The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1897 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, May 19, 1897
Page 2
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tOW A WEPNiaJPAY MAY 10. S 1 - • •ii 'n %V" ' Cleared fe? the Confession 6f the CHJ- Mftrnhat. OtttratvA, May 14.—Plnkerton detectives have fcuccecded in elearinpfthe mystery in con bectioh, with the' re fefety of the Bradley Sank at Kldoh on tne momingr of February i* when the fefcfe whs blown open and 50,200 taken 3?b'e instigator, the city marshal of Eldon, has confessed, and is under afrest, with Dick Dodd, a gambler of Ottnmvm Marshal Stevens also im plicales three Chicago crooks. The confession of Stevens was made when he was confronted with soinc of the evidence by tme of the 1'inkertotis. tie first tried to tell a story of the three tten forcing liim to aid them in committing tho robbery, but afterwards went before the grand jury and told tho story without stickt. He and .Modd were then arrested. Stevens .conceived the idea of robbing the bank in 1895 and interested Dodd, who secured the cracksmen. The men made three trips to Eldon before they •were (successful. Stevens guarded the bank while the men robbed it, and then aided them in stealing a team ,aad buggy to get away with their booty. Tho crooks went to Ottumwa, were met on tho outskirts of tho town t>y Dodd, who took them to his home fctod kept them in hiding for several days, when they went on to Chicago. The inoney was divided at Dodd's house. Dodd received 8000, but the Chicago men skipped with the rest oi the cash. Stevens came to Ottumwa, mid when he found out that he had been flimflammcd went to Chicago and tried to find his men, but was unable to do so. Stevens has always borne the very best of reputation. He has been ah officer at Eldon for years, and the people of that town will hardly believe his own story of the crime. The cause is said to have been an expensive ,vife. OTTUMWA, May 14.—Dick Dodd has confessed to complicity in the robbery of the Eldon bank. In searching Dodd, the chief of police found a fancy pocket knifo with the name of James L. Aylesworth on it. Aylesworth was a traveling man, who came to Ottumwa about April 10, got 'on a drunk and was slugged in an alley and robbed of a diamond valued at 8105 and a number of other valuables. He was badly slugged, and died at his home in Chicago a few days after, though his death is said to have been caused by typhoid pneumonia. Dodd told the officers that he got the knife from a well known young man. The police learned that this young man, with two others, was seen with Aylesworth in several saloons, and the arrest of two of them followed. Those arrested were Fred Grube and Gerry Devol. Grube and the other one not yet arrested are from prominent families. AN ENTIRE FAMILY POISONED. Taken Violently 111 at Murshiilltcnvn and No Cause Is Known. MARSHAM/TOWN, May 15.—The family of Henry East was taken suddenly ill about 9 o'clock p. in. A doctor was called and found that East, his wife and three of their children had bean poisoned. All were vomiting freely and it looked for a moment as if the sickness would be fatal to the mother and one of the little boys. At 11 o'cloclc all were doing nicely. No cause is found, unless it bo attributed to bakers' cake, which they had for supper. THE GREAT DOLLAR DAILY, The DCS Blolnos Dully Ken's DKS MOINES, May IS. — The Des • Moines Daily News, now- offered to Carmers for $1 a year, has enlarged its Friday und Saturday issues to eight pages, The News is the only flrst- class daily in the world for $1 a year and its success Js wonderful. Its circulation is double that of any other uaily in Iowa. __ ^__ Caused HiK Daughter's Ituln WATEKLOO, May 37, — Deputy Sheriff Kinith arrested Ilenrich Michael at his homo in Bennington township on the 'Charge of incest, Michael's victim is his daughter, Lizzie Michael, aged 17 years. On the 35th of April Michael ipok his daughter to tho Benedict home in Des Moines to be cared for. MjcJiael gave out the statement while Hi'ere that he did pot know who com- OjitteA the deed, but the daughter re- ?ea,le4 the facts to her attendants, and thjs resulted in Michael's arrest. Lisj- ' &}e Michael j s the elde&t of four daugh* - jiers. The father is, a German and Jpes not appear to realize the enormity ' or}tne tfeias Case H.r-ThjB Dougherty case, If/i^ 4^ B 'Ai May H.r-Tho Dougherty caw, JQ which, the defendant "w»s eliftrged Srffi, $11$ the raur^Pi' of his wife, tljrpiigh (i , has . want of evidence tq convict. ftdjbeeB trje4 twice,, the The jury the ot ftttct itft|»I«t* Ship* Ml* Monijr ftort & RAPTDS, May 13.—A. J. Bailey, one of the oldest settlers and a man of gooii reputation, drew his money from the banks, amounting to several thousand dollars, and flewtthe country with a woman by the name of Slolten- burg, better known as Laura D. Jlerk- holtz. Mr. and Mrs. Bailey have been living in Jtrs. Stoltenburg's house and boarding her for the rent the past winter. A short time ago Mrs. Bailey went to Eureka Springs and arranged for the purchase of a house. Mr. Bailey was to Come • down as Soon as he straightened up some busines mat* tors. _ ' CEIdER ASKS DAMAGES, J'roriilncnf ttffctnter S«c« l>*t««fwiJ-t Con- gteftatlottai Asioclatton. CEPAit llAPiits, May 18.— Rev. .T. W. Ociger, of Marion, the well known Congregational minister and Masonic lecturer, who has been expelled by the Davenport Congregational association, has brought suit against the memben of that body, asking heavy damages for libel. Local sympathy is nearly all with Mr. Geiger. Dnconctltlonnl J'ardoii. Dr:s MOINES, May 10. — Governor Drake has suspended the sentence oi Garrett Kline, who was | sentence^ from Jones county 1878, to ten years hi the penitentiary for an assault with intent to commit murder. Kliuc es* capod while his case was in tho supreme court when ho was under bond and he lived in Pennsylvania for many years before he was finally captured and brought to the Iowa penitentiary in .189(5. Kline was but IS years old when convicted of a crime of which there is every reason to believe he was not guilty. Kline will return to his homo in Pennsylvania, wlierc he is a well known and highly respected citizen witli a fa mil} 7 . ___ Old Alnn Fatally Mangled. JVEOKUK, May 15. — J. V. Davis, living near Denmark, Lee county, while plowing in his field was knocked down by a frightened colt, becoming entangled in the harrow and dragged around the field four times. Davir, was horribly mangled in the teeth o* the harrow and died in less than two hours. He was 77 years old and had lived in Lee county for half a ccntui-y. Little <;irl Futnlly Hurt. OSKALOOSA, May 15. — The little 3- ycar-okl daughter of Eel James was seriously hurt. A little boy companion had a pick and was digging a hole in the ground. The girl was bonding over to pull out the loosened dirt. She stuck her head over too far, and the pick struck her on the head. The point passed through the skull and entered the brain. She can not recover. ut ICaglo Grovo. .U GKOVE, May 17. — Fire started in the basement of "Wilton & Smith's drugstore. In spite of all efforts to put it out, all the contents of the row were licked up. The loss will foot up over $8,000, well insured. It is believed to be the work of an incendiary An Iowa Boy Won. CAMDRIDOE, Mass., May 35. — In the annual competition for the Boylston prizes for declamation at Harvard, Chnrles Grink, '!)8, of Davenport, la,, won first prize. IOWA CONDENSED. Farm loans wanted by Equitable Life Insurance Co., of DCS Moines. It's the best company in which to insure your life.' Finer clothing and lower prices than you'll find at the home stores. AVe pay express on mail orders. Write for our descriptive book. The Utica clothiers, Des Moines, In. Thieves broke into J, B. Piersel's general merchandise store at Rockwell a few nights ago, stealing ninety pair of shoes. The safe was also broken into and '5800 in negotiable papers stolen,. The county is alive with tramps. A street car on the Rhomberg line, at Dubuque, ran over the little 4-year-old daughter of Patrick Mullin and killed her instantly, The child was playing with other children and suddenly started to cross the track. The motorman clid his best to stop his ear. The Tama City paper mill and egg case factory .was destroyed by fire a few days ago. It was one of the largest industrial concerns in Io>va, for a tiwo it looked as if the town was doomed and an appeal was sent to Boone for a fire engine and. hoso carts, The loss will be about 830,000; Uttlo insurance. Information has 'been filed against three saloonkeepers of Keokuk, the charge being that they kept theiv places open on Sunday. M^ayor Rppt recently gave orders that all saloons must bo closed, front, side and reur, from Saturday night until Monday is determined that the §h«H be obeyed. Heretofore saloonkeepers, have openly, the §tate law' and city oVd> regarding 1 SwiJwy closing. Prais jias issued, w » p.ar4«B, to of Fa^ Q, mom THE WOULD SPANISM f MS UPPEK DES WAR IN EUROPE. AinfexS, May 11.—The correspondent of the Associated Press learns, on the very best authority, that Greece has made a written application to the powers through their representatives at Athens with a view to obtaining 1 mediation. All the representatives have promised in their replies to^ use their best offices, except the German minister, whohas merely acknowledged the receipt of the note from the cabinet. The porte is inclined to support the powers with a view to the facilitation of negotiations, but it declines to consent to an armistice* on the ground that thi% would enable Greet ' '^ reorganize her forces. Atir&i.U, May iZ. —The diplomatic ticguifations which have been proceeding have been brought to a definite conclusion. Greece has formally adhered to the preliminaries for peace as agreed upon between the powers and the different legations have received positive assurance to investigate them and authority to treat with Turkey. The negotiations at Athens arc regarded as concluded. ATHENS, May 11.—The reply of the Greek government to the powers was as follows; "The royal govern ment, in taking the note and declaration of the lUissian representatives, acting in the name of the ministers of the powers, declares that it will proceed to recall the royal troops from Crete, adheres formally to autonomy for Crete and confides interests of Greece to the hands of the powers." WABUISOTOS, May 13.—Athens advices say the Greek gunboat Venus captured yesterday off the island of Tenedos a Turkish steamer having on board 100 Turkish soldiers, six officers, a large amount of munitions of war and £40,000 in cash. CONSTANTINOPLE, May 13.—The ambassadors of the powers held a prolonged conference, at the close of w.'uch they presented to the Turkish government a collective memorandum proposing an armistice between Turkey and Greece on the basis of the negotiations for peace now in progress through the powers. The memorandum enumerates the conditions which have been accepted by Greece and begs the porte to issue the necessary orders to arrest the progress of the Turkish troops. LONDON, May 14.—The situation at tho scene of hostilities appears to be that Turkey is determined to occupy Domokos before consenting to an armistice, and that Greece is convinced of the impossibility of holding out against the serious attack which Ed- ham Pasha is preparing to deliver. It has been decided to evacuate Domokos and to fall upon the old frontier. CONSTANTINOPLE, May 15.—The Turkish government has replied to the powers that the sultan will be in a position to discuss tho offered mediation between Turkey and Greece after the greater Bacam festival, which ends to-night. CONSTANTINOPLE, May 17.—Sixteen million pounds (Turkish) is mentioned as the sum Turkey will demand as an Indemnity from Greece. LONDON, May 17.—The sultan's reply to the note of the ambassadors at Constantinople offering mediation, saying he would be ready to discuss the matter aEter tho Greater Bairam festival, justifies the fear that the powers have drawn a genii out of the war that will not be easy to get back, Abdul Hamid's answer is cool, almost to the point of insolence. It is that of a, sovereign with a powerful army behind him, and he i§ disposed to treat the powers cavalierly. Articles published in the semi-official press of the continent show that the increase in the prestige of the sultan is tho chief concern of the, European cabinets, and that the prospects of an effective enforcement of general reforms for the 'Turkish empire are thereby rel- ugated to the very distant future, PRELUDE TO IDAHO TROUBLE. Guns mill Ammunition Stolen by Masked Men—Fierce Labor \Viir Probable. WAKIWER,, Idaho, \lay 17,-r-Lieuten- ant Linck, commanding Co. F. of tho Idaho National Guard stationed at Warclner, received a telegram from Mullen that the steel house where the guns and ammunition are kept Avas entered at midnight by masked men who stole 7r> guns and 800 rounds of ammunition. Lieutenant Liuck wired Governor Steunburg for instructions. Linck will go to Mullen to try to recover the guns and ammunition. It is feared by many that this may be a prelude to another fierce labor war in the Coeur D'Aleucs. THE THADE REVIEW. tltc thousand fcllled a* tttptftred ftf ft force of Cfibftft inHnrgenti. HAVANA, via Key West, May 14.— Apparently reliable news of the most important insurgent success in Cnba has reached Havana. It appears that General Calixto Garcia and General Rabi fell on a Spanish force which was carrying food and supplies frotn Manzanillo to Bayamo and captured th< convoy, routed GeneralLoho's column! and pursued him so vigorously that In fled to the coast with the remnant oi his brigade and took a ship at Cabo- corns for Manzanitlo. It is said so se« vcre were the losses and so thoroughly disorganized were his men that tho Spanish general did not dare to attempt to retrace his steps to Man/a- nilio by land. This engagement, which is regarded by the Cubans as the most important of any battle since Cacarijicar?.. goes to show how helpless the Spanish are in tho country east of the trocha. Spain lost 5,000 and food and arms without end along the road to Bayamo, aod the Spanish soldiers now call it "The Road to Death." General Lono inarched his men straight into the trap prepared for them. When tho column >was within short range the insurgents opened fire, but with little result. They realized they had been ambushed and saw by the gaps iu their ranks that the enemy was in force. They advanced at the word but another volley from the insurgents caused some wavering and in a few minutes the retreat was general. SPANISH PAPERS COMMENT. Blither Urge tho Government to Repel Government Interference, MADRID, May 17.—The Heraldo, referring to the possible action of the United States for relief of AmericanG in Cuba says: "The Spanish government will have universal opinion on its side if it acts with energy in repelling American interference in our affairs, but. this opinion will bo hostile unless the government ceases making concessions. These displays of weakness, if they do not the difficulty of solving the question, certainly do not improve the situation in Cuba." The Corrcspondia announces that the reported increase in the strength of the Spanish navy was decided upon in view of the possibility of iutct national conflicts, The Kuboiilc 1'lngue. LONDON, May 15.—A dispatch to the Daily Mail from Bombay says that the Bubonic plague is making fearful ravages in the Cutchmandvi district, where there have been S,000 deaths in a fortnight. Half the population has fled. BREVITIES. In Australia, LONDON, May 15, — A Melbourne special says; Over ninety earthquake shocks have been felt ijj South Australia in tljo last tliree days, Kingston suffered most. Jluny buildings, weye d.qnwged. und,.' 'popple are livjflg; in tWts..___ _ _ ___ r _ Jn many of the dry goods houses of Paris pretty girls s aro placed, ju th§ to attract patrpjjago^ They th,e fineries p» x-Premier Estrup girt i» tyi d ,Wbyo4fl. «y t i&A 4 wenit w MNMfLft'&gi M$wys$& Through a recently rendered decision of the United States supreme court the Bell telephone company won the case brought against it by the United States to annul the Berliner patent. This decision has tho effect of continuing the control of the tele phone by the Bell company seventeen years from the date oi the last patent granted in 1891. Governor Clough, of Minnesota, has fixed upon Friday, August 20, as date for the execution of Lewis Kelli' ban, the Shcrbm-no bank robber and murderer. The reason for deferring the execution so long is that the trial judge sentenced Kellilmn to foui month's solitary confinement in the Marion county jailibnfore ho should be hung, and this sentence was passed April 12. President McKinley's special envoy, tho Hon. William J. Calhoun, left Tampa, Fla., a few days ago for Havana. He is to investigate the death of Dr. llicardo Ruiz, a natural ized American citizen. Consul General Lee reported that Euiz was murdered in tho jail of Guanabacoa. This was denied by the Spanish government. It is stated that Mr, Calhoun's mission is a judicial and not a diplomatic oue. Nevertheless, it is of common report that the president hopes to see through the eyes of his special envoy something of tho actual conditions in Cuba, It is not improbable that besides the Kuia inquiry Mr. Calhoun may learn o\ some matters which will have a distinct bearing on the Cuban poliej' oj the administration. Key AVost dispatch: The Tetucin battalion has had a fierce combat at San Fernando, near La Roforma, with somo forces belonging to Gen. Gomez's rear guard and others of that district. The Spaniards were defeated, losing throe captains, five lieutenants and many soldiers. While this took place Gome? entered Matauzas province. He had left a part of his guard to call the attention of the Spaniards to La .Reforrna, while he passed with the rest of Jjjs forces into Matonzas. The Spanish officials say the combat was with G.pmez himbelf, but this is not so. It was with C»rillo atul others. The Spanish forces have attached the Cu-' ban. hospital at Victoria, Santa Clara province, assassinating eigh ty^four persons, including wounded soldiers, sick women, nurses, Insurgent Dr. Seulipo ana Lieut. Ogpda. The Jopg expected cabinet crisis Copenhagen, has just occurred, B.aron R,eecH Th,qt$ having tendered the resigno,ti9R pf himself the other mauibers qf the cabinet Itivs 0( ROW MaUory J^ steamship Leona, VYaiCtt e»ilecl from. Jfeyv York for few days agy, .corpses " BUSINESS FOR TrlE WEEK IS Don & Co.'s ttrport Say* it. tteen as Aciltd n* tTn* Expected—tn- ereaRo in KxpofU of Wheat and Vlont • —failure* Mate t>ecren*cit. New York, May 17.—R. G. Dun o.'s Weekly Review of Trade says: "Speculators have enjoyed an ad- ranee in wheat, corn, cotton and some other products, though obliged to sell wool and sugar at lower figures in order to realize. Stocks have advanced 7 cents per $100, and trust stocks lost 38 cants without enough demand to constitute a market. Imports of merchandize, $18,382,019 for the week at New York alone, are 94 per cent largei than a year ago, making the increase 47 per cent for the last six weeks, ami have affected the exchange markets and helped further shipments of gold which amount for the week to $2,750,000, but are practically balanced by re celpts from the Interior, and cause nc serious apprehension of financial dis turbance. "The government crop report esti mates the cotton acreage at 6 per cem less than last year, and is considered encouraging because so slight a decrease from the floods may easily be made up. Prices have advanced an eighth on Liverpool speculation, witl nothing here to warrant tho rise. No important changes appear in pig iron The demand, for finished products is below tho capacity of works in operation, and tho award of the contrac Cor the Montreal'bridge, which is sail to bo at 90 cents for beams, agalns $1.55 demanded from consumers in this country, has occasioned trouble in the beam association, and there are re ports that it has dissolved. Woolen goods are doing better than for week! past, although there is great uncertain ty regarding the future of the market Sales of wool have sharply decreased. "Failures for the week were 26-1 ii the United States, against 224 last year and 31 iu Canada, against 33 last year. ROBBERS GET $1O,OOO, Hold Dp a Southern I'uclfio Trulu a I^o/.lor, Texas, ixiul Escape. San Antonio, Texas, May 17.—Th westbound Southern Pacific passenge train was held up by masked men ant robbed about 250 miles west of her early Friday morning. After forcing iu the doors of the express car, one o the robbers entered tho car, -and with dynamite, blew open tho tw safes of the Wells-Fargo Expres Company. Both the through an- tho local safes were opened and th contents secured. The local safe con tained about $2,000 or $3,000. Th amount secured from the through saf is unknown, but it is believed that i will not fall below $7,000 or $8,000. Th express car was badly wrecked by th explosion. The mail was not moleste by the robbers, but it was greatly dam aged by the dynamite. Officers are h pursuit of the robbers, who fled north ward. Thought They Had Touch. Milwaukee, Wis., May 17.—Late Frl flay afternoon a farm hand working ii a field near Raymond, In the westen part of Racine county.saw a man walk ing through the woods that skirted tin field. He followed the stranger, who suddenly wheeled about, and, coming toward the farm hand, drew a revolve, and ordered him to retrace his steps The farm hand fled and at once report od that he had seen Pouch, the Wauke sha murderer. Tho news was carriec to Union Grove and Burlington, am soon a posse was in pursuit. When tho man was captured it was seen that h was not Pouch. Work of Cutholtu Knif-htg. Mobile, Ala., May 17—At the fourtl day's session of the supreme council Catholic Knights of America, in tho morning session, Archbishop Cross an nounced that he had received a cablegram from Cardinal Lecloohowski prefect of the propaganda, who, in the name of the pope, expressed the gooc wishes of the holy father and imparted his apostolic benediction. The councl then went into committee of the whole and the remainder of the morning session was taken up by the consider tion of the report of the law commit- Threaten to Kill J'Jlots. New Orleans, La., May 17,-Simon Le Blanc, levee 'commissioner of ibervHlo Parish, in a notice published in the New Orleans papers, warns the - "• ««« JIIKUL levee to open fire on these and anv other steamboats that come too ,fear the levee or travel too fast. The? boats are advised to provide extra pUo£ £ as to have them ready to take the Places of the regular pilots i« <££ Je latter are shot by the levee guards ConsulatP Js SHC|C«HJ, 'Lima, Peru, May 17.~EmUo the United States consular agent it Plura, has published a statement iu the news papers to the effect that w« office has been sacked and important documents, money and other valuables stolen. The prefect of policeT this, and says that the only was of the furniture, ?0 Bleot; )[« »- M , VWM , Cincinnati, Ohio, May 17.-Preside Woodmansee has i SSU e d £ ^7^ *. »*,_.~»..,» t, &i ay j. »>, j. n(v ^n«^y tihhl si*ty feet liigh, at Ihe ore mi» es |™ eollapsed, killing ten white hj e j, ( 'j boys abd seriously injuring {j ev j' othei-s. 85JT of the killed leave wj w ! with one to live children. Those iously injured have broken legs, arlfo crushed hips and internal injuries fully half arc ihjurcd fatally, ^j the victims Were oh top of the tinn] when it collapsed. Only two escape/ One jumped twenty feet to a tree ami escaped with a few slight scratches 1 and the other jumped to the ground 1 alighting oil his feet. The cause the collapse is unknown. JltilKartnns Arottscd. ST. FKXEiJSBtmo. May liV— ] upon the. intimation that would not be opposed to the i istration of Thessaly by Turkey it became known, schii-o/llcially that thn diplomats arc greatly concerned &i: the news recently received from Bu). garia. In the past week much agitation against Turkey has been reported', both'among the people of Bui- garia and hi the Bulgarian army, and fears are expressed thai; the popular feeling thus aroused may force the hands of the government of Bulgaria, Indoor Amateur Athletics. I.'IURAOO, May 14.—The Amateur Athletic Union indoor championship meeting at the military and athletif carnival was marked 1 by the r breakiiiji of the world's indoor 000 yard record, the world's MO yard hurdle record, and the tieing of the world's 50 yard record, and but for an accident it is probable that the 300 yard flat record would have been equalled. J. 11, Hush, the Grinnell, Iowa, sprinter, cariying the colors of the Chicagu Athletic Association, equalled Wefcrs's 00 yard record of 5 3-5 seconds. A Senate Secretary Sentenced. HKLKNA, Mont., May 10.—Secretary of the Senate John Bloor was convicted by a jury of having secreted the "salary bill" to prevent its passage the last night of the session, and the punishment was fixed at one ycav'» imprisonment. Be was denied further bail and is now in jail. The bill in question passed both hovtses the last day, but was never signed by the speaker of tho house. It would liavo ct>t down the salaries of the county officers and the number and salaries of deputies 33 per cent, Ho Will Test tho Law. SAX FKANCJSCO, May 10.—-W. J<. Bradbury, local millionaire, has been sentcuced to twenty-four hours' imprisonment iu the county jail for violating the civic ordinance prohibiting' expectorating on the floor of street cars. This was Bradbury's second offense. He claims the privilege of spitting when and where he pleases as an inalienable American privilege and will make his imprisonment a test case. A Alessuge on Cuba. I WASHINGTON, May 15.—Owing to the continued reports of the starving con- I dition of Americans in Cuba, a cabinet I meeting was held to discuss the sub- I ject. Consul General Lee and Special:] Commissioner Calhoun were tele-,I graphed to forward the latest facts at] once. The president will soon make I tho information the subject of a I special message to congress. I Tcrrililo Kali tray IMsaster In Kncsia. I ST. PETKKSBVRCI, May 10.-—A terrible 1 railway disaster befell a military train I between Kockanhof and Sliva, on they! Valid Jurjev line. Sixteen cars weri'.il smashed. Two officers and nearly 100/1 soldiers were killed, and sixty others;! were seriously injured. jl :Sr. PETEBSBUBG, May 17,—In tlic-il railway disaster a few days ago it is 1 officially announced that fifty-eight;'! persons were killed.. I The Telephone Monopoly. -I DES MOINES, May 14.—The patent;! issued to B. Berliner, of Washington, ,1 D, C., Nov. 17, '01, for 17 years is the ,1 subject of much litigation and newi- • paper comment. Tho application was/1 filed June 4, 1877, and consequently •• was pending in the U. S. patent office ;• 14 years. Tho law allowed two years '• delay for tho applicant to reply to ad- • verse action of Examiner and this in u <m measure.accounts for the interval be- ,• twcen the date of filing the applicationII and granting the patent. M The present rules limit action by• the applicants to six months in placed of the two years'heretofore allowed. :; B The validity of tho Berliner patent • has been sustained by the highest"• tribunal that has jurisdiction and tlw M chiims are generic and- broadly cover !• essential features of the Bell teie-r" phone that is in general use and sup- • posed to be public property .after Wl expiration of the original lie?} ""' The Boll telephone company, signeo of the .Berliner pate* . thereby endeavqr to maintain monopoly pf the telephone ten longer. Our practice is not confined to '•, , Inventors iu other states can ImvooMi services upon tho ^ame terms t>lj IJawkoyps, | THOS. G, A1{D J. HALF*!: ORWJ0J fi Solicitors of Patent* ,>| Toothache, as an excuse for ftbseu$j Vom duty, is pot recognized IB t] '°* Jostoftjqe of Geneva, Switzert When an employe complains of aching tooth, ft government ''" pulls it put. Glass bonnets we made iu 1) numbers jn Veijipe. The gla,ss_c ' which they are composed is ta . W a ft d watpy

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