The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 9, 1897 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 9, 1897
Page 2
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C^fW'flP-:^ "^ IOWA. JtfJNEO, J89f, Of IOWA > Mspttfi Mite Going Inta Court to Hide Wthottt tfthtbrn. ^,. S} tfeSAft lUttBS, Jfiite 4,^-One of tho K- 11 - etdlfaafcces of Cerdftf Itapids requires 'V, fclcyde fidets to cawy tells and lamps. K'Jlfew Bights ago twefity-five riders ! ? -' Weffi ftffested who did tiol have '- laaierfck They Were each flfted 81. i rfJDf. & W< fiayes, fex'City marshal, was airre&ted the be*t nitrht oft the same t '••" chafge. He Will fight th« case and h . test, the cofistittitibnality of the •"•', Ordinance. The outcome will be of ' 34 - ' State Wide interest. BIB STONE STEAL $43,006? Kopof U rorjrerlcs 8!iO,000 nnd Overdraft* 983,006. Sioux CITT. June 5.—Receiver Goss fepofts that among the assets ot the Sioux City Savings Bank there is $20,* 000 worth of paper which was forged by ex-Cashier Stone, and S23.000 worth of notes given for loans to himself, relatives and MB private business institutions. All of it is non- collectable, but the directors will- be held liable on the grounds of negligence. Stone has not been apprehended. KILLED TWO SlbTERS. Flfteen-Tcnr-Olcl Hoy nt Greene Has a Terrible Accident. GREENE, Juno 4.—Fifteen-year-old I/. Schwartz, son of a local farmer, killed his two sisters while attempting to unload a gum The bullet passed through tho neck of one and struck the other just above the heart. The lad had just returned from a hunt, and in attempting to unload his rifle it was discharged. MAY PROVE TO BE MURDER. Henry Pylee, of Macksbnrg, Strikes 'Loo Carter On tho Head With iilHutlron. CBEBTON, June 0.—Word has reached Creston of an affray that occurred at Macksburg which is likely to result in murder. It is said that Benry Pylec struck Lon Carter over the head with a flatiron, and that Carter has not yet regained consciousness. . The assault has caused considerable feeling. Dr. Hobo On Trial. A*TAMO8A, June G.—Great interest centers in the trial of Dr. L. K. Bobo, of Oxford, who is now on trial for murder, being charged with criminal practice on Miss- Belle Sutliff, from the effects of which she died; There are 100 witnesses subpoenaed. • The doctor sets up the plea. that another physician, Dr. Cook, is guilty, and his evidence is all along that line. Dr. Bobo and his wife sit side by side during the trial; Dr. Bobo is six feet tall, of commanding figure, with an intelligent countenance, pleasant and agreeable manners and up to the time of this unfortunate occurrence bore an excellent reputation both as a physician and a man. The prominence of the parties involved has contributed to invest the trial with an unusual amount of interest. . Killed Mra. Dovr. 'MASON Crry, June 5,—In a dispute ypB porno cattle between Frank Wiltz BfTJerome PPW, farmers living just ^ Charles City, Wiltz t'hrew a tpne afDow, letting Mrs, Dow, his tettr-, OH the back of the head, killing rfT'-X [4?I5, Jnne f),-rWbile Willie Foncb, f DanJeJ Fpuch, propr^etpr of the i rqiipv -HjiJis, was playing wjth PtJier boys he got tangled up in lathes line an' of charge 0| ftSAB TO tH§ Commissioners Must Stand Trlul. DES MOINES, June 5.—Tho commissioners of the soldiers' home at ;Marshalltown wiU have to stand trial for the alleged taking of soldiers' pensions from them as a condition of their remaining in the home. Judge Woolson overruled the motion to quash the indictment against them in the federal court and held that if ' tho charges were proved as claimed the commis- bioners were liable to the penalties of the federal statute against placing liens on soldier's pensions, or r^tain- ing them in any way against their will, t i . ,.. . Killing; Frost. DBS MOINES, May 81.—Iowa was (struck last night by a heavy frost. Grain merchants in the city report that in the vicinity of Fort Dodge, Gowrle and Marshalltown great damage was done to fruit. Vegetatipn in . was affected. In parts of Des garden vegetables were pipped, and in some instances killed. Advices from Cherokee, Cedar Rapids »nd oilier places also bring news of damaging frosts, The damage in the ^orthwi-stern part of the state will be ''especially heavy. A *4s*,«oo,oOrt Cowpftnj- OfttAf to Beild Wfet f ro« ffietat fcitt. SibUXCitr. Jahe 4.-*The Missouri ftiver & tos Angeles Railway Company was organized nt Uakoift City, across the river from Sioti* City, The capital stock of the new company is 842,000,000 and the ihcorporators arc A. V. Larimer. P. McNulty, Donald McLean afcd Robert Buchannn, of Sioitx City; Henry Woods. Dakota City, Neb.; fe. P. Reynolds, Jr.. Wymore, Neb., and C. 1). * Smiley, of South Sioux City, Neb. It is the intention of the ihcor- porators to build a line of road from Sioux City tb the Pacific coast which is to bo entirely distinct from the Sioux City, O'Neill <fc Western Railway Company. The latter company already operates a line from Siotix City to O'Neill and Donald McLean has been working on a scheme in Sioux City for some months to get it extended to the coast. Now he says he will abandon that idea and will devote his attention to the new company. He gives as his reasons that the federal court will not sell the Pacific short line for less than. 81,800,000 and the Combination IJridgc Company wants $1,000,000 for its bridge over the Missouri river at Sioux City. He says he can -build another road and bridge cheaper and his eastern backers have instructed him to do so. ^_ DOLLAR DAILY A SUCCESS. Hold Kxpertntcnt in Iowa .Toiirniillsm. DES MOINES, June 7.—When tho DCS Moines Daily News was offered f,o subscribers for 81 a year in December, 1S85, conservative newspaper men thought the offer ruinous, not to say preposterous. A different view pre? vails now. The newspaper directories all place tho Daily News at the head of Iowa daily newspapers in circulation, and its advertising space is double in value that of any other Iowa daily. The offer is still open and the Daily Ncws's subscription list is rapidly growing. DES MOINES SHOOTING. "Shorty" KOM, Woman of the Town, Shot by Ilor ex-Husband. DES MOINES, Juno 7.—Bert Ross, discarded husband of Jennie Ross, better knowb as "Shorty," crazed by Opium and whisky and insanely jealous, made a desperate attempt to kill his former wife in tho brothel conducted by her in "WhStechapel." After he had shot her through the right lung, and while she was pleading for mercy, he turned on Policeman Clay Lewis and endeavored to kill'him. He was overpowered ond taken to jaiL ELDON BANK ROBBER GUILTY. So Said H Jury at Ottumwa—Second Accused to 1S« Tried, OTTUMWA, June 7.—In the first of the trials of the Eldon bank robbers Jesse K. Hamilton, of Chicago, was convicted by the jury after being out twenty minutes. It was thought almost universally that he would be ' acquitted. Stevens, the city marshal at Eldon, who confessed to having instigated the crime and watched while the others were committing it, will next be tried. His defense will be insanity IOWA CONDENSED. The $20,000 offer of Abraham Slimmer, of • Wavevly, to Cedar Rapids, has been covered by local contributions and that city will have an old ladies' home to cost $40,000. At Burlington recently a most distressing accident resulted in the shooting 1 of 0-year-old Lizzie Fuerstby her eldest brother, Edward, aged 33 years. Edward was sitting on the bed in h is room cleaning his Winchester repeating rifle, when his little sister came running up to him. Just then a cartridge in tho weapon was exploded, the bullet passing through the little girl's body, killing her almost instantly. Chicago dispatch: Governor Tanner has ref used to recognize the requisition of Governor Drake, of Iowa, by which it was sought to take Thomas Gibson, William R. Hennifr, Oliver R. Stratton and W. F, Chandler to Tama .county, Iowa, Hennig and his partners, who nre the owners of numerous bucket shops located throughout Iowa, are under indictments charging conspiracy to defraud, returned by the Tama county grand jury. In the district court at Primghar the case of Charles' McGee^ of Sutherland, was tried, McGeo was the marshal of Sutherland on February Jl last, when the store of Chas, Penker was robbed, Several days later, through the efforts of McGee and others, the robbers, u couplo of tramps, were caught and at the last term of court they pleaded guilty and were sentenced to eighteen months at Anampsa. TJjey implicated McGee in the master, saying that he planned ths robbery, was present w,hile they \Y$re ift the store, an. d t)»9t b,e Iwd agreed, to prevent thejr captnru jf , '.4'h.ey were brought PfleU 'testify jn, $tf s C p,ge, brought ifl a Y§r<ljictMpf npt ' . *• * ^.'H^'IP., Hf - ify^j^m ALL OVER THE WORLD WAR IN EUROPE. CoSstASTisorr.E, Junrel.—The Turkish government replied to the note presented by the ambassadors Saturday. The porte insists upon an armistice of ft fortnight whicii cah be renewed in the event peace negotiations are hot concluded. LosfaoS, Jtine 3.—The Turks have promised tc sign the extension of the armistice, and it is expected the peace negotiations will begin promptly at Constantinople. King tteorgc, it is understood, has yielded several points, with a view of hastening the negotiations of bringing about the Turkish evacuation of Thessaly. Ai'HEtfB. June n.—The cabinet dc- cidcn to sign' a sea armistice on the following conditions: "The Greek Hect will quit Ottoman waters. Vessels tinder Turkish or neutral Haps, bound to or returning from Turkish ports and vessels north of the armistice line Will not be examined. Vessels carrying troops and munitions for 'the Turkish army will not be allowed to criter ports north of the line. The Turkish fleet must not leave the Dardanelles. The dispatch 'of reinforcements to garrison towns in the arch- ipeligo i& prohibited." CoKSTANTiXori.K, June 7.—A conference lasting two hours was held between the ambassadors of the powers and Tewflk Pasha, the Ttirkisk inin-' ister of foreign affairs, at which the memoranda relative to the rectification of the frontier, to the capitulations in tho case of Greek subjects in Turkey, nnd to indemnity, prepared respectively by Count Nclidoff, the Russian ambassador, M. Cambon, the French ambassador, nnd Sir Phillip Currie, the Hrjtish ambassador, were presented. The memoranda will be submitted to the sultan for his consideration. . THE CUBAN ARMY. Tho Insurgent Army in licttcr Condition Tliun Kvor licfore. 'WASHINGTON, .June 5.—Capt. W. D. Smith, of the Cuban army, in a brief interview with a representative of the Associated Press, said: "The Cuban army is now in better condition to resist thci Spaniards and to maintain the fight for independence than it has since the beginning of the war. Gen. Gomez has a well disciplined army of 40,000 men. Our- soldiers are rapidly procuring arms and every day serves to put them on a better footing in this respect. Our troops enjoy a vast advantage over the Spaniards in that they are not injuriously affected by the climate. Furthermore, WQ have no difficulty in feeding our troops. All talk about autonomy and of Spanish reform's.for Cuba is so much breath wasted. There is not a man in the Cubun army who would agree to accept anything shoi-t of absolxite independence." Capt, Smith is an American. He has been in Cuba for a year and is an officer in Gen. Gomez's body guard. CALHOUN TO BACK LEE. WEVLER'S Satisfied That tho Consul General's Report Was Correct. NEW YOHK, June 4. — A special dispatch to the Herald from Havana says Special Commissioner Calhonn will support the attitude of Consul General Lee on the Iluiz incident, having become convinced that the hitter's attitude was absolutely correct. It also states that Mr. Calhoun will recommend that the Cuban war be stopped at all hazards, lie will urge in support of this position the conditions of Americans and American interests there and with more force the frightful condition of the country folk which ho knows from personal experience, Democratic (Jiilns. HANNIBAL, Mo., June 4. — The election in the First district to elect a successor to Congressman Giles, deceased,' ip favor of J, T, Lloyd, demo- Qrat, by a plurality of '5,510 over Clark, republican, a.nd a majority of 4,423 over the. com biped vote of Miller, populist, and Clark. This is. a gain of 783 over Giles' majority in November, The total vote is about 80 per cent of the November vote. Great Mines to Ue Operated, AYiWvKsjsAjWE, Pa., Juno 0.— On the authority of General Superin(ond«nt Lawull it is announced that commencing July 1 all tho mines of the Lehigh and Wilkesbfirra Coal company will work full time. It is expected that full timo will continue until December 1. The Leliiph nnd Wiikesbarre Coal opmpany employs nearly 8,000 .men nod boys, ___^ ____ Aldrich to Succticil L<je, WASHINGTON, June 5, — It is understood that ex-Representative AlUrich, of Chicago, is to be appointed consul gepernl ;vt Havana, «nd that his itppointmont vvill bo mode i« the near future, ^ Dictator of Guatemala. NEW YORK, Juno 7.-^4 dispatch to t^e Her§14 from ?ftP"m» says; FregT idea* Burrios lip; publicly declared ' The first. i • ifl •• mafle of TIio LlbCffiH ttftVe tteclded fcpttn U if ThtJ Come Into tontrol. MAHI»I>, June 0.—The recall of Weyler from Cuba is almost certain, as the liberals have decided to take this step if Sagasta assumes office. Pidal, president of the cortez, advised the queen regent to reform the conservative cabinet in the direction ot honestly implanting reforms in Cuba, recalling Weyler and sending Campos to the island. Campos advised the queen not to forni an intermediate cabinet, but trust the government to the party Which offers the best and most definite solution for Cuba, and one which is most calculated to insure good relations with the United States while being consistent with tho national dignity. In addition, accord* ing to the Cbrrespondettcia dc Kspana, lie advised the queen to recall Weyler. RECORDS BROKEN, Amateur Athletic Uocords Take Tumbles at Chlcftgn. CHICAGO, June *7,—At tho annual meet of the Western Intercollegiate Amateur Athletic Association . on Uankers's athletic field, «L II. Maybury, the crack sprinter of tho University of Wisconsin, broke the world's record for 220 yards around a turn, covering the distance in SI 2-5 seconds. In the hurdles, John Richards and A. Kraenzlein, both Wisconsin men^ broke tho western intercollegiate records for 120 and 220 yards respectively, and B. Si llunuell, of Minnesota, was successful in lowering the western intercollegiate record for the mile walk. J. H. Rush, the Grinnell sprinter who was expected by man5 r to lower the colors of the speedy Maybury, withdrew on account of sickness. SPANISH CABINET RESIGNS. -The Crisis Cumcs nt IjiRt at Madrid Resignations Accepted. . MADRin. June 3.—The premier, Senor Canovas del Castillo, has tendered to the queen regent the resignation of the cabinet, owing to the difficulty the ministers experienced in carrying on the government in view of the parliamentary situation, caused by the refusal of the liberals to take part in the deliberation of the cortes. This attitude of the liberals is due to the personal encounter between the Duke of Tetuan, the minister for foreign affairs, and Prof. Comas, a liberal senator, on May 21, when the duke slapped the face of the senator after a heated debate on the Morgan belligerency resolution adopted by the United States senate. The queen regent accepted the resignation of the cabinet. Franco to Retaliate. PAIHS, June 4;—In the chamber oi deputies Baron Des Rotours, protectionist deputy, submitted a motion to raise the duties on. American products if the United States fixes prohibitive duties upon French products. BREVITIES. Among the passengers who sailec on thp liner Majestic from New York a few days ago was Whitelavi Reid, the special ambassador to represent the United States at the queen's jubilee. The city of Washington .was recently visited by a slight earthquake shock, which caused alarm in high buildings. Advices from Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky state that the motion was felt in those states. Meivin Strc-us, aged 13, son of a prominent druggist of Monon, Ind., is violently insane as a result of continued indulging in the cigarette habit. He has smoked for the past five years and it is estimated that he has smoked over 50,000 cigarettes. At Pisa, Italy, recently, during a special service at the cathedral, upon the occasion of the unveiling of an image of. the virgin, a candle fell, causing a panic among the many people in the building. During- the rush far the doors several persons were killed and twenty-five were more or less seriously injured, Washinpton dispatch; There seems to bo a general belief that congress has authorized the issue nnd use of private postal cards, mailable at one cent of postage, Tho belief is unfounded The departmenthns notified all postmasters thnt no law has been enacted, so that private mailing cards, bearing written messages, are still subject to postage at the letter rate. Key West, Fla., dispatch: The Dauntless, of Jacksonville, which is alleged to have just returned from landing her secpnd installment pf arms and nm- munition in Cuba, within the lost two weeks, was apprehended by tl»P Marblehead while the alleged filibuster was taking aboard anpther cargp from the steamer Hiscgyne, pf New River }nl«t, abont twontyTfive mile? above Miami, . An pfflce'r and, prize crew \vere placed jn charge pf the steamer and she was brought to this pprt im^ tl>e esoprj of thp w&r vessel, The IS ftlsp under }fi b.elieyefl m Washingtpn that president -wiu by the middle the new minister murks' of Bui? ' offey pf to LYNCHED A ttfro Killed flntt Slit tfmmdcd fty ihc Mllltla fcoiore the* Got ItMtt. Ohio, Jupc 4.—"Click*' Mitchell, the negro who assaulted Mrs. Onumer recently, was sentenced tb 20 years in tho penitentiary. At 1:30 a. m. a mob advanced on the jail and for two hours it wos surrounded sy a howling crowd of at least 1,000 ;o 1,600 people. Finally advances were being made so close to the guards that they opened fire upon the crowd nnd at least twenty shots were fired. The volley resulted in Harry JLteH, of this city, and a young man named 11 agius being instantly killed and a number of others sefiousiy injured. Ohio, June 5.—After the militia had fired on the crowd, which was attempting to lynch "Click'' Mitchell, Governor Bushnell ordered company P. of the. Third infantry from Springfield. They arrived and marched to the jail, where they found 3,000 people surrounding the structure. The mayor assured the commander that their services were not needed, as the people were law-abiding, and asked them to withdraw to the train, and in case their services were needed he would send for them. Without waiting for further orders they marched down the street to the depot. The local militia had previously refused to serve longer and went to the second story of the sheriff's residence and tried to sleep. With no resistance offered, the mob rushed into the jail, buttered down the door to Mitchc'irs cell and hanged him to a tree. The result of the shooting was two killed and six wounded. Mitchell was con victcd of criminally assaulting Mrs. Eliza Gaumer, widow of the late pub lisher of the Urbana Democrat. BIG CROPS FOR KANSAS. Highly Favorable Report Issued by the Agricultural Department. TOPEKA, Kansas. June C.—The agricultural department hns issued a re port of Kansas crops, showing the condition of winter wheat on May ill to have been 83 per cents, au advance of 3 points over the report of May 20. Cool weather has been disastrous to chinch bugs and wheat has had remarkable growth. The cool weathci has been bad for corn. The general condition for the state at 'this season is given at 84 per cent. Oats' average condition is 77 per cent. All other grains, grasses, vegetables and fruiti are in prime condition. Reportsof the excellent condition of stock are uniform. The range is the best in years and western Kansas is covered with fine herds. r«; ACTION IS IMPORTANT. Modern IToodmen Will Remove Head quarters to Roclc Island, 111. DUBUQUB, June 4.—At. the nationa convention of the Modern Woodmen of America the election of officers was an emphatic endorsement of the 'pres- er • administration, nearly all being rj-elected. The headquarters were ordered removed to Rock Island anc the next head camp voted to Kansas City, Mo. Charges of misappropriation of funds, mismanagement," etc,, to]] flat, not so much as being considered by the convention. Many changes were made in the laws of the order. After Ex-Governor Altgeld. SPIHNGFIKLI), June 4.—The report of the special committee ot the senate appointed to investigate the charges of misappronriation of funds of the University of Illinois by C. W. Spaulding, the treasurer of the university board and president of the defunct Globe Savings Bank, declares that ex-Governor Altgt'ld.was a heavy borrower from the failed bank, that he must have known its condition when he recommended President Spaulding for treasurer of the university board, and that H, B. Prentice, formerly in charge of the banking department of the state auditor's office, was removed at Altgeld's request, after having- insisted on :i rigid examination of the Globe Savings Bank's affairs, Weyler Bill Signed. IlAKHisnuitG, Pa,, June 4.—Governor Hastings has signed the Weyler bill to protect the employes of corporations in their rights to belong to liibor organizations. The bill provides for a fine of not less than 81,000 or more than §2.000, and imprisonment not exceeding one year, for any officer or agent of any corporation to discharge any employe for being a member of a labor organization or seek to dis* suade him from joining or belonging to any such organization or to accept from any applicant for employment any agreement or promise not to join or belong to such organization, Constable Killed Six, ST. JOSKPU, Mo., June 4.—A constable ejected tho family of Bret Crowley for non-payment of rent when six children were down with the measles. A relapse followed in each case on account of exposure, and wjioopjng cough, pnemnonia nnd tuberculosis attacked the children died and the sixth cannot live, A picture p| St. Cecilia, ]£ A Munich gallery, charmed Mies J<a,ura B, Parsons, pf Pepyer, tbo faqe was so devout, serene and heavenly, Up pn closei study of tfte features B)Sf»4 i» this ideal JJepry Krajpnjer, # bju-her- in rj We, W, J,, gome' u m ag o J 0 ^ w GOOD NEWS FOR -*- Afeiid ovefslide!) wilt be i Witotef. Otir WadefS u something abottt the Rubber"» nmV have 1 kiitfwii thftt since 1 tioa of the tlnitftd States rubber boots and shoe! haV§*'te| intich higher thati they usett to 1 Seteral flew companies, however, fc commenced th6 manufacture of ftit goods within the past yea? ot tfto &* the usual result of competition k followed. Prices are down, u public! will get the benefit, first hew concern to enter the Was the Providence lUibbcr Cotnl of Providence, R. J. The head of'ti^ concern was the lion, A. o. " who had been 5a Europe as General to Homo. Tlic first ~\\ house to put these goods on the _„. ket was Rentley & Olmsted, of D(, 1 Moines, Who last year had the ivo agency for the iiorthwost, f w J the above Rubber Company, goods were sold at considerably prices than the Trust goods, Bentley & Olmsted were warned bj tho Trust that if they continued to • handle outside brands they would dij. criminate against them. They, hoiy. ever, were not to be intimidated, and have this year secured the exclusive agency for Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, the Dakotas, and all west of thcju states, of another new concern, Geo. Wathinson & Co. There has been '| great reason for complaint becnnsff rubber goods have not worn well. Mr. WatklttsOh, who'is one of'the oiliest manufacturers of rubber goods, when | starting his new factory at Philadelphia, realized that a big Business oould be built up on a better grade of goods. He is thcrfore making his goods of pure Para rubber instead o( using part African, which is nrach cheaper, and has also added several new improvements, such as heavier soles and heels, and tips on heavy goods, with the intention of making • the best wearing goods ever produced. Another new line of rubber goods made outside of the Trust, is made by the Ho.pd Rubber Company, of Boston, who make a second quality line under the brand of the Old* Colony. It remains to be seen whether " the trust will be able to crush put these new cpn cerns. DEMAND A FORTUNE. Proposition Mudo to Return SecnrlUtt of the Manhattan Saving-* Institution. New Yprk, June 1.—Nineteen years ago the country was startled by tho report of the biggest burglary known |1 In the history of the world. It op- ;j curred Sunday, October 27, 1878. The Manhattan Savings Institution of this city was robbed of securities valued at ?2,747i700' and $11,000 In -cash. With''the exception of'a j 'few bonds offered for sale some time ago, none of the securities has been recovered. A short time ago negotiations wero opened betweeen men said to represent the burglars and President Joseph Bird, j of the Manhattan Sayings Institution tor their return. The burglars have made a demand for ?50,000 and no questions to be asked, with the understanding that the securities are to be handed over in | good shape and that immediately upon their delivery the money shall be paid \ in cash. The bank officials will not pay so much. George H. Nojei President. Milwaukee, Wis., June 1.—The Wis- I oonain society, Sons of the American 1 Revolution, held its annual meeting I Saturday and the following officers | were elected: President, George H. Noyes; senior vice-president, Wyman Kneeland, Flint; second vice-president, J. W. P. Lombard; secretary, Gardner P. Stickney; treasurer, Oliver C. Fuller; registrar, William Ward Wight; historian, Francis B. Keene; chaplain, '| the Rt. Rev. G. Motf Williams, bisaoff of Marquette. Strikers Hope for 8ncoe«i. New York, June 1.—The big strifes at garment-makers entered upon its third week Sunday, About 2,500 operatives whose employers .liayo signed ;| the new agreement .have returned'to J work, leaving ajjout '22,400 still pn strike in this city 'and vicinity. Leader Meyer EchGonteld said there were many indications of success for the strike, and expressed himself as satisfied that the operatprg would not re* turn to work under the pld conditions, Barbarous TYorJt of Turlrs. London, June 1.—A dispatch to tlw Times from Candia, Island of Crete, >jj dated Sunday, says that armed M"5'' aulmans made a soj'tle from Candia Saturday ni'tSht and burned the village of KallvJa, killing fourteen, The dispatch adds: This Is certain to have A $ serious consequence, as }t will inosnse the Cretans, whp will make reprisal* Murder ana Saleldo.' ' San Antonio, Tex., June J.-"5ud"' I' ranks, a horse trade? of this cH)V wpund up a drunken spree by murder- Ing hjs wife and then blowing out V» Orajns. Franks chased toe woman out* Pt the house and fpiipwed her up til street, shooting- as sbo ran. W*W »» woman fell mortally wounded he * h<8 Uea<? »a area, be be to purnqge of . 4 g ;| tt bue| t vj» mi

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