Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 26, 1925 · Page 32
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 32

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 26, 1925
Page 32
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IciLr 111 m.r t-c&V- '4 a- VOLUME CII New Homo Areas and Subdi visions Are Served by This Great Thoroughfare; New TTIcrli School Will Be Built -T By n.noLD ACSTijr, ftilca Managtr ! I-aTcaga , T llAnininllra. Th. development of Park Boile ard haa Just tanea. i a""Ji . thnrouEhfara acroaa the -it. 1. now apparent. During the ... era thera la every Inai cation that tha atreet will undergo tremendous change an a vary Important growin. ' ti th atreat haa rred natnly aa tha trafflo artery for tha comparatively- pr."iy r'.i.v. i.T.,i. He rht dlatrlct. Fully a half mlla of Park V-i-.V-,.. t.ken un by .tha Smith atata with Ita depressing ly- dense growth of treea. Now Fourth Avenue Heights la ..tt.4 imnut aolldly a. vacant lot la eo rare that It la a novelty and tha Bmlth Eatata haa been dlveatad f Ita timber and la now to ba built with apartment housej and toree. . , . ... Theaa two factora alone aaa rreatly to tha - prestige of Park boulevard and Insure ita development aa a busy atreet. But the factor that aolldly In-urea Ita greatest growth la the opening of aeveral subdivisions at the upper end of the boulevard. In these subdivisions there la room for aeveral thousand families, whoa aettlement will Juatify.a business district along the boulevard which In turn will encourage the further development of apartment houses ' eparlc Boulevard la the natural utlet for practically all of this beautiful residential area covering the close-in hills. During the next five yeara there should be an Immense amount of home building in very portion of these hills, for already several thousand homesltes have been sold and In this eectlon there la now the greatest subdivision activity. ' Two extensive new subdivisions are to be opened this summer. One f these will be the development of the Traction Company property purchased by Walter-: H. Leimert. It lies on the eastern side of Dlmond Canyon and a bridge across the canyon Is planned to give entrance to the property 'from . Park Boulevard. The street car line will be axtended to this bridge. . On the west side of Park "Boulevard Is an area of 66 acres owned by DeLaveaga & L'Hommedieu. This property will be developed this aummer and placed on sale in the early fall. It Is to be known aa St. Jamea Wood, and the improvements wilPbe.of thrf very highest character, the general development being similar to that of St. Francis yood In San Francisco. , This property also Is served by Park Boulevard and the extension f the street car line will make park Boulevard the principal jpn-. trance td the tract. . " At the end of Dlmckid canyon, djolnlng the Leimert property, is Montera, which drains into Park Boulevard by way of Joaquin Miller Road. This property was open-ad a few months ago and already a considerable number , of homesltes have been sold. The building of S5 or 80 homes In. Montera is predicted for this Butimer. , Back of Montera, and further along Park Boulevard, Is the exten-alve property of the Realty Syndl- CLEAN BLUE CRUSHED ROCK TEADE HARK PARK BLVD.r i f.i n n n in. Mi nur iu ; EXPANSION ! BE SAFE r . , : -.v: ! Whoa baylag ml . . ;. sttat or kindling " "' roltr tranuctloni . , , CONSULT US ' ' ' '. ' . " i ' EAST BAY TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY We Insure and guarantee Titla-Escrows Handled , prompt Accurate .i. courteous service . AN EAST BAT INSTITUTION ' tnbttviui hy th California Stau J J'; , UoO.OOOQuaranut Fund Bepoiiud with StauTrta$urT 1430 FRANKLIN ST. OAKLAND, CALIF. NEAR ISA STREET Private Exehang Telephone OAKLAND 70X8 Electric Lighting Fixture SALE V I Following wired ready to hang:' Porch. R. I. ball, fiance and eocket .$1.25 Living, 5 It, wrought iron candle . Dining, 5 It. wrought iron husk . . Bedroom, 2 It. ceiling fixture Bath, ceiling reflector ...... Kitchen, ceiling reflector ... Brackets, candle-(special) Jcv;c!I Electric Co. ' Shows Great Park Views 'showing-fine apartment structures and residences bordering Park boulevard ;lsoVview of Montera. the new Kemc subdivision now beirid sold by De Laveaga arid L'Hommedieu. which it served by Park boulevard. T . If"' " -J ii iiiii i r- iinnw i ii i i ii ii i i ii i i i i . , .. - -w 11 ' 1 '.'l ;""' v,V'. -d'&'-K i' .' " ; " , - , . ':7mf Lry ,,, - ... . , .., V' -'i:y&:i ' iia1itaiuWWaWi rajajitBHiiiial 1. : -S : : : ' " ' " : T cate Company, subdivision of which la now undfer way The land across the' street 'from Montclalr tract of fice and running up to the Skyline boulevard Is all Included in this next offering of the Syndicate to home seekers. v These are Just a few of the subdivisions that Park Boulevard is to serve and that in turn, will make it a greater and prosperous avenue of traffic and trade. In recognition of the certain development of this entire district, three new schools are to be built here. The first will be McChesney Annex, a grade school, to be located at the corner of Hampei and Division streets,, about two , block east of Park Boulevard. Tftia will be convenient to the children who will live-in the new Leimert tract and in St. James' Wood. On Thorn road, which brancnes off the extension of Park Boulevard through Montclair, is another school house to be known as the Montclair school. This win serve Montera, Montclair, Fernwood, fhornhill .Park, Glenwooa, fine-harven and Forest Park. But the oustandlng acknowledge ment of Park Boulevard's place in th rltv'a errowth la the placing of the new .Oakland High school at the Intersection of Park Boulevard ana Excelsion avenue. This million .dollar structure will be built out of the funds provided at tne latest bond election and work .will be started upon the building, it is Understood, witmn about a year. One unit of the adjoining grade school has already been completed. These varied activities are taking Dlace over a. considerable, area and their importance may 'not be apparent to. the casual observer, who simply knows ! that Oakland is Krowinar rapidly , and takes for eranted the evidences' of growth In this district. But the-building of manv new homes, the opening of several very large- new tracts, tne building o Schools, the groavtn or businesa.-'distrlcts all these things nresaee the settlement of .the en tire hill section out Park Boulevard during the next two or .three years .. . . . .. , toe 6.90 6.90 3.25 1.25 1.25 1.50 P1EIJ. Ji'.lO TFIEGKAPH ATE. Arbor Villa Pevelqpmeht . With the sale of business, home and apartment sites still proceeding in the former "Borax Smith" estate, construction has already been started. C. P.' Murdock. Inc.. are selling the property. - fmwl MllaiaMIBI',T",,'"""""T,''-"'"'"' Big Activity of. Realty Market Real estate market activity continued on an upward curve dut--ihg February, according -to the monthly index of real estate transfers and conveyances in 41 typical cities compiled by the National Association of. Real testate Boards. The index for February, Just computed, is 173. This means that the actual number of transfers and conveyances in the cities reporting was 73 per cent higher during February, 1925, than the average number of ,transfers and conveyances recorded in the same cities during February in the period 1916-1923, the period taken as the base of the association's index reckonings. Keep Your Money in Oakland Make it available for ' the city's develop-ment by investmetit ; in First Mortgages , with an Oakland Company. . Your money with w buys 7 first mortgages interest collect- ed in advance and we use nancing ' new construction. it for flV ' building JOHN DAVIDSON, Manager ' OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA;, SUNDAY, AI'KIL 2C, 1923 Boulevard Expansion 3 STEYER REPORTS SALE DF Wf. B. Jack Steyer. business property specialist, with officea at 421 Nineteentirstreetrreporta the sale of the northeast' corner of Jackson street ' and Eleventh street. This property has a frontage of 145 feet and an average depth of 82 feet. . This fine corner was bought by two focal business men,, who, expect to construct a modern building on the property at an early date. The New England Telephone and Telegraph Company plana an expenditure of over $100,OT)0,M)0 in extending telephone facilities during the,next five years. Specialists in SELLING AND LEASING Business Property ftk rtuoi Oaklaaa Bask Bli. Twelftk and Boawa M. B. Jack Steyer Specialist in Business Properties 421 Nineteenth St. Bet Broadway & Franklin OAKLAND Phone Oakland 3071, DOWN TQWrJ CORNER latliUM 7 1 ! P. 1 1 ...... Water Co. to Sell - Right of Way Here East Bay.'yat'er Company i has applied to the Railroad .Commission for permission to'sell right-of-way to the Pacific Gas & Electric Company across property in Alameda county. 1 i.e . A national lnter-city contest in real estate newspaper advertising will be a feature of the annual con vention of the National Association of Real Estate Boards-to be held at Detroit, Mifh.. June 23-26, mm it Title Insurance Building Significant Oakland Title Insurance and Guaranty Company was ,the first, title company of Alameda County to take up and develop the Escrow system as the means of facilitating realty operations. . CtolilcuidTitlQ TTintixcmco iuid Cktaraniy Company i' The oldest, the strongest' and best equipped title insurance company VI. H. ," DONAHUE Friidnt ISA -ABRAHAM lit VIc-Pr. an Oenl. It it. Assef Over tlJOO.000 . Fifteenth Street, -at Franklin Telephone Lakeside 5700 71 1 nniinnu nn LAUNUIil UU. LOCATES II OAKLAND Ambassador Business Corp. of Santa Barbara and Vi-salia Establishes New Link 'Laundry Chain Here Wi selected Oakland and the Fastbay dlatrlct after a thorough survey of every alxable Pacific Coast city. We found that Oakland has enjoyed a remarkable increase In population, and we con-alder the reasons for this Increase are ao sound and basic, that we are willing to stack our Investment against this city's future." This la the word of Earl O. Steel, preaident of th Ambassador Laundry Comrny. commencing service to the East bay publlo tomorrow morning. This laundry is operated by the Ambassador Business Corporation in conjunction with the Star Laundry Company of Vlsalia, and the Paclfio Laundry Company of Santa Barbara. Continuing Steel said: "In keeping with our aurvey of local conditions. It will be the policy of the Ambassador Company to render the metropolitan type of laundry service justified by the population of the Eaatbay, 'Accordingly three day servients the rule. The types of work at the disposal of rtrona la varied, from the finest starched and finished service to the inexpensive rough dry. "Drivers will be easily recognized by their distinctive uniforms, particularly by the Ambassador "red stripe" which they wear across the chest. Only highly experienced employees will serve the public. "The newest and most Improved laundry machinery haa been . installed. Individual care and mod ern equipment -insure the safe handling of even the most delicate articles. A linen repair department and a mending department will serve both hotel and individual patrons. . "Everything is washed In well water, softened by a special xero-cess to the consistency of rain water, and dried In the drying room with warm fresh air. Only the finest soaps and starches are used. "Working conditions at the plant are excellent.: Knowing by experience that an efficient staff of employees Is vital to success, the Ambassador Company has devoted a great dear of thoughtful attention to. making the plant attractive. It la thoroughly ventilated, large windows Invite fresh air. The Interior is finished in spotless white. "Everyday Is 'Guest Day' and the people of the Eaatbay are cordially invited to inspect the 'cogs and gears' of this new type of laundry." TRANSACTfONS Great activity in the real estate market is . reported for the past few weeks by White and. Pollard. Several large transactions, reported by this firm, include: " The sale of the southeast corner of Nineteenth and Webster streets to Edwin Duval, for the-account of the Hyde estate; the sale for the same account of the business property on the southeast corner of Boardwy and Third street. The firm further more announces the sale of the business block on the south line of Tenth ' street between Broadway and Washington, the same, being consummated by George Block of their organization. Another sale reported is that of a large business Leadership 6-' of Alameda County or. r. WOOLSEY Second Yic-Pi. H A. BTEINBACH" Becnturj ANNOUNCE MANY Partnership Frank J. Woodward (above) and-Mark R. Monze, well-known realtors, who have etub-lihed the firm of Woodward-Monze and Co. with offices in the Wakefield building. v ' Vw property on Eighth and Washington streets. ' In comment. White and Pollard stater These laat-mentloned properties are located south of Twelfth street, and these transactions are typical of the continuous development and Improvement Of this section of the city, which Is undoubtedly brought about, in a large measure, through announcement of the extension of Tenth street through to East Oakland, aa well aa through the increased' waterfront activity, which has ensued on the letting of the estuary tube contract." White and Pollard also announce the sale, for the account of W..W. Wordon of a large residence income-property, located on Orchard near Telegraph, this sale having been made by A. W. Finn. Gasli JPoces No Interest Charges --No Carrying Charges JACKSON'S L TT ii ill BBBMaiBM TM SBlSSS Complete Home Furnishing Department Store Oa1iland Clay Street 14th Street 13th Street WAN Unusual Opportunity for . Experienced . Real Estate Salesman For Residence Dept. Maiden-Rife 4 on 1 r.i 11 WELL I! Frank J. Woodward and Mark R. Monze Establish Office in Wakefield Building; Experienced Staff Much Interest la displayed In real elate circles In tha announcement that two widely known Oakland realtors, Frank J. Woodward and Mark R. Monie, have joined partnership under the firm name ef Woodward-Monse and Company. The firm haa now occupied commodious quarter on the ground floor of the new Wakefield building, 410 Seventeenth street, near Broadway, directly opposite the port office. N V, Frank J. Woodward la pritJ.rt of th organisation, and Mark V. irk VI. Edwl n nagr it, the ipoeed kavlta. Mons Is vlee-prealdent. Cat H. Deupre la the leas manager E. F. Gray la sales manager. fore of salesmen being comi of B. C. Soule Jr., D. Markovlta, William A. Fears and Jama Searlea Jr. Woodward, who ha had IT year of active real eatata experience In Oakland, la a recognise authority and expert on land value, business and industrial property, development and appraising. He is chairman of the achievement committee of the Oakland Real Estate board. Monze has had fifteen years experience in Oakland in business property management and leasing. Until recently he was tha secretary and lease manager of the F. S Porter company. Monza la also known a an expert on the 99-year business property leaae. He la a member of the board of directors of the California State Real Estate association. . , -: City Growth to, Be Discussed at Meet America is evolving a type of city that the world has never known before, with a manner of living. In Ita suburban areas, never before possible. The establishment of this twentieth century type of city community, spreading out Into an area five or six times that occupied by cities or Its population twenty years ago, will be one of the phasea of present tendencies in city growth to be brought before real estate specialists of the United States and Canada who will meet in Detroit June 23-26, inclusive, for the eighteenth annual convention of the National Association Real Estate Boards. at Telephone Lakeside 7120 inn T7"i 11 ICd'J n - - r REALTORS II! PATIR RSH1P snis

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