The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 12, 1897 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 12, 1897
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1868, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, 1897, VOL, XXXtt'-NO. Forget This. BIG SAYING TO THE STATE, A SALABt BEDtJOTIOtf Of $21,000. One Result of the Legislative Session— Solons Have Adjourned to Meet Again Briefly in July. While others are talking of special bargains we also have some to offer, i Call and get our prices on Bottle Goods and Crockery. DBS MOINES, May 11.—The twenty- sixth general assembly has adjourned, having completed its work. By resolution it was agreed that a session would be held the first of July simply to adjourn finally. The July meeting will be without expense to the state in any manner whatever, and it is understood there will be no legislation. The legislature met Jan. 19 and has been more M. Z. Grove & Son. 102 E. State St. TBI/BFHONB 19. We have a beautiful ".'.v:',- line of this spring, all extra good values, selling at faithfully in session than any other that ever met in the state. It has been expensive, but much money has been arranged to be saved by changes in laws. Practically every salaried officer in the state has been given attention. The salaries of the railway commissioners, the physicians of the hospitals for the insane, and many others have been reduced. During the closing hours a joint resolution was adopted fixing the number of employes in the various state offices and designating their. salaries. By this joint resolution alone a saving will be made of $21,000 a year. When the business of the state was removed from the old to the new capital there was a great Increase in the number of employes, especially as regards janitors. Matters have gone on from year to year until it was thought necessary to make some corrections. The soldiers' monument commission was abolished and the remainder of their business turned over to the executive council. The office of oil inspector was abolished also and the assistant inspectors will report to the executive council. Some very rapid and earnest work was done in the closing hours. The joint resolution cutting down and regulating the salaries of the state house employes was prepared by Senators Carpenter and Trewin. It creat ed much commotion as might be sup posed, and will result in several worthy persons losing their jobs. The state green house is abolished, although Geo Motzger says it cost the state Jess than $100 a year to maintain it. In all wave of economy some mistakes are made The printing bill was finally agreed to in the house committee by a vote of 1 to 1. The bill reported was the senat bill with a dozen or more amendments cratio member. The committee elect* ed Senator Trewin chairman. Senator Ellis vice chairman, and Mr. Finch secretary. The general assembly elected E. C. Ebersoleof Tama county to the position of editor. The annotators have not yet been chosen. The work will begin at once, as the book must be out by Oct. 1. 4- •+• •*• Before adjournment the senate and house adopted the wild rose as the official fiower for Iowa. It has already been erigraved on the silver service to be presented to the battleship Iowa. The wild rose grows in beauty on the prairies of Iowa voluntarily and without cultivation. 4-4-4- The conference committee report on the revenue bill has been adopted by both houses. The basis of taxation is fixed at 25 per cent. Telegraph and telephone companies are required to report to the executive council. Express and sleeping cur companies are exempt from the operation of the law, • 4- We want every woman in Algona to try a sack of Your correspondent has performed his task during this legislative session under many difficulties and has done the best he could to keep your readers posted, using as little space as possible. He now takes his leave .with regret, believing, however, that when the people of the state are familiar with the work of the extra session it will be approved. L._YOUNG. SWEA CITY IS BOOMINCK A List of Hew Buildings That Speaks Well for the Spring of 1807—More BulldliiK Notes. Talking about exposing fresh pine to the sun this spring little Swea City is doing more of it than any town in those parts. Here is a list of improvements jur veracious correspondent has listed, and probably some have been overlooked. They include buildings yet to be finished and to be built: C. J. Johnson a two story building White Flour; and in order to have them do so we will give for the next two weeks, an elegant Nutmeg Grater tree with every sack. Langdon & Hudson. TBI/BPHONB NO. IS. 22x32 feet, market. to be occupied as meat $3.1 PER ACRE And Ten Years' time in which to pay for it. Of course you can't buy improved farms for that, but the Northern, Pacific Railway Com- U\£y infLyi^/ »****»*•••--•--••-- 1 .- - - - pany has hundreds of thousands of acres of from 75e to $7.00 a pair, line of Also a big Opaque Shades in all ready to hang, from 250 up. We carry material in all widths and can make you any notice. stock curtain size on short G. L Galbraith & Co. IF YOU NEED NEW COOK STOVE, Pump, Barb Wire, anything in the Hardware line, or in the way of Coal, come and see me. W. H. JONES, HOBART, IOWA. Don't Forget that we always have on hand all kinds of grain and ground feed, bran, shorts, and oil meal at reasonable prices; also The Standard Bred Trotting Stallions of all kinds and grades. Goods delivered to any part of the city, Sired by Axtell, 5183, record 3:13, and PHilLO, 26750, Sired by Phallas, 1446, record 3 :13H, will serve a limited number of approved mares while in training at the fair grounds, Algoua Iowa, after July 1,1897, For particulars address J, p, KENEFICK, BELMOND, IOWA. H. L, C, & N. W. Elevator. M, v, HA6S4BP- G, I*. PBBK DR, fc, A, SHEETZ, Drugs and. Medicines, ^^MSS'w^t^Yffi.w^g^Si* 0 * Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Sinith.l Abstracts, Real Estate,^,' I Collations, ALGQNA, IOWA. The amendments were adopted and the bill passed the house without opposi tion, the vote being practically unanimous. The senate concurred in the amendments and the bill has been enrolled. The new law continues the offices of state printer and binder, but creates a new scale of prices, to becoma effective at the close- of the terms of the present incumbents. There was some sentiment in favor of putting the reduction into force at once, but when it was considered that the printer and binder had made investments with the understanding that the prices were to be a certain figure it was at once conceded that it would be unjust to make the change operative at once. With salaried persons who have no investment it would be different. The new law not only reduces the amount- of printing but also reduces the prices to a point lower than a majority of the unprejudiced witnesses testified. For plain type setting the price was cut from 50 to 48 cents per 1,000. It is understood there-has never been any profit in the plain work. It is required that the printer shall receive pay for the press work on all (kinds of jobs, but to receive no pay for type setting. As a consequence he will lose money on the verv work which has heretofore been the most profitable. The bill gives no extra pay for night work and authorizes no compensation for changes in COPV. The state binder's prices were correspondingly reduced. For the first 100 pamphlets of 16 pages or less the price was cut from $1.25 to 80 cents Cloth-bound books of 400 pages were cut from 25 to 21 cents, and cloth-bourn books under 150 pages are to be at 1 ents. Half sheep bound books of 40 ages were cut from 40 to 26 cents, session laws were cut from 11 to 10 ents. These are samples of the reduc- ionsmade. The printer and binder estimate that the new law will reduce he amount of yearly work done by joth establishments the sum of $18,000, and the reduction may be even greater than that. The senate bill reduced the )inder's gross receipts $6,500 on the basis of the work of 1895, which was the normal work of the office, $16,244. The gross receipts of the bindery under the lew law in any one year after the code work is out will be less than $9,000, and the printing and binding together after the code work is done will cost the state less than $31,000. -T- -j- -*• The following is a statement of the result of the new law in saving money for the state in clerk hire of the various state offices; NOW paid out. Adjutant general..* 3,300 Attorney general.. 3,300 Auditor,... o'inn Clerk court 3.700 Dairy com'r 1.200 Governor g.OOO Library Mine inspectors... Railway com'r.... Secretary of state. Superintendent. • Supreme court...- ARMING LANDS O. J. Anderson adds another story to his furniture building. Johnson & Pearson have built an addition to their store building. Swan Selander has built an addition on the north side of his blacksmith and wagon shop. A. P. Jensen has built a two story dwelling house. J. W. Begleys, a one and three- fourths story dwelling house. P. Sivertson a two story house on Park avenue. , Dan Knutson, a dwelling on N. Third | street. Victor Johnson, a dwelling on Fourth avenue. O. H. Rosenberg, barn on his prop- ortv J/A. Chronholm, a big home on I :IF=• • Mi "°° •• d ^b^±± n riiX±ffi^r'^ i S3?^s actual settlers at from in Central Minnesota, which it is selling to ;o to $3.00 per acre, on TEN YEARS' The prices are Cheap, but The Lands are Good. •a , '-F / -fe Let Knutson, cottage. Mrs. Florilla Hampton, cottage. C S. Sparks will soon erect a tine dwelling house in Richmond's fourth addition. . ..,-, Mrs. Allie Anderson is to build a dtchen on her already commodious [welling. • ..... , B. M. Richmond, an addition to to .00 per acre a, MV , o .... of tow mill. . , Farmers' co-operative elevator. M. E. parsonage, Richmond's third addition. , . Swanson & Oleson, a two story business building 22x66 feet, is now going UP R. M. Richmond will enlarge one of his dwellings in his fourth addition. WE have just received a new invoice of floor mattings. Can sell you a good quality for 16c a yard. 1 GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. Now Is tlie Time to Get a Home. The Chicago & Northwestern railway has just published a newspaper called The Northwestern Home Seeker, giving facts about the great state of South Dakota and the advantages it possesses for the pursuit of agriculture, dairying and cattle raising, Lands can be had at present upon most favorable terms, and there is every indication of a large immigration into the state this season, Correspondence is solicited from intending settlers, and a copy of the pa- ner will be mailed free upon application to W. B. Kniskern, 22 Fifth Avenue, Chicago, 111.—7t4 Stop IF'a-^rlrxg' ISen-t I Be IrLd.eperLd.erLt I For maps, prices, and terms of sale, call upon DINGLEY, COOK & CO., Local Sales Solicitors, Algona, Iowa, or write to WM. H. PHIPPS, Land Commissioner, Northern Pacific By. Co. Eastern Land Agent, N. P. Ry., ST. PAUL, MINN. Kossuth County State Bank, Vice Present; , E WIS H. SKITS , Ol . , Mrectors-Wm. H, Ingham, John G. Smith, J. B, Jones, T. OUrischilles, Lewis H. Smith, J, W. Wadsworth, Barnet pevlne. _ ____ __^_ •.^ First National Bank of Algona, CAPITAL ........ . • ........... $50,000 ' Chas. J. Doxsee, , l-»00 0,480 3,700 1.060 800 1,080 Under resolution, 8 3,530 v 3 340 7,730 3.100 730 0,400 3320 300 1,340 4,340 8130 900 2,500 3,40 i',080 000 Sav- tm J 6E 960 3,430 000 480 300 1,500 701 060 3,140 58 150 800 480 900 Dlrectors-D. H. Hutchlns, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller, F, H. Vesper, Ambrose A, toil T? TT ctTiflTipflr "Win K. 3T0rtrU80n» Money always on handto loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class security, Special attention given to collections. __^_^^I^^^^M«»»»«»»»I^^™MM»»» Algona State Bank, 1 it* '•f"j*5Si ' • %& w$ .M •«vN i £;$ Betate, Office in Gep. 0. Call Building. 1 Officers and Directors- 1 A. D, Clarke, President, 0 0. Ohubb, Vice Prest., Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, Geo. L. Gralbraith, Fred, M. Miller, Myron Sohencli, T»os. F, CopUe, CASH CAPITAL, $60,000, General Banking. PWVAVB 8A.WWY PSPQ8W ^BTlnterest paid on time deposits. 'm ORIGINAL NOTICE. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE of Iowa in and for Kossuth County, May Terinrise^-AbbieApplegartb, plaintiff, vs. GKHO. C by notified ] tbttpenoi in the above fintitied cause is now filed iu the office of the c?erk of the disWct court of the state of Iowa, in and for KoslutU county, claiming of you a divorce for cruel and inhuman treatment; and "_•,„;,„%,«,, or,r>anvt.vmvfit,n and defend before SET 'WATER OR NO PAY, a^eplgftea haj a complete ttni Calls Will Drilling Outfit, Pflintini will be in the market for your $31,357 Treasurer . Agr'l society...... Board of health... Historical dept.... Geological Custodian Total $51,400 Increase in executive council dept. Total net decrease in expense •7- -i- -t- The Tewple amendment was finally "i and will go over to, the. next assembly. •*- + •*• The code supervising oQWWittee was selected ae follow On the part ol the senate, Trewin and KUtui on \¥ P av i of the &«*»«. «»y* >, _ ^ said court, .,-. — tlie 84th day of entered against rendered v' 5W May, 1807, default Will be ment ana decree Six per cent Interest on Time Deposits for money left three months or more, Money always on band to loan on first mortgages, secouft 4 " ^jnortgages, and good collaterals. Notes bought. ' ".m BKia & uuw.BJxvy.tV' Attorneys for Plaintiff. TAX To Rachie B. Stough adBfcas. w. Waldo, and all unknown claiWntssYou are hereby Sotifledthat on the <fth day of December, 1803,WWWWOTolKossxUh county, Iowa, at atax sale holden at the court house In Al- Kona inlaid county, sold the following described ml estate, situated in said county, to ° u ** wv :*_* .** „ "7._ ^ n i4»»nn«4- 4-airaa t.V»ttl>«rtll A. I via; The Aisoua Deposit & Loan Assn, wm GUARANTEE Call at offices f ov partieulai's, Offices over Algona State Bftfll? PERCENT. Chamber Suits, SI feVd b &w^ uimmwwi ifmim w* m<rt nmiTi>.v. nnnvftvine Bald "01611X1868 tO tAG "• i*uu¥*v** wm "y* tKe treasurer of "i the W w w such redemption within ^v*v^ I days ^ V

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