The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1897 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1897
Page 8
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SHE MS AL00KA IOWA, WtMMMDAI?. SEW JAWS JOS, IOWA AM8 ftfcstin* of (lie fc i5«l(-it6J-rtlft»r.t fcftd« 1>y the n of this •the Icswfi Sta'ts Register publishes o. lly. of the Important changes that have been rhade -in th« -la*** of Iowa along , With thfi wiMt of revis'.ns the old laws. * T>i 'is «<•!'. a compile 'Ufit of laws ndotcpdi nor do?s ut embrace -the old Jaws which were re-ehatted. It, Is a re- sutnc ot the ihipo-iltaht changes which w«re made to the present laws. It is as Jollows: Tfaft KXtSCUTlVK COUNCIL. Tho powei' lo purchase; supplies Is laken nwfty f-rom the custodian and vtAed iln the -executive council. The ex-ecu live council soloctts Its own nedrfeitary ins tend of the secrctarj'' of ii.a-te. Th? executive council takes charge of '.lie supp-Iy depnrtmenr. It !i3>rec|ititcd 'to prescribe & method of hookksr-pniK for every state Inftl'tU'tlon. Dtaite- InftJittWonti mupt be exnrnlned at 'leaf.'t once each year by a state ex- '•lininei'. The t'xertU'ilve council must annually publish a t-C'pci-!; of every cent, expended Viy'ths council, by the f ; :at;: ofTlcers, and by ail •state institutions. All paper purchased by the.'sta'ta must ooi.lavin thu wa'ier mark Iowa and all furniture purchased must be marked .Iowa. The ssttlon giving* the executive coun- tOi the -right to expend money under omergeneles is 'repealed and tho coitn- e.l given -rho right to draw warrants only hi Una folk-wins emergencies: For tnlliprfrsslng Insilrreeijuns or riots, -when aid has been ordered by 'the governor, nhd in n.-stor.lng ritivte property IfWt or dcfJlrnyed by accident. T x he number of 'i'laito house- ehiployeos mid .their compensation Is to be fixed blen.n'la'lly 'by joint resolution. The executive council :ia empowered *'o ataign apattmen'te In the atalte house, to purchase supplies only by compe'tl- l/lve bids, and no supplies can be drawn except through 'M» departmenit. The ta.kii'nfC of tho pta'te census Is reduced ftp an. enumeration of the males and fomnlsi?, voters and in 1-1 ill a. The chnjrman of ilhe ways and means find app.i'6'prlatlon'.H camml'ttees of each hou&e are made a joint commlttoi! on retrenchment and reform wCth instructions to 'Cnqu'Ice Intd state affairs at •i-aoh session and report a. resolution llxlng 'tho number of employees and •;h'3lr pay.. COUNTY OFFFCEUS. Coiin'tlen are authorized -lo Issuo •bonds payable at a Oime stated not exceeding (twenty years. Each county auditor is required to keep a new record to be known as tin; 'bridge book which sha'll show the cost of "Coni&ruel'lon and ,. maintenance ot each bridge. The'-tibfe'lax-is .transferred to the general county fund and tho right to payment for animals killed by dogs Is repeated. Cour.iiy auditors, • .'treasurers,. clerks and .recorders must'liave the,- consun't of •the board of supervisors in order to appoint 'deputies and are nil required to Hie bil-Is for extra help at the first session aCt-er the service la rendered. Sheriffs ares a'Mow-ed mileage for the wsrvlce of paper.') In civil cases. The board of supervisors te given the power'to limit the pay of assessors. BANKS. Directors of-staCe banks of $23,000 capital are required to own two share-.-), of $30,000 Ithroe ahaww, of $40,000 four ahaires, and of $50,000 five shares of the capita 1 stock. Directors'" of savings banks of $10,000 capital are required to have one share, of $20,000 two. of J'iO,000 three, ot $40,000 four, and. of $50,000 live shares of •the capital stock. Savings banks are authorized 'to re- di!—itha'i Is, .to borrow money Co pay depositors. -A'reserve fund its required In savings banks of 15, per cent uf the eoinmf-rc!ul and" 8 per cent of the .savings deposits in downs of less than !i,000, In other cities i the' cash reserve shall equal 20 per cerJt of the time and S per cent of the savings deposits. State 'bank reserves 'In towns of 5e.s-a uhan 3,000 must be 10 per cent; in other i-itles or.towna -it inus.'i be 15 per cunt of the depoa'ts. It.i-3 made embcxsclemcnt for any ofll- <-pr of a bank to use 'li-j, funds or borrow <_-XCGI.|£ on order uf tho board of directors. The fritato bank examiner may take posssslon-of a failing bank and suspend right to levy execution or attachment. The stale auditor Is empowered to apply for appointment of receiver of falling bank. The'receiver 'is authorized 'to bring suit for all creditors against stockholders upon thetr s'tiiltutory UabMlty. Fraudulent banlcing Is to be punished by flivo of $1.0,000 and ten years in the BUILDING AND LOAN, Uulldlng anil 'loan associations cannot t charge more than 13 per cent irJteresft on foreclosure of mortgages. ,. ,-•• •••'. • The ! 'O"x£ci»£lVfi'councli'ln passing on Une al'ilcles of Incorporation of building and loan associations inu*: also .deter- jnlne if they arc- er*u'!'table.- In addition to saelng thait they are In cunfoi-tnauce with the Jaw. .'THW JMTIVrTIA. The governor*'.-? titan* ' J .s lirniti.><l to seventeen members. Seven of those are aides a,nd ten are heads of depaiicnion'^ - in the militia. A Staff has been created for tho head of each department in HIP militia. ^ Promotion from thu rank,-* is provided for by examination. • A medica'l corps for the militia Ui oroaJted. Civic sffole'ih s art) penniltcd to wear .uniforms and swords and drill and -K; M . ISfai|,yr(U jn-emlurii compHnles are for- *b,lddj8U 'the use of 'tha.l term and must ba iutown ay "Stijmla'ted Prornlum' Insurance companUa cannot rebuild when the Joss is total, 1 JSfo agent, not a resldfnv of this s>oite, Is permKtud to write insurance In thU state. "Notlco of suit which U rfprvcd on tho • auditor of Vsats is valid usryiwe the 'game a-3 -if Hervcd on the company. , Plrp Insurant" companlui* are held ' ]<egp(u)pll*la for "the acts of Uiulr agents by service on, thwn b^lng made valid. t ^ccHdepi. compAfi'ltw located oMtslde of (tpe s'Hilte mjiy 'transact buslijoas in jowa "vvfjo have a cash capual of Jloo,000 and '* ' l '$& /(A4!V r ftV^ pompany loeaifod outside ; ,i>f ttifi State aan 4o business in the state .-.wi'tliduta ceit'.ncaite from tho auditor of • JaoWer may be raiulr- of • ppllele-i ji'e'mftV hold, i' LAAVQ. »r«? onjy ttoe h? fnomberre of the pharmacy com- aion tvll! r&c&lve a per diem of |S ft fthd mi -i ttirn thtlt* fees av^r to the . in cMss whe-r& i-egls'traHon Is required the po-lia open at 7. In o'ther t>ra- elncts ft't S o'clock and close in all casei at 6 o'clock. •trial Of obJscKona 'to the eeptlflca'tea of nomlna'tlon or nowinavlon papefs i* provided .tor ifi tt careful tttanner. Sevefwy-flve ballots shall be pHti'lcd for ftvery fifty vo'ter^;or fra&tioii there-at. Ah afnp'le supply shal'l be retained by 'ths oftlce> charged with 'the duty of provpar'ne; 'the ballots, and for general elections, such supply shall equal the number provided for the precinct casting 'th« lafg-cf't vcJtc at 'thn last election. Tbs vcxter may cast a straight 'ticket b}' mafkilng 'ihe cilrclc. If h<? dota not wish to vote ft. straight Mcket he hlliait make ho mark in the circle -arid mark otily In 'the squares ojv pcslie 'the name for whom ha wishea -to vote. If ha marks In .the circle and also In the square of another 'tlckeit 'the vote for Candida Lea whose square Is marked Is not couh'ted. When more than one circls is marked the 'Uckdc shall bs rejec'ted. If'thi? ballot Is marked in ahy manner so as to be Identified it »hall be rejec'Lficl. When the poll la closed Iho judge-3 muat foi'ihW'lth and wlihoiu adjourn- mant canvass the Vote. No candidate's' name shall appear mom than ones 'on any ballot. Sample 'ballcitB are no't to be posted. Publication of official ballot, la not to cos't more than $30, except In presidential years, when 1't may cost $50. REGENTS AND TUTTSTEES. Trusteed In normal School, college for 'the blind, hoisi-ltal for Insana, Industrial school and soldiers' home, flvn In number Instead of Mix. Thay shall hold office for >iix years. Tho resti'lctlon as -to resltlen-t of counties or congressional dlr/trletu where institution IH located Is removed. TrUFtcos aro allowed pay for no't to exceed thii'ty clay.s In a year except members nt a building committee. which nre.reHtrJat«d -to Hlxity days and shall not consist nt more than three members*. All claims for compensation shall be 1'temJKed and sworn 'to. The auditor of rta.te shall compute mileage by 'the nearest traveled route. Uniform blnnks for trtis'teos cla'.mlng compcnaatloh shall bo furnished by the »ecretnry of s'tate »ntl 'the. uiidrtor shall Include In his report to the governor the lunounit of comiiensatlon paid to each trustee. STRICTLY LEGAL. A method Is provided for foreclosing the liens of liverymen and herders by notice and sa!i; like chatte'l mortgages. Wills 'executed In other s-tate« In accordance with 'their laws are to be admitted to probate in th!a state. Guardian's aro authorized to mortgage -a warrl'fi property. Inventories arc required for all <>s- i;a>ti« though waived by will or by 'the legatees. The word hob* ; ln life insurance poll- dies Is inad» to Inc'lude the surviving . The burden of proving that claims aro unpaid Is taken from Ihe claimant. AdmlnlstratUm may bet gran'tficl upon the esita'U; of one whoso whereabouts Is unknown for seven years. The •limitation for action for Injuries caused by defective sidewalks is changed to three months iinloH.s no't Ice l> given of 'tlu> Injury within sixty days. A Juror may be challenged on 'the ground .'that hi- is a, eUen't of any attorney engaged In thi>UHal of the cause. A method is provided for an Impartial drawing of 'the 'trial Jury from -the panel. A mcithocV Is provided for levying nif- tachmen'tH upon real eata'tcJn tho hands of fraudulen't gmn'tec'-s, Attachment bonds aro ito be double the amount for which the attachment was 'sued out. Where the amount In controversy V-; Ifiss than $100 an appeal can be ta'ken •whoro the trial judge oerHdra that, ono should be allowed ami no querulous) of law aro .-entiincil. Tho translation of 'the 'reporter's notes nr,j made a part of ft ho record to bo sent ui- on appeal in i/lacs of a Noflco of upheuring Is -to be sorved on the opposite party anil clerk of. the supreme count. The petl'tloti and argument with brlt-f are to bo combined ami the adverse party may file argument in reopon-se. Provision !» nJso made for oral argument on rahRarlng. ' Tho officer 'to whom a writ, of replevin is 'issued may follow property to any county of tho state and duplicate writs may be issued If necessary. The district and superior courts aro gh'on Jurisdiction with jusl.ic-ea of thf peace of actions in ujnctmenit and the question of 'iitle can IK; investigated in i;ho action. ' Tho coun'ty recorder must witness thf> signature to a marginal cance-'Hatlon of mortgages mid identify (the signer. Common law arbitrations are made of the mime force and effect as contract Assisting a witness to evade a sub- poiuia or attempting or bribing a Juror or witness are made contempts of court Tho husband or wife is maclo a competent witness in an action by one against a third party for alienating the affections of the other. Witnesses may '"V'Prnpelled to. give In criminating ti>^. tlmony In gambling casce or ilk-gal sales of liquors but such testimony can not- be usqd against tho witness. Provision is made for taking depositions in shorthand, Juries for superior courts aro to be drawn by "the county olik-ors from Ihe regular Jury list and tho talesmen from the body of the county. ' . The board of otlucatlonal examiners Is authorised to issui; certllioates to primary teachers upon, such examination as the board may designate in and methods whk-h pertain to that klml of work. Ittnay ruyoko finy corlincate'or diploma after nocii-e lu the holder upon good cause shown, It may issue; certificates mid diplomas to persons holding, them of the .same grade from other states. Tho <-oi)iily sui'urlntendent sljhll have a lli-st class or stale i-ertUlcuti' or diploma. First oltiss f-ertilleatss may be issued for one year to persons passing tho ex- amlnatlon in the. branches formerly required, but to appllfants pa.sajng tho oxamUwtlon in the fallowing additional branches, didactics, elt-ineiitary clvlos, elementary algebra, elements of physics, and e]emon.tury economics, a certificate shall Issue for a twin of two yean- uppn proof of thirty-sis weeks successful expc rioncn In isat-hlng, and thv »ay' mcnt of $2, jEaeh district is continued as a "school corporation," the term being used a« a general one including all fiascos, of districts, which ore respectively designated as suUool townships (divided UUo sub- dlttvipUX independent city or town dls- mots and rural independent districts. Directors in a 1 1 independent districts Sifv elected for three years.; in gubnlis- triota for onp ye-ar. An ttdsJ iaumbw pf divec/tors j§ pro- YWeft for Itt.cJUCB of the first class »pd those yn4ei' epecJftl clwfer the, i»OAj'd ehnji PpnsW $¥ seven, ? nemb.er8^ Jjj Qfaev inr' flepsuftew!; city or Joqqrpp>-ate,d to^vn - , pf A Cities of 5,000 pofcttlation or over nre to have hoi more than five precincts for elections. The frolls in sehool corporation* ffo divided are to refnain open from 0 a. th. until 1 p. m. and Ih all other independent districts of lees than 6,000 pop-jla- Hon, the fcolls mim open &t \ p. m. and remain open hot less than live ho.urs. In rtirri.1 independent districts' and school townships the polls remain oper not leas thd.n two hours. The (secretary Is to ko*ep tt record of nil persons votlngi the number of votes cas't for each candidate and fof and against each proposition subtnltital. t He Shall make a record of the name, sex and age of each person between ii and 21 residing in the corporation, together with the tmhic of the parent or guardian. . The board may rent a room and cnV ploy a teacher, where there nre ten /ihll- dfeh for whom there Is no school house. When llio board does not tnalh'taln a sclrool, or when children live at ah unreasonable distance the board may coo- tract with township!) or districts for th-? Instruction of children, and the* <:ost shall bo paid from the teachers' fund. The; parent or guardian whoso child or ward n,'ttends school In any Indc;|>en- deivt district of which ho Is not a resident I« allowed to deduct the amount of school 'lax paid by him in said district from the amount of the tuition required to be paid. The full board must contract with the iFchool teacher and 'the power of- tho nub-director to hire hln relatives to •teach riehool is taken away. ;. Tho president of tho school board Is divested of his power to veto the expulsion of pupils from school. The formal Ion of school libraries IFI encouraged by the authorl/.rJtlon of rin expenditure of not to exceed ?i!fi nn- nually for each school room, to be paid ouit of'the contingent fund. The county .superintendent has power •to subpoena witnesses in appeals from school boards and provide for paying* witness fees. LJQT'OU LAWS., Heglstered pharmacists and physicians, the latlcer being added to the list, holding ccrtillcates! from the state board of pharmacy, may purchaso liquors from permit holders for compounding medicines. If any pharmacist sells liquor contrary to law the commission of pharmacy must cancel bis certificate, the law having been made mandatory in,- steasl of permissive. Owing 'to an oversight, no provlsloln was made In tho mulct law for tho release of bondsmen sureties upon bonds of liquor dealers. Upon llllng with the clerk of .the district court of such a request, sureties! may bo released. Wbsn a statement of consent has been filed with thu bonrd of supervisors the latter Is required to canvass Ihe petition and ascertain if it contains 'the requisite numbcrof signatures and that it otherwise compiles with the law. If any person Is aggrieved at the findings of the board of supervisors they may appeal to thu (lltitrloc court. Only one statement, of general consent for any county, city or town shall be canvassed by, Hie. bdawl of superV'isprB 1 In one year. Exclusive; authority or jurisdiction for punishment ot all offenses under the 'law la rested in. : tho courts within the county where (he crime may be committed, and the UOO yard limit in adjoining counties is eliminated. If any person in the saloon business has paid tho inuldc -ta>: he Is entitled to no refund- for money paid for the first quarter of the year, not if he should lie engaged In the business only a day, but if ho remains to exceed three months ho shall be entitled to a refund of n, pro rata sum of the amount paid in excess of the quarter. In any city of over 'J.500 and less than 5,000 Intoxicating- liquors may be sold when a written statement of consent Wlgnnd by 80 per cent of the voters at Ithu last election, shall have been filed and held sufficient. This can bo done without any staleinent of consent from outside the corporate limits. 'Whenever n council of any city of !J,000 <M* more, shall, upon a written nta'temunt of consent of 50 per cent of tho voters at the preceding general election consent to manufacture 'or when the board of supervisors shall, upon a written statement of consent of 65 per .cen't of the .voters at the preceding gem-nil election residing In said county, and without the limits of any such city, grant cannon t to manufacture, within »tho limits of any eity or town of less than fi.OOO population in such county, spirituous, malt or vinous liquors for sale as hereinafter provided, and person, partnership or corporation within such city, containing a population of 5,000 or more, or any olty or town containing a population of less than, 5,000 as tho case may be, manufacturing or selling any spirituous, malt or vinous liquors at wholesale and to dealers only, or any carrier transporting' the same shall be exempt from any arid all penalties now provided by law for manufacturing, selling or transporting spirituous, mal't or vinous liquors; but no spirituous or malt liquors shall be sold or shipped in quantities of less than if our gallons or an eighth of a barrel, contained In a single case, vessel or package; and no aiich vinous liquors shall bo sold or shipped In.less uuaiijtj-, "tie's'th'an "Wo 'dozen" pints' or one uoxen quarts in any one case or package. Manufacturing of liquors shall not bo carried on In any city of less than 5,000 unless 60 per cenlt'of the voters at the preceding election- have signed such statement of consent. . . No establishment for manufacturing shall be erected within three hundred feet of tiny .school house or bull'Hng used for schol purposes, or academy, or college, or of any church or usual place of worship of any religious organisa- tion, and all obligations incurred by reason of Ihe manufacture, sale or transportation of any liquors' nainoU in thia chapter shall bo enforceable in the courts of this state. No drinking or selling by retail Is per- mlssablo at thu place 'of imuiufaiHun;. Manufacture! is permitted' in towns only which have the mulct saloon. NKWItEVEN UM ..LAWH. 1. All property is to '*;e listed at Hs actual cash value, and assessed al S5 per cent of such value. U, professional libraries are exempt only to tho amount of $300. S. The home-stead of any honorably discharged union soldier or sailor., unable to perform manual labor is exempt from 'taxation to the amount of $SOO, providing he is a dependent on his labor for support, 4. The homosteac] of tho widow of any such . soldier or sailor is* exempt from taxation 'to the same amount whether he died while in wervlfi* or since discharge. But these exemptions to soldiers and their widows do not apply if they own other real estate than the homestead. 5. The amount of tax which can be levied is limi'tecl to the ajnouivt which might have been produced on the average of assessed valuation for the years 1896 and 1807. The ji-isesflecj val«e of property may pe increased but there can be no i*uirea&e of taxes. \i, Private papkerrf must maUe an itemized statement to t|>« assesfeurs much 'the same'as ^tate i>ank.s are required to/make'to the state auditor, 7, £t;Qek. of ftate and, g&yings b flljall 1*9 assessed, to {h,e ban,ks and by them, required t,o. itofr'' 9 Shores of ."tock of building and Joah association are to be taxed to th? Individual stockholder in the county ol hlft residence', and tho company is required to send n statement to the couiv:y auditor of each county showing tho hame of each stockholder in his county and the number of shares h;> owned on ,Tuly 1st of each year and Its cash value on that date. From this the aSHP93or can make the asses.'rncn;. 8. Telegraph and •telephone companies are required, to make a much fuller statement than under the old law. and the executive council Is required to ink's into consideration the use. of their lines In 'this state in conheetfon with their lines In other state In order to arrive at the true, cash value of their property In this state, the earning capacity being considered as well as the cost of investment. !). Jt will bo the duty of the county auditor to call the assessors together nt his office for- consultation before they begin thoir work, and Instruct :them as to thoir duties. 10. ABBijssrhent roll known ns 'form Nn. 2," require-. 1 * each tax payer to list his moneys and credits as follows: 1. Aggregate- amount; of note!*. V. AKgi'PS'atc amount of bonds. ;*. Aggi-i.-gnto amount, of o:her written evidences' of debt. 4. Aggregate amount of moneys In bunk. 5. Aggregate amount, of other money. 0. AggrgonU- amount of book nc- counits good. 7. Aggreg.'il.' ninounl of book accounts doubtful. 8. Aggro/gali! amount of chuckH. drafts and other cash ltem~'. I.IAIUI.ITIKS. 1. Total iitnount i>f notes. l'. 'I'otnl iiniouui. "t ai'ciiunl:*. !!. Tutal atnount of otber ilf'btf-. The (IIITi.-ri'tH-p bistwci-n Hut llr»l. iiencdnlo n ml tho KHComl If It sliowit iif-'H-MH abovf HiilillltloH will \»: tin- iimoiinl oi' iniiiR-yK and crei'llls Hsti-il Cm- tiixntloli. Thin Htiitriiifiil. l(< Koparati- frmn thts or- illnnry roll rind itnist I m slRU'Ml and sworn ID and tlnv until i-iM|Uln.-il Include a 3lale- ini'itl. Hint all irinnry^ :md ctvilltM hiivo bcf-n listed, and that Hu- llnbllltles llstocl aro bonii llde iibllgtitliiiis rind are ncUuilly ownaO Jjv thi! slKiior. 11. Thu township bonrrt Is to be: known OH a board of review and shall review tho tiKHt-SHors 1 work, not to (-quallze, but to B(.-C that, the property of each pui'son Is as- H'-SHi'd uL Us truci i-nsh vuluo and nre ru- ciulred to rnlso and luwt-r iu>sui<!*monts to reach this end. 12. If any USKCHKOI* or boaril of rnvusw knowingly t'alls or neglects to UHHUSS iirop- nrty at ffi poi- cent of Hs t.ruo cash value ho shall forfeit and piiy lo the county tho sum of SOW). 18. Tho -ISHOHS-OI-K may bo called before the board of supervlsni-K for exsimlnatlon oath us to the inn t hod used In asoer- tnlnlns tho vnluo oC property, and an to tho oorrec^ness of »uch valuation and a. falluro to comply nuiUes him guljty of a nilHdoineapor, suh.leet. to u. line of 5500 or Imprisonment in (he. eounty .lull for one year or both. 14. If properly Is withheld, overlooked, or for any cause IH not listed or uaseHsed tho county treasurer may at any time within live.! yisars assess same and eolloet Iho tax. 15. If, on dcnuiml. tho tax with (i per eent. Interest, Is not. paid. ><amo may b(.- eollcctod by ilir.tres's and sale. It the property was fraudulently withheld from thu iiBf*.ei:H(>rs a penalty.of.50 jjer cent'uhall be oollecilod. • -. ' 1C. All Itiswrancc: companlea firganisit'il outeldo the United States- are to pay ''Viper cent on gross promlumi?. Stock In- Eiuraiicu compfinlcs organized In the United States outside oC iowu pay 2Va 1> P1 ' cent on «TOSS pri<niluino. Iowa companies and nil huitnal imscsKment companies pay 1 per cent on tholr gross premiums, In addition to this Iowa, stock companies pay tax an other corporations on their stock. CITIES AND TOWNS. Towns platted and unlnc.orporaletl lire to bo known an villages. Tho number of Inhabitants to comprise a city ot the lirst class is fifteen thousand or over. ThoHfj having a populallon of two thousand and not over tifteeii hundred shall be cities of llio second class. Other municipal corporations having a population of lens than two thousand shall bo deemed towns. Kleotloiu- are to bo uniformly held on tho last Monday In March In each year. Tho words "aldermen" and "aldei-mc-n- al-largu" have Riven way to "couneilmen" anil "eouiioilrnen-at-lavKc." Officers In towns are elected Cor I wo years Instead of one, i-nd the clerk who has heretofore been known an "recorder" is alwo elected for two yaars Instead of bchiK 1 choHeii by the council or trustees. Tho same officers arc elected In cities of tho Ilrst and second class as- under the old law; tho siame right of the council to appoint certain ottlcci's has been retained, except, that where there are boards of public works, they select the street commissioner Instead of Ihe city council. The mayor In cities of the fli-sl class in the presiding oflleer with the right to vote only In case of a tie; In cities of the second class and towns ho Is a member of the council, with the rlKht to vote when the afllrmallve vote of some specified proportion of tho whole council its necessary to the passage of any measure. Thero can be but one assessor elected for tho whole city or town. Ho can, however, appoint such number of deputies to assist him as the council shall authorize, Much appointments to be confirmed by tho council. No money shall bo appropriated except by ordinance. Where cities) have caused • tholr ordinances to* be. published In pamphlet form, no other publication IK necessary. Towns havo tho right to maoadumli-e, curb and newer streets and pay for the same out of a general fund or assess the costs of the Improvement up to abutting property owners. Many new powers have been added to thQ»o,.,l.nAhe law ,to all classes- of municipal 'corporations, permitting them to license and regulate persons and avocations heretofore not Included In tho law. No 1'i-anehlso Mhall be granted or renewal extended by any city or town for tho use of any street, highway, avenue, or alley or public place, for any of the. purposes named in the chapter which includes among other things street railways, unless a majority of the. electors voting shall have voted for the same at a general or special election. The council may order the question of .--. renewal or extension of any such franchise to be submitted to a vote at a general election, or at a special ono culled for that purpose, and tho mayor shall submit such ipujstiou to the voters upon the petition of twenty-five property owncrs.of each ward of a city or fifty property owners in an incorporated town, Tho party applying for a renewal or an extension of a. franchise must pay the costs of the election. All cities aro Riven tho same powers In relation to street linpruvisiiicnts, sewers and special assessments. Whoro street ear companies lay a track upon a street that IK already paved they will be riHiulrod to pay Into the city treasury the value of iho paving which would havo been assessed to It had the track been placed on the street boforo tho paving was nuiile, and tho money shall be refunded to the property owners according to the number of front feet alnittlnt;- on Iho street. A uniform form of bond-Is' reriulrod with a definite time of payment Instead of the optional bond as heretofore issued. Tho poweiK of cities and towns as to taxation have been carefully revised and clearly define Iho powers of cities and towns as to the levying of tuxes. AH cities have power to levy a tax of ti mills for a curbing fund. A tux of 5 mills for a city Improvement fund, for tho purpose of paying costs of making, reconhtruotiug and 'repairing street improvement;* at tho InterM-ction o( istreots, highways, avenues or nlU-ys, and at spaces opposite streets, highways, avenues and alleys intersectlui; but not crossing, and ut fapacus opposite property owned by the city or the United States. A tax of a mills for a general fund. A tas of I mill for Iho muintenunc:? O i a library, in cities of tho first class, and in titles of tl\t? second clash and towns, u tax of ? inllla. Plt,lcs of thu fln>t class, of 40,000 or over, have the right to levy* a tax for the purpose ot pm-ehuslns real t-i-tate. and Iho erecUon. of a Ibrary building, AH cities havo thy right tu levy a tax not exceeding 5 mills on the dollar lo puv Urn expense ol' nuuunu operating and re- nalrlntf water vvoj-kij owned by tho city or ,.. .„.,.,,„. JnU'vest tin bpijd!-! issued U) '•kl w ^ wv °h u »« «' Instruction of olajij* purpose of paying the indivldunl or company op works for water supplied the clt>. A tnx not exceeding 5 mills for the pur po»e of paying any individual or company ».e°5 f nting a bond t ,irt f indlhB or refunding bonds • ouUtnnd- inr and a levy for the payment of tne 'Tt^'o/one^nlt ^'miV. on the dpHat for o tho c-nre. presetvation and f'.. ,-iny c -mftery owned or conlrolletl by the ™w ta -mfery owe o flty. This last tax Is tho only Milded to the present law, except thnt some of tho (iltiea had no power to levy Home of the other taxes tinmed. Cities nro permitted to become pur- flmsers at tax sale of property sold foi h., iRsued cliaser.s ai, vax nine »«L 1*1^1-^.1 >.T < unpaid taxes when the city h.-u- •"»"-bonds for the payment of special Improve- '"riti'e's and towns are empowered to levy a tux nut'exceeding 10 mills on the dollar for the purpose of defraying Its general and incidental expenses. Tho right to Mtiestlon the legality ol bonds Is limited to Hireo months after they are ordered Issued by the proper au- A\\ obiet'tloiif- to errors, irregularities or inp.iuall'ticK In the making of special as- Hessmcats or any error of proceeding: or notice that arc not made before the eminell at. Ihe time and in the manner fixed by the statute, shall be waived, except where fraud Is shown. FISH AND GAMK All dams 111 the statu must contain fish- Thc olllco of fish commissioner Is abolished and a state ll>?h and game warden HUbHtttilted. ,, , , Only om; trot line Is permissible and that musl not extend in ore than half way across; Iho stream. The names of all harmless birds aro specially named In a Hut of birds that are not lo be killed at any season. JJluo Jays and Kiwllsh sparrow;! uro not Included In tin.- list. October and November constitute the open season for the killing of quail. A closed season Is provided for timber squirrels between January 1 anil July 1. CORPORATION LAWS. Director.'', and officers aro held personally liable for all debt!) of the corporation If It exceeds Its limit of Indebtedness or if they pay dividends which deplete lit capital stock or commit any other fraud forbidden by law. Co-operative creameries are exempt from the franchise foe. Creditors can recover against stock- holderK for unpaid assessments on stock the difference) between what Htockholilerh secured stock for from corporation am tho face value thereof. This harmonize** tho decision of the supreme court and tho Iowa supreme court. Foreign corporation!* are granted no rights not grunted to llko Iowa corporations. All foreign corporations other than manufacturing or mercantile aro rciiulred to tile their articles and become domesticated and pay a state Incorporation foe This is retroactive back to 1886. Courts of equity havo tho power to dissolve a corporation and to-.wind up. Us affairs, a, power formerly vested In courts of law. MISCELLANEOUS. Two now legal holidays aro created They ore Washington's birthday and all general election days. Office of state oil inspector Is abollshei: and work given in charge of executive, council. Salaries of superintendents of state hos pltals for the Insane reduced to 13,000. Salary of attorney general fixed at $1,000 Salary of railroad commissioners ro- dueed from $3,000 to $2,'.'0n. Expenses of members of the state board of health and state board of medical examiners redue-od to mileage and per diem cut down. State Institutions arc given their allow unce•quarterly In advance. Per capita of Anamosa penitentiary re daceel from $10 a month to $9.50. Provision made for saving the refuse) stone nt the penitentiaries. Power of railroad commissioners to In- vcHtlgate railroad wrecks eliminated. It Is maelo a. crime for a man to desert his wife where marriage Is solemnized to avoid prosecution for sediitclon. The state will annotate and publish "its own code and sell them at $5 a volume. KIshiiiK Is permissible on Sunday. Hasf) brill and foot hull on Suijelay are permissible so long'as no private family or place of worship is disturbed. The halary of tho supreme court reporter IH done away with and ho Is to be paid on the number of volumes he Issues. Committee rooms In the state house, aro not to be used as sleeping apartments. The money collected from the mulct tax may be transferred by the bonrd of supervisors to the county road fund for the Improvement of the public highways. Emlln McClaln is employed to annotate the new coelo. Doc-tors aro no longer required lo make a report to the county clerk of each birth and death. The gathering of these statistics is to be .deities by the assessor. Each report has been an expense of 20 cent: which will now be saved. Dead swine must be buried at least three feet under the surface of tho earth An appropriation of S72,r,00 is made foi the rebuilding of tho Glenwooel instllutlon in addition to the $40,000 appropriated by tho executive council. The wild rose Is adopted as the cullela state flower, Tho monument commission is abolished and tho records, etc,, transferred to tho executive council which Is to complelc the work. The state librarian and curator of the Ktiite historical department are to bo appointed by the board of •• library trustees after January I, ItiOO. FOREIGN NOTES. Electric jaunting cars are run from Brighton, England, to tho neighboring points of interest, Italy had 10,450 white troops engaged at Adcvva; of these 3,097 were killed in tho battle. At Konjlca in Herzegovina a sanctuary of Mlthra was recently-discovered, being the first over found in the Balkan peninsula. Dr. Nobel's will, turning nearly all his property into u fund to further the advancement of science, is contested by the Into inventor's relatives. Kdinbugh drunkards find a mixture of jrifithyluted spirits and naphtha or parafflno a cheap and effective intoxicant. They call it dynamite. lUidolf Zoller, tho Viennese operetta composer, has been found guilty ot fraud and perjury and sentenced to one year's Imprisonment at hard labor, Birmingham hus already sent out 15,000,000 jubilee medals and 6,000,000 jubilee brooches, but complains ol' coip- petitios from cheaper mccUila made in Germany. - Cairo's now Museum of Egyptian An-- titiuities, which will cover 13,000 square metres and cost $550,000, has been p e , gun, the young Uheilive laying tho cor ner stone, .New South Wales hus spent ?12,000,000 for habors'in forty years, exclusive Q? he cost of the port of Sydney, will spend $1,500,000 for the same pose this year. Englaua and Germany have agreed nn tree trade for the Sooloo islands, " ' vh i e h. Spain asserts sovereignty nrawinitloa, and alcohol arc the ' /'«<»- fretnlfiltK) rfeaUy meti a JrasoehSMTbeBfa fi •^oman thaTbf&'t *onld have Wen called Thursday. A Distinction. "But yotl Sftid she sang .beantUoil* * "No, I didn't." • y< "What did yon sayt" "I said she was a beautiful singer." Lowel, Me., ha* & postmistress, a „ ihysician, a woman stage driver and natt justice. Pretend to know and you wlii becomo Sn empty Shell; Impure Blood "1 "JiaVe fouml itood'S'SafsapaMiia an . eelfent medicine. My little girl was afflictea with eczema for seven yoafs and took manv kinds of medicine without relief, After taklne a few bottles of Hood's Safsanatllla she v » cured." MBS, EMMA PitAjntujf, lloiieoye Get only Hood's because Sarsaparilla Is the Best—In fact the Ono True Blood i'urlfler, New York* Hood Hood's Pills $75 R/DEA S 5O BfCYCLi ^ Western "Wheel "Works" 1 ixo*-MAKERS-X>J fl/ CAGO sti/A/o/S CATALgQVE PREE IT KILLS Potato Hugs, Cabbage \Vornm, nnd all forme of Insect It To. Ilurinlcm to man or buui Will not Injure Hie most delicate plants. ' Cray Mineral Ash la fully warranted whoro directions nre followed, feni* (or our little" Buff Book." Itmay sare you lutfot money. National Mining and Milling Co., Baltimore, Md. Pnrrlcd In ntock by all leading wholosalo dr»t;s(ljt*. Worth Its Weight in 8oi!T~" I have been troubled i.or twenty yeora •with constipation, indigestion and sleepless nights, but since taking Dr. Kay's Renovator I can sleep like a child. Dr. Kay's Renovator is -worth Its weight in gold. -lam tin old lady. 07 years old. Yours, Omaha, Nob. Mils. D. A. McUoT. Dr. Kay's Homo Treatment and Valuable Recipes, a new 68-pugo book, worth $5.00 to any one, sent free for S stamps to pay postage by Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Omaha, Neb. TENT -GOODS-. WRITC FOFl CATALQCUE & PRICES. Fork Crown In the 1897 Columbia models a feature of special importance is Ihe double fork crown, Itisaspecial, construction \v h j c h we'have trie'd and found to bethc strongest. The crown is encased in nick- eled escutcheons, excluding dust or dirt, and giving n rich, distinctive finish, so that at a glance the fact that the wheel is the Columbia is apparent. 1897 Columbia Bicycles STANDARD OF $mn TOAU *» THE WORLD. IUU ALIKE. ^ 1896 Columbia*, 979. HARTFORDS, next best, $60, $50, $45 POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Conn. CAIALOOUE F«EI FKOM ANV COLUMBIA DGALCR; II VAIL FIOU U9 FOB OTO TWO-CENT STAMP. A DISTINGUISHING COLUMDIA FEATURE FOR 1807. Sonyi; WILL PAY. $100 FOR ANY CASE Of Weakness in Men 'i'ltey Trent nud I'all to Cure. An Omaha Company places for the first lime before tho public a MAGICUT. TnBAT- MBNT for tiie cure of Lost Vitality, Nervous and Sexual Weakness, and Restoration of (jife Force in old and young men. No worn-out French romecjy* contains uo Phosphorous or other harmful drugs. It is a WoNDEui'ui, TKEATMBN'r — mivg'ical in its offeets— positive in its cure. All renders, tvho aro suffering from a Xveaknoss that blights their life, causing that mental ana physical suffering 'peculiar to Lost Mau- Fiood.Bhould write to the STATE MEDICAL COMPANY, Omaha, Nob,, and they will bend you absolutely FREE, a vsluftU? paper on those diseases, and positive prooW of their truly MAaKi4i.'r«EA r rMKXT, Thou-i' nnds of men, who havo lost all hope' of » oure, are being restored by thom'to a, perfect condition. This MACICAL TKBATMBNI' may bo taken at home under their directions, or they will pay railroad faro and hotel bills to all who prefer to go there for treatment, if they rail to oure. They are perfectly reliable; have no Free Prescriptions, Free Cure, Jree Sample, or U. O. D. fake. They h»Y» *860,000 cttpitfll, and guarantee to cure every case they treat or refund every dollar; or tjieir charges may be deposited JH » bank to be paid to them v'hou a cure u them toda. ____ __ *• 7*. r °f i«nt in vtoiu V7WK& *\ *jfj\. I by e*pri!»s irewiWj. W) A S*<S\I >'•«'. w PI | °tW* ! *' ! L,*i k i^M C'iwilin* «*4 'vu wn$fM» | PATENTS, TRADE M Ewntnutlpu oua Advluo tm to rnt«*V>umty y«»llo«. Buna foe "Inv o-iUn-u 1 t'uUlo- o -•a PATENTS UHtoi.i itfc SiA!?i wnu'pU. •i^wtfp* ,.V^W<,V"W" <t*.Jf£f A-' •

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