Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 5, 1925 · Page 33
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 33

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1925
Page 33
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Y i FRIDAY EVENING a&lanD Crl&unc JUNE 5, 1925 33 ,:-r STANISLAUS CROP CONDITIONS GOOD ADVISER FINDS Indications Are for Larger Harvests in All Lines,. Jungerman Says. - MODESTO, June 5. Agricultural conditions are more favorable in Stanislaus county thjs year than In . 1984, A. A. Jungerman, cpunty farm adviser, states following an Investigation. -- The apricot crop will be twice as large as last year be reports. They have not suffered from frost. Judications show mere will be a 0 per cent yield of almonds, much better, than In 1924. Frost, shot-hole fungus and brown rot have reduced this crop somewhat, he, aid. .- The peach crop appears good. According: to Jungerman's report, Western: blight- has caused considerable Injury to the tomato crop . Stanislaus county has 4598 acres planted in cantaloupes this year and 3200 acres in sweet' potatoes. The former acreage is more than three times that of Merced county, Its nearest rival. The sweet potato acreage is a close second to that of Merced, the leader, with 3500 acres The grain crop on the west side f the county is light, due to heavy recent rains, which caused straw and grain to become discolored in ome places. Dairy conditions continue favorable throughout the county. The relation between cost of feed, particularly alfalfa hay, and butter has been extremely favorable during the past thirty dayu. Saturday shoppers see "Saturday Mark Downs," todays Classified pages. 500,000.000-Year-Old y ....... , . Trilohite Tail Is Fouiid By EDNA MARSHAM Spsclal Oorreipondent The Oakland TBIBuNE NEW YORK, June 6. Further sliding on - hands and knees light on the question of the arttual length of time life has existed on the earth may result from a recent expedition of explorers headed by Dr. Chester A. Reeds, associate curator in the geology department of the American Museum of Natural .History, into the depths of the numerous caves near New Market, Virginia. The explorers have -just returned to New York. In the course of a candle light examination of the rocks about a mile from daylight. Dr. Reeds came upon th$ fossilized, tail of a trilobite, a deep-sea creature which Dr. Reed estimates lived 500.000,000 years ago. Through this added proof that life so far back had progressed to such an advanced and intricate stage, and through further discoveries of fossils expected to be made. It Is hoped -it will be possible to compute how long before that life in its simplest form had its inception. CRAWLED THROUGH WATER. Dr. Re,eds and his party, lnclud-' ing Horace D. Ashton. Merle Tav-ory. Major B. T. Brown and Gordon Brown, made a midnight journey into deep caves, crawling through the winding tunnel of a subterranean stream, through caverns and corridors of brilliant hud, fantastically shaped rock. Among the finds were the remains of several other creatures which lived near the beginning of the world and a silent waterfall, the only one known to exist. TEMPIiE IS PUBLIC LIMIT. The adventure-seeking public is allowed to penetrate the endless caverns as far as "King Solomon's temple." At ten o'clock on the night of May 25 the five explorers left that "temple" carrying tallow candles with tin reflectors, sometimes walking in the bed of the endless of caverns, sometimes crawling over dangerous ledges above the river bed, sometimes through the water itself. Some distance in, the party came upon a large pool in a big cavern and here the fossils were found and here the water fall, 15 feet high, flowing over a curved surface onto stone of porous nature and making no sound in its descent. Only the waterfall which now cannot be passed prevented their going further. (Copyright, 1925, by CysoHdatcd Pren Ann,) RELIEF FUNDS TOTAL $6207.' The Mare Island Relief association has $6207 on hand. The total membership is 1740. 1LEJ0 PARLOR HOLDS ELECTION VALLEJO. Jun 5. Vallejo Parlor, No. 195, Native Daughters of the Golden Weftf, has elceted the following officers for the coming term: President Julia Hillr first vice-president. Elvina Woodward: second vice-president, ElizabethV Burns; third vice-president, Edith Schliemann; recording secretary, Mary Combs, financial secretary, Agnes Hunter: treasurer, Winnie Cassldy; organist, Helen Carr; marshal, Bessie Davidson! trustees, Jennie Ostello, Nellie Reilly and Anna Johnson; Inside sentinel, Caroline lawrence, and outside sentinel, May Donnelly. FISH EXPERTS WILL DISSECT "SEA MONSTER" SAN FRANCISCO, June 5. The head and tall of the "sea monster" found recently cast up on the beach at Santa Cruz and which, so far, has defied scientists as to its classification, will be brought here for disser'iun. Dr. B. W. Everman, director of the California Academy of Sciences, and Alvln Seale, superintendent of the Stelnhart Aquar ium, made a special trip to Santa Cruz to inspect the strange erea- ure s carcass. That it is a member of th grampus family which includee the bottle-nose whale Is the opinion of the fish experts here. The species is very rare, Seale said today, and tut one other of its kind has ever been killed on the California coast. Measurements SCHOOL BUILDING PLANS E VIEWED Commissioner William J. Moore-head reviewed the work end plans for the school, building programs of East Oakland at the Suburban Unity Club last night. , "The construction of the four-teen-room addition and auditorium of the Daniel Webster school," said Moorehead, "will be under way by July 15, 1925." A whist will be held June 15 at the home of B. F. Griffiths, 1908 Eighty-first a'fnue. made yesterday show the body to be 36 feet long. The head is b!x feet long. - - -11 - 1 i.n. i n i ii mi iummui . iiimi iwjiib i up 1 1 mi 1 1. mum n.i .11 rm u 11 11 miiMAiiM f JTVH1 II r 1 HOUSEWIVES At Washimgtoi and, clay street at THIS IS THE ONL.V TWO-DAVAJWEEK FREE MARKET IN OAKLAND TOMORROW MARKET - SATURDAY DAY Everything Fresh and Cheaper Than Elsewhere YOUR OPPORTUNITY to save money tomorrow at this big two-day-a-week Free Market. The only one in Oakland. Come as early as possible and read all our big specials on our BLACKBOARDS 160 Tenant&-plenty of competition in' Fruits, Vegetables, Bacon and Ham,. Butter and Eggs, Cheese, Meats, Fish and Poultry. Deal Direct No Middleman's Profit: FOR INSTANCE 10-LB. FREE! 1 Cloth Bag Pure Cane 150 tin of SUGAR. 57c VELVET :".rh' 85c TONY JUSTI FULL-SACK TONY Clay Street Entrance Carload of fancy, large Eastern Bananas special, per dozen 20c, 25c and 30c Fancy, large Sunkist Lemons, dozen. .5c, 10c and 15c Mayflower Peaches, 2 pounds for . -15c Gooseberries, large baskets 5c A good time to preserve your berries, as sugar can be bought by housewives in this market for less than wholesale. Seedless Grape Fruit, Oranges, l'ancy Black Cherries, Rasp-berries. Strawberries, guaranteed Watermelons and Cantaloupes. , INDEPENDENT POULTRY COMPANY Fricassee Hens, pound 30c Roasters, fresh killed, pound -35c Live Broilers, 6 for. $1.00 Fresh; Large, White Ranch Eggs, dozen . . . 37c NELSON'S MEAT MARKET QUALITY Clay Street Side QUANTITY Boneless Roast Veal, per pound '20 t Shoulder Boast Veal, per pound 14C Breast of Veal, per pound 4 120 Yearling Legs of Lamb, per pound 256 Choice Pot Roast, per pound 14 , j . , A Radio Knockout! THE MAIN EVENT WASHINGTON ST. ENTRANCE 50 RADIOLA III SETS Reg. $37.50. Complete $27.50 The Radio Corporation's two-tube "Wonder Sets" Completely equipped;' to be sold at cost. These are all new models not a discontinued set--guaranteed In every way. Come early as hey won't last long.. $2.95 SCIENTIFIC HEAD SETS, 3000 ohms, $1.95 $5.50 Federal Audio TRANSFORMERS, 3y2 to 1, $2.55 MARTINELLI POULTRY DEPT. FRESH KILLED MILK FED ' Q for d A A DRESSED BROILERS. ............. O J1.UU LIVE BROILERS ; 3, 4 and 5 for. ...$1.00 I NELSON'S: 'HOUSEWIVES ' MEAT MARKET QUALITY Washington Street Entrance ' QUANTITY Prime Rib Roast, per pound .". 18c Fresh Ground Sausage Meat, per pound 15c Legs of Veal, per pound ......... i ......... . .22M.C MEYER CARASH The Price Cutter StaU 72 ""it I Cucumbers, 5 for Potatoes. IS lbs. Largo Oranges, dozen . . i .20 Cherry Plums, lbs. . . i . .25c Gooseberries, 8 lbs. .25$ -New Apples, S lbs... .....25t r- '. i " - t...ioe Whito Asparagus, lb...... 5$ Strawberry lUmburb S pounds for lSd Summer Squash, S lbs;... tOtf HORGAN ftCAMTT CHICKS. LOOK FOR THE NAME MORGAN m .White Lufhorna, 1ed' Hoek, Minorca, C White WyeniloHes ' PEKIN DUCKLINGS. iXo'"".""" Saturday Special Del Monte Sliced PINEAPPLE No. 2lz can ) "PHONE FOR FOOD" 23e f 1 Saturday Special R&R BONED CHICKEN No. lz can am m m m m a m m 11 11 1 r i I 1 1 1 1 1 1 i Saturday Special , SniderV CATSUP Pints At All aw Grocer 8 Tomorrow There's an O'W Grocer in Your Neighborhood Saturday Special LILY LUNCH SET 71 c Fine for Picnics EAST OAKLAND A. C. BYRNES 4749 E. 14th St. FREMONT FOOD SHOP 5001 Bond St. DIMOND GROCERY CO. 3465 Fruitvale Ave. IDEAL MARKET 1502 13th Ave. FAIRFAX QUALITY MARKET 5383 Bond St. Fairfax Grocery 5390 Bond St. FRUITVALE COMMERCIAL CO. 2601 E. 27th St. GILLAM BROS. 2238 13tWAve. . . - GARDELLA BROS. x3258 Foothill Blvd. 4032 Foothill Blvd. HOPKINS CO. 1437 23rd Ave. D. HEAGERTY . 4100 E. 14th St. h( CALLERI 3800 Foothill Blvd. LARSON CASH GROCERY 3872 E. 14th St. MacDONALD'S MARKET 2884 38th Ave. F. G. MULLER 2400 11th Ave. PIERCE'S QUALITY MARKET 2813 Park Blvd. F. J. ROSE 3229 14th Ave. SOUZA BROS. 1450 47th Ave. S & W GROCERY 3622 Park Blvd. -W. L. SHREVE , . J. 1633 E. 14th St. . i : WH1TT INGTON'S SERV. STORE 3074 Fiuitvale Ave. r ; BERKELEY Ourbusiness ideals are high Our promises are kept We alwsiyteljer. Locate the store nearest to you OAKLAND HUSING BROS. 318 14th St. V. FAILING 6601 Telegraph Ave.. E. FRIZ 688 14th ST. FITZSIMMONS GROCERY 1069 12th St. D. L. FUNK 4157 Broadway GRAND AVENUE GROCERY 701 Grand Avenue LYMAN & PAUL 6401 Shattuck Aye. H. LUEDDEKE 906 7th St. LUTGEN & NOLAN 11th and Market Sts. OAKLAND AVENUE MARKET Oakland and Santa Clara GLENWOOD GROCERY 3820 Telegraph Ave. C. L. NEILSEN . 6401 Telegraph PARKER GROCERY 2801 Telegraph Ave. s J. J. PETERS 2305 San Pablo Ave. SHASTA MARKET 427 38th St. , ALCATRAZ GROCERY r 439 Alcatraz Ave. J. STRALLA 4201 Market St. STRAND MARKET v f 3315 Telegraph Ave. SUNKIST GROCERY :', 2401 Harrison St. W. R. WILLETT 6207 College Ave. WERUM BROS. 10th and Oak Sts. WHITE STORE - 4201 -Telegraph Ave. -Li G. McCORMACK 3466 Telegraph A ve.j BERKELEY GROCERY 2436 Telegraph Ave. BISCHOFF & FOWLER 2848 Grant St. D. D. CORY ' 2501 Telegraph Ave. H. A. DAVENPORT & CO. 1500 Shattuck Ave. GEORGE HUNRICK 2649 Ashby Ave. LINCOLN MARKET 2119 University Ave. NICHOLS, GROCERY 2707 CoIIegefAve. R. SALZBERGER . 2206 Milvia St. O. B. VAN SICKLE 2185 Shattuck Ave. QUALITY GROCERY 2002 SaivJablo Ave. PIEDMONT HAMBY & DAVIS 348 Highland Ave. PIEDMONT AVENUE CALDEN & BRAY 3750 Piedmont Ave. JOHNSON'S MARKET 4154 Piedmont Ave. PIEDMONT GROCERY. 4038 Piedmont Av. ALAMEDA ACME GROCERY 2172 Encinal Ave. 1910 Encinal Ave. 1 2707 Encinal Ave. ALAMEDA FRUIT MARKET 1354 Park St. , V GEORGE W. HICKMAN 1552 Webster Sf. ' F. W. PERRYMAN ' 2801 Encinal Ave. WEBSTER ST. GROCETERIA 1527 Webster St:' ; v SPECIALS FOR- SATURDAY; -JUNE - 6 YOUR SUNDAY DINNER When you begin buying for a Sunday dinner you realize how much you really spend for things to eat. Our food is the never-ending bill. That makes it the best place to save. You1 buy for less in this big market. I SAUERKRAUT, No. 21 tin 8c GhlrardelU's Ground Chocolate, 1 lb. tin . . . Pioneer Minced Clams, tin ...... . . Salt, 1 lb. bag...'. Prunes, sweet Santa Claras, Cooked, ready to", serve, 7 -ounces to the tin. v.- J each ........... . v. .-. J 24c 17c 2ic 27c 10c 22c MINUTE TAPIOCA, pkg. , lie We wm-rre the rtTit ia limit aiitlle Grocrff fa I ' Klngsford Gloss Starch, 6-Ib. wooden box. Rcgn- JJA . lar 77c value OuC Llbby or Del Monte,- Iiarge, white Asparagus. AO. 2t square tin. .'. ... Carnation Wheat Hakes, 20-oz. pkg.., Ijog Cabin Syrup, small tin , Morris MatchIe$VEastern Sugar Cured 'OOlLf Hamt. half or whole, lb ...... 2 W bhbbbb Harris' Ham and Bacon Standaan Fresh Raviolis, carton of 4 dozen. Special; Saturday , . Rampone's Delicatessen, opp. Golden, State Batter StanSmmtm Walnuts, unbleacEed and of medium size, IQu full meats in soft shells, lb 1 ; rj Nat Snyder, Clay St. Entrance! 20 BONELESS COD FISH, lb. . 15c Kesater's Delicatessen i THREE BIG CHEESE SPECIALS FULL CREAM MONTEREY JACK, lb.. .24y2c ORE(G6l LOAF, lb;;i .;. . ,.,.rj25c FANCY IMPORTED SWISS, lb ... . ..... . .49cV. BMBMSMiE, Rose.' Stand 30, Opp. Nelson Bleat Co-, isasanisasa FRICASSEE HENS, lb; 25c & 30c 38c 89c iBssasBBBBiaMa Poultry , DeptasaaBaBSBSsBBssi EGGS, strictly fresh large ranch, 2 doz, 75c; per doz BtJTTER, Bohemian brand, fresh pasteurized, 2 lbs. 7. ..... . aaBBBBBBBBBBBna Hra. R. Loola, Golden State Batter 8tand.i LARGE LAYER CAKES, assorted icings, each. 28c Nasaaa Baker, Clay St. entrance CORN BEEF (lean plate), lb,,. .... .. ..6c Beef SHOULDER ROAST Xbest cuts), lb. 14c Veal SHOULDER ROAST (milk fed), lb. 15c Nelson Meat Co., Sonthweat Cor. of WarkMi EGGS BUTTER Strictlv fresh nullets. ; 2 doz. 55c, per dozen . , . . , . . ; L . , (Limit 4 dosen) ,v ib: ......... :44e aBBBBBBamaannBHHrs.' R. Wright, Mayrose Butter StandnsnaaaMannM RASPBERRY SPONGE LAYERS , 35c WALNUT POUND CAKE (16 oz.), each, :30c APPLE SAUCE CAKE, each . ......... . V, .20c ...MaaaiaaiaMBMlIoffatt't BakeryaBBnaBBBBBBBBBBaBaaananBaanav SALAD OIL own container ; ... $1.27 BBBBBBBaBnanaBBBBBBBn Snlftd Oil Stand, opp. Kessler'sanaannana Lindsay Ripe Olives, -J. nimitfl ei7a nt 1 C ' fit. Large size, P 20c 35c aBBBBBaaBBaasa Ripe Olive Stand, opp. Mrs. A. Le vit sBBBBBBBBaaaan BUTTER, fancy creamery, lb. 45c CHEESE, Oregon Longhorn, lb. ......... 29c BSBBBBiaBBBBBBBBBBBBBnan HrS. A. Lcvlt. Stand SlBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBt ' COFFEE as you like it 11 : . 35c It's our J Y Select Blend. When next'ln" need'of coffee gWe ft a trial. We aro featuring your favorite blena of tea, lb., 456 and 50. . ' ' ' . ' r Money-Back Coffee Stand Roast Beef off the Round, lb. . ....... . .20c: Spring Lamb Shoulder Roast, lb . . . V U . 1 7c Lamb Stew, lb. .... ...150 bbbbbbbbbi Cesser Bros.' Meat Dept., Washington St. EntranceBaaBBBBBB TOBACCO SPECIALS So AliHAMBRA ROYALS .34 OBAKS, pkg. of 12. ....7H VELVET, Pocket Tin 1 1 H GRANGER ROCGII CUT, IOC" foil. ........ i ....... . .7 W BEECHNUT SCRAP, JOc . size. . . . i '.".,..8 Tobncoo Pepwrtment South Aisle GOLD MEDAL BUTTER "HEATHIZED" Your surety for purity. ' bbbbbbbbb Mrs. A. Iievlt Stand SI Sole Aitent (or this Market bbbbbbbb FRESH SALMON, 2 lbs. ...,.35c ABALONE STEAK, pound .......... ..45c FANCY SMOKED SALMON, ib. ...... 35c CALIFORNIA OYSTERS, per 100 .... :60c Fancy Large NORTHERN SHRIMPS, lb. 50c Crlvello onposlte Lesser Bros. NEW POTATOES .7 lbs. 25c CELERY, crisp, white, per bunch, 10c and 5c Mlrrlsst Cntera Stand 53 NEW POTATOES, fancy white Uplands, ........ 7 lbs. 25 c bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbmb .1. A. Ilowaru Stand 6.1 ' BBBBBBBBBBBBnannBa Notice to Subscribers ' ' ' " ; . '' ' ' , During vacation time, we are pleased to forward The TRIBUNE to you by mail or through our Agents without additional cost. - , . ' On leaving or returning to your home, your iniructi"ri for service pThe TRIBUNE jvill receive our prompt p 1 careful attention. Notify Circulation Departmfnt ly i ' or phone Lakeside 6000. c 7'

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