The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 2, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1897
Page 7
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AL.00NA, IOWA, SIC1ANS BAFFLED. R. S. Bowman, instructor of Mural Scte in tesviiic College, Cured ci a Severe Illness by Bf, Williams' Hnk Pills for Pale People Alter Physicians Failed, the Republican, Colutabus, Ind. frof R S- Bowtriftij, the able Instructor (/natural science in the famous Hftrtaville, rtndn CJSlege, is well aad favorably a.not only as an educator, but also mister of the gospel, as for a nutn. f vearahe was pftetdr of the United fifethfen church at Charlotts, Mich., b^ rote coming to Hartsville, r»OF. B. S. 110WMAW. Rome time ago he had a severe illness «liich was cured almost miraculously. A vefiorter hearing of .this, Interviewed him rnBordingbiS experience. Prof. Bowman «£fin the midst of his^work when the reporter called, but ho cheerfully gave him ° "A vear ago last fall," said the professor, " I broke down with nervous exhaustion and was unable to proaerly attend to my NOTES OMHEWHEffi, MAttfefi§ OP vot fees ot# f HE td t»§* thft fcliftit-niftft of th6 ttftfclng tlortrd, 1.. A. Wi t*6afc»S6tafe ttulSS—fcevHrork's Good Bicyrie tnw»—tita* iia* ttaeliig I tried different physicians but with 10 relief, and alfeo used ninny different proprietary medicines, spending almost fifty dollars for these medicines alone. I then BitcctUnbEd to a.siege of the grip in the middle bf winter, and was left in it much worse condition. My kidneys were fear* tally disordered, and niy digestion became very poor. I was indeed in a bad condition, "A minister In conference learning bf my condition advised me to try Dr. Williams 1 Pink Pills for Pale People. I had heard touch about the Wonderful curative powers of this medicine, but it was with reluctance that I was filially persuaded to try it, as it seemed that nothing could do mo any good. Howflver, I procured three boxes of pills and tookthetn strictly according to directions. By tho time tho last dose was taken I was almost cured, and in better health than 1 had been for years. I continued using the pills awhile longer and was on* tirely cured. I can cheerfully recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Palo People." Such was Professor Bowman's Wonderful story which was further endorsed by the following affidavit. HAUT8vn,LB, Ind., March 10,1897. I affirm that the above accords with the facts in my case. R. 8. BOWMAN. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 16th day of March, 1897. I/THAN .1. ScuDDEn, Notary Public. BTA.TB ov INDIANA, SB. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. contain 1 all the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are sold in boxes (never in loose form, by tho dozeu or hundred) at CO cents a box, or six boxes for fS.fiO, and may bo had of all (Imp-gists or directly by mail from Dr. AVilliamB* Medicine Co., Schenoctady, N. Y. PEOPLE YOU SELDOM SEE. The bald pianist. The man who doesn't wish that the eastern question had got its answer. The child who has never said a smart thing. Tho parent who never repeats it. • The man who has read Shakespeare right through. The golfer who can do the round in eighty and not say a word about it to anybody. The woman who can play whist without parentheses. The early riser who is not insufferably proud of himself. The late riser who is not ditto. THE GKAIN-O LAW SUIT. Rochester, N. Y., May 19, 1897.—The great $50,000 damage suit instituted by a Michigan cereal company against the Genesee Pure Food Company is at an end. They settled it and took it out of court for the ridiculously small sum of $500, and, as a practical result, Grain-0 is in greater demand than ever. The new plant, only just completed, is to be duplicated, so that not only the old friends of the delicious food drink, which completely takes the place of coffee, but the new friends it is making every day can be supplied. The beverage which the children, as well as the adult, may drink with benefit will be furnished in unlimited quantities. Suits may come and suits may go, but Grain-O goes on forever.—N. Y. Mail and Express. An Abnormal Taste. "Hollo, old man, liow nro you'!" "Wretched! WretchedM've hod an attack of the grip and it's left me so weak I nan hardly crawl." "What do you want to crawl for? Why ilon'tyou walk?" Kduontlonal Institutions are or value Sn proportion to the cciiiplotenesb of their equipment and the favorable aspects of their environment. No institution In tho world lias gathered to itself unoli complete advan- togon In tho way of eiiulpmont and educational ability as the NEW E.voi,ANi> C'OXSKKVATOnv OF Muaia in DOSTON. Its pupils are instructed a» thoroughly and with as much cure In the beginning of their courses, as lu tho hlRhcst grades that are offered, while the reputn- tlou of tho Institution and the record made by its graduates both ut home and abroad, are at all times a gunr- nhtco ot tho ability of those who paau through llx tuiTlculum. TENNESSEE CENTENNIAL. George Was Shrewd, Maud—Why has Lillian giveu up wear- ins; rational costume? Did George objectl Ethel—Oh. no; he said he approved of it, because it would prevent her attracting any other man's admiration. Vim Cyclu Company, Chicago, 111., are offering rare bargains in bicycles. It will pay you to send for fhoir large catalogue. }t is said to be impossible 10 tell where (i cuckoo is by it* cry, and many otlier birds nre almost equally' skilled in ventriloquism. ' • For worn-out business men nothing equals Dr. Ray's Renovator, Bee advt. Tl»e populution of New York city in 1840 was 813,000, the game population that Ban ri'anciseo now has. Wo. - Why don't you like the stories Mrs. Tnlker tells? Nutte— They have no terminal facilities. The lowest Rate* Kvrr Made to an Exposition In Thin Country. The Exnosition in commemoration of tho hundredth anniversary of tho admission ol! Tennessee into the Union is not a local affair by any means. It far surpasses in extent of buildings, beauty of grounds, interesting exhibits and number of both foreign nrd home attractions any exhibition ever held in this country, with tho possible exception of the Columbian of 1893. Iiocated as it is or the main lino of Louisville & Nashville Railroad it is tho direct Hue of travel between tho North and South, and can be visited en route with loss of but little time. Tho extremely low rates that havo been established make it cheaper to go a little out of your way, oVeu, to take in this great show, while its own attractions will well repay a special visit. Write Mr. C. P. Atmoro, Genera' Passenger Agent, Louisville. Ky., for mat tor conceririntr it. A Bad Habit. "What mnkos Griinley's bald spot look like a topographical sketch?" "He will scratch his head with a lead pencil." There Is a Class of 1'eoplo \Vho are injured by the use of coffee. Recently there has been placed in _all the grocery stores a now preparation called GRAIN-O made of pure grains, that takes the places of coffee. The most delicate stomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over^ % as much. Children may driuk it with great benefit. 15 cts. and 35 cts. per package. Try it. Ask for GRAIN-O. A man who will admit that lie is sentimental has no more of it about him than » frog. ()co:ui and' Hall. Take tho Big Four Route and picturesque Chssopeake and Ohio Ry. Tho popular lino to tho mountain reports in the Blue llidge and Alleghnuies and the sonshore; the Ocean Route to New York and Boston via Old Point Comfort and Portress Monroe. Send for tourist rates and descriptive pamphlets. U. L. TuiJirr, N. W. P. A.. C. & O. Big Four Route, i^4 Clark St., Chicago Dodo—Now, tell me, what do the people think of me? Penquiu- -And make you my enemy for life? Not much. The editor of this paper advises hia readers that a free package of Peruviana, the best kidney and liver euro on earth, will bo delivered FREE to any sufferer, if written for promptly. PEIIUVUNA REMBDY Co., 880 5th St., Cincinnati, Ohio. Imported animals rapidly multiply in Now Zealand, but foreign plants are not easilv acclimatized. FITS Permanently Cured. Splits or nervousness after first day's use of Dr. Kline's Cireut Nerve Hestorer, Send for FREE 83.0O trial boUlp and treatise. Dn. II. H. KLIKK, Ltd.,93! Arch St., Philadelphia, Pu. The seaport and lake towns of the .United States have a population of over 10,000,. 000. Hall's CatarrU Cure Is a constitutional cure, Price, 7Sc. HIS ftew tacitig and track rtllea o! the 111 L. A.AV. have beeh '/A\ issued by Chairman Mott, of the Racing Boai'd. The question of the appointment of d referee to follow the national circuit and the ee- ledtion of officials for local and state circuit meets has been.adjusted. An official referee will be required at all meets. The national circuit referees will be appointed by the chairman of tho Racing Board. , The chairman, members, and representatives of tho National Racing Board and the handicappers in their respective states shall be ex-offlcio official referees, and the chairman and members of the division racing boards shall be ex-offlcio official referees within their respective divisions. The board has determined that when it is impossible to secure a referee that official shall be named by the member of the Racing Board in charge of the district. Ex-Chairman Gidepn held'the opinion that handicappers should not act as referees at n meet, but Chairman Mott holds different views. In order to place the league right with road-racing men the rules contain tho announcement that an amateur loses his status by competing on the road under any conditions that would professionalize him In track racing. The limit of prize value and distance, from home that a rider may travel are excepted In road racing. It was expected that radical changes would be made In tho pacemaklng rules. The league will still allow that a general pacemaker may be put in in any event by the race promoter,providing the referee is notified'beforehand of the fact. Such a pacemaker shall assist all the contestants and is entitled to any place or prize that he may win if he starts from scratch. Tandem and larger pacing machines can only be used'in races with the consent of the district member of the state racing board. fist. lA. jingling sound usually that spokfis have become loose at cf oss- ing points. A distinct click Indicates that spokes have become loosened at the rim. What fttlght be termed a Jogging noise is often caused by a loose cfahk. Loud snapping almost Invariably cornea from a dry chain, and a loose sprocket will thump. A "stitch itt time" is a good rule to apply to a, bicycle as to attytnlttg else. Women riders are generally careless. In applying graphite to a chain don't smear it on. Too much is as bad as too Htllo, and will give somebody needless work after a run. A little applied to the in» side joints of a chain will lubricate it for many miles. The outside of the chain should be wiped clean after each ride. Women should Ifearn to clean and adjust their own bicycles. The knowledge will prove Useful at some mo least expected, when masculine help is not near. mm ATOSK TO *'.' lit Vlctorln. . Victoria last year imported bicycles valued at $1,478,716, according to United States Consul General Maratta at Melbourne. The wheels Bell at prices ranging from $58 to $145, and the American bicycles are favorites. It is the practice of some dealers to sell wheels on time payment for the exact amount of the monthly suburban railway tickets, so that the buyer at the end of a certain time seems to obtain his bicycle free of cost. All of the lead^ ing American wheels are represented by agencies in Australia, and there is complaint that the trade is overdone, receiving 35 per cent more bicycles in proportion to population than any other country." *•& Wild Savo Ailing Wl?§S Will do Wfetl ta A888&I It Bd fcdt wangle and quarrel, and finally tti&ti ifttd llif c*ttfls ftfidfS |e " -ofti yottf faithful Wife? btafc jnst step a flfbfliettt ifid tlirakl • "s ev.eft-teapered and amiable, and all ,thafc,waft fovltslK||$ . ttSfiried he*, has changed, 'fctrt* she is peevish, IflHBffilBf ^ons, discontented and miserable—ie a Wdfd, she has disorder of some kind. Law is not the *emedy fof thlsebfiditidH, leal tfeatinent, he? uterine- systeia is at fatiltf My advice td yon ls f sit dawn ftAa,' letter to that f fiend of woinen, MfS £iaMift»», of tynn, Mass., state fully trad frteft Up,/.whole case td he? and she will hbHestl^fttt* vise you what to do. Give £ottt chance, good man I If you dd net wish to write 'Wife, bring kef & bottle df Lydlft E, k ham's Vegstable Compoand, watch its effects, yon will soon see the begtefiifi of, the fffibfdvemettt; then get hef andlhef atta; keepititp until she is restored toyouVthB'saifle lotely Woman you married years agd. Following' we relate the circumstances bf & ease of this nature. Mrs. MtoVA Rowrotf, of Camby, Ind., says'. "I have ttsed Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and found it to be of great benefit to me. The doctors said I had womb trouble. I had tho headache all the time, also Q terrible backache, was nervous, cross and irritable. I looked so pale that people would ask mo what was the matter. I suffered in this way for about fottf years, until one day about in despair my husband brought me a bottle of Lydia B. Pinkhatn'S Vegetable Compound. I commenced Its use, and much to every one's surprise, it cured me. It has completely changed my disposition for the bettor also. Several of my neighbors, knowing What the Plnkham medicine has done for me, are taking it, and are much pleased with the result." Titus' Tip. Fred Titus says that he will start to train at once for the national circuit. Ho denies that he will race aa an amateur, as has been stated. It is his intention to go to Baltimore and notify Chairman Mott of his racing plans. Regarding a match with Jimmy Michael, Titus says that he is willing to STUB ENDS OP RELIGION. powela Witl* £ lllllart ' 10 ' cure constipation forevor. c. lull, druggists refund money. »,?!' llot Piloos. anil other seeds, lowest fl Crus . >0p wli)t A nail inalhug machine produces as many BUI a given time as was formerly m»de ,000 wen. A Foreign Tribute. The Irish Cyclist says: "Cyclometers, like photographs and figures, can be made to lie. As usual the cute Yankee ponies out on top in the art of deception, and the following method of put-, ling up big mileages will appeal to some of the cyclometer liars of our country. The rider in question au- aounced his intention of doing a long ride, and when he came back some time after his cyclometer faithfully attested to the fact that he had conscientiously performed the feat. Subsequently, however, it leaked out that lie had only ridden a very small part of the journey, and had made his cyclometer record in this fashion. Between each pair of spokes he placed little sheets of pasteboard, and on going into an inn for refreshments he turned his machine upside down. The wind catching the pasteboard sails drove the wheel round with great velocity, and so multiplied his real mileage considerably. This is a much easier system than the old-fashioned plan of sitting clown and spinning the wheel with one's hands." This Is a Good Liuv. Assemblyman Armstrong, fatlier of the bicycle baggage bill, has succeeded in having passed by both branches of the New York legislature a bill making it a misdemeanor for any persons to drive animals or any vehicle—excepting a bicycle—on a cycle path in this state. The governor signed the bill Saturday. The new law reads as follows: "652. Driving vehicles, etc,, on sidewalks—A person who wilfully and without authority and necessity drives any team, vehicle, cattle, sheep, horse, swine, or any other animal along upon a sidewalk is punishable by u fine of FRED TITUS. race the foreigner, but he prefers to meet him in a ten-mile contest. Titus is confident that ho will regain his old- time form before the racing .season is well under way. He says he has been advised that some race-,promotiug folks have in contemplation a novel scheme for conducting meets this year. The plan consists of the construction of a portable board track, ten laps to the mile, which will be built so that it can be transported around the country without any Inconvenience. It is the purpose of the owners to take this track around the country with the object of holding races on the circus plan, inside of an immense tent, and in towns where no race track is situated. Devotion is the first child of F.alth. Great people always have small enemies. An old coat is usually found upon an old drinker. A Jag of whisky costs more than a jag of wood. To be a lion for a day -would spoil a sheep forever. Habits are the ruts worn In a road habitually traveled. The secret of a secret Is to know how and when to tall it. GRAINS OF GOLD. They who clamor for their rights, multiply their wrongs. When liquor goes Into the stomach, love goes out of the heart. The true bone 01' contention is generally found on the free-lunch counter. Slutko Into Hour Muout. Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for th« feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting feet and Instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions. It is the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight-fitting or. new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By mail for 25c in atamps. Trial package FREE. .Address Allen S. Olmsted, Lo Roy, N. Y. : You can never toll bow a girl looks at tlie breakfast table by the way she looks wlieii she sits on the porch in the evening, A Popular Resort. Lake Park hotel, at Lake Miunetonka, is the most popular tourist report in Minnesota. It is ouly a halt hour's ride from Minneapolis, and reached by frequent trains. The accommodations are in every way of the bent, and prices extremely reasonable. Good flshiup;, boating, yachting and bathing. Hotel will open for the season o£ 18'JT on June 24tb. For further particulars, and a bonutifully illustrated pamphlet, address A, B. Cutts, O. P. & T. A., M. & St. L. R. R., Minneapolis, Minn. When a girl who has pretty foot lies down in a hammock, she always goes to How Could She? Mannerly— Such a joke I Kittttlko! to a wax figure for hdlf on hourthlnkjng it woi Cholly Baphoad.' Dnsherly—How did sho discover her mis take? Flasherly—Dloss you I sho didn't. Daft. "Our cook is crnzy about bicycling." "Does she ride much?" '•Ride? She gets on nor wheel to bang out the washing." The average woman goes to her grave remembering what girl gave her the cheapest wedding present. The famous great organ that was built for the Boston Music Hall 34 years ago was Bold-last week for $1,500. Its original cost was 100,000. llljra, W}i»slowu Bootmng Syrnji Forchilji-ontiaililm,-, not tens tliu«nin«, red uccslnfldin mution ulluys nnlu, I'urcs wind uullc. & earns u. Uottlu "Not every man is made a fool of," remarked the' observer of men and things, "but every man has the material in mm," Hogeman's CnmpUpr Ic° w(tu Glycerine Ounw Chftiiped H»nrt» miU Faco. ToiiUer op Soiu *a«t, Chilblains, l'« e ». *"• c '< a. Claris Co.. New Haven, Ct. A girl's idea of ft lovely married couple is one that alwavs gives a party on the anniversary of the day they first root. n 11 KfVftrB ULlUvli IH u* WMV»+* •• * " *-•'••• --_ - , -3»"ra«"«raJb8a K . > K!i ;««SKirai0SHB*ihW^^ to* nover fowl suytWps ;\W £as flcns her BP mucl* good fts Renovator Kay's mm* it atax* o»rp4BlU,ou8|lB,»a^ r ^ u tS*Si,is_4t8i • ASSEMJJLYMAN ARMSTRONG. $50 or imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding thirty days, pr both. "Subdivision 1.—Any person who willfully and without authority or necessity drives any teajn ov vehicle, except a bicycle, upon a, stcjq pa^U or whe«3jway constructed by op «poj^tyg}y fpj- the use o| bicyclists a^tj not cpn,r strutted jn a street flf a ojty, IB « ishable fey » fine of opt awe iUm ov impriefinment n^epeedjng ,4sp " ' 1 ' ' • Trick The professional racing men who are now traveling on the southern circuit have had several disputes lately which leads to the'belief that some unfair practices on the track are being Indulged in very early. At the Atlanta races Wells charged that Weinig resorted to elbowing while racing, anJ it is said by racing men that the latter rider, who is a big fellow, Is enabled through this trick, which he.practices frequently, to obtain favored position on the track. At Montgomery last week Weinig was again accused of elbow work, and some of the riders became so Incensed that they threatened to assault him,. The circuit men have a number of tricks on the track. The custom of elbowing riders is becoming a very common practice, and the sooner some of the men are punished by the racing board the more satisfactory races will become. Sometimes the new rider will have tho elbow trick practiced upon him and a nasty spill will result. lots of trouble iloesn't. to cover them up—and Laugh at the sun Drink Keep Cool-DrM _ .. \\beelu. All lakes, UoouAaNRW. HJ^o.eio. Now High UraclQ 'DO JnoflclV. • V lully guaranteed, *1 J to S2, r i. \Special (Jlparlny Sule. H4ulp anywhere on approval. I OOrWo «lll {!,« » nnoniUjIt un| f la tact) town mEn DCB of iftitplfl nhctl ' to Introduco them. Our rflpuutlo&'lf well known UiiODgaout tho country. ' Wrllrnt onto for onripctlalnfTM, H. N. MEAD & PRENTISS, Chicago, 111, BALE TIES \Vo miiko all si/,08. Wrltu. IIH a I DCS Molnoi lu. Bee Mulneu Jiule Tie Co. Don't Tolwtro Nplt unit Smote four lite Awnjr, To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag- uotio, full of life, nerve and vigor, tako No- To-Bao, the wonder-worker that makes weak men stiong. All druggists, GOoor $1. Curo guaranteed. Booklet and sample free; add,- -.,... Sterling Hemody Co,, Chicago or New York, W, N. I). Des Moines. No. 23—1897. In Russia there are 815 new cases of lep i \vu^u^^ri^^^Klwmo rosy every year, 1 thin imiwr, The Nan who is Raising a Dig Crop —^aUa;«8 that tfce J»a*ve§t time is ah<*a* Ideal farming comprehends riot paly the growing of the tallest gtateHtof '' ins*to-thc-asre of hay? the pest farming"-the farming that pays— nwt iplate something more thao this? for there is a harvest time> and jwt 61 ;jon as a crop is savd swccessfwlly, speedily and ecowmicaJUy, in jwst ppoirtion, may be measwe,4 tne. reason's profit or loss. ro that pr BUS oT Jtuclug News. The Grand Prix of Hanover will he run on June 13. The total prizes will exceed $1,000 in value. Advices from Australia say that in eight days' racing William Martin, the American professional, won $600. Eddie McDuffie is trying to arrange a race with Jimmy MJcliael, the Welch wonder, at any time the latter desires, for $500 a side. Asa Wiadle has at laat retired fronj the tl'RQk, mid this year will be missed on the national circuit, IJe. |p QJinton, Maes. Jack, P'arepns., tfte Australian. c,?a,ok, ' fea^wor^lBgiit"SSMp3'b*i^rte1iaf/sfrr Tfaersar? other kio^s ttel Hanrestjng Mwhiae? are the profit-bringing hard work, Wght draft, apd w siiort, to sati don't cost as mwch, b«t fare's nothing vbwser J.ntend.8 tp raojjey in,' tjfte . IP BOTEP( OTMER RfiSPRl ' * ' A Tv¥i wn A ftTTisiv'/TMi ffnvrm '*jr/\oiiv'«rt»jrcrkt4i^At»T Tij ur \M191R1> % ' VTA.^ "^' w**^¥#UV 4 VUi& «^i •-

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