The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 5, 1897 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1897
Page 6
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-V V*.?! *= -, f«'\ ' jj' - % '• ' , • ' f i- , ' • ? j v 3-!~';. J *C'%-fS?feS ->' ' ,',- •<•" • * y i_- 'i.»-"JSi.^'; THE UPPER PE8 MOINggi ALGOKA. IOWA . WKDMC8PAY..MAV 6.JgW. IN IOWA A BUftGLAft KILLED. i fetllW Htdt« AUempllns to p, j*', . . fetter » Star*. !,>,„ lo^ACltTi Hat- 1.—C, W. f r.*-tr CtnAn !lJii*r»S. April 30.-—Th* contract has jtjst been let fo* the efection of the Masonic temple, Whteh will be Ofire of th* finest structures in the state, and trhich when completed will Mre cost nciriv 5140,000. It is to be ?•«..,» general tnerchantlise store at West ftfSneh, was broken into at 1 a. m. afid fidward kafferty. who comimitted tnfe crime, was killed practically on th£ spot Mr. Tetter ha*l prepared a ffcn trap, which was fixed to discharge j a load into the hand of whoever it j should meet. The string was a little longer than anticipated, and when the toaarattder thrust his hand into thc store, after jngiriing -with the latch, the load passed, not into that member, but into his side. He fell to thc frdnnd mortally woumletl. and when fter. Mr. Hadley. who was aroused by the report, sent aid. he was fon nd weltering- in a pool of his own gore. fie died shortly afterward. FAMOUS MAN IN TROUBLE. ] ercelctt on the t-orner of tirst avenue First street. It will be 72x140 feet, fire stories high and constructed of the very best material thronjjhont. Work is to eommcnfc in a few ilays* j { j s to fa eonipletecl br December r. John AVealer Helper Arraij^nml On j Srrloiw Charge*. j CEDAB RAPIDS. May 2.—llev. John j Wesley Oeiger, of Marion, the noted I divine and lecturer and prominent in j fraternal work in Masonic and other I Ottnrnwn fniclde. OrrrmvA, May i—Everett B. Porter committed suicide by taking an ovcr- ; dose of morphine, lie was a nephew i o£ lion. Robert I'orter, of tho wholc- | sale firm of Porter Bros. & Hack worth, and well known over the state. The cause is not yet known. IOWA CONDENSED. Ualfcy, the 10-year-old son of Dr. I, H. Fry. of Marshalltown. widely known in state medical circles, was recently killed by falling off his saddle- horse onto the pavement. Death was instantaneous from concussion of the brain. •I. C. Long and bis wife, Anna L. ', have been on trial at Hampton ALL OVER THE WORLD WA» IN EUROPE. April 27.—The Tag-eWatt announces that a definite agreement has been reached between Russia and Austria concerning- Tnrkey. The terms of the agreement, it is tinder- stood, are that the s-.zltan shall renounce Crete, that the czar shall be given a coaling station at Snda Bay in that island, and that in return llus- jria shall guarantee the integrity of Turkey. To this agreement Ans'tria, France and Germany will, it is nader stood, give their consent ATHESS. April 27.—A dispatch from Aria reports that the Greeks ha re captured I'laka. Another dispatch says that Plaka and Fc&tepigadia have been occupied by the Greeks after abandoned by the Turks, who have also abandoned Kaletzia. Col. SEVEN NEGROES LYNCHED. I Man 3h*riii>r*«f A* •fit* x. Texas, May 1.—A mob* of negroes took from a room at Snnny- s5de, Texas, where they were being guarded. Fare-tie Rhone, aged 31; Will ftntes, 35: I^ewis Thomas. 20: Aaron Thomas. J3: .Tim Thomas. 11: Kenny Thomas. 2.x the foul 1 latter bcint; j brothers, and Will' Williams, ali i negroes, and hanged the first named Jo an oak tree. seventh Was disappeared. hanged. but The negroes su. Tin has all JMBP01SK THE TtJfcKS. BETTER NEWS fcECEtVED PROM GREECE. <it-cat ttattle Salt! to More Been tVon rit Vclfdtlho by tic-h. ShiolmsM'R lirl- pade•—Snlt&n IJtctattB Tcrmn of i'fttct- - -Fmncfc Wartts an Artfilr.llcr, Athens, April 30 (midnight).—A telegram just received hero says a groat battle has boon fought, at Velestino 1w- tween a Turkish force of 8.000 nnd Tho tils- the bodies of the two oldest by setting fire to the cabin where the crime occurred, and throwing the little one's bodv into the well. Old man Daniels bodies, has boon cited by the Daren- j port association of Congregational churches to answer to charges of immoral and unminislerial conduct. The charges arc preferred by two women and various members of his charged with the murder of Mr. I Long's IG-year-old daughter, Lclin. by a former marriage, and thc jury after having been out. nearly twenty-four hours, returned a verdict of not guilty. For several years it has been nppar- congregation. Kev. Mr. Geiger denies } . -v j •< en * h ° l 3t * question of time the charges and has sued llev. G. S. Rollins and G. \V. Stratlon in thc r court of Shelby county for damages in the sum of 3-."<,OCO, alleging conspiracy and libel. HE MAY LOSE A FORTUNE. Jtcqncst to .Tnntes Cutler, of O«ago, Js Attacked in Indiana. I.A POP.TK, Ind.. April 30.—Morris Cutler, of Waukcsha, Wis., died re- icently, leaving an estate valued at from 51,000.000 to 81,500,000. James Cutler, of Osage, Iowa, a brother, was named as the sole beneficiary, in addition to which the codicil provided for bequests to chnreh and charitable institutions. The Cutlers residing in La Porte and at other points in northern Indiana, of close relationship to the deceased, have begun contest proceedings, and eminent legal talent has been employed to break the will, but upon what grounds is not known. ESPE IS A DEFAULTER. fifarUlnfr Rcrelatlons in Connection AVith Kadcliffc Bunk. Er.DonA. May 3.—The State Dank of Tladcliffe and the lladclift'e .Savings bank, of Kadcliffc. Hardin county. have consolidated under the name ol the former bank. II. II. Espe, cashier of the Eadcliffe Savings bank, has been difccovercd to be :i defaulter to a large amount. llo has skipped for 'parts unknown, leaving a lartre number of creditors and deserting a. family of small children, his wife being in thc insane asylum. Xetterticltl Acquitted. OSKAI.OOSA, May- :.'.—The jury in the Netterfield trial came in after being j-iit twenty-four hours with a veidict i»f acquittal. The ca&e cost the comity thousands of dollars. George Xcttcr- Jield. in a drunken row at Carbondale, killed George Golightly last December. lie was arrested and jailed, and had a two weeks' trial with a hundred witnesses. He was four months in the Bounty jail, and, it is said, will sue Mabafeka county for false imprisonment. Tho verdict is a surprise, inasmuch as he admitted having done the shooting, but claimed it was in Suicide of W. IJ, Davis. N, May 1. —W. 13. Davis, a farmer living bix miles south of this place, was found dead in his burn, having hung himself with a rope-. lie • had mortgaged a cav load of cattle to parties in Mapleton, but the cattle ,' belonged to his brother, which fact " vfttR just discovered, and settlement ivas impossible, us he had very little property. This is supposed to be the 'reason of his hanging himself. His and two children were visiting in Alleged Couuterfeltorx. DEB MOJXBS, April 30.—-Deputy |- 'Edited States Marshal Ilillwcg brought Des Moiues Miles and Myron brothers, aged 27 and 30 respectively, and whom lie at Perry, charging them with Miles copfesscd fully Myroq partially. Miles \vqs oyer to tho gr»pd jury j« 81,000 ,which ho failed to produce, and will have his preliminary howr- May f?,~ A. K. Kramer, ]Jopk»ntou postmaster, .ftttpiwptpd Biiiuj^c whou Ins wps discQverud, pleaded federal court, Judge ' until thc exorbitant prices demanded by thc manufacturers of bicycle;; would have to take a tumble. That this theory has now become a condition is apparent to those who have investigated the strictly high grade wheel just placed on the market by the Harrah ,fc Stewart Mfg. Co., of Des Moines, la, Ilcnry V. Duffy, head of the largest mercantile establishment ,in Waukon. was found shot through the heart on opening tbe store a few mornings since. He was in his night clothes and had a cocked revolver iu his hand. None of thc chambers were emptied. The presumption is that he heard burglars in the store beneath his bod- room. L-auie down and was shot tc death. lie was a leading society young man, a captain, in thc Iowa National Guard, and about 3!} years oi age. Mrs. Elizabeth Snowden, of Beacon, was run down and instantly killed about a quarter of a mile northwest of that piace :i few days ago. A work train on the Rock Island -WHS plying back and forth between Beacon and Evans repairing the tracks thorn- that had been washed out by the recent floods. Mrs. Snowden was deaf, aud she stepped on the track- right in front of the engine. Her body -was cut in two find badly mutilated. Shu was <>8 years old and kept a novelty store in Beacon. She had several well-to-do relatives here. The coroner's jury exonerated tno railroad of all blame. Washington dispatch: The report of the naval trial board on the oHiciiul speed trial of tho battleship Iowa has just been submitted to tho secretary of thc navy. It shows that the ship made a speed, with all allowances for tides nnd other interfering conditions. ofjustJT.Sl knots. As tho contract requires 1G knots and provides for a bonus of §200,000 a knot above that iigure, the Cramps will receive a premium of §374,200. The board found that the ship was strong and well built in every particular, that her machinery worked well, and that with a few trilling exceptions she fully complies with thc requirements of the contract. Three boys, whoso ages ranged from 10 to 14, while fishing in tho Boorie. river, a few miles north of Webster City, ate some wild turnips and as :i result two are now dead and the third is not expected to recover. The boys had gone to the river immediately after dinner to fish and it is supposed they ate of this poisonous vegetable, not knowing its injurious qffccts. Later they began, feeling unwell aud started.for their home in Eagle Grove, about a mile and it half distant. The younger boy fell lifeless on his father's doorstep, the second expired a few minutes later, suffering untold agony. A doctor was hastily summoned for the surviving lad and a stomach pump brought into use, Some time ago a mad dog bit a large number of esttle belonging to .Nathaniel Bowers, in ar TifHn. Johnson county, and eight of the animals have died with every symptom of the rabies plainly showing. One of the dead cows was fed to tho hogs nnd one of the latter animals also of rabies. I Dr. Uibson, state veterinarian, i-, in ! ve&tigitUng the case, He went to the scene of the trouble and a post-mortem examination proved beyond dispute that rahics prevailed. ]} r . Gibson has ordered quarantine and taken all other precautions necessary to protect Pentepigadia en route to Janina. It is reported at Arta that a rising has occurred in the interior of Epirus. they demanded it of him under painol death. They outraged thc grown girl ;uui ri^u lu tuts interior oi £»Dirus. 2 &i- - i i • i i .1 i -n i , ,...,„-, **i«iua. ana the .-year-old tnrl, and then killed ATHENS, April 2 ( .—In response to a {, }) demand by ex-Minister Ualli. the staff j of the crown prince will be recalled j and ex-Mlnister Ualli. with three of ! his nominees. Gen. .Smolensk!. Gen. ! Mavromihali and Co). Dimopouio. will be appointed to replace them. There ] f ew days ago to be a general strike ol pVr^uTd fear if cSf^Vncd^haWh" a11 "™"*' •«'*"*? «'* «» "»«*«« fear failure of its plan of campaign may cause a revolution.. LONDON. April 28.—A dispatch from Athens says King-George may at any moment be deposed or assassinated and that the mob is likely to take possession of the city. The dispatch adds that the worst is to be feared confessed to having- murdered Hcnrv Daniels, an old negro, his stepdaughter. I Gen - Smolensk's brigade. andaT-vear-oldchild. burning ' » atch sU » tes that the Turks wcto ">' pulsed with enormous losses. The Turks attacked Velostino Junction Tuesday night with four.squadrons of cavalry and a battery of horse ar. ,, .., i tillery. The large force of Greeks there proceeds of a. robbery wind, j eagl]y bfiat th(j Tm . ][s ^ not ^^ moc rintrc riari ontnrnif i f ml arwl .. •*••*.» »•. .* they had displaced half a dozen rails and cut the telegraph wires. The latter wore repaired, and on Wednesday tho train service was resumed. Fighting was renewed Wednesday night, but. without special results. Thursday night the Turks assembled in great force in the direction of Velestino, and, aH it was suspected that they wore also between this point and Trikhala, a gen- oral attack was believed to bo imminent. Fighting, however, occurred only PRISON FOR J3 UN LOP. oi the ctiicftfte iil«pa foh «,,. ' ^ WAS A FIZZLE. nit Strike of Trades 1'nloiii is >'o Go. ill Chicago CHICAGO. May 2.—What promised a affiliated trades coum-ii. fizzled out ton-wajKOut of ."iOO hod carriers, brick layers, plasterers, all other trades having come tc an agreement with their employers. H is thought the trouble will soon be ended. Spaniards Recover Hancs. HAVANA, via Key West, Fin.. Ma^ The minister of marine has resigned, r,.—Thc port of Banes in Santiago dc l-'nmt I r» M Tnnl m »**.-.!». *<-4_.. !_.*• i__ _ ° Popular feeling points to a revolution in favor of a republic. The citizens are greatly excited at the revelations made by ex-Minister Ualli as to thc conduct of the campaign. LOXIIO.N-, April ;.'S.—A Salonica special says: "There is the greatest excitement over the icport that a biir fleet of H reck warships, transports and torpedo boats is sighted sixty miles from that port. The Turks arc preparing to resist the attack." ATIIKXH, April .?'.».—Crowds stoned the palace, broke windows, and cried: "Down with the Icing! Down with Prince Constantino! Give us a rcnub- ] '!•*•» . , „ _ I Cuba, held by General Cal xlo Garcia and G.OOO Cubans ever since tho Laurada landed RolotFs expedition, bus been recovered by the Spanish combined army and naval forces {under General Gomez Uuberte and Admiral Xavaro. The Spanish forces consisted or two columns, including 700 marines, •H>0 nary and ],200 infantry. Both columns boarded the Spanish licet under command of Admiral Navaro. The fleet, protected by artillery, landed under a heavy fire irom thc insurgents' musketry at Ramon peuin- .snia, off Banes, losing, during tho re moval of the troops, one killed and seventeen wounded. The Cuban fortifications were captured with a loss oi forty men. Commissioner of Sugar IJpct Culture. Di:s . MOIXES. April 30.—Charles F. Savior has been notified of hisappoint- mcnt to a place in the department of agriculture by Secretary Wilson. Mr. Sa.ylor's title will be commissioner of sugar beet culture, a position recently created. Secretary Wilson has sent out through the experimental stations of the western states tons upon tons of the best sugar beet seeds with thc intention of ascertaining what can bo (lone by this country in the new sugar industry. Those seeds are to be distributed to farmers with special instructions as to how they are to bo planted and'cultivated. Mr. Saylor's duties will be to follow up thc seed di.-.tributed, see to it that it is properly distributed and grown, that sample's are returned for analysis and in short to keep track of the experiments and report on their success. lie!' 1 ^.Sorne pistols wore fired among the rioters ami many officers were mobbed. ATIIKXS, April r.'Ci.—The Greeks have been compelled to retire from Epirus, but the Turks have been defeated at Velestino. The Turks have stated .their intention of occupying Volo. The(!reek forces now extend in a fourteen mile lino from Pharsalos to Velestino. 1'harsalos commands the Turkish pass and the road loading to Athens by way ol Larissa. PAULS. April :;<).— M. Hanotau.v, the French foreign minister, had u. tive hours' interview with the Turkish iimlmssiuior. Ilanolau.v, in the course of thc conference, urged the Turkish ambassador to tuivise the sultun to hold out the olive branch to Greece, lidding that if the Turkish troops wont farther France would lie compelled to come forward as the defender of the Christian cause. ATJIK.«:S, April :!!).— The king summoned Premier Delyanuis and asked him to tender his resignation, and subsequently entrusted the opposition loaders with the task of forming a now- cabinet. Tho now cabinet bus all-end v been formed ;md is headed bv AJ. Uulli, who h;is been recognized ;is the leader of the opposition. VIK.NXA, April :iO.—It is officially announced that Gr-jcco has assured the. British and French ministers at Athens that the Greek fleet will not bombard Salouica. LONDON, April 30.—The Athens correspondent of the Standard says: "The Turkish army or its advance guard has followed \ip the success before Larissu, and begun an attack , in force on the Greek positions at s P assed a bl11 absolutely prohibit- Pluirsalos." ing the manufacture, sale or advertis- ATHK.NS, May ].—A great battle has j ing of cigarette.s.__ been fought at Velestino between a ™~ " Turkish force of 8,000 und Gen. .Smolenski's brigade. The dispatch says that tho Turks were, repulsed with enormous losses. Gen, Smolensk! tel- i ogruphs that tho Turks will be unable to capture Phnrsala, because the Greek position is strong and the morale of the Greek troops is completely restored. The Turkish cavalry .ius occupied Volo. Loxuo.v, May J,—It is seini-om'ciiilly slated there is reason to believe European intervention between Greece and Turkey in the present position of affairs is regarded ns wholly impracticable, both Turkey und Greece having resolved touontinue war. ATIIKXS, May 3.—A dispatch from Santa Maura says a flotilla of Greek in thc vicinity of Velestino. The Turks made nil attack before dawn, but were successfully repulsed. Three times in tho course of the morning was the attack repeated, oaoh time from a different direction, and each time the result was a repulse. Tho' Turks, however, pushed tho attack with utmost determination 1'or six hours, and only abandoned thc attempt to seize tho junction about noon. The Greeks behaved well, the 3d brigade and artillery particularly distinguishing themselves under Gen Smolensk!. A dispatch from Arta confirms the report that tho Turks have occupied Phillipiada. The report of the retreat in EpiriiP is confirmed. The Greeks are abandoning all .positions they had occupied except Salagora. Phlilinlada is among 'he place- evacuated. TL-ISKKV JJKBtANUS TJIKSSAI.V. Offers Terms of l> 0 ac<, to tho ra-ock (iovornmoiit. New York, May 3.-A special to tho World from Washington, says: "The terms of peace which Turkov has offered Greene have readied tho They are as Chicago, May 3.— Joseph R. publisher of thc Chicago Di arrested Friday afternoon at 5 by United States Marshal John V? P i-.old. Ho spent, the night in thc'ct tody of tho. officer, and was taken f Joliet this morning at H o'clock the Alton road. President McKi refused to interefero in the case. Joseph H. Ditnlop was indicted lithe federal grand jury Onl. 24, ^ The indictment secured by Robert Mci Afeo, Western agent, for thc Society for the Suppression of Vic?, was for send^ ing obscene matter through tho mail 1 and contained thirty-J.Wo c aunts. The trial was begun before J«(]g c • Grosscup Jan.,30, 1S9C. 'Five days later the jury returned a verdict of guilty Over-ruling a motion for a new trial Judge Grosscup sentenced llunlop tii the Joliet penitentiary for two and oiic- half years and to pay a fine of $2,000. Sentence was suspended to allow an appeal to the Supreme court. Feb. If, the Supreme court affirmed ,lM(jg(. Orosscup'n sentence. The official mandate was received in Chicago March 10. but action was deferred by Attorney- General MoKniina that the president might investigate the case. DYNAMITE SPREADS DEATH, Kxploslon In San Salvador Kills Mmi.r TiirnonB uiut Levels 15uU(llng«, Panama, May 3.—A terrific explosion of dynamite in San Salvador Friday resulted in tho destruction of two entire, blocks of the city and caused the loss of many lives. The extent of the damage and tho loss of life Is not known here yet, and probably will not be until the wreckage is cleared away. The work of rescue is being rai<l!y pushed, but it is known that there arc still many bodies in the ruins. In addition, several persons wore killed instantly In the streets, and the entire city was shaken by tho concussion. Washington legations. follows: "The restoration of the boundary fixed by the treaty of 1S31, which gavo to Turkey all of Thessaly. including its extensive eoaeaast;- the evacuation by Greece of Prevesa and other points iu the Provicca of Kpirtis; the withdrawal of Greek troops from Crete, and the acceptance of tho plan of autonomy offered the island by tho Porto, and the paying enough ot- to a war Indemnity largo cover the expense or the* HIukt'K 11 Denial. Cuif.-ACio, May 1.—Ex-Governor Altgeld, whoso name from time to time has been connected with the affairs of the defunct Globe Savings bank, has given out an interview in which ho denied that ho w;is in any way responsible for tho irregularity of its management. Ho admits having been a borrower from the bank, but says it was simply a matter of business. Colliii Nails Prohibited, , 111., May 1.—The house BREVIT1ES. mobilizing of the Turkish troops/ 1 Taris Temps Wants Peace. Paris, May 3.—The Temps urgep tho new Greek cabinet to lose no time iu recalling Col. Vassos from Crete and so give Europe what she has been demanding so long in vain. This, tho lemps adds, j,j tho best way to pro- pare for the intervention of Europe and not give Turkey time to form dangerous ideas as to tho rearrangement of frontiers. Tho Temps also demands an immediate armistice. corn and levee H' 'Turk Offends tho Power* London May IS.-The News publishes a .dispatch from Vienna which the powers do not approve York. years in an,d ^500 fine, lioth '^yg, thpmu6li alarmed neigh boyhood. TI»J cauipo tvanderer that caused all the damage and fright is still at large do Mpito tljodesperiite efforts of farmers to fehpot tho creature. J'oiice OOjcor- Thorpe, of Marshalltown, vcopAtly «eyt4ejita}ly shot Self m ttw 'Ipft lo^, between JJje (••iii! boats in the ,Gulf of Ambrakla bombarded t]i'e coast near Nicopolis and Santa Hetra. The Turks, tho dispatch usseVts, wure c-ornpelltjd to flee, I'reinjor Kalii has iinnounced his in- tuntiou of culling- to arms every iibjo- bodicd man in Greece, The Turks are to hoseitre Artu. JU' forms to llo April 30,— Tho gent Jins signed a decree providing* for the applications of the reforms agreed. upon for Cuba, This notion is duo to the receipt of ucablpgraui t'roin Weyler announcing that the western part of the i&]anfl js t-'o>"P]ete]ypuf.i(letl. An experiment in the breeding 1 of elephants, Jioqs, l)ippopot^mi, tig-ers, queen re- llamas, 5t»d othej- wqfetyw . ,'&P »• to be Jrjed on a tjiousawd-acre ayie fsirpi }w.|evec4 Wifcy, C'aJ, Animals, is. writer re- Fa?*®, ri » ^T* *BrM"'^W"> ,*Y-' *«M*VM,|j^*~ v ™*> "*'^"" IM ' ' 1 l«®S»wStisi^ji2'' ; -'' f ^*i''''';« i ' iMs ^! •"*•« w> ; Theodore A. Havemeycr, vice president of thc American Sugar company, died recently in New The president has nominated W. R. Day, of Ohio, assistant secretary of state, and Bellamy Storer, of Ohio, as minister to Belgium. Senator Deboe has been elected United States senator from Kentucky. The vote stood: Deboe 71, Mnrtin IU, Stone 1, Blackburn r,Q. A dispatch from Mexico says: Theltio Verde valley was visited by a terrific hail storm, ruining growing crops and causing great loss of life. On one furm 13 hands weie killed. Some of the hail stones weighed over three pounds, According to the reports, forty-one persons were killed by the hail stones. The Spanish columns in Cuba on- countered the insurgents in tho Pugra- guto hills recently aud attacked them sharply, relying on superior force. The rebels retreated toward their camp and succeeded in their game of drawing the Sdoiwirds. into an ambuscade. General Castillo arrived with reinforcements whilo Roderiguoa was epgagipg the Spanish and foil OH their flank. Tho light lasted five hours, ami in killed, wounded aud prisoners, the continued preparations for says Turkey's war. Treaty Ncars a Veto. Washington, May s.-Tho arbitration treaty, which has been so long before thoi senate aud so elaborately amondort is to be disposed of on Wednesday of next week. The general fooling is that tho vote upon tho.treaty, even In its amended form, will bo eloso. Tho fact that a two-thirds vote is required to ratify it, and that many foel that ab° sent senators have a right to demand pairs on this basis, so complicates the matter that few members of the sen ate are willing to express an opinion as to the prospects of final success ure of the measure. Cnthollo Women's Convention KndK. Chicago, May 3.—Before closing their annual convention at Handel hall with last evening's session, the Women's Catholic Order of Foresters elected the following officers: Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers, high chief ranger. At the afternoon session the insurance was raised from $1,000 to $2,000, An attempt to change the annual convention a biennial one was defeated. The salaries of all thc officers wero raised. Tho next annual convention will bi- hold in Chicago next April. lost ysQ men. Philadelphia dispatch: A carefully planned expedition sailed, from Sea Jsle City, #,.J., for Cuba, There \voro nQ«C of tlio recognized Cuban leaders vvi|h the expedition, because ij of them' ere already Q u,t of or fail- of Sulislmry's Itoply. London, May 3,-The foreign ofliee has mailed the reply of the Marqu*of Sal abury to the request from Waslj- ngton for a re-inquiry J nto tho Behr ing sea fisheries disputes. It I B JT ported that tho British premier's replv is in the negative, on tho ground of expense. Washington asked "op , prompt reply, which was hurricdlv drawn up and dispatched this week -\Wiust laming; 1'ubjjp Fund*. Spvingfleld, 111., May 3.-.R opr ^ jU a tlvo Men-Sam, by .instruction O f the committee on appropriations, on Fr! (lay introduced a bill pronaiWi O y him- 48iug, or tho custodians thereof. VY»u» Xo More 1'armors' Institutes. Lansing, Mich.,,May 3—The. bc;i»). killed a bill appropriating $11,000 for holding farmers' institutes 'for the years 1897-98, and passed a bill authorizing tho construction of an electric railroad from Lansing to St. Johns. Thc senate refused to consider the house resolution passed for final adjournment ou May 31, and passed bi!!n authorizing the issue of telepbon< stock in amounts of §10. One hundred dollars is the minimum denomlnaticr under the present law. It also passe.l ii bill appropriating §115,000 for til-- current expenses of tho Michicaa School of Mines. Karniers Have Lost Hcnrlly. Quincy, 111., May 3.—The river continues to fall here. The rstage is seventeen feet ten and one-half inches above low water mark. At least 250 families are homeless as a result of the break in the Hunt lovee. Thirty-one hundred acres of land will bo inundated iu the Hunt and Lcina districts Should tho water inside these districts prevent the farmers from raising a crop this season it will entail a lo=s of $100,000, besides the damage already ilono by thc overflow. Many of thc farmers aro sacking their piling tho sacks -on tho strengthen it. Wrotkort l>y <j rts Explosion. Indianapolis, Ind., May 3.—The business-portion of the city was shaken Friday night by an explosion of natVnal gas in the basement of the block Nos. 35 and 37 East Washington street. The building was totally wrecked, Firo followed the explosion, though it was soon placed under control, Clark's photograph gallery, tho largest in tho city, is wrecked, and Boyd, Besten &. Langon, dry-goods merchants, are heavy losers. No one was hurt, Thrco-Cont faro flearlns. Indianapolis, Ind., May 3,—The supreme court has set the state case involving the constitiooality of the 3- , cent street car fare law for hearing i May 19, and it will bo pushed to a decision at once. It is belioyod if the law is upheld that the decision will have weight with the United States, supreme ! , court wh.en tho case decided by Jiulgu *• Showalter reaches that tribunal. In ' \\ent /miles, Washington, May l.—The Unit"'l States consul ut Gundaloupe West India island, nas telegraphed the state' department under clato of April 29 from Point Apltro, as follows: "Severe earthquake; 'loss heavy; many tar jured." The topuso *% To Lansing, Mich., "May 3, has agreed to a alty 0* ?5»000 oj'

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