The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 9, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 9, 1897
Page 7
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JHttM UPMK tie ar wot§< McKinley presented to each fit iadie6 ift hel fearty who at* uo inaugural hall ft handiotae lace handkerchief as a sottv6- the queetij now in her 78th Tscettded the' throne, the poke *as the most characteristic fea* feminine attire, f hat was in 1837, John Sherman is efccedeittgly, " r interested in cur* year she and Sec* be able to cele- ^the^'golden wedding. '-78, when women are just to ride horseback astride, it terming to know that Queen „ consort of Richard 11 of Eng- Was the first wbinan to ride a i^'saddle, previous to that woinea ' ttg as did the men. mlein Anna Slegmund, a grand- of the great composer Schubert, Is a student in the dramatic de- ,ttnent p of the Vienna Conservatory, , p 7tlv appeared In that city as Fran- "inna von Barnhelm" and VI- C ! SC 1n n "As" You Like It." It waa he* JJt public performance. MU1K1H! AJUGONA, IOWA, tartan plait sifkTafe used Bugle heads and have color. Ribbons of graduated straight around or in NOTES OP THE WHEEL. MAttfeftS dr* INtfcfcSSt tO BE* ot? tue frofcetsloiial* in TraUiin* fttt the Circuit Season— Will Jfot fciitcf- fontll put on Pat- IrlmmS ft Very fa8hl0 ^^ skin The turban trimmed with tufts ot ««ii, C 4 al>f is the lat est fancy SIL 1 ^^!' ls . ** *B«T and is It la \Vt-\\ Adtnnccd- Sprofcket, The Compound por Women to Esmember That in addressing Mrs. finkham they .recominunicatipg with a wonian-a wo- ?™n whose experWce in treating woman' n« Is greater than that of any living phy icittu-male or female.. A woman can talk freely to n woman «'iwn1t is revolting to -relate ier ^privat roubles to a man-besides, a man does ro t Sand—simply because he is a man. Mnnv women suffer in silence and drlf nlnnff from bad to worse, knowing full wol tbat'they should have immediate assistance but a natural modesty impels them t "brink froui exposing themselves to the nuestious and probably examinations ol oven their family physician. It is unneces- c=rv Without money or price they can consult a woman,, whose knowledge from actual experience is greater than,any local pl ?he C foliowing invitation is freely offered; accept it in the same spirit. VVomon suffering from any form ot female weakness are invited to freely communicate with Mrs. Pmkman at Lynn. , Mass. All letters are received, opened, read and answered by women only, thus has been established the eternal confidence between Mrs Piukham and the women of America which has never been broken and has induced more than 100,000 sufferers to write her for advice during the past four months. Out of tho vast volume of experience which sbo has to draw from, it is more than possible that she has gained the very knowledge that will help your case. She asks nothing in return except your good-will, and her advice has relieved thousands. Surelv any woman, rich >r poor, is very foolish if she does not take advantage of. this eeuerous offer of assistance.—Lyaia [ B. Fmkhain Medicine Co.. Lynn. Mass. NOTES OF ThfE DAY. It is claimed that tbere is now one | telephone in the United States for every 192 persons. At Jackson, Mich., a father playing leap-frog with his boys fell against ay- stove and broke his neck. The New York stock brokers are taid to wear out the floor of their stock exchange every five years. Connecticut has fifty-four women who are daughters of soldiers who fought in the revolutionary war. The colony of Waldenses in Tennessee, near the North Carolina line, is flourishing and now numbers about m. During the year 1896 the plumage of over 3,000,000 birds was used in New York for the decoration of women's hats. The committee of the city council of Detroit, Mich., has consented to exempt the Masonic temple in that city from taxation, American mixed drinks are making great headway in .Japan. That's characteristic. They invariably go to the head, also to the feet. Petticoats of ecru linen batiste with colored polka dots are sold in tho shops for summer wear, and they certainly have qualities of comfort on a hot day which silk does not possess. The craze for violet, mauve and all the shades of purple 1ms extended to the corsets, and yards of violet silk and satin, either plain or flowered, are made up in this important article of dress. Aprons of ample proportions are said to be the fashion in Paris for home wear either morning or afternoon, and they are made of alternate rows of ribbon and lace insertion, printed silk or flowered muslin trimmed with lace. Gold canvas is one of the features of dress at Queen Victoria's drawing rooma this season, and entire bo.dices and the fronts of dresses are made of this material, which is often made more beautiful by little sprays of diamonds and pearls. The English walking hat with the brim rolled up a little at each 'side is brought out in great variety as to shape of crown and kind of straw; the most stylish one of all is the Panama, trimmed severely with black wings and black satin rosettes. A Jersey City Iauulord aroused a tenant at 12:45 a. m. on the morning of the B f ooklyn professional rider, who is how training nt the Thunderbolt track, hear S a vannah ( writes to the ef* feet thnt the cash prize riders prcpar*' ing there "to* the circuit races are rounding into flue form. Among them are Jimmy Michael, Fred. Longhead, Tom Cooper, Earl Kiser and Ray McDondald. ^ The various men pursue different methods of training, so that their work is watched with keen Interest. Michael is described as one of the hardest trainers. Ho is on the track about twice a day, and while not riding very long distances, is covering miles in about two minutes thirty seconds. He indulges in walking, rope skipping and other athletic exercises, and it is March 1 to demand the rent due that day, and was thrown down his own ctalrs. England has one member of parliament to every 10,250 electors, Ireland 3110 for every 7,177, Scotland one for every 8,974, and Wales one for every The Swiss government is about to es- lablish at Hauterive, on the River 3aane, a grand central station for gen- orating electric power, at a cost of 2,800,000 francs. A Veil of Mist Rising at morning or evening from some lowlands, often carries in Its folds tho seeds of malaria. Where malarial fever prevails no one is safe, unless protected by some efficient medicinal safeguard. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is both a protection and a remedy. No, person who inhabits, or sojourns : iu a miasmatic re^ibn or lying agent, which is also the finest known remedy for dyspepsia, constipation, kidney trouble and rheumatism. Kegreta. Clara—What a nice fellow who was teaching Mabel howto ride! Maude—Wasn't he? I'm sorry now that I learned so soon. Piso's Cure for Consumption is the best of all cough cures.—George W. Lotz, Fa- bucher, La., August 20, 1805. The firemen of Rochester, N. Y. have been prohibited from entering saloons while on duty, To Cure CoiiHttpnlJon Forever Tnko Cusonrets Candy IdoorBoo. II C. C. C. lull to cure, drucirlsts rotund money. Passengers on the open cars of Boston, for whom there are no seats, are not allowed to stand or obstruct the view of those who are seated. Mlllol;, Huokwlioat and other soods, lowest prices. gainer Seed Co., IM Cimso, Wls. "Doctor, mv wife has insomnia—lies awake most, of the night. What shall I do for her?" "Got home earMer." thought at the training camp that this rider will surprise the community this year by reducing all the distance records. Michael . is .now riding a . wheel geared to 88 inches, but In competition ho will likely use a 92-Inch gear, and in long distance paced races ho may go as high as a 112-inch gear. Naturally Tom Cooper, the American champion, excites widespread interest. He is training on a 73-inch gear, but will Jikely ride a 77-inch in competition. He is riding three and four miles a day, and is credited with being in excellent ahape. Fred Longhead, the Canadian, Is an Industrious trainer. Ho sprints and rides long distances daily, and his preparation augurs well for his performances in the spring meets. While great work is anticipated from Earl Kiser this season, he trains indifferently. He is riding in good form, and lias cultivated a sprint, but he seemc l.o adopt no regular system of work. Kiser Is training on an 80-in'oh gear. It is doubtful if ho will get down to fast form, however, until, the circuit Is well under way. Charley Murphy is working hard and conscientiously this spring. He is riding an 80-inch gear in his practice work on both the road ;md the track. Murphy Is anxious to make a good record this season and re- Lire from the track this fall. He is now in fine condition', and it Is his intention to take in all the big meets throughout the country. must be small, as only an occasional Mder is found using them. It is known that sottte of the leading manufacturers are now at work upon the chainless type, but it is not their intention to put this pattern of wheel ufron the market before '98. A dealer in talking a'bo-it the chadless wheels says: "You may notice what ata enc-rinous demand there is for the medium-grade wheels this year, and you will also find that the practice of price cutting upon the high grade wheels is wholesale. It is my belief that the manufacturers of the $100 bicycles realize that a reduction in price Is imminent Accordingly, their purpose is to put the chain^ less wheels on the. market in '98 a& their leading mount, and possibly sell their bicycles that now figure at $100 at -say $75. The manufacture nf good chainless bicycles Is costly, and I am convinced that some five or six of the large houses are now preparing to turn out chainless bicycles for their leaders next year. The perfected chainless IB the coming wheel, and the class of riders who want the best will buy chainless bicycles at $100 next year. Such a move will enable the manufacturers to still maintain a $100 flguro, while they can, without casting any reflection on the value of the chain gear wheels, sell them at a reduced flguro. It will take fully a season to establish the chainless bicycle, but 1 feel confident that It Is the bicycle of the future." Stop! Women Add Consider the AlMnittortant Pdct» ITred Gm-laeli'B Successor. Henry S. Dlxon, western member of the L. A. W. racing board, succeeds flding your imitate ills to a— & \vhose experience in treating xv6man'» diseases is greater thati tfaftt of ttti#liv« itif |>hysician—ffinld or fchiale. You can talk freely to A WOm&fi Whett it is revolting to i'elftte ydfl* Jirlvale troubles to ft toiftfl—besides^' a man does not Understand—simply' because he is & man. , Many women suffer in silence and drift along from bad to 1v6f se, Iciiow* ifcg full ^vell that they ought tohaVd immediate assistance, but it natural modesty impels them ta shfiisk ffdii} exposing themselves to tile questions and fsrobhtty e'xatnilitttidns .bi eveft their family physician, It is unnecessary. Without money or price yea can consult a woman, whose knowledge from actual experience is greater than any local physician in the world. The fol* lowing invitation is freoly offered} accept it in the same spiriti MRS. PINKHAM'S STANDING INVITATION. Women suffering from any form of female weakness are invited to promptly eommuuicato with Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn, Mass. All letters are received, opened, read and answered by women only. A woman can freely talk of'her private illness to a woman; thus has been established the eternal confidence between Mrs. Piukham and the women of America which has never been broken. Out of the vast volume of experience, which she has to draw from, it is mbre than possible that she has gained the very knowledge that will help your case. She asks nothing in return except your good-will, and her advice has relieved thousands. Surely any woman, rich or poor, is very foolish if she does not take advantage of this generous offer of assistance.—Lydia B. Pinkbom Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. HENRY S. DIXON. France Falls In. France has just had a tussle with the partisans of free transportation lor bicycles, and the wheelmen have come out of the combat with colors flying. Information was received in this city yesterday that the French minister of public works had Issued a decree re- aulring all the railroads in that country to transport baggage when accompanied <by their owners. The decree holds that the railroad companies arc responsible for damage if the wheels are injured while in transit. The amount of indemnity is fixed according to the class of fare purchased. The Pill that Will. "The pill that will," implies tho pills that won't. Their namaia legion. The name of the pill that will" is Ayer's Cathartic Pill. It is a pill to rely pn, Properly used it will cure constipation, biliousness, sick headache, and the other ills that result from torpid liver. Ayers pills are not designed to spur tho liver into a momentary activity, leaving it in yet more incapable cpndition after the immediate effect is past. They are compounded with tho purpose of toning UP the entire system, removing the obstructing conditions, and putting the liver into proper relations with the restjrf the organs for natural operation, Tbo record of Ayer's Pills during the half century they have been in public use establishes their great and permanent value in all liver affections, Cathartic Compound Poivor Sprocket. The compound power sprocket which is illustrated has brought out many comments and much discussion as to the actual value of the third or power sprocket. The wheel is equipped with two chains and four sprockets. Chain runs direct from a large crochet on the crank to one of equal size midway between the crank hanger and rear axle. Attached rigidly to this middle aprock- ,et, or, as it is termed, power sprocket, Is a small sprocket over which the chain runs to sprocket on rear axle. The effect claimed by the patentee is that additional power is gained in proportion to the '.nearer diameters o£ the two extra sprockets equal to the addition of the difference in diameters being added to the length of cranks, Thus, if diameter of power sprocket be seven inches and the diameter of speed oprocket be five inches, the power gained is equal to that which would bo gained by-adding two inches to the Fred Gerlach, of Chicago, to that office. His selection by Chairman Motl meets approval. He is twenty-eight years old, and has been prominent in wheeling affairs for ten years. He is a resident of Dlxon, 111., and received a legal education in Chicago. He possesses a deep knowledge of tho sport, and, like his-predecessor, abhors sham amateurism. He Is conscientious, energetic and has the faculty of making and retaining friends, Dixon is an advocate of divisional option regarding Sunday racing. As a delegate to the national assembly at Albany last February he fought hard to have the conference recognize the 'claims of the West and South. Falling in his effort, he recently prepared an amendment to the racing rules which, if adopted by his associates, will have a salutary effect. His plan .Is to allow Sunday racing if a majority of the members In any division signify a desire for it. Ho will endeavor to placate the disgruntled divisions where secession from the L. A. W. is being urged. It is safe to predict that his term of office will be marked by firmness and fairness. HOW FLOWERS WERE NAMED. Tho fuchsia is named after Leonard Fuchs, a noted German botanist. The begonia was named in honor of M. Begon, a French patron of botany. The name of 'jasmine is preserved with, little change from the Arabic, ysmym. The gladiolus is only "a little sword," this being tho Latin form of the expression. The English name of lilac Is almost unchanged from tho Persian name ot the same flower. MliuKu Into lour Shoots Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet. It cures painful, swollen, smart- Ing feet and instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions. It is the greatest comfort dlscqvery of the age, Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight-fitting or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoo'stores. By .mail for 25c in stamps. Trial package FREE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, Lo Roy. N. Y. ... Perhaps the sultan desires a little more time to wash out the Armenian spots before receiy.ipg,an APR^U visit. r«PI Mrs. WlHHlow'H Soothing Syrup For children teetlilnR.soflons tho HuniH.roducos Inflam- omtioii.ttllayB pain, euros wind collo. 86 CdiitB » bottlo. It is calculated that the earth weighs about G,049,880,0'JO,OQO,000 tons. Educwto Your BowolH With Cnscaretg, Cnndy Cathartic, cure constipation forever. lOo, If C. C. C. fail, drugKlBts refund money. No person under sixteen years of . age is allowed to enter a theatre or tavern in Hel- igoland. . • of Hires Rootbeer on a sweltering hot day is highly esscn? tial to comfort and health. It cools the blood, reduces your temperature, tones the .stomach. HIRES Rootbeer (should be in every home, in every 1 office, in every work- Ishop. A temperance drink, more healthful than ice water, more delightful and I satisfying than any I other beverage pro- Iduccd. Made onlT by tilt Churlw F. niV. 1 Co.,fhilKl«lplil«. Anaok- age mokm 5 glUQIu. «o!d «»• *• «**«+«***4***«*««**«'*«*«*t iThere is a Classof People w that J fearecl can^i- of tttf »to»wfc «* ^tbree aoses brought W ^ SW8ble F " Baptist length, pf oranUs. Tbe tvutfc or of this Ww has &"He4 fqptb frojft mW' wecfc&Riefil , e^g larger percentage ol wl|9B8 SSW KnglUli KccordH. The members of the National Cyclists' Union of England demand a change in the record system. An officer of the organization In the "Bicycling News," of London, says: The necessity for a better understanding upon the question of unpaced records is imperative, This has become the more obvious since the N. C, U, in Its wisdom has, by restricting pacing instruments as regards amateurs to singles and tandems, practically prevented those who do (or rather should) ride for honor and glory and the love of the sport interfering with.any of the fig- .urea at present on the book; at least as far as the half-day is concerned. The present system, which but for a certain famous track boomer wouk" have been dropped long ago, Is artificial in the extreme. It, Jn the eyes of all but interested parties, js simply absurd that a man should be credited with a record which he woulc} have had not the slightest chance of making without the aid of others. How we howl la derision of the historic record of J, S, Johnson on n kite- shaped track made behind the wind shield fixed on the back of a sulky. Yet, what do we see now? A man pulled along by multicycles with a wind shiek} consisting of ft loose jacket held wide open by the/rearmost rider. The present-day records are simply valueless, They tell nothing as to the merits Of man, maghine, tires, or anything else, save the organisation an4 ability of his pacers. Now Jo,t UB look what & series of unpaced records would do. In tho first place they would allow the amateur to compete on terms of equality with the professional, \vWcb he cannot do now; they would the cypjlng pwpMs.ft Jw better qf jugging a, s tp the writs oj! W &ew Who are injured by the use of coffee. Recently there has been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation called GRAIN-0, made of pure grains, that J [ takes the place of coffee, The most delicate stomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell it from <' coffee, It does not cost over , , 3-4 as much. Children may J J drink it with great benefit. < > 15 cents and 25 cents per JI package. Try it. Ask for * J GRAIN-0. JTry Grain-0! California On tbo occasion ot the Christian Endeavor Convention In July, the Santa Fe Route will Bell flrst-cl»sn tlckett, from Kansas City to Sod Francisco, Southern California or in- ternudiate points, at rate of * 8- it i i i i SO •n which will also apply In the reverse direction. Aayone may buy; pleasure seeker, home seeker, health seeker, fortune seeker, or attendant on the Convention. For detailed Information regard- Ing flutes ot sale, etc., and illustrated books descriptive of scenes along tbo Santa Fe Route, apply to any agent, of that line, or to the undersigned. W. J, BLACK, 0. P. i., i T, & S. P. Bj. Room 144,9th i lulcun Sti., Topelu, Kun. OB SANTA FE ROUTE W $ Holds the world's record for lougrdistauce fast rimuiiig, is cool in Colorado You need •Exercise-?. « U business roe.n knew how much they need out-door ex' ercise there would not be gh Columbia bicy" cles to gp •rpund." The real difference between the summer temper* ature of Colorado and that, of Iowa or Nebraska ib only • about ten degrees, i The apparent difference is ttboui thirty degrees. July is the best ujouth to visit (Jolormlo. lu July tbo temperature* is just right, the mountain TOOVU jilted with jjlewBure-sQykers, and the cost ot reaching tbern JHtle wove than half as great as is ordinarily the case, about rates and train bar- vice, Also for. adyw matter descriptive of jtou, Glenwuod Estea J, F^ANOIS Qener'al Omaha, Neb.

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