The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1897 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1897
Page 6
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l! ALGONA IOWA, WliPNEBPAY. MAY 10, 1007' ettW LAWS FOB IOWA AKfB 4L, A fceftfcrnS of ittfi fciinhfce* Mftdc t»j> iho &, v% totlfA&ftUnttj- SWDlon «»r the R£ Kf f v The Itvwft Sta'tn Register publishes a ' liii. of the ifnpOi'tan't changes 'that Have . teen made in the -laws of loxva along ttith 'the toortc of revls'.nsr the Old 'law?. tu 'is fKii a complt't-e 'Use of laws adojced, rtor doss it embrace 'the old laws) which were re-enacted. It is a re•slime of the ftnpoiitatit changes which were itiado to the present laws, it i'S as follows: "The power to purchase supplies IP taken away from the custodian and vc.Ji.eil «ln the executive council. The ex-ecuthv council swlptfts its own secire/tary instead of the secretary of Tha executive council takes charge of tliS supply department. It M'required 'to prescribe a method of bookkeeping' for every state institution. Cita'to InrtJUttLons mupt be- examined at ieafll one? each year by a sta;te examiner. Tile exectviive council must annually publish a rciK r-i or every rent expended liy'tha council, l>y tho f-rrtto officers, and liy a!l flla'te ins'iltutions. All paper purchased by thewta'te must eMLfi.'in tin.' v/a'.'-er mark Town und all furniture purchased must be market! .Iowa. Thesac'ilon Riving the executive 1 eoun- o'.'l the -right tn expend money under <'Jnergciicles if- -repealed and 'the coltn- i\l given 'tlift right -in draw warrants oily in Ithfl following emergencies: For suppressing insurrections or riots, when a-kl has been ordered by ! tho governor, arid in restoring iKaiic property Irwt or destroyed by accident. The number of 'S'lnito house employees und .their 'compensation IK to be fixed biennially -by joltvi resolution. The-executive 1 council :ls -empowered i.'o assign apartment In the ntalte house, 'to purchase supplies only by competitive bids, and no supplies can be drawn except 'through 'Jii.s departmenlt. 'Th« takihig of tho stats censu« Is reduced ito an enumeration of 'the males and females, voters and mil it-la. The cha.jrman of ithe ways and means and appi-oprla'Mona committees of each houue oi-e made a joint commit tee on retrenchment and reform with Instructions -to enquire iti'td state affairs at <'aeh session and report a resolution Ilxing 'tho numbsr of employees und '..hslr pay. COUNTY OFFICEUS. CourJties are authorized 'lo Issue •bonds payable ait a cime stated not exceeding- llwcnty years. Each county auditor is required to keep a new record to bo known as th<; •bridge book which sha'li show the co,st of coniStrueUon and maintenance. of oach bridge. The''tibg 'lax '.'« transferred ; to the general couri'ty fund and the right to payment for animals killed by (.lags is re- Cour.iiy auditors, ..'treasurers., clerks ivnd recorders must'have tha consent of •ths board of supervisors in order to up- jioint "deputies and are all required to lile bills for extra help at the flrat sss- t'lon after the service is rendered. Sheriffs aro a'llowod mileage for Iho service of papers in civil eases. The board of supervisors ca given the power ito limit the pay of assessors. BANKS. Directors oCstaite banks of! $25,000 capital are required to own 'two sharew, oi! $30,000 .(throe shai-p*, of $40,000 four shaires, and of $50,000 five shares of the eapJtal flock. Dlreators • of .savings banks of $10,000 capital aro required to have ono share, of $20,000 two. of JSO.OOO 'three, or $40,000 four, and of $50,000 11 vu shares of •the eapi'tal stock. Savings banfe aro authorized 'to ra-—Uhai: Is, to borrow money tio jjay depouJtors. A reserve fund ils required in savings franks of .15 per cent of the commercial and 8 per ce-nt of 'the savings deposits in Itowns of less -than a,000, In oilier oitiofl ithe cash reserve ahall equal 20 per ceiVt of the time and S per com of the saviiigs deposits. State 'bank ixaerves 'in towns of nhan 3,000 musit be 10 per cent; in other fities or town>3 Jv mus. 1 -; be 15 per cent of It la made embezzlement for any ofll- <-?r of a bank to use 'As funds or borrow <.'xcej;i£ on order of 'tho board of dlreo- "tors. Tho .MtaHo bank examiner may take posseslon-of a falling: bank and suspend right to levy -execution or attachment. The state auditor is empowered to apply for appoln'tmenit of 'receiver of falling bank, The-receiver 'Is authorized 'to bring uuit for aJl credl'tors against .stockholders upon the! 1 ,- rftultutory HabMity. Fraudulent banlclng is to be punished by lino of $10,000 and '1:011 years in the BUIWilNG AND LOAN, ding uwl 'loan associa'tions cannot i more than 12 per cent IrJtc-rest on foreclosure of moi'i^agos, * The. executive 'council'-In passing on ithe ai'tlcles of incorpora'tion of building and loan a&sootwtlonti mus^ also Ueter- Uiin* if 'they arc- equitable in addition to seeing thait 'tlicy are in i-or»formaucs Wufth -the Jaw. THJ'J JMILJTFA. Tho governor'* fltaft 1 ..s lirniti'il ito BOV- <»nt?en members. Seven of 'these are aides and 'ten are heads of dopuntnicii'.s iri the? inilltja, A. atftffi has been civa'led for {ho head qf each de'parlme'nit in I he militia, Promotion from the rankrf is provided for by examination. • < A rrjGdlca 1 ! corps for the militia ir. KfS, ?/- Ciyio soc!e'ii(s aro permitted 'to wc-ar .uniforms and swords and drill and INSURANCE. ,., preniluru companies are fiir- •th0 usej,<)f Uhptt 'term and must Wp 8'^ "Stipula'ted premium' ^7X "'PJi'o "'insurance compaalca cannot re*!>; ." build whet) 'the loss is total. f>" c Na 8ge«.t, not a reslden-t of this state, ,* 'A is permKtucl 'to write insurance in thirf <i(! 8ult which U served on tho of S'taite is valid gsrvice the it rjervod on the company, jnaumnoo companies are uojd for the acts of their agents PH them b/elng made valid. .it cQm»an'l«s located outside of, he 4ttftite mw 'transact business in Iowa ' f 5WO.OOO and ISMhi'diav^i^iraotl^,« %$$<stri t1i« membea% of th« pharmacy ecurri. rr-i«s(on «••:)! r»<ie-ive a per diem of $3 ft tlay and mi -t turn their fees over to the tn fettles where regls'M-atlon 19 required -the J>oas open at 7. In Other prs- eincts at S o'clock ahd close In all cases, at 6 o'clock. ' tfiftl of obJseUona to the^ eerttflca'teS of nomination or nominavlon papers i-3 provided for in ft careful Wanner. Seventy-five ballots shall be printed for every fifty x-oters or fraction thereof. An amp'ie supply shall be retained by 'ths ofllcer charg*d with -the duty of preparing the ballots, arid for general flections, such Supply shall equal the number provided for the precinct casting the larget't vclte at the last election. Th'3 voter may cast a straight 'ticket by markiing fhe circle. If he dot'3 not wish to vote a. straight t'lcket he mua4 niake no mark in the circle and mark only In the scitiares' opposite the name for whom ha Wlahts to vpte. If ha marks /:n .the circle and also In tho square of another 'ticke't the vote for candidates whose -syuarc Is marked Is not counted. When more than one circls is marked the 'llckci: shall bs rejec'ted. If thn ballot Is marksd in any manner -so us to be •identified It shall be rejec'ted. When the pol : l is closed the Judges must forthwith and without adjourn- msnt canvass the vote. No candidate's! name shall appear moro than ones' on any hallo*. Sample -ballc'ls are not to be posted. Publication of official ballot Is not to cos't more than $30, except In presidential years, when It may cost S50. REGENTS AND TlUTSTEEa. Trusteea in normal school, college for 'the blind, hospital for insane, Industrial school and soldiers' home, five In number Instead of Mix. They shall hold office for six yearn. Tho restriction as to resident of counties or congressional dlr/trietu where institution Is located is removed. Trustees arc allowed pay for not to exceed thirty days in a year except members of a building committee. which nre reHtrlctsd -to 'slxity days and shall not consist of more than three members. All claims for compensation shall be itemized and esvorn to. The auditor of r'ta'te shall compute mileage -by tho nearest 'traveled route. Uniform blanks for trustees claiming compensation shall be furnished by tho secretary of state and the auditor shall Include In his report to the governor the amount of compensation paid to each trus'tei". •STRICTIAT LEGAL. A method Is provided for foreclosting the liens of. liverymen and herders by notice and sale; like chattel mortgages. Wills 'executed In other states In accordance with their 'laws are to be admitted to probate in thUs state. Guardians are authorized to mortgage n ward's property. Inventories are required- for all c;s- 'tattos though waived by will or by tho legatees. The word heir In life- Insurance poll- Oles Is made la inc'iude the surviving . The burden of proving that claims are unpaid Is taken from the claimant. Administration may be gran'ted upon the osJtatc of one whoso whereabouts is unknown for seven' years. The 'limitation for action for injuries caused by defective sidewalks is changed to three months unless notice i.» K>lvon of the injury within sixty days. A juror may be challenged on the ground that hi; Is a. client of any attorney engaged in tho trial of the cause. A method Is provided for an impartial drawing of 'the 'trial jury from 'the panel. A. method is provided for -levying nif- tachmen'Ui upon real csta' tho hands of fraudulent gran'tec«. Attachment bonds are ito be double the amount for which the attachment was aued out. Where the a.mount in controversy ts less than $100 an appeal can bo taken whore tho trial judge oert'lflos that, ono should be allowed and no questions of law are .-enHUled. Tho 'translation of tho reporter's) notes are made a part of /the record to lie sein up on .appeal in Iriaco of a transcript. Not'lcft of rehearing is ito be served on Vha opposite party and clerk of -the su- promo count. The petition and argu, rnont with brief aro to bo combined and the advei'so party may file argument in response. Provision !» also made for oral argument cm rehearing.' Tho officer 'to whom a writ of replevin is iJssu-ad may follow property 'to any county of tho state and duplicate writs may be issued if necessary. The district and superior courts aro given Jurisdiction with justices of thf peace of actions In ejectment and tho question of title can bs investigated in 'the action. The county recorder must witness thf s.ffnature to u marginal cancellation of mortgagees and identify (the signer Common law arbitrations ara -inad'o of the name force and effect as contract Assisting a wltncwj to evade a sub- pod,ia or attemptinK' or bribing a Juror or Avitncss are made contempts of court Tho husband or wife is made a competent witness in an action bv one ugalria't a third party for alienating the affections of the other, Witnesses may bo/ipn.jpe.lled to give Jnorimlnn'tiYiff U'M-' tiniony in gambling cases or illc-gal sales of liquors but such testljnony can not be used Hgninst the wltno."-, Provision is made tor taking depositions in shorthand. Juries for superior courts aro to bo drawn by it ho county oliicors from the regular jury list and tho tule.-men from tho body of the county, MCHOQLS. Tho board of educational examiners is authorized tu issue certiticates to i>rl- mary tcachera upon such examination as the hoard may designate in launches and mcthuds which pertain to that kind of work. It may rcvoko any cortillcato'or diploma, after noLictf tu tho holder upon good cause shown, H may issue certificates and diplomas to persons holding them of the bumo grade from other states. The county superintendent shall hnvo n, lUrst class or state I'erHlUulc or diploma, 1 First class ceruncates may bo is&iicd for one year to persons imssing the examination in tho branches formerly required, but tp applicants passing the examination in the following- additional branches, didactics, elementary civics, elementary algebra, elements of physics, ana elementary economics, a certilU calo jsbull Issue for a, term of two years upon proof of tjilrty-si)? weeks suecuss- i'Ul exporionce in teaching, ami the pay. ment of $2. Kftch district is continued &3 a "sphool porporatlon," the term being used as a general «ne including all classes, of dis- trlcte, which are respectively designated l jtpwushtps (divJfled intp eub- , Uidopeuaenj city or tPtt'ju disr ruyaJ indepojden't tllstrjcts. si Jn ajl jnaepopdeiU districts are ejected, fpr three years; in tfiolafo^ one year, " • 4js «fl^ aumher pf ,,„„,„ ,.., ,„_ ,„,-, cl§sji ft|)4 i" pi^?iil P^»'tej' Mw *bm'& t». fttfttsvm njemb^rgj Jtf'flM r i Iticoi'Dorated sT'-S' ft * PAWISI ".ff^t W,"." f"*tR!t gv& mprahsreJ-anfl. to 'I'ucM- Amsjpm^wWli't luolM^f*, K.4llWfc v ^tto«%j»wlJfiwi, - Ti ) jrtfcto'ito smmL «f t* avstop. tateMwt', w timmmm™-•• Cities of 8,000 population or over are to have fiot more thaft five precincts for elections'. Th6 polls in school corporations ffo divided are to remain open from 0 a. m. uhtil 1 p. m. and in all other independent districts of lefis than S.OOO pop Nation, the polls mu.ot open at \ p. rn. and remain open hot less than five ho.urs. In riiral independent districts' and school townships the bolls remain oper not less tha.n two hours. The secretary is to ke*ep a record of all persons votlhg, the number of votos cast for each candidate aiid for and against each proposition submitted. » He shall make a record of the name, sex and age of each person between fi and 21 residing in the corporation, together with the name of the parent or guardian. The board may rent a room And employ a teacher, where there areteii ''.hll- dren for whom there Is no school house. When Iho board does hot malh'taln a school, or when children live at an unreasonable distance the board may coo- tract With townships or districts for th--> instruction of children, and tin* cost shall be paid from the teachers' fund. The parent or guardian whose ohlla or ward attends school in any Independent district of which lie is not a resident la allowed to deduct the amount of school 'tax paid by him In said district from the amount of the tuition required to be paid. The full board must contrac': with thf school teacher and 'the power of Iho nub-director to hire ills relatives to teach He-hoot 1» taken away. Tho president of tho school board is divested of his power to veto the expulsion of pupils from school. Tho formation of school Hhrnrk 1 ? is encouraged by the authorlBrJUon of tin expenditure of not to exceed ?2n nn- nttally for each school room, lo be paid ouit of the contingent fund. The county superintendent ho.s power to subpoena witnesses in appeals from school boards and provide for witness fees. LJQTj'OK -LAWS. KegiKtered pharmacists and physicians, the latter being added to the list, holding certificates from the state board of pharmacy, may purchasa liquors from permit holders- for compounding medicines. If any pharmacist Sells liquor contrary to law the commission of pharmacy must cancel his certificate, the law having been made mandatory ln v - steajl of permissive. Owing to an oversight, no provlsioln was made Iri the mulct law for tho release of bondsmen sureties upon bonds of liquor dealers. Upon illlng with the clerk oC the district court of such a request, sureties may be released. When a statement of consent has benn filed with tho board of supervisors the latter is required to canvass the petition and ascertain if it contains the requisite numbcrof signatures and that It otherwise complies with the la.w. If any person is aggrieved at thfj findings of the board of supervisors they may appeal to the dtatrtcK court. Only one statement of general consent for any county, city or town shall bo canvassed by the.boawl of supervisors ; in one year. Exclusive authority or jurisdiction for punishment of all offenses under tho 'law is rested in. the courts within tho county where the crime may be committed, and the 300 yard limit In adjoining counties la eliminated. It' any person in iho saloon business has paid the muled tar ho Is entitled to no refund- for money paid for the first quarter of the year, not if he should be engaged In the business only a day, but if ho remains to exceed three months ho shall be entitled to a refund of a pro rata sum of the amount paid In excess of the quarter. In any city of over 2,500 and less than 5,000 intoxicating liquors may be sold when a written statement of consent iMgned by SO percent of the voters at ttho last election, shall have been filed and held sufficient. This can Vie done without, any statement ot' consent from outside the corporate limits. 'Whenever a. council of any city of fi.OOO or more, shall, upon a written wtatement of consent of 50 per cent of tho .voters at the preceding general election consent ', to manufacture 'or when the board of supervisors phall, upon a written statement of consent of 85 per cen'i. of the voters at tho preceding general election residing in said county, and without the limits of any such city, grant, consent to manufacture, within »tho limits of any city or town of les,s than 0,000 population in such county, spirituous, malt or vinous liquors for sale as hereinafter provided, and person, partnership or corporation within such city, containing a population of 0,000 or more, or any olty or town containing a population of le»a than. 5,000 as the ease may be, manufacturing or selling any spirituous, malt or vinous liquors at wholesale and to dealers only, or any carrier transporting the same shall be exempt from any and all penalties now provided by law for manufacturing, selling or transporting spirituous, mal't or vinous liquors; but no spirituous or malt liquors shall be sold or shipped in quantities of less than .ifour gallons or an eighth of a barrel, contained in a single ease, vessel or package; and no -such vinous liquors shall bo 'sold or shipped In less quapjtj-, '•ties''th'nn'tvl-o'doaeiYpiiits' or one cW,on quarts in any one case or package, Manufacturing of liquors shall not be carried on in any city of loss than 5,000 unless 60 per cenlt of the voters at the preceding election' have, signed such statement of consent, No establishment for manufacturing shall bo erected within three hundred feet of any school house or building used for schol purposes, o;- academy, or college, or of any church or usual pluc'e of worship of any religious organization, and all obligations incurred by reason of the manufacture, sale or transporta'ilon of uny liquors najiu.'U in this chapter Khali be .enforceable in tho courts of this state, No drinking or selling by retail is per- mlssable at the'ormanufacture. Manufacture is permitted in towns only which have the mulct saloon, NlSW'.i-uiJVKNlJl') i,A,\VH. i; All property is to J,L- listed at Us actual cash value, and assessed ut 25 per cent of such value. a, professional libraries are exempt only to the- amount of $300. 3. The homestead of any honorably discharged union soldier or aallov unable 'to perform manual labor is exornpl from 'taxation to the- amount of $soo, providing he is a dependent on hia labor for support. 4. The homestead of tho widow of •any such soldier or sailor is exempt from taxation to the same amount whether he 'died while Jn service or since discharge. }3ut these exemptions to soldiers and their widows do not apply if they own gther real estate than the homostoftd. fi. The amount of tax which cuji be levied is to the amount wb|eh might HRYO bi?eri produced pu tho average of assessed valuation fw tfee years 1§§6 and, 1887, The assessed valu v e of prpnevty inay he increased, feu,^ t,lipre c§n Ue no Jnprea&fl g| tax,es. , • • 6. PvivfttO fcanfcfr* jmiat majta on ' ft statement, td' \\w assessors ,1)9 -game as gtate tanks are re* tft*mft.Ue ito ih.p stute {HtdJ^or. ief^ecl to, £}}? jbanjcsj and paid ttSJH*' ' t- , '.' ,' • '34M WJWftilQna' $rp rqgulreci, .tp, ^«B;lJ*i»te£ji jwfy&gm & %e,aj Ti KM tt«i' IWHUiW^^ A orio ¥M%iw*« !>, Slinrcs of ?tork of building and Joan assoplatloufl are to he tafted to the individual stockholder In the* county of hid resident*, and the- company IS inquired to s&nd a statement to the couivry audltor of each county showing the name of cafh stockholder in his ponftty and tho number of sharps he owned on .TuJy 1st of earh year.nnrl its cash valuo on 'that 'date. From this the assessor can makr- fho nsRee.«mcri;. 8. Telegraph and telephone companies are required to make a much fullfr statement than unflpr the old law. and tho? executive council Is required to tak<> Into consideration the use of their lines in 'this state- in connection with their lines In other stale in order to arrive fit the true cash value of their property in this state, tho earning capacity beinR- considered as well as the cost of invwrt- nicnt. !). H will. be (he duty of the county auditor to call -the assessors together at his office for consultation before they begin their work, arid Instruct -ilU'in as to their duties. 10. Assessment roll known as 'form No. 2," require.'! oach tax payer to list Ills moneys and credits an follows: 1. Aggregate 1 amount of notes. '1. Aggregate amount, of bonds. .". Aggregate amount, of other written evidences' of debt. \. Aggregate amount of mon?.vs in bank. 5. Aggregate amount of other money. (i. Aggrgente amount of book accounts good. 1. Aggregate amount of book accounts doubtful. 8. Aggregate amount of checkH. drafts and nther rush Item;*. UAHIUTIKH. I. Total :inioui!t nf notes. •2, Tot id iiniomil. ol Hcenunts. ::. Tnlnl amount nf other dr-blf-. . The (lil'fori'iK-c lii'twefti tho llrssl. MCnedul' 1 . n nd Iliu Kiicnnd If It shown nstsots ubo\v | liabilities will lie this iimount 01' moneys nmt credits llsti'd fur tuxiiUoti. This statement Is .sepanito from tho ordinary roll rind must bn signed and sworn to and the oath raiuln.'cl include a .'jtale- mi'iit that all money* and rruditH have boon listed, and Unit the liabilities listed arc homi llde obligations and are actually owned by the slgnnr. 11. Tho township board Is to be known IIH a board ol' review and shall review the assessors' work, no! to equalize, but to wee that, the property of each purson Is us- s?ssi'd nl Its t.rtif! easli valuo and arc required to ralso and lower assessmoills to reach this end. 111. If any assessor or board of review knowingly falls or neglects to assess property at 25 per cent of Its true cash value ho shall forfeit and pay to the county tho sum of ?uOO. K!. Tho assessors may bo called before the board of supervisors for examination under oatli as to the method used In ascertaining the value of property, and as to the correctness of such valuation and a, failure to comply makes him guilty of a mtailetnunrior, .sub.leet. to a line of $"iOO or Imprisonment In I Im comity jail for one year or both. 14. If properly Is withheld, overlooked. or for a.ny cnuso is not listtc-d or assessed the county treasurer may at any time within live years USSCHSS same and collect the t.ux. 15. If, on demand, the tax with (i per cent Interest, Is not. paid, same may b<; collected by distress and sale. If the property was fraudulently withheld from .tlio asjstsHors a penalty of 50 per eerit'uhaU bti dollecili'd; • • ]fi. All laimranoo companies organised outside the United States) are to pay 3'.-l! per cent on gross premium!-. Stock insurance companies organized In the United States outside of Iowa pay 2'/2 per cent on gross premiums. Iowa, companion and nil mutual assessment companies pay I per cent on their gross premiums, in addition to this Iowa, stock companies pay tax as other corporations on their stock. CITIES AND TOWNS. Towns platted and unincorporated are to be known us villages. The number of inhabitants to comprise a city of the first class is fifteen thousand or over. Thoso having a population of two thousand und not over lifteen hundred shall be cltleH of thi) second class. Other municipal 'corporations having' a population of lens than two thousand shall bo deemed towns. Kloetlonrt are to be uniformly held on the last Monday In March In each year. The words "aldermen" and "aldnrmen- at-Uirse" have given way to "councilman" and "councllrnen-at -large." Officers In towns are elected for two yours Instead of one, ijnil the clerk who has heretofore been known as "recorder" is also elected for two yours Instead of being chosen by the council or trustees. Tho sanie officers arc elected In cities of tho llrst and .second class as under the old law; tho name right of the council to appoint certain officers hits been retained, except, thai where there are boards 01' public works, they select the street commissioner instead of the city council. The mayor In cities of the first class Is the presiding ofllcer with the right to vote only In case of a tie; in cities of the second class and towns ho is a member or the council, with the right, to vote when the affirmative vote of some specified proportion of tho whole council Is necessary to the passage of any measure. There' can be but one assessor elected for tho whole city or town. Ho can, however, appoint such number of deputies to assist him as the council shall authorize, such appointments to be confirmed by tho council. No money shall be appropriated except by ordinance. Where cities have caused • their ordinances to bo published in pamphlet form, no other publication Is necessary. Towns have tho right to macadamize, curb and sewer streets and pay for the same out of a general fund or a.-iscss the costs of tho improvement up to abutting property owners. Many new powers have boon added to th,o,w,.j.n,.!JK! law Jo all clnssoK- of municipal corporations, permitting them to license and regulate persoim and avocations heretofore not included in the law. No franchise shall be granted or renewal extended by any eity or town for the uso of any street, highway, avenue, or alley or public, place, for any of the purposes named in the chapter which includes amoiiK other things .street railways, unless a majority of the electors voting- shall imve voted for tho .same at a general or special election. The council may order the question of a renewal or extension of any such franchise to bo submitted to a vote at a. general election, or at a special one called for that purpose, and 'the mayor shall submit such question to tho voters upon the petition of twenty-five property owners of each ward of a. city or fifty property owners In an incorporated town. Tho party applying for a renewal or an extension of a miiat pay the costs of the election. All cities are given tho same powers in relation to tHrriet improvements, heweis and (special assessments. Whore street cur companies lay a track ui)on a .street that IK already paved they Will b«' ivtfutred to pay into tho city treasury tho valuo of tho paving which would him- been assessed to jt had the track been placed on the street before the paving was made, and tho money shall be refunded to the property owners according tu tho number of fnmt feet abutting on the slreU, A uniform form of bond Is ren.ulred with «. definite time of payment instead of the optional bond at, heretofore Issued. Tho powers of cities and towns as to taxation have been carefully revised and clearly define tho powers of cities and towns ns to tho levying of taxes, All elites have power to levy a lax of S mills for o curbing 1 fund. A tax of 6 mills for a city improvement lund. for the purpose of, paying costs of making, rocontiti'uoUu? and •roiiuirtne street improvements at tlio intersection of strwHs, nigfywayis, avenues or alleys, and jnt spaces opposite streets, highways, avenues and alleys jnlersectjng but not -s cj-flgsltur, ana at spaces opposite property ownca by tho city or tUe United States, A, tax of 3 mills for a general fund. /Aj-as Qf 1 ml fur tUy maintemuTco ci' a library, in i cities of the first eltysB. und in eWo| oj 'the second class uiul towns a ' 4U°s jpf the first C-IABS. ol 1 40,000 or YO the debt ttj levy a, t«x for the, ml cwteUi ami the * »9*<r' vi ^uronuBing m»i i;ut&Ui ami ^ho ' l)lpiUes"l«ivo the right io levy a tax no||»c|«4l e u| JB laUls wf yfoVlWv to pay tlie pity or fl« Je*w to .«r,SMVtwct»w Ul\e av|| «M8S 4,ay^ ^ ,f uvj^j,' ^j->, iu ^iK^/v".',^- 1 "', ' ' mly t "V* j K 1 - 'Wtm j-v 1 ,};».' '* •' smlAi^'^l^AA'. U,,,,-* %,, • rtfrht to levy a tax of 2 mill* for'thjS pttfj pose of the purchase of construction of Cities have' tho right also to levy a ta* of 5 mlllfe to pay tho expense of running, opcrnttng and repair of &ns works, electric light works or power plants owned by the city, and the interest on bonds i/sttrd for the cost of the construction of such works or plants. , A tax of not exeeedlt..! « mills for the purpose of paying the amount due any individual or company operating water works for water supplied the city. A tax not e*ceeding 5 mills for the purpose of paying any individual or company operating gas works, electric light or power plants for gas or power supplied the city under contract. , A tax for the purpose of creating a bond fund sufficient to pay the Interest to accrue, above the interest annually levied on funding of- refunding' bonds outstanding and a levy for the payment of tho principal of such bonds. A tax of one-half a mill on the dollar for tho care, preservation and adornment of any cemetery owned or controlled by the city. This last tax is tho only new tas added to tho present law, except that some of the cities had no power to levy some of tho other taxes named. CItlfcn are permitted to become pur* chasers at tax sale of property sold for unpaid taxes -when the city bar, Issued bonds for the payment Of special improvements. rules and towns are empowered to levy a tax not'exceeding 10 mills on the dollar for the purpose ol!' defraying Its general und incidental expenses. The right to question the legality of bonds Is limited to liireo months after they are ordered issued by the proper authorities. All objections to errors, Irregularities or inequalities in the making of special assessments or any error of proceeding or notice th;it nre not made before the. council at the time and In the manner fixed by tho statute, shall bo waived, ex- eept where fraud is shown. FISH AND CJAMK. All dams In tho state must contain fish- ways. The office of fish commissioner is abolished and a slate fish and game warden substituted. Only one trot line Is permissible and that must not extend more tlum half way across tho stream. The names of all harmless birds are specially named in a list of birds that are not to be killed at any season. )3lue ja.ys and Kngllsh sparrows uro not Included In the list. October and November constitute the open seusoti for the killing of quail. A closed season Is provided for timber squirrels between January 1 and July 1. CORPORATION LAWS. Directors and officers uro held personally liable for all debts of the corporation if it exceeds its limit of Indebtedness or if they pay dividend!) which deplete its capital stock or commit any other fraud forbidden by law. Co-operative, creameries are exempt from the franchise fee. Creditors can recover against stockholders for unpaid assessments on stock the difference) between what stockholders secured stock for from corporation and the face value thereof. This harmonizes the decision of the supreme court and tho iown supreme court. Foreign corporations are granted no rights not granted to llko Iowa corporations. All foreign corporations other than manufacturing or mercantile am required to file their articles and become domesticated and pay a state incorporation foe. This is retroactive back to 1886. Courts of equity have the power to dissolve a corporation and to, ..wind up Its affairs, a power'formerly vested, in courts of law. MISCELLANEOUS. Two new legal holidays aro created. They are Washington'!* birthday and all general election days. Office of state oil Inspector isi abolished and work given In charge of executive, council. Salaries of superintendents of state hospitals for the Insane reduced to ?3,000. Salary of attorney general fixed at $-1,000, Salary of railroad commissioners reduced from $:J,OCK> to $2,200. Expenses of member** of the state board of health and state board of medical examiners reduced to mileage and per diem cut down. State Institutions aro given their allowance quarterly In advance. Per capita of Anamosa penitentiary reduced from ?10 a month to $9.50. Provision made for saving the refuso stone at the penitentiaries. Power of railroad commissioners to investigate railroad wrecks eliminated. It is made a. crime for a man to desert his wife whew mnrrluge is solemnixed to avoid prosecution for sedutclon. The state will annotate and publish'its own code and sell them at $5 a volume. Fishing- is permissible on Sunday. Base ball and foot bull on Sunday aro permissible so long'as no private family or place of worship Is disturbed. The Salary of tho supreme court reporter Is done away with and he is to be paid on the number of volumes he Issues. Committee rooms In the state house aro not to be used as sleeping apartments. The money collected from the mulct tax may be transferred by the board of supervisors to the county road fund for the Improvement of the public highways. Emlln McClain is employed to annotate the new code. Doctors are no longer required lo make fi report: to the county clerk of each birth and death. The gathering of these statistics is to be .doho by tho assessor. .Each report lias been an expense of 20 cents which will now bo saved. Dead swine must be burled at least three feel under the surface of tho earth. An appropriation of $72,500 Is made for the rebuilding of tho Glenwood institution in addition to the $40,000 appropriated by the executive council. The wild rose Is adopted as the official state llowcr. Tho monument commission is abolished and tho records, etc., transferred to tho executive council which Is to complete the work. The state librarian and curator of the (Hate historical department are to be. up- polnttd by the board of library trustees alter January 1, JHOO. FOREIGN NOTES. Electric jaunting cars are run from Brighton, England, to tho neighboring points of interest. Italy had 10,450 white troops engaged at Artivva; of those 3,097 were Idlled in tho battle. At Konjica in Herzegovina a sanctuary of Mithra was recently discovered, being the first over found in the Balkan peninsula, Dr. Nobel's will, turning nearly all his property into a fund to further tho advancement of science, is contested by the late inventor's relatives, Kdinbugh OrunUards find a mixture of methylated spirits and naphtha or parafflno a cheap and effective intoxicant. They call it dynamite, Rudolf Zeller, tho Viennese operetta composer, has been found guilty ot fraud and perjury and sentenced to one year's imprisonment at hard labor, Birmingham has already sent out 15,000,000 jubilee medals and, 0,000,000 jubilee brooches, but complains of com- petttiox from cheaper medals made in Germany, Cairo's now Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, whicli wilt cover 13,000 square metres and cost $550,000, has been be* gun, the ycmug Uhedive laying the cor* uer fetone, <x lltts 000 for habors m forty yew, of the cost of the M! e mini no BupArBtltldftt MiS8 Wigthts—DO yott really tfiiM, *. left afo.SUpSfgHttotlS about FHrt*w *<* Iff. HlR/ias— Ctftafoly. n tlu. ^fiifi<» hftcf fcftftfi ft ffotnan that bla^*!?* •tfonlcl hare b6ea called Thursday. **'« A liutl&ction. "What did jrott say?" "I said She tftts a beautiful singer." , Me., has a postoistress, Impure " I -fiave found Hood's > Sarsaparllia an eelfent teedlcihe. My little girl was mJ?, frith eczema tot seven years and took nS kinds of medicine without relief. After t&2 a few bottles of Hood's Satsapafllla she w« cured." MSB. EMMA FnAjnm.v, lioiieovT New York* Get only Hood's bociwsj Sarsaparilla Is<the best-In fact the One Trite Blood i'[ Hood's Pills IT KILLS Potato Hues, Cabbage 'Worms, and all form* of Inioct Ufa. llurmlc.n to mnn or bum Will not Injure the most delicate plants. ' Cray Mineral Ash Is fully warranted where directions nre followed. Penil forour little" Bug Book." Itmay rare you loti of money. National Mining and Milling Co., Baltimore, Md. Pnrrled lu ntoek by all leading wholosalo drugglstn. Worth Its Weight in GoliT" I have heen' troubled i.or twenty years with constipation, indigestion and sleepless nights, but since taking; Dr. Kuy'a Renovator I can sleep like a child. Dr. Kay's Renovator is worth Its weight in gold. lam nn old lady. 07 years old. Yours, Omaha, Nob. Mus. D. A. McCOT. Dr. Kay's Homo Treatment and Valuable Recipes, a new 68-page book, -worth $5.00 to any one, sent free for 3 stamps to pay postage by Dr. B. J. Kny Medical Co., Omaha, Neb. TENT CANVAS GOODS- WRITE f'ofi CATALOGUE & PRICES. Fork Crown In the 1897 Columbia models a feature of special importance is I he double fork crown. I: is a special., construction whjjc'h we have tried "and' found tobethe strongest. The crown is encased in nick- eled escutcheons, excluding dust or dirt, and giving a rich, distinctive finish, so (hat at a glance the fact that the wheel is the Columbia is apparent. 1897 Columbia Bicycles A DISTINGUISHING COLUMBIA FEATURE FOR 1807. $| /ft ft™ ALL lUU STANDARD OF THE WORLD. AUKE. IB96 Columbia*, $7-0. HARTFORDS, next beat, $60, $50, $45 POPE MFC. CO., Hartford, Conn. CATALOGUE FREE FIIOM A»y COLUMBIA PHALEB; 11 KAIL MOM U) . I OR OKt! TWO-CENT STAMP, i WILL PAY, $100 FOR ANY CASE Ot AVcalcucsB in Men Tlioy 1'rcat aud I'all to Cure. An Omaha Company pluoes for the first time before tho public ft MAOIOAT, TniUT- MBNT for the cure of Lost Vitality, Nervous iind Bexunl AVoiikness, and Restoration of Idfe Force iu old and young men. No worn-out French remedy; contains uo Phosphorous or other harmful drugs. Jt is n WONDEUFUI, TUEATMKNT—magical in its offects^positivo in Its cure. Ail readers, tvho are suffering from a weakness that blights their life, causing that mental and physical suffering'peculiar to Lost Manhood-should write to the STATE MEDICAL COMPANY, Omaha, Nob., »ud they will bond you absolutely FREE, -: a paper on these diseases. an4' of their truly MAqjOAXfiBB^'r iinds of men, who have lost ' om-e, uro being restored by them "to n p«r- feet condition, Tliis MAGJOAI, TUJUTMBST may bo tukeu nt homo under their directions, or they will pay railroad fare and hotel bills to ttll whp prefer to go thero for treatment, if they fail to cure, They aro perfectly reliable; hove uo Free PresqriptioriB, Free Cure, »!o^ e m« mi>1 w 0> °- p ' fakB - T ^y bftve |,J. r )0,000 capital, and guarantee to cure every case they treat or refuud every dollar; or their charges ma,y be deposited iu ft bank to be paid to them Avhcu a cure U off eotert. "VVj-jto them CURE YOURSELF! for 1111(09118 'ftlwlosu, uoU not »»trl)lrt pr Bi'ut iu iMWtetftwriziTsi PATENTSJRADEMARKI

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