The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 12, 1897 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 12, 1897
Page 3
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4 Tale of Three Lions HAGGARD . «. ! ' ay " "down by the river there.; but think you need make yourself •\Vc have been here three 'now and if they were going to a visit I should think that they done so before this. How- 'make Pharaoh . .the lire.' do you and eet some more wood before we go i H else the cats will be I^Tvou before morning.' ' "pharaoh, A great brawny Swn«l, who ...a been working for me at Pilgrims 'Sat, laughed, rose, and stretched imself and then calling to Jim-.Tlm bring the ax and a relm, started oft the moonlight toward a dump ol *• ± _ -. I. _,.** ttir\t fvtr\+\-\ hi to in sugar r-biish where we cut our fuel from dead trees. He was a fine fellow • this way, was Pharaoh because he ' 1 an Egyptian cast of cotinlenunci ,nd a roval sort of swagger about him Hit his war war. a somewhat pecullu lay on account of the. uncertainty o i,iq temper, and very few people couli cot on with him; also il ho coulrt go i'i he would drink like a lish. and whet iiedrauk he became shockingly blood thirsty" These were his bad points MS good ones wore that, like most pec ple of the Zulu blood, he became exceedingly attached to you if he took to vou at all; -he wua a hard-working and intelligent man, and about us daredevil and plucky a follow ut a pinch as i ever had to do wlth._ Ho t wus about live' spiratlon running down my nose, and in order to relievo the strain on my attention employed myself watching a beetle which appeared to be attracted by the fire-light, nnd was sitting before it. thoroughly rubbing hist antennae against each-other. "Suddenly tho beetle gave such a .lump that ho nearly jumped headlong into the flro, and so did v<e all—give jumps, t mean, and no wonder, for rom right under the skerm fence there ame the most frightful roar—a roar hat literally made the Scotch cart hake and took the breath out of you. "Harry ejaculated and turned rather sreen, .Tim-Jim howled outright, while he poor, oxpji-stood and shivered and owed pitconsly. "The night was almost entirely dark now, for the moon hud milte »>t and the clouds had covered up the atars that the only light we had was from the fire, which was burning up brightly again now; but, us you know, lire light is absolutely useless to shoot by so uncertain, and besides it penetrates but u very little way into the (Uirkness, although If one is in the dark outside one can soo it from so far away. "Presently the oxen, after standing Ktill for a. moment, suddenly winded Iho lion and did what i feared they would du—began to 'shrek,' that is to try and break loose from the trektow to which they were tied, and rush off madly into tho wilderness. Lions know of this), habit on the part of oxen, which are, 1. do believe, the most, foolish animals under tho sun. a sheep being a very Solomon compared to them; and it is by no means uncommon for a lion to get in such a position that a herd that our poor servant mlgfct have toeett mercifully delivered from the lion's Jaws. At length the faint light came stealing like a ghost up the long slope of bush, and glinted on the tangled oxen's horns, and with white and frightened faces we got up a-id set to the task ot disentangling the o.<?eh till such time as ther should be light enough to enable us to follow the. trail of the'lioness whieh had gone off with Jim-Jim. And here a fresh trouble awaited ns. for when at last, with infinite difficulty we had got the helpless brutes loose, it was only to find that one of tho best of them was very sick. There was no mistake about the way he stood with -his legs slightly apart and his head hanging down. He had got the red water. I was stire of it. Of all the difficulties cdnnectod with life and traveling In South Africa, those connected with oxen are perhaps the worst I'M- VAfclOUS NOTES OP EVENTS PAST AftD cOMiNC. internattcmnt tticrttsfte tttlt 1t<- rt tnro ot this SishnOn's Sp»rt—The of tMlirotnin'* tnclocr 1»lc.t<-t<> M«st Cal- The ox is the most exasperating nni- open professional, with .lanes, mal in the world. Ho has absolutely no constitution, and never neglects an opportunity of falling sick of some mysterious disease. Ho will get thin upon the slightest provocation, and from mere maliciousness die of 'pov-. erty;' whereas it is his chief delight to turn round and refuse to pull when- over ha finds himself well in tho center of u river, or the wagon-wheel nicely fast in a mudhole. There la always something wrong with him. "Well, it was no use crying as I should almost have liked to do, because if thin ox had red-water It was probable that the rest of them had It, too, although they had been sold to me us 'salted,' that Is, proof against such diseases as red-water and lung-nick. One thtit DVtC'riS from Ifornla state Charley Wells clinched the title of "indoor king" by ' making the most sensational ride ever seen ut a cycle racn meet on the Pacific coast. It was in the final ot the one mile •fclnv wrolc to ifcs that tort fler Ahe, of St. Louis, hail only waived claim to E3 per's services provided ho was loaned to Milwaukee, but t wired him that i would hold hint to his agreement, because the deal had been made in good faith on my part, aud we had paid ovtr money for Che pitcher. The case trill be fought to a finish, and Milwaukee people can Vest assured that wo win receive justice. *Mper went to Baltimore to oppose his transfer to tho Western league, and it is probable that Hanlqn told him that in case he coma sign with some other major leftgite club Seelftft waukee, and then Ksper signed with St. Jxwis. llanlbn t-ah not innke It all right with me, and those two gentlc- niort will attend a reception they are not figuring on." o gev. in sucu a posimm mm .1 «•-'>• — — --- . .. . , or Hpau of oxen may wind him. shrek, got- «Hfdene«l to this or of thing in -ami-thirty years of ago or so, but notV'kcshhV or ringed-man. I be- lieve'ho got into trouble in some way in Swaziland, and the authorities of his tribe would not allow him to assume the ring, and that is why he dime to work at the gold fields. The olher man, or rather lad, Jim-Jim, way a Mapoch Kafir, or Knobnose, and even In the light of subsequent events 1 fear tliat I cannot speak very well of liim. He was an idle und careless voting rascal, and only that very morning I. had to tell Pharaoh to whip him for letting the oxen stray, which he did with-.the greatest gusto, although he was, in his own way, very fond of Jim- lim aud I saw him consoling him af- icvward with u pinch of snuff from his own car-box, whilst ho explained to liim that the next time it came in the way of duty to flog him, ho meant, to ilirash with the other bund, so as to •cross the old cuts and make a .'pretty pattern' on his buck. "Well, off they went, though Jim- Jim did not at all like leaving tho i:amp at that hour, even though the moonlight was BO bright, and in due course returned safely enough with a urcat. bundle of wood. I laughed at Jim-Tim, and asked him if he had seen anything, and ho said yus, he had; he had.seen two large yellow eyess staring at him from behind a bush, and heard something-snore. .-, "As, however, on. further investiga- tiontl).e yejlow oyos and the snore ap- ~penred to have existed only in Jim- Jim's lively imagination, I was not sreatly disturbed by this alarming rc- liOrt; but having soon to making up of ihe fire, got into the skerm and went quietly to sleep with Harry by my .side. "Some hours afterward T woke up with a start. I don't know what woko me. The moon had gone down, or at least was almost hidden behind the soft horizon of bush, only her rod rim being visible. Also a wind hud sprung up and was driving long hurrying lines of cloud across the starry sky, and altogether a great change hud cam is over the mood of thu night. My the look of tho sky I judged that wo must he about, two.hours from day-break. "The oxen, whicih wero us usual tied to the d^ssolboom of tho Scotch cart, were very restless—they kept- snuffing und blowing, and rising up and lying down again, and I at once suspect*.' that they-must wind something. Presently I knew what it was that they winded, for within fifty yards ut' us a lion rourod not very loud. "Pharaoh was sleeping on the otiiei side of the cart, and beneath it 1 sasv him raise his head and listen, " 'Lion, InkooK,' ho whispered, 'Hon. "Jim-Jim also jumped up, and by the faint light J could see .that he was iii a very great fright indeed. "Thinking that it was as well to bo prepared for emergencies, t told Pharaoh'-to throw wood upon the fire, iin'd woke up Hurry, who 1 verily believe \v»s capable of sleeping through tho crack pf doom. Ho was a little scared at first, but presently thu excite- ment'at' the position curne homo to him, find ho became nullo anxious to see his majesty face to. face, i got my rifle handy and gave Hurry hia-a Weutley Wchard falling block, which is a very usoful gnu for a youth, being light und ;-ot a good killing rlllo, and then we waited. "For iv loug time nothing happened, jud I begua to think that tho best tiling that wp could do would bo to go to sleep again, when suddenly I lieiul{1 u sound TOoro 11 Ko a cough than a roar within about twenty yards of the skerm, We uli lopUed out. but could see Bathing; aud then followed aur other period of suspense, it was very U'yU,ig IIP the nm-fls, thte waiting au attftofe that wight'be developed fl " . • up $1; ami ^aujh j -.,.., ., [:, /naM^ iwfrwrt tf Jwrtuw* * ™? p?^R|S^'wS{| fe.»**'«S5§**s JWre«r5' olHin1H*>l J '] break their reins, and rush off into the bush. Of course, once they are there, they are helpless in the dark; and then the lion chooses the one that he loves best and eats him at his leisure. "Well, round and round went our six poor oxen, nearly trampling us to death in their mad rush; indeed, had wo not hastily tumbled out of the way, we should havo been trampled to death, or at leaM. seriously injured. South Africa in course of time, for I As it was, Harry was run over, and poor Jim-Jim being caught by tho trek- low somewhere beneath his arm, was hurled right across the skerm, landing by my side only some paces oft'. "Snap went the .disselboom .of the cart'beneath the transverse strain put upon it. Had it not broken the cart would have overset; as It was, in another minute, oxen, cart, trektow, reins, broken disselboom, and everything were s-bon tied in one vast heaving, plunging, bellowing, und [seemingly inextricable knot. ' "For u moment or two this slate of affairs took my attention off from the lion that had caused it, but whilst I was wondering what on earth was to be done next, and what we should do if the cattle broke loose into the bush and were lost, for cattle frightened in this manner will go right away like mud things, it was very suddenly recalled in a very painful fashion. "For at that moment 1 perceived by the light of the fire, a- kind of gleam of yellow traveling through the air toward us. '"The lion! the lion!' hallooed Pharaoh, und us lie did so, he, or rather she for it was a great gaunt lioness, half wild no doubt with hunger, lit right in the middle of the skerm, and stood there in the smoky gloom, and lashed her tail and roared. J Bowed mv rifle and fired at her, but whut. bu- the confusion, und my agita- miupoBo in no other country in the Ho has a very world is the waste of animal life so great. "So, taking my riilo and telling Harry to follow me (for wo had to leave Pharaoh to look after the oxen, Pharaoh's lean kino, I called them), I started to »ec if anything could be found of or appertaining to the unfortunate Jim-Jim. The ground round our little camp was hard and rocky, and we could not hit off any spoor of tho lioness, though just outside the skerm we saw a drop or two of blood. Several hundred yards from the camp. and a. little to the right, was a patch of sugar bush mixed up with tho usual mimosa, and for thin. I made, thinking that the lioness would havo been sure to take her prey there to devour It. On we pushed through the long, grass that was bent down beneath the weight of tho soaking dew. In two minutes we were wet through up to the thighs, as wet us though we had waded through water. In due course, however, we reached the patch of bush, and in the gray light of the morning cautiously ll£IV,tl £J 1 v»».»j«J«^. -...-..- , , niy/'McFartand and Downing for starters. When tho sprint came \Ve1ls passed his competitors as though they were standing, and won the race In the fast time of two minutes eleven seconds. Tints far he has won more prizes tnau any rider In the tournament, and is improving In form every duy. In the race mentioned abovo the last half was ridden In 59 seconds. Charles S. said to be California's largo - ma n. He Is six feet, weighs \)Ctwecu'l35 and 200 pounds, and is 25 years old. ] I Is big, good natured manner has won 1 the'good wlllof 'his fc lows, lie first distinguished himself late in 1892, at Sacramento, by captur- ig three firsts and two seconds in llvo races. At different times in '93 he defeated every crack California!! competing at every meet held in the year. Ho has a very long, strong spurt, which generally starts at tho quarter __. . • i . . . 1 -^1. i. i.irit'tt*?/)!) 'frtl* Wells is est racing man and slowly It was very pushed our way into it. dark under the trees, for twocn tion und tho uncertain light, I m _ a icr and nearly shot Pharaoh. J he lash of tho rille, however, threw the whole scene into strong relict, and a wild one it was 1 can U:il you-wUh the seething muss of oxen twisted all around the curl, in BUUI a fashion that their heads looked as though they were out of their rumps und their the sun was not yet up, so wo progressed with the most extreme care, half expecting every minute to como across the -lioness licking tho bones of poor Jim-Jim. But no lioness could we see, and us for Jim-Jim, there was not the least, trace ot him to be found. Evidently they had not come,there. -So, pushing through the bush we proceeded to hunt cyory other likely spot about, with the same result. " 'I suppose she must have taken him right away,' I said at last, sadly enough. 'At any rate ho will be dead b" now so God have mercy on him, we can't: help him. What's to bo done now?' " 'I suppose that we had better wash ourselves in tho pool and then go buck' and got something to eat.' (TO BE COXTIXUBD.I pole. Three straight victories for Charles S. Wells was the .result of his match with Walter S. Poster at the indoor bicycle tournament at 'Frisco, April ?.. The greatest rivalry existed between these two riders, and the result was the match race for a purse of $400. The distances were one, two and five miles. All the races were won by less than' three feet. The time ot the different races were 2:02 2-5 for tho mile; 5:45 4-5 for tho two miles, and 31:10 for tho live miles. All the races were paced. International I.ticvnttso.. The lacrosse 'team of the Crescent Athletic elub of Brooklyn is to tour through England and Ireland; playing countries this spring. Lacrosse .In the United States has had a somewhat varied experience. It was introduced here by Canadian and Indian teams in tho early seventies, and though it has not been as popular as some other outdoor games, it has, by slow degrees, attained u. permanent place among sports. The Crescent club took up this game in 1801, although it was not until -IS!)!', that it received serious attention. In that year the team succeeded in wln- W-. -8.' 1-Meynnil Clarence H. Mackaj shot u match tit one hundred live birds each, at thirty yards rise and thirty yards boundary. Edey 'conceding the odds ot three misses us dead birds to his opponent, at the grounds of tho Country Club, In Wcs.tcliester, K »•• recently. Muckuy led during the first half of the contest, after which he met with some hard luck, rind Edey. who was the steadier, shot ahead and eventually won by u score of SO to 75. Ilollu Hcikes and Captain Bartlctt. spent u day at Charlotte, K. 0., on thciv way home utter a tour ol thu Southern states, giving exhibitions o! fast and r«nry- shooting with Winchesters. Burtlett did some trlelt shootlnR at Charlotte that astonished the native?, while Ilolkes contented himself by smashing forty-eight out ot a possible fifty inanimate targets for the benefit of tho local gun club. Heikeu and Burtlett also won two team contests. "L" Ticket Chopper-- llt» theft* , rott're putting two tickets in. . --* Old Soak-ThoB'h all i-l'-*there stt --I Vo o' While William Belong ot Cktntn4t» ' Pa., was driving along the toad with his butcher Avagon, a beat- smelt ntm. and began to follow him. The veaf dooi 1 was open and coming tip behind, Bruitt calmly climbed In and commenced! chewing on a li?g of mutton. His paw struck the lever which closes the dodf. it shut with a bang, and Belong, to hia Intense surprise, found that he httd live as well as dead moat aboard. Th« boar tried his best to escape, but couldn't, and Dolong drove four ifltlea to Carnmal, where the animal was Shot, and converted Into Uoth'H Keooetl. The record committee ot' tho Contur.v Road Club of America has decided by nomH Il Bce"mo.rto protrude from their bucks; the smoking uro with JUB| " Jim in had- biu"(> in the heart of the smoke; Jim- tho foreground, where tho oxen thrown him in their wild rush, out there in terror; und then a"centcr to tho '-picture ' the great lioness glaring found with hunsrv vellow eyes, uud nnmag and whining'us she made u,, her nnml what to do. -H did not take her long, jrort iho n that it takes a flash to din into and then, before 1 could lire ,lo anything, with u most .,u or snort «"'uns upon poor Jim- Jim- ' , . . , -1 heard the unfortunate lad xhr.ok, .,nd then almo« instantly I saw his Si thrown into tho air. The lioness S Steed Uim by the ue,k, und with a su 1. en J«* thrown his body over her S so that his legs hung down po, ho further side. A ClorloiiK Opportunity. A middle-aged man, with what appeared to be a. load on hits' mind, visited an arctic steamer and .seemed interested in whut he saw. "1 say," ho said to the officer on dock, "I'd like to go on the next expedition." "It's awfully cold up there, re- inavltod tho officer, discduraglugiy. "1 don't core about, that." "Vou'cl have very little to eal and mi gin have to starve." "That would't be pleasant," mud the visitor. "[ should any not," returned the ot- ficer, "and you might bo eaten by your oomvades," "Is that; so? Thai would bo distinctly bud," "And then," continued the officer, "you wouldn't w.c your wife for three years mid possibly longer, You know you can't take, her with you," "Well," returned tho gentleman, after a Ion's pause, "1 'think you can 'put mo down on-your books, Your -last argument captured me."—New York Dispatch. • .f, niug all its games, and established so flrm a foothold in the club .that since, then every game played upon the Bay Ridge grounds (the summer home ot the club) has been witnessed by u largo and enthusiastic audience. Sinco 1891V this team has defeated all the United States teams It.has met, thus virtually winning the championship each year. Among those teams were Harvard, L«e- high, Stevens, Johns-Hopkins, tho athletic c.Vib of tho Schuylkill navy and the Baltimore A. C. During the seasons of 189u and 1890 several closely ! contested games wore played with the Toronto university teum, while the Jut- tor were, the guests of the Crescent club at the Bay Ilidgo house. These games were as line exhibitions of lacrosse as have been seen in the 'United States for many years, Upon the return of the Crescent team in the spring other games will no doubt bo arranged with the Torontos, The trip abroad is to occupy about six weeks, the first five games being played in and near Manchester. Tho team then aoes south, to London, where'four or five games will . \Y. ROTH. a, unanimous vote to reject tho mileage claims of 3-1,000 miles submitted by k. W. Roth, of Chicago. The latter claims to have ridden this distance during lust your, and submitted testimony and affidavits attesting to the genuineness of hiB claim .to thu road club, but after u careful consideration oi! the record the club has rejected his record and Instead agreed cm A. Gracey, of tho Century Wheelmen, of Philadelphia, who rode 22,848 miles during 1896, us having won the twelve-months American mileage record and also the one-your century run last year.' Tho last previous mileage record was held by A. A. Hanson, of Minneapolis. Gracey Is one o£ the best known road riders in Pennsylvania. Ho rides constuntly, weather interfering put little with him. A Siirw Slgli. Her Brother—"Awfully bad news, sister." The Sister—"What?" Her Brother—"That count of youra is a boKUB one." The Slstor-^-"How did you llnd that outY" Her Brother-"! wfta tolling him today how Imrd up I wa«. and ho actually offered to lend mo $100."—Syracuse Post. A Very 8«<l CHUB. "Please to give mo Bome*hinR to eat, - ilr" says an' old -woman. "I had a ^ blind child—he w«« my only means ot subsistence—and tho poor boy has re-^ covered his a^tV'/ urunk for Twenty Ycnr«. A correspondent writes: "1 was drunk on and off for over twenty years, drunk" when I had money, sober when I "ad none Rlnny ilonr frioncls 1 lost, und nnd nuinbas save mo good advice to 110 purpose; but. thank God, au luigol htiurt came at last in. tnSformoimy "our wile, who admlni^ tared vour marvellous remedy, " Autl- Jag.", to jne'witLiout tny knowledge or consent. 1 am now saved mid -completely tram- foriuod from a worthless fellow to a &obei and respected citizen." If "Anti-Jug" cannot bo had at yoiu druKKist, it will be mailed in plain wrapper with full directions how to give &opreu>, on receipt ot One Hollar, by the Kenovo Chemical Co.. 00 Brpndwiy, *.ew York, m will gladly mall full particulars IICB to you. • The risk ot being struck by lightniiip; i* live times greater hi tho country than n> I eitiesi. Don't Tobacco Spit nnd Smote Vour Uf« iw«J. To quit tobacco easily and forever, bo mag- netlc, full of life, norvo mid vigor, take No"o-Baa, tho wouder-worker that makes woak men sti'ong. All druggists, Moor «. Cure guaranteed. Hooklot, and sample f ree; ndd,- Sterliug KemodyCo., Chicago or Now 1 ork. Accordiua to the latest reports of tho £1f °r., .r,im, in t-oninauv there avo vow VM Totopione Company H04.0S7 telephones in ttio hands oL us 11- ceusous. Tobolsk, ilussfn, is"tho oldest inhabited plucB iii tho world. A THOUGHT be played with teams venrcsqntlm; tho South of England Lacrosse association, Then, without po, slightest heHltutiou, und apparently .m«, she cleared the withou any skerm fence (limculty she ut a single bound, und with her. van- beyond, in the I •Urcudv described. Wo Jumped /mad with horror and fear, after her, " direction of tho bathing-place tout ° 11 h »-ha,a ( on the chant* thut she ould be Mghicnod by them into drop- SSSSSSf tai-inR Jim-Jim with her, at- lo foUow hbr until daylight was as. We should oply ta IhP visJc Pi "Sending a telegram, 1 ': says a Plilla- delphla telegraph man, "is serious business for the ordinary roan or woman. They .think, it's expensive and only use the wires when they have to. There's one exception, however, find n, kind of complimentary business that most people would never suspect. Whenever there's -A Hebrew wedding, that is, one of any importance, we handle scores of congratulations, hundreds sometimes, from all vans of the country. Thoy aye sent with .directions to deliver at a certaift hour and wo THAT KILLED A MAN I CHARLES S. WELLS, after which a rest will bo tulum and an opportunity afforded the men to visit points of interest iu and wound Lon•don. From London the team v}ll return to Munchootor, thenoo to JJeUa&t, whore four iinwes are scheduled, alter which they will return honw in time to piny their usual Tho Turf. Miss Anna Held, the actress, has jiirchaaed of N. H. 'Rowland, Kentucky, a handsome and well trained saddle lorsc, tho stated price being ?2,000. The stewards, of the,National Steeplechase Association have adopted BOV- jrul amendments to the rules, among ;he more important being those relating to regulation courses for steeplechases und hurdle races, and tho scale of weights to be carried by tho'con- tending horses. The amendments will bo brought up for confirmation- at tho next regular monthly meeting of the association. •' • • A meeting of prominent horsemen wua hold ut the Palmer house, Chicago, 111., the other day, at which a new trotting association, to bo known as the International Horsemen's Association, was organized. The stated ob- Jo-jt-B of the organization uro to improve tho trotter and pacer, protect the breeder, owner, trainer und driver of tho" light harness horse, and the .preservation and advancement of their lo- ciiimutc.' interests in nil brunches of the business. After tho adoption of a constitution and by-laws the .-follow* Ing' officers were elected: President, Thomas H. Oil), Milwaukee, Wis.; Urst Vi'ee president, James Golden, Medford, _ . «<., 1174111 urn f"1nt»i»lcrcili S UE thought that he could trifle H w ith disease. He was run „ down in health, felt tired Wi worn put. complained o« d'jFJ" ness, biliousness, backaches and headaches. His liver and kidneys were out of order He thought to get well by dosing himself with cheap loinedies. And then came the ending. He fell a victim to Brlght's disease I The money he ought to have. invested in a safe, reliable remedy went for a tombstone. is the only standard remedy in the world for kidney and Uver complaints, It is the only remedy which physicians universally prescribe. It 18 : the only remedy that is back> ed by the testimony of thou» 1 sands whom it h«s relieve* 5 and cured, rHgPg IS NOTHING BUSK THAT CAN TAKE ITS PUA Mass.; secretary, William Milwaukee; treasurer,, vis, A number of state dents wero uls u elected. Corrlga'u, J. Pavico presi- IT KILLS I potato MHS« gpnorally them, all to fte iajUBf* v< j "^** ^" * v jot t TI. not be much W»ve than «n hW »«< Jt a'MiWwsrHffa.wfl or place •wjiore the In oae bunch. It's J» held l tW»S f tW teftt Milwaukee • club is greatly Incensed over the way it is being treated by the major league in the Msper jnat- ter, > o£ «wa*U»K about the case 5 was releojed to !ff^7 r-^Tti W^EV* .y «• • er , »« , •>•'»>- if -ww T^-^imw^'-//^ - Tommy Corcoran will neither bo sold or exchanged by Cincinnati, but will be made (i sort of "horrible example" of .unless lie signs -\yitU that club. To can make up his pilud t}u\t iu ho lifts at Jft.^t , TWS o(o<*iifo. WW thw WPH a Cray Mineral Ash ' ' •s fully warrouted'wnoroaircrtloiii. lortiar llPle" Pu» PooU," Jtuwy s» N»tlon»l mining sntl WHIIna Q?., P«IUn>ers \u, ftocfe by all Icadlne ^o httd not QUO legitimate refusing tq ,9V«ft.jBlYP'Ur * ^r* ". i^' ,«.vi,« 1,1

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