The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 2, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1897
Page 5
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-^*Y^ .' l ' " . '" '*''" f '-\*-''T J -?r'^ "''-'"'' 1 *^: c .' MM BJPWffi BIS t AMONA, IOWA, WIPNEBPAY) JtJNl jj .*'-••&$*& Beginning June 1—Lasting the Whole Month. W E are determined to keep our stock free from odds and ends at any sacrifice, In a large stock like ours they are bound to accumulate very fast, and past experience teaches US the first loss is always the best, Among these odds and ends you wilt find many of Hart, Schaffner & Marx's guaranteed goods, and such fine goods have never been sold at such ruinous prices. A few prices quoted in this ad, are on goods we have in all sizes, and will fit almost any man or boy, On broken sizes we cut prices one-half. Do not ask us to throw in suspenders on suits sold at half price, as we cannot do it. The bargains you will find at THE NEW ENGLAND during the month of June will be irresistible, artd giving you this sale so early in the season that it is in fact the greatest opportunity the buyers could wish, Note the fact that we guarantee everything that leaves our store to be just ao represented or money will be returned. as p Boys' 50c Men's Office Coats for warm days, 50c Men's Business Suits, all wool, $4.50 Men's business suits, H. S. & M. malte, worth $15 $8.00 Men's fine dress suits, all wool, black clay, $7.00 Men's wool dress suits, black clay, H. S. & M. make- worth $15 $10.00 Men's business suits in plaids, worth $7.00 $3.50 Men's Bicycle Pants- worth 83.50 $1.50 Children's wool suits, worth 82,00, at $1.00 Men's Working jackets at 15c Men's all wool pants at $1.75 A QUIET TERM OF COURT. SPECTATORS THINK IT IS TAME. Grand Jury Investigates George It. Cloud—Divorces Arc Granted— Miscellaneous Notes. Young Hoyt will be sentenced tomorrow morning. He pleads guilty. Judge Quarton has had sixteen cases passed on by the supreme court, with only four reversals. "Reddy." who cut Peterson's dog, is indicted for malicious mischief and is out on bond. He will be tried at the next term. The Dinge'r suit for $3,000 against Nick Bt-uer is continued. Clarke & Cohenour and Sullivan & McMahon are Bruer's attorneys. A certiorari was issued to the managers of the Germania independent district election to bring in their records and show that they obeyed the law. A decree was ordered for B. Farrell against the Piano Manufacturing company. The company sued him on a note and he showed that it had not done as it agreed. Judge Quarton rules that the Doxsee and Norton liens on the little farm building south of the road on the Lund farm are liens on more than the quarter section the building is on, and they get their money. The court ordered some 50 old cases tried at the next term or he would dismiss at plaintiffs' cost. He made the same order at Emmetsburg. He is going to clear up the docket and save expense to the county. Mrs. Abbie Applegarth got a divorce on grounds of desertion, Mrs. Grace Ford also, Mrs. Nora Falway got one because her husband was sent to the "pen" at the last term. Mrs. Ford's husband was the notorious Ezra Ford of Wesley. The grand jury bad Geo, B. Cloud under investigation again. Mrs, Cloud and her baby are living in Missouri Valley. Cloud is somewhere in Montana. He went to Onawa, where he was in the gutter all the time, and then west. He is a hopeless whisky wreck. EIGHTEEN karat rings that are 18 karat, not 14 karat rings made up by some jobber and stamped 18 karat, 6 DINGLEY & PUGH. I AM selling land jUi Minnesota and Dakota, taking one-tenth down, the balance half the crop until land is paid for. Most 'of these are improved farms. Great opportunity for renters. Will take in exchange town property. Ex. onrsions first and third Tuesdays in each month. Come and see me. 7m2 • F«ANK NICOTOIN, WE have just received a new invoice of floor mattings, Can sell you a good quality for I5o a yard. GEQ. L, GALBRAITH & Co, GET our prices on bottle goods. M. Z, Grove & Sop. IBA'VT F&Q8TB EVERYWHERE, condition appears to be below the normal of that crop. The amount oE replanting made necessary by defective seed and depredation of worms is much greater than early reports indicated, In many sections the amount of replanting will be from 25 to 33 per cent, of the total corn acreage. The average condition of oats, spring wheat, and barley is good except in portions of the southern districts. The cool weather has been favorable for grass and small grain crops. Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat. Dr. Preston, June 7. DON'T forget the dear girl graduates and the young and hopeful. We have the correct things for graduating presents. DINGLEY & PUGH. FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD. IMPRESSIVE MEMORIAL EXERCISES JTluo Weather Contributed to Make Memorial Dall All that Could Be Desired. AU Reports Agree TJ*»t Pone Serious pa. The llgh^ f rosts of the past week culminated in a. heavy killing frost Sim " night, which, wag wide spread, win goffer severely, vegetables a«4 com are evjt to the ground, Tbe state crop bure_a\» sa,ys: The, pajfc week; wa.e unseasonably oold , T bj 1 d.e,fMenpy in tem.< tb.9 cental station was 87 , »«•-*-•? B.eve,a §egpees, help w popmaA tjw ptM* Tbe A SUMMER DAY'S REVERIE. The golden rays of coming day Spread o'er the east their radiant way. Each flowery vale, each blushing rose Was wakened from its night's repose. The birds of song from rocking spray Gave forth their praise to coniinf? day. The busy scenes of daily life Again awoke to active strife. O'er sylvan vale and level plain The emerald green shone forth again. The sun, -when on its western way, Shed joy and gladness through the day. Its magic power so grand, supreme, Was felt on earth through every beam. # * # The brilliant rays of closing day Paled.into shades of somher gray. And darkness closed on hill and dale, On lofty mount and lovely vale. The day was closed and calm and still, The moon shone down on plain and hill. All busy life seemed hushed and still To murmurs of the rippling rill. # * # We look above an endless field Of glittering space, what may it yiela? What are life's hopes, what will it be Beyond this fitful, stormy sea, What would life be if lost that hope In all its fullest, various scope! We start at thought that lost should be A mother's love, the grand we see, And those who all and life did give That honor, homes, and peace might live. Comes o'er us then that solemn fear Is any loving power near? Are life's fond hopes and brightest dreams Secure for us in endless realms? Comes as from space a clearer view, A firmer faith, a hope anew, That all will be as thoughts unfold, No joys be lost in worlds untold. But thoughts kept on in varying mood, Viewed every scene, the grand, the good, Bevond this life was found a theme For soul's most wild and fancy dream. In endless space are grander scenes That rival all our wildest dreams, What space may be and time unfold In future life will yet be told. We feel that life must nobler be Than any earthly form we see. The soul yet longs for grander scenes, A nobler life and loftier themes. This life but gives the faintest ray Of grandeur of the coming day. Whence come these dreams of better life With which our daily thoughts are rife? In endless space a power must be That every thought and act can eee. HEKBY PURANT. PRIQEB IN Henry Kimdt Writes Borne Wlmt It costs in tHe Fatherland, rss are payngcens a aVoand for 20 cents Memorial day was bright and cheerful in Algona. A sprinkle of rain at noon threatened to interfere with the outdoor parade, but before the hour the sun was out again. The opera house was crowded in the morning. A finer audience has never assembled than greeted Comrade Landis and listened to the lessons of the hour. At the cemetery again the grounds were thronged. The band led the veterans to the opera house at 10:30 o'clock and opened the day's program. Invocation by Rev. Sinclair, music by the glee club, and Rev. Landis was introduced by Commander Slagle. He spoke ably and eloquently, closing with a touching reference to memories the occasion recalled to the veterans before him. At 1:30 the procession formed under command of R. F. Hedrick, Thos. F. Cooke, and Dr. Morse. Company F in uniform followed the band, the veterans, sons of veterans, girls with flowers, and carriages in long line behind them. At the cemetery the graves were decorated, the grand army ritual read, a salute fired, and an inspiring five- minute eulogy pronounced by Rev. Southwell. It was a fitting observance of the day. The streets were decorated with bunting, the soldiers wore jasmine flowers as reminders of the south, secured and pinned on by the ladies, no games or sports were indulged in, honor was paid to the heroic dead as they would wish. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Clark Peck's mother is here for a visit. Geo, Horton graduates from the state university of Minnesota today. Mrs. Rev. Sinclair has gone to Ohio for a summer visit at the old home. Auditor Calkins and wife are home from a ten days' yisit in Minnesota. Mrs. Parks of St. Jo, Mich., is visiting her sister, Mrs. S. S. Wartman, Mrs. D. D, Townsend of Chicago has been visiting her many Algona friends the past week. Mrs. S, S. Sessions returned from her Sioux City visit Monday. She was in Chicago while gone, Miss Georgiana Reynolds is visiting her sister, Mrs. Rev, Innes, and will hereafter make her home with her. Mrs. L, F. Robinson came from Des Moines last week for her annual visit with her many old friends in Algona. Rev. Innes visited his old home in Tama last week. Rev. Williams of Bancroft preached In bis pulpit Sunday, Mrs. Ohas, W, Russell and three children and Miss Cornie Ingham will come from Omaha next week for a visit, Frank Slagle is up from Strawberry Point for his summer vacation, He is re-elected for his fourth year in that school, Claud Nicoulin came home from Minneapolis Friday. The college year is closed and the commencement exer* oises occur this week. ing, mothers and babies being tho guests with one or two others. The babies were the great attraction, and we know there never was as much beauty at a baby reception as there. Each was on its good behavior and not a crying one present. The mothers seemed to enjoy the occasion, for each knew her baby was so good. Votes were to have been taken so ns to pick out the prettiest, and ns they were all prettiest no decision was made. Following is the list of guests: Mrs. E. W. Goodner,' Gaylord G. Goodner; Mrs. Carm. Davenport, Hugh Maurice Winchester Davenport; Mrs. Will. Lacy, Harlem Lacy; Mrs. Judge Quarton, Florence Hazel Quarton; Mrs. Geo. Lunn, Vida Steele Lunn; Mrs. A. B. Carroll, Charles C. Carroll; Mrs. Guy Grove, Inez Wheeler Grove; Mrs. Will. Marlow, Ella Mnrlow; Mrs. Archie Hutchison, Donald Hutchison; Mrs. E. G. Bowyer, Marjorie Bowyor; Mrs. C. J. Doxsee, Beatrice Doxsee; Misses Helen Quarton and Dorothy Hutchison. MONEY to loan on town property and farms. Thos. F. Cooke.-Sltjanl SEE the new "Japanese Art Crepe," the latest thing for draperies, only 16o a yard. GGO. L. GALBEAITH & Co. A LARGE line of canned goods at prices suitable to any and everybody. M. Z. Grove & Son. Great Buggy Sale FOB time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. AT- have eat lard, etc. eota flour we pay t aoresia Wtral Mlnwaaato 'to astuftl settler! at 'laBapmiKB 1 Henry Mason goes to Bubuque tomorrow for the big Woodmen pionio. Gov. Drake, Senator Allison and other big guns are to be there. D, A, Buell is down from Mlnneap- oils visiting his son and looking over b}s property, Ee says Minneapolis is improving in a business way, Miss Edna Waterhouse has had a ten weeks' run of typhoid fever at her Minneapolis home. She has had three listiaot attacks and is still very low, Miss Nettie Burant }s how f row hep visit in California, »wh feepefltted in - h, sjae will be weioemed. to her |n the P«bllo school whee the THE ADVERTISERS. Hogs are lower—$3.10 in Algona. Algona is the place to buy clothing. Durdall is making a great June clearing sale. Now is the time to stock up for the Fourth. . John Sharpe,"Algona's long-time shoe maker, left for El Reno, Ok., today. His brother Isaac went to Burr Oak, Kansas. . Brownell has instituted a.regular Cinderella contest. He is going to give a $3.50 pair of shoes away to the lady who can put them on. Read his announcement. When the steel range fakirs were here Doxsee advertised that he would deliver his stoves free. Last week a Fenton farmer came down and bought a heavy Buck's i-ange and pulled out this ad. C. M. hitched up his team and took a twenty-mile drive in the country. . A SOCIAL EVENT AT ST. JOE. Robert Button and Miss Agnes Dole Joined in Matrimony by Father Leehtenberg. The marriage of Robert Dutton and Miss Agnes Dole at St. Joe last week Tuesday was an enjoyable event, Father Leohtenberg officiated. The groom Is a son of Kossuth's early settler and the bride a young lady of many accomplishments. Our correspondent sends a Hst of many elegant presents received, and says that after the ceremony at the church the company repaired to the house of the groom, where neither money nor pains were spared to make the occasion one long to be remembered by those present. _____^^___ W, H, CfcARK has pasture for horses or cattle at the Lund farm, Tame grass and plenty of water,—8 As nice a line of crockery as Algona affords, and just as low prices on it, M, S3, Grove &> Son. ODD FELLOWSM>AI TOMORROW. Wealey W1U Be Fuji to the Brim and Running Over w»U Brethren, Tomorrow the Odd Fellows congregate at Wesley, Great preparations have been made by the Wesleyites, Algona will send a big delegation, Rev, TUton a»a Wm.. M- MoFarland will be the orators, A will close, the day, Wesley will do, things right and everybody who goes will §e glad he is there. The Wigwam, Finest display of Carnages ever shown in the county. Elegant goods. Low prices. Call and inspect them before you buy. THE WIGWAM, ALGONA AND BUET. Wilfrid P. Jones. E*<>Hrs!<W ticket? are aow sold at re; rates tp. Spirit kafoe a.o4 Qkohoji tto MUwvftg U»9t • . Ttekets IQP the esposittpn at villa, 9WiAM May I to Qoi 81, are THE LOCAL FIELD. " " • •- • • ' i W. A. Chipman of Burt had a buggy harness stolen, A week later a man digging* sand near LuVerne found a buggy harness buried, Advertising brought Mr. Chipman and the finder together. It is supposed that tramps didit. The Bonheur show had a big crowd last night in spite of bad weather, and although it was the opening performance and one of their chief men had failed to arrive owing to a raissent telegram, a clever entertainment was given. They show again tonight, W, H, Clarke is home from letting mail routes for Ambrose A. Call. He worked along the Hudson river near New York City. It was his first visit, and the thing that surprised him most was how far behind the eastern dairyman is In his method of doing business. It seems that after all the high school programs are printed in Algona, and that the story about their coming from Philadelphia referred only to the stock, No harm is done. We are glad the class patronized the local print shop, It is a more auspicious way to start out. High school commencement comes Friday of next week, The usual fee of 15 cents will be charged to defray expenses, and seats will he on sale at 8 o'clock next Monday morning at Eblers & Falkenhainer's. The selections on the program will be, "brief and pointed, Everybody should turn out and give the graduates a cordial start on the sea of life, Coroner Morse was called out into Garfield Thursday to view the remaps of Herman Mlfe, who was found dead with his gw beside him. It was thought that he had oommitteed suicide, but investigation showed $hat the gun had probably been discharged while being drawn through a wire fence. Mr. Aalfe WAS 48 years old, and highly respected, The boys iu Algona are. b&d*~a.lmQst b»d as tkej wjeye g§years agg, ae elt |hewsejyes ft t TbBj-siay tbgProgram -wan guj s . .,„,,. -- -». fflrtew Mr toR ing generation one of these days, and it will be a real favor to them, The Charles City Intelligencer devotes a quarter column to Rev. Sinclair's sermon given there. It says: The Sunday morning sermon by Rev, Sinclair was practical in its aim; he impressed his hearers as the bearer of a message from God, and those who heard him wish to hear him, again, He is particulaiiy happy in extempore preaching. Henry Mason, assisted by the Wesley Woodmen and other visitors to ttye number of 40, initiated the Sexton lodge Thursday evening, Atl o'oloote' the crowd repaired to the hotel, where' the new landlord, Joe Stewart, had put up a bountiful banquet. The dining room was decorated with bunting and out flowei's ornamented the tables. It was a big occasion for Sexton. The new lodge will build a fine hall, MEET, Programs Are Out for the Big R»p» jug Event, July 3*8, Secretary Laidley is sending out programs of Bancroft's coming meet. The purses and races are as follows: JfJtCPAy, JtJfcY S}. Halt mile running, best two in three. ,S 80 DO Three-eighths mile pony rnoe, Qfttoh weights,bestt\yoto three. ,,.. 3000 Mile running, best two lu threae.,.,,., j.§Q QQ Farmers' trot, half »Ue a»sh, to l?uggy . suJHy.ov saddle .'..,.,.,:... 3QOP. ' SATURDAY, tfTOY 8, Bait mile running, for horses no better than half-breeds, oateh weights, best two in three,...,... .,..,, 7Q,QQ Three-fourths jnlie running, nest two „„„„„ la three ., ,.,".,......„„...,,„, tfiOO? One apd <w*ou?th jjuue running, ^ - ^ V* * ** -, j t ><. •** '\3y8 ?••<$ The prop stattitteafo? ty fov 1§#6 have been ca,wpUe4

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