The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 12, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 12, 1897
Page 7
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TflE WfEK DE8 HOlMVfM *"**** tnWA. WEDNESDAY telt with the left hand machine the heads o! the grain are ah the left hand oi the man doing the "binding, EC) In taking out the bilndle With the band around It, Whether the man turned to the front table 0? to the back table he •kcp,t. his, position toward" the 'butt* die itself-that 5 heads towardB W. tttt n , Lnce in making the tuck he 8nd ll Seendi undef the band toward Ud Sadn is handled by the aping l* to the heada - M niustratton, and the tuck 3 tore be toward th, heads .f it will not P«H out. a JpSlton. of roller bearings to witting machinery was made by perry "n 1869, and his patent, No M4 foran Improved reaper, showed arious ways of using SAYINGS t)F CHiLbREN, "Davit," said Edith, "what makes »a talk so much?" "Huh," replUd the boy, "cah'l you see she's got a doubl* chin?" Jdnihtiy Chifflfi'—"Cothe, Matnle, lc\ us play Adam and Eve." Mamie—"How will we play It?" "You tempt me with an apple and I'll eat it." Gladys—"What are 'the sllenl watches of the night,' Ethel?" Ethel —"1 don't know, unless it's those they've forgotten to wind up." Ctmhgtid tlift Sntijfect. Adolphua Softlelgh—"Ah, my dear Edith, you do not dream how many sordid men would seek to .; ; rry such an Innocent, trusting girl as you are, just for her money. But 1 hope the man who wins you will love you for'.youv own sweet sake alone." Miss Edith—"Indeed, lie will have to. | It's my ccitisln—Whose name IB the j same ae mine—who Is rich. 1 haven't' a duller of my own." A. S. (after an awkward pause)— "What strange weather we are having lately."—New York Tribune. Itovked on the Crenl of (lie \Vrtre*. The Inndsinnn, tourist or commercial traveler speedily begins, and not only begins, but continue?, Vo feel tho extreme ot human misery during tho transit across the tempestuous Atlantic. But if. with wise prescience, lie has provided himself SATIONAT, (1AMK, OM THE DIAMONb. fmplrM Arc Thfilr t: Not "> « f>'- 'l J>nwit" dency of a. Mse ball league la that section, but refused to do so. He &fttd his brothf* Arthur was looking out for htfi interests during his stay In the cast. Jiafto iJrtll— tltitt MtchlitR On»i. Own. "Tho machine fill chef invented tho Val" professor could be put to RESIDENT Il.vrno of the Brooklyn Club, the other day in the course of n; conversation with a Brooklyn "Ifcigle" reporter made an interesting revelation regarding: the league umpires and about the Rtisie, ease, "the Eagle" eaid: recent conferences among Messrs. Robinson, 'H*rt in the West, Mr. an effort was being made to Impress the people of Cleveland with tho necessity of permitting Sunday base ball. There was another reason, -which referred particularly to the Rusic case. The intention is to bring the trouble down to a contest between Kusio and the New York Club if possible, thereby practical use, though not as a sub- stltue for the hUtiian twirlerV 1 says Tom P,rown. "If this machine can do halt what they say it cah the League magnates could make a good move by Investing In them— one for e«ch team" They could be used in "Regarding the ' ',1 inscribed various ways oJer and ball bearings In harvesters. iTmuieatlonably tho most practical and SSory applications of roller bear'"""to binders and taowers has been . The Particular form them was patented In 1882 and to be found in all McCormlck UJU es. The especially valuable fea- of the McCormlck roller bearing I,s seen In the form-or cage as it IB d-which holds the rollers from , u lng together, and-if for any cause Ithe cage is taken from the shaft the with a supply uf Hostotter's Stoitmcl. Bit- leavlnR Ule other clubs free. Mr. tern, h R pangs are promptly mitigated, and '«""«» "'<• «'"^ „„„,„ -«v* nt a then cease ere the irood rtilo auaiu drops | Byrne Intimated thai some so , or a settlement would Ite reached before the championship seftsou began. Tho Instructions to the league 'umpires ' by :Prealdejit 'YQunig;tb,e'Ot-;herHU} the outcome of a resolution passed at tho instance of President Byrne at tbe Baltimore meeting. It seems that the °K« il > drops her anchor. This Is worth knowing, and thousand* of our yachtsmen, summer voy- ugers, tottrih«wnii.mBndokiiow it, "Oh, her mother-in-law bus been awfully Rood to her." "How - «u» BU. . . i ... jaumorc meeting, n »««"»» «••«"• • — Hrr 1 ^ l^L°"i,,L ei ;. " ISt AiSlt numerous remarks made by one or two I rollers will not fall out and got lost. I In order to avoid the McCormlck pa- Ilent the other harvesting machine com- Ipany who claims to be the originator of I roller bearings in harvesters has cut lout the metal in the ring at the ends o£ [tiie rollers. If the cage is taken out [the rollers slip out and become filled ivith grit, or 'worse, get lost. The Iraethods of the McCormick Company Tjesult in an annual saving of many /thousands of dollars to the farming I public. New devices are not embodied I in their machines until long and oft- repeated trials have shown them to be j practical. It has been thp sajne .with roller bearings as with everything else -McCormick experimenting Is done at I McCormick expense. and never been near her since." Nothing Unusual, Becker—I see by thp posters that Fool- lights, the tragedian, travels under his •wife's management. Decker—So do most men, only they Uon t advertise it. ' Whore FlBhliig in Good. Those looking tor the best nslihiR grounds are reminded oE Luke Tetonka at Watorville, and Madison Lake on the Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad. Wall-eyed pike, bass and grapples are found in gren t abundance at both of these lakes, which haveipot been fished .out to tho extent,.of the older and Better 'known localities. Excellent hotel accommodations, bouts, bait, etc., on hand, and ull charges ure very reasonable. For further information address A. B. Cutts, G. P. & T. A., M. & St. L, R. K., Minneapolis, Mini':. [ A Hew Conjugation. I Wilkins—Hov,- do you conjugate the verb "move?" . . Harbin—I move, tliou raovost, lie ov she moves; we swoar, you swear, Jthoy swoiir. Shake Into Your Shoot. Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for tin feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting feet and instantly takes tho sting out of corns and bunions. It is the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tlght-flttiue or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, Ired, aching feet. Try it to-day. Sold jy all druggists and shoe stores. By liail for 25c in stamps. Trial package Address Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. of the officials last winter questioning the ability of the magnates to make baseball rules—were discussed and a resolution by Mr. Byrne was passed in- IJtructln* Mr. Young to notify the umpires that they were employes of tho National League and that It was a breach of propriety on their part to question the rules set down by that body to gcvsrn its business. It was held that If tho rules were wrong the magnates would discover their errors to time and •rectify them.•••As a result a polite note accompanied tho advice referred to, informing the umpires that they should not in future express their disapproval of the rules, but to carry them out to tho letter, no matter what their private opinions might be." in tho League. practice as a means of Improving the batting eye of the players. There Is nothing so good as hitting at the ball to improve the batting, and where you could have a sort of catapult to deliver the 'ball to the hats- irnn, every player in the League would <lout*fcle"s8 iiici'cafle his fbatting 'aVefag$ii The public Is partial to lively stick work, and for that reason this new ma* chine could find a practical use. Of course, it would never take the place of the human pitcher. One of the finest bits of science In the game Is the effort of the pitcher. Remove him and baseball would be robbed of a large part. of.Its interest." Prof. Hlnton ban secured n great deal of advertising for his pitching cannon, which he expects will revolu- tionise baseball and put all teams .on an equal footing so far ae pitchers are concerned. However, the scheme never will ho a practical one any more than It would be to have a. mechanical batsman to bnt. against this mechanl- 'cal-pitching'niaiyhinc: What a- cinch it would be for base runners to make tha circuit with the pitching machine in operation. A man could take a long lead off any base while the ball was re- $effl§ er THauefcti The great rute 8f Jftorid conduct I*. he*t to God, to respect time.-Latatei', He 16 the freemaft tthofn the truth akee free, and all are slaves beside.— Cowper. Tti£ best augiify of a maft,'8 snceeaa In his profession is that ho thinks it is the finest In the world.—George Bllot. All flimsy, shallow and superficial work is, iti fact, a lie, of which a matt ought to be ashatned.-JoHh Stuart Blackte. the man whb, improving in skill and knowledge, improves in modesty, Mas an undeniable claim to greatness or mind.—Seneca. No nation can expect to ptbsper ahd become great without ardent and devoted patriotism; it is irresistible, unconquerable, universal.—Acton. Serenity of mind is nothing worth unless it has been earned',, a man should be at once suspectible of pas- A Wonderful Statement Ihey cure toe btit failed te &o eo. Iti atid took to toy bed. t had d> eftdful pains in mjf fainting* spells, sparks b lore my sions, and able to subdue them.—J. Scott. No matter If you are hidden In an obscure post, never content yourself With doing your second best, bowe T e ' Unimportant the occasion.—Gen. Fnu Sheridan. Hope is the mainspring of human action; faith seals our lease of immortality, and charity and love give the passport to tho soul's true and lasting happiness.—Street. Tho Iileal posing In the cannon, it being an impossibility for the operator of the ma- Tbe members of the Baptist Young Poo- nlo's Union who. contemplate attending. a national meeting of that body in July. Hhould^ miud.tbttt.thor.o.lB no better. mWDYied lihe frBm' the East,-, North or Northwest than the Popular f Big Four Route, vm Clncinntti or Louisville. All throtiirh nnRBOUiter trains on this line 010 veHtl"Se P d equipped with Buffet Sleepers, with Hotel Dining Cars on day trains. At Clncinntti direct connection is madei hi the same depot with the Queen & Crescent Route, the short line to Chattanooga, via ttfict sotne* times 1 Would get B< see for several tnifliites. a I could not stand *ery lotttf ' feeling sick and voiniting, I dduld not breathe a long breath without scream* ing, my heart pained so. , Iniso had female weakness, inflammation of ovaries, painful menstrua.' tion, displacement of the womb,, Hotting of the external parts, and ulcera* tion of tho womb. I have had all these omplalnts. 1 The pains I had to Stand were some- hlng dreadful. My husband told mo to try a bottle of Lyditt B. Plnkham's medlctneowhichl did, and after taking; t for a .while, was cured. No othei' rind-of-medicine'lor me as long.os you make Compound. I hope every woman who suffers will take your Compound and be cured.--Mas. J. H. McGiLfcAS, 113 Kilburn avenue. Rookford^IU. The Telephone? Diug-a-ling-Hng— "(ad lib)— Clerk— Hello, who's that? Employer— Jones, don't you know .better than to waste time trying to flnn out who is calling us up? Haven' you anything to do? Next man tha goes near that thing will be dis charged, Looks Teuspot—Huve the li us She is Tivufjlil;. Mike-Hnllo, Pot! An' aintyex workin'? Pnt—No, Oi uint wurkin'. Miko-Oi tho't ye* us't t' work tor th' city. Pnt—Idld. us't. Miko—Oi tho't yex iw"t-__ It Is n Very Clump Trip. rhicngoto Nashville via. Big Four Hontc .« Louisville nn«l a «ton at Mammoth Cavo For full pnrt cnlors address J. C. \ .uckei ; UN A., or H. W. Sparks, T. P. A., Big Fiur llauU).J»4^wk_»b^£ ttg0i Blunt old Doctor Johnson torsoly said: "to the bott e, discontent seeks for comfort, cowardice for courage, and bashfulness for confidence.^' My 'doetorlaidT would dfjTbut PIKO'« Cure for Consumption curort ine.-Amob Reiner, CherryVaUey^IllH^, Nov. .M, Jo. The jubilee of modern spiritualism is to be held in RoeheBtor in_M^j_Jf" 8 s Moofiiuig Syrup The 1'owcrs It strikes one that the Powers family IB "decidedly many" in base ball. Three of the minor leagues that will be in the Held this season will bo presided over by gentlemen of thin name The Southern league, at its meeting, 'elected Harry Powers of New Orleans as its president. The Eastern . league has had for five seasons the well- known New Yorker, Patrick Powers who will be at the head of ita attain, again next season. Charles Powers, a clever newspaper man of Plttsburg bus been elected president of the Intel- state league. Ho held the same peal tioii last year. There are yet severa minor leagues to bo heard from, aiu the name of Powers may appear o the official roster of. some of those tha have not made returns. Best of al every one of the "President Pow.erh i.hat''havo bcnii'elected arc: royal good fallows, and a credit to tho gumo. As , the famous High Bridge. At with the Southern Railway and the Louisville & Nashville, via Mammoth Cave and Nashville, allowing stop-over nt both those rhefare from Chicago will bo extremely low. For rates, time card, etc., address J. C, Tucker, O. N. A., or H. W. Sparks, 1. 1. A., 284 Clark St., Chicago. ___ lie Knew tier. Mrs. Caustique (to her hostess) --Good uigbt; I've enjoyed mysfilf immensely. . Mr.Caustiquo' (an they depart)-- Which means, 1 suppose, that you've found plontj to criticise. ___ ___ There is a Clans of 1'eoplo Whonrolnjiirea'by the use of coffee Recontlv there lias been placed in al the irrocery stores a new preparation called GRA1N-0 made of pure grams, that tn Ices the places of coffee. Ihc most delicate stomach receives it without distress, arid 1m t few can tell it from coffee. It docs not cost over '4 us much. Children may driulc it with great benefit, i:. cts. and :.'5 cts._ per package. Try it. and health making are included in the making of HIRES The prep<>ration of 'this great temperance drink is an event of importance in a million well regulated homes. I fffi * » -V -JE, Ask for GRA1N-O. The above is a snap shot picture of Doheny taken just as the ball has been delivered to the batter. , long as the Powern family "continues to come" in base ball like it has been coming tho writer is bound to say "more power to thana." Here's to the Powers family! chine to recover the ball in time to catch a man napping. With a start such as tho pitching machine would allow them, good hitters like Vaughn, Peitz and others who get to first base frequently would become star base runners. This is only one of the many things which militate against the machine. The public wants real pitchers —nothing mechanical—and it is sale to say that the cannon will never be used in a match game .of any kind.— Sporting Life. The tallest man ou tho police force in Philadelphia is George F. Osborne, whoso height is 0 foot. OJts iricees. Hall's Catarrh Cure IB taken internally. Price, Toe. The Chlcagopiiys^-''" 1 who says tboro in no snob thing as «pendlcitto spits out tho seeds when ho eats grapes, Mtiw name. is full of good heakh. Invigorating, nppctiz- iug, satisfying. Put sonic up "to-day and have it ready to put . down whenever you're thirsty. Made only by The Charles K. Hires Co., Philadelphia. A package makes 5 gallons. Sold everywhere. . cu.-uawin.Uo It. bottle makers pealed tho law o£ gravitation? Mrs. Tonspot— AVhy do you ask such a ridjuulouK question? Ttospot— I saw it'- piece in tho papers entitled "Bottles Go Up!" __ Good Guessor, "Calinmre has become a father.'' "A boy 2" askod a friend." "No." . "A daughter, then." "You've guessed it." KrtncHte Your Buwols "VVith fnscawts. ruiuly Culhiirtlo, oiro coastiputton forovoi'. Wall C. 0. C. tail, druggists rof<mj_roopey. Several European railroads have at loot adopted our American system of chocking luggage. Nine-tenth of the railroad passengers i England travel third-class^ ____ <Joe'» fo«8«> lS»l»«m> .it ami best. It will l.vcftU up ft eoljl niilc nKelso.ItlHttl»y»f lu ' Jr > "" John Clurkson In Boiitun. The once famous pitcher greatly r.ur- pri«ed his Boston friends recently by walking in upon them. Tho heartiness of his greeting showed him he was not forgotten by ft great deal. He came ou to visit his parents and family. He aaid that all the talk, about his going back to base ball again was bosh. Ho • Diamond Glints. o _». players seem to be united in the'oplnion that the Pirates are doomed for a place in the second division this Eagles rafely'clnuige their imito , ns do ther birds. .They usually mate lor life. To Ciir« <-ori«Mp:it»«m Forcvor r«lto' rniiUiilvtH Cimily CiUhurC.i;. K.IMIVVKJ. u U. C. C. mil to euro, driifc'ulsi" rcnnni niuiiw • The Maine Methodist conference has resolved to udmlt women to the general conference, the resolution being earned Ijy a vote of C5 to 58. Some of tho railroad lines in Ilussin have Vuiokmg car., i'or ladies. iiiili-kivlleffttt'leiiivii i i tlmuillHlK »l»l tOl . i 1 Thompson's Eye Water. \V~. N. U. DesMoines. _ Men are usuaUy'most grateful to those who help them to deceive themselves. TO CURE A COLD IN OKB »AV, axative Dromo Quinine Tablets, Ai UUWUi lo cure. IM _ Tho Greenland 'wlih'feT it is Baid, sometimes ttrtains.the age of WO years. toWoo HabU ^", blood imn)._M)>vH- All lived _ All the human beings that over lived could find standing room in Pennsylvania. Excessive coffee-drinking, it is said, impairs the sight olsiWivn iroiu f hereditary i'oiib fcclud \M(h scrofula wasuuablo to \\alk, his lolt foal bolus ooveruil with vu»» nine sores. I'liybidiusslmv' Ing tallJil to rolicn etl'Q otlicvs oi my fa-uily, I docldeil to try il to My Uio trial VMS s>uo- my hoy was to liciiUU. I urn coiiBrtont Hint my cliiUl would liavo (lied l.svd lu* «ov used Ayi-r'o s,u-.i«)!irilla."— *"- 1 ' 'V, Miulonvillo, Tho above is a snap sliDt photograph „„ Doheny, the pitcher of the Now Yorks Ju-Et as he is about to.deliver tho hall. U was taken during one of tho first' of the league games. •mid ho made up his mind ho wa;> through with base ball when tho Cleveland, club attempted to transfer him lo Baltimore, and lie wus yevy severe upon the practice in base'hull that allows a club to transfer a flayer without Jlrst consultiUB his wlshef in tl\»- rant- l pr When ho was iuWrnu'd of the attempted deal lie did nlit hesitate to "ivo President Roblson Uie opinion of sufth dealings, and the jn&gnate admit-, ted that ho would not ilUow anybody lo handle Uis business ok he had dono in the case of a "layer. /A cousin mentioned that a tobacco business could secured ltt Ray City, toch., and base ball fore vert He The Senators' new pitcher, Norton has an under-hand deivery which is a second edition of Billy Rhlnes' .effec tivc throw. "Dusty" Miller is still unsigned by tho Cincinnati club at this date. Ther is a difference of ?300 between player and club. _ Pitcher Devlin, formerly of the St. Louis Browns, is running a grocery store in conjunction with his brother at Troy, N. Y. Midget Murphy, late of Yale and the New York club, has been offered the New Haven franchise in the Connecticut league ,and may accept. Pitcher Mercer rehearses an old story when he says that the stocky, dumpy men like Hamilton, Childs, Bannon and Dahlcn are hardest to pitch to, Henry Olarkson, the younger brother of John and Arthur, has left Harvard and entered Yale, and will Play on the junior base ball team this season, First Baseman Stafford of the Milwaukee club says he will play ball no more in a professional capacity, as he desires to devote himself to a mercantile career. Robinson, of the Baltimore club, IB the only National league catcher who cantiilns.Wu team. Five, of the other captains are outfielders; the balance are infleldors. If Jimmy Mejames will watch his bases closer this year and take a brace in fielding his position, he will be one of the star artists of the rubber in the major league. -Dan" Brouthera has signed with the Springfield club, of the Eastern league, and is to captain that team the coming The Grand Rapids club has signed pitcher Bd, Scott, of Defiance 0 secured from Deacon Ellis, who had Intended Scott for Newark. Managei Glonalvin considers Scott a sure.corner. THESE FIGURES ARE Y.EARS, YEARS IN WHICH, SINGLE INSTANCES, PAINS AND ACHES 1 Rheumatic, Neuralgic, 5datic, Lumbagic, ! ' 1 HAVE RAVAGED THE HUMAN..FRAME...ST. JACOBS \**fl | I^V I 9999999WM9G99 FOR USING Walter Baker & Co.'s Breakfast Cocoa. Because it is absolutely pure. Because it is not made by: the-so-called Dutch Process in which chemicals ;u - c used, because beans of the/finest quality arc used. Because it is made by a method which preserves unimpaired the exquisite natural flavor and odor of the beans, 5 Because it is the most economical, costing less than one cent Be S «ret you «<* the BAKER * CO, M«J.. J)orclu-8t«r, M»»« How Mr, trwllinger Cured Dyspepsia, FAKHAOUT, Ipwiv, April 8, W- Ueutlpiuen -Twenty years ugp i ,b»»deonie trouble "with my fitbujitcb, As! grow older ibo trouble became wovso, and for the hurt few years I havo not heon able to work tho rreater part of tlie time. I Uuve taUw treatment from several doctors, some .of spyciftliKts.but without benpftt. Lust winter B °*' . the pain iu my etomach beomue KO mtonb_o that I Imd to resort to opiatoa for relief. For bix weekh 1 was not uUlo lo leuvo my bed. My btomaoh would not rotuin food, it being t-o weak, llorpliino and UuiUuuum were tho only medic-iues that gave mo auy vuliei-, uud that only ft little while ot n time. My brother, booing youv tidvertise- ineot In tin Omaha puv el> > oi'dored tv paek- - Holds tho wovld'.i record fw rwuning. Ajrnap. of tho f United States, r.go o£ l)r. Koy' • ' bognn ttt'Huf?. After tho firbt dose I quit taking *• ., «ud i have r.ot Imd nuy puuv in ho lie had tov|ted to t}ic Nous Klobcdana, Hill, TftnneuUl and Friend, all juniors in the major league are regarded as the fastest left hand twirlers that ever entered it within the brief space of two years, Tho Brooklyn club officials aie not saying a word about Sunday games at home during the coming wson. 11ft«> him Bowe'thing to eay on - tims - btomach trouble, QrijtefiUb' yours, fl. I An extontjvo poultry bi eodor. Tho above iisftsomplo oi! thqutttttda cl letters reuelvod, tolUng pt woud.erful pnvw by Dr, Kay's ReuovtvtQr. it ttt tho tet blood purlflw and alterative Unowji. or, Kuy'a JHome Trcwtmout ,awi VftlW , \vortli *&. '<\K, >fe Tho new w ii 11 man by iho Bui'liwgtoi! Woule x|ir«e foot four inches wico by four feet long; Is print ou in MX coloro; is mounted o» rollers; shuvys overv slpto, fouuty, unporlaut town anil railroad iu the Unkw, »nil in a very debi ruble awl ' ful adjunct to imy ho}d ur Utibluesa in lats of tlip umps fOht tlie ton Ro,utp wuttilv , but V# I'eeelpt in staniite v undersieupj} to the

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