The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 2, 1897 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1897
Page 8
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h At.nONA. IOWA. WEPNE8PAY, JtJNE 2. 1897. Downfall IN PRICE OF- Package Coffee. CtilCAOO, MttWAtlKEE & St. 1?Att. .. ' tobAt *ttAt*s tfrfcs*. N6.1 delfts at........... No.3 departs at.............;.......; 3:68pfn ^Freights that fearry passengers--- - Ko.erdepaftBat...... ?....... -12:16 pto No.71 departs at... 6:28 pm No.65 departsat... 8:30pni *iU±SS ons and ft load tot a cart. *... ~~ -----20 orations from the students of Pella ollege, ofl which he is to sit as judge. A little daughter C6.'iie to the Hefcry ^atterson home Iftas Wednesday, Mh %ttersoni9 otie' of the piotteers of * " abd is credited with 5? years No. 2 departs at iO:45ain K6.4 departs at..., 8:28pin .Freights that carry passengers^No. 70 departs at 8:36 pitt No.94 departs at.. i 2:30pni B. F, HEDBIOK, Aieift. All package coffee 15c a package for one or a thousand. Yours for business, No, 8 Cowles Block, James Patterson. PROFESSIONAL. *fc*'-Vp^^-«*XN_^^^_^^-V^«'''H^^^^'-X^'«fc CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Boston block. 1 ' DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office over Galbralth's. SULLIVAN & MoMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxie-Ferguson bUck. E. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. J. 0, BAYMOND. ERNEST C. RAYMOND RAYMOKD & RAYMOND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. People who know • a good thing when they see it will appreciate the Fine Millinery Stock now in and being daily shown to admiring patrons by Matson & McCall. We can't tell you all about it in an " ad." — you must see it for yourself. We have the Latest in Everything, Tsu3. . Oxx, F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence In the Boston Block. (In the new block.) ^_ H. C. MoCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office at residence, McGregor street. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. M. J. KBNEFICK, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence over Taylor's. H. D. SPENCER, M, D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Sexton, Iowa, DR. MARGARET E, COLES, Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon. Office and residence In Boston Block, , ALGONA, IOWA. E. S. GLASIER, D, D, S,, SURGEON DENTIST. Office over the State Bank, Algona, Iowa. ., DENTIST. A.L, RIST. D.D.8, fcocal anaesthetic foi deadening pain In gunis when extracting teeth. One Hundred Dollars Is oHered to, any pevgon who i?i Painter, Paper Hanger KALSOMINER, SIGN AND CARRIAGE PAINTER. Postal card orders will receive prompt attention. JAS. A. OER. The State University OF THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS Witt begin the year 1890-97 • ' — On September 16, For particular Information as to the respect ive departments address us follows: Collegiate—Charles A. Sohaeffer, president, Iowa Olty. , Law—Emlln McOlalu, chancellor, Iowa Olty. Medical—E. W. Bockwood. M, B., secretary of faculty, Iowa Olty. ' Homoeopathic Medical—J, G, Gllchrlst, M, p., registrar of faculty, Iowa Olty. Dental—W, S. Hosford, D. p, S., secretary of the faculty, Iowa C}ty, Pharmaceutical—B. L, Boeruer, Ph. <3 M dean of faculty, Iowa Olty. Expenses in all departments are reasonable. Cost of board in private families, $3 to $5 per week; in clubs, $3 to $2.50 per week. For catalogues or for general information address CHARLES A, SCHAEFFER, President, DR. PRESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat CHICAGO A NORTHWESTERN, South- Freight f:iO& m Pass .....8:05ain Mixed .... ....ItlOpm Mixed .8:00pm North- Mixed , 7:10 a ni Freight 11:00 a in Pass 2:43 pin Mixed iO;36p ffi i 1 . H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD, Operations performed, Diseases treated. Spectacles fitted. J^Will be at Algona Monday, April IS, OK NO PAY, Algona will celebrate Jim Stacy's oil wagon quit running Friday The day of cheap corn and oats is past W. H. Nycum is confined to his room again. The Schubert concert Saturday evening was good. W. C. T. U. will meet with Miss Cramer June 9. A cold rain set in yesterday. It was better than none. The frost Sunday night was hard enough to nip the vines. The Odd Fellows', train t6 Wesley goes at 8:16 tomorrow morning, Re^v. Bennett Mitchell conducted the prosecution of Evangelist Oakes. Dr. Tribon took a kernal of corn from a Bancroft child's nose Saturday. It is funny, but we are at the same old place. " More rain" is the general desire. The ladies of the Baptist church will servo dinner at the Fourth of July celebration. The Northwestern afternoon passenger goes north since Sunday five minutes earlier. Rev. G. H. Baker of Ohio will occupy the Methodist pulpit next Sunday morning and evening. Wm. G. Clarke, brother of Geo. E and E. H., was the attorney against J B. Jones at Des Moines. The Fourth of July committee wil meet at THE UPPER DES MOINES office this evening at 8 o'clock. Will. Brunson says the Seneca cream ery took in 41,080 pounds of milk Mon day. That is a big record. A big musical entertainment is be ing planned for sometime in two weeks at the Congregational church. Amasa Paine has the new stone foundation nearly done under hi house. A big addition is still to go on The Odd Fellows will go to Weslej in crowds tomorrow for the annual cele bration. It will be a gala day in Wes ley. Supt. Reed attended the Bancrof high school commencement last Frida; and reports a very successful closing exercise. Algona is doing more building and beautifying this spring than ever be fore. Algona is going to be handsom if not rich. The finance committee of the Fourtl of July doings was around Monday anc met with a liberal response. The cele bration is a go.- W. E. McMurray has bought lots on State street between Lan Kuhn's new house and the Spongberg shop and wil build this summer. A couple of strangers from LuVerne were before 'Squire Clarke yesterday One was given 30 days in jail for car rying a concealed revolver. Algona is going to have the bigges "Uncle Tom Cabin" show going, Jun< 17. It has a street parade like a circus It will be in the opera house. The band will give some more publi concerts. It is in splendid trim this season. Its music alone will make th Fourth celebration a success. All the Swedish Baptists of the stati have been congregated the past week at Swea, holding their annual confer once. It has been a big gathering. Miss Zoa Wartman gave a musica recital at Beaman last Wednesday evening for the local Epworth league A big and pleased audience was out, Eight cent corn won't be much of a campaign argument this fall, It wil be too much of a reminiscence, Corn will be high enough to suit everybody G, H. Light writes to have his UPPER DES MOINES sent to Qkoboji. He say he will be ready for business June 1 a the Swallow club house on Des Moines beach. Invitations are out for the wedding of C, T, Chubb and Miss Laura Tennant which is to occur next Wednesday Algona has no more popular young people, Rev, S, P, Marsh was greeted many old time friends last week. Hi lecture recalled old times, He ha gvown stout with the years, but other wise has not changed, Earl Stephens and his father hav dissolved their partnership at Ledyan and Earl is now in the hay business b himself. Marsh js devoting his tins- to his Minnesota $tore, Big preparations are being made fo the A. 0, U. W, field day at Burt, Jvm 17. The AJgpna,d will be there and a, ball game, races, tug pf wa.r, etc, will be tb,e order of the day, C, Chandler and family are to gQ to § t, L-wence pounty, , y,, tp live abowt Ju,ue go. They go fo theiv son Phil's health, T h °" »" leave wny f Fields j n Aigpn.a people' rspoi't that Tb,Q« Ft ta %8/B8W^«jJJteyftJ FOR 5 CENTS,' » * WATMHQUSI steam drilling machine own,w» iu ta'e ls to Shop, •V' v«\> vvsiw*-K V*. •i •< ;ct v _* ( M xv_«i •n.iJliJt.i _./l<, f J'», "t >' *>t WE BELL THE 3e is almost in President Harrison's lag:3. O. A. Potter's team got away SatUf* ay evening as he was on his way home rom the Memorial day exercises, ran nto a barb wire fence and both horses were killed. Their necks were cut to he bone. Capt. Foster, Wm. Riiey, Ed. Me* Murray* J. L. Smit-h are the four who will probably represent Company F on he state shooting r;ange at Cedar Japids. Col. Cooke and his assistants ;o Saturday, D. H. Hutchins is building ft .second louse west of his present home. He las one new one up already and the second is well under way. Mr, Hutch- ns will have five houses in a bunch vhen he gets done. The Methodists are having a missionary meeting today. It opened last evening with an able address by Presiding Elder Trimble of the Sheldon district. Kev. and Mrs. Bagnell are over from Emmetsburg to attend. Prof. Kent, who conducted the farm' srs' institute last spring—it is now jummer—will give up his swamp farm south of Webster City. He paid $4,000 or the lake and has put §3,000 into ditches. It is too soft to be worked. The Ledyard Leader notes a rumor that J. B. Jones will he a legislative candidate, and says: Mr. Jones is an able man, and should he be elected Sossuth county would have a representative she could surely feel proud of. Jas. E. Randall, son of "Recorder Randall, and L. B. Gray of Fort Dodge nave gone to Rock Rapids and have put in a supply of electric light supplies, etc. The Reporter of last week said: They will also do bicycle repairing of all kinds and expect to have their place, nearly opposite the Reporter office, ready for business next week. The young men come here highly recommended and should do a successful business. Mrs. Butler, president of the club hands in the following notice: The Equal Suffrage club .will meet with Mrs. Flora A. Jones tomorrow afternoon, at 3:30. Miss Laura Gregg wil be present and it is hoped that all whp are interested will come and help plan its future. Woman and her position in society—what it has been, what i is, and what it should be—will const! tute one of its lines of study. For wha so proper a study for womankind ai woman? Clarence Hoyt, the 16 year old boj who attempted to commit rape on Mr Shanor's little girl east of Burt at thi river bridge, was caught at Vincen last week. The story of the captun has an element of comedy. 'The boy' uncle, Ford of Burt, offered to bring him if Sheriff Samson would pay him the $50 reward. This was agreed t and Ford set out. Meantime th sheriff had El. Dalton follow him an arrest the boy as soon as found. Geo E. Marble, learning the facts, cam down and garnished the $60 in the sheriff's hands on an old claim agains Ford. Ford was put the expense of th trip, and besides is said to have pai< Hoy t's father $5 to tell him where th boy was. The whole outfit is bad. A special car with 100 people from Eagle Groye came Monday to bring th remains of Mrs. C. C. Slade to Algon for burial. Mrs. Slade was 81 year old and came to Algona 18 years ago Mr. Slade died two years later and wa buried in the cemetery here. Sine then she has lived with her children Mrs. Chas. Wilkins and G. V. Slade o Burt, J. L. Slade of Eagle Grove, Mrs Creed of Manley Junction and Mrs Ketohum of South Dakota, Rev. J W. Southwell of Eagle Grove came u and conducted the funeral service, as sisted by his brother here. Mrs. Slad had many friends in and about Algona and her children have many more, al of whom join in sorrowing with them OHEAP EXCURSION BATES, TO SAN FRANOISOO—LESS THAN HALF via the Northwestern line, for one-way tickets to be sold June 29 to July 3 in elusive, on account of the Christian En deavor convention. Similar rates wil be made eastbound, For full informa tion apply to agents Chicago & North western railway,—Ilt3 HALF BATES TO FIREMEN'S TOURNEY Iowa City, June 16-18, via the North western line, For dates of sale an other information apply to agents Gh: oago & Northwestern railway.—Ilt2 Half Bates on the Northwestern. The Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets to Marshalltown from stations in Iowa at half rates (one fare for round trip), June 6 to 0 inclusive, limited to June 12, Apply to agents of Chicago & Northwestern rail way,-r-10t2 Ilili MILWAUKEE The Milwaukee Mower, the Minneapolis Thresher, and The Brown Corn Planter. You never knew a man who owned ,a Milwaukee Binder that would buy anything else if he could get another like it. You never <new a man who had any trouble with a Milwaukee Binder, and you never saw a binder that it took less repairs for. Ask any man who iias a Milwaukee Binder about the draft. We will guarantee the Minneapolis threshing machine, with horse-power and engine, to do good work and to run as easily as any other thresher on the market. If you contemplate buying a thresher we will pay half your railroad fare to Minneapolis, and if you buy we will pay all your fare, to look it over and see the material used in it. Come and see us before you buy. BINDING TWINE AT LOW PRICES. Bradley & Nicoulin. g [ ON THURSDAY MOKNING, June 3, we will offer a pair of lady's fine button boots— Worth $ 3.50 Free to any lady who can wear them; provided that the shoes are fitted in our store and worn away by the lucky person. This offer holds good until this pair of shoes has been , \ taken. Brownell & Allred, Boots and shoes for everybody, We do the best repairing. Boston Block, Algona. FOR SALE. A TMT •**"*•' WANT to buy a good cooking molases at 20 cents a gallon ? A choice table syrup at 25 cents a gallon ? Gloss or corn starch at ?c a pkg,? OTHER lot of those evaporated apricots to sell at 5 cents' a pound. A nice evaporated apple at ?c a pound. Best full-cream cheese I2^c a pound, Evaporated raspberries at 2oc a pound. WE SELL and deliver baled hay, corn and oats. J. C. ANDERSON & CO. South of court house, . NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Buetness.- Offlce over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Bookford of Bockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York, GEO, M, BAILEY. We Have It. The HERRICK Refrigerator, Jt takes but one-half the amount of jge that a zinc-lined one does; always dry—a match can be struck in the ice chamber at any time. Always clean. See what Dr, Cyrus gdson says about zinc'lined refrig- ^ratprs, then inYestig&te, Only one- si?jth ofits, capacity required for ice. T§k.e one pn trial—if ngt jpst ss rep* resented bring it kwk. §Qld in Al« 1 _J(f^ ' . ! f ~*"\ &M^;« ,!••, ;, *. ^;\r^SiSil

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