up niul down nild Wash gently with the iiniids. Never rub soap on blnnkbts< or wnsli them on tho .washboard. After the lilnnkets lire clenn. rinse in.warffl water until free of suds. Add a little bllteitig to i he last M-nlcr. Hliiike and squeeze \ then hang on the Hue until dry. Take down, fold, lay tinder a weight •rot n day or two, iiiid pack securely in a box and cover. BlnukeU; thus wanned will retain their original freshness m< well as wear three time* ris long as if put away soiled year after year. . Ki.tzA. R, PAKKEU. Xtit Knoujfh to itttry. "That w.s a sad accident to Bungler. An explosion blew him into atoms." "Yes, it affected me very much." "Are you a relative!" "Xo. I am iin uiidertnker." Tiiofn id n dims of People ' Who arc injured by the use of coffee. Recently has been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation called GUAlN-0 made of pure grains, that takes the places of coffee. The most rlclicatu stomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over M as much. Children may drink it with frreat benefit. 15 cts. and 25 cts. per .package. Try it. Ask for GRAIN-O. Too T<lterul. "Freddie, why did you drop the baby on the floori'' -Well. I heard everybody say it wns a bouncing baby, and I wanted to see it bounce." . Eon'l. Totir.cfO X|ilt nnd Smoto Yonr llfn Away. To quit tobacco easily andforovor, bo magnetic, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No- To-Bac, the wonder-worker that makes wonk men stionp. All druggists, SOcor #1. Curo tjuiirauteed. Booklet and sample free; add.- Sterliug Remedy Co., Chicago or New York. A St. Louis woman filed a suit for di- vorve oiftlie evening' of her golden wed- iliiig day. The way she sized it up tif ty years v,-us enough. Tho editor of thin paper advises bis renders that a free package of Poruviana, Hie best kidney nnd liver cure on earth, will be delivered FREE to any sufferer if. written for promptly. PJSHUVIAN A REMEDY Co., T>80otli St., Cincinnati, Ohio. According to Lord Kelvin, who has summed up all the evidence in the cnse, tho Earth cannot have been inhabited for uoro than 80.0011,000 years. Each Relieved of Periodic Pnitt flhd ache, A f fid t>! Pefvent tellers, fielorc using .tydia 13. Pinldiftifa's . _ D Compound, my health teas gradually beiig'«-»--, inihed. 1 suffered Untold agotijr h-onti |>aimtil incusiruatiori, backache, paih ori top Of &f head and ovarian trouble. I concluded 18 /a try fats. Pinlch&tti'B Compound, afad i^ihd j ,-> v& . , . that it was all any woman needs Whd stiffets with pftinM monthly periods. It etttrfei<T Jtiis. GfconmK W^se, 033 Bank Bt.( Cincinaatu Oi cured tne, . _ „ „. : Md Suffered with pdnfuluieti» Strtiatioii fetery Month. At the bcgSbfiiBg df todiistruatioil it, rvafi impossible lot tiie: td f of more 'than five miiUttcs, I fclfc sottis* day a little Ibbpk of Mrs. Pi&khtim's ,HVa9 liouse, and 1 sat right down tttid read it. of Lydia E. Pinlthain's Vegetable Goto' Pills. 1 can heartily say that to-day I woman} my monthly suffering is a thing shall always praise tho Vegetable Compound done for inc. / Mns. MAHQARET AtfDiimsoH, SG3 Lisbon St., Lcwiston, Me. Lydia E. Plnlcham's Vegetable Compound has cured me of painful men- etruation and backache. Tho pain in my back was dreadful, and the agony I suffered during menstruation nearly drove me Wild. ( i Now this is all over, thanks to Mrs. Pinkham's medicine and advice.—MK?. CABBIE V. WILLIAMS, South Mills, N. C. The great volume of testimony proves conclusively that Lydia E. Pmkhanra Vegetable Compound is a safe, sure and almost infallible remedy in cases of irregularity, suppressed, excessive or painful monthly periods. ______ Ctand «p erable. One thrown into my I then got some pound and Liver feel like a new of the past. I lor what it has -i h '-f >*f*. Ua.ll'a Catarrh Curo is a constitutional cure. Price, 75c. The number of! inhabited houses in Lou- Ion is about 548,800. No-To-IJuc for Fifty Cents. • '' ire, inures wr 4.11 druKgtsts. fiunrniilecillobncoQ hnbjt euro, innHcs weak mon tuoiig, Wood pure. 'Mo, $1. '*" -•"' "•" , RttUyavd Kipling's "Jungle Pook" has peeu trans'' • I into German by au Eng' W l o .-v^hes in the school when r. Kipliugj_ brought up. ,_ Slink ,tt» IQUF Slioer, Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder tor thi * ee t. It cures painful, swollen, smart- tog feet and Instantly takes the sting PM of corns and bunions. It Is the greatest comfort discovery of the age, Allen's FootrEage makes tigUt-flttine ••w new shoes fee} easy. It }s a certain J«re fqr>, oallo,U8 and fcot, tlrefl, aching feotf Try it to-d»y, Sold ey ftU arugglsts and s.boe stores, By "55" *w SBc in gtamiia, Trial package gWWL Aaaresg Allen S- Qtosted, If 1 Does your wiiiistor "practice _ what he "Sftohes?" ''IJe prpftchetl it so IIJWU wore-" THE GEARING. i Internally toothed wheels, each of which meshos with fi pinion keyed at me extremity Of the hub of the rear wheel, The advantage is thus op. tained of Having.& very strong internal gearing and ft frame that never l,as any tendency to get out of true like tfjt of machines that are driven (row one side. This machine is much short* er than others. As the crank hanger Is arranged QB the two of the game wheel, the fprK IB not Iw4«l, TOfl the machine is wpnd,erfully well adapt* e4 tOP Wlfot rtWP OUFves ' A Hotter Stnte. There is a disposition in a good many directions in England to hedge en the attempts to prejudice the bi- fcycle-rlding public against American wheels. This feeling last year was pronounced. A writer in the "Cycle and Motor World," an English paper, after alluding to the frantic appeals made to the patriotism or prejudice of the riding public and refuting the charge made against the strength of the American wheel, concludes by sayirg: "If American machines be given a fair chance they will stand alongside their rivals; but how is the prejudlcs against them to be overcome? In London, perhaps, this prejudice is infinitesimal compared with that in the provinces. It is astonishing, but nevertheless true, that in the country, where the air is freed from the feverish breath of those fighting and struggling for a place in the groat competitive market of London, there is also a total absence of anything like good favor or good will toward American bicycles. Tho Sldeivulk. In the case of a wheelman arrested in Middletown, Conn., for violation of a town ordinance in riding, upon a sidewalk, Judge Pearne thus defined a sidewalk as legally constituted: "A fair, reasonable and safe construction of the ordinance, and one which will avoid confusion, is that its intent is that tlie term sidewalk means that portion of the highway between the fence line and the part of the highway which is used by vehicles as a traveled way, and is worked and improved by the city for that purpose. The ordinance applies to all streets under the control of the city, except such streets as are not improved in that portion between the traveled path \ised by veh> cles and the fence line, or where there is not some sort of a walk laid uut, constructed, or improved by the city or by the abutteri" A woman o£ Bowling Green, Ky., with a family of twenty-one children, is suing her husband for a divorce. Mrs. WliiBlow'sSoothinff Syrup For children teethinit.BOfteiiB the KiiiiiH.retluwslnnam- lutttion.ullays pain, cures wind nolle. 20 cents a bottle. Some people have been flattered until they are no sensitive that they can not stand the truth. If you are '-dead tirod" tone up your system with l)r. Kay's Renovator. See ad. Handkerchiefs were made fashionable by the-Empress Josephine, who hnd bad teeth, ttiid held n handkerchief before her mouth when she laughed, IOWA CHRISTIAN ENDEAVORERS Tho Burlington Kouto 18 tho Ofilclnl Route To tho Ban Prnucifico Convention. Tho Iowa C. B. special train loaves Omaha at 0 p. in. Wednesday, June 80. Through 1 tourist sleepers. Stopovers at Denver, Colorado Springs, Mauttou and Salt Lake City. Eudeavorors and their friends who tnke this train are guaranteed a comfortable journey, flue scenery (by daylight) and tirst-clnss oquhnncnt. Lowest rates ever known: 822.50 Omaha to Sun Francisco. 82:.'.50 San Francisco to O.uuhii. Correspondingly reduced rates from points iu Iowa. Berths reserved and descriptive matter mailed on request. Write to A. I). Kinzer, Lyons, la., or J. Francis, Gon'l Pass'r Agt., Burlington Route, Omaha, Neb. Natural ConcluBlona. Mr. Man—My dear, the editor won't print that paper of yours if you write on I oth sides of the paper. Mrs. Man—Well, ho said he wanted me |o cover both sides of the questiou and the imestiou was on paper. pri-rc Formation tlyCurod.I'ofitn or nervousness (if tor r«t iliiy'B »»« ot Dr. Klino'B Oruut, Narva Restorer, lend fortf'ltEE 8«.OO. trlftl liotHo timl troutUo. Dli. B. 11. KI.ISB, Ltd..831 Aveli St., PhilnUelliliia, 1'n. Farmers iu tlie neighborhood of Oak'es- Onle. Wash., are alarmed at the prospect of au invasion of grasshoppers this season. Hegenmii'fl Camphor Ico with Glycerine Cure* Chiiiil'oU lliuirtu niul Fiu-o. Tender or Sore Foot, OhllblftliiB, I'lles, &K. C. 0. Claris Co., New lluven, Ct. Eevolutiouary Traveler—Who governs, here! South American Inhabitant—Oh we take turns. • Educate Your Bowels With CiisearetB, dimly Cathartic, euro constipation forever. JOo. If C. C. C. lull, druggists refund inonoy. The duchess of Fife, who is uipk-nomec "Her Royal Shyness," never attends tho queen's drawing'rooms. Mrs. John Sherman is exceedingly -vvel read and deeply interested in curron events. Vegetable Sicilian Beautifies and restores Gray Hair to its original color and vitality; prevents baldness; cures itching and dandruff. A fine hair dressing. B. P. Hall & Co., Props., Nashua, N. H. Sold by all urugBlatS.. rWcctcrn "Wheel Vor CHICAGO ' /tl/A/O/5 FREE NEW DISCOVERY: *i«« »-v . — - cnsi-s. Honil fur book of tLbllnioulnlu mill 1O <> treatment Free. l)r. ii.u.UKbKN'tiHONS, itlmiia, U». S UVI n«VMuu IlliUil WIlUBlf. »''" ulcca, (JOOUABNF.W. WtolFH. Mow High UmiJo'OOmoilolf, V lull? puiunntei'd, 917 to fit. ^Special Clearing Sati: pulp anywhere on opprovnl, li nr\7o *))) cl*" ft rriponBlblc ftcrtl v In vie!, (onirrntBUrwiij fenmnlf *bril " to 1 litmluco tlionv- rctHJUtlfm ll .- well known tbrougliout tho country. •vafr- Wrllont ooco for our special offer. H. N. MEAD '& PRENTISS. Chlpngo. 111. I Wo mako all slvoa Wiile iisal Dos Maine:, In. !»«» jUoincH Bnlo Tlct'n. W. N. U. Des Moines^JSo^^S—J^T- VVlion iinsworlnB nilvovtlsonionW plonao inoution ihis pupor. day Hires * Rootbeer ^_ 41 stands be- "^ \1 tween you ^ and the distressing effects of the heat mwi :• " ' • S .* Rootbeer cools the blood, tones the."stomach, invigorates the body, fully , satisfies the thirst, Adelicious.spark- ling, temperance drink of the highest medicinal value, Mado only by The Cluulci E. Hlrci Co., PblttW A piokago makes 6 gi 1^> ( have dcmonstratS. experts Bdmlt. and every one Is con- d that eeoulne White Topaz cannot be detected lron> real 1 -^^^V^^SKS^-^^ %«£ W We ^^^^<^^^^B • 2 ttteWv^ neso, we make this • _ : GIGANTIC.-. QFFEJ? We will send you a beautiful, brilliant, 'genuine White Topaz, which can be mounted 1 in a ring, scarf or nccktiu pin, stud, cuff but. tons, Iqcket or pair earrings, like any article j in this border on receipt of,. ' v " These stones arc exactly the smne as those we huve advertised at one dollar I This offer for a few days only Cut out this advertisement and send it to us ogether with SBc In' com or stamps and we diamond,, Jn ordering, be sure and stale uen r.w«« w**$ ACUOMPANllo'pY'THISJPVERTISEMENT. GENUINE WHITE TOPAZ ncur. no^relation^o other so-called .imitation diamonds no matter \ with White Topaz. _ ^ ^^ J ^ J ^^ JJL «jmj.yvt I oSfefiF 8 ^ *«*» nuTtig* "m ItfbtMi^^^p How ?* The bicycle has already ed a good deal « f vos4 improvement in Me*i<?0, it is »?WFte4, net iir* tf you <«'> enow H 1 ** we ever reluned W replace ft W TopBi that ww r«wne4 fH^$T^T?i '* J, J _ <5t>>K.1fi.j!£ji3*t£ IT KILLS pomta BBSS? <p»nu»gp . ' "' in»o{liwpet;life. l|uriMl>'»«t((Uiunvr Bemt, $lWV ^9 W£9$ uC^iw n < & ^ f .Qmy.Mln.ejml.A9ii „ —-»-• • ••r)jerO..<Ur«etlP n J!' WW.Sl'WW THE OPPORTUNITY OF A UFETIWB Don't miss It •A, i y^"g^^fi'T^"_"'!^^ = fj^"^- j '^^^ i ,^, H$ Vis

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