The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1897
Page 5
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THE T3PPEB DE8 MOflTO! ALGONA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, MAY j are completed for the day exercises in Algona, . Mfl hwul he held at the opera house, !SIv,May29. The program gives 3 "Sfi of one of the most fitting ob- P ro ° L of theday Algona has ever and a committee was appointed by Mayor Chrischilles to investigate and report. Considering the times, his showing for the three years of his management is very flattering. He has added 800 volumes to the library, had an average enrollment of 62 each term, and at the low estimate of $2.50 spent by each student a week has brought a total of $25,815 to Algona. The financial showing oh his side is as follows: Received tor tuition 8M75 00 Paid to teachers, besides himself.... 2,434 00 *Dnt>1 *nu f*,*i nnn •* n THE MINISTERS IN SESSION MM OF THE OIOTH HAf E f fi£ oitff Delegates S-ttnibei-lttg ABotit Attendance tTpbto thfc gatlonai Gathering 300 in M Paid to teachers, besides himself.... 2,434 00 Paid for fuel 35810 Paid for advertising 420 00 Paid for merchandise 90000 soldiers, ladies of ^ A RhaU at 9 o'clock, at 9:45 march G 1' house headed by the Algona ffie ba b nt exercises to Commence e ' 'clock J. MI1U AUi. iUGJ. UUniUUlOO . ...i OUWUVI Mayor Chrischilles appointed the following as a committee to go over the school with Prof. Lilly and the directors and to report to a future citizens' Meeting about what should be done, Prof. Lilly's contract expiring in August: C. C. Chubb, L. A. Sheetz, J. W. Robinson, Thos. F. Cooke, M. Starr. Notice. Notice is hereby given that A. D. Clarke and F. L.'Williams have sold their interest in the society of Brotherhood of American Yeomen to C. B. and J. E. Paul, who assume all liabilities. A. D. CLARKE. F. L. WILLIAMS. by the Dinner ' b club. the afternoon The Congregatiofialists afe here in force. They have taken the city, and the city is glad to be taken. It wei' comes the representatives of one of the great religious bodies of the United States, the one especially represented in the pioneer work of Iowa and of Kossuth county. It hopes the 300] preachers and delegates will enjoy themselves while they are here. If they don't see what they want they must ask for It. It is all theirs. The program is arranged for the benefit of the members, but it is also for the general public. The evening addresses will repay some effort to be present. Tonight Prof. L. F. Parker Grlnnoll lectures on "Puritan headed by tne'«£££ ~ e ^ ber8 of Company i fc and all other ^HaT^ 11 ^ c «Wi"< h v a ,"S'uie; & theW.R. ^' & :.°. h to the cemetery, i wilt be carried out Japanese Buckwheat for Sale. I have plenty of Japanese seed buckwheat for sale at 75 cents a bushel, at my farm six miles southeast of Algona. 2t PERRY BURLINGAME. WE do not ask you to take our word for it, but will refer you to people right here in town who have used our E. & P. Sarsaparilla. Made and sold by Ehlers & Palkenhainer, at 75c per bottle. SEED potatoes, Grove & Son's. four varieties, at THE LOCAL FIELD. bv the 'post ritual. SUNDAY SERVICES, ivrtin iffz&'^z ffi^&T^^^*" 1 *'*^ TV to loin with them on memorial 2 f A 3 Mnv23 The different organi- where Kermon will be preached by Rev. Landis. of r Faith, Rather Than French Atheism, the Parent of American Liberties. Tomorrow evening Rev. L. P. Berry of Ottumwa will speak on "The Encroachments of Business Upon the Intellectual, Moral, and Spiritual Life of tb pdday l evening Rev. M. W. Darling of Sioux City will speak on "The Relation of the Church to Public Opinion " Each day is taken up from morning till evening with addresses and discussions, to which all are invited. STATE SUNDAY SCHOOL MEETING. The fourth annual convention of the Congregational Sunday school workers met Monday evening and continued all dav yesterday. Rev. Marc Darling of Special Shapes and Sizes We're prepared to fit men who are usually considered hard to fit. we have clothing to suit the extra large or very small man, the short and stout man, the tall and slim man or the man With very long legs and arms, we keep more special shapes and sizes than any other clothing house we know of. we carry the celebrated H» S. & M. guaranteed clothing in stouts, slims and special sizes. Garments bearing the H. S, & M. label are the only ready- to-wear clothes that fit and stay in shape like the best made-to-measure kind. ^ HART, 80HAFFNER ft fcltffi GUARANTEED CLOTHING. . i uav yeoiBrutty. .LVOV, «.i»»iv« ^—— = -- t T, Sioux City delivered tho opening ad- Capt. Geo. S. Foster may go to Des fl Yesterday such well-known r • — i. A »n -I »i 4-rt Vinoi finna l_. . i i • i _ _ .. TH™ *• I* n« A /-I n %"V1O AT BICYCLE PANTS, $2 and $2,50 Kneepants, worth 2 15c MEN'S SOCKS, worth lOc, 5c Men's Balbriggan Underwear worth 36c 25o Men's Overalls, worth 75c, 40c Men's Working Jackets, worth ----- 250 15o The Algona Cooking club entertained at T. H. Lantry's Saturday evening. ^ v Bancroft. All business houses will close Saturday morning. The procession will form on Ramsey street at 10 o'clock a. p, and march to tbe. cemetery, by'^sThoorchildren. The program At West Bend. Saturday, May 29, will be observed. The procession will be formed at the school house at 10 a. m*. and will march to the cemetery in this order: G A. B , civic societies, public schools, citi fens There will be Y itu ?i * 6 ™ O on the cemetery and m the afteinoon there will be a meeting at the school house, where a prog ram OOOBIEsting of speeches, songs, and recitations will be rendered. . . _ At Burt. The Burt services will be held Sunday at the Methodist church, Rev. Greenshields addressing a union meeting. _ . EIGHT-DAY CLOCKS. Saturday, May 22, we will offer you your choice of our large line of oak and walnut eight-day clocks, consisting of the following makes: The < jUDe ™' New Haven, Welch,. Ingram, ana Kroeber clock companies. All swine the hours and half hours, and not a clock on the shelf worth less than S3.50. Come and pick out tae one you wimt for $2.67, every clock warranted two years We lead. Others follow. SIGN OF THE BIG WATOH. KEEP UP THE NORMAL SCHOOL, Prof. J. C. Gllclirlst Sends a Letter of Good Advice from His Slcfc Room. • The UPPER DES MOINES publishes herewith an interesting letter from the pen of Prof. J. C. Gilchrist, now confined to his room with lingering illness. In a note he says: "My health is very poor indeed. I see no • prospect of recovery, yet I may suffer many weeks. I do some literary work daily, hut always, under pain. I send regards to all friends." The professor has a host of friends in Algona,.who sympathize sincerely .with him in nis affliction. His letter is asfollows, LAURENS, lowA,.May 14, W?7.—*« the Editor;' I was very » uoh > SS? to find in your paper a.notice of a puj- lio meeting to be he d in the court house to consider the interests oi Algona normal school. I write from^my sick room to the good people of Algona to urge them to make, not onlj' an ei- fort to keep the school in W*™ but to give it a good financial condu^ and elevlte it to a high standard In deed, tbe honor and reputation fop en terprise of Algona IB at stake in the action to be taken for the n-^enance of the school. The call for ing shows that you are not ^^r^"' tolhe cause. lam still loyal tct Algona as the best seat for suph an tyftW It must not be that you will, let Cheever Hudson is still bothered with rheumatism. He was kept at home Monday. Mr. Ehlers has ordered his fine Steck upright piano shipped from New York and expects it this week. Chas. Slagle has been home a week from Emmetsburg, where he was doing the telegraph work. He returns this week. Supt. Reed has not decided whether the annual teachers' institute will open the first week in August or the last week in July. L C Lindsay, who built the first hotel at the Milwaukee depot, was in town Monday. Age begins to tell on him a little, but he is still hale and hearty. Dexter Turner's mother has been very sick and at the point of death. His brother, who lives in southeastern Minnesota, came Saturday to be at her bedside. Marriage licenses have been issued to Peter Mathers and Laura Kelson, K. J Carson and Fannie Huska, Frank Beckstrom and Minner Poster, John Lippold and Cora E. Breithaupt. Dr Stull painted the lower part of his trees, his hitching post, etc., white to break the monotony of so much green. A lot of irreverent boys made tombstones of them one night, putting on inscriptions in black. Col. Cooke is making arrangements for the coming state shoot The First brigade begins June 8, and the Second br gade June 15, each lasting four days Four men go for each company. The shooting is on the state range at Cedar Sapids. The two new school teachers Misses Wundtand Gustison are both.gradu- ates of special training schools. The music teacher has studied in Germany as well as here and is a specialist in schoo work. The board are getting 8 tKest talent they can for the money dress. Yesterday such well-known Congregationalists as Father Adaimof Waterloo, one of the "Iowa Band » Rev. Hulbert of Clinton, Glen A. Taylor of Stuart, Mrs. -Rev. Beard of Ottumwa, etc., were on the program. The services closed at 4:45 o'clock yesterday, to make way for tho opening ot the regular convention. New England Clothing Hotise^ . _^ AMONG THE ADVEBTISERS. Ed Bircher has bought tho Phoenix hotel ut Bancroft. He is running a first-class house. Mayor Boyle brought his carriage to Algona Monday to get it painted up fresh for the Fourth. ALGONA WILL CELEBRATE, THAT MTJOE IS AN ASSUEED PACT. Details Are in tho Hruids of Committees mitl tho Good Worlc Will Proceed Without Delay. G. M. JOHNSON'S the bes aen Miss Durant will be welcomed back by all who have known of her work. Doxsee's fishing scene attracted lots of attention Saturday. He gets up some fine window decorations. Brahm Watkins of Burt is still in charge of the Pete Christensen livery stock traded for by J. H. Gortner. B F Smith got a beautiful granite monument to put up in Germania in memory of his wife in Algona. Peter Winkei hauled it across country Monday. Ehlers & Falkenhainer are getting the United States weather signals and will display them over the door of their store hereafter. These signals are really valuable. Whittemore Champion: Mullica & Ohnstedt were over here last.week putting in a hors-e power for Ld. Engler. They are good mechanics and when anything IB done by them it is done right. They are repairing the Champion engine this week. Shelly & Pettibone are putting in a fine flagstone sidewalk about the Ambrose A. Call residence. Mr Call laid concrete but it has crumbled. Mr. Shelly went to Lake Crystal Minn., last week and got the stone, flags of the red Kasota stone used in trimming the operahouBe, and the walk •will be one of tho best and-handsomestinlowa. M J Jones, who assessed Riverdale township, gives an interesting report. Algona will celebrate. That much was decided Monday evening. How she will celebrate depends on the money the committee can raise. But she.will celebrate, and all who come can be sure of a shady spot to loaf in, some ice cream and lemonade, band music, and the declaration. A goodly crowd was out to make preliminary arrangements. Mayor Chris- chilles was called to the chair, $86 was reported as still on hand from two years ago, and a new committee was EC1»'TSr : M M | y |»|^, M. Starr, W. P. Jones, J. W. Wadsworth, I. M. Finnell, Leo Puegnet, and Iowa He'still recalls with pleasure iTfirst meeting of county school u- perintendents in Iowa. Father Taylor was Kossuth's member and he walked to Iowa City to attend. Prof. Packer savs his story of his trip toraing streams and wading sloughs was the most entertaining feature of the meet- in »• Prof Parker has been in tne S university and in Iowa college a instructed, , The city school board met Monday townstup, givBb au iuuti<=oui"& „„,,_--. Riverdale has more now than the whole county had not many years ago. His report is: Wheat, 1,206 acres; oats, 3 730; corn, 5,321; barley, 277; buckwheat, 10; flax seed, 495; timothy hay, 580; prairie hay, 3,003; pasture, 3,381. Horses, 647; cattle, 1,923; mules, 7; sheep, 240; hogs, 2,723. Hogs lost by disease, 1,973. THE COUNTY TO BE SUED. F. A. Kenyon Says His Health Was Damaged in tfte Jail. F. A. Kenyon, who was confined in the' jail under the court house, is about to sue for damages, the Ledyard Lead- Bays. The grand jury has con- v - ,, _ .n "„„„„! + 1>viaa arm nA met and has divided upTto^oTsToilvitleB, and will hold a second meeting next Monday even- in Tho work is distributed as follows: On orator. Harvey Ingham; on finance, T W Wadsworth; on amusements, Jas Tavlor, I. M. Finnell; on parade and decorations, Leo. Puegnet; on music, J? T. Chrischilles; on fireworks and evening entertainment, W. P. JoSes and M,P. Haggard; on grounds M Starr; on advertising, Haivey Ingham and I. M. Finnell. REMEMBER that the medical virtue and purity of ingredients of our E. & F. Celery Compound is guaranteed. Made and sold by Ehlers & Falkenhainer, at 75c per bottle. EIGHTEEN karat rings that are 18 karat, not 14 karat rings made up by some jobber and 6 Is in the swim this season with all that goes toward the make-up of warehouse. The prices this year are way down, in r FREE PILLS. Send your address to H. E. Bucklen & s . . Co Chicago, and get a free sample box of Dr 'KU.g'8 ITew Life Pills. A trial will convincyouor their merits. These ) pills are easy in action and are particularly ef- f ectiveln the cure of constipation and sick er tr headache, have M J L. M. Horton, May and Tme to " Stephens In tie er says. demned the jail several times, and he may have a good case. building; »e«. 0. M. Mo for Sale, Now is the time to get bargains in South Dakota lands. There were never better prospects in that state than at the present time. Lands will double in value in the next few years. The undersigned will be at the Tennant house in Algona on Friday, the 21st day of May, and will be pleased to meet anyone who desires to invest in good farm lands, and will give all information de; sired. Lands sold OB long time and at low rate of interest. IOW 1 aw u» j L LOOKHART, State Land Commissioner ot South Dakota. 8t2 ' " i '.. . - M. ago. That failure was the pwulti oJla too narrow Qfler wade to the state. JJati yo« succeeded then youjoulS^ow he enjoying tbe advantages of a. softooi attendance of, 6W students vei seourou. *«• j v_•»-p -„* Q had a much better offer. GET our prices on bottle goods. | z. Grove &_ s p p T AM aniline land in Minnesota and J. O Ui- UtJUQU*l''"'*'* v " *.»-— I_V malaria and liver trouble ed invaluable, They are nerfectlv free from every aeTeterlouss^ eteDlB.- They do not weaken by their action but by giving tone to stomach and 'bowels greatly invigorate the system. i4e |> ular size 25c, per box. Sold by Dr. L,, A. Sheetz, druggist. THE following important changes on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. 1 aul railway will be made in the running of passenger trains, commencing May 9. The train now known as No. 2 will be known as No. 4 and will leave North McGregor at 12:36 a. m daily except Monday, on the arrival of I. &D. train No. 4, and will arrive at Milwaukee at 6-55 a. m. .These trains will haul the I. & D. sleeping car and chair car. The I. & D. sleeping and chair cars will run from and to Chicago on Chicago and Milwaukee trains NOB, J and 4. Trains 1 and 4 on the Pubuque division --- be discontinued. There will be no We have the best made, which means that all is of superior grade w Svouto see the Moline Plow Company's Germania and n^HKBov Riding Cultivator, the Rock Island Plow Company's ex- .nlnt eoods Del ring Binders and Mowers, and D. M. Osborne Binders g and Mowers. These stand at the head of the Usfr-you can make no mistake in buying any of them. olr warehouse is west of the court house square. Come over, anyway, whether you buy or not. G. M. JOHNSON, ALGONA, IOWA, ODD FELLOWS AT WESLEY., Everytninjj Being Done tor a Vie Celebv»tto» June 8-Blwell Church tea^Ste.^'^ te p A»««|ffe! »«^*y>j9jffiafc» T*Vin«aflnu-avAri<nCf failedltQ mftlgfiM* wwti&^jfilfysffla Now SB the Ttw»e to Get The Chicago & Northwestern railway has just published a newspaper called The Northwestern Home Seeker, giy/ ine facts about the great state of South Dakota and the advantages it possesses for tbe pursuit of agriculture, dairying and cattle raising,<}8 v™ to h» d at present upon most favorable terms, rndtlere is every indioatipn of a large immigration int<? the state 'this ie f trains AUTOSS Those who have used 1 Discovery know Rvalue, have not hi Call King's New «,ad those who I rtuuitytotryit - '- 1 - and e. WESLEY, May 18.—Our town people, as well as the Odd Fellows, are making great preparations to make the celebration on June 3 a success. Let everybody come to Wesley on that day and hear some of the good qualities of the order told by R. T, Tilton, the orator ot the day. The new Methodist church 1 in, the Elwell neighborhood, six miles north of dedigated last Sunday, Algona pveaphing the Correpponaenoe is ep^itea from teaatog wtitewt aoa a Qfipy el Jbe per will he maUed lr§e yp|n applisa to W* B., ^Fi^ A ye UV" P TB~T"'" y ." - « f ,,_ $250 was raised in a few gsr-:^,-,",-" tuY church dedicated oledPol debt. The people Pf that nelgUborhood are tobe oowmended for their e»eip in %WP_t *]& «*2!fr A tf siired that Wesley will have one of the best schools the coming year that, there is in the county, THE sale of excursion tickets to Clear Lake will be resumed on May 10, and commencing on that day excursion tickets will be sold every day up to apft including Sept. 30,1897, to Clear L a k§> and return at one and one'tmva tare, Further information, if desired, can be. , had by calling on agents. Chicago, ml* , „* waukee & St. Paul railway,—8© ^ *• As nice a line of crockery &a Algowp, affords, and just as low prices on #, M. Z. Grove & SOB. FOB time loans on real estate at Kossute County State Ban.k. apply to loan on town prpperty favnjs, Tbos. F.

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