The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 12, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 12, 1897
Page 5
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THE OTMR M2S MOffll^ ALGOSrA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY1%1807. We opfened up our Millinery Department aM Conducted it on strictly tos^ departments, oaring nothing about how much we could make, but to build a trade that we could hold season after season—each customer made sounding our praise, and this department is doing a much larger business than ever before. We are satisfied with Dry Goods. of the old-time Millinery profits; this, with good treatment, honest goods, and strictly business ^thods this department on the same level with the other lines sold by us-ever increasing trade. We ask those who have not given us a trial to do so; we will do all we can to please you. «=a= THE SEWERAGE PROBLEM, IS STILL A BONE OF'CONTENTION. Win- K. Ferguson Makes a Statement Which Throws Some Light on the Controversy. sewer question has been upper- m in the municipal mind the past week A few years ago what is called he main sewer was laid from the opera house to the ravine west of the Phubb home. Later the branch from Ferguson's house was put in. that the sewer must be extended to the . ! turn over the main sewer free and the hranch for $200, reserving the .right to tap both 'rom property then owned by cided not to accept. Out of it all a great deal of discussion has arisen. A most important statement about the m-operty is made by Win. K, Ferguson, 0P ne P of the chief promoters of bo h sewers, and will be found o ! into rest by our readers. In connection with this statement Mr. Ferguson says the right o tap the sewer, which the owners reserved, applies to only one piece of property on the main line, A. .!>. Clarke's, arid on 'the branch to the, north half of the block his home is on, , to the half block belonging to J. M. Cowan east of J. W. Hay's home and to J. M. Cowan's three houses south of state street. Mr. Ferguson's statement is as follows: ,. The sewer question has been discussed to a considerable extent of late, and since so many erroneous state-. ments have been made regarding it 1 have been asked to give , an accurate report of the same. It will be remembered that the year 1892 witnessed the erection of six' brick business fronts the opera house, and the extension of the water mains. The new buildings demanded a deep drain and sewer. As the city was not in condition to bu Id one, private parties received the pi v liege from the council to construct what is" now known as the main line, which extends from the alley in the rear of the opera hpuse to the north end of lot No. 12 in reservation Wo. l. This line was carefully surveyed and no expense was spared to make it perfect in every detail.' It is composed of 1,100 feet of 10-inch, and 610 feet of 15-inch glazed sewer pipe, and cost Wi,422.82. The expense was borne by A. D. Clarke, Ambrose A. Call, the Algo- very low prices and on easy terms. Land seekers' excursion tickets on sale April 20, May 4 and 18, at very low rates. For particulars inquire of nearest ticket agent, and for maps, descriptive of lands, etc., address G. W. Bell, land commissioner, Hudson, Wis.—4t4 ACCIDENTALLY SHOT. Ernest Hermann of Union Township Killed While Ploughing. Last Thursday Ernest Hermann was carrying his gun on his riding plow while at work for the purpose of shooting gophers. He did not come in to dinner and the hired man went out for him. He found him dead with a big hole shot through the heart. The presumption is that he had the butt of the gun resting on the lower part. of the plow, the muzzle passing Up under his arm and sticking out behind. In some way the butt slipped, letting the muzzle down under his side as the hammer struck. The funeral was held Saturday at the Hermann home, Rev. Sinclair attending, and the gathering was the biggest in years. The remains were buried in Algona. Mr. Hermann was 28 years old and was married last October to Miss Voganthaler, whose brother lives near Hobart. THE LOCAL FIELD, S. S. Sessions is bringing suit for $3,000 damages against Nick Bruor of Bancroft in behalf of Aug. Dinger, who was brought back from California by Thos. Sherman. He claims that he was arrested without cause. A NEW PREMIUM OFFER. The Upper Des Moines Will Put tip a Special Premium at the County Pair for the Republican and the Courier. THE UPPER DES MOINES has decided to offer a special premium of $5 at the county fair to be competed for by the Republican and Courier offices. It intends to have a track measured off among the trees the exact distance between their back doors, and so laid out that a tree will mark each angle they have to turn in carrying type from one office to the other. The premium is for the man in either office who can carry a full gaily of type along the route the quickest without pying" it, and look most innocent and honest while doing it. This last. condition is put in to let Bro. Starr compete. He is not so swift of foot as some but there isn't a man in Iowa who can look more righteous than he can on the route. This race ought to attract a big crowd, and the county will not be paying for it as it usually does. To Important Notice, citizens of Algona: It appears IK, ti. iioxie, VYIU. •"••,.>?""><' js, J. Gilmore, Frank Nlcoulin, Geo. C. Call, 0. E. Heise, Gardner Cowles, and J. M. Cowan. The east branch was built by J. M. Cowan and myself in 1895, and was surveyed by Messrs. Tellier and Shaw, who established a uniform fall of 5 inches per 100 feet It extends from the alley north of lot, No. 5 in block 225, Call's addition, to the corner of Moore and and North streets, where it connects with the 15-Incn pipe of the main line. The construp- tton of this branch was, superintended by Mr. Cowan. It contains 1,860 feet of IfMnoh sewer pipe with joints tbor oughly cemented. The flanges of the tile are bedded so that the lower surface of the tile rests on the bottom of the ditch, thus making the pressure on the tile from filling even, and P^ent- ing the orapking of the flange OP P 6 ; ment, The poet was $58746, and, w have repelved a total of fJWM connections made by Messrs, Randall, «*• ley, Paine, MoNall, andTaylor, The mainUnemeasuresl^lOlwt, the east bra.noh measures Ii960 feet> W cai length of sewers, 8,610 feet. It to estimated that 1)900 feet additional will Pftrry the same to the river below the mill; It is not necessary that the wfcole amount of the extension be built in one year. Parties connected w tn tfce sewer have paid into the Pity treasury over $1,600 for water reats- — * ----- --"" pf this anjp«Bt TO ino BIHSOUD " l »IB»"""" •»• vrr- --that the Sportsman's Game label is imitated bv outside cigar manufacturers, Now, what we want is to not let any outsider come and do business on Algona's reputation, when the merchants can go right to the factory here at home and get the genuine Sportsman's game cigar. The imitation is called ''The Game." Be sure and look at the label and see that it says » Sportsman's The Capital says Representative Mayne was invited to a banquet by the Polk County Medical society in .recognition of his hard fight for the medical education'bill. Mr. Muyne was tho leader in getting the new law enacted. The Congregationalists meet next Tuesday. It will be a big gathering, probably 300 coming in all. Tho local society is making big preparations to receive them. A new carpet adorns the church, new sidewalks, new shingles, and a generalscrubbinghavebeen indulged in. A good joke is told on J. W. Hinchon and W. D. Nugent. They went over to Whittemore to hear the new priest, Father Tierny, of whose eloquence they had been informed. When they arrived it was his day to preach in German. They don't say much about it, even when asked. The wedding of Miss Leona Sample, daughter of the Irvington pioneer, and Mr. Burton E. Johnson of Armstrong will occur at the Sample home in Algona next week. Mr. Johnson's fami- Fy live near LuVerne, and he is highly spoken of. Kossuth early settlers will join in congratulations. S. S. Sessions got off tho train before it stopped and unwillingly stooped over and put his hand on the platform in such a way as to mutilate it considerably; in fact before he got done he put his whole body on the platform. He says that getting off a moving train is more foolish than kindling a fire with oil. Will. Salisbury has gone to Gladbrook to join a crack ball nine. He is throwing this spring better than ever and will be in the box for the season. Tho club hires four outside players and is in shape to meet anything in Iowa. Will, is a good typesetter and THE UPPER DES MOINES office misses him. Those who missed hearing Rev. Anna Shaw last night on woman suffrage missed hearing one of the wittiest and ablest speakers on the American platform. She spoke in Algona 10 years ago and was then a powerful advocate. She has gained greatly since then, opera house expires next February. A committee was appointed to see about settling up and about continuing the lease. The Germania Standard says THE UPPER DES MOINES is anxious to reform the printing business when it don't have a finger in. The Standard is incorrect. THE UPPER DES MOINES is not engaged in any reform movement. It is simply having a little fun with the Republican and Courier, the former having been talking lately about robbery in tho state printing office, and the latter being always weeping for the poor man who is oppressed by pools and trusts. As soon as the bicycle ordinance was published last week tho boys fitted up with bells. Guy Taylor had a big cow bell on his wheel, and others had various kinds of noise makers. The Bancroft Register notices the ordinance and says: " Tape measures will be furnished riders that they may make no mistake in the 40-foot limit, and those not having bells on their handle bars will be given keys to the engine room so they can ring the fire bell when they find it impossible to avoid approaching amoving team." E. S. Johnson, while splitting wooc Monday morning, had a piece fly up and hit him in the eye. At first it was thought that his .sight was gone, bu on the advice of his physician here he went at once to Mason City for specia treatment, and word from there is tha he will probably recover. When ! little boy a tumor on the other eye left the lid hanging low, although the sight is unimpaired. The loss of his good eye would be a great calamity and all his'frionds will hope to hear that the accident is not dangerous. [f you want Good FLOUR why in the world don't you BUY Good Flour? Nobody is holding you. The Wilson Mills SEED Grove & potatoes, Son's. four varieties, at BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve iu the world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, cliilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 2So a box. Sold by L. A. Bneetz. GET our prices on Z. Grove & Son. bottle goods. M. make the GOOD kind of flour—no other—make it every week day in the year, and sell it to the best bread-makers on the face of the earth. Strong language, to be sure, but it's the gospel truth and why not say it ? TRY A SACK. SEED FOR SALE. Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. A. G M. JOHNSON is now daily getting in a fine stock of buggies and surreys, and has fine bargains to offer in this line, Do not fail to see bis large assortment before you buy. » Very fcow Rates tP West and Soutft. On May 18 the Northwestern line will sell home-seekers' excursion tickets, with favorable time limits, to numerous points in the west and south, at exceptionally low rates. For tickets and full information apply to agents of Chicago & Northwestern railway.^-7t8 W, H, CLARK has pasture for horses or cattle at the L,und farm, grass and plenty ol water.— ^ $8.85 Tame She has few superiors either male or female. Dr. Field of Storm Lake, known in Algona in other years as Dick Field, has written a piece of music that is having a big run. It is entitled "Gen. Maceo's Last March," and the papers say it bids fair to be one of the season's successes. Many a man has made his stake on one successful piece and we hope Dick is in the line. Tomorrow evening a public meeting will be held at the court house to discuss the normal school. Prof, Lilly's time will expire in August, he having been here three years, The plan is to incorporate and put the school on a business basis, Everybody should make a point to attend and hear what the school has been doing. The Courier last week criticised the city council for opening the street east of I*. L. Slagle's north across the Milwaukee tracks. It is being done to let the school children from north of the track down to the new school house. A sidewalk will be put in, and a good highway opened. It was considered by the last council and is not a new a yard. new " Japanese Art Crepe," draperies, only Jfio RG line of canned goods at suitable to any and everybody, thing. While the pity is figuring on eleotrio lights, sewers, etP,, the fact must not bf lost sight of that even with all four rooms of the »ew sohool house opened, our"schools will be crowded this fall term, Miss Cramer's room has 75, and every room over 45 in the main build" ing, Members of the hoard believe tblt groupd should be got now for »n other new building, The sphool hoard have feeld severe * •• " - pet we^?, with the teaoh JOHN G, SMITH IS PRESIDENT. Elected at tlie Des Mollies Meeting of tlio Sportsmen's Association. John G. Smith and Charles Grimm came from Des Moines last Thursday. Mr. Smith was re-elected president of the association, and Mr. Grimm had the L. C. Smith cup he had won alone, and the team cup he and C. W. Budd won. Fred. Gilbert of Spirit Lake held the Smith cup, but Grimm outshot him, This was the best meeting the association has held in years, The next meeting will also be at Des Moines. A HOUSEHOLD TREASURE. D. W. Fuller of Canajoharie, N. Y,, says that he always keeps Dr. King's New Discovery in the house and his family has always found the very best results follow its use; that he would not be without it, if procurable. G. A, Dykeman, druggist, CatskUl, N. F., says that Dr. King's New Discovery is undoubtedly the best cough remedy; that be has used it in his family for eight years, and it has never failed to do all that Is claimed for it. Why no a remedy so long tried and tested, bottles free at L, A. Saeetz' drug Regular size SOo., and $100. « I AM selling land in Minnesota and Dakota, taking one-tenth down, the balance half the orop until land is paid for. Most of these are improved farms, Great opportunity for renters. Will taHe in exchange town property, Excursions first and third Tuesdays in each month. Come and see me. FRANK means a good meal, because you do not lose your patience waiting for it. Our " Quick Meal" gasoline stove is all that its name implies. Large burners, smokeless generators, safety tank—make it one of the quickest and safest gasoline stoves on the. market; and when you get all of these features combined you can Have Quick Meals. Trial store, ojf the s^wer» tlj§ c|ty j«w*«t i"" >wv .«rs M|«I.J. 11. _i 1 Ji Vjolnno 1 tQ o* 1 " "" ciuiif S i» QOPB planters gk raw VntQB with a very small expenditure of heat. The « Quick Meals will bear inspection and trial. Our 1896 stoves were all sold ? so we have nothing but the latest 1897 patterns to offer you, Corne and see them. G. M. DOXSEE>, ?ry Electric Bitters as a remedy tw yvw n e «!fciaSS-SwSwffWHsSJr an/n relief .This medicine h»a been fpund to b ? peculiarly adapted to the relief and cure of f,\\ female cosjplftintei exwt* n if a woijijer- fijj direct injuenp,e in giving etrengfe and tone to the pvg&ns. If you have loss of ap- peWte, Qfinitfpation, flgg&gMh _B l M? eg InelLsj-OfftreaeTygius, flePPA?§5>. W«MWHfi saelajiobolly fir trWtSft mm wm'Satmzi. nlbjBggijafljuf- sur BOOTZ AND SHOZES. " I don't fcere how much a man talks if he only §e« It in a few words,"—f -^4il

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