The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 9, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 9, 1897
Page 5
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ALGONA, IOWA, WESDMBDAY, JUNE; _g. A VEftY IMPORTANT CASE, Ltffifc's SAND APPEARS, Take Notice. What an immense difference there is in the clothing sold by Durdall and rtiftt of the ordinary clothing stores. Our fine business suits and dress suits are do by Hart, Schaffner & Marx, who will not make any slop-made clothes. r and always H., S. & M.'s suits wear well an^ look well, because made of 11 wool well shrunken cloth, because Well made to fit the form with ease and a . nc g e ven after months of wear. During our clearing sale this month many e ,.? e BU it s w ill be sold for half price. Ever and always they are the best to buy because they make you look as a gentleman should, and stay with you. The above cut shows the difference in clothes. Grand jtifrfr tteCofivefied and Men* ttessy Indicted-tfoirt Gets five Yeats in the Pen. NEW ENGLAND. Durdall, THE CLOTHIER. and THE LOCAL FIELD. The cold wave has let up. It was high time. A rain storm this morning is what everybody says is needed. Peter Winkel has lost a horse offers a reward for its return. •Dr Stull is raising and putting a stone wall under bis house. They want Judge Quarton to address them at Rolfe on the Fourth. He may go. A lot of new sidewalk on west State street is in keeping with the general improvement about town. There is joy at the Chas. Walker home over a bouncing boy which came Monday morning. All are doing well. ' Next Sunday is Children's day at the Congregational church and the pastor will speak to the children in the morning. Kev. Southwell on Monday married Arthur Procter and Miss Alma Smith -at the parsonage. Both parties are from Bancroft. It is now understood that the Yeomen will not remove their .general offices from Cedar Rapids to Algona, but will go to Des Moines instead. The county supervisors have been in session since Monday morning. A large part of the work before them has been on grades and bridges. They will finish and adjourn today. First Church of Christ, Scientist, Sunday services at Odd Fellows' par- low. It is worth a million, more or .ess. Readers will peruse with interest the letter this week from D. A. Haggard, which recounts the happenings in this county during its earliest days. It may not be generally known, but it is a fact that Mr. Haggard was one of the first white men on Kossuth soil, coming through here in 1854, and his recollections of the then existing conditions form an important part of our history. His article is first class. In the case of the attachment of the Parish stock of goods Referee B. W. Haggard reports to the court that the sale of the stock to J. L. Edmonds was regular in every way, and recommends that the goods be released. It was shown by the examination that Edmonds held just claims against Parish for actual money loaned, and the bill of sale transferring the stock was in payment of the debt. Mr. Edmonds expects to continue the business at the present stand. Attention, A. O. TJ. W! All members are requested to meet at the I. O. O. F. ball at 8:30, Thursday morning, June 17, after which line will be formed, headed by Algona band, and drive to Burt to attend tho picnic. Those living on the road to Burt are requested to meet at W. H. Bailey's. Parade will reach there about 9. Come all and bring your friends and dinner and enjoy a good time. By order of COMMITTEE. One of the important cases tried ing the present term of court Was an equity case ill which one Daniel fierce of Sycamore, 111., by his conservator, Mr. Townsend, sought to recover pay* ment on an $800 mortgage given by Frank Studer, but on land how owned by Jacob Nelson. It was one of those cases in which C. L. Lund figured, and is further proof of the crooked manner in which he transacted business. Mr. Lund acted as the agent for Pierce in the transaction, and loaned Nelson some $3,000 with which to pay up the $800 mortgage and a couple of others. The draft came from the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance company—for which Lund & Ryan acted as agents— for the $3,000 loan, made payable to Nelson, who endorsed and handed it over to Lund for the purpose of having all the other mortgages paid off. Lund never paid this $800 mortgage, although the record shows a forged release of the same; and that is why it now bobs up and is made the basis of this suit. He probably paid the other two. J. J. Ryan, by virtue of his having at one time been a partner of Mr, Lund, was made a party to the suit. It was shown that the business with Townsend was done through C. L. Lund, and that between Nelson and the insurance company through Lund & Ryan. The points in the case were whether or not payment by Nelson to Lund, who acted as Townsend's agent, relieved Nelson of further obligation, and if not, whether Ryan would be liable as a partner of Lund for money received from Nelson. Judge Quarton, after hearing a large mass of evidence and exhaustive arguments by counsel, held that the payment by Nelson to Lund as agent was equivalent to a payment to the original holder of the mortgage, incidentally, also, relieving Mr. Ryan of any further liability in the matter. The case was tried by E. V. Swotting and J. W. Corey for Townsend, Clarke & Cohenour for Nelson, and Sullivan & MoMahon and Frank Farrell for Ryan. The trial consumed three days, during which much of the correspondence between Lund and Townsend was produced, and showed clearly that Townsend was hot after Mr. L'iind some time before the latter's death. and on bne knee, and had his clothes nearly all tOrh oft. It might have proved even mote serious had not the conductor, at this critical stage, grabbed and pulled him out of his perilous situation. He was at once taken to the hotel, where Dr. Spencer exam' ined his wounds and made him as coin* lot-table as possible. D. A* Haggard, accompanied by Dr. Renefick, drove to Sexton at once, and further examination showed that the injured man had suffered no broken bones, though he was very sore and stiff. He was left at Sexton for the present, where his wife, who went at once on receipt of news of the accident, is caring for him, and it is hoped ho serious complications may follow. If you want Good F L,U U JA why iti the world don't you BUY lors, 10:45 a. m. Subject next Sunday: "The Gospel of Inspiration." Friday afternoon meeting at 2 o'clock. . Marshall Hayes, down in Garfield, is beginning work on a new house on his farm, which will be 30 feet square and 18 feet high, to take the place of the old one, which has been moved out of the way. M. B. Dalton's experience with fruit trees is not encouraging. He set out 100 apple and other trees a year ago, and out of the entire lot has one lone tree left. The rabbits did the business for him, girdling and destroying them. W, W. Alcorn was down from the north Monday. He disposed of his business in Bancroft and bought baoknis old farm in Seneca, to which bere: moved in March, He says he likes farming best and will stay there, Chas. Slagle has gone to Emmetsburg as extra man in the Milwaukee •• station. He has been temporarily in the Milwaukee depot here, and hopes soon to get a permanent situation with the road, Charley is a competent railroad man. H, W. Walston has rook on the ground for some kind of a new house- he is not yet quite sure how good—but we imagine it will be a credit to his neighborhood. The old house is to be moved north a few rods to make room for the new one, Lu Wheelook is back from Tomahawk, Wis., where be has been living for three years, and is duly installed as 6 workman in THE UPPER DBS MOINES office. Lu is a faithful boy and a good compositor, and we are glad to make him one of the U. D, M, family. A little black bug—and he is numerr ' ous—is found on the inside of the plum tree leaves this season. His presence causes the leaves to gradually wither and roll up. and is of course disastrous. Perhaps some fruit raiser can suggest ft remedy for bis destruction without injuring the tree. A representative of the Mansonbot- tling works was here last Friday sampl* ing our city water with a view to establishing bottling works here. He thought Algona a. good point for the location of such an industry, and bis be&4 is level, He is coming back to »ake f wtbe> Investigation. Ja.s. G. Smith Q! Gerp&Bia. f$ h £ p fj ttie raUr.o.a.4 agent there, was adjudged Iniaaeby the oommjelon, as4 on Jm« X... i-,__* . ~. .- gj^pJQJJ *" Tnda. -mEws-^-TT-* "TFS9F S Jp •»» «*»*•! 3* W ..*" *» f «$• while he - >*&mi Mi wew&R, BQ r ,„ P»W tut tend, feijn. J,Q-$e The Kindergarten. Miss Laird, the lady who is to conduct a kindergarten here this summer, will open the school June 21, in the Baptist church parlors. Miss Laird comes with the highest recommendations. She has been for the past seven years a teacher in the Des Moines schools, and for the last four years director of the Bird Kindergarten school. Her class here will include children from three to eight years of age. Further particulars may be obtained by inquiring of Miss Randall. Strayed! A bright bay gelding, ten years old, weighs 1400 pounds or more, white star in fm-ehead, has old sores on his legs by which he can be easily distinguished. Liberal reward will be paid for his return or for information that will lead to his expect raspberries and cherries P Grand Jury Reconvened. Judge Quarton called the grand jury back for work which did not appeal- when they were sent home. The particular work in hand was the case of one Hennesy at Lu Verne, alias Patterson, who, according to all reports, is an all-round bad man. His most recent performance was at LuVerne, where he became party of the first part in a case of adultery with Mrs. Dorsheimer, with whom he eloped. The pair were overtaken at Fort Dodge and brought back, the preliminary examination resulting in his being bound over to the grand jury and placed in .the county bastile. The grand jury_ yesterday returned an indictment against him in accordance with the above, and he pleaded guilty and took his medicine. He gets two years. rive Years JTor Hoyt. Clarence Hoyt pleaded guilty and Judge Quarton gave him five years in the pen at Anamosa. Sheriff Sampson took him there last Friday and in less than two hours after his arrival he had donned the stripes. He exhibited no concern about his sentence. If he has not already become a hardened criminal his environment during the past few years has been such as to make him oblivious as to what may become of him. Notes, Court adjourns today. Kossuth has the longest court sessions in the district.. WE have iust received a new invoice of floor mattings. Can sell you a good quality! MONEY to loan on town property and farms Thos. F. Cooke.-Sltjanl I AM selling land in Minnesota and Dakota taking one-tenth down, the balance half the crop until land is paid for Most of these are improved farms. Great opportunity for renters, Will take in exchange town property. Excursions first and third Tuesdays in eachmonth. ComeanjUeeg^ Reduced Bates , state Sunday school convention at Daily Iowa Capital has issued a Moines, Iowa, for a copy- _ am the new "Japanese Art °repe» WHEN out looking ter n^nnrtnn't 1 Frank Miller and a young man named Potter are under arrest at Bancroft on the charge of having burned F. H. Vesper's bouse on his farm. They have their preliminary hearing today. PORTLAND'S JOTJAL PIONIO. J. H. Grover's Handsome Grove is Pilled With ft Big Crowd to Celebrate WltU tl»e Victors in tlxe Gopher Contest. If Algona has as many for the Fourth of July celebration as gathered at J. H, Grover's in Portland Friday for the gopher picnic it will entertain a big crowd. All the country round about and from far was represented, The Wesley band discoursed sweet music, lemonade stands, a bowery dance, races, and a ball game furnished entertain' ment. The morning exercises consist' ed of band music and a few remarks by Harvey Ingham, who was introduced by Prof' Connor of Burt. Then came a picnic dinner on two long tables loaded with eatihles, twice filled by the crowd, The day was pleasant, the grove was delightful, Mr. Grover's hospitality un» hounded, and everybody felt well. If gophers are needed to inspire such 00- oasions oftener in the future, here's luck to the gopher. May be be long in the land. ILILI ,„ SYMEN'BjMiY SNOT. CliUfab^Tellimnt WeddlttR *0» night—The Taylor Bice Nuptials n. Week Later. This evening, at the Tennant house parlors, occurs the wodditig of Collie T. Chubb and Miss Laura Tennaht. It joins two of Algona's most worthy young people. Though it is an event not unexpected in social circles, congratulations are none the loss numerous on that account, Mr. Chubb is the trusted book-keeper and assistant cashier in the Algonn State bank. He was born and reared in Algona, where he is known as an honorable and capable young business man. Miss Tennant is tho daughter of Landlord Tennant, has been for some time a familiar and attractive figure in Algona society, and is one of our best and fairest young ladies. TAYLOR-BIOE. At the home of Daniel Rice in Portland, next Wednesday evening, Mr. Guy L. Taylor and Miss Minnie Rice will join hands and fortunes. None are more worthy and nonestand higher in the esteem of this community. Mr. Taylor is an active business man of Algona who has the confidence of all who know him, while tho bride is a lovable young woman, the daughter of one of the pioneers of this county, and numbers her friends by the score. Both are Kossuth county products, which means that they are of tho best, and they will receive the best wishes of their hosts of friends. YOUNIE-JONES. Rev. Innes on Monday performed the ceremony which united Mr. W. A. Younie of West Bend and Miss Maud Jones. The bride is a daughter of D. T. Jones, a prosperous farmer of Irvington, and a young lady of much promise. Mr. Younie attorney of West Bend, and in good circumstances. This paper wishes them a joyous voyage on the matrimonial sea. OF A LOOAL NATURE. O. B. Kuhn's new house is going to he as good as the best, J C. Anderson is pushinpf his California canned goods. Those are hot prices he is making. Did it ovev occur to you what $1.50 will do toward buying fine shoes? Brownell knows and he will toll you. The McCormick binder is the old standby. The Wigwam is prepared to supply enough for the whole county. Whether you are sick or well. Sanitarium goods won't hurt you and may do you good. Langdon & Hudson handle thorn. It is proper to crow when you have something to crow about. Doxsee crows about sad irons, And that's proper, too. Do you know what'"H., S. & M." means? Durdall will post you if you do not. It is a good thing to get information upon. "Clothing bargains" is what Kraft tolls about this week. People are finding put that Algona furnishes clothing bargains the year around. The harness shop in the Christiansen barn is to be reopened by a man named Davis, of Bancroft. W. J. Crammond will have charge of it. Mrs. S. S. Sessions was tho fortunate lady to secure the Brownell prize offered last week, being a pair of 2}£ A slippers. Many came and looked at the dainty pieces of footwear, only to depart without making an effort to put them on. Ernest Laage was over from Sexton yesterday. He has for some time been engaged in handling Minnesota lands, and has met with such good success that he is going to continue in the real estate business, This makes it necessary for him to dispose of a portion of his business, and is the reason why he offers his mercantile business at Sexton for sale. He has done well there, and the opening is a snap for somebody. W. H, CLARK has pasture for horses or cattle at the Lund farm. Tame grass and plenty of water,—8 Nobody is holding you, The Wilson Mills make the GOOD kind of flour—no other—make it every week day in the year, and sell It to the best bread-makers on the face of the earth. Strong language, to be sure, but it's the gospel truth and why not say it ? TRY A SACK. SEED FOR SALE. Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. The McCormick Binder. The right-hand cut open elevator. The easiest handled and lightest running machine on the market. We also have The McCormack Mowers Do not forget that we are making the lowest prices on binding twine. Be sure and call at THE WIGWAM either at Algona or Burt before placing your orders. THE WIGWAM, ALGONA AND BURT. Wilfrid P. Jones. NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business.- Offlce over Algona State Bank, Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Kockford of Bookfovd, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. GEO. \M. BAIUEY. EIGHTEEN karat rings that are 18 karat, not 14 karat rings made up by some jobber and stamped 18 karat, 6 J DINGLEY & PUGH. FOB time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank, Very Low Bates to Milwaukee via the Northwestern line, "The Lake Shore Route" from Chicago, on account of the N, E. A. convention, July 6-9, For dates of sale and other information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern rail way,-18t3 Low JJates to Minneapolis via the Northwestern line on account of the convention, B, P. O. Elks, July 6 For dates of sale and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern rftilway.-lgtEl Better own a farm' Start now I Send to W. B. Kniskern, 22 Fifth avenue, Chicago, III,, for a free copy of "The Northwestern Home Seeker," which gives practical information to those interested in the pursuits of agriculture, dairying, and cattle raising. Corro' spondence solicited from intending set* tlere.t-lltS TO EITPI? WATER M4JP- erathia own expense, provided the city would enter into an agreement with him by which he should have ope-flfth of the water rents from the connections with the sewer for five years, The matter was discussed at some length but no official action was taken. TUB MINUTES. The city council met at the city hall, pursuant to adjournment, Mayor Chrisohilles in the chair, Members present! White, Vesper, Pingley, MoMahohj Paine, Single, Chapin, and Bayers, Absent: None. Resolved, That the four-inch water main be extended east on Call street to MoFher- son street, north on MoPherson street to North street, east on North street to Phillips, north on Phillips to Oak street, Moved and seconded that the resolution as read be adopted. Ayes:. White. Vesper, - Dingley, MoMahon, Paine, Slagle, Chapin, Bayers.'. Noes: None. Moved and geconded that the mayor and city solicitor be appointed a confer with the superintendent of theO., M. & St. P. railway company in regaro to opening Roan street across the right-of-way of said railway. Carried, On motion council adjourned, J, 1>, DONAUOO, City Clerk, NEWS 0? THE WHEELMEN. Algona has many lady riders, and the number is daily increasing. Among the little girl riders many of them have become decided experts. Chas. Cohenour was at Spirit Lake last week on legal business, and having his wheel along made the run from Spirit Lake to Spencer on bis way home. ' Guy Scott, with a friend, came up from Des Moines last week on ft sew ~~ Btle taadejs-'-aa elegant wheel- Is tftWcg a law course at to whom he suggested that they would get along faster if they would walk. Five minutes later he punctured a tire and was compelled to ask these same fellows to give him a ride homo, Thos. F. Cooke sports a new Adams wheel, a good looker and without doubt a serviceable machine, B'e had a couple of wheels from 81e/?tl, Cooper & Co, of Chicago, but dtdn"* Uke them and sent both bach. Lee Bridlemcu. wfco hrs* these parte for the paot ycR? or mere, , starts soon on hia wpeel for Buffalo, N. Y., his old home. He expects to make the 1,600 miles ia about 20 days U no bad luck happens him. Court Reporter Grler has his wheel with him, and has utilized the fine evenings and our good roads in a spin of a few miles aft»r supper, He is rid.* ing a Sterling of the '97 model, 80 geav, and one of the finest wheels now made, About a dozon were arrested in Fort Dodge last week for violating an ordinance prohibiting the riding of Woyoleg on the sidewalks. Some of them -refused to pay the flees, claiming that the ordinance bad bee,n illegally The court Jt doesn't do a bioyple any gpgd to mount from the pedals, although, a number of boys flrmlj' heiieve that is the o»ly correct w»y to It merely adds additional and u sary strain on tb» peddle and, is much e$t?a wear oa the ,i • i •>'%

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