The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1897 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1897
Page 9
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tflM»ffitt M01NEB! ALGOSTA, IOWA, MAY A SCIENTIST SAVED Barfiaty, o! HartsMC allege, Survives a Serious Illness Through tlie Aid of l)r, Williais 1 Pink Pills for Pale People, Froth Ihd Itfejjtibll •Hi* tt&rtsville College, situated at fiarts- .W e t^[*nft. was foMded Jr e afs ago in SPOUTING The college the eountry, *„„ rolleees -were scare*, ftnB ?l know throughout the eountt-y, former students having gone Into all parts of the world. PJIOF. Ai/VlS P. BAItNABY. A reporter recently called at this famous «»nt nf learning and was shown into tho ™m of the President, Prof. Alvin P. Bar- ,oiiv When last seen by the reporter H'Banmby was in delicate health. , To- dav he wa , av in the best of health. In response to an inquiry the professor said : "Oh yes, I am much better than for some time. I am now in perfect health; but my recovery -was brought about in "^ffiSSt it^s4id the reporter. '"'Well to begin at the beginning," said tbe professor, "I studied too hard when at rehool, endeavoring to educate myself for the professions. After completing the rommon course I came here, and graduated from the theological course. I entered bo ministry, and accepted the charge of a Coluintms. ind. Brethren Church at a small place . .,—j County, Mich. Being of an am- pmous nature, 1 applied myself diligently 0 My work and studies, in time 1 noticed mat my health was failing. Mv trouble 1.1 -:-~& e ?ttoii, and this with other troubles brought on nervousness. "My physician prescribed for ino for some some time, nnd advised mo to take a cuange of climate. I did as he requested and -was soine improved. 80011 after, I came here as professor in physics and chemistry, and later was financial agent of this college. The change agreed with me. and for a while my health was better, but my duties were heavy, and again I found my trouble returning. This Mine it was more severe and in the winter I became completely prostrated. I tried various medicines and different physicians. Finally, I was able to return to my duties. Last spring I was elected president of the college. Again I had considerable work, and the trouble,whioh had notbeeti entirely cured, began to affect me. and last fall 1 collapsed. I hod different doctors, but none did mo nny good. Professor Bowman, who is professor of natural science, told me of his experience with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People and urged me to give them a trial, because they had benefited him in a similar case, and 1 concluded to try them, "The first box helped me, and the second gave great relief, such as I had never experienced from the treatment of any physician. After using six boxes of the medl' cine I was entirely cured. To-day I am perfectly well. 1 feel better and stronger than for years. I certainly recommend this medicine." To allay all doubt Prof. Barnaby cheerfully made an affidavit before LfMAN J, SctiDnEK, Notary Public Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People are sold by all dealers, or will bo sent postpaid on receipt of price, 60 cents a box or six boxes for $2.50 (they are never sold in bulk, or by tho 100), by addressing Dr. Williams 1 Medicine Co., Schenectadv. N. Y. VARIOUS NOteS Ol* PAST AND COMING. West VifRtnia'R State !,»«• IVhcclliiR .One of tlio t'otmtfrj — Clei-ciitnd'* Other jfett* nnil iiftfntttn te in the Sitootfcr — WORTH KNOWING. Spurious silver dollars are being extensively circulated In Maine and New Hampshire. Houlton's (Me.) town meeting took Just ten minutes to elect a moderator, (.awn clerk and selectmen. The Baltimore Methodist Conference has refused to ordain a young man who believes in healing by faith. It is said in New England that Bath. (Me.) has more smokers than any other town of similar size in that country. There are more wrecks in the Baltic Sea than in any other place in the world. The average is one wreck a day throughout the year. Starke, Fia., said to he the largest strawberry shipping place in the state, sent out 100 bushels on St. Patrick's Day, and that was an off day. One of tho latest canopy tops for bicycles is made so that it can lie folded up and strapped to the upper side of tho bottom bar of the bicycle frame when not in use. A handsome device for fishermen consists of a case or hook with a thick piece of cork at each end and in the middle, in which slits are cut to hold the lines and hooks. To prevent a bicycle skirt from blowing up in the wind or getting caught in the wheel a simple device recently patented consists of a rubber cord, to •vhich two safety pins are attached. RAM'S HORNS. He is littlest, who belittles others. Work is more than mere activity. No man drinks to please his wife. Imaginary eminence is actual humiliation. Intelligence Is not gained by a mero act of will. Nothing will upbraid you like unused faculties. Better a servant from love than a ruler from lust. Happiness is lost by being intemperate in its pursuit. Intelligence is largely in knowing what we do not know.- Better a little understanding than much useless knowledge. Reflection is a key that unlocks the treasures of the memory. Selfishness is often so refined that it is deeply wounded at the least remonstrance. No matter in what part of the world he lives the man who loves Christ, hates sin. Act without thought, and you are a fool; think without act, and you are a visionary. All Krtsy Test. Prospective Purchaser—You say he is a savage watchdog? Owner—Yes, indeed. '•But how am I to know?" "Try him. Just go outside with me and climb in at that winder." EST Virginia has established a precedent that might well be followed with advantage by all the other states, says "Bearings." This is nothing more or less thnn a state act regulating the USD of the bicycle throughout the entire state and taking away from the Incorporated towns nnd cities the privileges of making their own ordinances. This new law, which goes Into effect June 1, prohibits the riding of a bicycle upon any sidewalk, limits the speed within any incorporated ctty to 12 miles an hour, and requires that every machine ridden In a city shall at all times be equipped with an alarm bell, and that those In use outside of the cities after sunset shall also be provided with them. The law also makes it a misdemeanor to throw into or upon any highway of the state any articles injurious to pneumatic tires, such as glass, tacks, scrap Iron, etc. It provides tljat the mayor or council of any city or town may grant permits to ride at any rate of speed In excess of the maximum limit set by the law, and may attach reasonable conditions to such permits, but the making of other rules or ordinances to conflict with tho new law are prohibited. The merits and value of such a uniform law as this for the entire state will be appreciated at once by all who have suffered by divergent ordinances, of adjacent cities. As the laws stand now in most of our states each city has its own regulations, which seldom conform to those of another town. Even in Chicago the municipality has one set of ordinances which limit the speed to ten miles an hour and require the carrying of a light at night. Each park board there has a separate and individual set of rules, one limiting the speed of bicycles to eight miles an hour and requiring lamps to be lighted after dark, while another limits the speed to six miles an hour and requires lamps to be lighted at sunset. Moreover, every little town on the outskirts of the city has its own distinct rules, some of which permit riding on the sidewalks, while others are very stringent in this regard. Some make it compulsory to carry bells and others to carry lights, and so they differ, to the confusion and annoyance of the riders, who are often persecuted because they are' unfamiliar with the peculiarities of the regulation of every insignificant hamlet. The passage of one general law for an entire 'state to govern the use of the bicycle will also have the much-to-be-deslred effect of preventing tampering with the ordinances, which seems to have become the rage of late. ter at Plttsbrtrg in 1895 by killing 96 out of 100 live birds. In the Cobweb Hantllcat* held last month at Baychester, N. Y., he divided first money with C. W. Budd by killing 16 straight pigeons from the 30-yarA mark. He took part in tho Grand American Handicap this year, but was shot out in the 24th round. In tho Homestead Handicap the previous week, at Elkwood Park, he killed 24 out of 25 live birds. At tho Riverton Handicap, given by the Riverton Gun Club, he Won first money and silver cup by killing 94 out of 100 live birds from the 29- yard mark. Hfe shot a match with Thoo. Hostetter at Plttsburg on March 29, 1897, and won by killing 93 out of 100, standing on 29 yards. On March 30 Hostetter turned the tables and de* feated Upson by killing 96 out of 100, while the Cleveland man again grassed 93. Mr. Upson enjoys field shooting and spends a portion of each fall in the south shooting quail. ntatiftger of a ttncltig Tonm. The manager of the big M. & W. racing team this year, as In the past two seasons, is Will C. Pelot, a young advertising expert who cast his fortunes with the bicycle trade about five years ago. Pelot enjoys a national reputation as a cycling scribe of ability, and his work Is to be recognized In nearly every bicycle Journal In America. His utterances in regard to the racing game are accepted as authority for he has been a familiar figure at every prominent race meet held In this country for the past three years, and claims an acquaintance with the entire racing fraternity. He is energetic keen wittod and popular, and has made for himself a successful record. Since 1886 Pelot has been identified with various forms,of newspaper work, and for several years served as sporting ed- MCE1B W OH BfiOABWAf * A (true Incident.—A W6mafi WftS plckedtipin the lattlon ftrid hurried to the newest hdsjrftfcl. OH examination Hef foody WAS ffflfflo to be covered With Sofes caused by the hypodermic injection of mofphlne/. / This mef-e Wreck of ft tooin'an hod once held aft honorable and Iticroirra fedsition lit ft lafg-e Jrablishistg fcdliSt! Ifi NexvYofk, tief health began td fait. Mr?'-. stead of taking rest and JnCcHdat te&t* iaent, she re-sorted to the stimflitii of, • morphine. The hospital physicians d)MCN» ered that her primary trouble WS* an affection of tho \vomto, ^vhleh could readily have been WUfed ifl the first stages, . , If, when she had felt thfasesa* verc pains in the back, th<s terrible headaches, the constant, settee bf . fullness, soreness and pain itt tho pelvic region, she had lised Lyditt E. IMnkliam's Vegetable Coitt-> pound, it would have dissolved arid parsed off that polypes .'in' the womb, and to-day she Would hate been a well woman sitting ih her? office* Why will women lot themselves go in this way? It seems passing- strange that a woman like this one, BO highly educated, and so well placed, should have depended on morphine, instead of seeking a radical cure. . There is no excuse for any woman who suffers—she need not go without help. Mrs. Pinkham stands ready to help any woman', her address is Lrnn, Mass. Write to her; it will cost you nothing. In the meantime get iv bottle of Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound at the nearest drug store. The following letter from one of your sisters will encourage you 5 MBS. BERTHA LKHBMAN, No. 1 Erie St., 27th Ward, Pittsburg, Pa., writes bo Mrs. Pinkham: "I can hardly find words with which to thank you for what you have done for me. I suffered nearly seven years with backache and sidcache, leucorrhoea, and the worst forms of womb troubles. " Doctors failed to do me any good. I have taken four,bottles of Lydia E. Pinkhara's Vegetable Compound and one box of Liver Pills, and used ontt package of Sanative Wash, and now can say I am well and have been stead* llr gaining flesh; am stouter and heartier now than I havo been for ' years., I am recommending your Vegetable Compound to my friendo. Again thank you for the good health I am enjoying." SMILES BETWEEN SERMONS. '1 ^ifi 1 ' i DRUNK FOIt TWENTY YEAKS A correspondent writes : "I was drunk on imd off for over twenty yearn, drunk when I had ruonoy, sober when I had none. Many dear friends I lost, and numbers gave me good udvice to no purpose ; but, thank God, an angel hand came at last In the form of ray poor wife, who administered your marvelous remedy, "Anti-Jag," to me withcrut my knowledge or consent. I am now saved and completely traus- fonned from a worthless fellow to a sober nnd respected citizen," If "Anti-Jag" cannot be had at your • druggist, jt will be mailed in plain wrapper with full directions how to give secretly, on receipt of One Dollar, by tho Renova Chemical Co,, 00 Broadway, New York, or they will Kladly mail full particulars irei»- It Called the Police. First Burglar— How did you got caught, pard! Second Burglar— I mistook a burglar alarm for a cuckoo clock, an' it went off one night on me parlor mantel. TENNESSEE CENTENNIAL. the Lowest Rates Uver Bludo to an Exposition In This Country. The Exposition jn commemoration of tho hundredth anniversary of the admission of lennesjseeinto the Union .is not a local affair by any means. It' far surpasses ih extent of buildings, beauty of grounds, in- terestiug exhibits and number of both foreign nrd home attractions any exhibition ever held in this country, with the poshible exception of the Columbian of Java, Located as it is cv the main line of Jupuisvilje & Nashville Railroad it is tho uirect line of travel between the North and ponth, and can be visited en route with lohs of but Ijttle time, The extremely low rates that have been established make it I'Ueaper to go a little out of your way, even, to take in this great show, while it? own attractions will well repay a specia! J'i«t, Write Mr, C, P. Atmore, Genera' 1 assonger Agent, Louisville, Ky., for mat tor concerning it, ; _ ' J Clina has established a consulate at Warsaw, with the' object of promoting trade between Poland and' Manchuria. MOUNTAINS ANB Shako Into \our Shucf. Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting feet and instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions. It is the greatest comfort discovery of the age, Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight-fitting or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By •mail for 2Bc in stamps. • Trial package FREE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y._ If all the men, women and children in the United States were standing in single file they would not reach half way around the world. __^___ _ Don't Tobafco Spit niitl Smoke Vour life Away. To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mng- netic! tall of life, nerve on. vigor .take No- W. C. PELOT. itor of different western dailies. Since 1891 he has made Chicago his home. ue tic. iiui ui mot «°* * " **•*••• '-o--' i To-Bac, the wonder-worker thatmakes weak men strong. All druggists, Moor U. Cure guaranteed. Booklet and sample free; mid - Itorllns Remedy Co., Chicago or New York, Personally Comluutoa Tour, A personally conducted/party of teachers »kWW-' friends, under the management M thicago principals, will leave Chicago llda y, July W. for tlip mowntoins and bhwe, -flie trip embraces : White 8u> Springs, W. Va. ; Natural Bridge, Va. ; em of Luray, Charlottosvillo, Va,; of Virginia, Richmond, Va.; Burg, y a f; William and Mary ; Old Port Oomfprt; jPortyess MPU- ,> uM many other places of interest. ftpend youv vacation intyje mountains and W tho seashore. Summer board SJ per »eej£ mjij upward. Send, f or descriptive Wet au4 complete itinerary. k T £ ttitt ' N- W. P. A., C. & 0. By." ' is afflicted with klepto- eel? aa tfepugU lie pught . it. ' * Berlin had 31 strikes las * which were successful for the whom 124,010 were Involved. Tho editor of this paper advises his readers that a free package ofPeruyiaua the best kidney and liver cure on earth, will be delivered FREE to any sufferer, if written for promptly. PERUVIAN*. REMEDY Co., 888 Bth St. , Cincinnati, Ohio. The fund for tne maintenance and education o£ Hellen Kellor, the blind and deaf girl, has already readied g-JS.OOQ. IT'S PorinanonUyCurod.Nonts or nervousness after U day's n«o of Dr. Kline's CJrcut Nervo Hestoror. Kond for FHEE $«.00 trial liottlo mid t-estis*. B. R. H. KLINE. Ltd.. 031 Arch St.. FhiludulpUiu, Pa. The people who pray hardest for the millennium wouldn't know what to do with themselves it it really came. Ball's Catarrh Curo Is a constitutional cure. Price, 75o, Cleveland's Trnp Shooter. A very prominent tray shot is I). A. Upson of Cleveland, O. Mr. Upson has been shooting at the trap for several seasons and has made some very fine records. He has been devoting some time to live birds during the past sea-, son, and has astonished his friends with the form which he has shown. ,Some of his best scores at inanimate targets are as follows: In the Cham- berlln Cartridge Company tournament in '95 he smashed 119 out of a possible 120. At the Du Pont shoot at Cincinnati, in '95, he made a run of 100 straight targets thrown at unknown angles. At Kansas City he made a record of 100 consecutive breaks, He owns the diamond badge for the championship of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, having won It three times in succession. Ho won the W. A. trophy at Another Cubic Match. It appears that under an impetus given by Mr. J. Henniker Heaton, M. P., for Canterbury, a party of members of the English house of commons suggested a match at chess by cable with an equal number of members of the IT. S. house of representatives. On this coming to the M. C.'s ears, a meeting of chess enthusiasts was at once held, and, apparently, it took just fifteen seconds to say: "Yes, certainly! let's have riMELV FACTS ABOUT GREECE. It has a population of 2,187,208. It'is called "Hellas" by Its people. It has an area of 24,977 square miles. The mean temperature of Greece la G4 degrees Fahrenheit. About One-half of the population are agriculturists and shepherds. No part of Greece is forty miles from the sea or ten from the hills. The Greek flag is a white cross on a blue ground—the Bavarian colors and the Greek cross. Appreciation. Papa—Here's a nice little savings bank for you, Willie. Willie—Won't you give me a quarter, papa? Papa—A quarter, what for? Willie—To put in my nice little savings bank. -' There la a Clans of 1'coplo Who are,injured by the use of coffee. Recently there has been placed iii nil the grocery stores a new preparation called GllAIN-O made of pure grains, that takes the places of coffee. The most delicate stomach receives it with? out distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over as much. Children may driiik it with great benefit. 15 cts. and 25 cts. per package. Try it. Ask for GRAIN-Q. The total value of gold in tho world tho present time is about $»,000,nuO,000. at a match." So Representative Pearson, way of the host,, and prices extremely A Popular IteHort Lake Park hotel, 'at Lake Minnotonka, is the most popular tourist resort in Minnesota, It is only a hair hour's ride from Minneapolis, and reached by freijuoul trains. The accommodations are in every A woman knows just about as much about politics as a man does when to leavp off his winter underulpthes. Mra 4r. alluyu pulu, curoa vrliu The longer^ roan is^nTarried the less room he fliids for his clotlios in any of the of North Carolina, wrote the Hon. Mr. Heaton, indicating that members of tho American house would accept a challenge to a chess match. But "writing," alone, was too slow for the wideawake Englishman, so he at once telegraphed: "Many thanks. Have written. House commons very pleased," The commoners propose that Lords Warkworth, Folkestone and Balcarres be appointed advisors. The players of our house have, it is said, decided to go into training at the Metropolitan club while awaiting a formal challenge. The team of seven will probably consist of Pear- sou, of North Carolina; Shannon, of New York; Wheeler, of Alabama; Do Armond, of Missouri; Swanson, of Virginia; Cousins and Henderson, of Iowa. The substitutes may Include Foote, of New York; Beach, of Ohio; Parker, of New Jersey, Meyer, of Louisiana, and Williams, of Mississippi, In the Booth.—Registrar: Excuse mo, ma'am, but are you married? Would- Be Voter: Oh, sir, this Is so sudden!— leveland Plain Dealer. Buckeye Loyalty—A 1 man never makes any mistakes by being born In. Ohio." "How do you know?" "I've tried It."—Cleveland Plain Dealer. Tho next-door neighbors quarreled and one of them eM'alrh'e'd excitedly: Call yourself a man of sense! Why, you're next door to an idiot!"—London Tit-Bits. • rerikmublo. Good fishing," boating, yacht- Ing uud bathing. Hotel will open for tho ittnsou of ISJ7 on Juno 24th; For furthoi particulars, and a beautifully illustrated pamphlet, mldrens A. B. Cults, G. P. & T A., M. & St. L. R. R., Minneapolis, Minn ludinuapolis parties contemplate' establishing a flour and corn mill in Selma, Ala. It In u Very l-'lieiip Trip. Chicago to Nashville via. Big Four Route to Louisville and a stop at Mammoth Gave. For full purt onlars address J. C. Tucker. S. N. A., or H. W. Sparks, T. P. A., Big Four Route., 384'Clark St., Chicago. An East Greenville, Pa,, lady is selling baking powder as a means of raising funds to purchase a bicycle. . One opened thai bottle of The popping of a cork from a bottle of Hires is a signal of good health and pleasure. A sound the old folks like to hea.r —the children can't resist it., Rootbeer Is composed of the very iiigredlento the system requires. Aiding tho dlgetilloii, wool hlug tho nerves, purlfyini; tho blood. A tornper- HIUIO drink for temper* anco people. 2lado only b? ' ISO C'awlej IS. llilca Co., Phllf. > naottago makca 6 B*>llon a « Bold cvervwhcre. "Some men wore bcu-u for great things, Borne were boru for wiwl, gome-it is upt recorded they were Uornatal." BBXvafS*2±S£; D. A. UPSON. Cleveland by breaking 47 out of 50 Blue Rocks, At Detroit, Mich., in 1895, he and Redwing won the two men team championship by the score of 99 out of 100, Upson's score being 50 straight. At'payton, 0,, last year he won the Ohio state championship and made tho longest run of the season, breaking 145 targets straight from two sets of traps, targets thrown at unknown angles. In the contest for the "Wallace cup at Cleveland on April 14, '96, he ran 00 straight. At Norwalk, 0., on July 4,1S9C, Upson made an average of 95 per cent for the day. At Cleveland on New Year's Pay ho averaged 91 per cent. On Washington's birthday he averaged 95 per cent on tho same grounds, Of late Mr, Upson lias been shooting live birds in remarkably fine form and has shot several matches. He defeated B. Smith at Buffalo last year by the score of 84 to 88 out of 100 live birds, 30 yards rise. He won the spar- raw champtojpVP- Qt t,iie United states at Jn.dian.ano.)ij hj&t fay, by kJlJJnj; Wt Qj JOO. -Bfl ' " truth in the life hundred in the memory. is better than a A 48 |mru hundnomely Illuij- iraltitl btoohuie, with tle- Kt'i'tp^oii of (he TouiieHKCie (,'cntvnJal and l]]t«i national KxuunUinn, to bi) held ftl/ NuEll\lllo, Toil]l.,Hn.J-)8t io Oct. 80th, tho NnUonn.1 I Kvont of 18117. ran ho obtained by { | (tending eight cents postng-o to U. T> HVONK, Oun- oral rftssongov mid Ticket Audit, o. & IS. 1. K H., 309 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111, T^»tf>DQV NEW DISCOVERY; site. U'l^^/r O 1 qulukiellofamieureHworst caaes. garni for hook of tnstliilonialu anj JO lln.vs'' treatment Free, lir,', Us. SPRAINS? You'll find out what they are when you... use crutches. Sporting Notes, The Toronto, Canada, athletic club last week elected the following officers for the year ensuing: President, Dr. J. F. W. Ross; first vice president, C, J-J, Nelson; second vice president, J, Henderson, E. C. Bredin and A. R. Powner ere now in strict training for their match for $500 and the quarter mile running championship of Great Britain. At last advices negotiations were in progress for a match between Bredin and Charles H, Kilpatrlck, the American, at 600, 880 and 1,000 yards, each race for $500 a side. The Shamrock lacrosse club of Man* treal, Canada, held its annual meeting last week, when the following officers were chosen for the ensuing year: President, Alexander McPonald; first vice president, Michael tienchy; second vice president, Arthur Betts; third vice pres* ident, Hugh Adams; secretary, MjU* colm Macpherson; treasurer, Handy* side Bla'ck, The Terro Haute, Ind., trotting .asoor elation has decided to offer two guaranteed purses of $5,000 each for the fall meeting and to make them regular events ea'ch year. One is to be known as "The gidewheeler" and will be for pacers of the 2:38 class, eligible Jan. 1, and the other for trotters of the ?:U class, and will be known as "The Wabash-" Plght other purses are &n* nounced, as follows: For trotters, two year olds, 2:50 class, Jl.OQQ; three year olds, 2:40 class, ?1,5QO; g;88 class, $1,500; 8:20 class, $1,500; 2:17 class, |},500; ?:13 clasj}, $2,040, F«r pacers, g:?5 class, $31,5,00; 2;Q? an.n,Q,u.n.ced. |feftt You'll find out what is when you put the crutches away, completely cured. ST. JACOBS OIL 'vt , Similar and no Uss striking ha? b?en the sryolytioia oj ass cutting machinery. In J§31 the scythe and the cradle were v eMceprmicls Reapert til now we have that Hand Open Elevator, mi that veritable metric tight ,.. until now we have that model Harvester and Blnder» the M?Cormwk Right pf >nQWWwm» the

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