Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 8, 1925 · Page 35
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 35

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1925
Page 35
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r 0 MI5C!J,.M Gt'9 Vfe&SALE TOILETS, $19.00 C.m.nt tt.ya ft6o; r,,p.r eollei kaa liar rr..ki - - . ni.4.. - t f nj oiled fori iprt r. II anakaa. Bcott- "7 Co. It Oread ave, U II J vtuvlliln von Tin, A imm inn money. Tli 11th at NO IllOllillia. Kalun lLi.lrlv twain, iiik. itav OA MISCELLANEOUS WANThu! tt CL0TIIIKG BOUGHT iff to $3 for men' aults, ladlaa Clothing, tuni, Jewelry. Call any lima. Golden Weal Clothjriif Co.. . M C! II.. nr llh. LaJcA lilt LTiQKH bought. iUrdy,JL. 755, Buyanythlns-i will ealC?bakT871t T"i7v.-itti H .. r. .rv. " y . - JUOOK9 and libraries, TrTy Jecrip L'lhl UlAalo.Mi.H. tii.Anlloua lemel. r, iu '' " I W"T. nut lo rank. 1 IL & - M .... ' . I'RAKTlNG In. AUmeda !81SJ -ln clothln. t bought. Tay beat prloaa. 711 Clay at Lake, 4517. FOR sale; t- R HfiTKCTS file. Tawmnn-Krb t'lu'i print and mnp cabinet; alio r,P drawer atark at your price. Wing out of buslne. , (10 18 at. ".kland 1609. CA.I1 REGISTERS. SCALES. MILLb, to. 384 II street Oakland 70. lfSK, oak roller top,-127.50 (nclud-ing awtvel cbalr; many other . Roin aluea. J04ES FURNITURE CO. J5C0 Adeline nr. Anhby, Berk. i DESK EXCHANGE ?.B,VVn kind offlca furnltnrs Parlnh ror-nlture Co. K57 12th. Lake aide 1 15J roll, (Int top; awlvel chalra, fllea, file htucka, beat make; going out of buKlneaa. . 610 18th at. Oak-land isoa ' LksKS.-2 or 3 niahoKany, roller, top. Letter f Ulnjc cabinet Inquire 388 17 at., upatairs. lITrC'trC roll top nt type;.fllcB; uged. H39 Webater. O. 2484 TXESKS 3 Used, roll tops, 135.00 each. 313 13 St. O. 9184. LKSKJ, chairs, oTflce furniture new at tiaed prices. t!4 11 t. ULATH mirrora. all sies, , "with frames or s without Largest . atock. also lot pic tures. ' reaaonable prices. Kvervthlnor tou need you'll find at Harry M. Berber's, 735 lth St., 3 blocks west Clay st Lake. 8084. Have no branches. JvOLLi TOPS, flat tops, typewriter desks and safes, new and used. 313 13th st Phons Oak. 9184. '.knOW CASK, fine oak; counter, 2 scales. Rosllnir. 658 12 st O. 2334. iLTCER U. S., cheap. Lake. 760 5. iSIKTwCASB, sacriflce. 469 13th st TYPEWRITERS rented; all makes, 3- months 36.60. Victor adding tnn-chine; 1 month $5. Allowed on purchase. On. 4993 1524 Frkl. 'Typewriters, large selection, ail makes; used, reUullt: eiwiy term We rent, repair. Oakland Type-wrlter Exch.. 681 16th stf. X 921 9. TYPEWRITER, Corona nd case. S25. Alameda 763J. - "... UNDERWOOD and all other makfts. BOLD AT $5 PER MOJfTH. WHV PAT RENT!, Oniirnnteed factory rebuiltllllce ne Five years" FREB senvloe. TTPUWR1TER GU 1KTTT AND FRANKLIN. a(lc 9264 .63 MACEINERK, EOII.EI , TOOLS OLSfl toria sawcj uiiun snw. 26-ln. Silver wl4li motor. rnmhitintlnn 9-ln tilting ambles r,d tnlner. motor attacheH; latest tnnriol: little used. Phorie Sutte 448 S. F. - 64 BOATS AND ACCESSORIES , HOUSEBOAT, 8-rm. vrtlf. buhtljCan be floated anywhere; v$600icash. Cheap home. Ark Victory, Derby ave., Fruitvale, Cal. ., . 65 FOR SALE. ATVTTTnTTTC Wlnthrop desK. on-AiMlvUliiO dltioned In walnut. Bare beauty. Best values in the eity. Campbell Arttiquo Shoppe., 4181 Piedmont ave. Hum.. 824. I BEDROOM SET Must be Sold Today. 4-Piece Ivory Set, Sacrifce. Principals- , 585 32 St. Pied. 964J i-f . BEDS, 3, including spr., iriy.ttress, 5, 610, lb; rug, am u.xm.,a; dining table. 48-in., $25; Ift. table, 11.50; stand table, $ H(60; gas tlate. $75. 3926 Lyon.; F D266. ' BUY and - sell stoves hr iters, 1 $9; work ireas. Berk. 444' 7f- ours. $92.60. Cross ba h, save-B0. Salesroom. 693 Sutter, rnr- 1 S. F, Claner--Sweepf rr Vac. Cost $60i as good a new. Sell f.7.K0. Alameda 1 C21W. CHESTERFIELD, ma islve dav. and1? chieTr, $265; also Ixl f Bussorah.Ax. rug, worth $75, for 45 cash. 280 E. 18 st. ! CHESTERFIELD s fts. See them made; guaranteed.' 875 31 st Paed. 3225. " f CHINA closet, cost ,440, $15; diesser, $7.60. 2017 San Pablo. L., 2172. COAL stove and ther good turni-ture. 1747 E. St. DAVENPORT, trpestry, 3 maJiogny chairs, 23 piedmont uourc uau bet. 6: blNING Pied. 789t. able4 .'round oak. extends 9 ft, $12L 1347 E. 34 st DINING taJXIe md 4 chains, latest; reas. 690 Oa h st. DRESSER, dre sing table and chair, walnut; cneai p. I52tt 6 ave. FURNITURE Genuine Chase mohr.. Baker cut ub vel. t'tleg. MacNaughton I & l,eon, zus Tt k'URNITURE olt 6 rooms, new" and modern; 2 baautlfuL watlnut bed- , -room sets; sdinet deski porcelain rana-e. Wilton rugs. drapfcrles. I "Will sell sepalrately. Leaving; city.il 23 Monte Vlsla avenue. 4 J'URNISHINGSfof beauptful Htavens-U court horned walnutt and. Ivoryl i bedroom suit, periort living and' dining rm. f uMlturei3-piecte Ches terfield suite; seit parrt oa; wno ' Dealer. 2247 Hi) Vensrurt (blvd. iml Anm I 1. I 1 fl.- ..t. n.w- WRECKING 5 'liUlLDLNGS 5TH AND VEDSTER "?,-?J f,,";t condition. All 5 ' on lot.. rhino. ,VH hiJ Have WAX 1 lion. UoukIiI liberal price. . prompt removal. rrnklin Hook bhop. I7I JUthat..X,hon U. 4UI. .CA S I J A I O f r dlmoml., old ofd 1 1123' Mroadwrfv.. ink E2 IbV I - f7o T,; '?t(iYnThrnMjMuvi ri j nted.-J .', 7 Y . .TELN WAY, .Grand. ,Er f.'k.l WEDNESDAY EVENING I L'lLMf L'RE FOIL (t'onunued I I'UKNITl'KIt, old and lew pore. lain, pictures, brlc-a- a a. ruts. PRKIMVILLC AR1 STORE 1141 R. II H'liSIl I'HK I.vlng-rans and houieh.ilJ own Kinib. nod cheap for tiutclt sal, lull t, tin- ryviii. l.'l ll'ITIII) Olrdaey maple bed. diesasr and - Vtumholdt 111 rUUKJllJliU, llvinit rooitl ami room, rug, etc. Call ltili and bed- s. T hiinnyil.le lrlve, Un 1'lxme Han lnndro, Z6 laadro. V. VUHNITURET L'HNITUKE. rune, to : uar-J rniied saving to you M'Cauie or ow rent; terms Jf deitlret L b BerJ covlch A Eon, ill Ith t, tlNlTCRK -rnr,eel pick up: iiiinr tcolnc Kim; must 4 ell; prar. o tlcally pew: will aacrlflcel for cash. 1-hon r'rultyale I327J. rURNlTUR K. fw"nd seel nd-hand. cheap. W. J. Italy. 13U0 11 . Mm t. It'll 4-rm. UO. lucerne! A . . KIM!.. ifruaV'eJ.. ltl. flat. OAH JtANtiK. 10". -I'led. 74 W. I. 114.96; UATTUKS.SKS. a It). ecl 40 lb. cotton U II 96 remmle; day serv. 619 16th s Uik. 2193, V -1 - HANOIl iai. with lnclna'T r, od cond., half price. 'I'n-yT. STOVE Coal or woJaV wVtWr bJck. warnihiK oven; like nM'J. A'Ji E. 14th at. Ftvl, 22j STOVE. Wedicewood aaa. cl. wd. line nw, 30. 1U83W. lV SETTEE7II6; 13 60 couch, 9j. wot r-Hi (.. II'HOLSTERINO. 3C24 Kan P mp r ijvi-ti Cmp equipment "M Yt i-ti MKn k tary couches, vacuum clner Invalid chair. Perish Furn Co.. lik. 1369. WALL DED3. 121.60; allowance for old peds. Home 'Wall-uea 1141 E. 12th il; ph. Merrltt I WALL BED closets should be , In every home, pbone us for site. Calif. Wall Red Co. Lake. lilt. WASHER: Eden swl ing- wrlnjrer: w;,5. 1701 metal cyl.; like new liroadway. WATER healers. Ohio, Ml. 60. The Htove Shoo. 67! 1th et. 6SA HOUSEHOLD GOODS WNTD aiaiiiiiaiiii.iii AT iAV!D BERCOVICHS you Itet more for your furniture ana household roods than you fret elsewhere. 1007 Clay. Oak. 620. A. MARTIN pays top notch price lur iuiiiiiui.. vni.. frv.n. CASH for furniture. Pled. 8680J. FURNITURE RUGS Large or small lots, will pay more . than any dealer or prlyate party. L 6053. We mean business. FURNITURE Lady wants 4 or 6 rooms, cheap. Merrltt 6167. FURNITURE wanted. Lake. 3038. 1 1 "v I lluys your turn., .IV I II H rups, top prices A li 1808 R. Pab.fc, 4929 TRADE 2 cor. Jots. Cloverdale, for furniture. Fruit. 6466W. tj your furn. or traae. er WeUuymann Furn Co. O. 640. WTD. furniture, household woods; tret our offer berore you sen. w. T.- Davis. 2553 Groye. Lake. 4212. FOR SALE. BABY GRAND, slightly ulsed, brown mahogany case. ine tonea instrument, 1419.00; term. KOHLEB CHABE, 6iiS- llthSt. BIG anniversary sale now . on. Wilkl Inson s, 634 17th,Bt urlna; our a.nnivei Inson's, 634 17th tt BUY d ary sale. Wilkl CONSOLE, phonograph,- ftwo-toned mahogany, compixumninur KOHLER?&1 CHASE, '63 ?4th St. DRUM outfit slightly usee! A dan dy buy, 4U. ree iesonin.. "ul litier Co., 675 14th St., ni. Jefferson st. Open evenings. EXCHANGE your silent lUatao for a phonograpns ana recorua. KOHLER & CHASE, 63,5 14th St. GUITAR Gibson, nearly new; cost S1IIU. A D&fKlin IU1 -VWBii. . vie nl t.. Oik. Phone .Pled .114 HOW'S THIS Oflffi? 1 GRAND PIANOi Electric reproducing, BRATND NEW. I Easy terms; fully wiarranted Price 1700. R. Wurlltser oo., o 14th st. nr. Jefferson . st up evenings. I. PAY cash for pianos. Oak. 726. aCHSOM'S IANO DEPARTMENT eral fine used pianos and pi rs. including some wen-n rniakes: Haines Bros., .W fWaltham, Haselton, Burm ni T.ostpr Plaver Dlano. ' Jflne mahogany concert Graya, ' M .. m inn, nniv TermH. VII V TM BALL GRAND, fine ir jment for musician. KOHLER & CHASE, 14th St MIESSNER, the little ry.10 with big tone. . The ldey piano for discriminating mus y lovers who live in apartments, xipiex or Dun galows. Sold ex' irsively by ' . nu .... . j . . n . k '-jj xirts, 63t lttn est. "MARIMBAPHON 4-octave Dae gan, like new jst $232. $86 takes it. Owner, J Fruitvale ave. MAKE your a7i terms luring sale WILKINS, OPEN ever yight during Bale, 7 to Dili. PIANO-yA stiall upright piano, only JT&jxceUent piano for practice; 1, good action; wyi give 3T a numoer 01 years. exchanged later at fult value; tjrms $3 a month, or will rent. H'auschildt Music Co., 1716 Telegraph ave. PIANO STORAGE SALE No reasjnable offer refused. , All panos well known makes- , Also Victors, Briinswlcks, Edl' eonsV Ask for Mr. Pursley. Jf EPSON STORAGE CO., 24th and Chestnut Sts., Oakland. ELATfER PIANOS Used;, bargains, fron $195 up; 88-note. - uooo. me- una vuiiui..".u , v . ... j ' mdnth up. R. Wurlitzer Co., 676 1 h st, nr. Jtlierson st. , uieu evenings. PIANOS Used; your , Choice, : $45. $f 0, $123, $165. Good for practice. ne- yr. exchange privilege, j k. Airlitzer Co., 675 14th st. nr. efferson St. Open evenings ONOGRAPH, jortable; 60 repds., 16. 3926 Lyon, r . PIANOS, phdneB, fine cond., cheap. SED PIANO EXCHANGE ermsi, 1710 San abio, op. American IANOS Slightly wsed, of -the bet ter kind. Easy terms. ,xo. interest charged. Free delivery; WILKINSON'S, 634 17th st- YACTICElPIANO Just the instru ment forla, beginner, $47.00. COHLERi & CHASE, 635 14th ISt. NO, uArlght- mahogany. Must iisposef same: going east Price r If 5D. C POAYER i "best jn 375 Fruitvale ave. ciano: . Perfect, condition; ake: cheap for cash. Ftv. ' 8826. 2960 Madeline st. - FflANWS New, direct from factory; farVory prices; . factory terms. WILKINSON'S, 534 17th st. PIANO Good condition, cheap, $100. Ptfone Pled. Z094W. PIVNOS New, on . easiest : terms. fILKINSON S, 634 17th Bt VNO Good, cheap for cash. Pled. 4280J. ; PRACTICE PIANOS Two good, $50 ea. Wilkinson's 634 17th st. imii. .. ! SALE rJ w iwnr 71 f.tZ n Stlf 7 7 ft. 9 A. s ixcel ewuet tor fvlce Ji Can be .mi. urn Moi'ica iok urn" rn moot Iftl.. - n k.l..Pkll.iH s.f that I h LlanilH naiiaa isb ii m re m v Hivin n t iniii w i v i uj us, abuw v ' " lull tti'hool. iiistrici, ana intuna1 Jtnd addreaaed to jonn . , ion llVnond. Haorelary of Oakland Schoo JLMstrict. and niut b cc-ompanle.: check payable irtv nt the "Oakland Uoard Of 1-0 ucatlon'' for at leaat 10 of theil the product of the Btete of Call - fornla. . ' l d Joeepnin t yTjii. Tb Boar4 reserves the rirht t , .v '"j A of fan FranrVo. lu-eject any or all bide or eny or 1U CAM-Lll-HM kmam AlbXt Ca-Gtma of such bids "'. 4b'' t,n' Fre'ian, II. J JOHM W. KLHJEMOND. Peeretaryj both of F , Francisco. ' hlOJ City Hall. Oakland. California.! , , Bl-Mr.taApr.t-Apr.B-t. 77: MB MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS FOR SALE nllnued) "invitiVT nl.no: lovely walnut case, new keys. All overhauled by our experts. EASIEST TERMS . No Interest chanted. Ffee delivery. . , WILKTNHO.Y3. 634 J7th Bt Onen .TCve. 7 to 9. SAXOPHONE.. JVaop., f fin case. UseiU 'Just like r Free leswifis. 1L Wurl 676 14th at,Ar. Jefferf evening I . SONORA-Brow, , lar 1135. Cut Iiyih - CHlf Regu S , . fa& 1 1 tier wk. No down litter COj 676 eifrdnX. H. Wur- 4t7 Ju. nr. Jefftr- a. ajii m,. vj'rn "tigs, , Uuescher E fiat alto, 80; trtln C melo ly, WjO; York silver? ited cornet, i j.60. O'Malley' iiim Bhop. R fn. .0. Lurle Bldif. ir.HT. awe 11 ltoy,e, $135. P. 6050.; i OLA Com 1 . mah. cuse.: reK untrvelue, IliflJ Cut to $71. Paj only1 J,er w M-t. No down pay mentl. R. Wu.-fjf tier Co., 67C 14H st, nr Jef f er Ibj n sC Open even- ray y- th mtrs. v ICTOR nalklnij machine with twenty-flxV "e ords. M25j00 Inst VI for 156.00, KOHLKK rfASE, 635 St. AUCTI :1N SALES ARE! printed o: the f lnanclal;pars eaiiy auc "Housea for ons rial a' 'el Neut.. 150. NEW R( IOJ .A SPEAKER utf odyne, 165.- 7 B-tube Je Vista A . Alameda. SPECIAL! Three-tube radio. Regulfip price b ou. j un saie lor snout, tim only at- J83.50. Complet?f,"inc.li I n c serf u I Pv Sft np -.iKnth .-t: Wurllt er Co.. 675 14th r(., nrvOeN RADIO, 3j tube Bremer "JAilly de luxe ot, cci mpiete; less fipeaker, 40, oil cag igo ave. RADIO i complete, ldj speak., 2-tb 3920 Lyon F. 6266. I27.50J tl pio complete, lnclud-fW 1105.60; regular ing 1 orlnl, prlcej 250. ' Wurll tzer ' fay 18 pel month. R.. '676 14th at. nry Jeffw -son -M.y Open evenings." I V) ;cB.OS a M son ATSTUFj Wonde ',o RUD1 I pJPPY HOME f 010 45 Ave., DN at stud. Pu .'for sale. Dogs ded. 1631 f l st. BIRD fir. cheap. 190 Blssell, Rich. CAN ifps, sot Fiv'i. 2f48T DOG 1 ize cats; puppies. alV r.9E. 12stMer.S900. EAATER RA BITS Fruitvale Bird tore! 892 B. 14 st. aAX TERJiRR nnna. rhean. 2B20 arold f f . Dlmond. Fruitvale. J, t OLICE . oud. fern., eligible 4 mos. Reas. Fruitv. 6614W, evenings. C $3.60 per 100 ATCH FEED $3.50 per 100 E ALSO HANDLE COULSON ;G FOOD AND COULSON BABY HICK FOOD. ' .rmers' Hay and Grain Exchange, 619 Clay st. Oak. 6565. Bom chicks BROILERS VOU can make It' X 10 weeks fort' two-pounders. :i If you avoid the kack-eets. Add Dr. Heis . Poultry Pan-a-oe-a to the ration daily. " Then never mind about Indigestion. bowel trouble leg WMknesa, and , Kapes. Pan-a-ce-a tales car of all that . Pan-a-c-a Is especially helpful during; the rapid growth of feathers. A Pan-a-ee-a'd chick -wHI outfeatber - non-Pan-a-ce-a'd chick every 4im. ' Fer Llo Use Dr. Hess Louse pqier. i &r Diarrh.a Use Dr. Hess Tt Whit Diarrhea Remedy. At All Dialer 4 Poultry SupgHf, DR.HESS POULTRY BROILERS. Elm. 2276. 922? Birch st NAXHAM'S pullets, 8 weeks old, 9 doz. Cor. Anita & Williams, uas- tro Valley, Haywarq R. I. eggs or chicks. Fr. S270W. WHITE LEGHORN BABY CH1X, bred to make proiltaoie layers. We use 'males with double pedigreed record as high as 324 eggs. Prices per 100: April, $12.50; May and June, $12.00. We guarantee 100 safe arrival. Accredited by Sonoma County - Farm Bureau. THE PIONEER. HATCHERY. 41S 6th St., -PetaluBia, Calif. ' 72 . LIVE STOCK FOR SALE ALL kinds of rabbits and white Easter bunnies. hvi. 18BJ. HORSES, 10 harness, collars cheap. lis 6th street, near uaK street.- 73 PIGEONS WaWeeeJeeie WHITS King: pigeons fou, breed In ana -rttiBixif;, j.to osvn mvf3. 79 : BEES M4erfVWaj LBEE-KEEPERSV SUPPLIES Bees, honey.- J, A." Howard, 1076 Foothill blvd. Fruit Ji925, p. m. Use short, words rathien than. a.b 166 L-i I v VaIho P Atr. 80. Xier Co.. n. Open 3 , ,-&... Hall "aulliHnS n T ii",7 'ilief l.li-?t uetween the hour of 1:30 snd HlKlMMHMHl FADA 6-tuh Ml Z413. B27.50 fH Buenai f WHEf iscj 7 ! .s.T' ... .. n .a EaStbayVvfalStatisti ' ' Isff f! BiaTflSiM ARRI A6ESU EA'ffi lartment, llnaru) - ' 9 192S, at which MAI .RIAGEiEBCESES u mJxTr oekia i .. . will be oixned I ,, ,i . 7 I ,,J t,'mn v r"" d. April WVMr- wcAwutFMh&ThtmJL of An .'HiiXt.Vr'or,d hu,b" uld llt them- H.rrlal. tt tl L.mn il ... . ,i i!;. I.V i1, r y lovd ion c cha.ln. D.p.rt3 i::'Vo,Vrn,;;Lyn.B.d ltT t Mr''",1 'ulJn d In envelopes II., and rTUJThoe 14 boih ind the I V' Ur- Koch, ird of Kducailoi4 i, 1,. ""T11 . end h I t Arthur Mint: aon-io icwnrrf-n unr chiitt,rtr, tnit! As oth vf t'aianh. tl'KI r. AksKH W Vaf-careaaK. li J Q. Ulil. 29, Charles VA l'l.KI r. AkCt w A. Vat'careaaii. 3iland Louia IJ iirmini, lli ot 9 COHiiiAki.eiu ,H4 rawlnV, SAW riAV lioiiraEi. 111 full liitr(l In ilreuaa . h ii; . . - Urdir: LT-tirl. Hithiwiy, I u4 Knima U. 9nlJ ff'X't'"" ilr.t,faBd id lb. Klupde Ji! '' Lilfs. 'llkHWiiwi C. Brio. 14, sad Ida Joti. so. hot? of rnnoo. .Allmlwe . wHi.raT k..... if.ii audi.'. I't. lUrelrius Ith In. b4 u.. Wbarler, .llL. Oakland. i rr.tJ3f . uerma, t. ?lehola; Peter vs. Irene Valas; meltv Elna C. v. Oeorg t TVq cruelty. ulfc'r. Domenlco rs Anffe'A., B, Campo; desertion. ' ' ora vs. Wi l li. fVltchr! ernaltv VnT-'vJ" Addteco; cruelty; ",i.v?' Apru s il,l a i a h, a n&tlY of LHMTBiiark. aged 6 years, .n.ZrYZ "".VQuointRnces are re- w? ' P'Moi-a of Uanrahan and WadawXrti. tin . IhurRday vfrtei-nnn.. ..k..C....i.J ,T!-iK.t'A,',xO FOR niD FOR I'l.nAI.M Kb I . A D UIKin A av ax ------ - wmin A XL .W rULAK HKAR ( I II. clock P. M. for the supplying Of OJlie femaln Unlnr Risp an A nn iexfjN!d two Polar Heur cubs. Speclfl-Voartwns and form Of proposal will be IJ.Hrnlshed. Dy the Secretary of the v"-iu n furn .Directors upon appll- tlieretore. A bond of MOhu tor thful Derformance of contrert be given by the successful bld- ContrnCt RhAll he Ant.r.rl (ntn Ithln ten days after award there- aenvery or animals must be not later than Deo 1925. A certified check for 10 of ine amount or tne old must accompany each proposal. BOARD OF PARK DIRECTORS. By WALTER S. CHANDLER, Secretary. . 79-AprI17-5t. 'JSfOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Blard of Education of the City of wakland. . Notice is hereby given that the Board of Education of-the City of Oakland and of the. Oakland School District of Alameda County.' hereby calls. for scaled proposals to be de nverea to tne secretary ot said Board. Room 211. Cltv Hall. Oak land, California, until Tuesday, the 14th day of April, 1925, at ?:45 o clock .A.' M., at. which time said bids wiH be opened for the erection and completion of the CROCKER HIGHLANDS SCHOOL BUILDING, of the Oakland School District, located on the northwest corner of Hubert and Sunnyhills Road.- These bids will be presented in accordance with plans ana specifications for said 'bulldiner ort file In the office of the Secretary of the Board of Education, City Hall, and In the ofT ficft of the Superintendent pt Build-' t. . . lie tco i e . c- . . Ilg3, 4IUVIU 11V, . U0 . U 111 OlICCI, Oakland, Callfopnla. , On "ft deposit orTWentY-ve' ($26) Dollars, complete Bets or plans and specincations may De -naa Dy any bidder on aDnlication to the Super intendent of Buildings at his office hereinbefore mentioned and in each case shall be returned within ten (10) days after securing same, to the Superintendent of Buildings. If the plans and specifications are not returned within eaid time, or If mutilated, the oald deposit shall be retained by the said School District as agreed and liquidated damages for said mutilation or detention, nirln miiat he made on nrooosals obtained at the office of .the Superintendent of Buildings! and be signed by the bidder and accom- ? anted by a certified check, certi-ied to by some responsible bank or Danker, ana maae payaDie to me Oakland School District, to be retained by said School District as agreed , and liquidated damages should the party or parties to whom the contract should be awarded fail te enter into the contract after the award, or to give bonds required for the faithful performance .of the contract, or any bond required by law. The. amount of said check shall not exceed Five Thousand ($6000) Dollars, but for all. bids of less than Fifty Thousand ($50,000) Dollars, said check Bhall be for at least ten (10) per cent of the amount of the bid. Each bidder shall execute the affidavit accompanying the proposal obtained from the Superintendent of Buildings. - - Bids will be openea Dy tne coara of said District on Tuesday, the 14th day of April, 1925, at 9:45 A. M., in the Board Room, 211 second floor of said City Hall, in said City of Onkland . The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids or any or all items ot men mm. , .TOWN W. EDOEMOND. Secretary of the Board or Education of Oakland, uanrornia. 643-March26-8t. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Alameda County, State of California, -Sealed bids will be received oy the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, of. Alameda County. Cali fornia, at his office until Monday, May. 4th, 1925. at 11 o'clock A. M. (thai-day when said ;bids will- be opened and said contract awarded) for the installation of certain equipment-consisting of The metal files, shelving and grilles in the- office of the County Treasurer,? Hall of Records Building, Oakland, Alameda County, ' California. Complete plans ana specuicationa are on file In the oriice or tne County Clerk, open for inspection. Copies may be obtained by applying to the Purchasing Agent of Alameda County in the Hall of Records Building.- OaUand,,:Cali.orBi- -- Each bid must be accompanied by a check for at least ten per ent of the amount of the bid or proposal. certified 'to by some responsible bank and made payable to tit;. m. GROSS,. Clerk ol the Board, to. be forfeited totbe County of Alameda, as agreed and liquidated damages should the party or parties to whom the contract, ahall be awarded fail to entr Into the contract, aner in award or to give the bond required by the Board for the faithful performance of the Contract. . The- Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. . , (SlCAL) GEO. E. GROSS, Clerk of the Board of Supervisor of the County or Ajameoa, Dated7AprllJlth, 1925. NOTICE! OF STOCKHOLDERS' ., MEBTI.lti. , . Kntt-a t hnrebv srl vert that ts annual meeting of the Odd Fellows Hall Association of Elmhurst will be held at Odd Fellows Hall.-0S East Fourteenth street, tjanrana. Pnllf.. on Saturday. ADrll 11. 192o. at 7:30 P. M., when the election of a Board of Directors for the ensuing tern will be held. yj. A,. eV Ma.iim a -V ecrwiry, - M,jti,jttt' '4 1 (ClaTOo"Tl)j15e FLJy "'Oakland. California, will n,.i nu. "V receive seula.l I.IH. . l .m -..... ""' I' Mf natlv of Derkeley. Ca li'"1" cf lron Mu)dr Union Nu rrlend ar rspetfully Invlttd attend th funeral Thuraday prll . at l:u0 n tn at lha Oak. land parlor of Freeman t.'os-Roach mi Kenney, 1630 Telegraph avenue, thnr to At. Colomha church, San Pablo and Alcatras av. out, for blessing at 2:10 p.m. Interment HI. Marv'a Cemetery t'HOV UI.VU lot In Oakland 'April 7, beloved ooualn of Walter Choy, a native of China, aged tl year. Friend and acquaintances ar re-apertfully Invited to altnd the funeral from th Chine Enlaconal Mlmloi, 320 6tb st, Oakland. Thurs- any at I p. m.. April . ih.'d. ne-mains at parlor of Baker-Taylor. ,1114 Ith at. JnUrmenl Mountain Vi.V t't llRY Tn Oaklnnd. April . 19J8. Flsle K. Curry, beloved mother or wira uiirrv. aiuinur oi mr. nu r. tlax t-chreiuer, and iaier or Charles R, Schrelber, Mr. Helen Flint and Mrs. Catherine Klein. A native of California, aged 29 years I montba 16 daya. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral at the chapul of Grant D. Miller. 2371 East Fourteenth street corner Twenty-fourth avenue, oak- land, Calirornla, Thursday, April . 1926. at 1 o'clock p. m. Interment Mt. View cemetery. DONOilli: In Pleasanton. April T. 1925: Francis M . beloved husoand ot Ella Green Donohue. beloved father of Cathleen. Marie and Fran-el W. Donohue, brother of John and Margaret Donohue and the late Mrs. Catherine Marron and the late Mrs Ellen Donohue Green. A native of San Francisco, California. Frienda are Invited to attend the funeral at his late residence' In Pleasanton, Friday, April 10. 1925, at 10:15 o'clock, a. m.: thence to St Augustine's church, Pleasanton. Interment Holy fcnptilchre Cemetery, Hayward, at 11:45 o'clock, a. m. Fr.ETT In Oakland, April 8. 1925; John A. Flett, beloved husband ot Mabel Flett and father of Arthur P. and Marjorle Flett of Oakland. Walter W. Flett of Nova Scotia. Canada, and Foster H. Flett ot Alberta, Canada. A native of Canada. Friends are invited to attend the funeral services Friday, April 10, 1926, at 1:30 o'clock, p. m.. at Truman's Residence Chapel. Telegraph avenue at Thirtieth street. Oakland. HA 1. 1. Tn Oakland. April 8, 1925; Clarence D. Hall, husband of Alice E. Hall and father of Mrs. Alfred Olsen, Mrs. P. W. Stldger. Mrs. W. K. Gnecn, I-tuth and Gilbert Hall. A native of Wisconsin, aged 63 years. Hutchinson (Minn.) Leader please copy. A member of the Ancient Or. der ol United Workmen of Ipswltch, S. D. Funeral notice later. Mr. Hall ft at Truman's Residence Chapel, Telegraph avenue at Thirtieth street, Oakland. 1IAKI.F.Y Tn Oakland. April 8. 1925; Emma Louise Harley, wife of Walter C. Harley and mother of Marie Harley; sister of Mrs. Lillian Tyler, Mrs. Marie Rhone and Mrs. Mabel Quirk. A native of California, aged 44 yfears. Friends are invited to attend the funeral services Friday, April 10, 1925, at 3:30 o'clock, p. m.. at Truman's Residence Chanel. Telegraph avenue at Thirtieth street, Oakland. ' ....... T n.1.1nn. In.ll B t . iiijvjiis-ill iiaivianu, w. 1925; Charlotte D. dearly beloved wife of the late. John N. Harris, loving mother of Mrs. Frank F. Bradway, Mrs. Frank Soares, Mrs. Harry Myer, Mrs. Harry Chapman, Geo. N., J. Chas., Wm. B Earl R., Howard L. Harris and the late Edith McCormlck, a native , of Rouen, France, aged 76 years. Friends are invited to attend funeral services Friday, April 10, 1925, at 2 o'clock p. m., from I. O. O. F. Hall. Eleventh and Franklin streets, under the auspices of Unity at the Ernest A. Wollita Mortuary,. 1935 Webster street. KLI.NGE In Ripon. Calif., April 7. 1925; Charles J. Kllnge. son of Martin and Jennie Klinge and brether of Julia and Margaret Klinge. A -native of Idaho, aired 20 years, 27 days, t Friends are Invited to attend the funeral - services Thursday afternoon, April 9, at 2 o'clock, at St. Paul's Episcopal church, cor. Mon-ticeto and Bay place. Friends may can at urown i, &S2 13th St. interment private. McPHERBOlV Tn MarteH, Ama dor county, April 6. 1925, Eugenie M., wife of J. A. McPherson, mother of L. Grant McPherson. Mrs. Harry V. Fullen, Lloyd H. McPherson, Mrs. Harry Hennlngs, and sister of Mr. Alice Hlgson. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral services to be held at the chapel of Grant D. Miller, 2372 East Fourteenth street, corner Twenty-fourth avenue, Oakland, California, Thursday, April 9, 1925, at 11 o'clock a, tn. Interment, Mt View cemetery. PESOIO In this city April 6, 1925; Bernardo F. PesclOr,dearly beloved husband of Catterina Pesclo and loving father of John and Emil Pesclo, Mrs. George Such, Mrs. James Seboli, Mrs. Edward Jaoobs, Mrs. Henry Comper apd ,Mrs. Jennie De Carr. A native of Italy; aged 76 years, 8 months, 5 days. Member of Colombo Lodge and Court Ver-bano, F. O. A. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral Thursday, April 9, 1925, at 2 p. m. from his late residence, 6349 Miles ave. Interment St. Mary's Cemetery. - RORINSON In Oakland, April 7. 1925, James Robert Robinson, husband of the late Edith May Robinson, beloved son of Charlotte E. Robinson, father of J. Clark and Grace Elizabeth Robinson, and Drother of Bertrand R., Sydney E, and Stanley A. Robinson and Mrs, Daniel Arena. A member of Standard Lodge Nq. 440, F. & A. M and Oakland Pyramid No. 2k A. E. Order or sciots. A native of Ireland, aged 42 year 9-onenths 15 davs. Friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral Friday, April 10, at 2 o'clock p. m,,- at the chapel of the Oakland Crematory Howe and matner streets. , services Under the auspices or Standard Lodge 440, F, A A. M. Friends 'may call at the uanors or urn ec tughes, 3479 Pied-mont avenue, near Moss avenue. SCHNOOR In Arbvfckle. Callfor nia,t April 6, 1925, J. F. , A. Schnoor, husband of," the . late s Margarethe oennoor ana Drother or Mrs. M Volkmann, Mrs. O. Bartholdv and Emilie D. Schnoor, C. O. and W. H. Schnoor, a native of Germany, aged 75 years. Davenport, Iowa, papers please copy. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral services Thursdav. April 9. lMgiStliao Jil clock-omt-4!tt-4 man's Residence Chapel, Telegraph Avenue t xnirtieth street. Oakland , SCHUI.THEIS -In Oakland, April T, 1925, Wesley Earl, beloved son of m. Lm.' and Vlnta " Schulthels and brother of Edwin, Victor and George Pbone Oakland 240 Cunha & Caporgno I'nderfnker Oakland and Snn Leandro A- phone call will bring us at : your-, service anywhere in the Bay Region. Pay and Sight Service Let C Attend tn You . FLORAL NEEDS CHAS.C.NAVLETCO. r FLORISTS ' Phoae Oakland S074 new Leeati) 518 12th St. cSSiiniqTQ 4 illlUIII IIIU 1UIIIU u 1 LOOM FBR STATE A Clt A M ENTO, April .-Record (or 1121 to date Indicate that 109,000 penoni from other statei will motor to California during th 7ar, according to Will II. Marsh, chief of th division of motor ve hicle. Luring 1124 permits were Issued to 47.413 car from other atate and th tlmi of three passenger to a car la deemed low. Stray Shot Perils W.oman in Home BAN JOSE. April I. Pollr are probing th mysterious firing ot hot from a '8-callber revolver through a front window at the horn of Mrs. W. O. Killer, 868 South Eighth street early yeater day. Mr. Miller narrowly mlnsed being struck by th bullet, which passed within' few Inches of her head. The ball shattered the glass door of a booken directly back of th woman. Officers believe that the shot waft fired by boya. An au tomobll which contained aeveral young men and which wa een in th vicinity of the Miller home hout the tim of the' shooting I being aought by Chief of I'ollce J. N. Black nd Officer M. J. uuerin and William Brown, who ar Inves tigating. Wedding Date Is ' Beaten by Couple HAYWARD. April I. Several weeks In advance of th data tentatively set, th wedding of Mis Chandler Oswill to H. F. Markle, commercial artist of San Francisco. was held privately at the San Francisco St. Stephens church Mcmday afternoon. It became known her today. . Rev. Wright, pastor of the church, performed the ceremony. Neither parent nor friends of the young couple were present. The bride 1 the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Oswill, residents of this city for many years. The groom 1s the son of Mrs. Edna Mar kle, 825 Pine street, San Francisco. Th pair will move to a new home at 124 Ronada avenue, Piedmont, the .middle of this month. Three Banks S tart School Saying Plan HAYWARD, April g. Estab lishment of a student saving system in the seven Hayward elementary schools is being begun by officials of the local Bank of Italy branch. the State Rank and the Bank of Hayward. The bank officials have consent of th school board of trus tees. . i William T. Knightly, manager ol the Bank of Italy; A. S. Weaver, president of the State Bank, and I. B. Parsons, president of the Bank of Hayward, represent the three banking institutions. Hayward Gun Club j Will Select Site HAYWARD, April 8. Selection of a shooting site for the recently formed Hayward Gun club, of which Hugh A. Linthicum is president, is expectedvat a special meeting of members and officers at the American Legion headquarters tomorrow night. A committee comprising Andy- Sorensen, A. J. La Cunha and Jack Riggs reports that they have several candidates waiting formal acceptance into the club. Lions Raise Outing Fund for. Students RICHMOND, April 8. Through a runa created here yesterday by the Richmond Lions' club, eight needy honor students of the Rich mond uion high school will now be enabled to Join .their' class- motes in a summer outing. San Jose Church Will Run Own Radio Station SAN JOSE, April 8. A contract for construction of a $25,000 radio broadcasting 'station has been signed between the, Western Electric company and the First Baptist church of San Jose, it was announced today by Rev. William Keeney Towner, pastor of the church. The station will be in operation about August 1. It will be used for broadcasting by the church on Sunday only, but on week days will be available for broadcasting of cultural, civic, 'musical and educational programs. ' Schulthels. a native of California, aged 17 years, 7 months, 1 day. Friends are invited to attend the funeral at the chapel of Grant D. Miller, 2372 East Fourteenth street, corner Twenty-fourth avenue, Oakland. Thursdav. April 9. 192K. at a -an o'clock , p. m. Interment, Mt View cemeterv. SlIillE In this city, April 7, 1925, Captain Ludwig Siebe, beloved husband of the late Margaret Siebe, devoted father of Mrs. "Herman Huber, Mrs. Augusta Evers. Mrs. Frieda Nlehaus, Mrs. Robert Wlxon, Henry H., Miss Louise, Wm. A. and the late George and Evelyn Siebe, a native of Bremervoerde, Germany, aged 79 years, 2 months, 17 days. A member of Appomattox Post, No. 60, G. A. R Concordia Lodge No. 122, of San Francisco, I. O. O. F., Sunset Socletv, West Berkeley Lodge No. 21, O. p. H. S., Veterans of the National Guard of California and Deutsqher Vereln of San Francisco, (Notice of funeral later.) Friends may call at the "Funeral Home" of Albert Engel & Co., 2655 Telegraph avfi., corner, 27th street. Telephone Oakland 943; SMITH In Oakland. April 7. 1925. George W., beloved husband of Amanda M. Smith, lovinsr father of Weev-IIarry Hurst ofr LosAngetes, jurs. runK uewar victor and George W. Smith Jr., brother of Mrs. Mollle Lodge of Bridgeport, Ohio. Mrs. Belle Schults Wager and Dr. Klrby Smith, a native of Bridgeport, Ohio, aged 78 years, 11 months, 18 days; a member of MUlmen'a Union No. 6&u, of Oakland. Friends are invited to attend the funeral to h helil tit thn nhnnM nf Grafit 'D. Miller, 2372 East Fourteenth" street, corner Twenty-fourth avenue, Oakland, Thursday, April 9. 1926, at 2 o'clock p. m. Interment. Mt View cemetery. BAH TBANCISCO DEATHS. Bern, Ceorirlne P, Millwnrd, Thomia 55 run Mitchell. Gaorr T. 74 yr Morgm, (.corse R. ilurphT. Tbnmi O. 75 yeir Muicroie, Marl A. 31 yein SnlllTin. Nettl Si year TreMrrieii, Jean B. 75 yean Uffelminn, Berth Biftue. Pierre 70 BUne. ilirii C. 68 year Burke, Jotimna A. Cimbron, Maude B. Collins, Jime T. 58 rein Conroy, Mlnnta-MIT ( Duller, I'irniin r, 37 yeira Dtmptiey. John A3 . j-.aisei, iKtmi ui Hmloo, Guy T 50 Hnupt. Frnnlc L.. M 10 j--ira i4Wi Jfnn 3 t VaitB, Jvtl U. APRIL 8, 1925 Los Gatos Farm Owner Fyoils Two In Old Swindle fMaiaaBjaaaMBaavJl StrangerV Flee When Son Is , Called to DiecuM . Pro jecL BAN JOSE. April I. Frank Rand berg, rancher residing near Loa Gatoa, has com to th conclusion that h wa born under a lucky atar and with a horse-ho In each hand, for h Is today "in" Just $3000 which two clever would-be swindlers almost talked him - out of yesterday. They are bring sought by Sheriff George W. Lyle. A man calling himself Louis Martin and representing himself to b In th market for a ranch on a dlrect-from-the-owner purchase plan, looked over Sand-berg' ranch, - stating that be would return to look at It later. He returned and was. talking over the proposed deal with Band berg when another man appeared. titranger No. 1 said that he had $14,000 In a wallet which hi dying father had given him In Texas to pay off a man named Benson and a number of cither mployces who had been, fleeced by the father' contracting. firm when the father' partner absconded with the funds. The father, the man said, had made $200,000 in oil in Texas and as a dying wish had asked his son to search) the San Jose and Los Gatos sections tor Benson and the other men and pay them off. - No sooner had Sandberg offered to help locate Benson -than th second stranger stated that he would have to leave Immediately for Texas to attend t6 business. He wanted to leave' the $14,4)00 with Sandberg until be returned stating that Sandberg and the real-estate man would , have to put up $3000 each to show honesty but would get It back after finding Benson and the Others, paying them off and keeping $1000 "apiece for their trouble. " i The real estate customer flashed a bank note and said he was willing. Rut Bandberg; could' not see why he should put up any cash when he owned his ranch and was an established citizen of th county. He did not waflt so much money kicking' about the place anyway, he said. He would "talk it over with his son, who was working in a near-' by orchard." ' . ' After the two men had gone, Sandberg called Sheriff George W. Lyle, who sent Deputy Sheriffs Earl Hamilton and Ed Roy-mond to investigate. i jRIGHMCMD W RICHMOND, April ".Berkeley Kiwanians were guests of honor and took charge of the program at the first formal meeting and noonday luncheon of the Richmond Ki-wanis club today at th Red Merj's hall. . ., An executive board" meeting ; of the Richmond Business and Professional Women's club will be held tonight in the chamber of com merce rooms, with Dr. Rose Powell presiding. Only a limited number of reser vations are available for a booster dinner to be given" by the Ridh mond Chamber of Commerce ' in the Richmond club house -tomor row night, it is announced Two hundred places will be et. The initiatory degree was -con ferred on forty candidates by the American Order of the Sons of St. George in the Moose ball last night. The work was put on by the Derby lodge of Alameca,-under the direction of Captain T. q. Barr. j i A car ' driven "by Mrs. Rachael Johnson, 1233: EIghth street, Oakland,' was damaged last-night when tho machine ran into a guy wire on a telephone pole in -the vicinity-of Sixth street. Mrs. Johnson escaped injury. , . v Otiy W. Wolf, secretary-manager of'th Richmond ' Chamber ot Commerce, . will represent Richmond at a meeting of the Associated Chambers of Commerce of" Con tra Costa county in Walnut Creek Friday nighty City Attorney D. J. Hall hats been chosen as speaker ; for dedication ceremonies April 25 in celebration of the opening of the Richmond Memorial hall and Memorial park. " Installation of officer will be held by the Richmond chapter, Ordec, of 'DeMolay, in the- Riche-monov club house Saturday' night. ? Mrs. Mildred J. Whitecraft, for mer postmistress of Rodeo, has filel suit for diyorne against George G. Whitecraft, charging cruelty. James F. Hoel is attorney for the plaintiff. . A ". TX'rt Tlano " BRQ OFAfi t 4)VA ra..' v tl uvMitJOi 1 1 iLi.iiti.gi vi. j i i ii - Rodeo-Vallejo Ferry company, has filed suit for $2174 against Frank S. Cairns for alleged damages to his automobile in a collision near San Pablo in August, 1924. A. S. Whltesides has taken out a building permit to erect a two- story flat and store building ' on Washington avenue between Rich mond and Nlchol avenues. The cost is $1100. Fund Drive Opens for New Richmond Hotel RICHMOND, April 8. L. D. Barr. western manager j of 1 tho Hockenbury Hotel System of Harrisburg, Pa.; and E.i J. Baum, field agent, have been assigned to conduct a (campaign here . to raise funds for ' the financing ' of Richmond a proposed community hotel. . : ' The hotel- compony, rganltcd by' the Richmond Chamber ' of Commerce, is headed by E. M Downer, president of the Me chanics Bank of Richmond;. It Is expected that, at' ' least bne thou sand local residents will buy stock ln.fh venture . U:S. Promises Harbor fAid forRichmond RICHMOND, ' April i 8. Rich from the federal government in carrying out its port development program provided Immediate ac tion is taken in constructing a wharf otl the Richmond toner harbor, according to a communication received by City Manager J, A. Mo-Vittlo from Congressman Charlo F. Curry at Washington, D, C. Action on the program is temporarily" "held up pending tho rn-cept of a government permit f: :: tlonlns txe!j'--7 r'srs i FIRE IJATESCUT ' MOUNTAIN VIEW, Arrtl I. retwren $2800 and $3500 per annum Wilt b lavel " to property owner of thl city In rducd Insurance premiums recently granted by the Board of Fire Trnder-wrlter, according to estimates by member of th local volunteer fir department. Following th puschta of a new Mgh-powtred motor pumper a yenr ago, a definite campaign ot fire prevention and protection hn been conducted, with acttv cooperation between th fir department, business men, rltlxen generally and lh Board of Town Trustee. Th fire chief la personally responsible for th proper Installation ot oil tanks, all ot which must now be located underground. In the business district th insurance rate hnv teen reduced 40 cent per $1000 ot insurance, on th avers g. Martinez Man Seated As Ruler of Elks RICHMOND. April . Jame T. noey, Martinet deputy district at-toney of Contra Costa eounty, wa installed as exalted ruler of the Richmond Lodge of Elk last night. Hoey succeeds A. A. AN Strom of Richmond. , ther officers seated were J. 'M. Stewart esteemed leading knight: Dr. A. B. Hlnkley, esteemed loyal knight: Frank E. Tiller, esteemed lecturing knight; Edgar Dale, secretary; AV. L. Ballenger and W. I AVllson, trustees; A. A. Alstrom, delegates to th Grand lodge: IL E. French, alternate delegate, to the Grand Lodge, and A. N. So- lelm, tiler. i 1 F arm Accounting Will Be Studied HAYWARD, April 8. Arrange ments have been completed for a meeting of persons- interested 'In farm and poultry account keeping. to be held. here April 32 at I o'clock. Simple account sheets, which. will be forwarded to farmers and poultry breeders on' request will be explained at the meeting. For three' days -following 1 the session Russell T. Robinson, farm ad viser, and L, Fluharty, farm specialist from the Urriverstly of California, will pay personal visits to persons carrying on the account system and aid in preparing inventories and in starting the par- uciptinis correctly on ine doo it-keeping schedule , Scout Committee Organization Set HAYWARD, April 8. Organi zation of . a district Committee, comprising representative officer of the Boy Scout troope in the Hay ward district, will be perfected at a special meeting preceding the monthly court of honor session next Tuesday night, according ' to Henry L. Hopkins, Held exe-utlve. The' meeting will take place at the Chamber of Commerce rooms. Hayward Impounds 35 Dogs in 2 Weeks "HAYWARD. April 8. Tho newly-established pound department here by Frank Costa, pound- master, reported in little more than two weeks the capture of 35 stray orv untagged dogs. Many of them have been returned to the owners. Eighty license tags' have been sold to local canine ownrs, the return used in the1 maintenance of th department. . i , 1 i Hayward Masons to Visit Eden Lodgo HAYWARD. April 8. Fifty members of the local Eucalyptus Lodge No. 243. FY & A. M., will pay a fraternal visit- to- the San Lean-dro Eden Lodge. -Saturday night. John Lee Wilbur.' worship master of the local unit, will head the visit ing delegation. , . , Woodland Man to V Face S. F, Charge HAYWARD. Anr.ll 8. Anton Guerrera of Woodland was turned. oved today to the San Francisco authorities on ' an; embezzlement warrant. It Is claimed that Guer-reri purchased a truck and touring-car at Woodland, by making down, payment and that he left the com munity with the machines, without obtaining- permission of the legal owners. TO" AID" AT DEDICATION. HAYWARD. April 8.-A delega tion of local American Legion and Ladies' Auxiliary members will at- -tend formal dedication of the com pleted government hospital at-Liv-ermore Saturday afternoon. The majority of the local men and women will remain for the evening; ball and other festivities. TOtRISTS- INVITED. ' HAYWARD. April 8. As an ex pression of good will and friendliness to passing! motorists, tourist and potential settlers, the Automo bile Association of Hayward ha scattered several score signs bearing . the message, "Welcom Stranger to Hayward" in all parts of the city. The association, of which' William James Is president has a membersip of more than 8 utomobile men of Hayward. MSWSFAfKR' I'OSTAGfcT BATUs I'nder 18 panes .! 18 to 83 " .! . 34 tn 49 48 to 0 . ;!! ia 1(1 ' 5e TH- t PH- ) v 1 00 to 108 .............71 110 .to Be Forelga jPoatnge Doobl. A tile of lae TKinisn e ecnret mt the effli-e of Mum. F. A J. Hardy 4 to, St-;tl-.4 "'Flewt freet.- r flaw stmm--, uhtn Ageaey, IT i.rrm lr. Cknrlns Crosa, Lnadne. HBFIIOflENTATlVE OR . TIOWAC " A U V ft T I I Willi), Lairreur ACm-Mr fn.. Oran'.Tlck huiMm , '!. Fifth uretiue. I . 3U0 N. MlcblK.ua Ar.. Iii, . . pacific roT nt:rttfi 1 1 - ' Trv'K Fred I HU t ., 67 MmKimirr .. B elri .'rra'-lai AbkU Lrmrf i.u , , til. prrmnn Itmnrrt't ml H A KI.,M) 1 HI i t V ' lflrillf,.'tr.'lr. - I'rKrl er r-i l -' ' li'irir 1 m . i ... - . , el I-

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